Cannibal Holocaust (1980) - full transcript

With the intention to venture into the unexplored areas in the deep jungle of the Amazon rainforest at the border between Brazil and Peru, in 1979, a film crew composed of four young Americans attempted to make a documentary about the never seen before indigenous cannibalistic tribes. However, it's already been two months since anyone last heard from the crew, so without further delay, the noted anthropologist Professor Harold Monroe and his rescue team of the seasoned guide Chaco Losojos and his assistant, embarked on a mission to locate them in the depths of the Green Inferno. Following the Yakumos, a tribe that no white has ever seen before, soon enough, the Professor's rescue party will encounter the elusive Yanomamos or Tree People and the fearsome Shamataris or the Swamp People. Eventually, as more evidence is found concerning the fate of the film crew, the Professor will try to recover the raw footage that was paid in blood, and return it to New York to the executives of the Pan American Broadcasting System who crave to get the riveting unedited footage. What has really happened to the overambitious documentarists, and above all, what was in the final two reels? - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Man is omnipotent.

Nothing is impossible for him.

What seemed to be unthinkable
undertakings yesterday

are history today.

The conquest of the moon
for example,

who talks about it anymore?

Today we are already on the threshold
of conquering our galaxy.

And in the not too distant tomorrow

We'll be considering the conquest
of the universe.

And yet man seems to ignore
the fact that on this very planet

there are still people living in the stone age
and practicing cannibalism.

Primitive tribes isolated
in ruthless hostile environments

where the prevailing law is
survival of the fittest.

And this jungle which its inhabitants refer to
as the Green Inferno

is only a few hours flying time
from New York City.

Was it to remind us of this
that four brave young Americans

went there to make a documentary
on life in the jungle?

Was it also to remind us,
for instance,

that before
venturing into space

we should become more acquainted with
the planet that we live on?

Four young and fearless Americans,
children of the space age:

armed with cameras, microphones,
and curiosity:

Alan Yates. A director famous
for his documentaries

on Vietnam and Africa.

Faye Daniels.
His girlfriend and script girl.

And their two cameramen
and inseparable friends,

Jack Anders and Mark Tomaso.

Four youngsters who never came back.

But let's have a look at them

at the beginning of
their incredible adventure,

here at the border between
Brazil and Peru.

They are about to board a plane
to take them to the Rio Ocoro,

a last outpost from which
they will continue on foot…

deep into the Amazon Jungle…

into the area known as
the Green Inferno.

Hey, are you really not scared?

Not at all. I 've been in plenty of
other dangerous places with them.

What about you, Alan?

Well there's only one thing
scares me--

and that's marriage.

He'd take me to the North Pole
to put it off.

I'd say he's succeeded
this time too.

And this is the last time.

Yeah, provided
we come back in one piece.

Alright, alright… Let's go.

Well, you four certainly aren't the first
to embark on such an adventure.

There was an expedition in
'59, and another in '67,

and neither of them came back.

Ah, yeah, that was Smith and
that bunch of Frenchmen.

- Yes.

Yeah, Frenchmen, they were amateurs,
a bunch of jerks.

They never succeeded
in doing anything.

For us the difficult doesn't exist.

The impossible takes just
a little more time.

We'll be back.

We have Felipe our guide.

Say hi.

Those are the last pictures
we have of them.

Two months have passed
since they were last heard from.

Are they still alive?

And if so, where are they?

These are the questions
that the rescue team sponsored by

New York University and the
Pan American Broadcasting System

hope to be able to answer.

Thank you for accepting Professor Monroe.
Good luck.

Professor Harold Monroe,
NYU's noted anthropologist

has taken part in various expeditions
exploring primitive cultures.

But this will be his
first journey into Amazonia.


Help him!


Look at what he's carrying…
a lighter!

Poor Oliveira,

He was only 20 years old.

Once it hits the bloodstream,
there is nothing one can do.

Better a bullet than a dart
from a blowgun.

But we gave him the serum
at the right time.

Sure, the serum

It only works half the time…

if it isn't already too old
by the time we get it.

The guys won't give a shit
after the death of Oliveira.

And they are right.

