Campfire Kiss (2017) - full transcript

Feeling disconnected with her teenage son, a protective mother decides to step outside of her comfort zone and take him camping. But as soon as she arrives, she begins butting heads with her handsome cabin neighbor, a single father and outdoorsman who is also in search of a connection with his teen daughter. Friction soon sparks a flame as these opposites attract. Stars Danica McKellar and Paul Greene.

(coffee machine beeping)

Good morning.

Oh, mom.

Why do you always do that?

Because it works.

Come on, sweetie.

Soccer uniform's packed,

throw your cleats
in for carpool.


The early bird gets the worm.

(alarm goes off)

What about the early worm?

He gets eaten.

Time to go.

But they're in the dragon's
lair, Thorson and Krata.

Arthur, come on.

Bowl, plate, shoes.

I've got that faculty thing
this morning.

I could just walk to school.

We've talked about that.

Now come on.

The evil wizard is-

Will be me if you don't-

March, march, march.
I know.

You should read this book.

I think you'd like it.

A comic?

Graphic novel.

The teens in this book
get to do a lot of things.

Maybe even walk to school
on their own.

Let's go.

I know 13 is the age
they start to pull away,

I just... I want to make sure
he's doing it

for developmentally
appropriate reasons.

Not because he doesn't
like me.

Who wouldn't like you?

Maybe I'm uncool.

You're his mom.

Of course you're uncool.

Maybe you could loosen
the reins a little.

What's the worst
that could happen?

I teach probability.

I know exactly
what could happen.

Let's turn your brain off.

Have a girl's night.

Joe is away at his
college reunion on the 28th.

The 28th is the big
school dance.

I signed up to chaperone.

So un-sign up.

Ok, how about tonight?

Meet me at the gym,
we'll grab a drink,

there's some new cute guys
at my gym...

You're married.

You're not!

How many years since you've
been on more than one date?

You remember how horrible
those dates were.

Which doesn't mean that you
have to swear off completely.

Take a chance.

Anyway, tonight is-

Fajita Friday?

Am I that predictable?

You're the one with the lesson
plans all the way to 2047.




That's the year I retire.

It makes sense.

What did you guys decide to do
for spring break?

I want to do something
to reconnect us, you know?

Just get him to look up
and out.





Gotta go.

(bell rings)


I rolled a five.

There was a one in six chance
of that happening

because there's
six numbers total.

Now what do you think
the chances are

that any of you might
roll another five?


One in five?

Close but not quite.


One in six?

That's right.

Every time you roll the dice
the odds are the same.

You get a fresh chance to get
what you want.

Now over spring break
I want you all to create

your own real world math problem
around the idea of probability.

Be creative.

Your problem could be
about matching socks

or the upcoming school dance-

Like the chances of meeting
your soulmate at the dance?


I'm not sure how
you'd measure that,

but if there's a formula
I'm all ears.

(bell rings)

Have a wonderful
rest of your day.

Pi Day, that is.

March 14th.


Hey Tabitha.

Going to the invitational dance?

Hey Tabitha.

You going to the dance?

Arthur, your cleats.

How are you gonna play
without these?

Oh, Tabitha, hey.

Do you know Arthur?

He's my son.


Nice meeting you.

She is so nice and smart.

You should ask her
to the dance.


See you after soccer.

Family bonding.

Too far.

Too expensive.

Too dangerous.

(door opens)

Too weird.

(door closes)

Hi mom.


How was it?

Did you score any goals?

I'm a defender.


You want some water?


Defenders score goals, right?

Yeah. No one can score
from the bench though.


Well, how was
the rest of school?

Before or after my mother
humiliated me

in front of Tabitha?

Oh, Arthur...

I'm sorry.

But I have an idea
to make it up to you.

I was thinking that for break
we could do something fun,

you know?

Like go hiking or a road trip
or something.

Do you wanna brainstorm?

Can I just play my guitar?


Yeah, I'll get dinner started.

Maybe we could do it after.


Fajita Friday?

You know it.

Family camping.



Don't touch that.

Excuse me?

Why would I wait for you?

I'll show you how
to use it later.

I think I know how
to use it.

After school?

Oh, no, that's right.

You're off next week,
aren't you?

Ok, pal.

I don't know how you know
I'm a teacher-

I love you.


Good morning.

Oh, you weren't talking to me
just then.


No, professor.


Wait, so you heard
everything I said

and you just let me ramble on
and make a fool of myself?

I held up a finger.


Uh, the door sticks sometimes.

Oh, you work here don't you?


You know that's no way to treat
a customer, right?

In fact, I would like to speak
with your boss.

And what would you like
to say to him?


You're the boss.


I will not be giving you
a good Yelp review.

And I'm taking my
business elsewhere.

Uh, professor?


It's broken anyway.


I'm home!

What was that?

What's that?

A music card.

It's yours as soon
as you're packed.

We leave bright and early
tomorrow morning.

So exciting!

What's all this?

It's for the camping trip.

What camping trip?

A camping trip, dad?


Trust me,
you're gonna love it.

You've met me, right?

Think of it this way:

it's a great chance for you
to get far away from school

and recharge your batteries.

Bear Creek's not even
that far away.

If you would have said Maui
then I might actually go.

It's just four days.

Four days?!

It's four days.

In the mountains?

Four whole days
at Camp Bear Creek!

You are aware that it's
my spring break, right?

You booked already,
didn't you?

It's not really camping,

camping, which by the way I
think you would totally love,

it's camping in a nice tent.

And there'll be other kids.

Also roped in by their
deranged parents?

If you mean your fun dad who
thinks of the craziest ideas

that turn out to be the best
times you've ever had then yes!

