Cannibals in the Streets (1980) - full transcript

It starts off in Vietnam where John Saxon gets bitten by P.O.W. John Morghen who has been infected with some sort of cannibal virus. A few decades later in Atlanta, Georgia, Saxon wakes up from a nightmare flashback of what actually happened back in 'Nam. Saxon then receives a call from Morghen asking him if he wants to go out for a drink but Saxon refuses remembering the incident in 'Nam. Morghen has turned into a cannibal and is soon on the run after biting into a woman's neck. He barricades himself in a department store and shoots some folks with a shotgun. The cannibal virus spreads and soon Saxon joins veterans Morghen and Tony King along with some others to wreak some havoc.

Come here, boy!

Good puppy, come here.

Let's have a look at you,
good doggie.

Get away from it, asshole.

Whaddya got there?

Let's have a look.

Get away.'

The ones over there.

Follow me.

Let's clean
the rest of these caves.

Move in!


Over here!

Help me get it open.

Charlie, is that you?


- You know 'em, sir?
- Yeah, from my hometown.

Help me get 'em out.


Boy, am I glad
to see you guys alive!

Norman, it's okay,
it's okay, honey.

You're with me now,
everything's all right.

He was biting me again.

It was a nightmare, that's all.

I could see the bones in my arm.

He was...

It's all right, Norman,
it's all over.

It was only a nightmare.

Oh, Norman...

Norman, I'll get your pill.

Nah, forget it,
I'll get it myself.

I don't need a nurse.

I know that, honey, I just...



Hi, Jane, how's it going?

I have to talk to you, Phil.

It's about Norman.

Nothing serious, I hope.

I don't know.

He hasn't had
one of his nightmares

for a long time,
and then, last night,

I don't know how to explain it,

it was different,
it really shook me up.

- I...
- Oh, I see.

Why don't you give me a lift?

We can talk about it.

Sure. Hop in.

I always said you should
have married me instead.

Anyway, speaking professionally,

I don't think you have
much to worry about.

It'll work itself out, Jane,

for better, for worse.

It's nothing to joke about,
believe me.

Hey, hi.


You like that?

I never saw a plane like this.

- Oh no?
- Never.

You think you'd know
how to run it if I showed you?

Sure! Can I, please?

Well... well, watch
my fingers here now, look.

- Okay.
- Gas goes here,

this is the gas,

and this is the direction.

Here, come on, try it.

Whoa, slowly, slowly,
slowly, slowly.

Okay, Bukowski.

Keep your nose clean.

Thanks. Catch you later.

As a matter of fact,

Bukowski and Thompson have
almost completely recovered.

We'll be discharging them
within a few months.

And they were a lot worse off
than your husband.

Why don't we talk about you
for a change?

How are things in the
exciting world of television?

If you really wanna know,
they're just as shitty as usual.

How are things with you?

I'm still searching
for a soulmate.

Dr. Mendez!

- Dr. Mendez.
- Coming.

- Bye.
- Bye, and thanks.

- You're wanted upstairs.
- Thank you.

- Morning, Dr. Mendez.
- Hi, Marvin.

There's an emergency in Ward C.

And in a minute... in a minute,

I'll let you handle...

- Bobby!
- The speed as well.

Keep your eye on the plane.

Thatta boy.

Let my fingers guide you
so you just get an idea

of how it works, okay?

Ooh... not so fast, not so fast,
let me do it, that's good.



Keep it... that's good'.

Hey, terrific!

Is Mrs. Hopper home?

Why, can I help you
with something?

I wanted to borrow
her hair dryer.

Hair dryer?

Well, just a second,
I can get it for you.

Good, you're doing real well.

Hey, pretty good!

You think if I left you
alone with this,

I'd have a plane
when I came back?

Can you?

I'll trust you.

Okay, thanks.

All right, take care.

Let's see if the little
bugger still works,

it's been laying around
for quite a while.

You've had such
an interesting life.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, fine, it's perfect.

What's the matter?

What's wrong?

What happened?

I pulled a muscle during
basketball practice yesterday.

It hurts that much?

It's just probably
a little cramp,

it'll probably go away
in a little while.

