Can't Help Falling in Love (2017) - full transcript

Two strangers, Gab and Dos, got tangled in fate when they accidentally got married. How? Why? When? Where? And - what?. Will Dos heed Gab's request of agreeing to an annulment (as soon as possible, take note!)? Will the process be that easy or something will get in the way?

-Ma'am, let me take your picture.
-There. All right.

Please wait a little more.

We're just waiting for them.
They're almost here.

Oh! They're here! They're here!

Excuse me!

-Good morning!

-Good day!

Mayor, thank you.

-Dude, what's up?

-How are you?

Sorry I didn't inform you earlier
that I was coming.

Wait! We're late! Come on!

-You're late again.

Is it really that hard
to be on time, girls?

Sorry, Sir. Why didn't you do your hair?

-Game. Picture!

Do you remember the project
that we talked about?

I think this is the perfect time to do it.

Sir. That's not on your schedule.

Is that so? Then adjust my schedule.

-Later? OK.

-Text him the details.
-All right!

-Nilo, later!
-I'm going, Dude!

-I'll take the video.
-OK, I'll be taking photos.


Girls, how do I calm down?

You're not allowed in here.
This is for boys only.

It's long...

the line at the women's washroom.

Thank goodness!

My feet!

Relax, OK? I'll do it. Let me.

Don't move!


There! It'll be over soon.

One down!

How to be you?

Um. Why not?

And if it was your last day on earth,
what would you be doing?

What about you?

What are you waiting for?

Don't waste your time.

So, miss, what's your name?

So, you all came here
because you want to know

-You're so awesome!

Ma, wait! Don't celebrate just yet.
I haven't been promoted yet.

My boss said that there's a possibility
of a promotion.

I still need to work for it.

Come on!
There's no doubt you'll get promoted.

And you're the only one
who inherited my good traits

My intelligence and my beauty.

Good thing your love life
is not patterned after hers.

Hey! And, yes, it's a good thing it's not!

Your sister has better taste in men
than I do.

My gosh! If only I hadn't let
my first love go. Right?

I wouldn't have ended up with your dad.
What a pity!

This is why you and Papa broke up!

So you, do whatever your sister is doing.

You should have good taste
in picking men too.

Bud, I'm really busy right now.
Because there's a lot I need to learn.

The review for the bar exam here in the US

I didn't understand a thing you said.

But I'm sure you can do it, Bud.

-I have a surprise for you.
-What's that?

Take a guess.

Bud, come on. Just tell me. What is it?

What about your review?

It really won't fit.

Oh, there.

It's so shiny!

It looks really expensive.

My gosh!

Did you know that your dad
never bought me anything like this?

You know, you're really lucky.

Put it on. Let's see it on you.

There. It's so beautiful!

Are you happy?

Yes, Ma.

Me? I'm ecstatic!


Thank you, my daughter.

You know, you've really made me happy.

I feel like I have made...

lots of bad decisions in my life,

but you're the exception.

Hold on.
We have lots of things to prepare.

Get a Certificate of No Marriage. ASAP.

And the engagement party.
What are we going to serve?

Let's eat. The food's ready.

No hangover.

Really? Why don't we start drinking now.
Son-in-law, let's open it.

Hey! It's too early for that. Stop that.

Just kidding.

Where will the wedding be? Church?

Destination weddings are in now.

Wait, where are you holding the wedding?

Sanctuari de San Antonio
or San Agustin Church?

Actually, we haven't decided yet,
Aunt Alma.

You can call me Mommy Alma now.

When's the wedding?

What? Next year, remember?
We already talked about this.

Oh. Yes, right.

Let's talk about that on another day.
The food is ready.

Come on. Let's eat.

-Stop that!

The mailman outside is looking for you.

-Me? OK. I'll take care of it.
-Yes. OK.

Just relax.

Mayor Luis, marry them!

"I've known Luis
ever since I was a young boy.

He was a really helpful person,
even back then.

I'm one of the many people he helped.

Every one of--"

Every one of us here received
some sort of help from him, I'm sure.



I'm a lucky man to have known him.
Who the hell is this?

I know this sounds corny, but for me...

he's a real--



What did he say?

Friend. I meant friend.
He's a real friend.

