Campfire (2004) - full transcript

Israeli Rachel Gerlik has been widowed for one year. Despite not ever having loved her husband, she feels she now needs to move on with her life. She plans to sell his car, which has not been touched in that year. She starts dating again, solely on blind dates set up by her friend Shula Kupfer, first with the insecure Yossi Moraly and then with renowned cantor Moshe Weinstock. Most importantly in Rachel's plan is to be accepted into the founding group of a new ideologically-based West Bank settlement yet to be built, the acceptance committee chaired by Shula's husband, Motkeh Kupfer, considered one of the most important figures in religious Zionism. She has many factors working against her in being accepted, most specifically there not being a man in the household. Regardless, Rachel and her family are accepted on a trial basis. Her family consists of two teen-aged daughters, Esti and Tami, both who believe that their mother has lost touch with the realities of their lives, especially in her want to move to the West Bank. The two girls miss their father, to whom they were more connected. Fifteen year old Tami is at the age when she begins to have feelings for boys, most specifically one named Rafi. But an incident that happens to Tami at a youth group bonfire spirals into malicious and untrue gossip. As Rachel tries to find out the truth which Tami refuses to disclose, she has to figure out how to salvage her relationship with her daughters while looking out for their collective futures.

Tammy, open the door.
Tell them Dad's not home.

They're here to buy the car. They
don't need to know I'm a widow.

Tell them your father's not home,
but your Mom is. It 's okay, go on.

- Esty can go.
- I won't be part of this.

Hi, we're here
about the Peugeot.

- My father's not home.
- When is he due back?

I don't know.

It 's about the car? I'll get the
keys. My husband just stepped out.

- We don't want to disturb.
- I'll bring the papers.

We work nearby. We'll come back
when your husband's at home.

Have a nice day.
See you.

My father died
of cancer a year ago...

two weeks before Lag B'Omer.
Iwas 15 at the time.

The yearof mourning ended,
and Mom decided to sell Dad's car.

It's been sltting in the same spot
since Dad last parked It there.

Since these are hard times forthe
people of Israel, Mom also decided...

to join the founding group of
a new settlement in the West Bank.

But first she has to pass Motke
Kupfer's acceptance commlttee.

This is Motke.

He likes to have his picture
taken wlth important people.

Mom always says that Motke
is important in Religious Zionism.

But I think my father
didn't like him much.

Shula, his wife,
is a good friend of my mother's...

and Ya'ir, theiryoungest son,
is in my youth group.

Even the Ministerof Interior
came to his Bar Mltzva.

Okay, tell us what you do.

I'm a construction engineer.
I work for a building company.

- I'm an insurance agent.
- I'm a lawyer in a Tel-Aviv office.

- I'm a special-ed teacher.
- English teacher for 5th graders.

Tell him what
you do in the army.

In reserve duty,
I'm a battalion commander.

I think that these days
we should all take...

the initiative and strengthen
these settlements.

We feel that this
is the need of the hour.

And quality of life for the kids.
We couldn't afford that in the city.

It 's really important to us
to have a house with a lawn.

- We couldn't afford it in the city.
- But that 's not the main reason.

If you were on the committee,
what kind of people would you pick?

People like us, I think.

People like us.

Mainly people like us.

People like you.

You know, establishing a settlement
isn't just having meetings.

It 's also hard physical work.
Are you sure you can handle it?

- Alone?
- I'm not alone.

I won't lie to you. The number
of trailers we have is limited.

And if you move into one of them, it
means one less man for guard duty.

One less for the prayer quorum.
It 's something I need to consider.

I can't complete the quorum,
but I can do guard duty.

I see no problem here.

Okay, Rachel. Let us think
about it and get back to you.

Keep up the good work.

I'd just like to tell you that...

being a part of this settlement
is very important to me.

You don't need another guard.

You need someone who
believes in the cause.

Someone strong enough
to withstand the difficulties...

and I have that strength more than
most of the people you know here.

This is my dream.

His name is Yossi Moraly.
The sweetest man, a bachelor.

If it 's okay, I'll give him
your number. He'll call you.

Say yes. What 's there to lose? I've
been planning this for a year now.

- It 'll help them see you're serious.
- I'm very serious.

That 's why I said what I did early.
I just hope they understood me.

So you agree?
Can I give him your number?

All right.
What did you say his name was?

Yossi. Yossi Moraly.

Why do you have to beg them?

If they want you, they'll say so.
If they don't...

...there's nothing for you there.
- lf they don't want us? They don't.

Didn't you see how they treated us?
As though we were lepers.

