Canola (2016) - full transcript

Elderly and hard working Gye Choon is single-candidly raising her grand daughter Hye-Ji after her parents death. One day Gye Choon loses her grand daughter at the market and goes searching for her. Twelve years later Gye Choon is reunited with her grand daughter, whom has been living a hard life on the streets with crime and troubles.

¢Ü If this rope breaks, we can ¢Ü
¢Ü buy a new one at Busan Port ¢Ü

¢Ü If our rope breaks, we can make a new ¢Ü
¢Ü ones from the trees of Halla Mountain ¢Ü

¢Ü Row the boat ¢Ü
¢Ü Let's go to Ieodo ¢Ü

¢Ü Let's fight our way ¢Ü
¢Ü through the waves ¢Ü

¢Ü Row the boat ¢Ü
¢Ü Let's go to Ieodo ¢Ü

¢Ü Let's fight our way ¢Ü
¢Ü through the waves ¢Ü

Grandma, be careful!

I'm jealous of you for having
such a sweet grandchild!

It's Mr. Dolphin!

Mr. Dolphin, please tell my dad
that I, Hye-ji is doing fine!


Which is bigger, the sea or the sky?

The sea is bigger.

Have you been to the end of both?

No, but I know the answer.

How do you know?

As you grow old...

You learn these things naturally.

Can I go out into the sea, too?

Of course. Let's go together.

Wow, really?


Grandma Gye-chun

Grandma, I'm scared!


Grandma, I'm scared!

Hye-ji, why didn't you wake me up?

I'll scare him off.

Get away from there!

- Toya go away!
- Go away!

Toya, go away!

- Come here.
- Grandma, I'm scared!

Go to sleep...

If you need to poop, wake me
up or use the chamber pot.

Don't go to the outhouse by yourself.

I thought Toya was asleep.

Did you?

You should just eat that pig!

Don't eat him!


Hi, Baekgu.

Seok-ho, come on out!

Mrs. Hong...

It's not even 6 a.m.!

Don't glare at me with your round eyes!

Would you prefer triangle eyes, then?


- Play with this.
- Thank you.


- Wait here.
- Okay.

Grandma, did you catch a lot?

It's time to head back!


What's going on?

I'll be right back, sweetie.



I got you! Damn thing.

Oh my. Come in.

- Grandma!
- Huh?

Hye-ji, I'm right here!

Where are you?

Oh, sweetie...

Were you scared?

Stationery store

What is it?

All right, hold still.

All right, all right.
Why are you doing this?


I'll buy it for you later.

I want it now.

Don't touch it if you're
not going to buy it.

- How much is it?
- 6,000 won.

It only costs 6,000 won,
so don't be so petty!

That's worth more than 6000 won,
but keep the change.

Hye-ji, let's go.

- Goodbye.
- Eels are expensive...

Thank you!

This will make me virile!


Look at my new crayons!
Cool, isn't it?


I should have bought
it for her sooner.


I'm right here!

This is our family!

You, me and Toya.

I have gold tooth right here!

The gold crayon is
only for grandma.

This gold tooth is
my best feature!

Please color it gold!



I'll give you 500 won
to color it gold.

Here's 500 won.

Thank you!

So, make it gold.

I still can't.

Then, give me my 500 won back.

Hye-ji, stop right there!

Are you going to see
your dad today?


Does that make you happy?

Yes, it does!

Dad, eat this.

Everyone wants me to draw
them because I'm so talented!

I will draw grandma first

and then you.


Dad, see you!

Let's go to bed.

Can't I finish coloring your hair?

We have to wake up early to
fly to a wedding tomorrow.

Let's sleep.

Sleep closer to me
so you won't get cold.

My grandchild is already
making my life easier.

Grandma, What's a wedding?

A wedding is...

A man and woman
becoming partners.

What about my dad's partner?

Do you miss your mom?

No, I have you.

Take advantage of today's sale!

Take your time.

How much is that?

- 5,000 won.
- It's expensive.

Oh the little girl knows
that's my shop as well.


It's so pretty, I want it!

- Come here.
- Get over here.

