Campfire Tales (1997) - full transcript

A group of teens, stranded in the woods after a car accident, entertain themselves by telling classic horror stories. What follows is a series of eerie tales that include monsters, psychopaths, and ghosts, and that remind you that things aren't always what they seem.

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d.j.: hey, all you lovebirds
out there,

rockin' rob's telling you
to listen to this one

from inside home, sweet home.
No joke, kids.

Police are still searching
for willie "the hook" peters,

who escaped yesterday from
burke state mental hospital,

so stay safe and stay cool
with this next hot tune.

Lee dorsey: ♪ oh ♪

♪ well ♪

♪ i'm ♪

♪ uhh, sittin' here,
la la ♪

♪ waitin' for my ya ya,
uh-huh ♪

♪ uh-huh ♪

♪ a-sittin' here, la la ♪

♪ waitin' for my ya ya,
uh-huh ♪

♪ uh-huh ♪

♪ it may sound funny ♪

♪ but i don't believe
she's comin', uh-huh ♪

♪ uh-huh ♪

[jenny laughs]

♪ baby, hurry,
don't make me worry ♪

i'm a virgin.

You are?

♪ Uh-huh ♪

♪ oh, yeah,
baby, hurry ♪

♪ don't make me worry,
uh-huh ♪

♪ uh-huh ♪


♪ You know that i love you ♪

♪ oh, how i love you,
uh-huh ♪

♪ uh-huh ♪

♪ a-sittin' here, la la ♪

♪ waitin' for my ya ya,
uh-huh, uh-huh ♪

What's the matter?

♪ A-sittin' here, la la ♪

nothing, nothing.




♪ But i don't believe
she's comin', uh-huh ♪

just a second.
Let's take this off.

No. No.

Unzip this.
Come on. Just do it.

No. No!

Don't. Don't.

What gives, jenny?
I thought you liked me.

Look, i thought i saw
someone out there.

♪ It may sound funny ♪

come on, jenny, i know
you don't want to do it.

You don't have to make
excuses about it, though.

I'm serious, eddie.

I saw someone.


what if it's that guy
with the hook hand?


All right, well,
forget about it.

They're not--nobody's
lookin', all right?

Come on,
don't worry about it.

♪ Baby, hurry ♪

♪ don't make me worry,
uh-huh ♪

unh. Unh.

I saw someone.

Well, i don't see
anything, all right?

Now, come on.

♪ And, oh,
how i love you ♪

There was a flash!

Look, there's nobody
out there, ok?

Eddie, listen, i want
to get out of here.

Ok, how about just,
you know--

no, no, no.

A handjob?

What?! No!

You take me home!

Take me home!

What are you doing?!

Drive, eddie! Go!

All right.
Cool it, will ya?

I just want to go.
Take me home!

[Tires screech]

jenny: go!

Eddie: right!

Shirelles: ♪ mama said
there'll be days like this ♪

♪ there'll be days
like this, mama said ♪

♪ mama said,
mama said ♪

♪ mama said
there'll be days like this ♪

♪ there'll be days
like this... ♪

jenny: this doesn't
look like my house.

Eddie: just one burger,
all right?


♪ Everything
was going fine ♪

♪ i met a little boy
named billy joe ♪

chicks, man.

Jenny: eddie? Eddie?


I'll have a milkshake.

♪ There'll be days
like this, my mama said ♪

♪ mama said,
mama said ♪

oh, my god.

Eric: why didn't the guy get
one of those fake hands?

Cliff: god, man,
i don't know.

They didn't have
them back then.

like you know.

slow down, baby.

Cliff: it's under control,
lauren. Relax.

Alex: we should've
stayed on the highway.

Cliff: ohh, we don't
need no highway.

We take the back ways, man.
This is the scenic route.

Would you get
your boyfriend in line?

Just chill out.
Enjoy the ride.

I shouldn't have come.

Whoo hoo!
Ha ha ha!

Man, this is
the best car, man!

[Tires squeal]

alex: well, would you drive
like a decent human being?


lauren: [laughing]
cliff, watch it.