Anyway I'm not moving to that place.
There's nothing there for me.

So where do you intend to live?
I'm renting out the apartment.

If you rent it, I'll live on the
street and become a prostitute.

You'll have one daughter a settler
and another daughter a hooker.

Will you drag me by force?
I don't want to live in that settlement.

And I decided that, at all costs,
no matterwhat...

this year I'll be happy.

- Ignore them.
- Tammy Gerlick!

What 's up?

Tammy Gerlick, what 's up?
Got your period today?

Do you know them?

- They're in my youth group.
- Tammy Gerlick!

- Can I help you?
- You can behave like a human being.

What 's that? Go on, turn around!
Why'd you stop?

Watch your mouth! You don't
know who you're dealing with!

You're right, absolutely right.
We're sorry.

In my time, we didn't have
people like that in Bnei Akiva.

He's cute.


Just a moment, I'm not sure.
I'll see.

Dad, it 's for you!
About the car!


Mom, is Dad home?
It 's about the car.


Would you stop that already?
It 's not funny anymore.


- Hello. I'm Yossi.
- Rachel. Nice to meet you.

- Are you hungry? I haven't eaten.
- Very hungry.

Here. Sit here.

Everything okay?

Everything okay?

- I can turn on the heating.
- No, thanks, I'm fine.

- How do you know?
- I can...

- Sorry.
- Go ahead. What were you saying?

No, I just wanted to ask how you
know Motke and Shula.

Motke and I were
in yeshiva together.

And I knew Shula
even before that.

She's been trying to marry me off
for twenty years now.

Electriclty flows from your hands
Love me gently

Love wlth your hands

Slowly, desperately

Cheek, neck, shoulder

Love me wlth your hands

Slowly, desperately

I'll have the sweet and sour
chicken, please.

Same for me.

You can try
something different.

I can put it in the middle.
You can share.

She says you could order something
else and she put it in the middle.

No, no. Chicken is fine.
Let her bring chicken. Excellent.

But she should bring us bread,
for the blessing.

I don't think they have bread
in a Chinese restaurant.

No, we haven't.
Do you want appetizer?

Maybe... we have egg-roll. Chopped.
Very good.

Egg-roll, bring egg-rolls.
Egg-rolls are good.

She should bring egg-rolls.
I've tried them, they're delicious.

Okay, fine.

Thank you.

- Nice place, isn't it?
- Yes.

Did we disturb you?


- Well, what do you think?
- About what?

Think you'll want
to see me again?

It 's okay, you can say no.

I know we're not right
for each other.

But I enjoyed tonight anyway.
I enjoyed meeting you. Really.

Thank you.

Am I your first date
since your husband died?

So how was it? Okay?

I think so. I don't know.
You tell me.

I've been on much worse dates.

- Worse than this?
- Believe me.

Once I was fixed up with a woman,
on a blind date, just like this...

and when I came to pick her up,
we'd already been fixed up.

- What, you didn't remember her name?
- No. There are so many names.

How many dates are we talking about?
How many women did you meet?


But I stopped all that. In the last
two years, I stopped saying yes.

- Why?
- It wasn't working.

I felt bad.
I felt people had given up on me.

Truth is,
I pretty much gave up on myself.

- And tonight?
- You know Shula. She's really pushy.

I thought she'd already given up on
me. Then she came up with this idea.

So I felt awkward.
I agreed.

And that 's it.

Okay, I'll take you home.


The best of luck to you, Rachel.

Just don't despair, everything
will be okay, I'm telling you.

And if you ever need a ride
anywhere, call me.

- Okay, thanks.
- Good night.

Good night.


Esty, be careful not to walk
barefoot here now.


What are you doing?

No one locks doors in my house.

You want privacy? Get married.

- Be careful not to walk barefoot.
- Are you out of your mind?

You're a total psycho!
What 's wrong with you?

You should be committed.
I swear, I'll call the police!

- Tammy, bring me the garbage can.
- Does this seem normal to you?

Why are you helping
this madwoman?

Think I care?
I'll show you privacy.

Help! There's a crazy woman here!
Someone call the police! Help!

If you don't come inside,
I'll smash your guitar.

If you touch my guitar, I'll take
off my clothes for everyone to see!

We'll see what they think of that
at the acceptance committee.


My Dad's in army reserve duty.
Call back in a month.

We've decided to accept you to
the group. But for a trial period.

I'm very sorry, Rachel,
but you have to understand.

A settlement is like
a delicate plant. A tiny plant.

Too much wind, too much rain,
and the plant dies.

