Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (1995) - full transcript

The Candyman moves on to New Orleans and starts his horrific murders once more. This time, his intended victim is a school teacher. Her father was killed by the Candyman, and brother wrongly accused of the murders

He died for love.

Born just after the Civil War,
Daniel Robitaille was the son of slaves,

an artist by trade.

A wealthy landowner commissioned him
to paint the portrait of his daughter.

They fell in love. She became pregnant.

Her father had his thugs chase
the poor man through the town.

When they caught him, they sawed off
his right hand with a rusty blade.

A nearby beehive was raided,

and the honeycomb smeared
over his bleeding, mutilated body.

The crowd that had gathered
fled as the bees came for him.

He died for love.

His resurrection began as rumor,
and grew into myth.

Say his name five times
in the mirror and he would appear.

A hook had replaced his severed hand.

Sorrow and hate fill his eyes.
Bees buzz about his lips.

The myth has traveled
from place to place,

taking root in the most desperate areas.

Even here, in New Orleans,

murders have been
committed in his name.

Yes, but is he real?

Cabrini Green, Chicago, 1992.

Helen Lyle becomes
so obsessed by the myth

that she takes on
the persona of Candyman,

killing her victims with a hook.

Cabrini residents believe
she was the Candyman.

- What about you, Doctor Purcell?
- Do I believe in Candyman?

I believe in the myth.

But the fact?
The flesh and blood? No.

- I'm afraid not.
- Prove it.






Well, that is a relief.

My publisher would never have
forgiven me. Imagine the headlines:

"Cambridge Scholar Eviscerated
with Hook on Book Tour."

Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like you
to meet our Candyman, Peter.

Oh, I'm sorry. These streets
have got me all turned around.

We were a little shy back there, were we?

- It's a gift?
- "To Ethan".

Ethan Tarrant.

Ethan, I'm sorry about
what happened to your father.

- He came to you for help.
- Have you any idea

- how many people contact me?
- My father wasn't a crackpot.

I'm not saying he was.

You told him there was no Candyman.

You told him to say the name...
and now he's dead.

Look, Ethan, I've seen this happen before.
People get sucked into the myth.

There's no myth.
Daniel Robitaille was real.

Daniel Robitaille has been dead
and buried for a very long time.

He's here.

You called him.

I'm sorry. I can't help you.

You're next, Purcell.

- Groin to gullet.
- You're as crazy as your father was.

Give me a shot of single malt.

Fucking murderer!


Get him the fuck outta here!

You're next, Purcell.

Get out!

It's... my book.


Are you with me, New Orleans?

Do ya hear me? This is the Kingfish
coming to you at 96.2 FM.

Anointed and appointed.

Just three more days, Crescent City,

three days until Lent.

So let's have it, the merriment
before the penance,

and the feast before the fast.

The Kingfish gonna keep
y'all company all the way down.

Hey, brothers and sisters, y'all know
what "carnival" means in Latin?

Well, the Kingfish went to the good
schools, so he can tell you all about it.

"Carnival: farewell to the flesh."

That's what it means.
I like that a lot. "Farewell to the flesh."

Yeah, you right.

And farewell to all that floodin',
as far as I'm concerned.

That's right. Look at it.

The banks of the mighty Mississippi
are ready to spill their seed.

Just look at that sky out there.

It's ready to rain on us again.

And the clouds?
Well, now, brothers and sisters,

they're not the only thing
threatenin' the Crescent City.

We're talking murder, mes amis.

Cos so we've heard before,
the hook man, kerchunk.

So when you pull on your costume
and turn to admire yourself in the mirror,

please keep those lips locked tight.

Do not call his name.

Is he always so angry?

Guess so.

- And why do you think that is?
- Cos he's been hurt.

"Cos he's been hurt"!

Who hurt him, Matthew?

- Everyone.
- Hey, Annie. Look.

Come here.

- If you stay there, I can paint you too.
- Ever tried using paper, Liz?

No way. I hate paper.
There's nothing on it.

But that's why it needs you to fill it up.
Besides, you can't keep a mirror, darlin'.

Why not? It's not going anywhere.

- It's your brother.
- It's a couple of days till Mardi Gras.

- I said I'd get them plaster of Paris.
- I know, for their mask.

Annie, if there's one thing these kids
understand, it's taking care of themselves.

They'll be fine.