Hiking, canoes, campfires,

probably be a marshmallow
or two.

I told you last night at dinner.

You weren't listening,
were you?

And it's my week.

Your mom's at her conference,

and what is the good in owning
your own camping store

if you can't try out
the new gear?

Is that a pink camouflage
water bottle?

I know, makes no sense,

Look, this place looks great.

They've got cabins, not tents,
hot water, tons of activities.

They've even got

a glow-in-the-dark
frisbee golf thing.

Mom, this isn't like you.

This is so you.

Everything last minute,
and it's all about you.

Did you even bother
to ask if I had plans?

Did you?

Holly was thinking
of throwing a party.

Who's Holly?


Mom, do you even know
how to camp?


But what better time
to learn than now?

(playing video games)

We'll figure it out together.

And you can start by being
my navigator on the trip.

You know you have a GPS
on your phone, right?

No, I know, but we don't know
what kind of reception

we'll get up in the mountains.

Can I just finish my game?

You can play your game
any time.

Look up.

It's beautiful here.

So you're just gonna sit in
the car for the next four days?

Not if I get mom to pick me up.

Maybe I'll just rule out
cell phone usage entirely

while we're gone.

Then you wouldn't be
Fun Dad, would you?

You know, I actually printed out
a list of activities

so we don't miss
any of the good ones.

Let's see.

Archery, arts and crafts...

oh, what about the rock wall?

Did you notice that they have
a talent show?

Is that why you had me
bring my guitar?

Well, I-

Mom, you know I don't like to
play in front of other people.

(together) You gotta be
kidding me.

Well, this day just keeps
getting better and better.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Were you talking to me?


What is this?

That is my cappuccino maker.

Propane powered.

I got it from Miller's
Sporting Goods.

I believe that's
your competition.

Yeah, I don't sell that frou
frou camping gear, anyway.

Then thank you for driving me
to where I could find it.

Uh, you don't happen to know
where check-in is?

Ah, right.

Thank you.

Uh huh.


Arthur! Wake up!

We're here!

Ok, we've got you in Chipmunk
which is right here.


Thank you, Addy.

No problem.

Uh oh.

You're looking a tad confused.

It's not you.

This is a confusing map.

Good, then I'm not crazy.




I- I wasn't expecting
so much snow.

Oh, it's a gift.

First time camping?



Oh, you're one of those
super in touch people

who reads everyone?

Well, the price tags are still
on your sleeping bag.

Come on.

This was just a last-minute trip
to spend some time with my son.


We're not really
connecting lately

and he wants
his independence

so I'm trying not to obsess
over the fact

that he's still back
at the archery range.

Why am I telling you
all of this?

To convince yourself
it was a good idea?

I'm not very practiced
at new things.

Well, you're here, aren't you?

Last minute?

It looks like you're
well-planned and well-organized,

so now that you're here
just breathe.

Oh, you're in Chipmunk.

Just follow the
little chipmunks.


Thank you.


Chipmunk overflow.


We can work with this.

Fine, have it your way.



What's with the Jeep?

Too good to carry your stuff
like the rest of us?

Special privilege.


I just found out that
Holly's party is a go

for tomorrow night.


Good one, Steve.

Way to go.

(announcement) It's
orientation time, campers.

At 8pm head on over
to the fire pit.

S'mores for the kids,
wine for the grown ups.

Can't wait.

Ok everybody, gather 'round.

Hey, um... you never told me.

How was archery?

No big deal.

An arrow almost hit me
in the leg.


(clears throat)


Good evening, campers.

Welcome to Camp Bear Creek,

I'm Addy, the activities

for those of you
who haven't met me.

Now, we have so many
fun activities

we want to share with you.

We know they're gonna bring us
all closer together,

but first I would like
to introduce

one of our long-time instructors
Ms. Beverly Gowers.


Thank you,
thank you.

Beverly will be teaching
arts and crafts

and also leading
games and activities.


And when I'm not leading you
on an artistic journey

you can join me at the stables.

Now, there are a few
simple rules.

This area is called Bear Creek
for a reason.

There are bears.

They're actually more afraid
of us than we are of them.

Hmm. Has anyone asked the bears?

But if we don't give them
a reason to come in the camp

they won't.

So just make sure you keep
any food in the bear boxes.

And Julie thought I was crazy
for bringing Tupperware.

And one more thing
that's very important:

there is a big woods out there,
so it's easy to get lost.

So just stay on the trails
and stay within sight of camp.

Great advice.

Oh, I almost forgot.

One of our campers,
Steve Reynolds,

has generously donated a brand
new canoe for camp.

Thank you, Steve.


Don't forget, at 8pm
there's s'mores for the kids

and wine for the adults.

Or both.


Let's go this way.

Sneaky way to get
special parking privileges.

Hey, you donate a canoe
you get perks.


Look, why don't we start over?

We obviously got off
on the wrong foot,

which was your fault
by the way.

It was.

I'm sorry.

I'm Steve.


I guess I owe you an apology,
too, for that bad Yelp review.

I am so sorry, I will take it
down as soon as I get home.

I'm not too worried
about it.

You should be.

I mean, there are plenty of
people who won't set foot

inside a restaurant

or a store if it doesn't get
at least four stars.

Those people really need
to relax.

You- you mean, like me?

Are you saying I'm uptight?

No, not at all.

You seem like you have
a lot on your mind.

You know, coming here

was practically

That makes me the opposite
of uptight.

I'm adventurous.

So you better look out,
nature boy.


Come on.

What're you doing?

Oh, I'm making a fire
from two sticks.

I read how to do it online.


Come on.

How long have you been
doing it?

