Caniba (2017) - full transcript

Caniba is a film that reflects on the discomforting significance of cannibalistic desire in human existence through the prism of one man, Issei Sagawa, and his mysterious relationship with his brother, Jun.

Suck it up. Slurp. Slurp.

Suck up.

Suck it up!

A bit fell out.

It's my fantasy.

As painful as
possible. Pain. Pain.

No pain.


I can't explain it.

It's just my fantasy.

But I can't be precise.

I haven't planned
out all the details.

I want to be eaten by Renée.

People must think I am mad.

It's because I ate Renée.

I know I'm crazy.

I think mad.



A calm mind

and sexual


I couldn't contain myself


that peace.

I tried to make myself believe

it was her body.

In vain.

I wish I could have been


I have


Words that can

digest that.

Because I

I killed

my victim.

Cannibalism is really

very much

nourished by fetishistic desire.

The desire to lick
the lips of your lover

and things like that

are based on primal urges.

Cannibalism is just
an extension of that.

I want to suppress my feelings.

I want to lock
them up in softness.

That's how I feel.

That's not enough
of an explanation.



I like Disney.

Those kind

of tender


Let me add something.

In our family our
parents had doggies.

We were influenced
by our parents.

Disney, a dreamlike
world, stuffed animals.

We inherited these
from our parents.

This is all in juxtaposition
with the horror.

Both extremes exist within him.

He is formed like that.

It is the only way I can say it.

Cannibalism is a totally
different world for him.

Isn't it?

He is drawing the line.

We grew up in a world like this,

so I relate to it.

But I can't understand
cannibalism at all.

Things we have in
common are cute animals,

the world of paintings,

we think Renoir is beautiful.

That's our common ground.

It's too hard to eat
someone who's alive, right?

It would be hard

because she would die
when you eat her, no?

I thought so.

But if you just bite off
a small part of meat,

you could, right?

But that wouldn't satisfy you?

It would satisfy me.

It wouldn't?

It would.

So it would have been
enough, but you couldn't stop?


You really thought
you had to kill.

If you had consulted me

I could have told you that

there are women in this world...

Maybe there's a woman who
would be happy to be eaten

without dying.

But it's too late now I guess.

My mother wanted
me to be Catholic.

But not me.

I have no right to be Catholic.

I'm too dirt.


Mother fell down some
stairs in a department store

and had a miscarriage.

A lot of blood and
flesh came out of her.

It felt like part
of my own body.

It was after I was born.

I felt like the fetus.

Mother told me
about it in vivid detail.

It was my torso.

My heart.


I was scared, scared,
scared of losing myself.


I was scared.

I'm scared.

I'm scared I'm going to die.

I'm scared of people dying.

Renée died and experienced it.

She must have been
more scared than you.

You didn't die.

Do you ever think about that?

Can I have some chocolate?


What? Chocolate?

You're changing the subject.

"Chokotto" (a little bit)?


Yesterday's good
chocolate is all gone.

We have some Meiji
chocolate, but not Morinaga.

Right now, you want
some chocolate?

It's disappointing.

It was such a crucial
point in the conversation.

I was disappointed I didn't die.

What? Disappointed?

I was a bit disappointed.
I thought I could die.

You thought you could die.

No, yes, no, yes,
I still want to live.

Which is it?

Left foot.

I don't care if
he hits his head.

It happens all the time.

He's hit his head at
least a hundred times.

He'll have a MRI
soon, so we'll find out.

Who knows what his
brain looks like now.

I gave this to him to console him
when he came back from France.

Mr. Beaver.

Let's put Mr. Beaver here.

A lot of pee is coming out.

I can't pee any more.

I'm coming.

Thank God!

I'm tired.

I had no idea you
were doing that.

I would like to see it.

I don't think you
want me to see it.

No. Not really.

When I was drawing the manga

my body moved naturally.

I was writing in all directions.





Move, move, move, move, move.


The size of urge, like a wave.

June 11, 1981, 3:32 pm.

Holding the rifle
over the shoulder.

Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky.