- I'll be back in the morning.
- Just go.

Hey, Pam.

You movin' in here, or what?


No, let's go.

- Howdy, Miss Tarrant.
- Hi, Greg.

- Aren't you ready yet?
- Oh! Lord, I hate that thing.

- Then why leave it on all the time?
- Annie, please. Don't start with me.

- Mother, what did Ethan say?
- Well, he barely even spoke to me.

He only wants to see you. Oh, Annie.

I mean, murder.

- Hello, Mrs. Tarrant.
- Is that what you call a speedy response?

- Pardon me, ma'am?
- I set that alarm off 45 seconds ago.

Ma'am, we try to respond as fast
as we can. But we do need a codeword.

Oh, I'll give you a codeword.

- "Dickhead".
- Mother.

When you reach my age, Annie,
you can say whatever the hell you want.

Does Dr. Lewis let you drink?

Dr. Lewis thinks I'm dyin' of cancer.

Says it doesn't
make a difference what I do.

We'll get that taken in.

You know the only thing I regret?

I never had a chance
to grow out the Grey.

I can tell you the exact day I got ill.

It was the day your father died.

- Stay back. Stand back.
- Can you comment on your son's arrest?

Just stay back!

Paul! Paul, just help my mother!

- Excuse me!
- Give us a comment!

Here you go, Octavia.
A cup of java with all the fixings.

It's the chicory in it.
It helps settle my stomach.

You are a life-saver, Paul.

He'll make a great father someday.

Course, I'll be food
for the worms by then.

I'd like a winter funeral...
especially with this climate.

Mrs. Tarrant? Ma'am.

- Maybe I should see him alone first.
- Yes, maybe that'd be best.

I wouldn't want to upset him.

We'll go to the cafeteria.
I hear the gumbo is good and hot.

Hey! My guardian angel.

- How are you?
- I've been better.

How's Mom?

She's coping.

- Do you want me to call the dean?
- There's... there's no need.

- He kicked me out three months ago.
- What?

Come on, Annie. Law school
was Dad's dream, not mine.

- I hated the classes, the teachers...
- The bar-hopping in the Quarter.

Just tell me what happened last night.

This asshole sat down
and he ordered a drink.

He started chewin' on his ice...

You're full of shit, Ethan,
and you know it!

What happened?

- You're not supposed to be in here.
- The guy's a fuckin' freak.

- Too much inbreeding, if you ask me.
- Rules, Ray.

Think I'll let some country-club
pissant slip through our fingers?

The boy is getting sloppy.

The first three victims were John Does.

Until number four: Mr. Coleman Tarrant.

- Murdered like all the rest.
- And guess who found Daddy's body?

None other than young Ethan.

What is going on?
Are you protecting someone?

Am I protecting someone?

- I'll call Clay McPherson and...
- No, no, no.

- No lawyers.
- Family has some friends.

Can't help him now.

I knew kids like him in school.

Always thought
they were better than me,

cos they lived in some fucking
mansion up on Esplanade Avenue.

You can't charm your way out of
this one. We're talking about murder.

Don't you get it, Annie? I did it.
I confessed. End of story.

Looks like I'm gonna be enjoyin'
Mardi Gras with my husband after all.

I know what this is about.

- Really?
- Sometimes people wanna be punished,

even when they've done nothing wrong.

You didn't kill Dad, Ethan.

You were just in the house that night.

- This has nothing to do with Dad.
- I think it does.

- Well, drop it anyway.
- What did you see?

- Leave it alone.
- Ethan!

I said, leave it alone!

- Damn!
- Time's up.

- I'm gonna find out what happened.
- No! No!

I'm sorry, Miss Tarrant,
but this is an open-and-shut case.

- He hasn't even hired an attorney yet.
- Your brother made a full confession.

What kind of evidence do you have?
There's no weapon, no blood on him.

- People heard him threaten the victim.
- That doesn't mean he killed him.

Look, we're talking about more
than Dr. Purcell's murder here.

What are you saying?

It's possible that Ethan was involved
in your father's death as well.

They were killed in exactly the same way.

This is insane.
My brother worshipped our father.

You have no idea what he's been through.
Find yourself another scapegoat.

My brother didn't do this.

We'll see.

This is going out to the man
with the hook. Hey, man, chill.

Relax. Have some gumbo or somethin'.