Cliff: watch. Watch, watch,
watch, watch, watch, watch.

Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo hoo hoo!

Alex: knock it off.

Lauren: it's not
funny, cliff.

Cliff: aw, come on,
lauren, lighten up.

Come here.

Cut it out and
watch the road.

Not in front of
my brother.

You guys are gross.

Me? I'm not
doing anything.

Alex: would you get on
the right side of the road?

Cliff: come on, man!

Nobody else out here.
It's just us.

Lauren: cliff!
Cliff, watch it!

[Horn honks,
tires screech]

are you sure you're ok?

Yeah, i said i'm fine.


Oh, man.

I'm sorry, you guys.

Oh, baby, i'm so sorry.

I know. I know.

Oh, god,
you're bleeding.

Need a hand?

Fuck off.

Well, obviously
she's feeling ok.

Thank god we didn't
hit that car.

They came
out of nowhere.

They came
out of nowhere?

You were the one that
was all over the road.


oh, my god.

I can't believe this.

Oh, my god, my brother's
gonna kill me, man.

Listen, i'm really
worried about eric.

He looks really
shaken up.


You ok?



Want to help me
start these flares?


All right.

They didn't even stop.

Probably thought
we were crazy.


Let's just
start walking.


You can start
walking, ok?

I can't leave
my brother's car here.

If you had just stayed
on the highway

like i said,
we wouldn't be here

freezing our asses off
in the middle of nowhere.

Cliff: why do you have to be
such a pain in the ass?

Alex: why do you have
to be such an idiot?

Cliff: fuck you.

Lauren: oh, god. Would
you guys please stop it?


Eric, where are you going?

Eric: you guys,
come look at this.

Give me
the flashlight.

Eric: oh, my god.

Lauren: looks like it
must have been a church.

Alex: god,
this place is creepy.

It's just
a building, alex.

Wow, this looks like
early 19th century.

I'd say...


How can you tell?

Well, it says it
right there.

See, it's not that bad,
man, you know.

We're all ok, you know?

We saw a great concert.


It was
pretty awesome.

There you go, buddy.

You wear that t-shirt
tomorrow to school,

you're gonna be the man.

Guys, maybe we should
go back up to the road.

That way,
if a car comes,

then they can
call for help.

Yeah, right before
they kill us.

We're ok.

If a car comes, they're
gonna stop at the flares.

We'll hear 'em.

You want to build
a fire?

Cliff: nice.


Don't burn the article
about the concert.

What's the matter?

Holy shit.


2 people were hacked
to death around here.

Yeah, right.

Let me see that
for a second.

Oh, this is sick.


"Police speculate
that the murder weapon

"was an ice pick

or possibly even
a meat hook."

They say they
have a suspect,

but they haven't
made an arrest yet.

It's pretty freaky shit.


Hey, you ok, eric?

What? Yeah.

You're lookin' a little
scared over there.

[Rubbing hands together]

no. I'm not
scared at all.

Well, uh...

i think that's
just 'cause...

you know, you're
with me right now.

If you were alone,
i mean,

you'd be shitting
in your pants.

I mean, you'd be...

and hearing things

that weren't even here,
you know?

You'd feel like
you were being watched.

Every sound would...

seem louder than it
really was, you know?


You are such
an asshole.

You're not
gonna scare us.


You know, if i did
want to scare you,

i'd tell you about
rick and valerie.


Eric: you'd tell her
about who?

He's asking.

Yeah, tell me.

Come on, tell me.

I'm not scared.

Go ahead.

All right.
[Clears throat]

rick and valerie
were these newlyweds

from long island.

They decided
to honeymoon,

to vegas.

They were gonna
stop along the way

and see
all the sights.

So they rented
this big ass rv,

and they were off.

Rick: [with radio]
♪ i have kissed ♪

♪ your lips ♪

♪ a thousand times ♪

♪ and more times
than i can count ♪

♪ i have called
you mine ♪

♪ you have stood
by me ♪

♪ in my darkest hour ♪

♪ and, oh, how happy ♪

♪ you have made me ♪

♪ oh, how happy ♪

♪ you have made me ♪

come on, everybody.