I'll sell you those two
pieces at 6,000 won.

Let me see. It's very pretty.





12 years later

- Excuse me.
- Yes?

- How may I help you?
- Is this any good?

It's a great foundation.

- How much is this?
- 32,000 won.

It's not that expensive.

Please look around.

Hye-ji, let's go.

Thank you, come again.

Hey, are you crazy?

Give it back!

You are crazy!

What did you steal?

I'm killing you.

They cut off our electricity.

It's so cold, I can see my breath.

You should steal more valuable stuff.

I'm starving.

I'm not going to lend you any of these!

You should just get another eye.

I'm 800 thousand won away from a nose job.

Don't spread embarrassing pictures
of me when I become an idol star.

Don't use my precious
makeup to draw pictures!

Get back to making your eyes pretty.

Okay, I will.

What the hell is it? Picture? Picasso?

Why are they laughing so loud?

Were you talking about me?


Let's go eat something.

- Hurry up.
- Close the window.

- 'What will you wear?'
- Let's say 'I'll go naked.'

- That's too much.
- 'I'll be naked.'

How ridiculous. He liked that joke.

We got him.

Tonight at 11 o'clock.

Go pretend to be a prostitute.


That's too scary.



What is it that you do?

All you do is eat food!

Surely you have the drug, right?

Stop it.

- I'll do it.
- Hye-ji, don't.

Oh, Hye-ji!

It's only pretending, right?

I should sell my stocks.

It's open.

Lock the door.


You want mango juice?

Room 204

Good, great.

Aren't you going to take a shower?

I can't be bothered.

Hey, hey!

Don't be like that.

Come on, sit back down.

I'll go shower.

What were you doing?

- Go shower.
- Okay.

Aren't you taking your clothes off?

I'll take them off in the shower.

- There he is.
- What the hell?

- Take the picture!
- Who are you?

Knock it off, I'm warning you!

- You're looking good!
- Knock it off!

Why are you so scrawny?


You're working these pimps?

- Pimps, you say?
- We're her brothers.

You think you can fight
your way out of this?


You were just caught with a minor.

What do you want?

10 million won.

Are you crazy?

If you won't pay up we'll send
these photos to your wife

and your colleagues and friends.

Wrap it up!


I'm going easy on you.

What's the password?


Damn it!

- What are you doing?
- Ouch!

- What the hell?
- Get off!

Son of a bitch!

Damn it!


- Come here, come here.
- Burglar!

- Stop it!
- Son of a bitch!


- Dumbass!
- Douchebag!

- Trying to sleep with a minor!
- Enough!

You don't know when to stop, do you?

Why did you stomp on him so hard?

You hit first.

It's nothing.
He can't call the cops anyway.

It's the motel owner
we should be worried about.


What if he's dead?

Shut up!

You said he fell on his own.

- Let's just go to the police...
- Min-hee.

If you don't keep your mouth shut

we're all dead.


I won't say anything.

Give me your phone.

I'll get rid of it, along with his.

We should scatter for a while
and contact each other later.

Why are you out in the cold?

Go someplace else.

I'm back.

Where have you been?

I didn't steal these.

I dipped into my emergency savings fund.


It's not much, but let's not lose dignity.

Should we use steak knives?

- That's not funny.
- Should we grill this?

Just eat.

Look, you and this girl
have the same name.

But her last name isn't Cha.

Missing child Lee Hye-ji

Hurry up and drink.

I'll drink it later.

I'm not thirsty.

I find you guys so easily.

But I may not find her in this lifetime.

Missing child Lee Hye-ji


I'm here.

Look at this house!

Cassettes, matches...

They're all antiques!

This place is such a mess...

It already looks like moving day.

A Chinese guy wants to buy this house.

I'll get you 4 times of what it's worth!

4 times!

What if your granddaughter returns?

She'll be so shocked!

I'm not selling my house,
so don't come again!


It's so salty.

I guess your kidneys are still healthy.

She still has a temper, too.

She said she won't sell
the house, so give up.

Let's go catch the boat.

I'm heading home, everyone!

You're only strong inside the water.

You're being too stubborn.

Think of your age.

