Can Feda (2018) - full transcript

The national struggle of two soldiers for the homeland.

We are behind the enemy line right now.

There are no friendly troops here
that can lend a helping hand.

We are in the most dangerous
zone in the world.

Our soldiers who are following
trust us with their lives.

We will pinpoint a spot for bombing...

...and ensure a passage for our army.

That is why we are here.

We are here because of them.

We are here because of our country.

You know it very well.

Special forces can’t join the army.

Special forces are made into soldiers.

That’s why you’ve been through
the toughest trainings of the world.

That’s why you are here.
That’s why you are before me today.

Random men who
have been recruited...

...don’t stand a chance
in front of you.

That’s why...

...I will see that faith... your eyes and in your hearts.

-Do you understand?
-Yes, Sir!

-Do you understand?
-Yes, Sir!

-Do you understand?
-Yes, Sir!

-Like always.


-Yes, Sir!

That’s it!


-Yes, Sir!

-That’s it.
-Yes, Sir!

-Yes, Sir!
-That’s it.

May God bless our war!
-Thank you!

We will go over the hill quickly
to reach our target.

Roger that.

Hawk 4, keep following.

Hawk 5, 3 o’clock.

Hawk 6, 11 o’clock.

Don’t lose eye contact.


Sharp sniper, to the roof.

Enemy is ahead of us.
Be ready for close contact.

How far are we from
the spot we’ll laser mark?

It is 500 meters east of the hill
that is right across from us.

Phyton 1, stay behind.
We’ll proceed while fighting back.

Report to the base.
10 minutes to target.

Lightning 1, phyton 1.
10 minutes to target.

-Hawk 5.
-Hawk 5, ready.

Hawk 6.

Ready, Sir.

Fire at will.

Can you laser mark from here?

We can’t do it from here.
We need to go up the hill.

Sir, they are coming down from the hill.

Hawk, we’ll proceed from here.

Hawk 5, Hawk 6.
Cover us.


Kenan has been shot!
Kenan has been shot!

Protect the commander!

Hawk 3, cover us.


-Kenan, are you alright?
-My leg.

I got shot in the leg.

But I will go on.
I am fine.

Kenan, you will come back
when you get better. Come on!

Sir, I am not going anywhere.
I am with you!

I need you in one piece.

This is an order.
Come on.

We are dividing up the team.

-Yes, Sir.

-We are dividing up the team.
-We are retreating.

Mehmet, take Kenan with you.

-We’ll go on at my signal.
-Yes, Sir.

Sir, team that has infiltrated is retreating.

I am sending all the troops to tunnels.

Send the suicide bombers to open a breach.

They shouldn’t get shot
before reaching the target.

Get in, you are all leaving!

Lieutenant Onur Keskin.

I order you to take off for close air support.

Altimeter 2-4-0, east departure.

-Other orders will be given in the air.

Get ready for take off!

Lightning 1, lightning 2.
Readiness condition?

-Number 2 is ready.
-Lightning 1, taxi to runway.

Scramble call 1-2
Clear for takeoff.

Wind is calm.
Fly safe.

Number 1 is ready for takeoff.

Number 2 is ready for takeoff.

Sir, there is a tunnel.


-I will take down DShK machine gun.

DShK has been shot, Sir.

A tunnel is all we needed.

Well done, Halil.

They keep coming.

It is hard to go further under fire.

We are trapped here.

-Copper, Lightning 1.
-Lightning 1, Copper.

-Waiting for one time pad.
-Copper is ready.

-Ceyhan 8.
-That must be Ufuk.

-Waiting for orders.
-I am giving the target coordinates.

63, 22,11 North.

37, 31, 04 East.

When you approach the target area,
you will be cleared to contact Python 1.

Number 2, follow.

Number 2 is following.

Sir, we can’t go further.

Sir, we can’t go any further.

-Are you alright, Yilmaz?
-I am fine, Sir.

Sir, nothing is going as we planned.

I know.

-Can, are you alright?
-I am fine, Sir.


Sir, are you alright?

Sir, are you alright?

Dad, is there a ferris wheel
in an amusement park?

-Of course, there is.
-That’s great, daddy!

You always spoil her.
I am the one who puts up with her.

What can I do?
I barely see her.