Uh, I don't know.

I can't feel my arms.

Still at it, huh?

Oh, I'll get there.

Yeah, you'll see.

This girl can camp.

Yeah, no question about it.

Oh, you gotta be kidding me.


We're not on "Survivor".

Why didn't you tell me
you had matches?

You've got a propane powered
cappuccino machine.

I figured you had thought
of everything.

You know, you are just-


Hang on just a minute.

You're one of those know-it-all
campers who just thinks that-



You did it!

You started a fire.

I did it?

I did it!


Oh, uh, we have to blow.

Oh, right.

High five.

Pretty great, huh?


Best hot dog ever.

It kind of is.

I might have to get one of these
fire pits for the house.

Back yard camping.

So when's the talent show?


You could do that song you were
practicing last week.

You know, the one
with the chords?

I can get you sheet music
if you want.

I meant you.

You should sing.


I mean...

I wouldn't even have time
to prepare anything.

If you say so.

But you're really good.

(announcement) Hey campers.

20 minutes until the kids
and the adults

get their own mixers right
by the rec centres.

S'mores for the kids.

I love s'mores.

I love you s'mores.


Get it?

Yeah, I get it.



You know, there's a few single
fathers here tonight.

No, no, no.

I'm- I'm just here to bond
with my son.

You know what I teach
outside camp?



Gary, this is Dana.

Dana, Gary.

Gary's from Nevada,
aren't you, Gary?



You've ever been to Nevada,

Uh, no, I uh...

I'm not much of a gambler.

Oh, me neither.

Well, not anymore.

Cool pool.

I used to have one
just like it.

Bet ya it takes a lot
of chlorine to clean it.

Hey, Lace.

How was the kid's thing?


You stay out long?



I'm going to bed.

Tomorrow we can do
some fun things.

Yeah, ok.

Hi mom.

Oh, hi, hey!

Hey, how was it?

It was pretty good.

We played that glow-in-the-dark
frisbee golf thing.

It was fun?

You're having fun?

Yeah, it's great.


You'd tell me if it wasn't?


Smart mouth.

I really wanna try
the rock wall.

Um, if it fits in
the schedule.

Go brush your teeth.

Come on, bed time.

(rustling noises)







Oh, hi!

Sorry, excuse me.

Wake up.

There's a bear.

A bear?!


Did you see a bear?



Oh, come on.

I am so telling mom
about this.

I don't think you can blame me
for a bear coming into camp.

Well, we're camping
with the bears.

Bears don't just come into camp!

It's in our tent!

Why is he in our tent?

Did you leave food out
in your tent?

In Tupperware like the arts
and crafts lady said.

You left your food
in Tupperware?

Didn't you hear her say
that all leftovers

and food have to be put
in the bear boxes?

That's not a brand of container?

Nope. It's those black
steel storage bins

that say "bear box" on them

that keep bears
from sniffing around

looking for food
in people's tents.

Oh, those.

Well, that could have been
clearer in the presentation!

We have got to get
rid of this bear.

What're you doing?

Getting things that we can
bang together.

Take that.

Make as much noise
as we possibly can,

that should scare away the bear.

I wanna help.

Arthur, you're not going
anywhere near a bear.

None of you are.

You're gonna make as much
noise as you can

right here inside the tent.


Ok, close the flaps
behind me.

Wait, but dad...

It's ok.

I got this.



On the count of three.

One, two, three.

(clanging and yelling)

Ok, come on bear.

Go, bear! Go!

Go, go, go!

(raccoon titters)


It's gone.

Did you see it go?

It was just a-

Your dad saved us!

It was so big!

It was really,
really big and scary.


That's so cool you did it.

So cool.

That's my dad.

Alright, let's get inside.

Come on.

(owl hooting)

I'm not usually a rescue
the damsel kinda woman.

You seem like you
can handle yourself.

It's a compliment.


Lacey's changed a lot
the last year.

I mean, with the divorce
and starting high school.

What's more is she's smart
but she's really pulled back

from working hard and she'd
rather be texting,

and these girls,
and I don't know,

talking about boys
and clothes.

So you thought you'd bring her
some place where there

was spotty cell service
and make-up wouldn't matter?


She'll come out the other side.

A work in progress.

I teach teenagers.

I get it.

What do you teach?

Eighth grade math.

Oh, now that is brave.


Hey, at least you like
the outdoors.

I thought... I don't know.

I thought coming here might
boost Arthur's confidence.

Connect us.

But I don't know anything
about camping.

All I've done so far is bring
a bear into camp.

That was just day one.

Wait 'til you see what happens
on day two.

Two bears?


Um, well I should probably
get some sleep.

I'll stand watch.

Thanks again.



So can you come pick me up?

Well, I wanna go hang out
with Holly and her friends.

You uh, think about
high school much?

Most of my friends are going.

You won't be there.

What could be bad?


So I looked at the schedule
you put together for today.


Tree identification?



Uh, we could do arts and crafts.

Or you wanna try yoga with me?

Ok, what do you want to do?

Besides the rock wall.

What's wrong with the rock wall?

You mean, other than falling

and breaking every bone
in your body?

No, little kids go
rock climbing.

Instructors attach
you to ropes.

It's fine.

So not like that time you fell
out of the tree?

I was four.

And your arm
didn't set right.

It's fine now.


Is there anything else
you'd wanna do?

Food tastes pretty good
in the open air, huh?


Did you um, take a look
at those activities?

There's lots of fun things to do
on that list.

Fun, fun.

That's what we're here for.

Isn't there anything
that you're interested in?

Well, is there anything
that I can use my phone for?


Wait, wait, wait.

Yeah, geocaching.