A pale face.


Overflowing blood.

Slither, slither, slither.

Were these all your ideas?

You drew the pictures?


I tried to get her naked

it was quite difficult.

I wanted to eat her
butt more than anything.

Scary. Disgusting.

I turned over

her heavy dead body.

But then...

Sticking out of her crotch.

A tampon!

The smell is way
beyond my fantasy.



White person.


The first time I was
attracted to white women

was when I saw Grace
Kelly in "High Noon."

Her profile.

For a hideous person like me

she was out of reach.

This doesn't look like her.

Probably just as well.

When I first saw her her figure

she was everything for me!

The fantasy bred
fantasy upon fantasy.

Let's eat Renée!

That's how it began.

Finally the thing I
was craving to eat

was right in front of me!

The stench doesn't matter!

What a sexually
attractive angle!

I started with the richest
part of her right buttock.

Where the best meat was.

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

She isn't breathing
any more, is she?

This is after she died, right?

This is so cruel.

I can't stomach this any more.

It's too much.

I can't believe you drew
someone you actually killed.

You actually wanted
to draw all this?

I don't know.

An historical moment!

I can't understand you any more.

I saw an illusion.

This is when she
was alive, isn't it?

My flesh and her
flesh are intermingled.

I want to eat her thigh.

I really can't go on with this.

I feel like throwing up.

I don't want to see this at all.

I'm telling you, I
can't stomach this.

It's not fun.

Comic books should
be fun, don't you think?

You're supposed to
draw something fun.

Or that would make you laugh.

But you can't laugh at this.

Some people must
like this kind of thing.

Nothing I can do about that.

That's their problem.

You thought this was good
when you were drawing it?

Not really.

Then why did you draw it?

They made you do it?
You couldn't say no?

I just had an urge to draw.

So you did have an urge?

I can't tell what to believe.

Blood! Blood! Blood!

You drew all this to
keep your memory alive?

Not really.


Why then?

But this is unbelievably real.

I can't stand this.

I'm done with this.

I can't look at this any more.


This shouldn't even
have been published.

You're right.


Why did you even
publish it then?

It's a piece of shit.

Beautiful sunset!

I guess people who like
this can go ahead and read it.

I really hate it.

I really hate dirty
manga, like Nemoto-san's.

Beauty, like Miyazaki
and Disney's,

is soothing when you look at it.

Instead of comforting,

this makes me want
to seriously puke.

That's it. Enough.

No thank you.

I've had it.

It's finished.

It's finished.

It's finished.

C'est fini?

That's the end.

I don't want to see any more.

There's no reason to make this.

I can't pretend I enjoyed it.

Your novels like
Géka are well written.

But there's no
reason to publish this.

It's wrong for it to
be out in the world.

I don't see how
anybody could enjoy it.

It's a piece of shit.

Because of this

Brother's reputation
will be ruined.

We two really
grew up like twins.

We look so cute.

It looks like I'm
riding a tricycle.

But it's really not moving.

My legs weren't strong enough.

I couldn't peddle.

I can't stop.

I get wet down there.

I have to change my
underpants sometimes.

But I don't ejaculate.

I try all different ways

to find the perfect pain.

This is not fun yet.

I want my blood just to

drip and drip and drip.

My brother and I
have this in common,

but I wouldn't actually eat.

Can I show you some video?

Here I taped a firework to my
arm and lit it in the bathroom.

This I sent to a video company and
asked if they could do it to a woman.

But I was too extreme for them.
But I was too extreme for them.

I was upset.

Sometimes I also use
candles to feel good.

This candle is for family
altars. It's pretty hot

S&M candles aren't
hot enough for me.

They have to be altar candles.

My arm is like my sexual organ.

It feels good when I rub it.

So my penis is...

I wonder if it pierced through.

I've been doing this
since I was three.

I've been scarring myself
like this for 60 years now.

Everything is imprinted
in the root of my arm.

A strange, strange perversion.

I'll probably die not knowing why I have
it. Or if there is anyone else like me.

