Cannibal Ferox (1981) - full transcript

Anthropologists take a trip to the jungles of Colombia to study native cannibals. Instead, they find a band of drug dealers, using the natives to harvest coca leaves. After awhile, the natives are tired of being tortured slaves, and turn on their masters, as well as the anthropologists, thus filling the screen with gruesome splatter!



- Just stay put, shitface!

What do you want?

I don't know! I just got
out of the Hospital.

I am looking for Mike too.

I mean, I need some...

...I gotta get some dope.

Don't play cute! We've
been looking

for your friend Mike for
a month.

Son of a bitch took off
with a 100 Grand.

A 100 Grand. Our 100 Grand
from our dope.

I didn't know. I didn't know
anything about it.

Come on shitface,
where is he?

I tell you I don't know,
I don't know!

This is so you know what
Mike's got coming

to from ripping us off,

I have nothing to do
with it.

Let me go, please?

Ok. Just let me go.

Sure. So you can tip him off
uh? Shitface!

No I won't.

I won't
- I swear.

Hey Bernie, I owe you 5 bucks

Who was he?

Tim Berret. A user.
Casual pusher. He was released

from a treatment center
this morning.

Yeah? How long he's been

5 Weeks. They thought he'd
made it over the hunt.

Yeah, he has now.


No, she owns the apartment.

The Janitor says her name
is Mirna Stann.

She's a tour guide, out of
town at the moment so it seems

What is he doing here then?

Who knows? Maybe looking
for someone?

You know how this sounds like
to me? - No.

Sounds like a hassle
between small time pushers!

Look. Trace the girl.
She's the only one who can

lead us to anything.
And I want a detailed report

from ballistics as soon as
they're through.

See you Sergeant.
- Alright!

Missed the Giants again.

What a hole, Rudy!

I thought Paraguay was
gonna be a REAL town?

Yeah, with discotheques
and with a Macy's Branch

store and 2 or 3 guys rolling
by on their Kawasaki's, uh?

Some vacation I had to go
and pick for myself.

You two sure suckered me
on this one!

I told you.
Never trust my sister.

Never trust you and your
adventures in the jungle.

Come on, Gloria.

Let's go change that damned
dollars of yours, OK?

I wanna try and find
myself a shower!

We'll be lucky if we
can find some gas.

Hm. Yeah!

Good morning

Good morning

Good morning, sir

Good morning, welcome to Paraguay

Money exchange, please.

What happens around here?

Nothing, madam, nothing ever

You are lucky, until today
there was no money

Ah, excuse me! Is there any way
to get a shower around here?

In my private home, madam,
there is no hotel here!

What did he say?

He wants to take you home!

He has a shower.



In Bogota they told me to
follow this road until here

to here and then...

Where do you want to go?

We don't know exactly, Senor.

We're looking for a village
called Manyoca...!

I don't know any village
called Manyoca, madam.

There are so many, so small
and dangerous.

Animals, hungler, snakes,
you understand madam?

But there must be a village
by that name, I'm sure

There is a river Manyoca,

but to go in there by car
is too difficult.

You must cross the Rio and
then follow the trail

for 80 miles, and
the road is very bad.

You have to go by foot, madam
It's dangerous, very dangerous

You should go back
to the capital

Your money, madam

Thank you

Well Sergeant.
How about that shower?

That dumb twat's
really getting to me.

I almost wish she'd
get left behind.

We still got half
an hour to go.

She'll get here.

Go, go, come


Bye, Juanita

How did the shower go?

Oh not bad.

So long banito. And
try washing some time, uh!

Bye, sweetheart.

Everything for the country,
hurray America!

Listen, please, do you know
a village called Manyoca?

No, madam, I don't

Bet this village of yours
doesn't even exist.

You probably dreamed it up
one night while you

were writing your thesis.

I didn't dream anything up.
Look at this article.

It was written 4 years ago.
August 21st, 1976.