We could go geocaching.

What's geocaching?

It's like a hunt in the woods.

Your GPS gives you coordinates

and the coordinates lead you
to a treasure box.

What's the treasure?

Well, it depends.

Nothing, like, valuable
or anything

but maybe meaningful.

The thing is,

if you take something you have
to leave something.

Ok, what should we leave?

I'll figure it out.

Do we need to bring anything?

No, just my phone
and two water bottles.

One of them pink.

You game?

A treasure hunt in the woods.


I'm game.

Ah, great minds.

Oh, hi.

Uh, can we join you?

Yeah, sure.


(Arthur): My phone has
a better signal.

(Lacie): My phone has
more charge.

Finally, a use for those phones.


It is so beautiful here.

You guys, come look!

There's a bridge!

Uh, that's-
that's off the path.

They said we were supposed to-

There's a trail
on the other side.

And there's a cache
in the woods.

Let's do it.


Well... if Steve thinks it's ok.


This way!

It's really coming down.

Let's take cover.


It's coming down, huh?


Oh my gosh, it's pouring.


We should be ok here.


It's so wet out here.

It is.

So what grade are you in?

I'm a freshman.

At which school?


Arthur's going there next year.

How do you like it?

First time camping, huh?

What do you think so far?

It's alright.

Play any sports?

Yeah, I play a little bit
of soccer.

I'm pretty good at Madden
on the Xbox.


Why would anybody do math
on purpose?

Isn't it just for nerds?



It's for people who want
to challenge themselves.

Find out what they're
made of.

But what if you
challenge yourself

and you still don't
get anywhere?

That's when you
double down.

When you work hard

and solve something you didn't
think you could,

that's when you prove to
yourself that you were stronger

and smarter than you thought.

That's what I love about math.

If that makes me a nerd,
so be it.

Rock wall, huh?


My mom's pretending it won't fit
in the schedule.

She just doesn't want me
to do it, though.


She probably has her reasons.

She's worried that I'll fall.


That just means she cares.

Well, she's the one
that's afraid of heights.

Well, that is
altogether different.

You know, if you ever want
any help

or if there's anything
I can walk you through

just let me know.

It's clearing up.

Let's go.


You know, algebra
is my favourite.

What're you guys chatting about?

Girl talk.

Guys, we lost the signal
on our phones.

We wandered off the path

and now we don't know
where the geocache is.

We're lost?

Now this is an adventure.

We- we can't be- I mean, they're
gonna come find us, right?

Well, we wandered off the path.

How are they even gonna know?


Ok, we won't be
back for dinner,

someone will come looking
for us.

It's fine.

No, it's not fine.

I mean, do- do we stay here?

Do we try to walk back?

I mean, what if we get
more lost?

What if there's a bear?

Oh my gosh, this can't get
any worse!

Mom, the fitness tracker
on my phone.

I set it when we crossed
the bridge.

We took 3,984 steps.

That's a lot of steps.

Ok, let's go.

(coyotes howling)


Wait, wait, hold on guys,
hold on.

I think we're really close
to the geocache treasure.

It says that it's right...
yeah, guys, the geocache!

We made it!


Oh, there's not much in there.

What is it?

Here it is...


How about that.

Oh, we should sign the log.


Right, here's that.

What're you gonna write?

Probably my initials.


Here, I'll put it back.

Oh, no.

We didn't bring anything
to put back in the box.

Yeah we did.

I'll put it away.

Ok, now can we go?



Let's go.


(together) One, two, three,
four, five...

A lot of steps to go.

(together) Seventy-three,
seventy-four, seventy-five,

seventy-six, seventy-seven,
seventy-eight, seventy-nine,

eighty, eighty-one,
eighty-two, eighty-three,

three thousand nine hundred
and eighty-four!

There's the bridge!

We made it!


That was fun.

Dana, stop.

Look behind you.

Please don't say it's a bear.



Just look.

And no bears.

Or raccoons.

Ah, listen-

It's ok, it's ok. I get it.

I get it.

Thank you.

Mom! Come on!

I'm hungry!

Push down as the rest
of your body rises up.

This is how we build
our strength.

We push down so we can soar
like an eagle.

Shoulders back.

Ooh, are you tight.

It was a bumpy morning.

That's more than one morning.

Alright, let's go to salutation.

That's it, buddy. Right there.

Your foot's solid, yep.

Now step.

There, perfect.

Alright, you're doing it.

How're you feeling?


Ok, now push.


You're a natural, bud.

It's gonna get more technical
up here.

Ok, this is getting trickier.

You see right there on that grip
on your right?

Uh huh.

Reach for that
and pull yourself up.


You should be able to get it.


I don't think I can.

Oh yeah, sure you can, man.

Just get your feet, both
of them, underneath you.

You need a little chalk.

Reach your right hand back
and grab some chalk.

There you go.


Bring your left leg up to here.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Ok now, ready?

Push off of your left leg
and you reach for that.

You got this.

There you go.

Look at that!

Nice job.

Way to go, Arthur!

Now, it's ok, don't look down,

You're good.

Don't look down.

Right there.



It's ok, buddy.

It's alright, he's fine.

The instructor's got him.

You're good, bud.

It's ok, I think I'm done.

No, no, no, no, no.

We're almost there, bud.

You're so close.


Get your feet underneath you.

There you go.

And push.

Oh yeah, you're there.


(rings bell)


Good job!

Nice job.


Oh man, that was hard.

How do we get down?

Lean back.

That's it, buddy.

That's it.

That's good.

Look up a bit.

There you go.

Here we go.

Lean back.

You got this.

Have a little fun with it, bud.

Mom, I'm sorry.