So before I put it in the ground,
I have to make sure...

it 's strong, that all the
elements are at their best.

Let me get this straight.
Am I in, or not?

Before we move to the site,
we'll have a vote.

Are there any other people on a
trial period?


Don't worry, I'm sure they'll accept
you in the end. Don't worry.

Did you talk to Yossi?

I understand
you're not interested.

Still, I wanted to thank you.
I'm glad I did it.

I'm glad too.

Remember, this is a 2nd marriage.
Don't expect any fireworks.

You have to get it into you head
that you're looking for...

I don't know, a good friend
who'll keep you company.

He doesn't need to be a knight in
armor. He needs to be a''mensch''.

Look, I have
someone else for you...

but I don't want to bother him for
nothing. Maybe you're not ready yet.

- I'm ready.
- Moshe Weinstock. He's divorced.

He was an army cantor.

He's a very impressive,
very wealthy man.

- Do you know him?
- No.

But I think Shmuel once went
to see him sing at a concert.

- So are you interested?
- I think so. I...

Good. I'll talk to him.

But, Rachel, I have to know
that you're serious.

He's not someone to play
games with. He's no MiniYossi.

Okay. I get it.

It stings a little,
but don't worry.

You have to keep it on
for ten minutes.

Careful you don't eat it.

- You do that all your life?
- Soon you'll start growing a beard.

But don't get upset. It 's well-known
that hairy women are smarter.

I'd rather be stupid,
but not have a beard.

At least you got Dad's coloring.

Imagine what it 's like to have
a mustache like mine and Mom's.

Know why Dad died quickly?

The doctors said some people...

live for years with his illness.

He knew Mom didn't have
the patience to take care of him.


Tammy, come to eat.

I know you don't like
to hear Zionist talk.

But still, there are
just a few clean words.

We're setting out on a mission
in orderto save Israelis.

Just because they're Israelis.
And Jews.

And if we don't do It,
no one else will do It for us.

This is a long and
complicated operation...

Blessed be the True Judge!

Yoni is dead.

Yoni is dead.

Goslan, you nut! Don't you dare
show your face here again!

- Rachel?
- Yes. Moshe?

Moshe. Moshe Weinstock.
Hello. Nice to meet you.

- I hope you didn't wait long.
- No, no, no.

Nice hotel, no?
I like it a lot.


But not too fancy-shmancy.

They have a cake here.
A cheesecake. Unbelievable.

I'm not just saying that.
It 's world-class.

You have to taste it.

- Do you come here often?
- You might say they know me here.

- Shula tells me you're a cantor.
- Cantor...

I just lead the prayers once in
a while. No need to exaggerate.

This is my favorite part.
It 's my father's melody.

Come on,
what are you afraid of?

I'm not getting into trouble
with your mother?

- There's no one here.
- Are you out of your mind?

I'm not going into that room.
Think I'm crazy?

- What 's the matter? Come on.
- Come downstairs.

I don't want to go downstairs.
Who cares about the door?

Stop it, Esty.
I'm not kidding. I'm leaving.

Okay then, leave.

Don't be crazy. We can't be here.
Your mother's due back any minute.

Okay. No one's forcing
you to stay here. Go.

I swear, you're even
crazier than your mother.

- Are you nuts, blowing up bullets?
- But what a cool explosion!

He'll kick you out.

What 's the matter, Tammy Gerlick?
Too snotty to say hi?

What, we don't exist?

If you'd say hi,
I'd answer you.

Okay, but why did you stop?
Keep going. Get lost.

Hey, you moron! Forget about him,
Tammy. He's a psycho. You can stay.

- Why is she staring at us?
- Why are you chasing her away?

- I feel like it.
- Great.

It 's okay. I have to go anyway.

Tammy Gerlick,
is it true that you put out?

Tammy Gerlick!
Tammy Gerlick!

Stop it.
Shut up already.

Wait a minute, Tammy.


I just wanted to tell you not to
be offended by what happened.

That Goslan guy is insane.

It 's okay.
But thanks.

- Who's the soldier who was with you?
- Who, llan? Yaniv's brother.

He doesn't have any friend at
his age, he just hangs out with us.

I hope that 's not yours.

Actually, it is.

It 's okay, you can sit.
No one's touched it for a year.

I bet the battery's dead.

- You know about cars?
- A little. Why?

Nothing. The battery's dead.

Not just the battery.

Is this weird for you?

Why didn't you want us to visit you
while you were mourning?

- Who said I didn't want you to?
- That 's what they said.

Ya'ir and Ayala would come to
Center, huddle-up in a corner...

and then they'd choose
the delegation to comfort you.