Even the Kingfish know
when to draw the line.

Going somewhere, Ben?

- Oh, yeah. I got to do the do.
- Oh, oh. He's got to do the do.

Hey, what's the matter?
You don't like my cooking?

- That too hot for you?
- I'm not hungry.

You're a lightweight.

Do you think a family can be cursed?

When we were growing up, we thought
we were the luckiest kids in the world.

Ethan was so smart.

Daddy thought he'd be the first
Tarrant in the Supreme Court.

But when he died,

there was this... cloud.

Annie. Annie!

You gotta start thinkin'
of the good things in life.

You got a whole classroom full of kids
who give a damn because of you.

Plus, you got a stud-muffin for a husband.

At least, your mama thinks so.

- Whaddaya say we get outta here?
- Thought you'd never ask.

Hey! Get the hell outta here!

Goddamn tourist.

Gotta do the do.

- Jesus!
- I'm sorry. I thought you heard me.

It's lookin' good.

I just can't seem to finish it.

The happy family.

We'll do better. I promise.

Daddy loved this house.

Even after we moved out,
he'd always drive us past it.

It was as if he was drawn to it.

Are you with me, Crescent City?
Do you feel it comin' on?

When the Catholic Church realized
they couldn't rid us of our pagan ways,

they invited...

- What's that for?
- Just in case.

That's a good idea, honey.


This explains a lot.

Paul, I haven't lived here for 13 years.


I don't think we're alone.

You scared the hell out of me.

Keep your fucking hands off my things.

Sorry. I didn't mean to get in your way.

Goddamn fool.

- Just like the others.
- Paul.

Annie, I was just explaining to Mr...

Look, we don't want to bother anyone.
We were just looking around.

You see, I used to live here.

I'm with her.

And I thought I'd met all your relatives.

No, no, no! Annie,
what are we looking for here?

- Something happened to Ethan that night.
- He found your father.

But it's more than that. Follow me.

This... was my bedroom.

Oh, this is nice.


You got the room with the view.

Those were the old slave quarters. Ethan
and I were never allowed to play there.

It happened in there.

- My God, are you OK?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Let's just get outta here, Annie.
- I'll be right back.

Hey! What are you doing?


Hey, come on, guys.

Come on.

Would you relax?

Let's go.

Annie, I really wish
you'd take the day off.

Right now, those kids are
the only thing that's keeping me sane.

- I love you.
- I love you too.

- I'll see you later.
- OK.

Guys, what's going on here?
Cut this out and stop fighting.

Boys... Liz, what's his name?

Stop this! Why are you doing this?

Drew, Matt, stop it!

- We were making masks...
- I'll take over from here.

Wait a second. Stop it.
What is the problem?

Matthew! Drew! Now stop it!

- What is going on?
- He started it.

- Liar.
- He did. Look.


What is it?

It's the Candyman. They killed him.

Listen, guys. There's
no such thing as a Candyman.

It's just a story, a really scary story. And
these come from Matthew's imagination.

- But what about all the murders?
- Well...

Sometimes there are people in this world
that do bad things. Horrible things.

When they don't get caught, we blame
imaginary monsters for their crimes.

But that's all the Candyman is.
An imaginary monster.

But he lives in the mirror.
That's how he gets ya, from the mirror.

Five times. If you say his name
five times, he's supposed to come.

You guys don't really
believe that, do you?

Well, I guess I'm just
gonna have to prove it, then.

Here goes.






You see? Nothing happened.

I can't believe
you actually did that.

It was the only way
I could convince them.

And maybe yourself?

- What does that mean?
- I think you know.


Are you ready for dessert?


Come on.

There are no monsters.


Do you need any help out there?

No, no, everything is fine, Annie.




I am the writing on the wall,

the whisper in the classroom.


I came for you.

Ready or not...


We have a journey to make,

you and I.

McKeever negotiates the steps,
saves the dessert. What a guy!

Annie, be with me.

You're mine.

Mardi Gras... every night's
like a full moon.

If you ask me, that family won
the jackpot in the shit sweepstakes.

Give it a rest, Ray.

Take your time.
Anything you can remember.

It was him.

Him? Who is "him"?

He just came out of the shadows.

He had this hook
that came out of his arm,

and bees were crawling out of his face.

Miss Tarrant, it is Mardi Gras. Now, if you
saw some kind of freak in a costume...