I should have told you.

You were amazing!

I... yeah, no, uh...

I would like to see you
try it again sometime.



Thanks mom.

I will.

I'll see you back at the tent.

I'm gonna go practice my guitar.

That was incredible.

That was so much-

You dragged my child away from
our tent without my permission?

When I think of what could have
happened up there?

Dragged? I didn't drag.

And nothing happened-

Were you just thinking
about yourself?

How cool you'd be to him?

That's not what happened.

(playing guitar)

Don't stop.

I'm not very good.

Sounded pretty good to me.


So your mom said you're going
to Jefferson next year.

I go there.

But I'm warning you
I don't talk to freshmen.

Aren't you a freshman?

Next year, when I'm a sophomore,

I won't be speaking to freshmen.

But we can hang out now,
'til this torture ends.

Keep playing.

(playing guitar)

(jazz music playing)


Wow, wonderful!

Good job, Nat. Ok.

Who's next?

Don't be shy.

Dad, you should
do your magic trick.

No, no, no.

I can't I-

My dad can
do magic tricks!

No, she's lying.


Steve, get up here.

You wanted to come
to the talent show.


I don't have any money.


Uh, I need, uh, some money.

Does anybody have a dollar,
a twenty?

Oh, this camper's
gonna produce cash.

Or one hundred.


Steve's funny.

Thank you.

He's not that funny.

This twenty dollar bill,
good shape... ready?

Well, he's nice.

When I turn around...

Like earlier when I asked him
to go rock climbing.

One hundred percent...

You asked him?


Stand by.

I'm just gonna fix this.

(clears throat)

Oh boy.

Um, ha.

Uh... this used to kill
in college.


I seem to have lost
my edge.

Thank you.


I'll get that back to you.

Look out David Blaine.

Great job, Steve.

Ok, anyone else?

That was fun.


Don't be shy.


Come on, guys.

I can sing.

Dana, yeah!

Come on, let's see it.


Dana, everybody.

Alright, get on up here.

(clears throat)

Uh, this is for all you
pie lovers out there.

No, no, not the dessert.

♪ Pi is equal to ♪

♪ three point one four
five nine two ♪

♪ six five three five
eight nine seven ♪

♪ nine three two three
eight four six two ♪

♪ six then four three
three eight three two ♪

♪ seven nine five oh two
eight eight four one ♪

♪ nine seven one six... ♪

That's amazing.

♪ Nine three nine nine ♪

♪ three seven five one
oh five eight two ♪

♪ oh nine seven four and
then nine four four five ♪

♪ and two and then
three oh seven ♪

♪ eight one six four... ♪

hey, where's the end?

(laughing and applause)


Thank you.


Wow, is anyone else's
mind blown?

Because my mind is blown.

Ok, is there anyone else?

Is that everyone?

Going once, going twice...

If I can do it,
so can you.

There's gotta be
someone else.

Well, everyone, there's
hot chocolate in the rec room.

I wanna thank all of you

for sharing your
talents tonight.

Arthur, yes, get up here!


Go Arthur!

Um, this is a song I've been
learning the past few weeks

so I hope you enjoy.

You got this, sweetie.

Uh, let me re-start.

(playing guitar)



Go Arthur!


Who knew you were
so talented?

You too.


Ah, that's just Lacey,

she's trying to get at me.

Can you do a rendition of
Pythagoras's theorem, too?

Ooh, don't tempt me.


You are nerdier
than I thought.

Oh, I am beyond nerdy.

And not just about math.

I love Star Wars.

I know everything
about Wookies and Jedis.


I'm into Star Trek.

I love Star Trek!


Listen, I... I owe you
an apology.

For what?

Arthur told me that he's the one
who came to you

about the rock wall.

I should have asked you first.

Thank you.

But I'm officially sorry.

And I am officially enjoying
getting to know you.

Me too.

Well, goodnight.

Yeah, goodnight.

You're such a good boy.

Is that good?

That's a beautiful horse.

Oh, hey.

I was hoping you'd stop by.

Grab a brush.

This is Teddy.

He's a Norwegian Fjord.

Horses just give me peace.

Here, right up there.

He loves that.

Right there.

All down his stripe.



I think Steve tried
to kiss me.

Do you want him to kiss you?

No, of course not.



Well, good.

No, we're total opposites.


You are the yin
to his yang.

But I don't believe
in opposites attract.

I mean, you have to have at
least some common interests.

Anyway, I'm not even looking
to date.

I mean, it is not on
my timetable right now.

I didn't know that love paid
attention to timetables.

That's funny.


I didn't say anything
about love.

I was just talking about a-
a kiss.


That didn't even happen.

Well then it's a good thing
it didn't happen

'cause I'd hate to see how
worked up you got if it did.

What's the worst
that could happen?

The last time I opened
myself up...

it didn't go very well.

Well, what if you're
a different person now

than you were then?

What if you are stronger
than you know?

Come on.





Yeah, it's pretty good.

You wanna try some?


Why not?

It's alright.

Ok, I'll admit

that that's a completely
unnecessary camping tool

if you'll admit that that
is better than alright.

Ok, it's really good.



Dad, what're we doing today?

What do you wanna do?

What do I wanna do?

Let's go.

Alright, Fun Dad.

Let's go.

Yeah, are you sure
you want to do this?

You're not scared, are you?

No, I'm just not that big
on horses.

So yes.

Not a fearful bone in my body.


There we go.

So I just grab these, yeah?

I'm ready.

Ok, here you go.


Go forward.



Come on, come on.

No, no, no, no, no!



Thank you for doing this
with me.


Oh, I think uh...

It's ok, I got it.