Hmm... We heard several
reports recently that along

on the Frenco River, one of
the Amazon's major

tributaries at least 3
incidents of cannibalism had

been witnessed by outsiders.
In the village of Manyoca...

oh you can't believe
everything you read.

She didn't believe it either.
That's why we're here.

In 2 months, thank god,
it will all be over.

I'll present my dissertation
and then I'll be through

hearing about cannibals.

Mind if a dummy asks what it
is you hope to find in

this blessed village?

I told you. My thesis claims
that cannibalism as an

organized practice of
human society does not exist.

And historically
has never existed.

So much the better, dear!

According to Gloria,
men eat men is bullshit.

Let's say
it was an invention

of racist colonialism.

Which had a vasted interest
in creating the myth of the

ferocious subhuman savage
fit only for extermination.

The mythical lie of
Cannibal Ferox was only an

alibi to justify the greed
and cruelty of the


But what's Manyoca got
to do with it?

Well, if we can prove, that
the incidents of cannibalism

reported by that magazine,
never actually happened...

...I have rock solid
definitive support for

my P.H.D. Dissertation.

Well you promised to take
a bunch of pictures of me.

And that's all I care about.

Hey man. You think there
is a chance we'll bump

into a few cocoa leaves?

Gloria, do you believe this?

Hey what's that? What?

It's called the queen of marks
you have to eat it

or it brings bad luck

Why is he...

He's doing it
to avoid bad luck.

What's the matter, Gloria?
Are you alright?

What did she say?

This cozumbo can save you,

It's dangerous out there and
if it's around, the snakes

will attack him and not
the americans, clear?


Very clear.

The life of the weak,
for that of the strong!

You stake him out and
the snakes will go for him

instead of us.

The law of the jungle.

You want me to drive?

No. I can take it for
another hour or so!

Oh look! An iguana!

Don't hit it...

Where the hell are you going?

Damn. Jay walking Iguana.
That's all we need now.

Gloria, you drive and I push, ok?

- Shit!

Come on.
Pat, get out and help.

Don't race it too much.

That's it. That's it.
Rock it.

Go. Go!

Ok hold it. That's it!

Score one for the good guys.

Oh shit.

Good boy Rudy. We got 1000s
of bottles of Whiskey.

Hey leave some for the troops!
I'll pretend it's

a mint tulip.

Don't move. Don't move.

It's alright now, princess.
You're still the fairest

to the land. Just kidding.

Looks like you're ready
for that drink.

Why couldn't we've made it
Acapulco instead of this

poisoned paradise?

All you would've found
there, would've been

white Widows!

All these trees!
Not even a trail anymore!

Oh, cut it out!

A little positive thinking
never hurt anyone.

So what do you wanna do?
Go on or go back?

There is nothing marked
on this map.

Nothing but swamp.

It's simple,
let's toss a coin!

For me it's no problem.
Either way,

I don't give a shit!

Ok. Head's we go on
and Tail's we give in.

Flip it.
- Ok!


Should've come
with a Hovercraft!

I wish I'd gone to Acapulco.

Hey, I think we're sinking!

Shit. The engine's blown.
There goes our transport.

Ok, Let's get everything
we can carry out before

it all goes under.

Yeah. Right.

Don't forget the whiskey.

You worry about the First Aid Kit
and the batteries.

And I'll get the rest.

I hate to see it all go
down the drain because

a jeep gets stuck!

Now we have 2 options:
One we turn back.

Paraguay is a
3 or 4 day hike.

Or we hove it to the river
assuming we can find it.

Does it make a difference?

No. I mean either way
we gotta hike so move ahead.

You never know, we may run
into somebody to

hitch a ride from.

Or better yet, even stumble
on your blessed village and

kill two parrots with
one cracker!

Stay where you are.

How disgusting.

Let's get out of here.
I've got a bad feeling!

Rudy! Rudy wake up!

What's happening?

An Anaconda!

Oh poor little thing!

Forget it Gloria.