It wasn't a mask.

- He's real.
- Of course.

What about my brother?

There's no reason to think
your husband's murder...

That's bullshit and you know it.
He's innocent.

Well, if he is,

then that just leaves you, doesn't it?

Oh, Annie. Annie.

Oh, Mom. Oh, Mom.

Oh, thank heavens...

She's lyin'.

I'm here, honey.

We're almost home, honey.


- Do you think I'm crazy, too?
- Annie, don't talk like that.

Why did Daddy
go to the house that night?

- What did he know?
- Annie, please. You should rest.

Did he ever talk about him?
Did he ever mention the Candyman?

Just go to sleep.
That's what you need.

That's what we all need.

Today is the day, New Orleans.
It's Mardi Gras.

And time is already runnin' out.
When the clock strikes midnight,

when good ol' Comus greets Rex,

when the police on their horses
come to sweep us out of the Quarter,

it, mes amis, is histoire.

- Annie.
- No.

You brought me here.

You killed Paul.

Swallow your horror,
and let it nourish you.

Come with me,
and sing the song of misery.

Share my world,



Annie! It's all right. It's all right.
You were just dreamin'.

- Mother, I saw him.
- Annie, death is a return, you know.

We leave life just like we came in.


Naked, blind,
and covered in our own shit.

Oh, no, but not me.
I'm goin' in my prom dress.

The Lord knows it fits again.

You rest. I'll get that.

I don't care what they say.

Tell them she's ill. Tell them they
should be in school, for God's sake.

Who is it?

It's no one, Annie. Why don't you
just go back up to bed?

Send them up.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa. Wait a second.

Now, tell me exactly what happened.

All we know is that Matthew's gone.

He disappeared last night
and nobody knows where.

- The cops have been talkin' to everyone.
- They don't know a thing, but, what if?

Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Oh, yes.

Now you makin' me proud, New Orleans.

We are eatin' the meat raw.

I tell ya what. I'm not
goin' home till this is over.

I'm on the air full time.

Man, somebody bring me a hurricane.

Somebody find this Kingfish a woman.

Lent starts tomorrow, mes amis,
and me, I want somethin' tasty to give up.

- Who you lookin' for?
- I'm Matthew's teacher.

- I'm lookin' for his father.
- The Reverend's not seeing anyone.

- Please. I wanna help.
- Help?

We've had way too much of that already.

- Go on back to your classroom.
- You don't understand...

- We understand, all right.
- Understand what?

I always worried about him
being on the street after dark, but...

he didn't want his daddy taggin' along
when he went to buy his paints, so...

- like a fool, I let him go alone.
- What did the police say?

The police don't give a damn.

They figure, one less drug dealer
or potential murderer to worry about.

- But they don't know my son.
- Matthew has seemed withdrawn, lately.

Ever since his mother died,
he's been having nightmares.

- Has he talked about them?
- No, but they must have been pretty bad.

He doesn't sleep in his room any more.
He just sits up all night, painting.

- It's the only thing that calms him.
- Can I see them? The paintings.

He calls this his studio.

Oh, Lord.

Did he ever mention the Candyman?

All the kids have heard of the stories.
But I never thought he'd believe them.

But how did it happen to Matthew?

I see it every day.

The people around here are desperate.
They have no reason for hope.

Some of 'em get sucked into the pit.
They turn to false gods.

I am not gonna let
that happen to my son.

But what if it's true?

What if the Candyman does exist?

Then only God can save us.

Come on, guys, let's go home.

No, I'm gettin' this up.

- Come on. Come on, guys.
- I'm tryin' to do this.

- Come on, now, leave me alone.
- Push it.

Damn. What do you want me to do?

Bees got him.

You will all be punished.

Even you.

That's right, New Orleans,
it's Mardi Gras.

It's Fat Tuesday, and I am fat.

My belt is broken, my pants are open,

my belly is a mountain of love
stuffed with oysters.

And y'all know what tomorrow is.
Ash Wednesday.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

I just stood there and watched Paul die.

And now Matthew.

I said his name to those kids, Ethan.

Oh, Jesus.

- Why didn't you tell me?
- I wanted to protect you.

You and Mom.

But it wasn't enough.

- It'll never be enough.
- What did you see that night?

What was Daddy doing there?

He believed, Annie.
He even convinced me.

