Can Go Through Skin (2009) - full transcript

A brutal assault changes Mariekes life. She leaves her familiar city rhythms for the solitude of a delapidated house in an empty countryside. Her irrational fears on the frozen farm are a constant struggle. As springs' orchestra begins, her curiosity for new things that cover the cold rot of winter pull her out of the suffocating interior of her mind. Slowly she accepts the help of John, her neighbour, but as the seasons change so does she.

Hey, this is Marieke. Yes, a very long time ago.
l was thinking of you. l was sitting here, listening to music.
l thought that maybe you felt like going out for a Thursday night drink.
Awine or a beer or a whisky.
Yes, l understand, but he's my ex- boyfriend.
Okay, never mind. Bye.
Oh, well.
Erwin the Perwin. Hey, this is Marieke.
Marieke? From tennis.
No, in the summer. No, that's okay. Never mind. Okay, bye.
Hey. No, l'm fine now. Not bad at all.
l felt like going for a drink. With you, preferably.
Maybe you should ask him in person, because we split up.
Yes, too bad, isn't it? No, only since yesterday, actually.
The reason l'm calling...
l'd really like to live here. lt's too expensive, but it's so cool.
Shall we go to bed early? -Yes. Let's see. l had a nice picture.
You'll fall for it right away, l'm sure. -Did you pick up our pictures?
Temper your enthusiasm, darling.
Yes? l'm very interested. Tomorrow at three?
l can make that. Perfect. Thank you. Bye.
Yes, this is Terschoren. l'd like to order a pizza. Apizza.
Pepperoni, great.
How are you? -Fine.
l tried calling you. -Yes.
l'd like a cup of tea. l'm going to do some groceries later on.
Tell me what you need. -lt's not a good time.
l'm happyto do it. Marieke, are you okay?
What's the matter?
Help. Help, goddammit. ls anyone out here?
Sir, can you call for help? There's someone inside.
Can go through skin
1 .SA.03.
The newdate is January 1 6. You can come to the same location.
They won't get me.
Fucking assholes.
Fucking lawyer.
Fuck off. Fuck off.
lt's January 16, 2007.
We're assembled on account of the lawsuit against MrA...
born on July 13, 1 978, Westmaas, residing in Amstelveen...
currentlydetained in Peni... Number 11 , 2nd floor.
Assault and battery against Marieke Terschoren and against Siska Reen...
The defendant's lawyer is Mr...
Page 818. And l just heard the chairwoman refer...
This means that you admit...
Do you smoke? -Yes.
How are you? -Fine. l'm living in Zeeland now.
Yes, so l've heard. That's great. -Yes.
l'm really sorry about what happened.
ls there anything...
Hi, good morning. John Maane. -Marieke.
l heard that you wanted to borrow some goats for the grass.
Oh, forthe grass. -l brought them with me.
l thought here. -Alright. Come.
No, goats break out wheneverthey can. lt really won't do like this.
They'll break right out. l'd also remove that plastic.
l'll come back tomorrowto reinforce it. No problem.
Come, come.
Two more. You don't have to wait. l'll close the gate right away.
Okay. Thanks a lot. -Don't mention it.
Let's dance.
What the fuck are you doing? Bugger off. Get lost. Leave me alone.
Mind your own business, will you? Bugger off.
Community service in the form of educating high-school students...
about the risks of drug use.
Are you done with the goats? -Yes, shit. Yes.
Would you like to come in?
Watch out. -Oh, my God.
lt's a bit of a mess. -Oh, well...
What a great view. Wonderful.
Would you like some coffee? -Yes, please.
How long have you been living here? -Well...
l'm not sure. -Can you manage?
Yes, it's going fine, although sometimes l have to ask people for help.
Why do you have to ask people? -Recently there was a rat in the drain.
A rat in the drain? Where's that drain? Where's that drain?
l'll come by tomorrow with some tools. -That's okay. Aplumber is coming.
