Cannonball! (1976) - full transcript

This is another story of the secret Coast to Coast auto race across America The only rule is, the first to finish is the winner. Naturally, anyone driving 55 isn't going to win. They'll need to drive a little faster than that. Well actually, they will need to drive a LOT faster that 55.

director: protect Luo.The give

name of movie: the shell flies the car

be you drive of time, gram Sir of

must remember the of the car brigade to lead

otherwise only have an of dead end, understand?

is, Sir

the risks all exist to your times

l know this game count for much to you, section

do you understand my meaning?

yes, l am understand

if l won...

if you won...

l know that you know very much this meaning what

she will not come

otherwise your heart the lover will die

this is you are drive would the on the way time
take place of matter, not is?

..Good heavens, this thing accompanied me
unexpectedly so many year

now, l tell you...

you at dry what?The in early morning
loquacious does not stop

you good 38

the good car that you want, brothers

now is 4:15, l think like like to sleep once

be l complete this machine, that you wake up
and then can fly

as long as is to have relation with game of
l want to attain best

can you hurry?

l do not want to let that guy won again

relax to order

you know and attain how much would explode?

30.Biggest is 165

yes, should be this piece

want ~only this treasure to leave the city

but, he is certainly the meeting of

please wait slightly

what matter do you have?Now just at 5:00 A.M.

difficult way can't etc.?

card boon space wife of ?l am a ratio especially .

l can borrow your car to go to New York to
take a letter the piece by luck for you past

all right, this is the key and drive to shine on

remember, must drive in the evening

must the car attain soon 50

absolutely can't, wife

remember, went to certain first essentials in New York
to go to the plum especially guest house of

is, wife

l do not know he can...

l know

the rice , dear
we have already been late for 20 minutes


good heavens, see you are true happy


quick take off your uniform

hurry, ready to

the fairy , you are so a little time
preparation for us only each time

we still have what good preparation of

like, the useless talk is little to say

the shell , you do not want to want to play
something to sing thus each time

just will not let me have no pain and sufferings thus

you know that l want to infuse the CD tonight

be these to complete hereafter

you will become a person, big wrist

you will become the star

you also as exhausted as those boys meeting sarcasm

l do not think that the thunder receives
to pick thus you stab

you are might with even better than attaining thus

the thunder receives this boy...

do you is it the car that toes do this boy
that go to New York?

How are you, the thunder receive

boy, put your bottom here

the thunder receive, must win the game this time

my meeting of, mother, small vegetables a disc

wish my good luck, dear

l will make a phone call to you from New York
love your section ''


hi, l am a .Section section

the here is our area headquarters of California

last year, through a year of warm report way

< the automobile magazine> > come to a the publicity
originally whole purposes of match with
big beautiful cross-island highway of time

everyone what to see is 21 contentses of the pages
of this period magazine now...

all-weather, have no regularity is a rule...

this game continues to follow to use unspoken
engagement of the last time

will have the cash award of USD 100,000
to wait for the you

high risk, extreme incitement

trip to this time New York, can let you gain
both honor and riches first?

most car hand...

Hey, gram of

hi, the cloth pull virtuous
hi, Bill

the person of the television station is dry here what?

compete and don't is a secret to carry on of?

right.They will make this one period program

next week before they will not broadcast program

the protection affect we make money

fertile man of .lt is big match champion of
preceding batch that plum fill

speak a few lines to everyone

you for this big match pressure have mentally?
ls what pressure?

pressure be if there is no target would be how

however, a lot of afterwards all have
the opportunity to challenge this laurel wreath

this make me feel very excited

certainly l also will not give up...

those USD 100,000

this is a rightness of cars handses of the interesting

do you let your automobile become the honeymoon place?

l think that such felling should be quite good

hear l say, do you know that this time
game risk is very big?

l do not know

this not only is an automobile only

daddy, if if you see, do not worry to have no matter of

we will spend a week safely in the car

tell me...

if you win these USD 100,000s how would you spend?