Sell the house and use
the money to live comfortably.

Then, where would Hye-ji come back to?

She hasn't come back
to that house for years.

Look, it's the dolphins...

Dolphins, please make my wish come true.

If dolphins granted wishes...

I'd own a building.

Thank you.

When Hye-ji was young, her mother ran off.

And her father died when she was a baby.

Now, we don't know if she's alive or dead.

It's because we're both unlucky.

Don't say that.


You have me and Myung-ok.

Speak of the devil.

What is it?


Are you sure?



The dolphins granted your wish!


Where is she?

We brought Mrs. Hong...

Over here, please.

I'm Hong Gye-chun. Where's my grandchild?

The person in charge is waiting for you.

- We'll have to check...
- What?

- If she's really your relative.
- Where is she?

Are you Mrs. Hong?

Follow me.

Please read thoroughly

and fill out the DNA test
application form.

Was her mother's name Park Soo-hee?

Yes, that's my daughter-in-law.

She kidnapped Nam Hye-ji...


Well, she took her.

Right after Hye-ji disappeared,
she was registered to her family.

But it says here that
Park Soo-hee is dead.

According to Hye-ji, it was a car crash.

Her stepfather gave up custody,
so she went to an orphanage.

We searched the entire country
without knowing that!

Please write your name
and leave a thumbprint.

Here you go.

We can't thank you enough.

Not at all.

- Thank you so much.
- Just wait for a while.

Are you done?

Leave that off at the clinic.

- Okay, thank you.
- Please wait here.

- Should we throw a party?
- Of course we should.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Come on in.


Are you really Hye-ji?

You've grown so much.

Look at that face.

You still have this...

Why didn't you look for me?

Mom said that you died.

You must have struggled so much.

My baby... My grandchild...

Everything's fine now.

I found you. You're alive.

Let's take a picture.

Come to the center.

Shouldn't we be in the picture, too?


More to the right.

No no, that way

to the other side.

- Smile.
- I'll take the picture.

Three, two, one!

This house feels cozy
now that Hye-ji's back.

Let's invite the neighbors.

It's been ages since I've you smile!

Why are you preparing dinner so early?

Hye-ji your grandma is
cooking tilefish for you!

Go away.


- I want to help.
- No, no.

Get inside, sweetie.

Go in, some rest.

Look at that smile!

Are you that happy?

Your wish came true!

- You're right.
- Hye-ji came back.

The Sea God must really exist!

Of course he does.

This proves it.

I think the Sea God must really exist.

Did you still have that?

- Here, eat this.
- Thank you.

I let go of your hand.

I wanted to buy nice things for you.

But I got carried away.

From now on, we'll be happy.

Let's all drink up to
celebrate Hye-ji's return!

Mrs. Hong suffered so
much for all these years!

You can't even tell that she's an elderly!

That's right.

Mrs. Hong will finally be
able to sleep well!

You're right.

I can't believe this day is finally here.

She looks just like her grandma!

Look at her eat!

Is it good?

You should eat, too.

She's the same age as Han!

You used to play together.

You should be in high school!

Stop running around!

Do you remember the black pig
that lived near the outhouse?

- Toya.
- Toya!

She remembers Toya!

- This is all so sad.
- Don't be sad!

Hye-ji, Hye-ji!

Ma'am, where's Hye-ji?

Hye-ji, I waited so
long for you to return!

Weren't you shocked at
the sight of this house?

- Just sell it...
- Stop it!

She's just arrived!

Don't bring the house up!

Just drink up and leave.

Don't be like that. Here, drink this.


Let's all drink together!

- Cheers!
- Cheers!


Are you pooping?

You should have woken me up.

Let's buy a toilet tomorrow morning!

I washed your clothes, so just wear that.

Let's go someplace after having breakfast.

In these clothes?

You look great!

What do you think of this one?

This comforter is thinner.

I'll pack this one.

It's for my granddaughter.

She doesn't like it.

Try this.

This one's pretty. You look like a doll!

You like it?

The guy didn't die, but
the motel owner wants money.


Or he'll tell the police.

Chul-heon and Chung-hee
are trying to frame you.