A big thanks to everyone
who shared their memories.

I know Mayor Villarin
is happy watching us from heaven.

Is this you?

You don't have to call me Jose
Just call me Dos.

Can we not talk here?

It's Mayor Luis' death anniversary today.

It's Mayor Luis' death anniversary today.

Actually we're shocked...


Sir, one sizzling pork. What do you want?

She doesn't want anything.

Sir, do you want beer
with your sizzling pork?

Yes. I want that.
That's a perfect combination.

No. Because we wouldn't be
in this situation

if it weren't because of alcohol.

We'll just have water please.

Let me see that.

This is legit.

You really are my wife.

I can't believe it. I'm married!

Why do you look happy?

I never imagined I'd get married.
And yet...

But this is wrong.
We need to split up pronto.

Split up? That was a quick relationship.

What if-- What if I don't want to?

What do you mean?

What if I want us to stay married?

Do you want me to strangle you
with your gall bladder?

I'm kidding. It's just a joke, relax.

OK. Let's go to court and tell them

-that we we're drunk that night.
-We can't do that.

Number one, my wedding's next year.
I still have a lot of things to prepare.

Number two,
my fiancé is from a family of lawyers.

I don't want them to know about this.

What kind of relationship is that?

So many secrets
and you're not even married yet.

My parents taught me

Especially if it involves family. Boom.

I'm going to tell them
after we settle this.

I don't want to disappoint him.

And he needs to study.
I don't want him to get distracted. OK?

What really happened that night?

You don't remember anything?


This is what happened.
You partied with Luis and me.

Because your friends left you...

-Please sign here.
-And then?

-OK, it's just a fake wedding!
-Luis wed us.

Nilo made us sign the contract!

-I am Gab.

-Yay! Congrats!
-We're married!


-Did we kiss or not?
-What do you think?

Fixing this is more important.

Just to make things clear.

You're the one who's filing for separation
so you're paying.

I don't believe in divorce.

Being married to you is fine with me.

We're married. You're my wife.

You love me. And I love you.

I'm not your wife.


What? You're married?

Hey, Jose Ibarra! Marriage is not a joke!

My goodness! This kid!

You can't even accompany me to the doctor!

-Mama Two...

I thought we were twins?
Why are you keeping secrets from me?

I thought I was your favorite cousin?

You're his only cousin!

Wait, Dos! What happened?
How come you are married?

What a perfect time to drink!

We have big news! Can I post this online?

Don't post anything, Uncle! No posting!

Well, this is what happened.
Uncle Paul, Godfather,

Papa Two, Twin,

-Mama Two

Actually, I only learned today
that the marriage was legal.

But don't worry,
we're already thinking of plans

-about how to separate legally.

What am I going to do with this kid?

You can't just marry and separate
as you please!

My goodness! This kid, really!

-Dos, is she a looker?
-Is she?

-She's my type.

Your parents told us to guide you.
You should've been more responsible.

Papa Two, I'll fix this.


-Cheers to the newly-weds!

Joke! Drink this. I'll go to my room.

We'll leave early tomorrow.
Don't stay up too late.

Ma, Pa, can you believe it? I'm married.

It's a shame you didn't get to meet her.

It's amazing. We saw each other again.

Guys, thanks for throwing me a party
before I leave.

-So, thank you very much.
-Stop it.

OK? They're easy.

No. Actually,
I'm already taking care of that.

was already married.

Say, for example, two people get married.

What's the easiest way
for them to be separated legally?

First of all,

And then?

After that, they both need to get a lawyer

Why can't they get just one lawyer?

If they have the same lawyer,

or connivance.


No, we're actually so in love.

-It's a friend of ours.
-Yes, our friend!

You don't know her.

Tell her the Philippine Constitution
protects the sanctity of marriage.

That means it's hard to get
legally separated in the Philippines.

That's going to be a tough battle.

Let's just follow Dos.

You're next.

Let's prepare.

Hey! My wife!

I'm your cousin-in-law.

-I think she just misses me.
-Oh, OK!

Dos! I won't stop bothering you
until you talk to me.


Don't be late for our meeting.
We have a tight schedule.

-You take care of the sponsors.
-OK, Twin. No problem.

-Please pack up our things.