You weren't around to see
how obsessed he became.

I mean, all Dad ever talked
about was callin' the...

Callin' him. It got so bad,
I was afraid to leave him alone.

But, that night, he got away from me.

I knew exactly where he'd go.

He'd been goin'
to the house every night.

I blew it, Annie.

- If I'd gotten there five minutes sooner...
- But why? Why did he call him?

Dad said he'd found
a way to destroy him.

- What has our family got to do with this?
- I don't know.

Dad wouldn't tell me.

Before he died, he got in touch with this
guy who trafficked in black market stuff.

- Stolen art, weird shit.
- What was his name?

- He won't talk to ya. I tried.
- His name.

Thibideaux. He's in the Quarter.

No, don't go. It's too dangerous.

- I must find out what Dad was looking for.
- Wait till I get out.

There isn't time.

Besides, you'll be safe here.

There's always someone watching.

- I think you've done this before.
- Oh, yeah.

- Get it where it's drippin' there.
- I'm gonna try.

Would you care for something sweet?

A small snowball, please.


Cherry would be fine.

Sweets for the sweet.

Would you like something else?

I'm looking for a man named Thibideaux.

Well, I don't think I'm acquainted
with anybody by that name.

- It's about my father.
- Maybe you should talk to your daddy.

He's dead.

He was murdered.

Coleman Tarrant.


why don't you run on ahead to that party
and I'll meet you over there, OK?

I'll have you know, Honoré, I intend
to collect on that drink you promised me.

Oh, yeah, baby. I'm countin' on it.


You wait here.

I'm gonna take a look.

Your father understood the difference
between history and age.

Some pieces are merely old.

Others have history.

And history, because it reflects life,
is not always pretty.

It eats, it... if you'll pardon
the expression... shits.

Most of the objects your father sought

held history within them.

Your father found out that the Candyman
was born here in New Orleans.

His name was Daniel Robitaille.

And she was his lover.

Caroline Sullivan.

Your father was almost as obsessed
with her as he was with the Candyman.


There was something of hers
he most desperately wanted.

Her mirror.

Those who witnessed the horror

said that Robitaille's suffering
was so agonizing,

so unbearable, that his soul
became trapped in Caroline's mirror.

And my father thought
he could stop him with it.

Break the mirror, break the curse.

Where's the mirror now?

Who knows? Caroline found it next to
Robitaille's body and disappeared.

There were rumors, of course. Suicide...

Your father never believed that, though.

Let me go.

What do you want from me?

There's a life that grows inside you now.

A daughter.

You cannot change who you are.

Come on!


You have a life
that grows inside you now.

A daughter.

Oh, Paul.

Who am I?

The world is turning, brothers
and sisters, fast towards tomorrow.

And I'm not the man I used to be.

I got hooves on my shoes
and horns on my head.

I want life on a platter, medium rare.

And you can keep the silverware,
cos tonight I'm eatin' with my hands.

Who's there?

Robitaille was born
right here in New Orleans.

- I know.
- I called him in front of Matthew.

All slave births were registered here.

Daniel Robitaille.

He was born at the Esplanade Plantation.

That's my family's house.

That's where I was born.

There's more.

If what Matthew believes is true,

I hope you can stop it.

God bless you.

They had a daughter.

Officer, they told me to make a report.

Sit down over here.

Take a look. Take a good look.

- I can't keep doing this.
- Look! More of your sister's handiwork.

- No! Annie didn't do that.
- Come on, cut the bullshit!

I'm on to your sick games!

- Why do you keep sayin' this?
- You've been coverin' for her all along.

You don't know what
you're talkin' about! It's him!

Who? Your friend the Candyman?

- You afraid, Tarrant?
- Let me go.

Should we call him?

- You're crazy.
- Candyman.

- Candyman.
- No, don't.

Candyman. Candyman.

- Don't.
- Candyman.





I said, stop!

We were just wondering if you'd seen
Mrs. Tarrant's daughter, Annie.

No, there's been no activity at all.



No! God, no!

- Good evening, ma'am.
- Has there been any sign of her?

No, ma'am.

Oh, Annie.

You lied to us from the beginning.

I've seen the birth certificate.
I've been to the cemetery.

No, it's not true.

It's true. Caroline bought the house
because that's where he was born.

And she raised their daughter
in that house. Your grandmother.

