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Dr Jang Joon Ha...

My brother Ma Roo...

I'm not going to search for him anymore.

I've heard he's living well somewhere.

Is it not so, doctor?

My oppa, he must be living
happily right now, right?

He's living happily,

He is eating and living well.

Not knowing our hardship here,

Just like me spending money like crazy.

He will be living well.

Then, that's good enough.

Should we commemorate forgetting
Bong Ma Roo and ride the cable car?


One more thing for me to commemorate
my letting go of Ma Roo Oppa.



Say it.

Instead of Oppa Ma Roo,

Doctor, please be my Oppa.

That way,

I think I can let Ma Roo Oppa go.

Woo Ri...

You can do that, right?

Thank you for the presents.

I don't want to.

Let's go.

Episode 18.

Get in.

Should we walk?


Don't talk when you are going
to say the same thing.

I already heard what you want to say.

You said everything you wanted to, right!

Let me talk also.

Get in.

I am very grateful for all your support

and also for this nice room.

This was expensive, right?

Compared to saving Dong Joo's life,

this is nothing.


Dong Joo is doing well, right?

Although I saved his life, he must be living so
well that I don't have any contact now from him.

You are not curious about Joon Ha?

Your son.

He's like me in being stubborn, so when
we meet, we are always butting heads.

Is that so?


I don't know much about his personality,

Why don't you look like him at all?

You would probably want that.

At a first glance, he doesn't
look like you in appearance.

Is he really your biological son?

Excuse me?

Since you go to a lot of services.

You are very susceptible
to those kinds of things.

I was just thinking that could happen.

Is that why you came?

You've succeeded in your plan.

Since I thought it would be big
trouble if he resembled me,

So I chose a very unique wife.

Joon Ha's investment is still good, right?

Doctor Jang.

I heard your son died in a car accident.

Hasn't it been 17 years?

It was in a Japaese
newspaper a long time ago.

Isn't that so?

Have I been investigated?

Please do not misunderstand.

In my position, I have to be careful
about people who want things from me.

Besides that, my wife treats
Joon Ha like her own son.

That's troublesome for me.

You should have done a more
thorough investigation.

My son Joon Ha, is still alive.

I saved him.

Just as I saved your son Dong Joo.

If that is so,

why don't you live with him?

Joon Ha told my wife and son

that you abandoned him.


Chairman, I have to take the call.
Excuse me for a moment.

Yes, what is it?

Are you with Choi Jin Chul?


I've requested support for
the medical facilities.

I came to receive the money.

He's asking about Joon Ha, isn't he?

Doctor Jang, I know you will
take care of everything, but,

you should have phoned me first,
because you know how worried I was.

Right now, I'm in the
middle of a conversation.

I'll contact you later after I'm done.

I understand.

You're going to see the
kids before you leave?

Of course.

My work schedule is very tight,
but I must see my son.

I've left him undisturbed because he's an
adult, but he's acting like an orphan.

My wife would faint if she knew about it.

All right. After you send Choi Jin
Chul away, contact me, please.

Where were we?

Never mind.

Let's talk about something else.

How could you locate Doctor Jang
when Choi Jin Chul already did so?

I'm sorry.

How is the search coming along?

Since it happened a long time ago,

when I looked, there was only one result.

It happened when he is a minor,

even tracing his fingerprints
will be difficult.

However you can manage it, make sure that Choi Jin
Chul doesn't get involved with Joon Ha again.

Please leave.


I told you I'll just leave this and go.

What is your business here?

Ah, that is.

Because the Chairman got me a job,

therefore, I'm trying to thank him.

Are you taking care of
his personal needs now?


You started by doing my errands, and now
you're even taking care of my husband.

That is...


you must have misunderstood.

Thanks, Shin Ae. It's fine.

I don't mean to say anything to you.

Actually, we have been a married
couple only in name for a long time.

After Dong Joo's accident, I
left my home empty for too long.

I understand.
Things like that really do happen.

