Cannibal Terror (1980) - full transcript

After botching a kidnapping, two criminals hide with their victim in a friends house in the jungle. After one of them rapes the friend's wife, they're left to be eaten by a nearby cannibal tribe.

- Don't you know how to
open the fucking door?

Come on, shit.

How are ya?

- Hi.
- Nice weather.

You got a match?



You fool.


Ow, shit.

Shit, what are ya doing?

You asshole.

How was I to know

the door was open?
- Shit, man, you push it.

- I had all the gear
- Shit, the fucking door was

- for it.
- was open.

Yeah right, next time

I'll just leave my gear at home.

- Oh, come on.
- Ah, fuck it.

And those fucking idiots go
and leave their door open.

Make me look like a fucking fool.

You are.

Can I go play outside Mom?

Yes, if you want to.

Flaurence, come here.


You can go play outside

over there where I can keep an eye on you,

and don't you go too far, okay?

- Okay


Sit there.

- Hi.


Uh, no.

Oh, what a beautiful doll.

I sure hope she didn't get hurt.

You're beautiful, too.

What a sweet thing to say.

What's your name?

Flaurence Danville.

Danville, like the cars?

Mm, my daddy builds them.

What's your name?
- Me? Lina.

Oh, that's pretty, bye.

Bye, Lina.

Bye, so long.

Did you have fun?

- Yes.
- I'm almost through.

Shall we call Papa?

- Uh-huh.
- Good.

Hello? Hi.

Are you done?

Yeah, tonight.

Of course we're going
to the theater, darling.

I wouldn't miss it.

That's fine.

Are you coming back this way?

Fine, alright my love, I'll pick you up.

That's right.

I'll be over in a minute.

Put on Flaurence for me, will ya?

Talk to your father.

Hello Daddy.

Say, did you make my little paper doll?

- I made you something
but it's not a paper doll.

You guess?

No, it's not a boat, darling.

You'll have to guess again.

It's got two eyes, a mustache,

a pink tongue as well,

and two, big pointed ears.

No, you're wrong.

I think you better try again.

When you stroke it, it
goes meow, meow, ooh.

No, it isn't a zebra.

It's not a shark.

It's an animal you know well.

It sometimes sleeps on your bed.

Oh, I know, cat, meow.

It's a cat, right?


Bravo, you got it.

My little darling, Mommy and
Daddy are going out tonight.

Of course we'll come to kiss you.

So now you be a good girl.

Oh, I know you are.

Of course my darling.

You're wonderful.


Yeah, okay.

He made me a cat.

Let's go.


- Hi.
- Oh.

Hey, babe, how do you feel?

Great, except that I'm fed up

waiting around for two-bit thieves.

Oh, really?

What's your story this time?

- Shit.
- The king of thieves.

The man with the big deal.

You mind your own ass.

My ass says go fuck yourself.

I'm an ass to keep on
working this way for you.

Oh, cool it.

- Let's face it, we'll
never strike it big.

The girl is right.

I've had it.

I might be onto a good thing.

A little girl.

I picked up on her a while ago.

I even got to speak with her.

Her name's Flaurence.

She plays outside the beauty shop

while her mother gets her
wig pampered by the boss.

What else?

You expect us to grab a kid?

I thought you hated kids?

Maybe you wanna get your
flippity-floppity boobies lifted?

But you gotta have moola for that.

Leave it to the rich.

Hey, the little girl's rich.

But of course.

Listen to me, hey.

- Mr. Danville, Mr. Danville?
- I can't right now.

I'll see about it later, okay?

But it's important.

We need your signature.

Give it my secretary, will you?

- But all it
needs is your signature.

It won't take a second.

Alright, that's it.

Mr. Danville, Mr. Danville,

you better go home quick.

Your daughter, she's been kidnapped!

- What?
- Flaurence has been


- Did you tell anybody else?
- No sir, I didn't.

You better get on home.

I'll take care of things here for you.

Thank you.

Better keep this quiet.

- What the
hell's keeping Ricardo?

He should have been here an hour ago.

I'm ticklish.

Shit, ah.

trust him.

Hey, he's here.



The motherfucker can't
even cross the street.

What the hell's going on?

Ah, no, the cops.

Come on.

Come on, come on, let's
get off the balcony.

We better forget about it.

Let's get outta here.

- Why?
- What if he talks?

I never should have worked
with punks like you.

It's Roberto.

Put on Pepe.


What's wrong now?

Tell me now.

I'm at the bar, I can't talk to you.

But it's important.

What's the panic?

Make it short, I've got my eye on a chick.

What do you want Roberto'?

Yeah, fine, but you know the score.

I want 50% of whatever you get,

and if you think that's too much,

go ahead, call somebody else.

Right, I'm with you.