Both: ♪ oh, how happy ♪

♪ you have made me ♪

♪ oh... ♪

♪ oh, how happy
you have made me ♪

ooh. I think this is
where we turn off.

Oh, i'm turned off

Do we have to go?


History took place here.

You know, we could never
be back this way again.


Uhh, now, that pains me.

Rick: you know, that's
not a positive way

to start a marriage.

Besides, i want you
to look me in the eye,

and i want you
to tell me

that you have
absolutely no desire

to see
clayton's caverns.

Which eye?

Ha ha ha ha.
Smart ass.

Either one.

I have absolutely no desire
to see clayton's caverns.


You know something?

I want you
to read page 62.

I've read it already.

I want you
to look at page 62.

I read it already.

For me?

1922, 12 pioneers
got trapped in the pass,

and only 3 survived
by eating the other 9.

Right. See?

Valerie, it's second only
to the donner party trail.

Oh, ricky ricks!


Well, it's dark
outside already.

Besides, i don't know
what you think

we're gonna see out there.

Dead bodies strewn
along the rocks?

Well, what would you
rather do?


Oh, you devil.

I don't know.

Oh, you are a bad girl.

You are so bad.

I'm gonna
punish you, bad girl.

Oh! Ok.

Valerie: promise?

[valerie laughing]


Maybe next time we'll
make it to the bed.


I hope 20 years from
now, we'll still be

knocking it out
on the floor.

20 years from now?

I hope we're knocking it
out anywhere.

I think there's
somebody out there.

Here. Put this on.

aah, shit.

You all right?

I just twisted
my ankle.

Rick: stay here.

Can i help you?

Honey, wait inside.


We have money.

I ain't after your money.

[Bird squawking]

[wings flapping]

that's just a crow.

Crows don't squawk
at night...

unless they're stirred.


you know where
the highway's at?

Yeah. I go
straight ahead,

i get to the lake,
and i make a left.

No, no.
You make a right.

You'll hit the highway
in about 4 miles.

Thank you.

And don't stop for anything
till you get to the highway.

Now go...

and pray they don't
get you first.

Who doesn't get us?


When the moon's full...

they come out to hunt.

Now, you listen, boy.

A while back,

my wife's car
broke down out here.

We never found her.



They must have heard
my truck comin'.

You're lucky you still
got your skin on.

What do you mean?

There's tracks circling
all around your vehicle.

Now, i wasn't
the only one here.

Now go.

All right, come on,
baby, let's go.

And no matter what,
y'all stay inside.

If they stop ya,

you lock your doors
and wait for sunup.

Ain't nobody ever
seen them in the day.

I guess we better--we better
get moving along, then.

Thank you.

[Engine starts]

how bizarre was that?


"when the moon is full,
they come out to hunt."

Thought that was
the wolfman.

He seemed so...

Valerie, he's a peeping
tom. All right?

Who knows how long
he was out there

jangling his keys?

What about
all those footprints?

The guy made 'em.

What about his wife

If i were that guy's wife,

i would disappear, too,

[Engine knocking]

oh, man, what now?

Rick: aw, shit!

Valerie: what?

It can't be empty.
I just filled it up.

Well, maybe
there's a leak.

Rick, he said to stay
in here no matter what.

Give me a break.

[Twig snaps]

[wings flapping]



oh, easy, cole.

Easy. Easy.


i'll take you with me!

"The lord is my shepherd,
i shall not want;

"he maketh me lie down
in green pastures.

"He restoreth my soul.

"He leadeth me in paths
of righteousness

"for his name's sake.

"Yea, though i walk
through the valley

"of the shadow of death,

"i will fear no evil;

for thou art with me."


rick: god damn it!

That son of a bitch
siphoned our tank.


No more.


hear me?




aah! Aah! Aah!



[Music playing]

[valerie moaning]

rick: oh, jesus.

We should run out
of gas more often.