And the place that I left,

You safeguarded that empty place.

I don't know how fortunate I was.


That's correct.

If it was a proper woman,

My place could have been
taken from me, right?

Excuse me?

You can be thrown away so easily
and manipulated so easily.

That's why Choi Jin Chul chose you, because you
can just be thrown away without any consequence!


I'm saying this because you talk
like you know everything, but...

Don't look down on me.

I'm not the old Kim Shin Ae anymore.

Really? You were so young then!

But don't you think you've gotten over that?

Don't overdo yourself.

Don't you think you're over that?

You continue to hold onto a man
who says he doesn't love you.

The President wants to divorce you.

He can't do it because of
the money it will cost!

It's been a long time since
he's thought like that!

Is that so?

Then you take him and live with him.

And hearing his noisy voice all day.

You are still better than I.

Say it.

Tell me to go.

Right now, I'm not your secretary anymore.

Shin Ae.

Don't be overwhelmed.

Why are you getting angry
at your own mistake?

When you were younger, you should have had a
child, then I could even be scared of you.

One day,

for treating me like this,

you will regret it.


When that day comes, let's talk again.

Secretary Lim, please take Kim Shin Ae away.

When do you think I'll stopped
being tricked by you?

When we find our son Ma Roo, I'll
make you and your son be at my feet.


It's hot so drink it slowly.
Let's talk after we drink all this.


The person who's first love was Bong Ma Roo.

Dong Joo, do it later. I'm hanging up.


Are you still meeting up with Joon Ha?

Doctor Jang!

Hey hey hey.
Let's exchange greetings, then hug.

Have you been doing well kiddo?

When did you get here?

This morning. Hey, I came by first (class)
because of Choi Jin Chul summoned me.

Why did Choi Jin Chul?

You think you got caught?


Not you. It's Joon Ha.

Are you angry because I
picked it up instead?

If you have something to say, go ahead.

Do you really hate me that much?

Why do you hate me? I like you Oppa.

You say it's no use? I like you oppa!
I like Ma Roo Oppa!

Why do you hate me?

When I like Bong Woo Ri.

There's no use if you're like that.

Because I like Bong Woo Ri.


Forget it. What should I expect from you
when I selfishly told you I liked you.

The coffee's already cold.

It's not that I'm mad.

It's because you're Cha
Dong Joo's brother...

That's why...

because you're Cha Dong Joo's brother.

I can only do that much.

I'm sorry.

He's been asking me if he
was really my son or not.

Warn Joon Ha.

See I told you so. You guys seriously
don't resemble each other.

My brother is a little more handsome.

Joon Ha is too smooth.

That's true. But when are you leaving?
The three of us must have a drink together.


I told you people who have
secrets can't drink, right?

That's true. I was about to
tell it all in one blow.

I can't hear.

You changed a lot after coming to Seoul.

Was it a girl or a monkey that
changed Cha Dong Joo like this?

This isn't even Africa...
where would there be a monkey?

Then it's a girl.

Before I go back, you're going
to introduce me to her, right?

It's someone you would approve of.

Is she pretty?

That's a little...

She's pretty.

That's not her.

Cha Dong Joo.

That is her.

What kind of situation is this?


What happened to those pretty jeans?

What's with this hair?

You even put on make up like a goblin!

I didn't put on any makeup.

I just put a little on my lips.

Why are your eyes swollen?

Did you cry?

Huh? No.

Why did you come here?

I am starting to work here tomorrow,
so I came to meet Na Mi Sook.

You're really here to meet Na Mi Sook?

Not me?

I'm right that you came
like this to meet me.

Because I joked around that
you were ugly yesterday

so you purposely dressed up to show me.
I'm right.

I knew I was going to meet
you when I came here...

Can I start work tomorrow?

No... You can't.


There is a workshop tomorrow at the
garden, so you should go there.

Don't laugh...
If you lie one more time then...

Young Gyu. Young Gyu.

Young Gyu. Young Gyu.