I am always on a military operation.

That’s another issue.

You make her believe
she can ride anything.

It is the end of the month.

I forgot my car keys.
I am coming right back.

Don’t go, dad.

I will be right back.

-Are we going to ride bumper cars?
-We will.

Nazli! Nazli!

My dear!

My dear!


My baby!

My dear!

Don’t go, dad.

Sir, are you alright?

Are you alright, Sir?
Answer me.

Sir, are you alright?

-Sir, are you alright?
-Sir, are you alright?

Don’t go, dad.

Sir, are you alright?


I am fine.
I am fine.

Thank God.

I am fine.

Phyton 1 got shot!

Phyton 1 got shot!

Calm down!

Laser marker is damaged.
We can’t laser mark anymore.

Hawk 3, help!

-Are you alright?
-I am fine.

Phyton 1, what’s your 20?

Phyton 1, what’s your 20?

Lightning 1.

Lightning 1, Hawk.

Hawk, lightning 1.
Identify yourself.

-Lieutenant Kilic.


-What happened to Phyton 1?
-Phyton 1 is injured.

Laser device is broken.

It is not safe for me to shoot from
ground level without a laser mark.

We are behind our target location.

We came across a tunnel.

Terrorists are pouring out.
We can’t go any further.

We are under heavy attack. If we don’t have
a back up, we can’t get out of here.

Copper, lightning 1.

Copper is listening.

We can’t laser mark in zone of attack.

I can’t achieve a pinpoint shot
if I don’t fly low enough.

Inform OKHU for back up.

What is the distance between
friend and enemy?

There are 50 meters between
friendly and hostile individuals.

There are terrorists everywhere.

50 meters, do we agree on that?

It is right. We do.

You heard the distance.

Enemy is too close.
You need to go as low as 25 meters.

If you descend that much...

...pressure of bomb
might damage the plane.


Alparslan get out of there,
I am going back.

Sir, we are short on ammunition.

My country, my country,
my country.

I lost my hat from
that place of yours,...

...and my shoes that carried all the roads.

My last shirt is torn to pieces.

It was made of gauze.

They are too close!

Now you are only in the
whiteness of my hair,...

-...and infarct of my heart.
-We are out of ammunition, Sir.

I don’t have anything left, either.

You are in the lines on my forehead,... country, my country, my country.

If we are out of bullets,
we’ll use our knives.

If our knives fall,
we’ll use our bare hands.

We will kill as many
bastards as we can.

Don’t forget!

We die,... mothers, fathers and
children can live.

We die... our nation can live.

We die... our country can live!

Long live our motherland!

It has been a pleasure to fight with you.


May day! May day!

Aircraft is badly damaged.
I am unable to maintain control.

Landing system is disabled.
I lost control.

I am jumping.

Come on, gentlemen!

Gather as much ammunition as you can.

Selim, Can! Be quick!

Yes, Sir!

Sir, certain individuals are running away.

Let them run away.

Gentlemen, there has been
a change of plans.

We are going to get our pilot.

Sir, enemy line is right after this.

Our pilot is right behind the enemy line.

We’ll get him.


Can, inform the base. Tell them
to pick up the wounded soldier.

We can’t give you search and
rescue support around that area.

Contact the ground forces.

Sir, one pad time has been shared.

Information of the pilot and...

...last coordinates of the plane
has been sent as well.

Show them to me.

Give it.


Look at him.

So brave!

You must have known the pilot, Sir.

I hope he is alive.

Nothing will happen to that bastard!

I’ve known him since I was a child.

I’ve always looked out for him.

It is hard to find a true friend
among a rabble.

When you find someone like him,
you won’t give him up to some lowlifes.

Long live, Sir!

Live long.

Even if we aren’t buddies,
nothing will ever change.

We’ll do the same for everyone.

Armed forces will never
leave a single soldier behind.


...wreck is 60 km east.

But it might be dangerous to
take the vehicle after this point.

We’ll go as far as we can.

We’ll see what we can do after that.

Whose area are we in right now?

We are in the area of the radicals, Sir.

There is already a terrorist group
situated in the north east.

This area is right in
between two groups.

How about Turkmens?

There are Turkmen villages
and cities in the middle.

But those areas are being
controlled by ETG or...