So, just stay there.

- I'm out of coins.
- Call me again!

Don't step on that!

Can't you see the ground?
Everything will be ruined!

Get away from here! Don't step on it!

- Hello, ma'am.
- Oh, it's you.

Han, how have you been?

Take her away, or she'll
step on everything!

You can't go this way.

Do you not understand what I am saying?

- I'll be off.
- Good bye.

You're Hye-ji, right?

Do you know me?

Everyone in this town knows you.

I'm Han.

Stop bothering me and go your way.

Want a ride home?

What's that sound?

The divers are gasping for air.

Your grandmother will be there, too.

Gasping for air?


They hold their breath
for a really long time.

We'd probably die.

Why won't this open?

I'm taking a bath.

I know, but...

Why won't this door open?

I'm taking a bath!

I know, I'm not deaf!

Is the door broken?

- I locked the door.
- Why did you do that?

Open it so I can get the dishes.

Hold on.

You don't need to lock
the door when you bathe.

You're all grown up, huh?

We have a new student.

Introduce yourself.

I haven't been to
school in a while.

Don't give me any trouble.

I'll take any empty seat.

Don't bully the new kid, okay?

- Yes, sir.
- I'll be watching you.

Yes, sir.

- Change seats with me.
- Why?

- I'll buy you a snack.
- Okay.

Do you have the textbook?

Hye-ji is a full-grown lady now!

I still see her as a child.

But all I do now is prepare her meals.

At your age, you shouldn't
be changing diapers.

Oh, right.

Who's Hye-ji's teacher?

He's a well-known artist.

He doesn't really look like one.


Free topic


Draw whatever you want to today.

Yes, sir.


What's this?

Have you expressed the
beauty of empty space?

Or your free spirit?

I didn't know what to draw.

Draw anything that come to your mind.

Is that so hard?

Do you want me out?

Lee Hye-ji.

I'll give you all the time you need.

You can't leave until
you've finished your picture.

Start drawing.

Lee Hye-ji.

You're really stubborn.

Just go home, then.

Why did she have to come here?


Go home!

Why are you still here?

I'm done.



That girl...

Why hasn't she come home yet?


Your grandma.


I'm home.

Did you study hard?

Where's your backpack?

- I left it at school.
- It's alright.

You might as well.
It's so heavy.

You're going back tomorrow anyway.

Let's eat dinner.

You must be hungry.

Come on out!


Eat up.

Oh, dear...

Hold on.

I'll eat it myself.

No. Go ahead.

Go on.

That's it.

To the right!

Rotate your arms!

That's it!

Make waves with your arms!

Will Hye-ji be more comfortable
if moved to an apartment?

She's all you ever think about.

You could fix your house
to make it more comfortable.

I don't have money to fix the house.

But if I sell the house,
I'll get a lot of money.

You love her way too much!

Work your side muscles!

The wind is dying down.

Let's go diving!

The wind is dying down!

Churn the butter!

Let's go work!

Wait, everyone...

Put it over there.


I'll let you skip class
if you join the art club.

That's why they joined, too.

You don't know what to draw?

Draw this bald guy first.


Start by sketching.


You're not scribbling in your notebook!

I quit.

- Hey.
- What?

Drawing out here is
better than attending class.

But go if you want to.

Mrs. Hong!

You're here.

- Sit down.
- Okay.

- Where's your granddaughter?
- She's studying, so be quiet.

You didn't budge for months,
but you'll do anything for her.

Be quiet and just hand it over.

Stamp your name here.

I'll transfer you the money
first thing tomorrow morning.

You sealed the deal!

How wonderful!

Much better!

How am I supposed to draw that?

Get every wrinkle exactly right.

What do you need to draw?

Niobe, of course.

You delinquent.

What you need to draw is the light.

Look over there.

Now, look at that.

If you want to be a good artist,
don't focus on the shadows.

Focus on the light.


Want to see something cool?

Isn't it nice?

Why are you doing this?

I just feel a connection.


You're pretty.

This is making me sleepy.

Don't you have any other song?

Sorry about that.

Do you want to make a call?