Thanks for coming out here
with me.

Of course.

So what's on your mind?

I guess I just don't see
how math relates to real life.

There's this girl, Jenny,

she says it's gonna matter
later on

but I just don't get it.

You know, doing math is like
going to the gym for your brain.

By the way, cute shoes.

Thank you.

How much did you spend
on them?

Is this gonna be
a math problem?

How much?

The were $150.


That's like $60 more than
twice what I spent on my shoes.

Fine, I get it.

You spent $45 because I know
addition and multiplication.

No, you solved for x.

That's algebra.

If x is the price of my shoes,
then 2x plus-

Plus 60 equals 150.


Lacey, you understand math
better than you realize.

Maybe I just don't have
a great teacher.


But can I guess something else?

Maybe you thought smart
girls wouldn't be popular

so when you got to high school
you stopped studying

as much as you used to
and six months goes by

and you get behind.

Math is cumulative, so now,
even if you wanted to catch up,

it feels like you can't.

There's this girl, Holly,

she says that studying
is for losers

but she's kind of like-

But she's friends with everyone
who matters.

So because of that you decided
that it's ok to be less

than who you are?

No, I just thought that maybe-

What if being smart makes
you more powerful

and more in control
of your life?

What if you are stronger
than you think?



And you can be smart
and popular.

And if this Holly person
doesn't think so,

what if she's the one
losing out?

Your friend Jenny
sounds pretty cool.

Lacey told me
what you did for her.


Thank you.

She just needed someone
to sort of sit down with her

and talk it through.

She's so bright.


Yeah, she is.

I'm not great at the sitting
still part.

Sometimes I worry the reason
Arthur struggled with confidence

is because of me.

And I worry I'm the reason Lacey
doesn't try harder at school.

I think the kids are playing
Capture The Flag

during lunch today.

Arthur was saying
something about that.

You wouldn't want to share
a campfire

and eat our lunches together,
would you?

We have hot dogs.

Hot dogs!

Sounds like a plan.


I mean, not like a plan plan,

but more like a spontaneous

That's exactly
what I was thinking.



Uh, wanna meet
in 15 minutes?

Yeah, sounds good.


It's... I'm gonna go over there.








Cargo pants.




Ah, I think it's jeans.



Do you know which tent
is Steve Reynolds?

Yeah, yeah.


Hi, I'm Robin. Steve's wife.


Can't believe I still
get that wrong.

I'm Dana.

Uh, Steve's uh...
next tent neighbour.


What're you doing here?

I thought you had
your conference in Aspen.

I did, but Lacey kept texting me
to come pick her up.

I told you on the phone,

I have everything under control.

I know you did, and coming
up here was a great idea.

By the way, this place
looks amazing.

I can't believe you never
took me up here.

I mean, I could actually camp
at a place like this, right?

Look, I'm sorry if I overstepped
my boundaries,

but she sounded miserable,

and this is the first break I
could take from the conference.


You're here.

You don't remember
texting me

about how horrible
this place was

and to come
and pick you up?

Oh, right.


Um, well this place
really isn't so bad.

Sorry, mom.

It's fine.

Stick it out with your dad,

I'll head into town
and find a hotel.

But now that you're here
you should stay with us.

She can stay with us,
right dad?

I mean, we have
enough room.

Lacey, it's your dad's time,

And I don't have
any camping gear.

You came all the way
up here.

You know what?

You can bunk
with me and Lacey.

Steve can stay with my son.

I don't know.

No, no. It's settled.

Lacey, why don't you help
your mom with her stuff?

Thank you.



thank you.

I- Steve, I get it.

It's fine.

Alright, I'll go get started
on the hot dogs.

For five.

I really appreciate you
doing this, Dana.

Oh, yeah, it's fine.

Lovely to have you.

Look how nice you made it
in here.

It's uh, it's so homey.


You have a great touch.

Yeah, we just- we...

Well, I'll um, stay here
I guess

while you go do your thing
and um-

No, mom, you should come
with us.

It'll be fun.

Well, if- if you're game?


Um, yeah, no, that's me.

I'm totally game.



Let's do it.

Ready... aim... fire.


Wow, nice shot.

Beginner's luck.

Archers, get your arrows.

And we were stuck at the top
of the ferris wheel

and Steve was shaking.

Ok, I was not shaking.

You're afraid of heights?

Dad, is that why
you don't like horses?

No, I like horses fine,
I like heights fine,

I just don't like high horses.


It's ok mom,
you're doing great.


Go ahead, honey.



I'll be at the zip line.


I don't think that
actually happened.

It did happen.


Dana, slow down.

Oh, no, no, I'm fine.

No, no, please go back.

I don't need to.

You know, you try
and be spontaneous,

you try not to plan...

What're we not talking about?


So much for our non-date.


The ex-wife showing up
didn't really help.


Listen, it's not- we're not-

there's nothing between us.

There hasn't been
for a long time.

Is she good at everything
she tries?

It's infuriating, right?

Why'd you guys break up?

Well, when you're
with the right person

you compliment each other.

They have some things
that you need

and you have things
that they need.

It's a match.


And I don't think we were ever
the right fit.

What about you?

Arthur's father?

Um, he and I were
high school sweethearts.

Even before Arthur was born
I think we both knew

it wasn't going to last.

We stuck it out for a year
or two but uh...

it turns out he wasn't really
cut out to be a dad.

He's more of a Christmas card
and birthday present kind.

You deserve better.

I think that's...

that's why I don't put myself
out there.

You know, I want
to protect Arthur.

Maybe not just Arthur.

I- I should go find him.





Mom, are you ok?

Yeah, I'm fine.