Whoever wasn't chosen would stay
at the meeting with all the geeks.

- So you stayed with the geeks?
- The geeks and the lowlifes.

But then I went home.

When Ya'ir and Ayala and you aren't
there, there's no point in staying.

- Don't you know that?
- That 's funny.

I'm always sure that wherever I am
is where it 's the least interesting.

Shame you didn't come to comfort us,
you'd see I was right.

They said your family didn't want
too many people coming.

Actually, I wanted you to come.

I have to go.

See you at the bonfire?

- I may not go to the bonfire.
- Why not?

I think we'll have our own bonfire.
All the geeks and lowlifes.

- Shame. My birthday's on Lag B'Omer.
- What, right on the day?

According to the Gregorian
calendar, it 's the day before.

A day before doesn't count.


- Did you call for a ride?
- Thank you.

The world is like Noah's Ark.

If you're not in a couple,
you're left out.

- What 's so bad about that?
- Maybe it 's easier for men.

I want you to know, I look at you
and think how lucky you are.

You have two daughters,
a nice apartment, a community.

That 's a lot.

And you're still
young and beautiful.

I probably won't have children.

I have some friends.

You're never had a serious
relationship with a woman?

All those women you met?

- But I'm attracted to women.
- No, I just didn't understand.

But I've never had sexual
relations with a woman.

When I was at the Yeshiva, I said,
''I'll wait till I'm married''.

And it didn't happen.

I didn't mean to embarrass you.
It 's not something that comes up.

It 's okay. Really.

Are your parents alive?

- Brothers? Sisters?
- I have three sisters.

They're all
grandmothers by now.

So you're in touch
with your nephews?

When they were kids,
I was the cool uncle.

The one who brought presents.

In few years everything changed.
They've busy with their own lives.

Everyone's busy.

What do you do on Shabbat?


Well, I think I'll be going.
It 's late.

- Good night, Yossi.
- Good night, Rachel.

If you ever need a ride
anywhere, call me.


- Good night.
- Good night.

- Happy Birthday, Tammy.
- Thanks.

You're welcome.
It 's your birthday.

And I think it 's a great opportunity
for us to sit down and talk.

Since Dad died,
I may not have done enough...

to find out what you're going through,
but I'd like to change it.

I want to hear everything
you have to say, really I do.

Tell me everything that 's
on your mind. Let it all out.

Tammy, do you want to start?

Esty can start.

In the last year,
you've completely lost it.

That thing with the door,
what was that about?

The whole settlement thing,
Dad would never move there.

I'm sure he wouldn't have
sucked up to them like you do.

If that committee told you to run
around naked, you'd do it.

That 's what 's on my mind.


I know you're having
a hard time, Mom...

but sometimes I feel...

you try so hard to show
the world we're okay...

that you overlook the fact
that we have feelings too.

We can't lead our lives according
to what Shula and Motke decree.

Of course. Of course.

I'll take that
into consideration.

I just want you to know that you
are the most precious thing to me...

and that your lack of consideration
and cooperation...

I feel that you do it to spite me,
that you blame me for Dad's death.

You're young, you don't understand
and I hope you never will...

but understand this: we're
living under a magnifying glass.

I want you to know that if we're
not accepted into the settlement...

I'll be left here without
one single set of friends.

What you're doing is simply
spitting in my face.

If you want to be left
without a mother too...

...this is the way to achieve it.
- I don't need this.

Happy birthday, Tammy.

- So you came?
- No...

but I brought you
a birthday present.

- Thank you.
- Do this with your hand.


Thank you.

Well, I'm off. They're waiting
for me at the bonfire.



Rejoice, praise the holy word
Shimon Peres is a stinking turd

Rejoice, praise the holy word

Shimon Peres is a stinking turd

Sanctify your life
Wlth the Torah

And purify It through the labor

The frult of your labor
Will make you happy!

The frult of your labor
Will make you happy!

Well? I hear from Moshe
that it was a big success.

- That 's what he told you?
- He hinted that it 'd lead somewhere.

But he wouldn't tell me. Tell me.
It 's a real experience to him?

- I'm surprised that 's he told you.
- See?

Soon we won't know where you are,
you'll be globe-trotting with him!

How long do you think he can
mess with that piece of wood?

His entire life.

- Want to go to Rafi's bonfire?
- Now?

- We'll say hi to him and come back.
- I don't know.

No one here's giving us
the time of day anyway.

No. Forget it.
I don't feel like it.

Okay. I'm going.