There's nothing you can do!

That might have been
one of us.

How much longer
we got to go?

I've had it.
Oh my poor feet!

Oh, come on.
Think positive!

The river can't
be too far now.

Come on. This way!

Oh my god.

I wanna get out of here.
Get out of here! I want out.

Stop it.

You'll only make it worse.

Stop it!

I'm going crazy,
I can't, I can't!

That's enough.

Cut it out!

Help us. Help us.

Quickly gimme a hand with
him and let's move.

Who are you guys?
What happened?

Cannibals. They attacked us.

We gotta get out of here.

Come on!

Pat. Get my gear.

The Manyoca River is
less than 2 miles away.

If we can make it, we'll be okay

Feeling better now?

Yeah thanks.

Only a swallow, ok? Ok!

Last bottle we got left!

Yeah, we're from
New York too.

My name is Mike.
Mike Logan.

The asshole there is Joe.

A born loser!

Unlucky, he? Uh-hum.

Just a fuck-up!

Want some.

No. I don't drink.

This here is my speed!


Want some?

Snow is bottom line.

It doesn't break you down.

No needles, no horseshit
and you feel real.

You haven't told us yet,
what you were doing

in that clearing.

What happened to you?

Right, it isn't like we met
in Rockefeller Center, is it?

Had a bad trip,
didn't we Joe?

We came down here about a
month ago. From Tenuyo.

We hopped on down the
Paraguay to stock up

on snow.

And that's where we
met this guy!


Oh, A Portuguese.

Emerald prospector.

Soares was his name.

A good looking guy.

About 30.

Been down here for years.

So I got this idea.

Why not join up with him,
I said to Joe.

We'll all go into
business together.

Emeralds and Cocaine.

Can't miss me.


How'd you get out here?

We travelled upstream to

Started panning the riverbed,
all three of us.

That Portuguese was real
sharp. Then a week ago...

What happened?

A week ago, just as when
we were zeroing in what

looked like a rich vein,

we began to notice that
they were there, hanging

around in the bushes...

Listen, Mike!

Shut up asshole.

I wanted to turn back but
Soares said they were


Anyway one night they
suddenly jumped us three.

Took us prisoner and
dragged us off to

that damned village.

It's 10 miles away from
here. Maybe less, who knows.

It was a bad bad scene.

But, how can you be so
sure they were cannibals?

Maybe they were only primitives

Oh yeah, twat?

Then listen to what your
primitives did to us!

When we got to that damn
village, they shut us up in

a bamboo cage. Stuck in
a stinking mud hole.

Infested with 3 inch
long bloodsuckers.

We had dozens all over
us in minutes.

You wanna know how much
blood we lost?

The Portugese got the
worst of it.

God knows why, but they
seemed to hate him with

a passion.

They tied him to a stake
in the middle of

the village.

And then...

Go on Mike!

...and then

they castrated him with a
machete, and then they ate

his genitals...

No Mike damn it. Stop it.

That's enough.

It doesn't matter.

It's been done.

Ok. Ok, Joe. The main thing
is that we got out of it.

We managed to escape with
the help of those two poor

bastards back there.

You saw them, didn't you?

They tied him to a stake
and they castrated him

with a machete and then
they ate his genitals.

Cannibalism as an organized
practice of human society

does not exist.

Don't you ever get bored
playing with your





Hey what's up?

Gloria has disappeared,
we gotta do something.

She can't be far.

Calm down.

Joe, wake up!

I'm awake!

We gotta try to find Gloria.

Now you go with Rudy and
try to keep out of the

heavy brush as much
as possible.

I'll search along the
riverbed with Pat.

Wait a minute.

I got no weapons, Mike!

Rudy has got his machete.

Now get going.

Pat. Come on!



Oh Christ.

A village.

Listen, let's turn back.

If they catch us,
they'll tear us to pieces.

Looks like there's
no one there?

Maybe they're all gone?

Wait for me here!