Who is this?

Hye-ji, it's me.

You can't just disappear like that.

Put Min-hee on the phone.

Min-hee is kind of busy.

- Be quiet!
- What are you doing?

It's not what you think.

He's asking for a settlement.

We're hoping you could
come up with the money.

Your only friend's life is on the line.

Don't you lay a finger on her.

Otherwise I will kill you.

You're being unreasonable.

Anyway, we don't have much time.

Get me the money or

I'm going to pimp Min-hee.

You should have told me
right away when she called.

What am I going to do?

Stop talking nonsense
and get back to work!

Hye-ji is disrespectful
and she wears short skirts!

Isn't she a delinquent?

It's just fashion!

You were like that when
you were young, too!

- Be quiet!
- But...

I know you love Hye-ji.

But people saw her smoking cigarettes!

Did you see it with your own eyes?

Yes, I saw it once!

They're just rumors!

Hye-ji is...

When she was gone, you all
told me she'd be doing fine!

That's right!

You should help her lead a
good life now that she's back!

What is all the fuss?

What do you think?

About what?

About your drawings.

- They're nice.
- Really?

I'm giving you special lessons
because I like your wild side.


But you have no personal style!

I guess I'm not talented.

I don't want to learn art.

Lee Hye-ji...

Why do you have to make life so difficult?

Never mind.

You'd better take these back.

Your grandmother asked
me to teach you art,

so that you'd enjoy life. She gave me

bracken, seaweed...

Ginseng liquor...

I know you had a hard life.

It might strengthen or weaken you.

It's all up to you.

If your grandmother is this devoted...

You should at least try.

Ni hao!

Ms.Yang, get him a cup of coffee.

I have something to ask you.

He's not Chinese.

Please sit down.

Sir, it's a wasting time.

Here is the best.

Grudge, grudge.

They're asking the Sea God for protection.


Let's go over there.

There's no need to be scared.


Where are you going?

Come here.

Sea God...

Please have pity on my granddaughter

and help her lead a good life.

Please help her... Please help her...

Hong Gye-chun Bankbook

What am I doing?

Are you sure you looked everywhere?

Of course.

There's no sign of a break-in.

Then, where did it go?

Are you sure you left it there?

Try to remember.

Come in and have dinner!

- You can go now.
- Yes, ma'am.

Good bye.

I'll not let him go if I catch him.


Have you seen anyone suspicious around?

I guess not.

See you.

How did someone find out
there's money in the house?

- Honey!
- Yeah?

Her money is gone?

She says that 1.5 million won
vanished from her cupboard.

The cupboard?

Didn't you lend 1.5 million
won to the neighbor's son?

You took it out of your cupboard.

That's right.

Old age is making you forgetful!

Stop it.

Case solved!

Oh, dear...

- What are you doing?
- Huh?


I have an insect bite.

I see.

There are a lot of insects here.

What are you doing?

You scared me!

Why are you so surprised?

Let's have a word inside.

Just do it here.

You shouldn't use birthdays
as your bankbook passcode.

Mine is the day Hye-ji disappeared.

Hye-ji might figure it out, so change it.

So what if Hye-ji knows?

Well, I just saw...


Never mind.

Tell me!

From now on, make a record
of all money transactions!

And stop saying yes to every single favor.


- I'm leaving.
- Bye.

Give me one.


Which is bigger, the sea or the sky?

The sky, of course.

I guess you're all grown up.

Even when life is hard...

If someone's on your side,
it's possible to go on.

I'm on your side, so live
however you want to.


take care of everything.

Hey, you delinquent.

Who gives you inspiration?


Draw that person.

Are you going to quit again?

I'll give it a try.




What is it?

Can you...

Confess something with a drawing?


Do you have a crush on me?


You silly girl.

Turn off the radio if
you can't concentrate.

That's okay.

Why do you screw up your eyes?

You'll get wrinkles.

Because the sunlight is bright.

Don't you have sunglasses?

Blind people wear sunglasses.

Did you wear sunblock
to protect your skin?

I've lived so long that...

My baby is nagging me.

Why are you using so much of it?

A small amount doesn't work.