Cute girl, take off your shirt
And if you're sweaty, your bra

An angel from Heaven
Will come and kiss your breasts

Let 's go back.
Suddenly I don't feel like going.

Go back?
We're there already.

Let 's at least say hi.

Okay, but if I want to go,
you're coming with me.

I'm not going back alone.

Tammy, the whore
Opened the store

Everyone's standing in line
Wlth a huge hard-on

Inbal, the whore
Opened the store

Everyone's standing in line
Wlth a huge hard-on

Rocks and bridges

A black asphalt road

Evening falls


A sea breeze blows

The first star shines

Over belt-Machsir

Bab-el-Wad, forever

Rememberour names

Convoys broke through

In theirway

To the clty

Anyway, he pays her...

she comes over and undresses him,
he does and comes...

she gets dressed,
so he says to her: ''Just a minute.

This was a regular fuck,
what was Spanish about it? ''

So she says:
''You're right, I forgot. Ole! ''

- You morons, you don't get jokes.
- No, that was funny. Great joke.

Here's another. The same
rabbit walks in the forest...

Wait, wait a minute.
Enough of your rabbit.

Maybe the girls have a joke.
Give them a chance.

Go on, relax a bit. Got a joke?
Tell us. I'll laugh for sure.

- Here, I'm already laughing.
- Okay, I have a joke.

- I don't believe it.
- Not very funny, but never mind.

A guy decides to give his wife
a jacuzzi for her birthday.

She's happy,
gives him a kiss.

They both undress and get into the
jacuzzi, splash around in the water.

Suddenly, the doorbell rings.

So the wife gets out, puts on her
robe and goes to see who it is.

When she opens the door, it 's
the upstairs neighbor, Mr. Cohen.

He looks at her and says:
''I didn't know you were so pretty.

I'll give you...

1OO dollars if you open
your robe more at the neck.

Just a little.
Half an inch.''

So she opens her robe
a little at the neck.

Mr. Cohen looks
and gives her 1OO dollars.

Wow, this is such
a stupid joke...

You can't stop in the middle
of a joke. It 's the rule.


So Mr. Cohen looks
at her legs and says:

''lf you open the robe
a little on the bottom...

I'll give you 1OO dollars.
Open it just a tiny bit.''

What about the husband? He didn't
notice that she's opening her robe?

- Shut up!
- Don't you know this joke?

Everyone came.
It was a success, wasn't it?

It 's always a success.

Pity we didn't invite
Moshe Weinstock tonight.

Well, he's not
in the founding group.

But maybe Rachel will
persuade him to join us.

- It was really successful tonight.
- It was, wasn't it?

- Good night.
- I'm glad you came.

- See you tomorrow at the march.
- Yes, sure.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Yossi? Did I wake you?
It 's Rachel.


I thought you might want...

to come to the march
with me tomorrow.

- I didn't know girls who had jokes.
- You'd be surprised.

You're crazy. Girls are twice
as horny as guys. Am I right?

If I knew what it 's like
for guys, I'd tell you.

I can't believe
you're even answering him.

Okay, I'm cold.
I want to go back.

I have a jacket in the car.
Want it?

- You sure?
- You coming?

Stay a bit longer.
Don't go.

Till the fire goes out,
then we'll walk you back.


If you like, you can sit
in the car and warm up.

- Come to the side for a moment.
- What? Why leave?

Till the fire goes out,
then we'll go. I promise.

Okay, I'll be in the car.

Shirt hanging out,
shoelaces untied.

Didn't know where I came from.
Like I'm a reserve guy, he says:

''Soldier, over there! ''
So immediately I start to limp.

Sorry. Do you mind
if I put my hand there?

- I think the fire's going out, no?
- Wait, sweetie, where're you going?

- I think I'd better go.
- Yaniv...

go get the Jerrycan, do me a favor.
Wait a minute, what 's the rush?

- Leave me alone, I want to go.
- Okay...

we said till the fire goes out.

- Pour. We'll see if it 's gone out.
- Let go of her, llan.

Pour it!

What? Just a kiss,
what 's the big deal?

You okay?

Just say if you're okay or not.
I don't want you to start screaming.

You okay?

- I want to leave.
- No problem.

Anyone stopping you?

What about the others?

They don't deserve
a goodnight kiss?

What about Goslan?
He doesn't deserve one?

And my brother doesn't
deserve one?

Come on, let 's see what you can do.
I'm holding her. Do what you want.

- Leave her. You'll get into trouble.
- She agrees. Why are you upright?

You agree, don't you?

What did she come here for?

Here, see?
She agrees.