I think that's something
your aunt could help you with,

um, better than me.



This is Bukowski.


I mean, this is weird, man.

Don't tell me you've forgotten

your old drinking buddy
Charlie Bukowski.

I mean, it is weird...

'cause I been thinking
about you all morning.

You gotta be kidding.

Honestly, all morning,
I've been...

Hey.' What's that racket?

It's nothing, it's nothing.

Will you...

How are ya?

And where are ya?


I got my first leave

out of the booby hatch.

Thought I'd give you a buzz.


What's going on, that noise...

No, no, it's nothing,
it's nothing.

What about a beer,
whaddya say, old buddy?

Sure. A beer? Why not?

That's great.

Where'll I meet you, Taylor's?

We got lots to talk about.

Yeah, just like old times.

It's a good thing
you saved my life.

You remember, don't ya?


That pit in the jungle?

Hey, Hopper'.

May be some other time, Charlie.

Another time.


You gonna let your buddy down?

Hey, Hopper!





Where the devil has she gone to?




I have been waiting for you
for almost an hour'.

I'm sorry, Aunt Tina.

What were you doing
over at the Hoppers'?

You know I don't want you
bothering people.

Now, get in the house
and finish the dishes.

Okay, okay!

Come on, let's go!

I've got her ass!

Hey, let's go!

Bye, sweethearts,

it's been nice playing with you.'

Yeah, come on back

when you can stay
sometime, babes.'

'Scuse me?



Get that son of a bitch!

We'll take care of him!


Hey, creep!
What do you think you're doing?

Let's go'.

Over here!

Come on, let's go,
I want that bastard'.

Over here!

Get him!

Come on!


Hey, asshole, over here!

The son of a bitch
killed Carlos.

Hey, watch out,
he's got a gun.'

Officer, officer!

This belongs to the man inside.

Get back.
Move back in there.'

Watch out.

Okay, what's the situation?

Well, he can see us
but we can't see him.

Who's out back?

Weathers and Stark.

We know who he is?

His name's Bukowski,
Charles Bukowski.

I don't mean his name, dumbass,

I'm talking about
his background.

Is he a subversive,
a queer, a black, a commie,

or a Muslim fanatic?

What the hell is he?

Vietnam vet on the pass
from some loony bin.

Oh, Christ, that's
all I need today.

Okay, give me a bullhorn.

What'd you say
this asshole's name is?

Bukowski, Charles Bukowski.

Charlie, can you hear me?

I can hear you, shitface.

Charlie, this is Captain McCoy.

I wanna talk to you, fella.

Can you hear me in there?

Son of a bitch.

What are we gonna do now, Chief?

I wanna smoke the bastard out
with tear gas.

Place is air conditioned.

Not if we shut off the power,
and that ain't all.

I'll tell you what else
I'm gonna do.

No-good cocksuckin'
son of a bitch.

Get the bastard.

Ladies and gentlemen,

we'd like to thank you
for having tuned in

to our program,
The Golden Record Show,

and we're looking forward
to having you with us

next Monday at the same hour.

Thank you.


Okay, spot's cued up,
station ID.

Thank you for coming,
Mr. Phillips.

It's been a real pleasure
having you on the show.

- My pleasure.
- I hope you'll be back with us soon.

Hey, you guys,
you heard the latest?

There's a Vietnam vet
barricaded in the flea market

taking pot shots
at the cops outside.

If the guy's freaked,
it could be a bloodbath.

Come on, Steve, get some tape,
we gotta get down there.

I'll take the mini cam,
the shotgun mic,

and a couple of cassettes.

I'll bring Eddie with me.

This could be a big story,

we could sell it
to the networks.

What's wrong with you,

You look like
you've seen a ghost.



Where were you?

I was in the shower, why?

I just heard about
some poor Vietnam vet

in a shootout with the police.

- When?
- Now.

He's at the flea market.

Oh Jesus, I think
I know who it is.

Is something wrong, honey?

I'm okay.

- Are you all right?
- I said I'm okay.

Look, I'll talk to you later,
all right?

Hey, Hill, are those bastards
coming with the tear gas

- or not?
- They're on their way, Chief.