-There she comes!
-Hey, Dos!

Yes, my wife?

-What do you want to talk about?
-What? We're talking here?

Why not? You're my wife.

The law states that my body is yours.

My fiancé has a nicer body. He has abs.

My wife, even if I don't have abs,
I'm still the one you married.

There's the Gift of Heaven Law Office.

-Dude you're drunk!
-I'm not drunk!

Excuse me?

Yes. Come inside.

-Is he here?
-Wait a minute.

Sir, please tell him it's Gab Dela Cuesta.

-Sure, Ma'am.

I don't have it! Get out!

You're really testing my patience!

Will you both shut it! I need to sleep!

Sit down. Please.

that we discussed
over the phone last night,

and it says it'll take about a year.

Now, I want to know what we have to do.

Yes, that's right. It'll take a year.

Your marriage is valid.

However, it is voidable
because according to you,

you were both drunk when you got married.

So, we need to convince the court
through your testimonies

and the testimonies of the witnesses
that you were indeed drunk.

The question is, where are the people
who signed your marriage certificate?

They're gone. The mayor and his team
got involved in a car accident.

There's only one survivor. Nilo.

The problem is he's nowhere to be found.

If I were you,
I'd settle with an annulment.

We just need to show the court
that you two can't really be together.

We just have to find grounds
for your separation.

Yes, Ma'am. We just really need
to know where Nilo is.

Abroad? Where exactly?

OK, Ma'am. Thank you. Bye.

-What did she say?
-Nilo's in Iceland.

But she doesn't know how to contact him.

What now?

We can try the annulment option.

Did you know that I missed
a meeting today because of you?

I already told you before,
I don't have time for this.

Dos. This isn't just for me.
This is for you too.

What if you want to get married?

I already told you before
that I won't get married.


I'm tired. I'm going home. Sorry.


So? What are your plans?

My wife! Hold on, I can't hear you!
I'll look for a spot with a better signal.

I talked to Atty. Langit about the grounds
that we can use for our case.

I just need to know the names
of all the girls you dated.

I need to interview them,
and I need to get a statement

-It doesn't stand up--

The stocks aren't standing up.
The stocks, sir.

They are so weak, it makes me worry.

how's Dos' performance?

Can he heat up the room?

-Definitely! He has great sex appeal.
-He's really sweet.

Hello? Where are you?

He's hot!

Do that later.

Dos! Hey! Dos!

Dos? These are what you have
to text me every day.

We need to gather enough texts
to support our next ground.

"Where are you?"

"Where are you?"

"Where are you?
Who's that you're talking to?"

"I can't take this anymore!
I'm dying of jealousy!"

According to Atty. Langit,
some courts will consider that.

Why me? I'm not the jealous type.

-Me neither.
-You didn't get jealous last night?

-I saw you. You were jealous of my exes.
-No. I am not.

They're so sweet. They remind me of us.

I'll leave first. I have a meeting.
Thank you!

-Take care!

My wife, you're the prettiest of them all.

Wait. Why are we at the hospital?
I'm allergic to hospitals.

Insanity! That's the next one
on the attorney's list.

You'll see a psychiatrist.

We can use this to support the ground
of psychological incapacity.

You just need to pretend
that you're not well.

We can use the medical record
as evidence in the future.

Wait! What are some examples of insanity?

You're always spacing out.

Or you suddenly get angry.

Dos! I'm so angry, Dos!

I am so, so angry, Dos! I'm furious!

I'm really angry, Dos!

Or sometimes,
without any reason, you just...


You cry all of a sudden
and you don't know why.

-What do you think?
-I think it's better if you do it.


Do you know what's the biggest
psychological problem of all?


Love makes people crazy.

I'm crazy because of love.

Why did you leave me?

Wait! Back up a little.

It seems fake. OK!


Back up a little bit more. More!

-What the hell?

Sorry. I didn't see you.
I was recording her.

-You're sorry? Get lost!
-Sorry, sir. We're sorry.

The attorney is on his way.

Ma! What are you doing here, Ma?

I'm meeting my client here.
You? What are you doing here?

Who's he?

Are you Gab's mother?

Am I right?

What's your name again, dear?
Have I met him before?

Client. He's my client, Ma.