What do you think?
That 's how women are.

First they say no,
but then they enjoy it.

Do you think
she doesn't want it?

Sure she does.
She just won't say she wants it.

It feels good, right?
See? It 's not so bad.

Can't you see she's crying? Come
on, let her go, Goslan! Let her go!

What are you yelling about?
Are you her father?

We're just playing around.

Here. I'm letting her go.

If she touches my dick,
I'll let her go.

I swear.

Just touch it for a second,
and I'll let you go.

What do you care? No force,
just a little touch. That 's all.

Convince her to say yes,
and I'll let her go.

What 's the big deal?

Here, I'll give you
ten shekels too.

Come on, Tammy.

I'll let you go right after,
I swear.

Just a tiny touch,
and you get to keep the money.

Don't play hard to get.

And then you swear
you'll let her go?

I swear.
I swear by my mother.

Do you agree?

Tammy! Tammy!

Tammy! Tammy!

Tammy! Tammy!

Tammy! Tammy!
Tammy! Tammy!

What 's the matter, Rafi?
Are you okay?

Look, I'm sorry
I hit you earlier.

I just wanted
to tell you something.

It 's better to fuck some bimbo
than to be a snitch.

I hope you understand that.

- You're Tammy, right?
- Yes.

I'm Yossi.

I know.

Your mother asked me to drive her
to the march. I'm waiting for her.

- Shall I get her?
- No.

We're supposed to meet in 1O min.
I don't want her to be pressured.

- Were you at the bonfire all night?
- Yeah.

What a fun.

How I miss those days!

- I hope you had a good time.
- What?

Ayala and Ya'ir got home
two hours ago.

- Can you tell where you've been?
- With Inbal.

What 's that smell?
Did you sit inside the bonfire?

By the way,
your ride is here.

- How was yesterday?
- It was nice. Pity you didn't come.

I thought only the founding
groups was invited.

Maybe we shouldn't
go to the march.

- Really?
- Yes.

- So where do you want to go?
- I don't know.

Maybe somewhere
with less people.

I know a place.


Hello there.


- Is Tammy home?
- Yes. Want to come in? I'll get her.

- What 's your name?
- Rafi.

Just a second, Rafi.

Tammy? Tammy.

I don't know.
She won't answer me.

- Do you come back this afternoon?
- No, it 's okay.



- Do you miss your husband?
- The girls miss him.

And you?

I miss having
a man in the house.

But my marriage wasn't very good.
I married so young...

So why did you stay with him?

I don't know.

He was good to me.

What 's with all the questions?

- Sorry.
- No, it 's okay. You can ask.

I don't mind.

What do you want to know?

Did he know
you didn't love him?

I think so.

More questions.

I have one more,
but I'm afraid of your answer.

Ask away.
Worst case, I won't answer.

Is there any chance of you sleeping
with a man you're not married to?

- You're very direct.
- Sorry. I shouldn't have asked it.

And if I asked you
the same question?

I've decided I would.

- Where's Tammy?
- In her room.


Tammy, did you
lock the door?

Shall I bring the hammer?

- Tammy, open the door.
- She's in there since this morning.

Tammy, are you all right?
What do you mean, since this morning?

I mean this morning.
Which part don't you get?

Tammy, why did you lock the door?
You know we don't lock doors here.

I'm sorry.

What 's this? Don't you want
to change? Take a shower?

I'm tired.
Tomorrow, okay, Mom?

Someone named Moshe
Weinstock called. Twice.

Said to tell you he's coming to that
scouting trip of yours tomorrow.

- So what did you tell him?
- I didn't spoil it for you.

And the sons
And the sons

And the sons
Returned to their homeland

And the sons
And the sons

And the sons
Returned to their homeland

And the sons
And the sons

And the sons
Returned to their homeland

Where the hell are we?

Motke, couldn't you settle
somewhere closer to the city?

What, Ramallah isn't a city?

- Why did you leave?
- You can't hear with that wind.

Get used to it. Do you know that
the wind is like here at night?

There are rumors going around about
what happened at Rafi's bonfire.

- What are you talking about?
- Rumors.

I just wanted to say,
I don't blame you or anything.

And if you want to talk about it...

you can talk to me.

I just think that...

if we're going to live together in
this settlement, we should talk.

- What did you hear? What rumors?
- All kinds of things.

Tell me.
I want to know what you heard.

Don't you know?


That you put out.

That I put out?

But I told you,
I don't blame you.

It 's natural.

Ya'ir, what are you doing?

- Are you crazy? What are you doing?
- I thought you wanted to.