Grandma. If you drink alcohol then
your head's going to explode.

Hey, give it back!
I'm trying to make my head explode!

I can't bear the sight of
you, so I'd rather die!

If you die then what about me?
What about dad?...

Is aunt your only child?

Is Ma Roo oppa your only child?...

What about me? What about dad?

Let's go.

I came here to take you back...

I'll pack the bags so stand up.

I don't want to. I'm going to stay here.

You think aunt's going to change
because you're being stubborn?

You think Ma Roo Oppa's going to come
back because you're waiting like this?

Where do you are to raise your voice?
What are you?

What do you think I am? I'm your child...
Did you forget? Should I show you again?

Here... Look.

What is this?

Even though you can't read letters...
you know what this is right?

Even though you can't read...
you still remember what kind of woman I am, right?

Here. It's written right here, right?

Hwang Soon Geum.
Bong Young Gyu. Bong Woo Ri.

Grandma, Hwang Soon Geum,

Bong Young Gyu, Bong Woo Ri... look!
I'm telling you to look at this!

They... still had this?

I made a promise with my mom.

When my mom died... when I spread her ashes in the river...
I made a promise to her!

Together. That we'll live together.

So go home. Even if you don't
like me, I have to live with you.

Because I made a promise with my mom.

My God, such a filial daughter. My God, such a
filial daughter. My God, such a filial daughter.

My God, such a filial daughter. My God, such a
filial daughter. My God, such a filial daughter.

My God, such a filial daughter. My God, such a
filial daughter. My God, such a filial daughter.

Grandma, I, in order to live, have
to hear you calling me crazy.

My Dad to, "My son is doing so well."

"My Young Gyu is the best."

He lives hearing that.

So forget about Aunt and Ma Roo Oppa
who left home and made you sad.

Let's live happily with you me and Dad.

On the blue prarie...

Let's live singing that song.

Let's just happily live like that.

No. No... I have to find Ma Roo.

I have to find Ma Roo and bring him home.
I can't leave him here. I can't.

Ma Roo Oppa's not coming.

Grandma, you saw Ma Roo Oppa, right?

Then you must know...

It's not that Ma Roo Oppa can't
come home, he doesn't want to.

He's living great somewhere else, right?
That's it, right?

My words are correct, right?

No. No... But he's still my child. No. No.

No, I can't.

Grandma, let's wait until
Ma Roo wants to come back.

Then it won't be hard for us and

it won't be hard for oppa.

So let's just forget him so he
can live well and eat well.

Don't forget anything else and pay close
attention and just forget Ma Roo. Okay?

I'll be good to you.
I'll do whatever he did, okay?

Promise... I'll promise.

What do I do? What am I supposed to do?!

My pitiful child... What do I do?!

What am I supposed to do with you?

What am I supposed to do
with my pitiful child?

What do I do? What do I do?


Wow... so ill mannered!
I've never seen someone as rude as him!

I don't even want to see his existence!

Even some bad people is not as evil as him.

That's what I'm sa...

Mother. Father. Ahjusshi.


I have graduated from the
'Fried Chicken Academy',

Thank you for raising me well.

How much?

100 million.

100 million?!

How much did he say it is?

How much is 100 million?

Please give me permission to open a chicken
cafe before I say I will open a rock cafe.

Are you threatening me? Chicken or whatever...
I don't have any money.


Who's asking you to give it to me?
I'm telling you to invest! I'll repay it in 3 years!



Ta da!

I came.


Yes, that's right.

Mother... Do you know me?

Even thought the tall building may be cool!
Of course I know it!

Do you recognize me too?

Korean tongue twister phrase.

Do you remember when Mi Sook and
Woo Ri's father was married...

we had jajangmyun at the corner shop with

Seung Chul's mom.

Do you remember?

Aigoo, what are you talking about?
I am fine.

My mother is fine! She's fine!

Did you hear that?
She says she remembers us!

A pox in it! A pox!