Yes! Mommy, I'm the client.

-Hello, Mommy.

We'll just leave, Ma.

We'll go somewhere else
so we won't disturb you.

-Let's go!
-Yes, Mommy. Sorry. We'll go ahead.

No, stay.
I think it's better if I join you.

Actually, my client's case is sensitive.
We need privacy.

So, yeah.

Sorry, I'm late. It was hard to get a cab.
And the traffic's bad.

That's them. My clients.

No, Attorney. He's her client.

-Yes, Mommy. Correct.

They're also my clients.

And why Mr. and Mrs.?

My daughter's not married yet.
But she'll get married soon.

-She's already married.

-Not yet, Attorney.


-That's why they're my client!
-No, you don't understand...

he is her client.

-He's my...
-Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

-Oh, my God! He passed out!
-He passed out!

It's because of the weather.

Attorney! We need to get help!

-Call someone! A doctor!

-Find a doctor! Run! Go!

-Do CPR!

Not like that!

Give him air!

-Air! Through his mouth!

He needs to breathe! Give him air!

Faster! Come on! Do it! He might die!

Oh, my God!
I don't want to witness a death!

Do it! Faster! Do it now!

Is he alive? Yes, he's alive!

He's alive!

Oh! He's dead again.

Do CPR again! Do it again!

Come on! Move aside! Let me do it.
I'll do it!

What do I do?

-I'm OK!

He's alive!

-Are you OK, dear?
-I'm OK, Mommy.

Come on! I'll take you to the hospital!
For us to be sure. Let's go.

-Hey Twin!

A lot of our clients canceled on us.

What have you been doing?

Shouldn't you and Gab be splitting up?

Why does it seem like
you're getting closer?



Stop it, Dos. You have to stop it.

Hello, Dos? There's another ground
that we can use.


-Nobody will believe that I'm gay.
-OK. Leave it up to me.

Do this for me.

-Viel, please.
-OK, ready!

-OK! I'm ready!
-I'll direct you.

-OK! Go!
-One, two, three

What's that?

How's that?
Did she look like my girlfriend?

-Is that sweet enough?
-Again, again.

One, two, three-- What are you doing?

Under the sheets!


-Ready. One, two, three
-OK. The legs!

-What are you two doing?

Hands up! You're making porn!

-Sir, we're not
-Don't move!

We're not filming porn!

-Oh, my God. I'll do something...
-Gab! I don't want to go to jail!

-Viel, I got it!
-Gab, I cannot go to jail!

Sir, please. Let me explain.

-Don't worry! I'll take care of this!

-I'll go ahead.

I'm really sorry.

-OK, bye.

Dos? Dos, I'm sorry.

But you'll still keep meeting with me?
You'll still help me?

Don't you understand what's happening?

We almost got jailed!

Dos, I really need to do this.

What? What do you need?
What is it this time?

What about what I need, Gab?

I need to work too! I need to save money.
I have deadlines!

Wait! Hold on. Dos, we need to fix this.

Just a little bit more. Please?

Please, Dos?

Please. Leave me alone!

I don't have time for you
and I have had enough!

Isn't that enough reason for us
to separate?

Tell that to your lawyer!

I'm begging you, please!

My wedding...

Would it kill you if you weren't able to
get married to your boyfriend?


Let me answer that. No.

Look at you! You're so desperate.

Have you ever loved before?

Or have you ever been loved?

I hope one day
you get to find that kind of love.

So you'll find out
what you're willing to do

just so you don't lose that person.

She's been waiting for you
since this morning.

The meeting has already ended.

Bud! Sis just keeps on raving
about these destination weddings.

Ask Zach if that's OK.

Remember the night I went home drunk
from Shine's wedding?

I accidentally got married.

I promise I'll do everything to fix this!

Bud, sorry, the connection's weak.

Ma, I need your help.

About what?

I have a problem, Ma.

I'm on it. Look at these, Gab.

I marked all the possible inspirations
and designs,

so that you won't get tired
at the bridal fair.

Are those tears of joy?

You know, every time
I think about your wedding,

I also tear up from joy.

I feel like this is going to be
the wedding of the year.


And, you know, people get jealous
whenever I tell them

that you'll live with your husband
in New York after the wedding.