...go out on patrol maybe we can
come across Onur’s walkie talkie.

Yes, Sir.

It is good we got the car, Sir.

We rested a little bit.

We didn’t take it so you could rest,
we took it so we can go faster.

Thank you anyway, Sir.

Old wolf, how are you doing?

You must be getting cold.
Switch with Selim.

No, sir.
Selim’s hair will get messed up.

I am an old stager, Sir.

I am not flimsy like these adolescents.

Master sergeant, should we
stand up in the car?

Otherwise, Can will never get tired.

We’ll retreat to mountainside.

Quick, quick!

You go ahead, Sir!

I will stall them.

Get closer to each other.

Get in there.

Get over here.
Watch out, watch out!

Sir, 2 o’clock.
There is a cave.

Get up!
Stand up!

-Don’t do anything.
-Get up!

We are immigrants!

-Get up!
-Don’t do anything to us.

Don’t do anything to us.
We are immigrants.

He says he is an immigrant.

We are not associated with any groups.

-We are Turkish.
-It is clear inside, Sir.

-You don’t need to be afraid.
-If so speak Turkish.

Lower your gun.

Lower your hands.

How many are you?


How far have you travelled?

We’ve been on the road for half a day.

We are not too far from here.

Sir, they are coming.

Can, Halil.
Take civilians to a safe place.

Calm down, calm down.

Be quick.
Get up, get up!

Calm down.

Get in there.

-Don’t be afraid.
-Don’t rush.

Quick. Quick.
Be calm.

Guys, we are retreating.

Darken the cave.

We know you are inside.
Get out.

We have your pilot.

If you want us to spare your lives,

Have you heard?

We have.

Selim, check outside.


Come here.


Stay with your grandpa.

Sir, may God bless you!

Thank you.

Go straight to Jarabulus.

If anyone asks you anything,... have seen nothing.
You don’t know anything.

Yes, Sir.

Thank you.

Come on. Be quick.

-Come on. Be quick.
-May God bless you.

May God bless you.

May God bless you, too.


...this walkie talkie was on a terrorist.

I listened to it.

They don’t have the pilot.

They only found his parachute.

The location where they found the parachute
is close to our position.

They are looking for him everywhere
but they don’t know where he is.

I told you nothing would happen
to that bastard.

Team, gather!


...where there is a run-in,
we can’t see you on field.

You are shooting from a distance.

Are you afraid, huh?


...due to physical reasons,
I can’t hide in a field like you do.

You get lost behind a pebble.

Master sergeant Yilmaz,... many cross border operations
have you been to?

How am I supposed to know?

-Did I count them?
-It is my first.



...I have never been abroad,
did you know that?


What should we do Can?
Should we honor you or something?

Or throw a small celebration party
just among us?

No. It just flashed through my mind...

...since we are across the border.

How long have you known
your team’s commander?

I’ve known him since
he was a second lieutenant.

His brother in arms means
everything to him.

Line astern.

We’ll find him soon enough.

Turkish pilot must be here somewhere.

Pray that he is still alive.
He is more useful if he is alive.

They fired up in the air
like a bunch of idiots.

Maybe he died before he crashed.

His dead body would suffice as well.

Turks don’t leave their funerals behind.
They will want to take him.

We’ll use it to bargain.

Turks must have been looking for him.

Takfiris must be looking for him.

I don’t know about Takfiri
but I didn’t come across any Turk.

Check this way.
I will check over there.

Come on.

Don’t move.

-Don’t move.

-Don’t move!

Don’t move!
Don’t you move!

Don’t shoot that donkey.

Don’t worry.
I don’t shoot valuable things.

-I am ready to shoot at your command.
-There are three of them. That’s it.

There will be no fighting.


All clear.

All clear.
You are safe.

Tell them to go to Jarabulus.

There is still a territorial conflict
in Al-bab.

But it will end soon.

We know you support us.

Turkey supports us.

May God bless you.

Thank you.

Tell them Turkish soldier has entered Al-Bab.

If they leave their belongings,
they might go even faster.

Once they get there,
everything will be provided for them.

Thank you. God bless you.

Little girl.
Come here.

Look. This is my daughter.

This is my angel.

She looks so much like you.

Look. This is my girl.