If you're having
trouble, Captain,

we'll get him out here for ya.

Where in the hell
did they come from?

Just enjoying the show.

Mr. Hopper!

I just wanted to tell you

well, I really had fun.

No one ever bit me
like that before.

You know, I never thought that...


God, what a bitch!

- I can't stand her.
- Look, Mary...

I'm kind of in a hurry now,
I'll talk to you later, okay?



What was that all about?


You'll go straight to hell
if you don't stop

telling these lies
and acting like a hussy.

♪ Hey, I went to Vietnam

just to kill Viet Cong ♪

♪ Put a feather in his hat ♪

♪ Yankee Doodle got shot up ♪

♪ Yankee Doodle Dandy ♪

♪ ...and called it macaroni ♪♪

- He's singing.
- I'm not deaf, Hill.

I'll tell ya something else,
he's gonna be singing

through his asshole
when I get through with him.

- Tear gas just arrived, sir.
- Some good news for a change.

Did you talk to the guy
from the electric company?


We're gonna have the power off

as soon as I give him the word.

Okay, boys, it's time
to shit or get off the pot.

Captain, there's some guy
who wants to talk to you.

What's he want?

Says he knows Bukowski.

Okay, get him over here.

Captain, my name's Hopper.

So whaddya got, Hopper?

Well, I was Sgt. Bukowski's
commanding officer in Vietnam

and I think I can be
of some help here,

I'd like to try something.

Too late, we're gonna
try something ourselves.

Tear gas.

I don't think that'll work.

Uh, Sgt. Bukowski's had
the most intensive kind

of military training there is.

How 'bout a drink?


You don't know
what you're missing, pal.

Okay, it's your neck,

I guess you're entitled
to risk it if you want to.

Yes, sir.

Hi, Captain.

I'm Dr. Mendez
from the medical center.

I got here as quick as I could.

He's a patient
in our psychiatric ward.

I don't know what the hell
could have happened.

He was cured, totally.

Don't you think
that's a little risky?

I mean...

he could be killed.

Stay back.

Let him pass, Parker.


Norman's gone inside.



For Christ's sake, lady,
get down.'

Don't worry.

He'll be all right.

He'll kill my husband.

Sorry we're late, sir.

Okay, we're in
pretty good shape.

You heard Chief McCoy
order his police sharpshooter

to fire tear gas into the
interior of the flea market,

a very tense moment
in this very human drama.

The sharpshooter
is now taking aim.

All you have to do
is piss on it.



Just piss on it.

I phoned you.

Why didn't you wanna see me?

I'm here now, aren't I?

You think I'm stupid?

I know you're in cahoots
with those shitfaces out there.

You know what
your problem is, Charlie?

You're a fuck-up.

You always have been one

and I've always had
to come bail you out.

Where's Tommy?

Where do you think he is?

I'm gonna bail him out too.

Then what?

And then,
we're gonna stick together,

just like in the old days.


Where've you been
all the time me and Tom

were closed up
in that lousy hospital?

Where the fuck were you, man?

Police took fire
down here at the flea market.

The question is,

can Bukowski be persuaded
to come out?


Come on, let's go.

We're coming out!

Don't shoot!

Don't shoot, coming out.

Gotta get him to the hospital

to resume intensive
neurological treatment.

Okay, but I don't know
what good it'll do him,

he just killed
two people in there.

All right,
get him in the ambulance.

You turkeys would have
never got me out of there.


Hey, Bukowski,
what made you do that?

Two police officers...


You killed Carlos.

You killed Carlos!

He killed Carlos!

Let me go, pig!

- Oh, Jesus Christ!
- What did he do, Officer?

Bastard almost
bit off my finger!

Thank you, Officer,
you take care of that.

Now let's see
if we can get a statement

from Captain McCoy.

Get them the hell out of here.

With pleasure.

Okay, you thugs, haul ass.

Get out of here.

According to
the latest bulletin,

ex-Army Sgt. Charles Bukowski
has surrendered

to local authorities.

As we reported earlier,

Bukowski attacked a young girl
in a movie theater.

The girl, Susan Hopkins,

has been taken
to City Hospital,

where the doc...

How many times have I told you,

I don't want you watching
so much television?