And look at what I found online.
I need to show you this.

It's gonna be fine. I'm here.

Papa Two,
I'm going to die of heart attack.

And your Mama Two will die of worry.

-Where's Mama Two?
-She's sleeping.

We're taking turns.

Does your head still hurt?

Not anymore.

Gab is the only one giving me headaches.

Tell me about it!

Wives are really great sources
of headaches.

But you're OK now.

Nobody will text you anymore.
You won't get calls anymore.

Nobody will show up all of a sudden.

She's never going to bother you again.

Papa Two, it's hard.

Do you mean it's hard to fall in love
or it's hard to leave the relationship?

That's marriage. Marriage is difficult.

Sometimes, you'll have lots of reasons
to give up and leave,

but you'll choose
to stay by her side anyway.

-For me, because I love your Mama Two.

What about you? Why?

Why didn't your coordinator
accompany you? Wait for me.

Ma, there's no need. I'll take care of it.

Ma'am, are you alone?


-She's with her husband.
-Welcome, sir.

What? Why are you looking at me like that?

I'm sorry for all the things I said.

Let me accompany you today, OK?

Let me make it up to you.

Actually, ma'am, you get 50 percent off
if you go in with your husband.

Are you getting two tickets?

Yes. Give me two tickets
for me and my bride.

-Here, sir.
-I didn't say yes yet.

My wife, wait for me!

What do you want to do?
Where do you want to look first?

Do you want to look at that white gown?

Come on! Let's look at the gowns.

My wife! Yes, wherever you want to go.
You're the boss.

So my wife, do you like this car?

Hey! Drive faster!
She's going to be late to her wedding!

What do you think, My wife?
A car or a carriage?

Because if you were to ask me,
I'd choose a carriage.

It feels like a fairy tale.
And you're the princess--

Jason won't like this.


So, anything caught your eye?

I can't see anything
that Jason would like.

-Thank you, miss.
-OK, ma'am.

Hi. Do you want to try our cakes?

Which flavor would you like?

Chocolate is my mama's favorite.


-Is the cupcake good?
-Very good.

Yummy! My mom will like this!

What about you? What do you want?

You're getting married
for the one you love, right?

And for yourself?

You're not getting married
for your visitors

nor for any other person.

What's your dream wedding?

Not your mother's dream wedding.
Not Jason's. Yours.

Own your wedding, my wife.

I'm sure we won't bump into
anyone you know here.

Order whatever you like. I'll treat you.

You accompanied me the whole day,

and I've pestered you
for the past few weeks for this annulment.

It's OK.

So, what else do we have to do?

I'm free anytime. Just tell me
what attorney wants me to--

From now on, I'll take care of everything.

I'll also look for Nilo by myself.

You're in the clear.

I'll just call you
if you need to sign anything.

This is it, Dos.

Tonight it's Open Mic! So is there anyone
who wants to show their talent?

Do you have any song requests?

Tell us if you have song requests.

-We'll do it, right?

Now we have our jammer for tonight!

All right. Join us.

-Wow! Handsome guy.
-Dos! Come here.

Good evening, everyone.

I want to let you know
that my wife is here with me.

Oh, she's already had a wife.

But we're getting separated soon.

-Oh, why?

I hope she changes her mind.

I can still accompany you, right?

-Of course!

-We can still help each other out.
-That's right!

So, my dear wife...

My only prayer in this life

Is to be with you, be beside you

That's my one and only prayer

My only prayer in this life

You know what, Dos, next time,
you should do a concert at a big arena.

If I have a concert,
I want the title to be...

What is it? Are you OK?

Sweet. What a lucky guy!

I'm the lucky one.

How long have you been together?

Nice. That long ago?

That's nice. It's like...

like a fairy tale.

I was nothing before.

I know what you're gonna say next.

Is it like...

Yes, right.

My compass, because all he ever did
was give my life direction.

So that's the reason why
he decides everything for you.

That's how he is.



Anyway, it's getting late.
I'll leave first.


Crazy. Go now!

-Bye. Take care!
-You too.

-Gab! Wait!

-Come here! Look at this!


Someone sent me a text.
She said Nilo is in Cebu.

I know where Argao is.
I can take you there!

Do we really need to go to Cebu with her?