Don't be crazy, Rudy!

They'll kill you,
they'll kill you!

Let's get out of here.

Look. Please!

That's the Portugese?

Yeah. But let's go.

Let's get out of here!

Gloria! Where are you?

Shh. Listen.

Help. Help.

Gloria, are you alright?

Oh God. Help me Mike.

Help me please!

Don't move.

Don't move.

Alright, alright. It's all over.

Come on.
Don't just stand there.

Give me a little help.

Oh my God. Did you have
to torture it that way?

What you get off on
ecology, huh twat?

You're out of your mind.

You scared the pants
off of all of us.

How did you fall into
that damn hole?

I've got no idea.

I wanted to go and have a
wash in the river and the

ground just gave
way under me...

And you were damn lucky.

The Indios usually plant a
poisoned shag pile of

bamboo stakes in
their traps.

Where are the others?

Haven't you had enough yet?

There's something,
I can't figure out!

What's that?

I don't know, but how come
all the younger indios have

left the village and when
we go near those old ones

over there.

Why do they act so scared?

I told you the whole story.

How could they not be
uptight after what happened?

Yeah. Yeah maybe
it's like you say.

But they seem scared of us.

Of our white skin.

As if we were gonna do
something to them.

Should be the other
way around.

Oh come on.
Cut it with this drivel.


I'd say Gloria's question
has been well answered.

Is this sufficient?

Is this what you
wanted to know?

Yes. Let's turn back.

The sooner the better.

Joe. Joe.

Oh Christ. He's fainted.

Here, make him drink.

He is really sick.

I've got some cormen
in the first aid kit!

Pulse rate is very weak.


Help me get him in the shade.

Burning. Burning up.

Do something.

Now take it easy.

Be patient.

You'll feel better
tomorrow, you'll see.

Here. Let me give
him a sip of water.

Pus is forming
in the wounds.

I am afraid
of blood poisoning.

What are we going to do now?

Give him all the
antibiotics you've got left

and let's leave him here.

Better only one
of us buys it right.

We can build a stretcher
and take him with us.


We wouldn't get 3 miles and
it would be useless anyway.

Then we'll wait here
until he can walk again.

Listen, twat.

I can probably make
it on my own.

But I like you kids so I'll
stay with you and we'll

sink or swim together.

Now I've got 4 slugs in
this thing still no use

against the cannibals
but enough for us.

If they come back.

Bang! That's it. Agreed?


Give me just a little more.

It's fantastic.

What do you do
in the big apple?

I was working in a motel to
pay my way through college

a shitty 160 a week to
clerk nights in the Bronx.

On your toes from dusk
till dawn.

6 Nights a week.

What a shuffle for me.

No extras?

Oh. A little now and then.

When we get some fellow
with a briefcase

full of bread.

That didn't take much
effort, did it?

Oh, macho attitude.

Red neck dudes
are really a pain.

Instead of screwing,
Wilbur sits around all

night and complains to you
about his dingy old lady

and his tax returns.

Real assholes!

Wanna know something?

Had you nailed down
the minute I saw you!

Oh you did? What,
that I'm being a whore?

All the way!

A hot pussy little whore,
who arrived down here

looking for freedom.

A victim of puritanical
breeding, seeking release

for a strange new feeling.

Hey. How would you like
to make an Indio Girl?

There they are!

They've been playing with
that tortoise since

early morning.

Let's give them a surprise.
- Ok!

Watch him.

Hold it.

She's a virgin.

If I ever saw one.

Just like me. I imagine.

Now hold still
you little bitch.

Now you try anything and
I'll cut your throat out.

We only wanna have
some fun, you see.

We'll be doing it.
Just hold still.

What are you waiting
for, Pat? Come on.

Enjoy! Make her scream.

Don't be shy.

She's all yours.

Go ahead, Pat.

She's only a filthy
little cannibal.

Cut her. Don't be afraid.

Come on.

Let's see some blood.