Bong Woo Ri!
Where's that basket you always wore?

Wow. Woo Ri is a princess. A princess.

You're very pretty.

You're a beauty.

Hey. Where did you get these clothes?..
. Who bought you this?

Cha Dong Joo!

Cha Dong...

Hey, take it off... Who said to wear this?

Hey. What are you doing?

Don't do this to Woo Ri.

Hey! How dare you lay a hand on her?

You crazy person. I'm going to report you.

She said Cha Dong Joo bought them.

Don't be like this! Calm down. Be quiet.

It's alright. It's alright.


It's boring for Grandma to sleep alone...
Go in and sleep.

Ma Roo. I have to wait for Ma Roo.

You have to meet Oppa in your dream.

Hold grandma's hand tightly and sleep.

I could do that... I could meet
Ma Roo with grandma in my dream.

Be careful.

Sleep well, Woo Ri.

Sleep well, dad.

Mom. Ma Roo Oppa is still really handsome.

He's good looking and smart...
He's still the same as from his younger days.

But he said he's name is Jang Joon Ha.

So that's why I can't call him Ma Roo Oppa.

When I find Ma Roo Oppa,

I think a lot of people will be sad.

So I pretended I didn't know Oppa.


At least tell me that I did well.

I am very frustrated.

Dinner will be served in this dining room.
A separate meeting room has also been prepared.

There is also a place where staff
can warm up before they play.

Volleyball, football, ...

Excuse me.

Work outside.

Yes! I understand.

Please turn down the fire.
Do not stir too strongly because it might spill.

Everything's so crazy!

'Life Change Academy'.

Life Change Academy... It's a little plain.

What is plain?

There's no Ka Na Da (the korean alphabet)...
It's boring.

Oh. Dad.

Ah! Woo Ri!

Woo Ri.

What's the problem?


Cha Dong Joo. Hello, Cha Dong Joo.

You didn't go to work today.

Hello Bong Young Gu...
I'm working here also today.

Representative Cha, I
told you to change this.

I said that cosmetic
doesn't change one's life.

Oh, that's a concept the
team put together...

Together? That word I really...

Really like.


Who are you to intrude?

Oh. I forgot again... My name is...

Bong Young Gyu. I know! I know!

So annoying.

So... you're saying you can't change it?

Oh, yes. Because four things can change
Life: Love, Image, Family, and Energy.

Love, Image, Family, Energy.

Love, Image, Family and Energy...
These 4 things can change one's life can it not?

Life Change Academy.

Wow. You're really good in English, Dad.

What is English?

You're not stupid, right?

You're really like mother.

'Mo (... ther)'.
I told you not to utter that word.

Representative Cha! I'm done here, so could
you please get rid of these two people?

It's driving me insane.

But you picked her.

We came!... Boss!

Come this way. This way.

You guys came?... It's guests. Guests.


Hello... Welcome.

Nice to meet you.

Am I not hard?

Excuse me? Did I make a mistake?

When a young person has lunch
with the Chairman of Wookyoung,

he shouldn't feel too comfortable.

Oh, then next time you
should tell me before.

I thought the two of us were close.

I tend to be a little thick skinned.

It's good that you're truthful. Is that why all
those investors invest that big money in you?

That's probably because you personally dealt with them.
So they invest, trusting you.

Fine. So how much investment has come in?

Well... simply put...

In this instance, the money
was invested with me,

so if the Chairman wants some of it,

how much would you offer?

Of course. It should be that way.

Well, there should be something to offer,

so just in case something goes
wrong; you won't feel wronged.

I don't think that will ever happen.

There's such a strong President...
so why would that happen to me?

We're on one boat,

so if something went wrong, I can't
be the only one punished, can I?

Whether I have to cling on
to the cuffs of your pants,

I'm going to live or die by your side.

I'm not even married yet.

So you're basically saying...

If something goes wrong,
you can't die alone?

Whether you get someone else's big
money and use it, or whether I do it,

it's still the same.