Twin! She's getting married.

I know.

She loves the guy
so I won't do anything funny.

And besides, that's for a lifetime.

I can't give her the future
that she wants.

So, I'll help her get that future.

Argao is in southern Cebu.
I've toured there before.

So don't worry, my wife.

-I have it already.
-Give me that!

Call your contact, Dos.
Tell her we're here.

OK. Calling.

Hey, Gabriela! I'll just buy food.

Buy me food too.
We're already friends, right?

Shut up.

What did she say?

OK. Dos.

I'll inform you
as soon as Alpen Rose replies.

-Dos. Thank you so much.
-You're welcome.

You should go get some rest.

Let's go, Gabriela.

I want to take a shower! It's so hot!


Does Jason know about this?

Did you also tell him that we're here

because we're looking for the only person
who can testify

against the validity of your marriage?

I told him that we're here

to check out places
for the destination wedding

that his family wants.

Why don't you just tell him the truth?

Viel, believe me. I tried.

But it's like the universe
is hindering him from knowing the truth.

Remember the night we went out
after Shine's wedding.

I immediately confessed that I got drunk.

I felt like I was under trial.

So it's better to fix this first.

So you're never allowed to make a mistake?

What about when you get married?

You'll do things
that might disappoint him.

Do you need to be perfect forever?

The last time I checked, "for better
or worse" is still a vow in a marriage.

What happened to the for worse part?

That's difficult! Oh, my God! Whatever!

This is why I don't believe in marriage.

Gab! Over here!

What's his problem?

Nothing. He's just talking to our clients.

He's canceling all our appointments.

Is it because of me?

You're taking too much credit.
But you're right.

I tried to stop him.
But he doesn't listen to me.

He said, "Twin, this will be
my wedding gift to her, OK?"

Wow! People like him still exist.


I'm really sorry, sir.


You're my client?

My wife, for you, my services are free.

Your time is precious.

Are guys just going to
stare at each other all day?

-That will be super fun! Let's go!
-OK, Let's go!

My wife, it's too early to violate me.

Shut up! Go!

-Come on! Let's go!
-Let's go!

There are a lot of beautiful churches
here in Cebu.

You'll feel it,
if the church is right for you.

-Are you feeling anything yet?

-Still nothing.

How about a beach wedding?
This can also be the reception.

I like this but not for the ceremony.

For the visitors, a full-spread breakfast
here on the beach.

And, at night, you can have a bonfire.

So what are we going to do in between?

My wife,

There are also many incredible
diving spots here in Cebu.

Are you sure
that there are no sharks here?

My wife,
if ever you get bitten down there,

it's just me.

I'm joking.
Seriously though, just trust me.

Save me, Batman!

For day two,
you can take your visitors here.

So they get to feel the high
of finding your forever.

That's what my father used to tell me.

-Your father is cute.

My wife thinks father is cute!

My parents took
till death do us part seriously.

They went to heaven together.


I should be there with you in Cebu

What's that about, Gab?

And Jason's mom called me

asking me why I'm not doing my part
on your wedding.

And that I don't prioritize you.


I asked for your wedding vows long ago.

I need them
because I will incorporate them

into the invitations.

To all couples,

you can join the Newspaper Dance Game
and win a free buffet!

One couple has been eliminated.

What's that?

-Let me see.
-It's just pictures of my life.

I'm warning you!

OK! You got me.

What? You're part of my life, right?

I'll see you at our wedding.

This is beautiful!

According to the stories,
they hold sacred sacraments here.

You can get married here.
Feel it. Think about it.

What do you want to say
to the person you're marrying?

Me? I'll tell her this:

You know, the truth is I'm scared to love.

Because in love,

nothing is certain.

Isn't it scary when you're not certain
about something?

But when I met you,

I realized...

that it's scarier to choose not to love.

Because the truth is...

I don't need to be sure.

As long as you're with me,

I'm OK.

That's why I promise you
that starting today,

and for the rest of my days,

I will love you without fear.

I will take your hand.

And I will hold on to you tight.

Go, Dos! You can do it!

And we will jump together.

And face the world together.

I will love you...

Whoever you are now.

-Do you feel it?
-I feel it.

That's dangerous, Bud.

