Campane a martello (1949) - full transcript

Agostina is a maid turned prostitute during World War II. She sends all the money she makes to the local priest in her home village for safekeeping. After the war is over Agostina and her friend Australia plan to open a clothing store so they return to her home island to collect the money from the priest. But after arriving there Agostina learns in shock that the priest has been dead for more than a year and that his eccentric successor mistook the received money for donations and spent all of it on building a new orphanage for war orphans. To make matters even worse, other islanders think that Agostina is now a millionaire and beg her to help them financially.

I'm leaving, I want to go to sleep.

Let me watch some more. We won't see
them again until the next war.

Last remaining American
soldiers leaving!

Allied troops leaving Italy!

Last remaining American
soldiers leaving!

We're on our own now.
What are you going to do?

What do I care? Plenty of men left.
Too many...

- Those who are staying... watch out
for them! - Imagine that.

They are not unpleasant,
even though they are Italian.

They are nice, but they don't
carry cartons of cigarettes.

They are good at playing with one's
feelings. And they don't pay!

I got a crush on a boy once...

...he had light blue eyes, looked
like an angel.

Then he stole my garter belt!

- Maria Giorgi. - Right here!
Looks like we're back to school.

- How did it go?
- Free trip to the country!

Scoundrels! Excuse me, general.

Now that the Americans
have left, they play the boss.

Control yourselves, unless you want to
postpone your trip home by a few months.

I can control myself, but other people
should mind their own business.

Agostina Bortolozzi!

May I have a drag?

Over there.

- Agostina Bortolozzi?
- Yes.

''Agostina Bortolozzi, maid.''

''Repeatedly found with American
soldiers...'', etc. etc.

On January 7th 1945, avoided
repatriation, as she had to get married.''

''On March 9th 1946,
being about to marry...''

''...avoided repatriation.''

Sign here.

No way. Why? I am not signing this,

I didn't do anything,
I had a fiancee.

I know you well, you are the
one with the fiancee.

Here's a never-ending list of names
of fiancees of yours.

Practically an army.
Want me to read it to you?

You can't send me away like this,
I never bothered anyone.

I can live by my own means, I don't
have to ask anything to anyone.

You will tell that to
your town marshall.

Officer, Luciana Castoldi.

My town marshall? I can't,
everyone will find out.

They would treat me like a rabid dog,
I wouldn't be able to live there anymore.

I am sorry. New regulations,
coming from above...

Please, let me stay.
I will look for a job.

I promise I will behave.

If you really want me to go back home,
I will. But not with this paper.

I can't go there with this,
I'm ashamed!

Read it carefully, if you don't
want to go to jail.

All right. But it's outrageous,
a dirty trick!

Now that we're not needed anymore
they give us our marching orders...

...a nice ''whore license''.

Please, Commissioner, put yourself in
my shoes! You want to ruin me!

I didn't ruin you, you did that
to yourself!

Have a nice trip.
''Luciana Castoldi, typist...''

Let's not waste time.
Where is the pen?

My God, what am I going to do now?
Cowards, scoundrels!

Making me expose myself in
my hometown!

Why do you get so mad? I was
sent home three times already!

After a while you make something up
and they let you leave.

Come on, you certainly don't lack
good reasons to keep living.

I could have quit!
That's why they ruined me!

Do you understand?
I had thought of everything.

So many sacrifices, for four years...

... I loathed myself in order to
be independent, one day... be able to go back home,
buy a house, a couple of pigs...

...perhaps get married, even.

And now, with this damned piece
of paper...

What did you just say? You must have
quite a bit of money then!

Well, not a lot... A few bucks.
In my hometown, you know...

Yes, your ''hometown''!
Come on!

- How much did you save?
- What do you care?

Just curious. Do you mind?

It's been eight months now, scrounging
my lipstick, stockings and cigarettes!

- 1.456.000.
- One million and...

My God!
Agostina, you're rich. A millionaire!

Three years from now they'll be gone, and
I'll have to go back to working as a maid.

- A maid! With one and a half million!
- 456.000! - Whatever!