In a short while
the American is arriving

and we've got orders to help him.

He's lucky. A Yacumo prisoner is like
a passport into the Green Inferno.

Here you are Lieutenant.

Well Professor Monroe…
- Do you think you can turn that--?

- All I can say is that

you anthropologists and the missionaries
are made out of special stuff.

If hell holes like this didn't exist,

I'm sure you would invent one.

Whereas I'd give both my…

well let's say I'd give anything
to be somewhere else.

Look, Lieutenant.

I'll be as little trouble as possible,
it's just…

I'm sure you got
enough problems of your own.

I'll have to be honest with you…

No, no thanks…

I need your help
in organizing this expedition.

How can I refuse?

You have been
recommended by everybody

in our community as well as yours.

If only I sure can
guarantee that you'll

still be breathing
when you return.

Look, I know this is not going
to be a picnic, believe me.

This is not my first trip into bush.

A skunk must have pissed that.


this lighter belonged
to Faye Daniels.

Come with me, Professor.
I'll introduce you to your guide.

He's the best there is,
if you can get along with him.

This looks like shit.
It needs cleaning, no?

Hey Chaco! This is Professor Monroe.

Hello. It's nice to meet you.
The lieutenant here was telling me

what a…
what an excellent guide you are.

You gonna take all of this
with you in the jungle?

Yes, well forget it.
We're gonna need some weapons…

some ammunition plus some medicine,

that's all we need.

I already told your friends.

In there, the more you carry,
the quicker you get tired,

the sooner you die.

Alright, alright…

All I wanna know Mr. Chaco is

do we have a chance…
of finding them alive?

Who's to say?

The only thing I know is
we're gonna risk our lives

to save those fuckers.

Let's go see the Yacumo.

Great warriors, these Yacumos!

They're afraid of no one
except for the Tree People.

Tree People? No white man
has ever seen them.

- Or the ones who have,
never lived to tell about it.

Did you see this?

Looks like the sacred scar of Ateri.

That's what it is.
He's a son of a shaman

and he's been consecrated
to the spirit of the jaguar,

Which also explains what they were doing
this far from home.

What do you mean?

Ah, they were caught, yet they are
not really cannibals.

Which means it was
probably some

religious ceremony meant to chase
evil spirits outta the jungle…

white men's spirits.

Come on, Professor,

Quit worrying about Yacumo!

You can't afford to waste your strength
helping that savage.

He'll outlive all of us!

Can you make it?

We'll have to wade across.

But there's no piranhas here.
Come on!

Come on…come on!

There may not
be any piranhas,

but there's always
a few hungry cavemen around.


Leave that shit alone.

He can't do it by himself
and there's three of us here,

Why can't we help him?
- Don't try this again Professor.

Here, we do as I say,
and this bastard

has to know
who is the strongest.

Chaco's right, señor.
This guy's completely full of hate.

As soon as you don't look,
he will slit your throat.

They passed this way.
Yacumos dig a hole to cook.

And it means…

We're following the same trail,
right? Right.

Hey, Professor!

I recognize these teeth.

This is Felipe Ocaña.

He knew the jungle as well as I do.

That makes me feel terrific.

I wonder what was his mistake.

See that? We're near his village;
he can already smell his home.



Here comes dinner…

Hey. Mira!

A muskrat!

Today we eat meat, OK?

This is Miguel … hurry up I'm hungry

It's dying that's for sure…

Hey, Chaco, what the hell are you doing?

It's for our Yacumo friend.

A little bit of this stuff

and he'll forget all about
trying to run away tonight.

Atalaka, catra!

This will make him very happy,
just wait and see.

Drug addicts in the jungle.

Hey, give him some of this.

A little muskrat stomach.

He'll love it.

You like it? Eat it it's all yours.
Go on stuff yourself.

What the hell is that?

I swear, that looks like a ritualistic
punishment for adultery. That's what it is.

Just sit back and enjoy the show, because
afterwards he's gonna take us to the village.

Don't be a fool!

Come on, Professor!

That punishment is considered
a divine commandment.

If he had not killed her,
the tribe would have killed him.

Here he comes!

Follow him!