You had no idea I was
doing this to myself?

You didn't react at all
when I just told you?

That's pretty impressive.

You don't care.

I don't either.

You didn't feel anything?

You weren't impressed?

I guess you wouldn't be.


There you have it.

That's troubling.

Not really, not really.

Compared to you, my
condition isn't a big deal.

That's true.

But when I just told you,
weren't you shocked at all?

I guess it's not a big
deal compared to you.

It took me a lot of
courage to tell you.

I realize that.


It was time to tell you.


Have crazy


Whatever you do, Brother,

pales in comparison.

But when I just told you,
weren't you shocked?

I guess I'm not
qualified enough for you.

I mean nothing to you.

Uh huh.

I can only live because
I have you here, Brother.

I can't believe I have
a brother like you.

After the incident I
asked you, Brother,

does the person you
eat have to be a woman?

How about a man?

As your brother,
could you eat me?

Whenever we fight, we
never totally make up.

We leave it vague.

We fight a lot.

He broke my cello.

He tried to kill me once too.

If we apologized we
would fight even more.

You love your lunch,
and eating sweets.

You eat a lot.

My friend told me
you will live a long life.

Much longer than me.

I was shocked. I
couldn't say a word.

I want to be gone
soon. It's too much work.

I wonder what it would
be like if I'm gone.

Who's going to take care of you?

I'm worried.

A carer couldn't
do everything I do.

I'm really worried about
your health, Brother.

Thankfully it's just
my eye, for now.

Maybe we'll both
live to a hundred.

I don't want to live that long.

Not that long, no?

I want to say
farewell a little earlier.

So don't eat so much.

Otherwise, you'll
keep on living.

Anything else you
would like to eat?

Pain au chocolat?

Here you go.

Maybe more
chocolate around here.

Would you like some water?

Are you OK?

Go on.

You could stand up!

One more step.

You're a bit crooked.

Are you feeling
okay, Mr. Sagawa?

I'm fine.

Doesn't this doggie have a name?

It's a cow.

What? A cow?

If you say it's a cow
then I guess it's a cow.

I'm starting to think
it must be a cow.

There's a doggie
with a sweater on.

The doggie who hates being cold.

I used to wear this cute
maid outfit more often.

Nowadays I usually
wear a more adult one.

Have you ever
wanted to do cosplay?

You want to play a zombie?

What about Dracula?

That could be good.

With big teeth...

I should dress you as a
zombie and walk you around.

That would look good.

I can't believe this.

I'm really happy.

I feel happy.

It's a miracle.

Can you hear me?

Like a miracle.

I feel there has been a miracle.

Someone so beautiful, like you,

taking care of me.

It is nothing but a miracle.

I played a zombie last year.

You couldn't tell who I was.

It was a sad little story.

How did it go?

There was a mountain.

A legend says that
in the mountain,

you can bring the
dead back to life.


a girl lost her beloved dog

and she takes her dog
to the legendary mountain

hoping to bring it back to life.

She buries the dog.

But an old man turns up.

She goes to the old man's home.

And there is a zombie there.

I am the zombie. I have to
eat human flesh to survive.

I'm married to the old man.

The old man was
saddened by my death,

and he wanted to
bring me back to life.

But he couldn't bring
me back as I was.

Only as a zombie.


for the zombie to survive, I
have to keep eating live humans.

I became a different creature,
the old man's wife whom he loved.

I'm just alive and violent.

My arms and legs
are always chained.

So I can't go anywhere.

I'm just eating flesh.


one day I eat the girl's
flesh, and my chains come off.

I am suddenly free from the
chains, and I kill and eat the old man.

And for the first
time in decades

I go to the outside world.

That day it was snowing
for real. It was quite terrible.

We had maybe a meter of snow.

I come out in the snow, with my broken
chains, for the first time in a while.

I let out a scream
in this free world.

I am free and walking
through the snow.

Then the girl's cute doggie
comes back to life as a zombie.

I'm also a zombie
with a sad fate.

I'm alive, but I can't
be with normal humans.

This is a miracle.