Oh, yeah? Who? l'll call and cancel him. -No, l'll do it myself.
The coffee is ready.
Now he'll come back tomorrow. Fuck. l guess l'll have totidy up.
Though it's time l did anyway.
That doesn't work.
Oh, shit.
Good morning. l didn't wake you, did l? -No.
lt smells good, doesn't it? -Wonderful.
lt's not a real shower, of course. lt would have had a drain over there.
l bought those tiles in Amsterdam, at some kind of market.
l thought: They're such ugly tiles, no one will have those.
But at the builder's merchant here all they had were tiles like these.
Especially in salmon pink. They're not as ugly as l thought.
Look, it's simple. That whole floor should come out, really.
While we're at it, l'd take out the floor in the toilet too.
We might as well do it right.
l'll start on the drain, while you think it over, okay?
Coffee? Coffee? -Thanks.
Hey, that's Bennie. Hey, Bennie.
Marieke, Ben. Ben, this is Marieke.
Amsterdam, right?
Have a look inside? Straight ahead. -Wow.
Nice, isn't it? Look at that stucco.
New electricity. Here, the living room.
All the electricity has to come out? -Yes, all of it.
Awood-burning stove. Forthe warm winter nights.
The entire floor has to come out. -All those lead water pipes.
The kitchen. -Big.
One, two... -There.
Well, nice to have met you. -Thanks.
Come by for a cup of coffee some time. -Sure.
My wife will enjoy that. Bye. -Thank you. Bye.
Enough fortoday. l'll come bythis weekend.
But l'll first need to go to the builder's merchant to get concrete and some...
ls that okay? -Sure. Thank you.
No problem. Bye. -Bye.
Herfst: you have too much self-pity that's no good
a lot has happened to me
lt's Pizzaman.
Look, what are you going to do now?
ls this scary, when l go like this? Are you afraid that l'll shoot?
What are you looking at?
Are you looking at me? Go ahead.
My backside?
Shall l shoot your kneecaps? They say it really hurts.
l will, you know. Shoot a few rounds. l'm really good at it.
Show me your hands. Are you left- or right-handed?
You won't say, of course. But l know.
No, you can't smoke in there. Shit, what was it again?
Fuck, what's that sound?
Go away, go away, go away, go away.
No, l have to leave this place. Theycan see me.
The plug, where's the plug?
lt's possible, right? l just left the house for a while.
He's walking round the house. Fuck.
Yes, now you can... 1 ... 2...
l don't hear a thing anymore. He is gone. Or he's pretending he is.
247, 248, 249, 250. l'm not here, l'm not here.
Hey, there you are.
You thought you'd tryto hide? That's not allowed, is it? No, it isn't.
Back to your spot. There.
So there you are.
Little dickhead.
Cold, isn't it?
Does it hurt? Shall l shoot again? Shall l shoot off yourfeet?
Hey, John. What a coincidence. How are you?
Fine. What do l owe you? -31 .40.
Thank you. -How are the goats?
They're okay.
How was Tenerife? -Lovely.
Nice tan. See you next time. -Bye.
Alot of apartments are build because ground is scarce and expensive.
Do you work?
No, never. Nobody knew.
lt even hurt a little.
can anyone help me? l've been raped and can't confide in anyone
...and he says that if l ever tell anyone...
...moving up and down...
...sexually abused...
...there are also beautiful things in life... yearfor him, a lifetime for me...
...and at first l said: you're hurting me...
...l don't want this...
Hello. Finally we meet each other.
l'm Karel. -Marieke.
Come by one day for coffee and cake.
My wife would really like that.
Sorry, are those kittens? -Yes, but they're very ill.
You can give them to me. -Yes, but they're ill.
l'll make 'em better.
You can't let those animals suffer. -l'll take them.
No problem. -Thank you.
Sure. Bye.
You're so dirty.
You're not well, are you?