♪ I've learned ♪

♪ love is a thrill ♪

♪ a little bit of lipstick ♪

♪ a little bit of frill ♪

♪ i know... ♪

oh, god.
You make me crazy.

♪ Love at first sight ♪

♪ blows you all away ♪

♪ hold onto the wheel ♪

♪ love is here to stay ♪

♪ love grows large ♪

♪ blossoms like a flower ♪

♪ to die in the night ♪

♪ to be born again ♪

[music ends]

rick: whoo!

[Door opens]

i just had great sex!
Ha ha!

get back in here!

What are you, crazy?


Crazy about you.


What's the matter,

My ankle.

You all right?

Yeah. It's ok.

Come here, sit down.

Let me see that.

that's really swollen.

No, it's ok, ricky.

Rick: there's got to be

a first-aid kit
in here somewhere.

Jesus. I could catch
a fuckin' marlin,

but god forbid
we cut ourselves.

Screw it.

I'm gonna go to that store
by the turnoff.

I saw a pump out front.

But, rick--

honey, i'm gonna
fill up the can,

i'm gonna get you
to a doctor.

They got to be
closed by now.

So i knock on the door.

I'm sure there's some hick
sleeping in the back.

What if that guy's
still out there?


that guy
is long gone by now.

I'm not gonna let you lie here
uncomfortable all night...

on your honeymoon.

I'm gonna be back
in an hour,

and then we're gonna
get out of here.

All right?


Ok, honey.


I will. Don't worry.

Look, uh... if it makes
you feel any better,

you can lock the door
after i leave, all right?

And we'll have
a secret code, ok?

You don't open it until
you hear me go like this...

[knocks 3 times]



All right.

Ricky ricks?

Uh, can you bring me
some m&m's?

With peanuts?


I'll see what i can do.

Thank you.

[Door opens]

[door closes]

[knocks 3 times]


I love you.

I love you, too.

Where the fuck
am i gonna find m&m's?


[eerie whistling sound]

god, i hate having
an imagination.




You in there?




Are you all right?

Aah! Son of a--

[oh how happy by shades of blue
starts playing]


Aah! Aah!




valerie: [with cd player]
♪ oh, how happy ♪

♪ you have made me ♪

♪ oh, how happy ♪

♪ you have made me ♪

♪ i have kissed
your lips ♪








shades of blue:
♪ you have made me ♪

♪ our years together ♪

♪ we have had-- ♪



Rick, is that you?

[Pounding on door]


[Pounding harder]


Rick, come on,
this isn't funny.

[Door rattles]

[heavy breathing outside]



Aah! Aah!

Creature: aah!



[wings fly away]






Aah! Aah!





get away from me!



[glass shatters]

leave me alone!

Aah! Aah! Rick!



[alarm chirping]

[creatures screeching]

valerie: rick!

Rick! Rick!

[Faint scraping]

[3 knocks on door]

man: hello?

Is anyone in there?

This is deputy munson from
the sheriff's department.

Are they gone?

Yes, ma'am.

You alone in there?


Are you injured, miss?

I think i'm ok.

Can you stand up
and come to the door?

Can you step down,


Oh, my husband just
went to get gas.

He should be back
any minute.

Ma'am, we're gonna
walk to my car now.

Oh, no. I have to wait
for my husband.

Why don't you come
with me to the car?

And we can sort everything out
at the sheriff's station.

let's just keep moving.



Keep your eyes
straight ahead.

Keep walking to the car.

Aah! Aah!

Aah! Aah!

Cliff: she screamed so loud

that she drowned out the sound
of her husband's wedding ring

scraping across the roof.

[Imitating scraping]


Well, i know
one thing--

i'm not driving
to las vegas

on my honeymoon.

I don't think you have to
worry about a honeymoon.

That story's not true,
though, right?

Nah, it is, man.
I know a couple of guys

that lived in the town
it happened.

[Lauren laughing]

what's so funny?

I just remembered
something. Ha ha!


Do you remember when
dad went to las vegas,

and i had that really
bad nosebleed?