Well, it is no masterpiece,
but it'll do.

Can you guess
what it is for, Professor?

Oh let me try Chaco,
please let me try…

Okay, is it possible that this way
they won't know

how many of us there are until
we talk with them, huh?

He's learning fast eh, Miguel?

Terrific, just terrific!

They're coming.

I don't see a thing.

Don't worry, they are there

I know they're there, I know they're there,
but where?! I don't see anything.

Come on, let's send out
our ambassador.

Come on Miguel.

Good luck Miguel!
- Fuck good luck!

Come on boy.

We may be in trouble.

Good… you've raised
deductive reasoning to an art.


Something says your friends have
made quite a mess of things.


If Miguel pulls this off,
I swear I'll buy him a bottle of whiskey.

This is supposed to demonstrate
their good intentions.

There, they're going
to show themselves now.

Where the hell are you going?

They're going to lead you
right into an ambush.

No, this is a
good sign Professor.

Oh yeah?
You could have fooled me.

They just want to show us
they are brave warriors.

And, they want us to follow them
to their village.

Follow them?

Yeah, to return the prisoner
and to talk.

Listen, I do not know about this.

I think they want us
for dinner tonight.


Pretend you've seen nothing.


Friends shot him.

Let's hope he doesn't
die from the wound.

Get busy, Miguel!

You can breathe easy…
It's alright now, Professor.


Cheers, Professor!

You now have the rare honor
of drinking Hisimo.


The group we are looking for

is probably headed for
the center of the jungle

or the center of the Matos,

which no white man
has ever seen before.

This area is under the domination
of two cannibal tribes.

They are so fierce, they are feared
by all other tribes in the area.

Including the tough courageous warriors
of the Yacumo Tribe.

These are the two super powers
of the Green Inferno,

perpetually at war with each other.

The Yanomano or Tree People.

and Shamatari, the Swamp People.

Each considers the other fair game.


then eaten.

This will keep you high and dry.

No, thanks.

The Yacumo
blame the Alan Yates' crew

for the great calamity
that befell them.

exactly what happened
remains a mystery.

We only know
that the four whites had--

Hey! Shut that up!

God, we're in
the middle of a hunt.

Tree people or --?

Both. Hunting each other.
Let’s get going.

Up there.

Shamatari tribe
flushing their prey.

Despite the fact that our intervention
saved them from the Shamatari,

the tree people, although they welcomed
us into their territory

continue to behave
strangely towards us…

with a mixture
of fear and distrust.

Nevertheless we've been permitted to observe
the execution of one of their warriors.

Death by mutilation.

A criminal
thwarted by the chief.

Criminal from the way he
was destroyed.

He must have done something horrible
to incur the wrath of his own people.

It is not clear whether it was to pay
a debt of honor towrd us,

or only to demonstrate
how they dispense justice?

they're referring to us.

We weren't able to get anything
out of the Yanomamo,

except for the
wristwatch they gave us

as a token
of their gratitude to an ally.

An ally they
continue to fear and mistrust.

So I decided to try
an experiment in psychology:

to strip myself completely--

clothes, weapons, dog tags, rings,
everything to become like them.

Naked and unfettered as Adam.

The Tree People would not let us
bury the ghastly remains

that hey had painted ochre

to drive away the evil spirits
which the dead represented.

Once again I ask myself

what unspeakable crime could have called
for such atrocious retribution.

I know our lives
are hanging by a thread.

But I can't turn back without
at least trying to recover

the footage Alan Yates and the others
paid for with their lives.

I'm thinking of the enormous human
and scientific interest it's going to contain.

I must do something.

Chaco and Miguel can't
possibly understand this.

Yet, I must somehow gain
the confidence of these savages.

After all,
they too have rules of conduct.

Hold it.

You did it, God damn it!

They just invited us to dinner.

By some incredible act of God

they hadn't tried to open it.

I'm hoping the climate
hadn't damaged it too much.

And so in exchange
for the tape recorder,

the Cannibal chief let you
take away the cans of film. Is that it?

Yes, they thought
since I was capable of capturing

the human voice, I was also capable
of capturing their spirits.