If I die alone, I won't be able
to live because of the regret.

You were here too, Joon Ha.

Were you two eating together?

We just had something to discuss.

What's the matter?

If it's not something
important tell me at home.

We're in the middle of discussing business.

It won't take long, so you should
wait and we can go together.

No. But...

If it was like this, then you
should have called Dong Joo too.

Eating is good, but you should
care for your son, too.

What are you doing? Eat some.

Joon Ha!

You haven't left yet.

You're doing better than I thought, my son.

I think Choi Jin Chul totally trusts you.

See? What did I tell you?

I told you that you would be
much faster than Dong Joo.

Mother, don't do this over here.
Someone will see us.

So what if someone hears?

Choi Jin Chul can't look down on us anymore.

Because he knew it was a large amount
of money, he invested it in you.

If he attacks us, he'll go down too.

The investments that Choi Jin Chul
connected you with... they came in right?


We need to target the semiconductor investment,
factory and printing systematically.

First, make sure you take his house.


Because I have you, I'm so strong.

This will end sooner than I thought, right?

Let's go.

Even though you may forget the meaning
of all this, remember one thing.

Sales will eventually
meet love and a person,

you will have to eventually
choose between love and a person.

Either you love...

Or you leave.

Make up is the same.
Women only apply it twice in their lifetime.

When they love, and when they leave.

When you love: Pink.

When you leave: Deep Red.


Then lastly,

I'm sorry.

Look here.

I'm in the middle of work! Hang up!

I already found out you don't.
Come here immediately.

I'm going to sign the Chicken
Contract right in front of you.

Seung Chul, today is my first day
of work, I want to do really well.

Bong Woo Ri! How can you now tell me first?
Where are you?

I'll tell you later. Sorry, I'm hanging up.

Life Change. When you're changing
life, change your cellphone too.

From now on, I must know what you're doing
and with whom you're doing it with.

Why? Why should I do that?

Because you're the employee,
and I'm the boss.

What a good excuse!

Wow! So pretty! It's so light too!


Aish!... why?

Do you want me to only be your boss? Why?

I can't live.


Please have your meal now

and then we will be proceeding with
a teamwork game at the weed field.

To make all of what we eat make us feel bad?
Do we have to do that?

I know right! To play that, you
have to run around constantly!

We'll be out of energy!

Rather than that, let's eat after
we go look at the herb fields.

There are herb fields here too?


Come. Come.

Please come.

Come. Come.

This is Energy Cell,

Oh! Mr. Chang. This is Min Sook Han.

My Boss has stepped out of office right now.
You can leave a message with me.

We are going to accept Mr Cha's offer.
I've faxed the contract.

Shen Young factory will provide subsidiary
materials to Energy Cell for the next 3 years.

Make sure you sign the exclusive contract
with us when you enter the Chinese market.

I've got your fax.

I will keep looking forward to a successful
partnership with you, Mr. Cheng.

Aja, aja, aja!

Where's everyone?

Workshop. Everyone it at
the botanical garden.

Let's go!

No it's okay. I already have plans.
Give this to Dong Joo.

Let's go. Bong Woo Ri starts
working with us today, too.

I can't.

That's probably why she went.

Make a good impression on me.
I've got a tight grip on Bong Woo Ri!

But, what is this?

Bo Young is now part of Energy Cell Group.
It is a five years contract to supply raw materials to us.

If it's Bo Young... then it's the place who
suddenly ended their contract with us.

Yeah, I bought half of their shares.

Therefore we are no longer competitors.


Now having no parts isn't an obstacle
because nothing can stop us.

I mean, where did you get
that big amount of money?

I have a lot of money. Didn't you know?

Be good. Energy Cell has to do well
or you'll be kicked out. I'm going.

[Message is congratulating him for the
contract with the Chinese company]

Everyone! Let's get the plants at the market and
eat some chicken and beer from the chicken shop!

Sounds good!