You know, maybe it's time
for us to pack up and go home.

Right now?

But what about the big camp fire
and all the goodbyes?

What about all that?

I thought you didn't really
wanna be here.

Well, I didn't.

But I'm having fun now.


I- I made you camp in the snow
and do arts and crafts.

Yeah, but we did lots of
other cool things.

And besides, there's still
some things I'd like to do

before we go.

Ok then.

We'll stay.


Mind if I join you?

Oh, um... sure.

You seemed upset before.

Oh, I'm fine.

What do you think about Steve?



I think he likes you and
I think you like him, too.


And I think you would
be good together.

You don't know me.

I'm usually right
about these things.

About setting up your
ex-husband with other women?

About good people who would
be good together.

Why are you telling me this?

I talked with Lacey.

I'm heading back down the hill
to find a hotel for myself.

I wanted to thank you
for your hospitality

and I wanted to tell you
that he's a great guy

and I hope you give him
a chance.


Come with me.

Where are we going?


Is this a good idea?

There's a grip to your left.

Grab it and pull up.

Use your legs.

How do you know this?

Steve taught me.

Now push.

That's it.

Good job.

I uh... you know,
we're getting pretty high.

Yeah, yeah we are.

You know, um, I'll-
I'll just stop here.

Why don't you go ahead?


If I can do it you can do it.

Push down so you can soar.

That's it, keep going.

Remember, use your legs.


Now push.


You're almost there.

(rings bell)



Woo hoo!


Good job, mom!

Hot chocolate.


You were amazing.

Oh, you too.

I never would have done
that on my own.

Arthur, serious question.

Have I held you back?

Have my fears kept you
from doing fun things?

I don't know, maybe.

I don't want you to be afraid
of things.

I don't want you to be afraid
of things, either.

It's so good.

(music playing)

Hey, what're you doing?

Oh, um... I was just...

I was downloading math games.

To practice math.

Well, that's cool.

Uh, what year are you?

Ninth at Jefferson in Denver.

Tenth at Jefferson, too.


I've never seen you there.

I think I've seen you.

It's Lacey, right?

Well, I guess I'll see you
at the bonfire?

Yeah, see you there.



Um, no.

Jenny, actually.

I was seeing what she's doing
at the end of spring break

when we get back home.

I saw you left our old key
in the geocache box.

I think when your mom
and I split

I was so worried about you
being sad

that I just pushed
for everything to be fun.

All the time.

But I think in doing that
I might have missed out

on what you really need.

I'm here for you, Lace.

For any reason.

At any time.

If you reach out,
I'll listen.

I promise.

So Maui, huh?

You think Maui's
a better choice?

You think it'd be a better spot
for spring break?

Isn't that, like,
crazy expensive?

Not if you camp
in the woods there.

It's pretty good.


I'm kidding.

We'll stay in a hotel
on the beach.

But you know what?

I actually really loved
coming here with you.



Wanna go make s'mores
at the bonfire?

Would you mind if I went
ahead alone?

No, not at all.

Thank you.


I spend a lot of time looking up
at these stars

when I go camping.

What's your favourite

Hmm. Draco.

It's the one that circles
the North Star.

What're you looking at?

Oh, wow.

Listen, I wanted to tell you
something about Robin.

Oh, that's ok, really.


She's getting re-married.

Yeah, she was gonna wait
to tell me back in Denver

but she decided to do it today.


How does that make you feel?



I feel really good around you.

Me too.

I made you something.

You did?


Arts and crafts.


I love it.


No one's ever made me
a bracelet before.

Thank you.

So... what now?

What do you mean?

Well, this is our
last night here,

so what happens
when we go back home?

Uh, I didn't really think
that far ahead.

Is something wrong?

Dana, I like you...

But what?

You don't wanna be in
another relationship?

I just wanted to kiss you again
and see what happens next

and let that be enough.

Can we do that?

Goodnight, Steve.


Are you ok?

Oh yeah, never better.

We got things to do
before the bonfire.

Uh, well can I just finish my-

No, you need to pack.

We're leaving in the morning.


Alright everybody,

come around the fire close
one last time please.

Awe, farewells are so hard.

(crowd murmurs)

Another one in the can.

Let's hold hands.

We hope you've had a wonderful
time full of adventure

and new friends.

Take back with you the spirit
of what you've learned here.

I've seen some great acts
of bravery, love, kindness.

Remember these new discoveries
you've made,

the new activities
that you've tried,

and the new people
that you've met.

Know that nothing will diminish
the time that we've had here,

no matter what happens next.

And we wish you all happy
adventures, lasting friendships,

and amazing experiences.

Until we meet again...

One, two, three!

Camp Bear Creek!


(crowd cheers)

Alright, hug it out.

Come here.

I'll miss you.



What's this?

I made it in arts and crafts.

I thought you might like it.

You know, because you left your
other necklace in the geocache.

Thank you.


You better not be crushing
on me.


There's a girl I like at school.


But I just wanted to give you
something to thank you

for being nice to me.

And also so you'll
remember me.

I'll be seeing you at school
in the fall, dork.

Yeah, but you won't be
talking to me.

Give me your phone.

Um, ok.

What're you doing?

Giving you my number so when
you get to high school next year

I'll let you say hi to me
once or twice.

If you promise not to be
a total geek.


Come on, Arthur.

Time to load up.


Hey, say hi to Tabitha.

Girls like guys who have guts.



Thanks for the help with math.

I really appreciate it.

Any time.

I mean it.

If I can help.

Thank you.

So, you like Tabitha, huh?


All ready?

Let's go.

Hey, listen.

I was thinking about-

It was so nice meeting you.

Yeah, you too.