Why don't you open a shop?

Didn't you see the ''Mora'', and Francesca?
They look like princesses!

- But I have no skills!
- And I have plenty!

That warrant is a godsend!

Let's be partners:
you put the money and I put the brains!

We'll make tons of money in no time!

I don't want to be partners with
anyone. I'll get cheated.

Who's gonna cheat you?
Come on, don't be stupid!

You do know what shirts are, right?
And you also know men.

Have you ever seen them walking
around without shirts? No!

See what I mean: men buy shirts!

I know how to make men's shirts,
I haven't done anything else all my life.

We'll set up a nice shop.
Modern, cute...

I have been thinking about it!
I already know where to go.

We'll order 500 to 1000 yards
per month.

You only have to provide us
with the material.

For you it will be pure profit,
and no work.

Sorry, I like work.

I only do this kind of business
with trustworthy firms.

I can't risk making a fool with
myself with the manufacturer.

- If you don't pay the merchandise...
- What do you mean? What's the risk?

We have it all: know-how,
willpower, money for the store...

Agostina, show it to him,
otherwise he'll think we're joking.

- But I don't have the money here.
- Show him your savings book.

- But I don't have a saving account.
- What? - See?

- I have the money, in my hometown.
- Are there any banks in your hometown?

- I sent them to the parson.
- To whom? - Don Giuseppe.

Being always around, l didn't want
to carry all that money with me.

They already stole my
savings book once...

- Don't you have a receipt?
- Yes, the money orders receipts.

What a relief! My business partner
is a real wonder!

She entrusted her money to the parson!
She's no fool!

- It's 1.456.000 lira. - You didn't
trust anyone, so you sent them...

- To the parson! - What's your name?
- Agostina Bortolozzi.

Agostina, I like you!

You are right: never trust anyone,
not even the banks.

Smart girl! We need more people like you
in the world of business!

- Let's get down to business: are you
going to send me the fabrics? - No.

- What?
- I'll send them to her.

To her! You are a sweetheart!
We made it!

A crystal bench here,
a closet, curtains...

And for tapestry?

Robins perched on almond tree branches,
on a light blue background.

- Isn't it a little garish?
- No, it's quite distinguished.

- It would go well with the wooden
furniture and the upholstery. - Yes.

Who knows what those two are doing.
Can we help you?

- Cut it out or I call the captain.
- Can't we just pay a compliment?

We only talk with people we know.

How naughty!

- They got the message! - How nice,
it feels like being on vacation.

- Australia...
- Lauretta! - Lauretta...

I feel like a lady.

But we are ladies!

They'll all want to get their measurements
from us: there'll be a line this long!

- And we'll be all cute and elegant!
- I don't want to think about it!

I bet you'll get married in less then a year!

And not with a peasant. Someone like
a professional, a lawyer...

Try a shirt on today, another

- What is it?
- We are there.

- About time! - Would you mind
wiping off your lipstick?

Even if we were dressed formally,
it wouldn't change a thing.

Do you think the warrant is arrived?

You can count on it! When it comes to
pestering someone, they're very quick.

- Mamma mia...
- Come on, don't take it personally!

Go back to your hometown
so nice and pretty!

- Is this your hometown?
- Yes, why? Don't you like it?

- This place is tragic.
- Should I go to the marshall right now?

Get your money at the parson's first,
then we'll go to the marshall.

- I'll explain everything.
- My God, what a shame!

Let's walk this way, it's
less crowded.

I don't like bloodshed.
Do you have a boyfriend waiting for you?

No. He was taken prisoner somewhere.

- Family, then. - I have a sister,
married to the local butcher.

- No brothers? - No.
- Brothers are dangerous.

I have three of them, the youngest
just started practicing boxing...

And two boyfriends, both jealous,
but when I go back I keep it quiet.

People get outraged easily, here.

My borther-in-law threw me out
of the house because I had a boyfriend.

They're pretty backwards, here!

- Keep walking! - What's the matter?
- Someone I know.

I don't understand!
What are you afraid of?