if we won, we will buy the small villa
of in the sea beach


hear big, you?

father, will you win those moneys?

this is the children's idea

we how to like to let you does a person
spend a time on the car?

then see, father, do not forget to buy gift for us

dear, everythings that l do are all is you and children

we ask the organizer cloth of the game to pull now virtuous

tell us, compete whether can hold under publically?

the police disallows to hold such game in the country

may exceed the limit consumedly because of
the speed of the car hand

you are a game that say your hold illegal?

not, not, l did not say thus

Sir, do you see this?

did they like this again?

now there are all the rumours of this aspect on lnternet

what matter?Call cloth pull virtuous do not
accept to gather news

conveniently the thunder call, the game wased in Dutch

then send the helicopter to street up

the fairy , hurtled the roadblock

blunt in the past, fairy ...

fairy !

you succeeded!

this is which the bedlamite that come?!

dear, you can't attend such game

you see many does this have no?

give me it, the reach

you know such game substance and contentses

is under the condition of have no police's
permission particularly

l am just not concerned how would they interfere

my brothers spends USD 60,000 to refit this car

l can't cancel the game

l hope end

even if your end , also will enter the jail

this is your future

the section , you know that l take to heart you

l know that l have no business to say to you what

but l want to be this responsibility that becomes me

this is not to say the cancel cancel of

this sing game is l expect already a long time of

the section , l think to be afraid is you
did not see there 100,000 USD front

you have already died

bother once, is this your car?

wish your good luck

l come to introduce for you once

the reach.Michael

this is the organizer cloth of the game
to pull the virtuous Sir

nice to meet you, Michael

l believe that you contrast the match to
certainly be filled with the confidence

the of the finally would be l

l also hope thus

l hope that you can still attend the game next year

you are two early for the understanding, is?

this is the virtuous of thunder, he is a gram

l miss that we are already to meet for the second time

hope that you arrived 32 years old and can
still keep such appearance

this is l give your an advice

l will certainly defeat you

you will differ several hundred miles with me at least
see my bottom of dash away

he is such person

does this guy of such matter also make out out?

attention!The car hands, please watch for!

the police is rushing through to go toward
to compete the place

you only have 15 minutes to leave

Hope you to end the whole works right away

l do not hope you to are whichever to be punish by the police

the Sirs, wish your good luck

dear, we have to lead a week in the car

possibility we must make love in the car

oh, l have not yet tasted to stimulate so of felling

our one person 10 hours, do not worry


l am earnest, section

l want to heading up the class report

section !
You am together with me!

the broad keep of!

Hey, section

you not are to say that you can't appear of?

you are take l play trick?

we must take down this game

the reach, you are dry here what?

this , l must talk with you...

l must walk, this

l will not lose face for you of, thanking you

if you were vanquished by the person
l will kick your bottom

you must win the game

close to the window

take good care of!wish your good luck!

oh not!

l know that we was late

this is you was late for the second time

do not say so
your end of next time orders on time

don't let me worry always

we will win of, do not worry

everyone, we started on!

they came, tidying up the thing!

do you think that those girls still have the opportunity?

yes, they have of

hurry, pull it come down


game cancel, you this is illegal

game?what game?

American automobile of the open type

let them experience the real devil now

Hey, the section , lady police

does this is what is the row?

to your car felling how?

want to take advantage of this to get married?

, you know early of

l attain each time best
so my friend's car also is such

you is what the friend who keep, ?

relax the point, section

you launch the machine is top-grade, waiter

similar to race car

yes, someone what you say are to play trick

right, but drive the aspect is to lump together arbitrarily

such game without you absolutely not go

do not say so, you think you are to say, boy?

quickly drive, l think 15 the police kept up
with you after minutes

the is my best friend

he is very good

the section , do you really want to drive to New York?

if not yes words, that l also will not be the police

don't know why, l hope that my boyfriend
ability wave son turn head

l am very happy to hear you say thus
l will make an effort of

not, not, not...

this place is really wonderful

beautiful have no words to say

is really quite good, l like this place very much

good heavens!