This convinced them that I was the only one
capable of breaking the evil spell

that had been cast over the tribe

by their murder of the whites.

Of course, they had no inkling
of what was really in those cans.

How could you explain
what a movie is?

They just felt
they were a threat.

Why do you say threat?

Well the Yanomamo's understood
how important

these film cans were to
Alan Yates's crew.

They thought the silver boxes
contained his power.

The power,
which I must say again,

caused much damage and violence.

A fantastic story.
Thank you, Professor Monroe.

You're very welcome.

As we conclude
this special interview

we would like to remind you
Wednesday, at 9 pm,

here on Pantheon,

we'll be presenting part one
of The Green Inferno.

The dramatic film testimony,
of an extraordinary adventure

that took its protagonists
all the way back to the stone age.

And you would be the ideal
host of the program?

That's right.

Professor Monroe,

as an eye witness as well as a scientist,
you would be the most--

Yes… but before I make
any decisions

I'd like to review
all the film material.

As of yet we've seen none of it.

Professor Monroe, I can assure you

that they knew
exactly what they wanted.

That may be.

But meanwhile,
they're all dead, aren't they?

Which is exactly why we have
to let the public know the truth.

We'll let the people be the judge.

Better yet, we'll let the people
who knew them best be the judge.

Their parents, their wives.

This is a documentary
they shot for us

about a year and a half ago.

Can I start?
- Yes, please do.

Pretty powerful stuff huh?

Well just to give you an idea
how Alan and the others worked,

everything that you just saw
was a put on.

- You mean this was--
- That was no enemy army approaching.

Alan paid those soldiers
to do a bit of acting.

You'll have to excuse me now.
I'll join you later.

Yes, thank you.

Shall I go ahead?

Yeah, good news.

(music from the film playing)

This is Jack…



And this is Mark.

They've worked together
for years.

They were
terrible prima donnas,

but I have to admit
they were real pros. - Mm-hmm.

The stuff they shot
could really gut punch you.

I can imagine.

Their ratings were fantastic
you know,

higher than most
of the big comics.

And did they know
how to play an audience!

Alan especially.

Look at this bit
they shot before leaving:

Yeah, we were coming back anyway.
We got Felipe our guide.

Come on up here!

Yeah, there we go.
okay. Ha! Ha!

This shot's dark because
the diaphragm setting

on the camera
was wrong.

There, now he's got it right.

Forget it.

There's no electricity
where we're going.

Nope, this is anything but
a well organized

safari with all the comforts.



Medicinal supplies.
That's about it!

Since we'll be covering
hundreds of miles on foot.

And that's another thing…

Who knows when
we'll have another shower?

Of course I don't think Faye
will have any problem

remaining the sexiest script girl
in history.

Are you really shooting?

Okay, okay,
that's enough.

Has anyone seen
my pants anywhere?

What do you want those for?

To put them on my head, stupid!

I thought ever since Jack
took them off two years ago,

you didn’t need 'em anymore.

Right, Mark?

Right! Nicer to--

Knock it off!

Are you shooting again?

You idiot.

Crew of clowns.

They had a great sense
of the theatrical.

Like I said,

they were
real professionals.

Ah, what was
I saying, Professor?

Yeah, I tried working
with Alan a couple times

and I just couldn't handle it.

You know he-- he pushed
his people to the limit.

Demanding everything,
including blood.

And talk about paranoia?

God have mercy on his soul.
He was one ruthless son of a bitch!

So I feel we have a duty
to tell the public their story, Mr. Yates.

Alan… I don't know…

You know, I really
appreciate your coming.

You're the first person
to come and…

talk to me about Alan
after what happened.

What I'd like to know,
Professor, is…

what did happen to my son?

Can you tell me?

Faye - no, that wasn't
her real name.

she always wanted
to be an actress

her real name was Tina.

Excuse me a minute.

Children, look I'm just going to be

speaking with this man one more minute.
And then we'll play. Okay?

As you can tell we're
very different in our characters.

But Tina was very energetic,

very hard working,

very ambitious,
extremely ambitious.

I used to say to her:

"Do you think you'll ever
be at peace with yourself?"