You were like,
i don't know, 5 or 6,

and it was really late.
You were sleeping,

and i was laying
in mom's bed,

and she just didn't
know what to do.

She tried everything,
and nothing worked,

so she called grandma,

and i guess we must
have woken you up,

because you were
standing in the doorway

when the blood just
started pouring out

of my nose.

[Cliff laughs]

this is funny
to you?

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

So when mom saw it,
she dropped the phone

and just fell backwards.
She fainted.

And then you went
over to the phone,

and you said,
"grandma, mom's dead,

and lauren's bleeding
to death in bed."

And then you just
hung up the phone.

[Owl hooting]

[animal groans]




it's all right, lauren.

Hey, it's ok, lauren.

We're gonna be
all right.

It'll be like, um...
another funny story.




what the hell was that?


Cliff, would you
please not do this?

Oh, you're not scared,
are you, cliffy?

You guys
didn't hear that?

You think the flares
are still burning?

Yeah. We stacked them,

so they should burn
for, like, uh...

a half hour.

Eric: oh, man.


Aw, shit.
I forgot to feed dante.

Don't worry about it.

I filled his bowl
before we left.

He's fine.


Yeah, he's safe
and sound at home.

Hey, that reminds me
of another story.

You guys
want to hear it?

How about you,
sweet cheeks?

All right, this is about
a girl, a little girl.


It was the day before
her 12th birthday.

She couldn't wait
to get home.

Katherine: i don't care
if you were joking.

No, you embarrassed me
in front of my friends.

Well, maybe you should
have thought of that

before you pissed me off.


in the kitchen.

did you get it?

Your birthday's

Oh, can't i please
have my bike tonight?

Bike. That would have
been a good idea.


[Odin barking]

hey, odin.
Come here, boy.

Is mom home yet?
Not yet.

Come here.

Oh, what a good puppy.

Oh, come here, boy.

Uhh, uhh, yeah, uhh.

Listen, thanks for sticking
around with amanda, katherine.

You didn't wear that
to school, did you?

I did today.

[Door opens]

there she is.

Sorry i'm late.

Hi, girls.

Mom, did dad
buy my bike?

Mandy, you're gonna
spoil your appetite.


Sorry. Amanda, you're
gonna spoil your appetite.

Katherine, you're wearing
that top we got. Looks cute.

Uh, hi.
I know.

I'll be down
in a minute.

Better hurry.

Oh, you guys hungry?

What do you guys
want to order?

Uh, daddy, why don't you
just leave me the money?

And i can order us


Here. Here.

Oh, i don't think this
is gonna be enough,

if we order chinese.

You're like a sieve,

Here's another 10.

Here's your split.

I'm going out tonight.

Don't tell anybody, ok?

[Music playing]

the rentals:
♪ i'm waiting ♪

♪ for something
to come through ♪

oh, come on.

[Knock on door]

mom: amanda.

Come in.

Hi, mom.
You look awesome.

Oh, thanks, honey.

So, is there anything
you want to warn me about

before i see
your teachers tonight?

Oh. Actually,
you know mr. Blackman?


He caught me smoking
in the bathroom.


I'm just kidding, mom.


I love you.

Oh, i love you, too.

We're going out
to dinner after,

so i'll see you
in the morning.

Don't work too hard.

I won't.

Oh, and, honey,
odin's been digging again,

so if he goes back
outside tonight,

make sure you wipe off
his paws when he comes in.

I will.

[Waiting by the rentals

♪ i'm waiting ♪

♪ with nothin' to do ♪

♪ i'm waiting ♪

♪ just a-waiting on... ♪

[electricity buzzing]

ok, come on.

Come on.

Oh, you're
so silly, dog.

[Amanda panting]

come on.


Katherine: amanda!

[Hard rock playing]

what do you want?

If you touch
my blow-dryer again,

you're dead.

Dina and i are
going out tonight.

If you tell mom
and dad, you're dead.

If you go in my room--

let me guess--
i'm dead.



you're my big boy.

What are you
lookin' at?