My grandchild is taking care of me.

Wear sunblock when
you're working outdoors.

We should let it sink into your skin.

Like this.

I applied too much.

Use half of this amount.

How far do we have to go?

Shut up and follow me.

Just imagine.

Without light, this place
would be dark all the time.

How sad would that be?

You should use darker colors
for the trees over there.

This part should be lighter.

Paint the clouds, too.

It's not perfect, but
you portrayed light well.

Here you go.



Oh, it's you.

What are you doing here?

I should go diving.

Take me with you.

No way!

I won't let you become a diver!

All right.

But there's another way.

I have it all figured out.

Here, wear this.

Will you be okay?

I have all this equipment.

Don't let go of my hand.


Don't you like it?

Did you really draw this?

Who else would have drawn it?


This is...

Really good.

You should enter this
art contest in Seoul.

Take a look.

This is great.

Is it really good?

Of course it is!

I don't give out fake compliments!

You'll enter, right?

Let's do it.

I'll enter.

I have something to ask you.

Never mind.

What is it?

Let's talk about it later.


You go ahead.

- Who is that?
- Just go!

It's so nice here.

How did you find me?

You abandoned me.

You're right. I'm sorry.

Could you...

Get me some money?

Are you still at it?

I borrowed some money.

Why would I have money?

The down payment for your house.

What are you saying?

You want me to become a thief?

Not at all.


I'll have to ask her myself.

Are you crazy?

Stay away from my grandmother!

Your grandmother?


Just tell me where the bankbook is.


Don't be like this.

I'm on the verge here!

Hye-ji, what are you doing there?


I was at school drawing.

- I'll show you.
- Okay.

When you were young, people's faces
looked like squashed potatoes.

But this is very nice.

How did you get so talented?

- Are you hungry?
- Yes.

- Are you sick?
- Huh?


At this age, you're always sick.

Eat up.

The thought of leaving this
house makes me sentimental.

- Seok-ho!
- Oh, you're back.

Why aren't you opening the sea urchins?

This is important, too.

Look at this.

What is it?

Eat this if you get hungry.


Be careful of cars and people in Seoul.


I can't bear to be apart for even one day.

Do well.

We'll be off, ma'am.

Please look after my Hye-ji.

- Don't worry.
- Thank you.

Let's go.

Good luck!

What is it?

Take this sunblock.

You use it.

Make sure you apply a lot of it.


I'll get going.

I see, hurry to go.

Good luck!

I'll check your ticket. Here.

Hello, Ma'am.

Hye-ji's gone.


Go on ahead.

- See you.
- Good bye.

Thanks, Hye-ji.

Daddy will...

For the last time...

Get out of my life.

Thank you. Thank you.



What took you so long?

Hurry up.

Are you nervous?

Well, so are the others.

They're all nervous.

Start drawing.

I'll go take a nap.

Make sure you check how much time is left.

All right?


Long time no see!

- It's been so long!
- How have you been?

Good, do you want
to go get coffee?

I'd love that!

What a nice surprise.


Participants, you have
ten minutes left.

Please make sure you
hand in your drawings.

Please make sure you
hand in your drawings.

Mr. Lee...

The title of this work
is 'Confession'.

Please look after
my grandmother.

I'm sorry.

Also, thank you.

Mr. Lee...

The light still feels
strange to me.

- Mrs. Hong...
- Yeah?

Where's Hye-ji?

She went to an art contest.

Oh, she's in Seoul.


Mrs. Hong...

What the hell is it?

- Well...
- What is this?

It's a DNA test
of you and Hye-ji.

Not related

You're wasting my time.


It's time for you to
face the facts.

It says that you and
Hye-ji aren't related.

Then, who could she be?

Why would she
pretend to be Hye-ji?



Awhile ago...

I caught her going
through your closet.

- You should check...
- Get lost!

You were going
through my closet!

Do you want my money so much?

Yes, I went through it.

You're being so frustrating!

Do what you want!

Mrs. Hong, I think this is fake.

I'll make them do another test.

- Hello, sir!
- Good evening!

Are you getting drunk
out on the streets?