She gave me this before I came here.

You keep it, okay?


Let’s get going.

Sir, can I ask you something?

Go ahead, Nazim.

That little girl and her mother...

...and those lowlifes who were pestering them.

If you wanted, we could have taken
them down from a distance.


There were civilians.

Sir, we have shot
tougher targets than that.

My daughter... daughter was that age, Nazim.

My little girl was that age.

They didn’t say, “They are innocent.
Let’s not kill them.”

Those lowlifes, those inglorious bastards...

Did you get it?

My anger will never fade away.

I will never become cold.

I can’t take it, Nazim.
I can’t stand it.

I can’t stand it.

Nothing was picked up on the radio, Sir.


Gentlemen, gather!
We are leaving!

You wait here.

New toys have arrived.

What did they send?

It looks like this time
they have shipped a lot of stuff.

Why are we piling them up?

Get out.

Sly rascal flock descend on the wreck.

There are 6 people in total.

-Selim, take down the sniper.
-Yes, Sir.

Old wolf, take down the one
on the vehicle.

Roger that.

I’ve got the one in the cockpit.

Share the rest.

Understood, Sir.

Cancan, I’ve got the one under the wing.

I’ve got the one close to the tail.

I will take down the one in the back.



Be quick!

Be quick!

Okay. Don’t pour it all.

Dump the rest over your head.

Selim, when is the wedding?

Wedding will take place in the summer.

Don’t do that to yourself.

Why do you say that?

I get it.

You say since I am wearing a maroon beret,
it would be a pity for her.

It has got nothing to do with it.

I am saying it for your sake.

I am an intelligence specialist.
I know 5 languages...

...but do I understand
language of women?

Not at all.

Can you live this life without a woman?

Don’t listen to him.


-Get marrried.
-Yes, Sir.

At least, you’ll have a home
to get back to.

Sir, should she waste
her life by waiting for him?

If the one you are
waiting for shows up,...

...then there is nothing more
beautiful than waiting.

Sir, what do you think?

I say if you don’t talk while
you are walking, you’ll be less tired.

Gentlemen, form a line of wedge.

Can, inform base
about the location of wreck.

Tell them we are getting
closer to the Turkmen city.

Yes, Sir.

May God bless you.

You came right on time.

I need to hide.

Is there anyone else around?

Come to our location.
We’ll hide you.

-Is it close?
-Very close.

We’ll take care of your wound.
There is a doctor.

Come here.

There shouldn’t be a
place like this in this area.

They have been here for a week.

They brought so many weapons.

Let’s get going.
They shouldn’t see us.

Wait a little. We’ll get going.

My name is Ahmet.
We are Syrian Turks.

You are among your brothers.

Flight lieutenant. Onur Keskin.

I need to open the wound.
Take off your uniform.

-Do you have a medicine with you?

Medicine is so valuable here.

Take it.

Sit down.

You can’t stay here.

We’ll hide you at my place.

You’ll bring him when it gets dark.

Your wound is not deep but it got infected.

-Can I get dressed?
-Get dressed.

Thank you.

He is a Takfiri.

Sir, it is a mass grave.

Did you like the food?

We don’t have much but...

Excuse us.

Don’t even say that.

It is just like our food.

ETG came and asked for you.

Takfiri guys came and
asked for you as well.

-Who controls this area?
-First, ETG came.

They said, “You can’t stay here.
Get the hell out of this place.”

Then dark devils came.

They were going to turn
our homes into our graveyards.

Everyone left.

We stayed.

We need to bring men from Raqqa... support this area.

But they are going on an operation.
We can’t bring anyone here.

Don’t worry. Raqqa operation
will be postponed.

First, you will let Turks descend upon you.

Then we will attack them from North.


One more time.

Take him home. I will bring you
medicine in the evening.

Thank you. May God bless you.

-What are you doing here?
-I came for my wound care dressing.

Nobody should see you.
I could have done it at home.

I didn’t want to tire my doctor out.

Are you one of those doctors without borders?


What are you doing here?

This is my home.

You talked just like Ahmet aga.

He is my grandfather after all.

-Where do you get the medicine?
-From the smugglers.

How do you find smugglers
in the middle of a war?

States fight, smugglers win.

Your wound is healing.