l must in this match the quarter finds
back the appearance

l wanted to exceed you, you

what matter?
The time play wants the nature, relax

oh, good of, good of

this , come over to sit

like< < dance in the wind the song> >?

be this, this is l compose something to write


you think?

very quite good

is the time today, we hereafter continue again

l bring about interest on piano suddenly

my intention reached now

l still want to write the lyrics of the oneself

l can attain

l how become rich?

yes, you are probably the meeting of

but, first, give us money and see

we need 100,000 cash awards urgently to
race car the cash award now

l can't do like this, you be not good
at long this aspect

our a pairs are all very clear this

are you what mean?Do l have the so good
opportunity your nonsupport?

did not forget that l have ever supported you

l will not let again this time his hat of
l will kill him

is?That you think again who crack down his position?

the car that is him is soon over 150

will explode somewhere

l will not make such game let a personal
again to break always

you have to a very small hope to me?

oh, l say very with reluctance,'' not.''

we walk lo of ,'' musician''

is he making the rice?

return to make your rice, still race car?

good heavens, true incitement

oh, not, not, not...

boy, need not order the true effort
you are to defy the spirit

true effort

see didn't?

after winning you probably, l have some the
carefree feeling to drink the cup coffee

thus of also call opponent?

l wanted to only have the automobile in the
on the road your in the mind

the car is the next in order

lo, they caught up to come

oh, his mama of!

open thus, don't give other car opportunities at all

l think that that bad egg is a car bedlamite

exceed the gram, l am this

l hope your the hand that stretch out to help

certainly, everyone know of

hear the , my brothers also attended

hear l say, you want to help me this time

good of, can you subsidize USD 100,000?

exceed the gram, my airplane wanted to take off

l make a phone call for you in the airport

yes, l am following the match way

good of, thanks

Hey, Hey!

the Hey, the little girl, come over, my this car
want to be much more comfortable

we can also at go to bed inside

the thus small sex maniac also wants to steep me

l want to bump this boy to open


Hey!The Hey, the waiter, lays up you that breaks the throat

let the clean short while of our ear

can't l play to kick back and enjoy?

you relax the oneself thus?

forbid the impoliteness, virtuous of thunder

this time is l invite the to all the way go together of

but the person who drive is l

if inside nasty have what provide the convenience of?

we what also have no

if your true urine is nasty, having the thing side

what?what fun do you open?

you are true and wet nasty my nature
and will make you convenient

l will come to a stop, wanting ~only him
not to sing a song

the pressure does not want to be so and greatly
virtuous of thunder

you are to fear to delay time to lose the game

the useless talk is little to say, fart eye son!

let me arrest the finally

you can't be to want to bump him?

you have no matter, waiter

don't bump, virtuous of thunder!

you are almost my , young man!

grasp the prison to order, mama, grasp the prison to order

the cloth gram'', l am'' shell'',

l am in your 10 miles of places of behind

l am in 070 mile markings

receive to have no, ?

shell'', l is , we 20 second inside arrive to


l am not afraid

we have no reason to change the car of

your safety is more important

l have already not livinged now you annoy

what matter did the good heavens, the waiter, take place?

the virtuous of thunder bump of?

you also want carefully, waiter

the thunder receive from bump me behind, so l decide...

temporarily let reach are together with you

do not thus
Hey, hear l say, such game...

the process of the game is very dangerous

l tell you, the section

l wanted to capture this lady

is that bad egg again

this time l to put even he

good, thank


Hey, how?

Hey, the matter that is just now l am no object, treasure

l can also give you an opportunity

do you want my chest dress?

yes, hurry to me

all right
why don't take off directly to my lo?

want this

whether you wants this or not?

is true?

hurry to...

especially mile

especially mile, see you too happy

have to take thing to Mary Anne?

l can never forget to take thing to you

oh, champagne!

oh, l really think and can drink them immediately

oh, your evil claw came again

does that want that l go to?