I can't wait till
my party tomorrow.

Yeah, we're gonna have
a d.j. and everything.

Of course i invited lisa.

All of the lisas.

Oh, damn it.
I'll call you back, ok?

You go in the bushes
and get it.

will get you nowhere.

I told you,
i'm going out.

It's none of your
business where.

Katherine: amanda!

Out here!




We'll discuss
this later.

I told you,
i'm going out.

If i wanted to tell you
where, i would have.

Jesus, you stink.

No. No, i wasn't
talking to you.

I've got to go now.
Ok, good-bye.

I'm hanging up now.


I'll be back before
mom and dad get home.

Remember what i said.

I won't say anything.

I'll see you
when you're 12.

I hope you get
your bike.

Are you digging again?

Come on, odin. Out.

So this is what
you were digging up.

It's just a pair
of old clippers.

Come on, odin.

Come on, odin.


Come here. Come here.

Oh, good boy.

Come on.


[shower running]

[shower stops]

[rock music playing]

night, odin.



[odin whimpers]


[Odin whimpering]


[Car passing]

[muffled bark]



Are you in here?



[heartbeat echoing]




Is that you, odin?

Hey! I've been looking all
over for you. Everything ok?

I was fine until you
scared the shit out of me!

Little brat.

There you are.

Yeah, you better hide.


i told you before.

Flattery will
get you nowhere.



Katherine! Call 911!
There's a man under my bed!

you've got to be kidding me.


and by the time
the cops got there,

the guy was out
her window and gone.

And they say
that they're still

surfing the net
looking for this guy.

So, you ever get
in a chat room, eric,

and "jessica" comes
on-line, you get out quick.

Oh, god.

i gotta pee.

Want to come
with me?

Let's go.

Don't let the crows
get you.

Ha ha.


why are you
so hard on cliff?

I am not
that hard on him.

Yeah, you are, alex.

can't you tell
he's just joking?

God, lauren,
you're so clueless.

What, 2 days ago you
were whining about

how he wouldn't meet you
at tracy's party, and...

and what?

And it seems like you
don't have time anymore

for anyone except cliff.

You know,
that's bullshit.


How about this weekend

just you and me do
something together?

No guys?

No guys.


And about cliff?

I really wish you would
just give him a chance.

You should see how sweet
and sensitive he can be.

So, you got hair
on your balls yet?



you're so immature.

I guess
that means no.

Fuck you.

Look, it's no big deal,
you know, if you don't.

Thank you.

just go already.


God, i hope i don't
get poison ivy.



ha ha ha!

Hey, what was that?

What was that?


You didn't see that?

Cut the shit, cliff.
It's not funny anymore.

No, man, come on.

Look, i think there's someone
out there with a flashlight.

Look, let's just--let's
get back to the fire.

[Owl hooting]

alex: oh, you guys
are such assholes.

Eric: you guys should
have seen yourselves.

You looked
pretty hilarious.

Nice cheeks, alex.

Alex: nah, don't worry.
You'll get yours.

When you least
expect it.

[Evil chuckling]


Hey, lauren, can i get under
the blanket with you guys?

'Cause i'm pretty cold.

Yeah, come on.
Come on.


gosh, we've got to keep
our minds off the cold.

Cliff, why don't you tell us
another one of your stories?

Ooh, i got
a great one for you.

All right, ok.

It's about this guy,

and he's cruising

on his motorcycle.

Thing was, he didn't know
what he was looking for.

But he knew he was getting
closer with every mile.

♪ Old man jack was sitting
on a stump beside the fire ♪

♪ got real curious, he
put his hand inside the fire ♪

♪ he was seeing things,
flashes of light ♪

♪ faces from his past ♪

♪ swallowed by
the first friends he followed ♪

♪ to the stars ♪

♪ stars are the circuits
on the switchboard ♪

♪ called the night ♪

♪ welcome to the mystery
that starts another life ♪

♪ he was
trembling and amazed ♪

♪ when his feet first
left the ground ♪

♪ broke the break of day
and watched jack walk ♪

♪ without a sound ♪

[engine sputtering]

[engine dies]



[music box playing]



fuck. Terrific.