You talking to me?

- It's Hye-ji!
- Hye-ji!


You look so good that
I didn't recognize you.

- What are you glaring at?
- Where is Min-hee?

- Goddamn it!
- Give me the bag.

- Hye-ji!
- Min-hee!

- Get off of me!
- Hye-ji!


Damn it.

Give it!


I knew you would hit me.

Why are you guys doing this?

- I knew it!
- Get off of me!

Nam Hye-ji.

Do you know how many
crimes you were charged with?

If it weren't for your friend,
you'd be framed for all of them.

Who should I put down
as your guardian?

- Let go of me!
- Calm down, ma'am!

- Hye-ji!
- Ma'am...

- Hye-ji...
- You can't come in here.

Let me go.

You look so unwell.

Come on, let's go home.

Ma'am, please calm down.

Let's go.

Let go of me!


You're Hye-ji, right?

People keep telling
me that you're not.

But I won't believe it.

You said that you're Hye-ji.

Look at me.

Look at your grandma.

I'm sorry.


Where's Hye-ji?

My Hye-ji...

Where is she?

You need to calm down.

Let's go sit down.

The security camera caught you
and your daughter confessed.

You can't deny it.

So, just give up.

Hye-ji is dead.


I miss grandma.

Take me back to her.

I told you to stop mentioning her!

Why do you keep doing it?

We can't afford to raise two kids.

If you're worried about money...

Stop gambling.

- Why do you bring that up?
- Why wouldn't I?

- You kidnapped her!
- No, I didn't!

- You brought her whatever you feel!
- I will raise up her.

Am I wrong?

I'm from KIG Insurance.

I'm looking for Nam Hyun-cheol.

You'll have to look for him yourself.

Is there a Nam Hyun-cheol here?

That would be me.

We saw the pictures from today's accident.

It says here that you have two daughters.

Nam Eun-joo is my biological daughter.

I'll record the two deaths.


At least you survived.

I know you're going through a hard time

but there's some paperwork
you need to fill out.

I'm terribly sorry.

What a horrible father.

How could he use his children?

Switching his own child to
commit insurance fraud...

Nam Eun-joo

That bastard.


Mrs. Hong!

Mrs. Hong!

It wasn't prostitution, right?

You lured him to the motel
only to steal his money.

Prosecutor Kim Min-sung

I'll take your silence to mean 'yes'.

Do you admit to committing identity theft?

Thumbprint, please.

Who is this?

This is Seok-ho and my grandma.

This is Toya, the outhouse pig.

If you poop, he
comes and eats it.

He eats poop?

Yes, but if you pee
he gets disappointed.

Here, you can have
this gold crayon.

Can I really have it?


But you have to give it back
when you see grandma.

I have to color my grandma's hair.


Grandma, I'm hungry!

Oh, sweetie...

Let's eat.



Hello, I'm Hye-ji's an teacher.

Hye-ji placed high in the art contest.

Take it away.

Please take a look.

Thanks to you, she learned
to focus on the light.

It's a painting of you,
so please look at it.

I'm sorry.

I'll get going.

'Confession' by Lee Hye-ji

1 year later

I can't believe we are in a book store.

So you've never visited her
since you left?

Just go and beg over and over.

- What a dumbass.
- What?

What? Why do you make it so complicated?

Thank you.


Is it okay to take a break?
Aren't you busy?

Yes, I'm okay.

But what brings you...?

Well I'm just wondering..

if she comes to see you these days.


Last week...

She disappeared.

We wanted her to live with us.

She insisted on staying
at senior care center.


Didn't you tell me?

She's so stubborn.

She kept asking me not to tell you.

Missing child Lee Hye-ji

Bangshin Marketplace?

Have you seen this person?


How much is this?

- Please take a closer look.
- I've never seen her.

Have you seen this person?

Have you seen this person?

could you see this picture?

Give me that.

She looks familiar.

She was wandering
around a few days ago.

When was that?

You mean the dotard?

Yes, Have you seen her?

She must be dead already.

She walked around
for a few days.

Try the police, maybe
they found her body.

When did...

When did you see her?

It might have been a week ago.