Now she is…
God rest her soul.

Elizabeth! Elizabeth!

Excuse me, Ms. Anders,

just two minutes.

How did you feel about Jack?

What's the use?
What am I supposed to say about Jack?

After two years of marriage…

I was with him for just for four months.

What are you doing?

I'll see ya.

He was always on assignments.
India, Asia, Africa.

Yeah, sure he was good in bed.
But, he liked to eat too.

No brains though.

To easily influenced.

Alan was his god you know.

You know what I mean?

You guys think I can
get any bread out of this.

Ah, Mr. Tomaso,
Mr. Tomaso please.

Mr. Tomaso, please .

I just want to ask you
one question about your son.

Ya what do ya wanna ask me?

Look, your son was a man of
special importance to the news world.

Can you tell me
something about him?

My son, my son was no good.

He doesn't work
he doesn't go to school.

Wants to lay
around the house all day.

And he's no good period
Now that's it.

Now I gotta go back to my job.

Don't bother me no more!

But Mr. Tomaso, please,
your son was well known

to a lot of people…
just one question?

Okay, one question,

About your son, I just want to know
what kind of man was he?

My son,
my son was a son of a bitch.

And he was no good.

That's it, my son is dead!

I don't wanna talk about him
no more.

Now leave me alone!
Good bye.

Mr. Tomaso,
millions of Americans--

Mr. Tomaso, please!

Why didn't they
print the whole thing?

The negative needed
special treatment

because of the humidity.

The quality isn't the best,
but its pretty good

considering the lousy conditions
they were shooting in.

Unfortunately two reels
were light fault.

we had to throw them out.

I put a piece of
black leader between

one sequence and another.

Good, that's where we will put
the interviews with the families.

and the one in which you
talk about your search for them.

- Mm-Hmm.
- Go ahead Bill. -Okay.

This first segment is silent.

Evidently they didn't always
use their mics,

though they were attached
right to the camera.

just above the lens,
like a gun barrel… see?

Remember this is a very rough cut,.

almost like watching rushes.

A lot of this stuff will be thrown out
in the actual editing.

Here we are; there should be
some sound coming in now.

No, no, not yet.




Hey, sweet matte.

We've been walking for six days
in this marvelous inferno.

Today is Saturday the 25th.

If I were in New York right now,
I'd probably be out shopping.

Get the camera.

Damn thing.

Wait, wait, wait…

How much of the material
is without sound?

- Less than half.
- Oh.

Every so often
I laid in some stock music

just to juice
things up a little.

What is it?

The Yacumos
passed this way

We are not
far from the village.


Move away!

Jack, get the shot!

This is fucking dangerous.
-No, this is fucking cool man!

Shut the fuck up!

Looky here!

We've been walking through
the jungle for days

with the harrowing feeling that
we're moving in circles.

At night we have to
sleep in the trees,

so we don't get bit
by the snakes or spiders.

Felipe, our guide,
claims we're near the big river

where the Yacumos live
in their village.

Look at my feet!
Fucking jungle!

Alan, do you want some tea?


Ahhh!!! Puta! Puta!

Cut off my leg!

Cut off my leg!


Kill it!
Kill it!

Grab the leg. -Hold him down.
Grab the leg!

Hold him down.

Hold him down!

My God…Jesus Christ

Cut off my leg!

Cut it off!
Come on put it on the fire!

Come on, do it!

Do it!

Are you still shooting?
- Yeah.

Do it now!
- I'm gettin' it all.

Do it!

Felipe was a great buddy
and a top-notch guy.

We'll miss him.

But even more we'll miss
the security he gave us.

We decided to go on.

But we've
only got the compass

and our instincts
to show the way.

Panning to you Alan.

Faye, give us some
earth shattering film takes.

You know this is gonna
make us famous.

You think so huh?
How famous?

Real famous and real rich, man.

What you going do
with your money?

I'm gonna buy a house
and a piece a ass.

Think that's funny huh?

Yeah, that's the
only way you can get it.

Where's Faye?

I don't know.
Turn the camera off, will you?

Christ, what's taking you so long?

Well, I had to wait in line
with the rest of the animals.