Hot, isn't it?
Hey, guys. What a surprise.
That wasn't the idea, was it? No, that's impossible.
Oh, fuck. How stupid of me.
l have to.
l have to put it out. Everyone can see it. Howstupid.
lt's equal to a bright orange neon light that says that l'm home. How stupid.
You guys must be hungry.
l have something nice for you: Meat.
Look, have you ever had that? This is for you.
Ho, take it easy. Yes, nice and warm.
There, now you're nice and clean. There you go.
Well done. There.
lsn't that nice? Wasn't that nice and warm?
lt hurts a little, Spot.
Thanks a lot.
Herfst: don't wait to see what happens to him.
Herfst: what Should happen to him?
Herfst: if you could do something to him, what would it be?
l'd like to stab my index finger through his skull
to make him understand what he did
Herfst: is that comparable in terms of pain to what he did to you?
no, of course not
Herfst: think about howto really hurt him: take his wife or daughter from him
What happened to you?
What do you want?
Hello, Marieke.
Did you come all the wayto bring that? But l could have come to pick it up.
Aren't you dressed too lightly? -No.
Okay, thanks. Drive safely.
l thought we could have some wine, as thanks forthe shower floor.
Now? -Yes.
lt's not necessary. But okay, come inside.
Something to go along with it? Some sausage?
Fifteen years, but l grew up around here. Working in the city, living in the country.
ls the renovation coming along?
To be honest, l'm hardly ever there. l'm always in Amsterdam.
Aparty. Something with residents, or what do you call them, neighbours.
Another glass? -You must think: What's she doing here?
To be honest, l hadn't expected it. -l feel so embarrassed.
You were so kind, so sweet. And l...
l'm sorry l didn't get to finish it. ls it finished?
Finished? No, it's not. So l can't shower anymore.
But l take baths. l put a washtub in the kitchen, so l can take baths.
ln the tub? That's...
Coffee? -You're driving, so coffee is better.
Maybe it is. -Coffee.
Marieke, cup of coffee? Damn.
Never mind. -l'm sorry.
How stupid. -lt doesn't matter. Take this one.
Shall l take you home? l had less to drink than you. Let me have your cup.
Thank you. -Bythe way, you look good in that dress.
Herfst: l was kind of waiting for you
l'm a bit drunk
Herfst: l've been thinking about you and the asshole who did this to you
Herfst: he mustn't do it again, but he didn't learn his lesson
so soon he'll do it again
no, he won't
Herfst: lf it happens again, it'll be your fault.
Herfst: he would do it again in a second. -Howdo you know?
All statistics say so. -You don't even know him.
l did everything l had to do. l went to the police, l did everything.
Herfst: lt'sjust a matter of time. Why would he be any different?
Stop it. -He'll be successful and you'll be guilty.
Herfst: You can stop him. You have to. lt's your duty.
You don't know what you're talking about. You don't know him, nor me.
l hate this. Goddammit.
You don't know what happened. And how. Asshole.
Come on, boy, sit up.
Beans, beans, beans.
Deep ridge potato crisps, white chocolate and rice.
Awhite sandwich with chocolate sprinkles and blue cheese.
Herring with onions, capers, glass of red wine, chocolate ├ęclair.
Caramel custard, hot chocolate with cream, kebab, glass of red port.
Toffees, sponge cake, warm fruit.
Yes, good evening. Are you still open? l'd like two times number 8, 119...
21 , 38, yummy. Great. l'm on my way.
Are four pairs of chopsticks enough? -Yes.
Here you go. Enjoy it. -Thank you.
Hey, Marieke. -l have lots of Chinese food. Hungry?
Yes? Yes, great. -Have you eaten yet?
Chopsticks? -Yes.
What the heck is that?
Fried egg. Foo yung hai. -Foo yung hai? lt's a kind of omelette.
Here's more. Boy oh boy.
Another beer? -Yes, please.
John, l'm going.