Thanks to you.

You don’t like to talk much, huh?

I don’t know the military jargon.
I am a doctor.

Hold this.

Thank you.

It is done.

You can go.

Thank you.

They are coming, be quick!

I think they are looking for you.


Get in.

What do you want?

We are looking for a pilot.
A Turkish pilot.

There is no pilot here.
This is a community clinic.

Who you are?

I am a doctor.

What are you doing?
This is not the time to play around.

I always wanted a doctor wife.

If you like her so much,
we’ll take her with us.

No way.
She will have many husbands there.

Lower your gun!
Lower your gun!

Wait. Don’t shoot!

Shoot at me!

-Come on. Out!

I said walk!

Come on!

What the hell are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

-Are you alright?
-I am fine.

-What is this, dude?
-Never mind.

-Are you hurt?
-It is nothing.

-Are you alright?
-You are fine, right?

I am fine. Are you fine?

That’s it!



My daughter!


Ahmet aga.

Alparslan. Ahmet aga!

-May God bless you.
-May God bless you, too.

Doctor Seher.

She healed me.

Thank you.


...while we were waiting to die
after firing our last bullets...

...we heard your plane all of a sudden.

In seconds, you build a wall
between us and the enemy.

At that moment,
I knew we were not alone.

I am proud to be a soldier
from the same country...

...and a part of this honorable army.

May you live long! Thank you.

I am proud of you as well.

Thank you.


...we owe you our lives.

I owe you mine.


...may you live long!

Thank you, Sir.

Can, inform the base.

We’ve found our pilot.
We will head out in the evening.

Yes, Sir.

Wait a minute.

You can’t do that.

What do you mean?

Alparslan, trust me.

There is something serious
going on in here.

We need to stay here.

The situation is getting worse.

When our soldiers come
and fight with Takfiris...

...ETG will attack from behind.

You say they will ambush us
and shoot us in the back.


Are you sure?

Almost 2000 Turkish soldiers will
be passing through this area.

I don’t think they can dare
to do something like this.

I saw the build-ups with my own eyes.

They have piled up so many weapons.

The man said it himself...

...that no Turkish soldier
will go back home alive.

We have to do something.

-Yes, Sir.

Tell everyone to gather.
We are going to scout.

Let’s check out the places
Onur has been talking about.

Yes, Sir.

How is your wound?


Thank God I have a good doctor.

What the hell is this?

Milans, cannons, tanks.

-They’ve got everything.
-It is more than what they had yesterday.

There aren’t enough men
to use these weapons here.

Since there are so many weapons
they will end up bringing more men.

Take as many photos as you can.

Understood, Sir.

They have hidden an army here.

Sir, I am transferring photos of Team Hawk.

Sir, images were shot at the area tonight.

Hawk, Zafer.

This is Zafer, Hawk.

We have examined
the intelligence you sent.

There is no change in your mission.
Get the pilot and come back.

Sir,... saw all the build-ups here.

Enemy has united.

They will attack our soldiers
after they pass through.

It is a dangerous zone.

They are trying to ambush us.

That’s why we will stop
our oncoming troops.

Sir, we represent hope in this land.

If we stop, these lowlifes
will be more encouraged.

If they pile up this much ammunition today,
I wonder what they might do tomorrow.

The intelligence you sent me
is from a no flight zone.

That’s why our attack won’t be legitimate.

They will propagate by saying
we are killing civilians.

We have to take account
of international law.

Sir, does this law only
apply to us in this world?

Only to us?

Let us,...

...let us make these lowlifes
regret the day they were born.

Arpaslan, son... tell me to send you to
your own death.


...we started this mission
to sacrifice our lives.

We will evaluate this situation.

-Wait to hear from us.

You’ve heard the commander.

What I heard from the commander was... go ahead and sacrifice ourselves.

I heard the same.

I was wondering why there was
no sound coming from the other side.

Sir, walkie talkie must be broken.

What do you say?

What can I say?

You need someone to watch your back.

Easy, easy.

You are a cry baby.

Gentlemen, gather quickly.

Can, give me the map.

Come on guys. Be quick.

Give it.

There you go.

Light? Good.

Halil, you will set traps in this area,...

...and this area... case radicals come through here.