Come on, Tina.'

Go ahead, go do your homework!

Don't make me lose my temper.

Don't slam the door'.

When are you going
to tidy up this room,

young lady?

"When are you going
to tidy up this room,

young lady?"


Is anything wrong, honey?

Uh, why don't you go in?

I'll be with you in a minute.

♪ Wonderful show ♪

♪ Together with stars,
and your gaze is so tender ♪

♪ It's not a joke ♪

♪ I really love you,
I'm not a pretender ♪

♪ Every night ♪

♪ You're my light ♪♪

Dr. Humphries,
Dr. Humphries to Emergency.

Dr. Sperling,
Dr. Sperling,

you are wanted in Reception.

Dr. Sperling to Reception.

Hi, Charlie.

Thanks, officer.

- Bugs, bugs...
- I'm sorry, you have to go back.

You can't stay here.

- Bugs, bugs, bugs.
- It's okay, it's okay.

It's okay, calm down, come on.




Yes, Charlie?

Watch out.'

Let her go!

Open the gate!

Go on, Tommy,
tear the bitch to pieces!

Take him away.

Put them both in isolation.

You all right?

There you are.

How do you feel, hm?

It's okay.

Now, you stay here.

Don't move.

Just relax, take your time,

and I'll take care of you, okay?

This is Dr. Morris.

Will you locate Dr. Mendez
for me, please?

Yes, it's urgent.

By the way,
the director wants

to speak with you,
Dr. Morris.


Yes, sir?

Now, what the hell's
going on, Morris?

Well, I don't understand it,

Their behavior's been excellent
for the last few months.

I'll check it further
with Dr. Mendez.


I don't know how to put this,

because I don't
understand it myself.

All right, um...

the girl next door, okay?

- Mary?
- Yeah, Mary.

Well, I was... I was out back
with one of my planes, and...

her little brother
was watching it.

Then she came out, and...


Well, she sort of
invited herself in.

Okay, that's enough.

Wait a minute,
wait a minute, please.

Please try to understand.

Listen to me.

It's not what you think.

That's not what
I'm trying to tell you.

While she was here, I...

I had this urge to bite her.

To bite her, you understand?

Like Bukowski!

No. No, honey.

My God, what's happening to me?

Am I going crazy?

Fucker, quit!

Dirty, stinkin'-ass...

Bitch, get away!


If I get outta here,
I'll kill ya!

If I ever get loose...


Argh, Charlie!

Charlie... Charlie...

Doctor, we've administered
the sedative.

He'll soon be
resting comfortably.


Oh, it's you, Phil.

What's that?
Of course Norman's here.

You want to speak to him?

No, I wanted to talk
to you about him.

I think it's better
he doesn't know about it

for the moment.

I mean, there's no use
alarming him.

It might be dangerous.

What are you trying
to say, Phil?

It may sound...

It may sound crazy,
but I'm convinced

that Norman
could be showing signs

of mental disturbance
like Bukowski.

You can't mean that.

I'm afraid he may have caught
a form of contagious illness

which manifests itself
as a kind of rabies.

Oh my God.

Are you trying to tell me
that Nor...

Oh, how dreadful, I...


it would be better
if you and your husband

weren't alone tonight.

Hey, I'd like her to try
to convince him to come here.

Will you bring him down here
for a checkup immediately?

Get him down there
as soon as you can, Jane.

It could be very serious.

I'll see what I can do.

Thank you, Phil.


Do you think I'm crazy?

Do you think I'm crazy
like Bukowski?

Th... there's nothing wrong
with you and you know it.

Then why are you
so afraid of me?

Oh, what makes you think
I'm afraid of you?

Listen, darling, why don't
we go out to dinner tonight?

Remember last time we went out,
we had such a lot of fun,

we went to Antonio's.

Everybody was there
and we had so much fun.


Or we could stay at home
if you want.

Why are you doing that?

Because you have
such lovely skin.

Because I love you.

Now what is it, Parker?

The coroner's report, sir,
on the security guard

who was shot at the flea market.

Well, what's it say?

You look like
you're about to puke.

It says here the body
showed signs of cannibalism.