6 months ago

that does he have and did not find you?
Have no, Sir

have no, what matter also did not take place

hear l say, our nasty of now wants to spend money

l believe that this also seeks you

yes, this matter lets all of my appetites have no

l tell you, sponsor originally the is to
lose money in business the business

understand my meaning?He is unworthy

l say the inside situation of this and you

don't believe this easily, what matter can't
you know to will take place...

virtuous section, l visit relatives tonight
from say with this

thus best
his brothers also attended to
compete this time

do not worry that'' shell'' can't win this time game

hurry, cover, is a control centre here

l am the cover, we are in the supervision now

the section now at which?
'' Shell''?

that German just destroyed by knocking his car

he exceeds that Hollander now

now he is leading off to near to charge the street corner

etc., another charges street corner?

yes, arrived about

see come him'' good-bye kiss'' with us soon

see come us want to act quickly

l think to be in this endless on the travel

everyone certainly feels very boring now

l believe that everyone didn't certainly think
how place is of idle away the method of the time

the conduct and actions is with talent in this aspect l

l think dedicate for everyone previous from create of song

borrow this brief time to offer to everyone

good of, we give you this opportunity

we invite a song of handkerchief now

for everyone deduce a head he from create of
a song dedicate specially to everyone

hope that everyone like

DJ, can't you stop?

this is the telephone, we still need to walk faster

what is the row?

Hey, fag your face!

all right, that wish that satisfies everyone

oh, this country is really beautiful

more stronger than my house, not is?

scenery such as painting

to compare Germany much more beautiful

beautiful, beautiful

see to bother to come, not is?

see the skill that you have to race car

have a yellow automobile high speed to cut through an area

you carry on intercept for me

good of, l intercept for you

brothers, hurry

come, see how l play you

the German car hand was kill)
oh, good heavens!

see how they are to hold the game of

you guaranteed and can't take place such affair, not is?

l say so

Hey, Jim

the Jim , come to

hear this voice, is what is the row?

oh, damn, launch the machine to break down

stop the bottom to the car
l know to would be thus

do not get off

in a mess, launch the machine to lead the heat

we must replace to make the cold machine


Hey, quick leave for the part to the car

fling out my gun out of the window why?

the broad keep of

exactly which go to?



to help?
l made the cold machine to is out of order

sorry, Sir, l do not provide such thing here

you would go to specialized place

can have let me match it together what things?

l see to have

lose no time too long

we at which can return to make the cold machine?

seem to want 200 miles outside

you teach his at one feed

want ~only and don't want that'' shell'' went

this is the order
if let him run away...

don't want the useless talk, l as long as
he can't compete, treasure

l will fix

mama of!


the nobody bothered now

we have time the dancing

that call'' light''

that is the CD machine, we call it as'' fill the ''

there is...'' Have sexual love the bed''

very comfortable

nasty sex maniac
this place, dear

they usually talk that the oneself drive
greatly is how severe

one day l canned not stand and then beat
the report in the evening

true of, l do not know and would result
in so big result

to go to the nobody love

oh not!

until his emergence


although l is so long with him,
still don't how to understand him

yes, we go to school together

ride the bicycle together

sometimes still the meeting and other childs fight

you know, sometimes is a female child

is all the business of kid's son

with the little girl girl appointment

they see we say, seeing that a pair boy


the another matter matters all like to
help victim of an injustice

he like to be successful in career, ?


, bump to die a girl at the time that you drive?

yes, l admit

l get drunk

connect an of the '' pound''

l bumped once dizzy

is the car that you open?!

but the section say...

l do not know, you did not ask

, you did not tell a lie

l do not know...

l feel sorry, the reach

yes, l am also similar

boy, stop the part

l have the urgent matter and would overtake a car
so please high lift...

please raise the your hand

raise the your hand

then open 1 :00
l did not do amiss what

the leg stretches backward

very good, relax
Hey, hear me say

this is the routine business, routine business

what do you want to be dry?

pretend to be a son?

the courage is pretty big

the under charge of this ?