This shiny one, is a poisonous herb...
It's bad if you eat it because it has poison in it.

This pointy one is Gomchi. It's tasty...
It tastes best when wrapped up with other ingredients.

This is my dad! Ask him about all the plants here!
He's a professional!

Hey hey. Enough about making wraps with that.
Let's go eat. I said I'd buy!

What is this? Can you eat this?

What is this? If you take this off and
cook just the stem, it tastes good!

But this plant is scared of commitment like Seung
Chul's ahjumma, that's why is named 'Mong Goon'.

Hey hey!

It's 'Mong Goon' and is
not easily forgotten.

This is fun right? I know everything here!
What else would you like to know?

Then what is this?

Just like any other guy!

Your lover asked me to give it to you.

What is it?

He said he bought the Bo Young house.

How bold...
If I knew it would end up like this,

I wouldn't have gone through all
the trouble to contact China.

Where's hyung?

This one is the mustard flower.

How it's so pretty. It's so amazing!

Who asked you to do this?

I had it all figured out, but why did you do it?
Making me all exhausted...

If you gain another company
then you should be happy.

I heard your appointments
have been pushed back.

Stop interfering!

So stop wasting time trying
to get to other companies,

and use your time manufacturing products.

Hyung, why are you being like this?

Dong Joo, it really was Choi Jin Chul.
He attracted a lot of investors.

If this continues, then you can
continue growing Energy Cell

and I can stab Choi Jin
Chul in the back.

I'm tired. Le'ts hang up.

Hyung, this is so frustrating. Let's meet.

Let's meet and then talk.


Will get some more money
when I sell my real estate.

There will be some money sent from there.

With all that is in this account,

purchase all the WooKyung stock there is.

Since the cost is rising,

This isn't the time to do that.

I don't care about the price.

Make sure the purchase is
under the name of _____.


Have you not heard anything
from President Jang Joonn Ha?

What is it?

The authorised signature has changed.

You cannot use the ______ anymore.

He asked for it to be
made solely for his use.

Joon Ha did that?

When did he?

It was during the restructuring
of Energy Cell Group.

He purchased a large number
of Wookyoung's shares.

Did you really not know?

I think there's some kind
of misunderstanding.

I want to see W Investment's
account contents.

That's going to be a little difficult.

President Zi...

Yes, President Gong.

I just deposited it.

You don't have to worry too much.
All you have to do is invest to disperse it.


There won't be anything like that.


With whose permission,
did you block the field?

And you changed the password too!

I told you that from now on,
I would do as I please.

It's not your money.

Unblock it immediately.

There's no money in there.


The day of overthrowing Choi
Jin Chul hasn't come yet.

I'm not going to give it to Choi Jin Chul.

The semiconductor investment will go
bankrupt if we take away his money.

I mean, we just started! So you want to give up
everything we've done until now and just end it?

Let him purchase loans,

And then we can take his house.


If we continue this any
longer, I will be in danger.


Let's support Dong Joo now.

Choi Jin Chul can't look
down on you, anymore.

If he grabs your ankle, he dies too!

Overthrow him and take his house!


I'm going to do it my way this time.

Mother, you said you trusted me now.

Do as I tell you to!

You said that you would only trust me!

Are you saying you will not obey me?

Your mother is speaking to you!!


This time, I won't.

Just this once, trust me.

I am your son.


I have checked all goods ordered.

Give it to me.

Move! I will deliver it at lightning speed!

Woo Ri.

Ahjusshi, did you get burnt?

Are you hurt?

Where? Where?


Did you get burned?

I asked you if you're hurt!


Mother! Mother!

I came to make Mom's food.

Here, there's a lot.

Seung Chul prepared it.

Hurry and eat up, too.

Gradma, you might choke.

Water, water, water.

Aren't I the best grandson-in-law?

What is a grandson-in-law?

Seung Chul is going to run a chicken
restaurant and get engaged to Woo Ri.

Who is going to run a chicken restaurant?

Grandma! How many times did I tell you?