Is there anyone home?


Look, i was just wondering
if i could use your phone.


thank god.

Hi. Hi.

I'm riding my bike
cross-country, and, uh...

it gave out on me, and...

i left it down near the road.

Oh, it's just my saddlebag.
Just some essentials.

No weapons or
anything sharp or...



This is really nice
of you,

letting me in
like this and all.

Me being a stranger.

I hope i'm not
disturbing you.

Thank you.

Do you have a phone
i could use?

I have a calling card.

No. Well, i guess you
don't have to choose

between mci
and at&t then, huh?

Uh... cat got
your tongue?

You can't speak.

Uh... i'm sorry.

I didn't realize,
and, uh...


by the way,
my name's scott.

Scott anderson.


"heather wallace."

You got a beautiful smile,
heather wallace.

Well, thank you.
It's fluoride.

So, do you, uh...

do you live here
with your parents?

Just one.

Is it your mother?

It's your father.

Um, is he around?

He's... dancing?

Um, he's--ok,
he's not dancing.

Let's see.
He's--he's rowing.

No. He's--he's boxing.
He's not a boxer, is he?

Uh, he's--he's
horseback riding.

He's horseback

All right.
In the rain.

"Driving the herd."
He's a real cowboy.

Now, would that be
a local herd...

or would that be
a faraway herd?

Faraway herd.

I like your necklace.
It's beautiful.

Is there anything
i can help you with?


From the well, right?

[Faint screeching]

i just--i felt trapped,

so i figured i'd just hop
on my bike and, like, ride.

You know, i think everyone
at least once in their life

should know what it's like
to be completely free.

Looks like it's not going
to stop for a while.




[Music box playing]

oh, i didn't mean
to startle you.

That music just
sounded so familiar.

I'm sorry.
Good night.


Look, i, uh,
feel really silly,

and i don't want you
to think that...

this whole thing,
it's like a dream.

The storm,
finding you here,

it's like it was
all supposed to happen

or something.


[music playing]



what did i do?

I'm sorry. Like, we can--
we can just lie here

if it'll make you
more comfortable.

[Music playing]


man: you lie to me
like a whore,

i'll treat you
like a whore!

[Distorted music]

no, papa, don't!


man: oh, god,
what have i done?!


oh, you scared
the crap out of me.

What the hell's
going on down there?

I saw someone outside.

What is it?

Ghosts? You gotta
be kidding me.

This happened
here before.

Why do you stay here?
You can leave, you know.

You can come with me,

I'm not sure
where i'm going,

but we can
leave together.

Now grab some stuff
and let's get out of here.


[distorted music playing]

man: you
goddamn tramp!


Man: get down here! Now!

What the hell are
you doing in my house?

Girl: papa,
we didn't do anything!

Man: you lie to me
like a whore,

i'll treat you
like a whore!

[Objects smashing]


[Glass breaks]

[girl screaming]


[Phonograph playing]

man: god,
what have i done?!

Oh, my god, heather!

I thought he--
you're all right.

You don't want
to go in there!

No shit.

Man: goddamn tramp!
Get down here! Now!

Don't move from
this spot. Please.

Oh, christ.

What the hell are you
doing in my house?

Look, i don't know who
you are or what you are.

You ruined my daughter,
you son of a bitch.

It's not what you think!



Come on, let's go!

Let's just
get out of here!

Girl: no, papa, don't!


[Clock chimes]

man: goddamn tramp!
Get down here! Now!

What's happening to me?

No! No! No! No!

And he just sat there

staring at her head
in his lap.

The rest of her body is
just slumped on the grass.

So she was a ghost
all along?

Yeah, but
neither of them

knew it
till the end.

Not bad, huh?

No. Not bad at all.

[Car door closes]

what's wrong?

Hey, the police are here.

Whoo hoo! Ha ha ha!

Whoo hoo hoo!

Hey, guys!



Ok, guys.

We have
alcohol on the breath,

head trauma, and possible
myocardial contusion.

