Cannon Busters (2019) - full transcript

Explore the fantastic land of Gearbolt as we follow a motley crew of travelers on an unforgettable journey to reunite 2 best friends. S.A.M. is a high-end, friendship robot determined to ...

Something's not right.
It's too quiet.

It's definitely odd.

There's no activity,
not a single guard on post. As if...

An ambush. Clearly.

I was going to say that.

Hide yourselves, both of you.
I'm going down.

Alone? What are you saying?
As Hilda said, it's clearly a trap!

Exactly why someone's got
to go check things out.

But if it's a trap, we'll be more
formidable together. Hilda, tell him!

Unlike you, Hilda is a soldier.

So she'll understand the
importance of caution and protocol.

A soldier's job is to be alert,
to be prepared, and to protect.

- It's all right, Prince.
- It is not all right! I...

If we arbitrarily meddle,
we'll only put Odin in danger.

We obey Odin now and hide here,
and go in if he needs backup.

It's what soldiers do.

All right. But only 30 minutes.

If you don't signal us by then,
we'll come for you. Understood?

As you say.

Stay quiet. Stay hidden.

You're late.

I was worried you
didn't get my invitation.

Why must we hide like this?

There's the entrance!

Prince Kelby is
probably waiting for us!

Are you kidding? Gara's Keep
is crawling with guards...

...and the law around here is
"shoot first, ask questions later."

I don't see any guards.
And anyway, how do you know that?

Well, you're right. No one's here.

It kinda feels abandoned. Not one
person. You sure this is Gara's Keep?

Of course! Maybe everyone's
inside taking a nap.

If we're not using
the front door, how are we...

Shut up! I'm thinking!
I'm trying to remember...

Prince Kelby!

Are you here? It's me, Sam!


If we're lucky, no one heard that.

This way.

- I know another way in.
- Really?

Yeah, it hit me just now.

We needn't fear the guards!

They'll know that
I'm a friend to Prince Kelby.

And since you're my friends,
you're also the prince's friends!

Yeah, good for you...

...but history tells me these guys
won't be welcoming me with open arms.

What history is that exactly?

What's this?

Our way in.

It's been too long.
What could be keeping Odin?

No need to be worried about him.

It's as you say.
Odin would never allow me to worry.

And if nothing were wrong,
he would be back!

I can't just sit here.
We'll go after him.

Prince Kelby...

Hilda, you're a soldier.
What is your inner voice saying?

Not to march blindly into a trap.

Anything else?

To fight with
my comrades. You are loyal.

An admirable trait.

I've had a good teacher.
You're with me then?

What's the plan?

Shall I help?

Thanks, Sam!

There. We're in.

Piece of cake.

Sam, I didn't know
you could jump that high.

Me neither.

Let's go find your stupid prince.

What happened?

Hell if I know. Let's hope
your prince is in one piece.

Shit... Am I too late?

Well, Captain of the Guard?
Feel like talking?

I can see you're strong-willed. But
my patience is about at its limit.

What are you holding out for? Is that
puffed-up royal brat worth all this?


We're going to find Prince Kelby
whether you talk or not...

You have a sense of humor...

Bridge doesn't.


Coin, Manic, take a look.

Back off!

How foolish...

Lecture me later.

Release Odin!

As you wish.

Thanks for getting
the prince here in one piece...

...Miss Devoted Soldier of Kalah.

"Getting me here?"
What does that mean?

I am a soldier from Kalah,
acting as I've been trained to.

My lord is Kalah's great emperor,
His Excellency, Locke.

- I knew it was a Kalah trap.
- Hilda! You betrayed us!

Out of loyalty.
For the citizens of Kalah.

My father will see
that you all suffer!

Too bad.
There's already a new king.

The old one is dead.

It's possible.
Considering all that's happening.

That likelihood is high.

Hey, he's crying.


Don't worry. My crew
won't kill him until I tell them to.

It's up to Locke
whether he lives or dies.

Wait! I won't turn Prince Kelby over
to a vicious oddity and her band.

Sorry, I'm under direct
orders from the emperor.

Me too.

There's the door. You can go.

Come, Prince!


The stairs!

Don't let them get away!

Capture the prince. End the rest!

Sam? What are you doing?
How are you here?

I've been searching
the world for you!

Who told you to?

No one had to tell me.
We're best friends!

Aren't we?

Right, Prince Kelby?


Philly? What's wrong?

Casey, slow them down!

O-Okay... I'll try...

Do it!

Robot, can you spare
some condenser fluid?


Hilda! The prince!

You! Put down that gun!

I'm here to finish what I started.

Philly, what's all this?

Why are you
pointing a gun at Kelby?

Don't butt in.

I've been hanging around you bots
for weeks just to get this close.

What's this about? Is this why
you brought me to this keep?

One of the reasons.

But... But aren't we friends?

Quit it. You're the only one
spouting all this "friend" junk.

Outta my way.

Move, Sam! This doesn't concern you!

Kelby, we promised that
we'd always be together.

Friends forever. Is that still true?

Please tell me. I want to know!

You want to know?
Robots don't have desires!



Sam? Why?


Hilda? Hilda!

Prince... She died, didn't she?

Don't touch Hilda!

I can help...

Help? How exactly?
She's a real human being!

Are you saying...

...I'm not real?

How should I know?

Father's gone. Everybody's dying.

I'm not wasting
my last few moments...

...worrying about
your simulated feelings!



...a toy, aren't you? Damn it...

Kelby, why are you
saying such shitty things?

Surprised? I can say insults too.

I'm not a toy. I'm your friend!

You think I'm real, don't you?

Of course you're real! But you're...

Go on, little bot. What is she?

She's my... best friend!

There's a mystery here...
I never cared for mysteries.


Kill them all.

Sorry, I don't do death.

Right, I totally forgot
about Philly the Kid.

Tastes like dirt and sewage.
Must be a local brew.

9ine! How'd you find us?

Jeez, I'm here fighting for my life,
and you came for the beer.

You seem to have things
handled. Except for those...

...who are getting away.

Damn it! Release me!

Shit! Hold up!

- Prince Kelby!
- Sam! Wait!

Where's Prince Kelby?

So, little lady,
got anything better to drink?

Shit! Get back here!

W-What's that?

No way! They've got one!

With vertical lift rotors,
mega lightning thrusters...

S-class automatic Gatling guns too!
And look at that paint job!

It's the airship of my dreams...

Shut it, short-bot!

The airship is moving!

You're not getting away!


Stupid, stupid... This is scary!

Kelby... Philly...