Not a chicken restaurant,

But a chicken cafe!

Shut your mouth!

Before I trample all over you!

Just eat your food!

Ahjusshi. Huh?

Phone Woo Ri and tell her to hurry home.


It's Woo Ri.

It's Woo Ri. Hurry, hurry, hurry.

Woo Ri.

Young Gyu.

Bring me my pants!

I have to change my pants because
it is stained with sauce.


Dad, hang up.

I have to phone Woo Ri.

Woo Ri is here so don't phone.

Bring my pants.

Dad, where are you?

Mong Gun?

He's at the garden.

He's playing with Woo Ri and Cha Dong Joo.

Cha Dong Joo?

Did you say Woo Ri is with him?

Yeah. Our Woo Ri is with Cha
Dong Joo's office people.

Mother, Mother.

Woo Ri is working for Cha Dong Joo.
She is selling cars and make up.

Cha Dong J...?


What the?

Why aren't they here? Why don't I see them?

Seung Chul!

Where's Woo Ri?

I don't know.

Give me my pants.

Where did Cha Dong Joo go?

I don't know.

Give me my pants.

You said you were all together.

Give me my pants,

then I'll tell you where they went.

You tell me first.

Then, I'll give them to you.

They went to his house.

My pants!

I don't have them.

He's dead meat.

A child who tricks his own father!


It's chili pepper sauce, not poop.

They are too long.

Hurts my pride (for being short).

I'm okay.


It doesn't hurt at all.

This will all be okay if I just sleep.

Pouring this much alcohol is such a waste.

You almost used the whole bottle!

Bong Woo Ri.

Why are you like this?

At a time like this, you should say
it hurts, or it's better, if you cry.

It hurts. Let go of my hand.

Just a moment.

Did someone come in?

Stay still.

Seung Chul!

Come out.

What are you doing?

Let go.

Seung Chul, don't do that.

Stay still.

Let go of Woo Ri's hand. She hurt it.

Who are you to...?

Use words.

Who are you to do that?

Seung Chul.

How did you know to come here? Let's go.

Where are you going?

We have to put some medicine on it.

Who are you to say anything?

In that case, what are you?

What are you to act so carelessly?!

What are you too?!

Get out!


Please go over there.

If you are like this, then I
can't let Bong Woo Ri leave.

Hey, Bong Woo Ri.

Do you know these guys well?

Let's go for now.

We can talk later.

Let go.

I can't leave like this.

Why are you wearing those
clothes now in this house?

After being deceived by these guys,

and vowing never to be involved
with them again, why are you here?

Your mother died because of Wookyoung,

Why are you working for Wookyoung?

I need to know all of that.

All of it.

Seung Chul.

I know all of the answers,

so talk to me.

Don't respond so emotionally.

Could you please just leave?

I warned you both before that

if you made Bong Woo Ri cry once more,

I wouldn't stay still.


Woo Ri, you go.

I'll go after I talk to them.

Between the two of you,

who will be responsible for
Bong Woo Ri until the very end?

Come forward.

He's too uptight, do it later.

Hyung, step aside.


Both of you are brothers?

There are two of you Wookyoung bastards.

Bong Woo Ri, you are quite impressive.

It seems these two are fighting over you.

If you aren't leaving,

I am going.


from now on don't badmouth your aunt.

After losing her son Ma
Roo because of Wookyoung,

and living off of Wookyoung, your aunt...

Lee Seung Chul.

What is it?

You don't like hearing this?

You are doing the same thing right now

with the sons of the enemy
who killed your mom.

Get out. Stop spewing nonsence and get out.

Let go.

Who are you to say that stuff?




You can't go chasing wherever.

Let go.

I won't let go! Bong Woo Ri!

Be sensible.

Seung Chul, let go of me.




Shin Ae.

Sh... Sh... Shin Ae.
It's Shin Ae. Shin Ae.

Shin Ae. Who is she?

She's your mom.

My mom?

Do you know me?