We gotta get him to
the hospital right now.

[Police radio crackling]

i need to fly a medevac
in right away.

They came
out of nowhere.

They were just weaving
all over the road.

I have to swerve to
get out of the guy's way

and then he just veers
right off the road.

Hey, can you not do that?

Hey, sarge...
i got open containers.



we got v-tach.
Charge the paddles.


charging 200.

200. Clear!

Still v-tach.
Charging 300.

300. Clear!

I'm sorry.


charging 360.



We have flatline.

Pupils are fixed
and dilated.

He's gone.

Call in the code.
Time of death is 1:21 a.m.

officer: back up!

Fuckin' moron.

[Monster mash plays]

♪ i was working in the lab
late one night ♪

♪ when my eyes beheld
an eerie sight ♪

♪ my monster from
the slab began to rise ♪

♪ and suddenly
to my surprise ♪

♪ he did the mash ♪

♪ he did
the monster mash ♪

♪ the monster mash ♪

♪ it was
a graveyard smash ♪

♪ he did the mash ♪

♪ it caught on
in a flash ♪

♪ he did the mash ♪

♪ he did
the monster mash ♪

♪ from my laboratory
in the castle east ♪

♪ to the master bedroom
where the vampires feast ♪

♪ the ghouls all came
from their humble abodes ♪

♪ to get a jolt
from my electrodes ♪

♪ they did the mash ♪

♪ they did
the monster mash ♪

♪ the monster mash ♪

♪ it was
a graveyard smash ♪

♪ they did the mash ♪

♪ they caught on
in a flash ♪

♪ they did the mash ♪

♪ they did
the monster mash ♪

♪ the zombies
were having fun ♪

♪ the party
had just begun ♪

♪ the guests
included wolfman ♪

♪ dracula and his son ♪

♪ the scene was rockin',
all were diggin' the sounds ♪

♪ igor changed back
by his baying hounds ♪

♪ the coffin bangers
were about to arrive ♪

♪ with their vocal group
the cryptkeeper 5 ♪

♪ they played the mash ♪

♪ they played
the monster mash ♪

♪ the monster mash ♪

♪ it was
a graveyard smash ♪

♪ they played the mash ♪

♪ they caught on
in a flash ♪

♪ they played the mash ♪

♪ they played
the monster mash ♪

♪ out from his coffin
drac's voice did ring ♪

♪ seems he was troubled
by just one thing ♪

♪ opened the lid,
shook his fist ♪

♪ he said, "whatever happened
to my transylvanian twist?" ♪

♪ It's now the mash ♪

♪ it's now
the monster mash ♪

♪ the monster mash ♪

♪ and it's
a graveyard smash ♪

♪ it's now the mash ♪

♪ it caught on
in a flash ♪

♪ it's now the mash ♪

♪ it's now
the monster mash ♪

♪ now everything's cool,
drac's a part of the band ♪

♪ and my monster mash
is the hit of the land ♪

♪ for you the living,
this mash was meant, too ♪

♪ when you get to my door,
tell 'em doris sent you ♪

♪ then you can mash ♪

♪ and do
the monster mash ♪

♪ the monster mash ♪

♪ 'cause it's
a graveyard smash ♪

♪ then you can mash ♪

♪ you'll catch on
in a flash ♪

♪ then you can mash ♪

♪ and do
the monster mash ♪

♪ wah-ooh ♪

♪ wah-ooh ♪

♪ monster mash,
wah-ooh ♪

♪ monster mash,
wah-ooh ♪

♪ ohh,
monster mash, yeah ♪

♪ monster mash, yeah ♪

♪ monster mash ♪

♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, mash ♪

♪ monster mash, yeah ♪

♪ spooky monster mash,
yeah ♪

♪ monster mash ♪

♪ whoa-oa-oa-oa, yeah ♪

♪ whoa-oa-oa, yeah ♪

♪ spooky monster mash,
yeah ♪

♪ monster mash ♪

♪ whoa-oa-oa-oa, yeah ♪

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