- Idiot.
- What happened?


It 's not right. Why didn't they say
there'd be cows here?

So beautiful.

Tammy, go in.
I'm coming.

Good night.

Sorry, I didn't plan for Moshe to be
there. I couldn't hurt his feelings.

I know. It 's okay.

Though Weinstock doesn't seem
the type to take offense easily.

You've noticed.

He invited me
to come to his concert.

- Are you going?
- I don't know.

I told him I'd have to see
if I can make it.

It 's really funny, you know.

Shmuel, my husband, wanted to be
a cantor. He loved cantorial.

And he had a good voice. But he was
too shy to sing in front of people.

I really hated it. He'd try to drag me
to all these concerts.

We'd fight,
and finally he'd go alone.

Go to the concert.

I hear he's pretty good.

- I have to go.
- Okay.

- lf you need a ride somewhere...
- I call you.

I know you're waiting
for someone better than me.

I can even understand it. I just
want you to know that I love you.

I think you're
a very special woman.

It 's okay.
You don't have to answer me.

- Good night.
- Good night.

I'm not waiting for someone better
than you. Don't ever say that.

You're the nicest person
I've ever met.

So what are you waiting for?

I don't know.

I'm waiting to fall in love.

I'm 42 years old,
and I've never been in love.

Shula says...

I shouldn't wait for fireworks, but
that 's exactly what I'm waiting for.

You're so self-centered, you
don't even hear what you're saying.

Good night, Rachel.

- What 's that?
- Holy shit!

My mother will die.

Each candidate commits himself in
writing to be able to pay the taxes.

Wait. I don't think it 's my job to check
other people's bank accounts.

No, but they can sign a statement
that they're able to pay the taxes.

That 's what the committee
is for, right?

But it means that, from the onset,
people without money can't join.

I want to get this straight. Is that
the message we want to send out?

It 's not about a message. It 's
about reasonable administration.

We're about to start a settlement
with very low living expenses.

A trailer or a mobile home
hardly costs anything.

If you want to control
the quality of your neighbors...

you have to make sure they're not
here just because it 's cheaper.

But our goal is not just to settle
the land, but to unite the people.

So let the National Committee add
a clause about uniting the people.

I'm not moving to the middle
of nowhere to live in a slum.

That 's the whole idea.
An ideological settlement. Simple.

And you should be the first to know
what I'm talking about, Rachel.

Could you tell me
what 's that supposed to mean?

Take a walk
around the neighborhood.

It 's all over the walls.

these are the worst years.

From now on,
things will get better.

How many years, exactly,
until the worst part is over?

Two years, three at the most.

Just take a deep breath and hold
your nose till high school's over.

Then go do your National Service
as far away from here as possible.

Not like me. If Dad hadn't died,
I'd go serve in Eilat...

or even in Egypt.

How I hated it
when he smoked.

I miss him so much.

I know. Me too.

Whenever I think of him, I remember
how Mom'd drive him crazy. Poor guy.

Want to tell me
what happened at the bonfire?

Esty. Esty, wake up.

- What do you want?
- I need your help.

When are you
coming back today?

- Are you talking to me?
- Yes, I want us to buy you sandals.

- I don't have time today.
- So find time.

- Would you talk to me?
- I'm late.

Never mind. Be late.
I want to talk to you.

I'm not angry. I just want to know
what happened at the bonfire.

Tammy, if you don't tell me,
I won't be able to help you.

If someone hurt you,
I have to know about it.

- Mom, I beg you, don't do anything.
- That 's exactly what hurts me.

You didn't come to me when
it happened. Am I your enemy?

It 's good to know what hurts you.
I don't need your help.

Why are you taking that tone
with me? You don't need my help?

Are you trying
to punish me again?

My life isn't hard enough? I need
to hear that my daughter's a whore?

Do you have any idea
where I spent the night?

I went around erasing graffiti
from the walls.

Thank you very much
for your help.

I want to know where all the
counselors were when it happened.

How's it possible that I send
a15-year-old, innocent child...

to a bonfire and she ends up
spending the night with hoodlums?

I won't keep quiet about this.

I'm telling you, no one will get
away from this. I promise you.


My Dad died. If you want to buy our
car, you have to talk to my mother.

Good luck.

We know who they are and it 's being
taken care of. Believe me, it is.

This isn't the first time
we've had trouble with them.

So what are they doing at
Bnei Akiva? Why didn't they?

It 's not that simple, Rachel.

They didn't come to the Center.
Your daughter came to them.

We can't control everything
that goes on outside the Center.