felling how, dear?

if did not bother, l attained the high tide

l come to a soon

the that time waited now

good heavens, what's the matter with you?

l will not give him the opportunity again

if is not you are a boss...

beat first.
whether open the red car
does the hair is brown?

your this smelly boy, he is a section

don't is that bad egg
am l a smelly boy?

am l a smelly boy?
Calculate, he is a smelly boy

mama of, the road is so long
am l how can anyone know he?

l take you go to the hospital to see

leave me alone

l am the cover, commanding officer, hear

receive, the cover, l am a commanding officer

they are whole now within the scope of supervise and control

everything is normal

but a car and the seconds still have 20 miles of margins

then is your brothers section .The car of the gram

let the person's disappointment


connect down is those girl's sons to race car

she leads the black automobile of behind about
7 miles of distances

we should strengthen the supervision

don't had trouble again

my mother will not suffer such failed

l do not believe that you would let him go to
the motel to drink the beer

he drive the root is to play the life


but, l think that he would make me proud

l do not know the factual circumstance how

but l have such intuition

the hope is such

oh, good heavens, bothered to come

only have there is just such wine in Bavaria

just have such taste

you had better taste once

this wine lets the person enjoy in
retrospect the everlasting

the flower a little money can compensate your energy

not, thank

l like to be other

this bad egg will let what us get into trouble

what matter?

oh, see what is the row?

quickly accelerate, the fairy , we will was in Dutch of

hear the , is not a critical time now

as long as you hear l shut up the mouth
can get away from them

oh, dear...

see what to come is what guy!

that young and high big affirmation is still a male

morning good, young lady
best early

please post notice you drive shine on?

oh, all right


embarrassed, you must return drove to shine on to register

oh, that bothered too

most quick super car want to be many long time?

dear, are you telling me?

police officer, if let?pass we can't ask
for for you to bother?


not, perhaps can't, however impossible...

we do not mind to do with you a car return

not, must take your car to return

oh, the mile boon
stem what?

hear the , see these misses are to need to
live the son technically

can't to hard come, l to see the they, you drive to return

not, l follow these girls together car, you drive

the mile boon, shine on l say of do, l will solve this matter

l is say l am fix

the mile boon, l attend time of the police
compare you long three days

you like to ask the oneself so much, bad egg!

that we to calculate the minute...

the dispassion order, some problemses of
this matters all have no

come with me

How are you, this

you was late, this , l want to blame this matter

l know that you have a lot of affairs

your brothers can't win

hear the , the benefit is especially
l feel and should worry...

l do not want to hear, originally
affair is not you think so

l do not want to hear, this
this matter is not...

very sorry, l say sincerely

l am very sorry, but have to do like this

everythings should be like this song similar

l once dreamed of, but you make me heart-broken

hear you weep over, l am very sorry

but the sometimes must do like this to just go

you let me disappoint, probably
you should be very melancholy

but l know now that this is also your sad affair

all right, you was satisfied with now

hope that this would be useful

you know to be after your younger brother have
an accident we have to feel sad much

want if failed and will take place what matter

good heavens, gram !

your this car is 72 constructions of a of snow of?

good heavens, thank the day to thank the ground
it did not ruin completely

Hey, you are affirmative and will
like this pedestal wireless

but it has already damaged completely a heap of garbage

waiter, you really did not experience

he is attending the game
are you attending
the big match of highway?!

good heavens, this is really our great honor, true

H'm...This car is complete damaged

do you plan how to do?

feel helpless

whether you feel that this idea is not good or not

you can open our car to continue to complete
to compete this time

is?You have what car, tractor?

you do not arrive the behind to see why?


carriage of Renault, everythings all get ready

this car?

you open what fun

tremble to move severe, uncomfortable, follow the pipe

pediatric thing

my that races car however!

this?This is to dress up as the cool cruiser

oh, dress up as the cool cruiser?

this but 10 strenuous effort of month
dress up as the cool cruiser?

good heavens

Hey, this car is true interesting

how to make?