You're disgusting!

Hey get outta here! I told you to
get outta here with the camera.

Hey, I just want a little peak.

Will you get outta here!
- Get out of here.

I told you
to turn the goddamn thing off.

I'll get you!
- Whoo!

Come on, push!

Look there's a caiman.

Get out of the water.

No, no, forget about me.

Film it, film it…

Come on,
get on the raft you guys.

Get on the raft,
hurry up!


We're saved, we're saved!

By the anaconda!

Saved from
the jaws of death.

Come on.

I wonder
where there village is?

Just shoot in the air
and follow 'em.

And when they scatter
how are we gonna get there?

No, wait.

I know what I'm doing.

- Why?
- Don't you get it?

We can never keep up
with them in the jungle.

This way that buck
will go slow enough

to take us
right to the village.

Well, what
do you think Professor?

That it's not the best way of
establishing peace with the Yacumo tribe.

You know,
I'm beginning to understand

why they greeted us
with such hostility.

Do you think this is bad?
This is nothing.

Alan did much worse.
Just watch.

They could play it rough
when they felt they had to.

Remember how they
set-up some of those executions.


Here we are at the edge
of the world in human history.

Things like this
happen all the time in the jungle.

It's survival of the fittest.

In the jungle it's the daily violence
of the strong overcoming the weak.


Hiya! Hiyah!

Yiha!! Hah!

Come on, get out!

Jack a torch…



The massacre of the Yacumos
by the Yanomamos. - Right!

A set-up…all a set-up!

Just like Cambodia.

Get this, fuckers!

- That's it. That's it.


Keep them inside.
Keep 'em inside!

Get in, Get in.

Get em' back inside.

It's beautiful.

Alan! Here!


Show 'em
how we do it, yeah?


Oh, fuck.
Oh, you motherfucker.

Get the fuck outta here.

Do you believe this?

You fuckin' turkey.

Whoo, I'm drained.

You must admit
it's exceptional footage.

I-I didn't expect
such impact, such authenticity.

I don't-- I don't think exceptional
is the right word.

You don't?


I mean, what's exceptional
about a primitive tribe

like the Yacumo being terrorized

and forced into to doing something that
they don't-- they don't normally do?

Come on now Professor,

Let's be realistic

Who knows anything
about the Yacumo civilization?

Today people want sensationalism.

The more you rape their senses
the happier they are.

Ah yes, that's typical
western thought.

civilized is it? That's what Alan thought
and that's why he's dead.

The Yacumo Indian
is a primitive.

And he has to be
respected as such.

You know, did you ever think
of the Yacumo point of view

that we might be
the ones who are savages?

Well, I never thought of it that way,

but it's an interesting idea.
- Yes.

Let's say
things are reversed, right,

and the Yacumo attacked
your house

defiled everything
you held holy.

You know that pig
that was killed?

That was food
for those people.

Now, what would happen if
someone came into your house

when you're hungry and

and took the little bit of food
you had in the refrigerator

and threw it down the toilet?

Would you behave in
a civilized way?

Would you like people to makie money
off your misery?

We have
succeeded in establishing

shall we say… diplomatic relations
with the Yacumas,

but, what are we for them?

These are people who have never seen
a white man before,

or heard the sound of a gun.

We know they are
really afraid of our powers.

But for how long?

And can we really be sure
they don't hate us, like

most people hate
what that don't understand.

When the old members of the tribe
feel death approach

they wander off to a secluded spot.

After she dies this old woman--

This old woman will probably end up
as lunch for some alligator.

In the jungle nothing goes to waste,
nature recycles everything.

You are about to witness
an ancient ritual

never before
seen by civilized man.

The tribe is a
primitive social unit.

Bound together by
the basic needs of survival.

To protect itself, the tribe must eliminate
any diseased elements.

Now don't go away.

What your about to see

may simply be described
as social surgery.

Had a long discussion last nigh
about whether

to keep going or turn back.

Wasn't easy
to come to an agreement.

Perhaps the others are right,
maybe we shouldn't push our luck.

God knows
we've been lucky so far.

But you know
what finally convinced them?