-Can. You are helping out Halil.
-Okay, Sir.

Gentlemen, we are going to...

...blow up ammunition
in the hands of terrorists.

Understood, Sir.

Ammunition we collected
on our way may not be enough.

There will be no infiltration. We will
take care of everything from far way.

We will take down everyone who escapes.

-Yilmaz, Selim.
-How will we detonate from a distance?

We’ve talked to Ahmet aga.

He will provide us the howitzer.

Hawk, Zafer.

What if we get an order saying
we must return?

Hawk team is a ghost troop
from this moment further.

May God help you.


...we are going on an operation by dawn.

Rest up while you can.

Sir, you don’t like to talk much.

When someone spends his entire life
in the mountains, he doesn’t have much to say.

You don’t have anyone waiting for you?

I have a mother.

She is used to waiting
because of my father.

Ahmet aga,...

...get everyone to a safe place tomorrow.

We don’t know what might
happen by the end of our operation.

Don’t worry!

We’ve been through so much here.

This is our country.
Turkish homeland.

What are you doing?
Get up. Lie down on your place.

What can I do?

I can’t sleep.
I am thinking about tomorrow.

What is that supposed to mean?

I don’t know.

It feels different on ground
than it does in the air.

You understand the difference
when you are on ground.

You see the big picture from above.

But there are bodies in water,...

...mass graveyards here.

What are we doing here?

I am asking that question
to myself every day.

But I don’t have an answer.

I tell myself I wish we had come here
as doctors or engineers.

By the way,...

...your team is unassailable.

You should see them tomorrow.

I can’t bare to stop for a moment.

I start missing her right away.

I wish I had held her hand a little longer.

I could have kissed her once more.

Say something, Halil.

If you keep talking,
you’ll miss her more.

That’s why you need to shut up.

Shut up.

How old is that brat?

-She turned 8.
-May God bless her.


If something happens to me,
I entrust her with you.

Don’t say that.

Don’t give me that responsibility.


...I am left with this.
What is that?

They shot Turgay right next
to me during an attack.

Don’t do that, Nazim.
It wasn’t your fault.

He was my best friend.
He was entrusted with me.

Now Cancan is entrusted with me.

I am about to lose my mind.

I can’t sleep.

Don’t do that, bro.

Please don’t put that burden on me.
I beg you.

I have enough burden.

It is going to be a difficult day
tomorrow. Come on.


What happened?

Don’t you have a war to go to?

I do but I wanted to see you first.

Fine. You saw me.

Look. I know what you are going through
is incredibly difficult but...

What do you know?

Do you know my parents died in this war?

My sister and my brother...

Do you know they bombed the hospital...

...I was working for and told us
they accidentally bombed it... if they were mocking us?

Do you know they burned
and knocked down our houses...

...without a reason?

What did we do?

Never mind us but what do
they want from children?

They want us to die...

...but I will deliberately
keep saving lives.

Now you know!

Everything we went through
is incredibly difficult, right?

That’s why we are here.

We are here to end this.

You are here now. What will happen
when you leave tomorrow?

We’ll go through the same thing.

If a soldier brings peace along with him,
he will take it away when he leaves.

I understand you are angry at soldiers...

...and you are right.

But let me tell you the difference
between a soldier and a Turkish soldier.

A Turkish soldier is not
one of those soldiers...

...who carries a gun in his hand and
walks around with a camouflage.

His concsience...

...goes before a bullet.

He won’t leave the innocent with the cruel.

A Turkish soldier is like a clear heart...

...and a morning wind
for everyone in this country.

We are always here...

...and we are not going anywhere.


My team members are
ready to sacrifice...

...themselves gladly in order to protect...

...pride and honor of noble Turkish nation... well as protecting integrity of
our people and the homeland... this area where we are
obliged to protect.

Thank you!


You’ve heard his oath.

Border is where the homeland starts.

Homeland is wherever we stand.


...this place is Dardanelles,... is Sakarya,...

...and it is Dumlupinar.

Today this place is Manzikert.

Today we will follow the footsteps of...

...heros who made this land our home.

The whole world...

...will come to realize one more time that...

...the ones who know a great
deal about martyrdom...

...can’t be captured.

-May God help you.
-Thank you!

Halil, take this part.