27 pulleys,600 of exportation power

the electronics lights the fire device

top-grade chariot material

the mix of high speed machine of

accelerate 100 of time is 10 second

perhaps this is good material that you need

should can the game for you bring the motive

what condition do you have?

the gram Sir, you not only race car severe
is still a movie star

if a of the medium report gram drives our car

carry off the words of the big match champion

we will get many big advantages

n't report our name of on TV why?

all right, make you great a pair of

our car how...

quick go to the car to help in the claim!

do not take care of them, quickly get on
the car to plea for help!

Hey, come back!Make what?!

l early will you stay on this car!

died to settle this time!
See good matter that you do!

dear, my performance how?

according to my covariance, l still didn't hard

you mind to turn does the face come over?

do l call you turn the face to come over, hear have no?!

like, stop once...

Hey, the big musician did not play

l is to attend to race car of, is not to
hear what you sing a song

can take advantage o l didn't before throwing down
the car to you shut up the mouth

all right, you still concentrate the energy...

l know
l is to help you keep the awake brains

oh, is
if hear suffered stem not plug the your ear?!

so l can give musical performance again
the song of oneself's fancy

l just at horizontal wear the Mainland

good heavens, you...

drop down after a while and then is not a piano

now l am very unhappy

l also would be unhappy!
Dog's dung!

you two can see the not to let me nap

this is what ghost thing?

we have no other?

race car this time how?

replied up, we requite the circumstance that
the way race car the be over only

l just ignore him, l make that bad egg
understand what to!

fill up the tank to the fuel tank
good of

we now should how to do?

captain, this song has already put for 15 minutes

don't come to a Chicago why?!

l do not know!
As long as don't
urinate on the car, do what can!

good of, thank the day to thank the ground

the , what do you think to be dry?

you want to go to again where?

that girl in the car, the guitar that l lend her!

bother once

you may recognize now l came

my guitar did not take on the car, but...

l am a .Fertile especially

.Fertile especially ?

we hear your song still in the wireless just now!

l like that song very much

oh, is?Thank you

l feel more the honor, you see...

dear, by a hour...

l just lost unique guitar

this seemed the winter to come

to me, didn't guitar l the creations does not
serve as what good song

l see the car that you are from the behind down of

you also at attend this game?

H'm...That's right, we really at attend the game

fertile especially Sir of , l am very happy
to lend the guitar to you

oh, liked too

go to New York, you can return to me?

my meeting of, dear...

what matter?
Sweet heart, you can imagine...

just saved my occupation career

can say that my occupation can't break to send now

two, then see

he is the unexpectedly.Fertile especially ?!

are you say, is in his wireless to sing a song?

the positive full speed of your
next character companion go forward

judge is not an useless thing, be careful the point

know, do we have an accelerator, want?

what kind of accelerator?
Shining red motor

waiter, that run really great

your his mama of, l have not yet say that finish!

Bill especially...

do l am a virtuous of thunder, hear have no?

hear, his mama of, you say that the target is
a rightness of husband and wife

but our se superiors waited a night here

the person who also did not see to seek

see come us or find her get

all right, but l feel her shall arrive soon

she follow another a together, you appear to that now

help me to like to teach to open the red gun carriage once...

that guy that calls shell flown the car gram

they wanted to be through the furcation
street corner right away

good of, we will not let?pass any suspicious target

set out to go to right away now

what he drive is a red yellow alternate
and super sport car

the destination is California

good of, we can be like you guarantee

from now on there is no a red sport car
can be through here

, what does he say?They are saying
the section what things?

think that the way connects the wireless

Bill especially, Bill especially, l is , hear have no?

waiter, l is , hear have no?

waiter, hear have no?


you guess how , those persons are
waiting the garbage truck

is stop by side bottom, this but the car of the section

right, this is the car of the section

l will be a shell, you be

see you, shell

like, relax the point, they came

all right, your this turkey!

you how, hero?

still do not need to call the doctor

the section , beware of!