Listen, I'm sorry-

There's nothing to be sorry for.

We had fun.

But now, back to reality.

Safe drive back.

Yeah, you too.

Thanks for taking me up here.

Maybe we could do this
again next year?



I would love that.

And maybe we could invite
Steve and Lacey to join us, too.


Then, of course, we have
to reduce the fraction.

(bell rings)

Uh, thank you so much,
I'll see you tomorrow.

Excuse me, Ms. Henderson?


Hi. Did you want us to present
our real world math problems?

Oh, uh, you did it?

Chances of meeting my soul mate
at the dance.

You wrote out a formula
for that?


There's number of students
coming to the dance,

those coming already coupled up
versus those coming single

and random kids coming
from different schools.

That's ambitious.

But you might have missed
a few variables.

Like kids getting sick
or something?

Well, to start you're assuming
everyone even has a soul mate

and that they live within
driving distance of the school.

The problem is,

how do you know if you've met
your soul mate?

Or what if you thought he was
the one and he wasn't so sure?

And there's probably not
a formula for that.

Well, each time you roll
the dice

the odds are the same, right?

So every time you just have
a fresh chance

to get what you want.

And, you know, maybe you
just gotta keep going to dances

to make the formula work.

Thanks, Jillian.

You're not answering
your texts,

you haven't stopped
by my office...

I've been busy.


Rumour has it you haven't
finished grading

your papers yet.

You're the one who said
it's not a big deal

if I don't turn them in
on time.

For everyone else.

For you that's serious.

I don't know what's going on.

Did something happen at camp
you didn't tell me about?

The same thing that happens
every time

I put myself out there.

It doesn't work out.

So what're you saying?

That things didn't go the way
you planned?

I didn't plan, ok?

You really liked him.

I really liked him.

(door opens)

Hey, you're early.

Yeah, I didn't feel like going
to the mall.

How was your math quiz?

Uh, not bad.

There was only two questions
I didn't know.

I could help you if you like.

I might remember something
from high school.

Thanks, but me and Jenny
are gonna get together

before class tomorrow.


She's the one that's cool
with math, yeah?

Yeah, she's pretty cool
all around.


I'm gonna go do homework
in the office.

You should call her.



Yeah, it's not gonna happen.

Dad, you're so clueless.

It's not in the cards.

I already blew my chance.

Well then you better deal
yourself a new hand.

You scored a goal today?

You were a different player
out there, sweetie.


So Lacey texted me.

I thought maybe we could invite
them over.

That's probably not
a great idea.

Why not?

You like Steve.

Maybe you guys could go
on a date.

What makes you think that
I would want to date Steve?

Because it was obvious
you two liked each other.

I- I think our time has passed.

(phone vibrating)


They so need to get together.

She won't call him.

I know, he's too stubborn
to call her, too.

They totally deserve
each other.

We need to get them together
in person.

The dance!

The dance would be a perfect
place for them to meet.

But it's tonight.

We just have to work fast.

Get your dad there.

Oh, don't you look nice.

What's the occasion?

The dance?

Can I catch a ride?

Uh, sure.

I'm not gonna go, but...


You're a chaperone.

Well, I was but I thought you
might like to go to something

and not have your mom there.

Uh, I- I like having you there.

You do?


Having a mom that's a teacher
is super cool.


If you want.

I mean, I'm sure they could use
the help.


Uh, just get changed fast.

We gotta go.

I'm cool again.

(ARthur): Great.
See you there.

Great. My turn.

Hey, dad, can you-

Give you a ride to the dance?

(jingles keys)

You're right, I need to talk
to Dana.

Ok, let's go home
because you need to change.

That's true. Let's go.

He's really cute.

(clears throat)

Six inches apart,
you two.

Hands on hips, please.

Thank you.

Sometimes I wish I was still
in middle school.

When love was simple.

You obviously don't remember
middle school.

Hey Tabitha. I'm Arthur.

Arthur, I remember.

Um, do you wanna dance?



Oh, Julie.


Our boy's all grown up.

I even let him walk to school
a couple times on his own

since we've been back.



Oh, uh, you two, you're not
supposed to be up there.

Would you care to dance?

What're you doing here?

I came here to see you.

Steve, I- I- I like you,
I really do-

Listen, before you tell me that
I missed my chance with you

just let me say what I came here
to say.

I got this suit pressed
just for this.

You planned something?


What I didn't plan on was having
these feelings.

Ever since we left camp
you're the only thing

that I can think about.

I even ordered some of those
propane powered

cappuccino machines.

I'm a trendsetter.

They're selling really well.

Dana, listen.

I know that...

I come across like I don't care

but it's just because
I'm stupid scared,

and I didn't wanna screw up
another relationship

with someone I cared about.

The time apart has only
made things more clear.

You're the one I wanna
screw things up with.


I wanna try and screw
things up with you.


No, it's not coming out right.


I- I wanna roll the dice and-

And take a chance.

I know that sounds crazy-

♪ I wanna be wide awake ♪

♪ to make this
dream come true. ♪

Me too.

♪ With you. ♪

♪ Oh, I wanna be wide awake ♪

♪ to live my life with you, ♪

♪ with you. ♪

♪ Years from now, ♪

♪ looking back
from where we stand, ♪

♪ Will this be a moment ♪

♪ we'll always remember? ♪

♪ When we took a chance ♪

♪ on the kind of love ♪

♪ that lasts forever and ever, ♪

♪ I wanna be wide awake ♪

♪ to make this dream
come true, ♪

♪ with you. ♪

♪ I wanna be wide awake ♪

♪ to live my life
with you, ♪

♪ Please tell me dreams
come true... ♪