You go when we fire.

-Selim, you take the ones on the roof.
-Yes, Sir.

Yilmaz, take care of the ammunition.

-Yes, Sir.

Fire at will!


I will take care of the ones in the trench.

I took down the ones on the roof.

They are abandoning the building.
I will take down the fugitives.

Yilmaz! Get up!

There are some people coming from
behind the ammunition dump.

-Sir, I’ve got it.
-Yılmaz, take down DShK in the trench!

Selim! Look at the valley!

-Sir, DShK has been shot.
-Are you alright, Onur?

Nazim, tanks!


Selim! Security gate!
There is a heavy attack!

-Rebuff them.
-Yes, Sir.

This is the first time I see you laughing.

These are the sounds of my traps.

Sir, Takfiris have arrived in the city.

Keep defending that place with Halil.

We are not done here yet.

They are in a convoy.
There are many of them.

God damn it.

We are retreating!

You, too.

Where have you been?
Where are you?

We entered from south.
Where are you?

Sir, we are by the clock tower.

Nazim, take the control of that building.

Selim, go up the roof.

Yilmaz, cover us. We’ll proceed.

We are going in the direction of clock tower.

-I missed my jet.
-What the hell happened?

Is being on the ground so beneath you?

Sir, are you alright?

Sir, are you alright?

I am fine.
Don’t worry.

-I am going down. Cover me.
-Sir, understood.

-Godspeed, Cancan.
-Thank you, Sir. You, too.

Thank you.

ETG is coming!

ETG is approaching from behind.

We are caught in the cross fire.
We are caught in the cross fire!

Gentlemen, we are running out
of ammunition. Get close to each other!

Sir, we are hanging there.


Go over to the community clinic.

We are retreating to community clinic.

Everyone gathers there.

Understood, Sir!

They surrounded us.

Selim, we are caught in cross fire.
Don’t you see them?

-Are you alright?
-I am alright.

Sir, they are coming.

They keep coming.

We are stuck here.
Yilmaz, back us up.

They are coming from everywhere.

-Are you alright, Yilmaz?
-I am alright.

I am fine.

I will go to the community clinic
and take Seher to the bunker.

-Go and don’t come back.
-No way.

Go and don’t come back.
There is no end to this.

Okay. We’ll see.

-Give me your blessings.
-So do you.

Go when I fire.
Come on.

We are getting stuck.

We are getting stuck.

-Are you alright, Cancan?
-Sir, I am fine.

-Sir, here comes the civilians.
-No! Can!


Hang in there.
Hang in there.

Hang in there! Damn it!

-Tell me.

Am I going to die?


Why would you die?

Breathe, breathe.

Why would you die?
Why would you die?

You are a young man.
Why would you die?

You will live.

Selim, where are you?


Just like that... can die with your huge glasses
and your white shirt... a laboratory.

You will die for the people
you never got to know.

And what is worse is that nobody
had forced you to do anything.

Even though you knew the
most real and beautiful thing is to live.

You have to take life so seriously that...

Grandpa? will plant an olive tree
when you are 70 years old.



...look Cancan,... that you are becoming a martyr...

...what would Nazim do?

Where are you Selim?

We don’t know what fear is.

We are the soldiers of mountains.

We made home in skies...

...and in outstanding places.

We stop at nothing...

...and go beyond boundless mountains.

We reach out to...

...purple and black clouds.

We don’t know what fear is!

We are the soldiers of mountains.

We made home in skies...

...and in outstanding places.

We stop at nothing...

...and go beyond boundless mountains.

We reach out to...

...purple and black clouds.

I am a Turkish commando.

I crush enemy with my steel claw.

I am everywhere.

On land,... the air,... sea,... desert,... a stream bed,... a swamp.

Always and everywhere.

Always ready.


Lift him.


-Clear upstairs.

Halil! My gun!

Halil, is everyone alright?

They are fine.

I have made a promise to my fiancee.

I have to go home.

You would be dead by now
if it wasn’t for me.

Didn’t you want to go south?

Here is the south.

Not this south.

Kusadasi, Bodrum or
Marmaris would suffice.




You can’t die.

You can’t die!

Even though there is,...

...a thick curtain in our way...

...we are careless eagles... boundless skies.