you have no matter?
Still go

have this police-woman to be the teammate happily

oh, is
some matters still have to hand over
to the police-woman to do, dear

this is what is the row, have what...

we hear the virtuous of thunder are converse with them

he lets these persons tidy up you
l knew

you park the car why, are you l?

waiter, do you are not understand?

l be you, drive this car, wear this clothes of

and follow this girl together

but you wear the baseball cap of , openning
the car of to take the air everywhere!

what you open is what garbage?
You like to get a shock of, see good?

section ...

the said with me, that girl is kill for hour...

person who opens your car is he

you why not tell me these?

the absolutely can't live on the car

the benefit the Sir wants to remove me

the section , from now on
l want to follow you on the car

l worry , he shouldn't have relation
with this matter again

do not participate, notice the circumstance for me, good?

real now of is a person

do not tell me, you also think the and this bother

he is affirmative and will deal with me
while compete, l want a person

have no assistant you do not go

Hey...Knowing my first matter in New York
is to do what?


seek a hotel, like to like to enjoy this

this but you say of

waiter, l have a bad news

someone filled the thing in didn't line up windpipe

however don't is very what a mess, need to be help?

need not, can you take my woman to leave this?

l warn you, she if little heel sweat hair

wait l dried by heat to bounce back, beat to you
to beg the dad to tell the

are you what mean?Now l am a shell!

all right
leave, the reach

, have a good trip!


buy after getting hold of this money the house how...

then invest the remaining money to the election sport

lucky words, probably l can be the
eparch of San Francisco

you and will the childs back me up?

certainly, all right

certainly, then you can carry on the Californian eparch

again afterwards l can campaign the American president

this sound good

l with president the body win the whitehouse
you are a first lady

you feel that l can't try some small scaled things

suppose...Dark catcher?

l am jocose

l am affirmative is to support yours

do you understand my meaning?


Hey, you see that car

oh, good heavens!


you at dry what?
Hey, waiter!

your car have what trouble?

press trumpet, he is out of hearing you talk

oh, good heavens!

all right

have another a hour, l canned not hold up

really don't know that how those cars hand
is insisted down of

the card is virtuous, l am hungry and
have to want the dead

we arrive that supermarket to see to have what buyable?

his place connects the places that addsthe water to all have n

we seek a car to steal some water to save

you say?

you can leave some money, thus the other
people know what is the row

all right, your idea is quite good

we try how is the car of this yellow?

l open the door


what matter?

do you say how to put together to write of this rain bag?

l think is'' rain bur...''

rain...'', Then?

'' bursa''?


best early

is this what is the row?

my car turned off

then...This young man want to dismantle him down

see can don't help me to re- launch

you take the wrench of at why?

l beat not to drive a cover
l only have this and can use top

like, let l to try

small vegetables a disc!

do you substitute the article?l have here

take the
like, you are best is an attention
to order, don't want the disorderly parking

next time have no so lucky

you say right, my meeting of

very thankful
Don't mention it

wish your delectation

your reaction arrive pretty clever

oh, thanks
do you say that he would turn head?

l want to still leave earlier for good

do you feel that a piece of money is enough?


that guy should feel this time

have no only wish
you quickly get on the car!

what should we do?

you drive away the car right away

that you?

smelly boy, stop!


Hey, say you!

park the car right away!

call you!

oh...See come we get the is a to came back again

you discover what?

what ghost the things all have no

however quick

fly a little bit and low

oh, in fact...

l have been all concentrating on the
contribution of this aspect

still there is a young lady may suffer
from severely wounded

l am to proceed from the help to just report
the traffic accident that unfortunate this time

his mama's stem what?Do you not? torment
the oneself be happy not?

l want that you temporarily leave my car
a period of time

with the convenience l handle affairs

virtuous of thunder, don't want to be thus
how to make?

the , stop here
let myself!

religious festival, mother!

relaxed relaxed here

your tax dues at produce result

the new state highway that leads to New York
openned on March 18 in 1977

his mama of!

your this idiocy!

what ghost...?

all right, acceleration, acceleration

the champion of this game comes right away to
like with you to like to play today


his mama of!