You don't have to cook tomorrow. -No, thanks.
Always welcome for a midnight picnic. -Great.
Coat. -Overthere.
There you go.
Thank you.
Where are we going? Please, stop. Can l get out here?
Stop. Where are you taking me? Where are we going?
you know it's not yourfault
we must do something about this
l'm sitting in the aisle. Dressed in black.
Hey, how are you?
What are you doing here? Why haven't you called?
l'm here with Josef and Maurice.
No, it's very crowded.
Do you have an appointment?
You look great.
We're sitting overthere. ln case you feel like joining us.
Herfst, l'll come to you. Where are you?
lt was my dream that told me, but in the end it took all of a week...
and a predictor test before l really believed in you.
l told myself you couldn't be there, because l didn't feel it.
But yesterday l found myself talking to you...
so l guess that's when l started to believe in you.
Anyway, we have to discuss this.
For l'd love to welcome you in your warm shelter, of course.
But you can't stay.
Because l'm already enough for myself. Sorry.
l'm slowlygetting better, but for a long time l wasn't doing well at all.
And your arrival would confuse things to no end.
And that would make me very angry.
Because l'm very glad that l've made it this far.
And l think l'd come to hate you and maybe hurt you.
Because l can't stand the crying of babies.
l think you've simply picked the wrong belly.
And l'd be a very bad motherto you.
And your father doesn't know, and if he did, he might want to stay with me.
And l reallycan't have that, as he's no match for me.
He'd probably love you, but that's no damn good to us. You're not in his belly.
So you'll have to find a new belly.
And l think many bellies would be very happy with you. But not me.
Or is it possible over the internet?
Afifteen-second loop. And how long does it have to be in sight?
What are you doing?
Yes, l'll rememberthat. Alright.
Yes, it's really high time.
Did you feel that? -lt's kicking. Wait, do it again. Cuckoo.
Dear little man or woman, l don't care, as long as it's one of the two.
Hey, sweetheart. Come on, baby, give us a kick.
Look, there he is.
How's it going? -You're already here.
l haven't done any shopping yet.
Jesus, Marieke. Come, let me see.
Let's take a shower. -No, first we'll take care of your hand.
Let's take a shower. -No games now. Come on.
We'll first prick that blister and then take a shower. Come.
Ouch girl, this is much too hot.
Yes, this is better. This is better.
Yes, thank you.
Why do you never want to talk about it?
The city is so aggressive. You don't realize it at first.
But once you notice it, you see it all the time.
You could look for a job around here. You don't have to work in Amsterdam.
Taxi centres in Amsterdam have met today...
to discuss theirdrivers' safety.
Yesterday night a driver died after an incident involving violence.
Can l have a pillow?
What's the matter? -l had some oil on my...
No, you look perfect. Just perfect.
Really? -lt moves. And that's a good thing too.
Just in time for it to go like this. -Yes, funny.
lt's not good forthe baby, rushing like that.
Hey Marieke, are you home already?
lt's all going wrong...
Phone. Shit. -Marieke?
l've lost my phone. Fuck.
Herfst, pick up the phone. Pick up the phone.
Yes, it's Marieke. Bad news. There's police everywhere.
l don't know, but they're everywhere. l have to get rid of it.
Shit, l can't get rid of it.
l have to make a call, okay?
You have to throw away everything too.
No, we don't have time forthat. Oh, shit.
Fuck, fuck, fuck. Fucking computer.
No, someone... No, l have to talk. Don't do that. No, John, bugger off.
No, l have to finish this. Herfst, listen. No, dammit.
Calm down. Calm down.
She'll call you back. -No, dammit.
Calm down, now. -No, l have to finish this, you prick.
Come. -No.
Marieke. -No, l'm doing fine. Really, l'm doing fine.
Darling, l'm fine. -Calm down.
No, l don't want to. No.
Calm down. Calm down.
No, l'm drowning.