Fine, Mickey will be waiting for you

with a jeep outside the Tanarama Airport.

Follow instructions and you'll
make it across the border.

Do exactly as told.

You better.

You better if you wanna make it.

So listen carefully.

You cross the border on foot.

There's a small path.

Keep your eyes peeled.

That's the most risky part of the trip.

Well, so what?

Mickey'll take care of the cops

and will join up with
you across the border.

Make sure nobody sees you
and drive on into the forest.

No one will ever think of looking for you

in Indian territory.

My man's name's Antonio.

He's been living with
those Indians for years.

He'll probably bitch but he'll do it.

He'll hide you out till you're cool.

He owes me.

- Alright, I'll stay put
till we hear from ya.

- You got it?
- Yeah, I got it.

Go and have yourself a holiday

and don't you worry about a thing.

I'll let you know how things pan out.

Take care.

Come on, come on.

Shit, come on.

Who's that?

Who is she?

- You're looking for Mickey?
- Yeah.

I'm Mickey Morris.

Ah, we better get going.

Get into the car.

What is this?

- You got a better idea?
- Shit, you're gonna trust

this chick?

- We're
gonna go for a car ride.

- Listen, I
don't wanna know nothing

except what Don Pepe told me.

My job is to you to Antonio's.

It's just a short ride.

At the border, I'll
show you where to cross.

Then I'll take care of the cops.

I know what to do.

Pick you up on the other side.

Just make sure nobody sees you.

Then it's no hassle at all.

There's just one thing I gotta tell you.

This road's right on the
edge of cannibal country.

They'd love to put you in the soup.

But if we don't stop, no sweat.

You'll be getting off soon.

The border's just ahead.

You've got a half hour's walk.

I'll meet ya on the other side.

Come on now.

I'm coming.

That's it.

Here we go.

Are we gonna swim?

Well we're gonna take a walk.

Oh, goody.

Take the walk and then
are we gonna go on a boat?

No, no, no, let's go.

Which way?

Okay, that's it.

See ya later.

That a way.

And good luck.

You walk too fast.

- You just have
to try harder, honey.

- Why?
- Because we're in a rush.

Run for the border?

Yes, now come on.

- Okay.
- Just try.

- How are you?
- Just great.

I see you're dressed for the weather.

That keeps me nice and cool.


- I haven't
see you around the parts

for a while.

I'll be around for a few days.

- Ah, I see you're
on your way back, huh?

Okay, make it.

Be seeing you now.
- So long.

Go now.

' Bye.

Now that's what I call a nice piece.

Nice thighs.

You can say that again.

Nice thighs.

Ah, she made it.

What is she making, Lina?

Well that means she's here.


Okay, get in.

It's straight ahead to Antonio's now.

No sweat.

Goddamn radiator.

Shit, look at that.

Damn, probably isn't a drop of water left.

There's a river down there.

Give me the jerry can.

I'll be right back.

What did I tell ya?

What did I tell ya?
- Why don't you shut up?

- Hey, don't get
mad at me, get mad at her.

You can't trust her, asshole.

You can't trust no broad, no way.

Ah, shut up and sit down.

Did you hear that?

' No!

No, no!


Get your ass in there.

Let's skip.

Hang on.

- Are we there yet?
- Shh, be quiet.

You know what?

We could be here.

I don't know.

Hello there, what can I do for you?

Hi, Don Pepe sent us.

We need to hide out a
while, me and my friends.

I don't know you.

Don't get smart with us.

I told you, we're friends of Don Pepe.

Ah, well if he sent you it's different.

Well welcome, come on in.

- Ah.
- You dropped your doll.

Here take it.
- Thank you.

Is that this man's house?

Yes it is, honey.

- We gotta hide out
here for a little while.

[Flaurence) Help me get up. (giggling)

- I can't say I'm very glad
- Okay.

He sent you to me.

It's about the girl.

What's it to you?

How do you earn your living, huh?

- Kidnapping little
girl is something else.

- Hey, come sit with me.
- Listen man,

we know Don Pepe is covering
up your little schemes,

so cool it, Antonio.

Just do what you're
supposed to do and shut up.

What are they talking about now?

- Okay, I will.
- I don't know.

They're always talking about something.


Manuela, my wife.

Glad to know you.



- Roberto.
- Manuela.


I'll be gone for two or three days.

Be a good girl, huh?



' No!




Oh, no.


Oh, no.


Hi Roberto.

I made it back sooner than I thought.

Is Manuela around?

I haven't seen here.

Do you have any idea where she is?










Manuela, what happened?

What happened to you?

It's Mario.


He followed me, the beast.

He raped me, he did.

I'll kill him.

We made it.

Spoils of the victor.

We're gonna bring in the

Have fun.

Careful, he bites.

Oh, you bad bird, oh.