Diana... Diana... Diana...
Diana... Diana...

Shut up.

Or I'll blow your mouth out
the other side of your head.


You didn't have to do that!

Why'd you kill her,
you bastard?

Get off my case

Get out of here.

Get up, run!

Come on!

Don't try it again or you'll
end up like her, understand?

Rudy! Rudy!


What's the matter?

It's Joe.
He's had a relapse.

His fever is very high and
he's having difficulty


The infection is spreading.

Did you give him any pills?

The cormen is all finished.

All we have left
is a little quionite.

What you need is
more antibiotics.

But it's probably
too late now.

Anyway, you know what
the indios call

Blood Poisoning?

The sickness within
the sickness.

If one of them happens to
get it, they separate him

from the others
and let him die.

And crows arrive to
keep the guy company.

Hundreds of 'em.

Shrieking and cawing and
biding time until they...

Come on. Drop it, will you?


There is the root
of a plant.

The Sokaney.

It can bring fever down.

I'll go look
around for some.

Be back before dark.

What happened down
at the river?

I heard a shot!

He killed a young indio girl.

I don't know why!

But one thing is for sure.

I wouldn't put anything
past that bastard.

Get me out of here, get
me out of this swamp Joe.

It's full of piranhas.

Calm down, calm down.

Why don't you
get some sleep?

No. I couldn't sleep.

We've been two dummies,
haven't we, Rudy?

What a waste of vacation.

And maybe our lives too?


No... I don't wanna die.

Don't leave me here to die!
Don't leave me here...

Come on Joe, don't worry.

Joe, we're going to take
you with us. I promise.

Now just be good, ha?

Listen, Gloria.

There is something
I gotta tell you!

You can tell us tomorrow.

Calm down

No. I have to tell
you about it. Listen.

None of that story is true
what Mike said

about the cannibals.

What do you mean.

That what he told you
is a lot of bad shit.

But we all saw the
Portugese tied to the stake!

You saw an
unrecognizable corpse.

Now listen to me.

You're gonna
hear everything.

There never was any
Portugese named Soares.

He was just an Indio
that we met in Paraguay.

He was a real smart dude.

Mike nicknamed him an
Portugese coz he could

speak a few words
of the language.

Mike and I had to split
from New York in a hurry

cause we pulled a sting at
a couple of

Brooklyn Horsemen.

We came down here planning
to prospect for emeralds.

Mike had got this fixation.

He kept pumping the Indio
about where we could

find some.

And finally he gave us the
information we wanted.

At a place called Manyoca
there was a river

full of stones.

He'd found a lot
of them there himself.

When Mike asked for proof,
he pulled out

three uncut emeralds.

Anyway we took off the next
morning with the Indio

as our guide.

The idea was to rip him off,
swipe all the Emeralds

he'd already found.

We figured he must've had a
big pile of them

hidden some place.

Most likely in
his home village.

Mike had me really going.

All I could think about was,
that I was gonna be rich.

We would hit when
the time was right.

Fast and final.

We panned a gravel at the
Manyoca River Bed for over

a week with the help of
some local indios.

Man, we must've sifted
through a hundred tons

of that silt.

But we didn't find
a single gem.

One morning, while the
Indios were all hard at it,

the Portugese and his buddy
sure weren't expecting it.

They thought white men were
all fair and honest.

We made them take us
to the village.

It was all going easier
than we thought.

All the young bucks were
off somewhere fishing and

most of the women ran
away into the jungle.

Just those with babies
and a bunch of old fogies

were all that was left.

First thing Mike did,
was take the guy's three

emeralds off him.

Then he began torturing him
to make him tell where

he'd stashed the rest.

The Portugese kept
screaming that he only had

those three stones.

That Mike kill him if
he didn't believe him.

But Mike had a better idea.

With all that cocaine
he was on, Mike went

completely crazy.

He seemed to get a
perverted kick out of

making that poor
son of a bitch suffer.