That's what it says, Chief.


Jesus Christ.

Get me that doctor on the phone.

What's his name, Mendez?

And I want to talk
to those people

out at the psychiatric
clinic too.

Right, Chief.

How's your hand, Parker?

Eh, it still burns a little.

Your phone call really upset me.

I'm sorry.

Look, I didn't mean to...
To frighten you.

It doesn't matter now.

What I'd like to know is what...

What this is all about,
this contagious cannibalism

or whatever you're calling it.

It's not easy to explain.

I'll try to give you an example.

When a dog becomes rabid,

it attacks and its bite
is contagious.

That's how the virus spreads.

Okay, that much I understand.

But what I don't understand
is how a social phenomena

such as cannibalism
can become a contagious disease.

By... by means of some sort
of biological mutation

due to a psychic alteration.

At least that's what
I understand from Dr. Morris.

It's important he see Norman.

I heard Mendez
speaking to my wife.

I could have killed him.

I see.

Tell me more about it.

Something's wrong with me.

I mean, really wrong.

Ever since
I came back from Vietnam.

Mendez knows that.

He's just waiting
for me to fall apart

so that he can be with my wife.

You're just imagining that
'cause you're upset.

Well, maybe.

Maybe, I don't know.

Maybe he's right.

I mean, something's
wrong with me,

and it's getting worse
every day.

I don't want to wind up
like Charlie Bukowski, Doctor.

I... help me, hm?

Well, relax.

It's just a matter of
psychological identification

with it.

Even if the blood test
should be positive,

we can cure you.

I hope so. I hope so.

I won't be long.

What the hell?


Parker, what happened?

Oh my God, son, put it down.


What happened?

How in the hell should I know?

Get an ambulance.

What are you waiting for?


Hey, Captain'.

Remember me?
It's Tommy.

You honky-ass bastard.

Remember these chompers?


What do you want?

Oh, I know what you want, honey.

You say Parker bit Rose

because he'd been
infected by Bukowski?

God almighty.

If that's true, this thing
could spread through the...

The whole city.

You may be right.

How is she?

I doubt that she'll make it.

She's lost too much blood

And I'm afraid she's slipping
into a coma now.

- May I have a look at her?
- Yeah, sure.

She's dead.

Hurry up, hurry up,
come on, get me out of this.

Hurry up, hurry up, come on.

Charlie, the attendant, get him.

If we don't find
a way out of here,

I'll use these tanks
to blow this damn place up.


Are you allright?

What's happening Down there?


You're with us.



- Hello?
- Jane, listen.

Norman's with his war buddies.

They ran off from the hospital.

- What?
- I don't know

if he went with them
of his own accord

- or if he's a hostage.
- A hostage?

Well, that just
couldn't be possible.

I don't know, Jane,
the situation is pretty serious.

I'm gonna stop
by the hospital.

You stay put.
I'll keep you in formed.

Oh, yes, please do,
I'll be right here.

And you just try
not to worry now, okay?

Chin up.

- Bye.
- Thanks.

Shh, shh, I got it.

558291, I repeat, 558291.

Last seen in the vicinity of
Junction 108 and heading north.

Orders are to shoot on sight,
I repeat, shoot on sight.

You gotta catch us first,

- Turn around.
- Where we goin'?

Never mind, just turn around.


Where's Tommy?

He's out ripping off
another car.

Local TV station
just put on a news flash

about the cannibals, sir.

That's all we needed.

If I get my hands
on that bastard

that leaked this news
to the press,

I'll strangle him.

What about that ambulance, Hill?

I'll help.

No news yet.

They seem to have
vanished into thin air.

What do we do now, Chief?

Well, there's nothing
really to worry about

because we're gonna get 'em,
and when we do...

Now, alert all patrols.

I want everybody ready.

And this time, dammit,
we mean business.

What the fuck do you think
you're doing?

I want that motherfucker
in the back seat.

Stay away.


Shoot 'em.


- Get 'em!
- Shoot!

Get out of here.

Let's get out of here.





Car 2 to Captain McCoy.

We've cornered the suspects
at the Five Point area

and they've gone down
the sewer.

Where they belong.

Ashes to ashes and shit to shit.