The chance
to become famous.

To reach that spot where…
time stopped

three or four
thousand years ago.

Where the Yanomamos, the Tree People,
live in constant strife with their,

their enemies
the Shamatares.

See this guy?

This was a
Yanomamo warrior,

killed by the Yacumos.

Just to give you an idea,

to the Yacumos this is a savage.

I'm not speaking as a scientist
but as a man of the street.

This so-called documentary
footage is offensive.

It is dishonest and above all,
it is inhuman!

Yes, yes, of course…
we all know what Alan was like.

He overdid it
as usual.

But what you saw
is a rough cut.

Perhaps I haven't made
myself clear.

But I…

I refuse to have anything to do
with this material.

Look! Professor,

we are talking about the most
sensational documentary

to come along in years.

and you want us to just shelve it,
forget about it

as if it had never been found?

Is that what you want?

Yes, yes.

That is precisely what I want.

I've seen the rest of the material,
you haven't.

You haven't seen the stuff
that even your editors

didn't have the stomach
to put together.

And if you'd had, you wouldn't hesitate
but to agree with me.

John? Go ahead…

We're somewhere in the middle
of this Green Inferno,

where no civilized man has
ever been before.

The ah,
jungle here's different.

It's almost hospitable.

But so far we've seen no sign yet
of these Tree People,

the Yanomamos.
- Good? Nice?

We're beginning to wonder
if they really exist

or if they're just a legend.


I think we got one.

Look what we found.

Some taste you guys have,
she stinks.

She's marked.
What do you guys think she is?

A Yanomamo or a Shamatare?

How should I know?
Why don't you ask her?

What do you want to do with her?

I'll take care of the little monkey!

Judging from the looks of this girl,

We finally found the Yanomamos,
The Tree People.

We're gonna have to be
very careful,

because these people
are known for their cruel--

Alan, come on!

Alright… alright…
I got this little monkey

You go first.

Oh, drop on her…Oh right.

I can't help it!

Oh, go ahead… alright!


Jack! What do you want to use it for?
A porno film? You stupid ass!!!

That's not a bad idea…
How about "Jungle Joeys" ?

Hey, you want me to
keep shootin'?

Do you want me
to keep shooting or what?

That's a stupid question.

Hurry up Casanova! It's Jack's turn…
Jack's next!

Okay Jack…
go ahead.

Come on.

We have only three cans of film left,
we can't use this!

Why do you wanna waste it like that?
- Shut up!

Hey, aren't you
gonna get some Alan?

The only thing he get's off on
is his camera!

Okay, Mark!
- Come on Indie!

Stop shooting Mark!

Stop it Alan!!!


God damn you!!!!

He's changing reels.

move in tight, tight!

Zoom in for a close up.

Watch it Alan I'm shooting.

Oh good Lord!

It's unbelievable, it's…

it's horrible!

I can't understand the reason
for such cruelty.

Must have something to do
with some obscure sexual rite or--

with the almost
profound respect

these primitives
have for… for


You're rolling Mark?
- Yeah.

Look up there
on the right.

Wait they're
all around us!

Keep rolling.
We're gonna get an Oscar for this.


Alan, Alan you can't!
You can't!

Look he's had it anyway…
- He's still alive you bastard!

-You can't! You can't!
- How much you want--

Get the fuck off me!

Goddamn it!

Keep filming Mark,
I'll cover you.

You got it!
Right down to the last foot.

We really
screwed ourselves this time.

trying to stay there
for the last shot.

I don't even
know where we are now.

But, I know that…

I know they, ah,
they followed us, and

and we lost everything
trying to escape.

We're screwed! We're trapped!

I'm gonna try and
scare 'em away with this.

I hope it works.

Stay by me, Faye!
Don't get too far away!

Stay over here!

You motherfuckers!


Please help me!
- Faye!!!


Hey, Alan!
Ahhhh!! Help me! Alan!

She's had it!

We've gotta
think of ourselves! Hey!

We've gotta take the film
back home, Alan!

Think of the film.

Save the film.
Save the film!

Burn it.


I want this material burned.
All of it. Yeah.

I wonder who
the real cannibals are.