I'm really sorry.

Is he always like that?

Like what?

Nothing. Never mind.

No. It's my fault too.

You know, Gab, there's still a chance.

A chance?


You guys are not married yet.

You can still back out.


Nothing. I'm kidding.

-Gab, have you seen Dos?
-No, I haven't.

Wow, Nilo.

It's Alpen Rose.

Alpen Rose.

Sorry, I just can't believe it.
You and the mayor were in a relationship?

If I'd only known he'd be gone so soon,

I would've done this earlier.

I wouldn't have kept this a secret.

So, now I'm just
making the most of this life.

It's hard, Dos.

I wish...

I wish we had tried.

I wish we had fought for us.

Because when you love,

every minute and every moment...

is precious.

-Let's go!
-Just a second, Gabriela!


Are you OK?

Sit down.

-What's the problem?

Where's Nilo? Have you found him?

I don't think I can wait for him anymore.

because I still have a lot to do
for the wedding.

And you. Didn't I tell you that
you've already helped enough?

I don't want to keep you

from the other matters
that you should be taking care of.

What are you talking about?

Like the girl you were with earlier.

Are you jealous, Gab?

I need to tell you something


Dos, this is wrong.

-This is wrong.

This is what's real.

Gab, I love you.

I think I'm in love with you.

You just met me.

Can't it be love at first sight?

You know, love takes time.

You remembered.

What if there's no time?

As you said, a person who loves
never runs out of time.

You don't waste time in matters of love.

That one night that we were just honest...

about what we truly felt.

Gab, even just for tonight,
can we be real again?

Can you love me again?

He said you looked stressed

No, Gab.
It's not me you should explain to.

You and Jason need to talk.

Gab, open the door.

-Gab. Please.
-Dos, please.

-Don't leave! Let's just talk.
-We already talked!

Gab, please! Please! Let's talk--

Listen to me.

It's Nilo.

-But I'm Alpen Rose now.

Didn't Dos tell you?

She's who you're with earlier?

Gab, let me explain.

Sis! I'm sorry about my grandmother.

She misheard Thailand for Iceland.

She has bad hearing.

And I'm sorry
about ditching you at the plaza.

There were lots of you in there.

I wanted to talk to Dos alone.

But when we talked earlier,
he made me calm down.

That's why I decided to meet you.

I brought the affidavit.

Sis, I'm sorry.
My hiding added to your worries.

But don't worry. I promise I'll testify.

I'll tell the court you were drunk
when you got married.

I'm really sorry that I filed it.

You said Nilo didn't reply to you.

-Gab, I was going to tell you.

When I broke up with Jason?

When I chose you?

You always tell me
to always tell the truth.

So how can you do this?

I'll come back tomorrow.
I came at a bad time.

Dos! Dos fainted! Gab! Help Dos!

Dos! Wake up!

-Let's call an ambulance!

Twin! Twin, wake up! Twin!

-Sir, what happened?

Doc, please help him.
He has cerebral aneurysm.

Cerebral aneurysm?

-Hello, Pa?
-Are you in the hospital?

-Yes, we're here at the hospital.

Pa, hold on, I'll go out.

Doc, how is he?

Mrs. Gonzales,
according to the results of the MRI,

the blood clot in his brain
has gotten bigger.

If he undergoes surgery

If the operation is successful,

From my consultation with his neurologist,

I understand that
he has always refused surgery

ever since he first learned
about his sickness.

Please don't make
this beautiful lady worry.

My parents want Dos
to be flown back to Manila.

As soon as he's cleared.

You know, the day we got married,

you know why I went out
to get drunk that day?

That was the day...

that I learned about my condition.

I attended the mass wedding project
of Luis that day.

And as I watched the couples get wed,

I felt jealous.

I thought to myself,

"What would it like to find the one
I want to be with forever?"

I didn't know that the Lord
would take me seriously.

I met you.


You're the girl
I want to spend forever with.


I had a taste of hope.

Then I lost it.

I didn't try to find you
because I thought, maybe that was it.

Maybe that night was the end of it.

But I found you again.

This time, I wasn't able to let you go.

Once you taste hope,
you get addicted to it.

That's why I didn't immediately tell you
about Nilo.

I'm sorry if I messed up your life.