All patrol units,
this is Captain McCoy speaking.

Meet me at the corner
of Constitution and...

Where to now?

This way I think.

The airport's south.

Come on, Hopper.

♪ Indochina ♪

You can count me out.

I'm not interested
in your dirty little war.

Shut up, cunt.

You're gonna do everything
we ask you to do, you got that?

Lots of snakes and mice
and malaria, baby.

You are just gonna love
the jungle.

Okay, clowns, let's go.

It's like nothing
you ever saw before.

Lots of Viet Cong,
booby traps, and leeches,

and all kinds of good things.

Never a dull moment.

♪ Indochina, here we come ♪♪

It's okay, the ambulance
is on the way.

Let me see that map.

We're here, sir.

Yeah, I know where we are.

Why don't we block
this exit here.

This one.

And this one.

We got 'em trapped
in the middle.

Okay, all patrols,
this is Car 25.

We're setting up blocks
on all exits downtown.

One of you stay here
and keep radio contact.


Patrol 2, I want you
to go down there also.

Patrol 2, Patrol 2,
we're not readin' ya.

Try to make contact
with the others

already down there.

If we go in here,
we got 'em trapped.

Right, sir.

- Captain.
- Not now, Doc.

It's just I wanted to tell you...

Save it.

Listen to me.

You listen to me.

If I'd had Bukowski nailed

at that flea market
like I wanted to,

we wouldn't be here now,

Now get the hell out of the way.


You know what you are.

Don't say it, Doc.

Just don't say it,

because I'm real sensitive
on Fridays

and there's no telling
what I might do.

Let's get out of here
before they get on our asses.


Who is it?

Oh, hi, Bobby.


Is your aunt home?

Look, I'd like
to use your phone.

Mine's out of order.

I don't know.

Where is your aunt, huh, Bobby?

My sister's here.

Where's Aunt Tina?


What is it, Bobby?

Oh, hello.

Hi, I was just
telling your brother

that my phone's on the blink

and I've gotta make
a phone call.

Sure, phone's in there.


As we left
the battle zone,

intense fighting
was in progress.

Hello? This is
Mrs. Hopper speaking.

Is Dr. Mendez there?

Can I reach him anywhere?

I see.

Could I leave a message then?

Would you please tell him
my phone isn't working

and I'd like him to come over
just as soon as possible.

Thank you very much. Goodbye.

How come your phone
is not working?

Huh, how should I know?

Women never know anything.

Bye, Mary, and say hello
to your aunt for me.

Sure, I will.

And thanks.

- What is that?
- It's just a rat.

I'm not going in there.

Then let's have some fun.

We're in a main sewer.

They can't have gone
any other way.

We're going after 'em.


No, no, not yet.

If you try and scream, bitch,
I'll slit your throat.

I'm not going in there.

Shut up.

- I'm not going.
- You've got to move.

- No!
- Maybe we got lucky.

That could be them.
Come on, hurry.

I'm not going!

I'm not going in there.

I'm not going.

- No.
- Shut up!

- No.
- Shut up, bitch.

We're in section seven,
the girl's dead,

and we have one casualty.

Let's get the fuck out of here.

Take this, you motherfuckers.

They're heading
toward section four.

Come on!




Come on, Charlie!


You okay, Captain?
Come on.

We got another one.

It's that guy, Bukowski.

Proceeding now
into section five.

You okay, Captain?

- Come on, motherfucker.'
- Tommy.'

There's only one left, Chief,

and I guess he's gone
into Auxiliary D.

We got him.

There's no exit there.

He got away,
into a construction site.

Tell Chief.

That's impossible, what do
you mean they got away?

According to the map, there's
no escape from Auxiliary D.

There is one, but it's not
marked on the map.

The building is still
under construction.


Stay in contact.

And not a word out of you, son,

or I'll rip
your damn tongue out.

Now get me out of here.


Stay away.


Stay away.

Stay away.

Stay away.

Honey, what?



You're better off.

Unlike me.



Because I love you too.

Will they look for Aunt Tina?

Should I call
for the coroner, Chief?


Tell him this
fuckin' nightmare's over.

This is car 25 to...