We made it.

Let's strip.

Hey Mario, you want to go hunting?

" Why not?

Alright then, let's go.

' Okay.

That way.

Pedro, Pedro.

You going into town in the morning?

- Yeah, I've
got some stuff to get.

You've gotta go tell the police

the little girl who's
been kidnapped is here.

It's important.

You mean those strangers?

They're all gangsters.

It's horrible.

Okay, I'll take care of it.

Don't worry, you can trust me.

If you need any help, you
know where to find me.

So don't take any chances, okay?


It's just a bit further.

Over there.

Will you give me some bullets?

Yeah, I'll give you some.

Drop m.

Walk up to that rope over there.

Go on, move it you bastard.

Tie yourself to the tree.

You son of a bitch.




Are you sure'?





We found her.

In the jungle.

I know exactly where.

We're prepared.



Like in the old days.

See you.

Passport, please.

Where's the visa?
- It should be there


Your visa's expired, sir.

You'll have to come with me.

- Come, honey.
- Okay.

Chief, excuse me.

The exit visa's expired.

I can't let you through.

It's impossible.

I'm Dennis Danville.

Don't you tell me I can't go through.

No way, it's impossible.

It's impossible, impossible.

- You mean you
won't let us through

because of some stupid stamp?

- Those are the rules.
- Shit, we can work it out,

can't we?

What a cunt.

Keep your cool, don't get upset.

Our little girl's lost.

We're looking for her.

She may be half dead by now.

You can't just remain indifferent.

Don't you have any children?

She's our baby.

Have you no compassion?

She's my child.
- Look, I'm supposed

to meet Don Antonio.

You must know him.

He knows where she is.

Dammit, have a heart, officer.

- Get lost.
- Yes, sir.

It may be arranged yet.

You see, I know Antonio.

I'll even take you over to his place.

You name the price.

I'll be grateful to you.

Hey, look.

Lina, look at the smoke there.

Over there.

Oh, it's dust.

Hey, Roberto.

It's my Daddy.

- It looks like somebody
must be coming up the road.

You think it's my daddy?

Oh, shit, they're coming up here.

They're after us, dammit.

Who the fuck are they?

It's a jeep.

Cops, let's go.

It's a car.

Hey, we're here.

It's my daddy.

What are we gonna do?

Come on, let's go.

Wait up.

What about Mario?

- Forgot him, I don't even
know where the fuck he is.


Come on, up there.

It's our only way out, hurry.

It looks like they're gone.

Yeah, it looks empty.

Where's Manuela?

Come on, let's check it out.

I'll cover you.


I'm going in.
- I'm behind you.

My poor little Flaurence.

Hey, shit.

Jesus, there ain't much of him left.

It's horrible.

Oh, Mario.

What a horrible death.


Come on, get a move on.

Oh, oh.

- Don't you
brake an ankle on me.

Well, that's it.

They're gone, come on.

We're going after them.
- Have they been gone

for long?
- No, we'll get them.

Don't worry.

I know my way around the woods.

We'll get those bastards.

- Alright, from
here on in, we hoof it.


Oh, it's awful.

Oh, it is, the bastards.

Who did it?

It's one of theirs.

The clothes, the shoes.

Let's go.

- Oh, darling.
- They can't be far.

You coming?

Be careful.

Come on, jump.

Hey, what's that over there?

No, it's just a bird.

Okay, back there.

Okay back there?

It's the Indians, Roberto.

Michael's been hit.

Leave him.

Hurry UP-

Michael, Michael.

Flaurence, hide.

Get down.

Take cover, dammit.

Come on.


Oh, God.

Did you hurt yourself?

Pedro, the man has come.

Quickly, I need your help.

Antonio went into the woods.

They're after the gangsters.

I'm worried he'll get hurt.

Let's go.

Come on, give us a hand.

Antonio may be in trouble.

. Huff)'-

- Pedro] He went out
into cannibal country.

Come on you guys, hurry up.

We gotta catch him.

Take cover.

Hey, over here.

Hold on, we're coming.

Hey, hey, he)'-

Get over here.

Manuela's here.

- I think we're getting
close to their camp.

I can smell it from here.

Go on, this way.

That's it.

Be careful, Alfredo.

Get over there.

We better try to talk to them first.

You go, Antonio.

I'll cover you.

- Tell him we come as
friends to talk to him

and that we are not his enemies,

like the gangsters who
kidnapped our little girl.

- He says the gangsters got
the punishment they deserve.

He says that got all the pain and hurt

that was coming to them.

- But what about
my little girl Flaurence?

Where is she? What did they do to her?

Hassle, for god's sake, where is she?

The chief says by now the little girl

should be with her mother.

Go find them.

Try to work things out.


Oh, Flaurence, Flaurence.


Oh, Flaurence.