I'm sorry if I messed up Jason's life.

Please tell Jason I'm sorry.

You're the girl I want
to spend forever with, Gab.

But I'm not the right man for you.

I cannot give you
the forever that you deserve.

My God, Gabriela! What is this stupidity?

You married a man you do not know?

And then you went with him to Cebu? Why?

You're not the daughter I raised!

Where did I go wrong?

Ma, God knows how much I love you.

Every decision I make,
I do it because of you.

But, Ma, it already happened.

I don't know
if you can still forgive me or not

but I hope whatever my decision will be,

even if you don't agree with it,

even if I don't become
the perfect daughter

that you wished for,

I hope I can still be your daughter.

I hope you'll still love me.

These are for if ever my reunion
with Mama and Papa happens.

Twin, please take care of that.

I already arranged everything
for my going away party.

You don't have to worry
about the wake and the burial.

Mama Two, Papa Two,

I already transferred the deed
of the house to your names.

And I was also able to save
for the business you wanted to put up.

Twin! I transferred our business
into your name.

This crazy kid!
What are you talking about?

We don't need that! Take it back!

-Mama Two!
-Stop it!

Just in case something happens.

Wait. Are you sure
about the operation, Dos?

I will do it for myself.

But most especially,
for you who never gave up on me.

Starting this day,
my life will be a big thank you.

Thank you very much to all of you.

And I love you all so much.

I'm ready.

Long live, Dos!

-He will live!
-He will live!

-Long life! Yeah!
-Long life!

Why didn't you tell me earlier?

What were you thinking?

I let you pursue your own career!

I permitted you to do whatever you want!

why I was able to achieve
everything I have achieved.

But you know what I realized?

This is because of him.

We've had these problems for a long time.

All he did was...

open my eyes so I could see them.

Cheers to us who got exiled
from your mother's house!

You know what, Gab?

My and your mom's lives,

they are our lives.

The mistakes that we make,
those are our mistakes.

You have your own problems.

You have your own mistakes
because you have your own life, Gab.

Do you think she can still forgive me?

I don't just think it. I know it.

Why don't you do it instead of me?
Ouch! Oh my Lord!

Just do it so it will be over!

There, it's done.

-See, the doctor told you.
-It doesn't hurt that much.

-Everything's going to be fine.
-Thank you, Doc.

Are you OK now? Thank you, Doc!

-I think it's time.
-It's not that painful.


-What's happening?

-You can't!
-Son, what's your girlfriend's problem?

-I don't know.
-Just wait.

-Let's go. Come on.
-Hold on! Wait!

We forgot to pray.

-Lord, Lord...
-Let's pray near the operating room.

-Come on! Let's go.

-Love, get out of the way.
-Viel! What are you doing?

Dos, I swear, you'll live because of this.

-I will die because of this, Viel!


My only prayer in this life

Is to be with you, be beside you

That's my one and only prayer

And this heart of mine, will not allow

Me to lose you

My love, please grant this wish

-What's happening?

-Do CPR! Give him air!
-What's happening?

-What happened to him?
-Come on! Give him CPR!

Do something!

My God!
I will be the one who will die first.

-I'm joking!

So, why are you here?

I thought you were getting married?

I am if the one I want to marry
will say yes.

Dos, you're the guy
I want to spend forever with.

Gab. We're not sure if I will live.

I'd rather choose one tomorrow with you...

than a thousand tomorrows without you.

Oh, my God. She's doing it.

Yes, my dear wife.

Yes! Of course!


I love you, my wife.

OK, I have to go.

-Stay strong!
-I will!

-Sir, is the convoy long?
-Just a little more.

Lord, please! I don't want to be late
to my own wedding!

It's all OK?

It's OK now.

Do a good job, Dos!

the night we got married,

did we really kiss or not?

My wife, don't forget
that you kissed me first.

When you gave me CPR and revived my heart.

But this?

This is going to be
my favorite kiss of all.

The kiss of our forever.

I can't believe it, my wife!
We're married!

Honeymoon time!

You want to do it now?

Wait, wait!
We'll get into an accident. Pull over!

Come on! Let's squeeze it.

My gall bladder? Ouch!

I love you, my wife!

I love you too, my husband!