She was raised a white girl, and no one
suspected the truth. But Daddy did.

So Daddy started digging.
My father was trying to stop him.

- But you just kept on lying.
- I did it to protect you.

Oh, Annie, you just wait until you have
children of your own. You'll understand.

I'll never lie to my child.

Your father was tryin' to
destroy everything we had

- by linkin' our name with that monster.
- So you destroyed it instead,

- by denying the truth.
- I am not a part of him!

- We're his family!
- No!

- We're his blood!
- I will not have you talk like that.

You can't wash him away with a bottle!

There is no Candyman.

He does not exist.

My child.

You doubted me...
your own flesh and blood.

Death is a return, you know.


Annie, it's almost time.

Time for our journey.

Soon we'll be together,
just the way I planned.

You cannot resist what is in your blood.

Our blood.

Your baby's blood.

You can't fight what is meant to be.

The choice will be yours, Annie.

I'm so sorry.


Miss Tarrant!

Go on! Quick!
Go around the back there.

Annie, I'm not gonna hurt you.

Ethan's dead.

I'm sorry.
He was shot trying to escape.

Detective Levesque's body
was found... mutilated.

The guards assumed...

I watched the video tape
of what happened in that room.

Ray's body was torn apart
by somethin' powerful,

and it wasn't your brother.

You better hurry before they get here.

29 minutes to go, New Orleans.

29 minutes till judgment.

So get drunk, get fatter, and get fucked.

Yeah, you're right. I said it.
Y'all can trust the Kingfish.

The heavens have just opened up on us
and the banks of the Mississippi

are about to burst.

I don't think they're gonna
hold it back any more.

They're as full as the Kingfish's belly.

Yeah, Mardi Gras.

Where is it?

Where is it?

God damn you!

The slave quarters.

Matthew! Oh, my God!

Are you all right?
I was so worried about you.

You should go home.

I knew when you called him,
he'd come.

Like before.

You were hiding here.

He's in my dreams, Annie.

- I know.
- I had to see...

I wanted to see him for real.

Matthew, I need to find the mirror.

It must be down there. Be careful.


Go back! Get some help, Matthew!

Annie, don't.

The mirror is the secret of my strength.

The keeper of my soul.

The destiny of our family.

Annie, our journey begins.

This is why I brought you here.

I was not always this way.

This is who I've become.

You must see what they did.

My only sin was to love Caroline,
and to give her a daughter.

They took everything from me, Annie.

Let me go.

My family.

Did you think
you could get away from us?

My child. My life.


Be my witness.

See how I became
the reflection of their hatred.

Their evil.

Kill him!

See what it means
to call me by that name.


- Candyman.
- Candyman, Candyman.

- Candyman.
- Sweets to the sweet!

My pain was unbearable.

But Caroline's was even greater.

Let him go!

Stop her!


- Father!
- Caroline.

You will all be damned.

You defiled my daughter.

- Father.
- Could she even look at you now?


Now, do you see
what was taken from me?


No! No!

They killed me, Annie.

But they could not destroy my soul.

Join me, Annie. We will go together

to a world without pain.

No more pain.

Death is only the beginning.

Your cradle will be your grave.

- Annie.
- Annie.

- Annie.
- Annie.

- Annie.
- Annie.

- Annie.
- Annie.


- Annie!
- Annie! Annie!


Grab my arm, Annie!

- Annie!
- Grab my hand!

Grab my hand!
Come here! Grab my hand!

Go! Go!




the choice is no longer yours.

You are mine.

The cradle is your grave, not mine.


Go! Let's get out of here. Go!

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Yeah, it's Lent. So y'all take it easy.

We made it through another one,
New Orleans.

And the Kingfish hope
you got plenty to atone for.

Hope you all said
a fond farewell to the flesh.

Hey, it's the cycle, Crescent City.

And we are startin' it again.

- Mommy, let's look at some more.
- Just a few more pages.

That's your mommy. She's pretty.

That's right.

And who's that?

That little girl is
your great-grandma, Isabel.

And that's her mommy, Caroline.

That's my name, too.

- Who's that?
- That's Isabel's daddy.

And when you get a little older,
I will tell you a story about him.

- Tell me now.
- Right now, it's time for your nap.

Candyman, Candyman,

Candyman, Candyman,

- Cand...
- Caroline!

Go to sleep.