I am Bong Ma Roo.


Bong Young Gyu's son, Bong Ma Roo.
Do you know Bong Ma Roo?

Shin Ae, who is she?

She's my daughter. My daughter.

She is your aunt.

There is no aunt for me.

You never mentioned I had one.

She left home many years ago and I don't
know whether she is still alive.

Do you want me to find her?

Why do you suddenly bring her up for
no reason and hurt your grandmother?

Give it to me.

Jang Joon Ha?

Hey, Bong Woo Ri.

What are you doing?

Isn't Jang Jun Ha the guy from earlier?

What are you doing betwen those two guys?

Return it.

Why are you doing this?

You said one is Wookyung's son.

The other is his brother.

I don't know what they are doing, but

you shouldn't be there.

Do you think those jerks are good for you?

Are you stupid?

They are just toying with you.

Because, earlier, when I asked who would
be responsible for you to the end,

you saw that no one stepped forward.

That doesn't matter.

Give it to me.

Are you crazy?

Because some rich guys acknowledged you,

did it go to your head?


Because everything is topsy-turvy, right
now I don't know what's happening.

So, stop what you are doing.

Give me my cell phone.

Are you going to persist
like this until the end?

Instead of regretting later on,

please listen to me.

Please end it with those guys now.

Give it here.

Woo Ri.

Seung Chul, give it to me.

Bong Woo Ri!

Give it to me I have to answer it right now.

Seung Chul, please give it to me.

Seung Chul. I'm sorry.

Later, later. I will explain it all to you.

Never mind.

Answer your phone.

Seung Chul.

You should sleep here.
You're not comfortable at your house.

It's annoying here too.

I don't know when your mother will appear.

I understand.

I will end it with her.

I need her help to search for Ma Roo.

Otherwise, I have no reason
to deal with that family.

You know

you are the only one for me.


Contact me first when you
find our son Ma Roo.



Phone me.

I'm so speechless.

I'm dying of hunger.


So startling.

How could you be there
without saying something?

Why was Choi Jin Chul here?

Do I have to spell it out?

If you have eyes, then you have seen.

You know, so why are you asking?

What is it?

Why? Are you going to expose
me to the lady you call "Mom"?

Do whatever you want.

But then,

Doctor Jang, do you understand
why I live like this?

Everybody is living off somebody.

If I don't have anything and
I want a lot of things.

You know how I feel, right?

Let's help each other and survive.


Mother, let's trim your toenails.

Why are you being like that? P!
It's tickling me to death!

Mother, you have to trim your toenails.

If you don't, you'll get
holes in your socks!

And it'll hurt!

I told you I'm fine! Just go away!

We have to trim your toesnails!

Aigoo! This fellow has caught a person!..
. Caught me!

Young Gyu, answer the phone.

Answer the phone.

I thought I was going
to be tickled to death.


It's Bong Young Gyu's house.





Who is it? Why is no one speaking?


Give it to me.

Hey you senseless guy.

Do you have nothing better
to do than prank calling?

I'm hanging up.


I'm Ma Roo.

The one you met in the hospital.

Ma... Ma... Ma.

You said you were hanging up, right?

No, no I'm not hanging up. Don't hang up.

Don't hang up.


It's the hospital. The hospital.

Get me some water.

I'll hurry and bring it.

Ma Roo. Ma Roo, where are you?

I want to ask you something so come out.

You aren't coming home?

Come by yourself. If others in the
family find out, I will disappear again.


I will do it I will do it.

I'll meet you. I'll do it. I'll do it.


Grandma disappeared.

Grandma disappeared!!

Did you find Ma Roo's picture?

What proof do you have that he is my son?

Go. Go.

Where? Where? Hey, Ma Roo?

Why don't you look for him by yourself.
Don't include me in this.

I came with my father.

Doctor Jang.

You can't hug any man except me.


I can't. We're brothers.

You really love me, huh?

Come here.

Please don't hurt hyung's heart.

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