I'm sure she's dead.

Why do you keep saying she's dead?

Have you seen it with your own eyes?

What a weirdo.

Let's go diving... Let's go diving...


Grandma Gye-chun!


It's me.

Don't you recognize me?

It's dangerous out here.


Yes, I'm Hye-ji.

My baby...

My grandchild, Hye-ji?

That's right.

It's your grandchild, Hye-ji.

I looked everywhere for you.

What happened to your shoe?

From now on, don't go anywhere.

Stay right by my side.


I said no.

The house has been empty for one year.

We'll pay rent, so everyone will be happy.

It's not my house.

- It has an owner.
- I know, but...


I'm begging you.

I know that you can allow it.

I'll take care of it.

Han, be careful!

Don't worry, Mom.

This is upside-down!

I need a rag.

Here you go.

Hye-ji. It's Toya!

He's so old now.

Everyone, make way for the outhouse pig!


You should be more careful!

You planned that, didn't you?

Apologize to him.

How could you leave me out?

I want to be a part, too.

- What can I do?
- Hurry up!

Sweep the floor.

Here you go.

Sweep the floor?

All right.

She's here.

Mrs. Hong!

Sit over here.

Why are you all standing?

Do you recognize me?

Of course.

I'm not blind, you know.

I'll make you dinner.

Do your homework.

What are you staring at?

What are you doing in front of my house?


Let's get out of the cold.


Will you be okay on your own?

Let's get inside.

Grandma, tell me if you get cold.




Grandma Gye-chun!


Grandma Gye-chun...

Grandma, don't do that!

I guess it's too late.

Aren't you cold?


Let me paint on you, too.

That stings.

Lift your head.

Then, it will end faster.

The sky is in the sea.

In the sea...

In the sea...

You are my sea.

The sky is in the sea.

Warm yourself at a stove.

- Is she asleep?
- Yes, she is.

Here. It's from my wife.

Now I'm relieved.

I would've been hurt if
she didn't recognize us.

By the way, what's that painting about?

That's really nice.

- Seok-ho.
- Yes.

Which is bigger, the sea or the sky?

The sky is bigger obviously, isn't it?

No. The sea is bigger.

The sea embraces the sky.

Let's see...

The password of the account is
0512, 0512.

Hye-ji can you hear this?

I'll just

call you Hye-ji.

To be honest, I might
have already known...

that you're not Hye-ji.

I just didn't want

to admit it.

Which is bigger, the sea or the sky?

I used to think that it
would have been better

if I'd died without realizing
that you're not Hye-ji.

But not anymore.

You're my grandchild, too.

There's no doubt that
you're my grandchild.

Being related by blood...

That doesn't matter at all.

You were always

my grandchild.

My granddaughter...

I made a living as a diver.

You should make a living as an artist.

My life was hard.

But near the end, I met you.


I'll die.

But I don't want to leave you...

I don't want to leave you...

I don't want to leave you...

I don't want to leave you...

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Grandma, I'm sorry.



Grandma, are you okay?

I was so worried.

Why did you waste paint like that?

You wanted to see flowers.


The prettiest flowers I've ever seen.




It's time for me...

To join Hye-ji.

She's so young.

I kept her waiting for far too long.

What about me?

Keep on living.

Lead a good life.

I'll never forget you, even in heaven.

Thank you so much for
becoming my grandchild.



But don't go too fast.


I will.

I'll lead a good life.

I promise.


I love you.


Where are you?

I can't find you!



Where are you?

I can't find you!


Come find me!



I'm right here!

Grandma Gye-chun!


- My baby.
- Grandma!

What took you so long?

Did you miss me?

I missed you so much.


Don't go anywhere.

Yeah, I won't go anywhere.

Artist Lee.

- Over here.
- Look at this.

- It's me and Mrs. Hong!
- You're right.

You're in it, too.

This was Hye-ji's welcome home party!

Look at that!


She's so talented.

This looks just like Mrs. Hong.

Is that your grandma?

I wish she could have seen this.

Me, too.

It's great.

It's all thanks to you.

But there is something you learn
naturally as you get growing.