I couldn't take anymore
of that butchery.

I tried to make him stop
but Mike just got more and

more hysterical and
pushed me away.


he moaned and groaned
all night long but

he didn't die until
the next morning.

God, how he suffered.

We couldn't stay
in the village any longer.

We had to get out of there
before the younger men came

back from their fishing.

Mike decided to
take along a hostage.

Someone who could also
guide us back

from the jungle.

Well, after we made
maybe a mile that

son of a bitch trap there
came down and got the girl.

Then this warrior charged
out like a maniac but

Mike is a tough customer.

Yeah. It was Mike who
killed the guy.

But before Mike got him,
he shoved his pig sticker

into me and you showed up
right after that.

But then, the cannibals...

This is absurd. It's crazy!

I thought
it was a little fishy.

I knew it!

Just looking at
those old men out there.

The fear and the hate
in their eyes.

He must be totally insane.

With what he's done,
he has driven them right

back to the
level of animals.

Oh god,
they are so exagerated.

God only knows what
they'll do to us

if they catch us.

And worse.

They're sure not
gonna split any hairs.

We'll all pay for this.

Guilty or not!

We have to
get away from him.


And get Pat away from him.

God damn it. Where is Pat?

They've gone!

And they've took
everything with them.

My camera, the First Aid Kit,
the compass, everything.

And the 5000 Dollars
I kept with the map.

Pat! How could
she do this to us?

Leaving us here alone.

With Joe in there dying.

Mike sucked her in.

Pat is a doormat.

Totally insecure.

Oh god, I thought
I knew her.

It's all our fault.

We should never have
brought her along.

She seemed to easy going.

Like she could
handle herself.

Anyway. Spilled milk
is spilled milk.

Oh Rudy. Rudy I can't.

Come on now, sis.

Don't make it worse.

After all Stanley found
what's his name, didn't he?

It's a round world.

You can'tjust fall off.

Come on.

Let's start with the visit
to a legendary Opium Den.

The House of Ming.

This way please.

Let's move it along.

This way.

Move along.

We're running late.

Come on.

That's her. There.

Now then.

The house of Ming
dates from 1867...

Excuse me, Miss.

Are you Mirna Stann?

Yes. Why?

Lieutenant Liseu.
17th Precinct.

I'd like you
to come with me.

But I can't do that now!
I am working.

So am I!

How long have you been
living in that apartment

on McDougal Street?

About 1 year.

You live alone?

Most of the time.

Lately I've had a
temporary border.

A guy I've met in a bar.

Mike Logan?

How did you know?

It's not important.

Look what do you know
about Mike Logan?

Nothing much.

I'm not the nosy type
like you.

Yes. But if you live
with the man you gotta know

something about him, right?

Yeah. He's tall,
slim and nice, maybe a

little wild for my taste.

But what are you so
interested in Mike for?

Because the boy that was
murdered in your apartment

used to buy smack from
your dear friend Mike.

Come on. Where's he hiding.

I haven't the faintest idea.

I didn't even know about
what happened in my place.

I told you, I've been in
Vegas for the past 5 weeks.

When you picked me up
this morning we've

just gotten in.

Ok. Get back to work!

Madam, be careful. Ok?

And if you hear of anything
gimme a call.



I want you to put a tail
on that girl.

Around the clock, get me?

Yeah but that's
gonna cost a lot.

I don't care what it costs.

We get federal aid,
don't we?

Just do it.
- Alright.

Poor Joe.

What a waste.

You know in a way
Mike killed him too.

Who knows how
they met each other.

We know nothing about him.

Not even his last name.

They probably took
his passport as well.


Now we gotta
think about us.

Let's bury him
and get out of here.

I figured if we follow the
Manyoca River upstream,

there must be
other villages.

Let's go.
- Ok!

A rotten Papaya.

Do you know
what that means?

- A curse on us.

But Rudy. I'm scared.
It's too quiet here.

I know something
is gonna happen.