But what am I supposed to do?
It could happen to another girl.

The fact is,
it didn't happen to another girl.

Motke, I'm going to the police.

And you'll be sorry
for the rest of your life.

You really want some cop to start
questioning all of Tammy's friends?

You don't know what
really happened there, either.

You don't let out
things like this.

Believe me, it 'll make the papers
and the whole world will talk...

about the slut from Bnei Akiva
who seduce the boys in her group.

She didn't seduce them! She's not
a slut. She didn't seduce them.

That 's not what I said. I said that
is what they'll say if it comes out.

So what am I supposed to do?

It 'll blow over, Rachel.

I promise you.

Look from Heaven

Look from Heaven

Look from Heaven

And perceive

That we have become an object

Of scorn and derision

Of scorn and derision

Among the nations

Yossi? It 's Rachel.

I need a ride. Urgently.

I don't know...

- Are you okay?
- No.

- I'm sorry. I'm a horrible person.
- No, you're not.

I hurt everyone around me.
Shmuel, my girl, now you.

- Something's wrong with me.
- Not true.

Remember what you said
that night, under my house?

- I'm trying to forget.
- Don't forget.

I want you to love me.

But I already love you.

I'm going to wake them.

You know Yossi, don't you?
Esty, you haven't met Yossi.

Yossi, Esty.
Esty, Yossi.

I have two very important
things I want to discuss.


I want to know what you think
of the new settlement.

Before Motke calls his vote,
I want us to have our own vote.

Who's against moving
to the new settlement?

Okay. Now, Tammy...

I want to talk to you alone,
in your room.

I just want to know that you're
all right, that nobody hurt you.

If you don't want to tell me,
you don't have to.

You can tell someone else...

the school counselor,
a psychologist.

You can write it down on a piece
of paper if you're embarrassed.

But it 's not good
to keep silent.

Silence is what I want now, Mom.

I'm okay.

I believe you.

I trust you.

I'm okay.

Don't worry.

Are you leaving?

I have to work this morning.

- Don't you want to drink something?
- No, thanks. I'm late. Thanks.

Need a ride to school?

Hang on, I'll bring my bag.

- Why did you run away this morning?
- You ran away too, didn't you?

What do you mean?

Do you usually go to school
at six-twenty in the morning?

So you don't have to work?

My mother will be offended.

- You think?
- She likes to take offense.

So maybe it 's better not to tell her
I didn't have to work this morning.

Why... didn't you ever
get married?

- I guess something's wrong with me.
- I'm serious.

So am I.

God doesn't want certain people
to marry, so they won't reproduce.

So He spoils something
in their personality.

Something little,
that you don't notice at first.

But that something
makes them stay alone.

That doesn't make
sense to me.

I know some couples. I can't believe
God wants them to reproduce.

So you think
you'll never marry?

Chances are, no.

My mother will be sad
to wake up and find you gone.

- You think?
- I think so.

So we don't see you anymore?

Hello. Come in.

- In the living room. A drink?
- No, thank you.

- Shall I bring you coffee and cake?
- No, thank you.

- How's Tammy? Everything alright?
- Tammy's fine.

I'm glad to hear it.

It 's terrible what 's
happening at the Center.

Some kids in Tammy's group come
from very problematic families.

You wouldn't believe the stories
I hear from Ya'ir.

But things will probably
be much easier in the settlement.

You're in.

We had a vote yesterday, and
I insisted you'd be in. That 's it.

What, did I surprise you?

Now the real thing begins.
There's lots of work.

Before we start with the real thing,
I came to tell you...

that I don't want to join the
settlement. I'm giving up my place.

- What do you mean?
- I don't want to be there.

I don't understand.

I'm in shock. Do you realize how
hard Motke worked to get you in?

It was your dream.
Can you tell me what happened?

Well, I'm sure you'll find
a good family to replace us.


- I'm shocked. Simply shocked.
- Stop being shocked with everything.

Don't talk to me like that!

Well, I think I'll be on my way.

I wish you the best of luck.

If you don't want a reputation for
being picky, return Moshe's calls.

It 's not very considerate
towards us either.

How picky can I be if I've been
your friend for all those years?

How ungrateful!

- Hi.
- Hi.

- How did you know where I live?
- You're on the contact list.

- Rafi, you coming?
- Just a minute. I'll be right there.

I feel so shitty about
what happened at the bonfire.

Why did you come over there,

For you.

So, we'll be seeing you?

- Do you want to see me?
- Yes.

And I decided that at all costs,
no matterwhat...

this year I'll be happy.

Start it!