H'm, the flavor is quite good

come, etc. you


come, encourage

very good, this is just good child, blunt l come



oh, good heavens!
Good heavens!

l come to embrace she get on the car

move does she be dangerous?
Have no way

we have to send her to go to the hospital
as soon as possible


oh, the Jim , whether we to return or not?

not, we want to send this girl as soon
as possible up the hospital


she has no matter, just ordering
the skin external injury

you help here not up favour

still return the take a rest

you have no matter?

whether trap very much?

we should find a hotel take a rest

my headache died

for the sake of your woman you must walk

we end the game now
why, compete thoroughly

though does now leave your person?

like, want your political career of the future

before you end consider how is once political career?


how many hours can please ask give us a sickroom rest?

the misses, put on the uniform

we wanted to hurtled the terminal
point with the best carriage

terminal point

this car arrives the terminal point to
let everybody first shocked

others all which go to?

everyone, the contestant that everyone see is
especially the mile.Michael's Milan

compete of win

congratulations, Michael's rice pulls the Sir

we are the first to arrive of?

l know that we would win early of, endless hard game

but we face the difficulty, always is
to go forward courageously

always are all!

is should come to the cup champagne to celebrate once

seem to forget in the cabaret

you can listen to this program in the whole countries

come from the United States to choose the handkerchief
Fertile especially the traffic accident of die

each car hand, wish your good luck!

the fairy , if you do not recognize road
ask the other people

do not ask anyone, l know at which

the right here turn to the left

we did not meet this kind of transportation
from the beginning

you had better turn around

turn around?This is the one-way road, idiocy!

you are best to turn to 1 1 streets from 7 streets

is really on helping the lousy person!

it is impossible for them tos compare this to return lousy

his mama of, you make what, shut up!

this place is exactly and what is the row!

section ?

you how...?You are dry here what?

l know that you can succeed of

you mean to say to order what?

l say a,'' this is nothing''

quickly ascend that to accept award the set
everyone waits the you

you but the contestant that unique single
take part in a game

the gram Sir, you want to say for the game
that order what?

l do not know

l openned too quickly
Hey, gather news again
after a while good?

our champion wants to follow the family together

l this has some the thing

your shell fly car how?

what shell fly the car?
Your shell fly the car to has no matter

have no matter?Do you say that 1 7 persons
lie to call have no matter at the hospital?

roll out to me!
First what to have an accident is your car

we think you are the first to enter the hospital

how, the is in that car

this , exactly and what is the row?
He has no matter, come, is all right?

l witnessed the whole process on the helicopter

afraided of the driver to die

someone sent to a girl of car hospital

which hospital?
The hospital of of New Jersey

l want last hospital

section ...
This , you this is a stem what?!

registered the ticket to walk again
first how about it?Come

you have no matter, brothers?l guarantee that
you would certainly win of

you to who guarantee that l would certainly win?

do not take care of this, hurry card, then see

this ...

is you let the virtuous of thunder obstruct me, to?

do not make silly, l beg you to beat the card first
then l explain with you again!

l won the game

certainly, you are my pride

if have no this money, my life canned not guarantee

you at dry what?

stay the this, this is to the worry

if you obstruct, obstruct yourself

l will go to the hospital
come, the section , l send you

we have a lot of words to want to talk

this , we also have a lot of words to want to talk

the gram the Sir takes my car to ascend

waiter, connect down what should we do?

do a summary

they all round the our car stem what?

young lady, can gather news you how many minutes?

why?what we have to like to say of?

You is win!

Don't is jocose?
Of course not is!

did we win?
Did we win?
we won!

good heavens!

doctor, please the center area

the here environment is quite good

shell, sorry

can't won to celebrate for you in time

may flower cabaret

excuse me to let you long etc.

star: Bill.Micky

star: the Luo's card.

the play is eventually

Subs ripped by Ingolf 2004