There is someone here.

Don't watch!

No! No!

I think I'm gonna be sick.
Get me out of here!

I think the river
is somewhere over there.

Maybe we're safe there.

Run! Go!

Throw down the knife Rudy.
It's better!

Rudy! Damn it.
Do something.

Pat! Pat!

Please Rudy!

Help me!

Let us out of here.

Cannibalism doesn't exist.
It has never existed!

Why did you
wanna meet out here?

Did Mike send you?

Where is Mike?

No way honey.

You know very well
where that son of a bitch

is and you're gonna tell us!

Come on Bitch.
Where is your stud?

I don't know where Mike is!

Wrong Answer!

Lay off me you bastard.

I don't know anything.
I swear it.

Come on! The Police!
Let's get out of here.

No. Please! No.

We'll get her later.

Are you alright, Miss Stann?

But how do you know my name?

I've been tailing you
for 3 days.

Aren't you honoured?

You could have ended up
on a slab also!

Then we have 2 murders
instead of 1.

Thanks to your
precious Mike Logan.

Look, why are you trying
to hide from me the fact.

That Mike was
your boy-friend.

Are all you girls
today so stupid?


6 Weeks ago, your precious
little Mike ripped off

a 100.000 Dollars from
a Brooklyn Mob and

they're all over the city

these days headhunting
for him.

That can't be.
6 Weeks ago, I was pregnant.

And Mike made me
get rid of it.

He said he was broke.

That with no security he'd
be damned if he

brought kids into the world.

Mike was loaded.
Too loaded.

Ok. Come on. Tell me.
Tell me where he is.

Up to 3 weeks ago
he was in Bogota,

in Columbia.

He called me one night and
said he was going

into the Amazon. Paraguay.

Yeah I think that was the
name of the place.

Wait here!


I want you to telex
Interpol in Bogota.

Put a tracer on
a Mike Logan.

Presumed to be in Paraguay.

You can get the
mud details from Ross.

Got it?

Hell all I've been doing
is telexing Bogota.

Last night about
three students who drove off

in their range rover

And now this Logan jerk.

How do you spell that

Don't worry how you
spell it, uh!

Just hurry it up!

What are they doing to him?

Corterizing the wound.

Otherwise he'd
bleed to death!

Will we be tortured
like that? Or be killed?

Where are they taking us?

I don't know!

I dropped my chain necklace
back in the village.

And also my sunglasses
and credit card!

Our only hope is
for someone to find them.

Only if someone notices
we disappeared.

If it's not
too late already.

Anyway, whenever we get
a chance one of us has to

make a break for it.

Try to find help.

We're gonna land. Listen!

I think I can make it.

No Rudy. Don't!
It's too dangerous.

We'll never get out
of this alive.

Can't lose anything
by trying.

Help me.
Distract their attention.

Just before we touch.

Yell like crazy and dump
yourself into the water.

Ok, sis?


Help Me. For god's sake.
Help me!

Do something.

Rudy! Oh please help him!




Are you hurt?

No it's nothing.

I don't wanna be killed.

I don't wanna be killed.

Help me Gloria. Help me!

Oh Pat. Don't cry Pat.

I'm so scared
- Calm down.

Water, Water!

Give me some water.
I am so thirsty. Please!

I'll kill you!


We'll just shrivel up
and die in here!

Damn fool.

What'd you say?

What a god damn fool I was.

Thinking I had to leave NY
to find the reasons behind


Do you realise, it's us,
the so called civilized people

who are responsible for
their cruelty...

That is not... us
and our superior society.

But that's completely nuts.

Violence breeds violence.

No Don't.
It could be Rudy's!

No. No Please I can't.
I can't take this anymore.

I can't take it anymore.
I want out of here.

I wanna get out!

No Pat. Don't cry dear.

Let's sing something.

Sing? Yes, sing.

To keep our spirits up and
show they can't

break us down.


Ah, I recognise this

He was here
about 3 weeks ago, madam,

with another blonde guy.

But now I don't know where
they could be,

but the others...

As I informed the consul
they left with the jeep

searching for the Manyoca river

I don't know more.

I understand, Sergeant

What did he say?

Mike Logan
and Joseph Castellani

did come through here.

And so did the others.

But he doesn't know
where they went.

Bad conversation, madam,

in Amazonas people ignore
the danger and sometimes

they pay with their lives.

I'm sorry.

What can we do?

this is a police matter.

You have to take
these children back,

right now!

Where... and how?

You don't have a helicopter?

A guide who knows the area?

Senorita don't worry.
We have the seaplane...

We'll bring them back


Yes sergeant

Order the seaplane,
we leave now


You hear that?
There is someone coming!

You got it? Yeah!

Mike! Pull us out.

Come on,
what are you waiting for?

No. Mike!

Why are you turning?

We're heading back.

They couldn't have
gotten beyond this point.

Jungle is too dense.

Hold on.

Let's make a last try
a little to the south.

Have you got
enough gas for that?


Help! Hey, I'm here.
Help me!

I'm down here. Come back.

Nothing. I think we're
wasting our time.

Wanna turn back to

No. Not yet!

I was dreaming
of our house.

Up in Butternut Hill.
In New Jersey.

And my old man was
standing there balling

and spying at me.

And he was saying:
Come here

and let daddy hold you.

You're forgiven Patricia!


On my 16th birthday
I took off with this Johnny.

It's been so long.

You know I haven't thought
about my dad for more

than 3 years. Since he died.

He was bedridden for months.

Didn't ask one word
about me.

You were very fond of him,
weren't you?


Don't hurt me, please!



No. No!

Look, there it is.
On the right.

Can you take us
down over there?

Have you got enough space?

I'll try. Hang on.

It was Davison's.
I recognize the plate!

Mr. Wilson.
I gave this watch to Mike.

I had his initials
engraved in the casing.

Can you talk to him?

See if he knows anything?

Ask him where he found
these things, could you?

What is it he's saying?

He said there were
five people in a canoe.

It was overturned
and they were all eaten

by crocodiles.

God in Heaven.

Then there is
nothing else to do.

Let's go back to Paraguay.

Oh God.
Please let her die soon.

Oh let her die soon.

And let me die soon too,


Don't die now.
No. Please. No!

Don't die!

Come on now, sis.

After all Stanley found
what's his name, didn't he?

It's a round world.
You can'tjust fall off.

You said we can get
over $500 for him?

Oh, at least.

Can't wait till I
get the fuck out of

this poisoned Paradise.

I'll fly right up to Acapulco
and Taiwan for 10 days.

That ain't no holler man.

No Monkey of any kind.

Hey, Jose.

Help me!

We are gathered here today
for a most happy event!

The awarding of a doctor's
degree in Anthropology

to Miss Gloria Davis.

We are overjoyed to have
Gloria back among us.

Our illustrious student
miraculously survived a

tragic accident that took
place just 3 months ago in

the Amazon jungle.

She went down to that
god forsaken area out of

her love for science.

To collaborate first hand
her doctoral dissertation:

Cannibalism: End of a Myth.

With her were her brother
Rudolph acting as

research assistant and
three other courageous


All of whom lost their
lives when their

canoe capsized.

To these daring young
adventurers whose spirits

are with us here today, I'm sure

go our heart felt
appreciation and

professional applause.

Gloria has understandably
decided to refrain from

recounting her
harrowing ordeal.

But what matters
is the fact, that she

brought back confirmation of
the correctness of her theory

Thus contributing to the
destruction of a cruel myth:

The notion that man eats man.

She has demonstrated in some

that Anthropophagi
does not exist.

Thus it is with great pride
in the name of this institute

that I bestow upon
Gloria Davis

the academic title of

Doctor of Sciences
and Anthropology

with an honourable mention

in the form of this
gold medal.