Who was going to keep you if you
stayed here instead? City hall maybe?

- You must walk with your head held
high, and not give a damn! - Yes, but...

- What do you want?
- Is the parson in?

- He can't receive anyone, he's sick.
- But I must see him!

- You can't now! Tomorrow!
- Hey, calm down!

Miss Agostina Bortolozzi has traveled
a long way to get here! Open up!


- Who did you say?
- Agostina Bortolozzi!

Ago... Agostina Bortolozzi!

What a surprise! My God!
Please, come in.

- Leave it, don't bother.
- Oh yes, I'll take care of it!

How happy they will be to see you,
Francesca and the parson!

Miss Agostina here!

Who would have known?
Who would have hoped?

I'm going to call Francesca right away.

Francesca! Miss Agostina Bortolozzi!

Good heavens!
Agostina, is it really you?

- How are you? When did you arrive?
- A few minutes ago.

You should have told us, we would
have welcomed you at the wharf!

- How elegant you are!
- You made tons of money, huh?

I bet the parson will be thrilled to see you.
I'll tell him right away!

He's so sick, poor soul.
He's pretty far gone.

Don't bother then, I'll go to him.

- God forbid!
- Excuse me.

Father, Agostina is here!
Miss Agostina!

Are they all crazy in this town?

Maybe the warrant hasn't arrived yet.

Maybe so, but they behave as if you'd
won the war single-handedly!

- Good morning!
- Good morning!

Are there any lions, too?

Come on, girls, go back to the parish.
Excuse them, miss, they're just little girls.

Go, you will see her later! The parson's
coming, he's getting dressed.

- I'm sorry for him. What's his problem?
- Who knows? His heart.

He also got sick in the concentration
camp. He's very feeble.

- In the concentration camp?
- Yes, in Germany.

- Who? - Don Andrea.
- Francesca, where are you?

- Oh, good morning! Welcome!
- It's her! Here she is!

- Ah! Welcome! I'm so happy to meet you!
- Nice to meet you.

Please, have a seat.
Who would have known?

I wasn't counting on your arrival!
And like that, without warning us!

Don Giuseppe is not here?

But of course. Miss Agostina
doesn't know yet...

- You sure don't know that
don Giuseppe is dead. - What?

- He was called by the Lord.
- It happened one and a half years ago.

It was better that way, he was half
paralyzed, barely able to talk.

- He talked like this, poor thing.
- Dead! Impossible!

Oh yes! I put him
in his coffin myself! Right?

How handsome he was!
It looked as if he was smiling!

You shouldn't be upset, he was 92.
How long should he have lived?

No, it's because...
We had an agreement...

- For the money you sent, you mean?
- Yes.

Don't worry, she took note
of every single penny.

Don't worry about the money,
it's all set.

I wanted to write to you,
but I didn't have your address.

Yes, I wasn't...
I was always moving around.

I understand. Business,
travel... It's normal.

Francesca, are the kids ready?

Yes, they are, but relax,
or you'll lose your breath.

Come, come see!

- I was told that you used to come
here as a kid. - Well, I...

You won't even recognize it,
it's all revamped now.

- Don't bother, you are not well...
- Don't mention it!

A former student coming back,
after making so much money...

- Well, not that much...
- Don Giuseppe has told us.

You inherited from that old lady
whom you used to work for.

And then your investments...
You made millions!

Come, come see what a beauty!

He must think you are a millionaire.

- Now we have kids from all over Europe,
and from the whole world. Right? - Yes.

Little orphans, the daughters of
soldiers deployed in Italy.

English, French, Australian...

This way, this way. Watch the step.

Here are the kids.

Oh Jesus, full of love
oh Jesus, you are my father!

Oh Jesus, who comes and sees us,
who died for us one day!

make everyone good,
good and just, sweet and dear...

...and free the world
from war and pain!

- Don Andrea's song, words and music!
All his! - Very nice...

We pray you, dear Jesus,
we pray you, oh good Jesus.

- Sing, or he will get a stiff neck.
- But I don't know the words.

Make the whole world
a loving place for men and women...

...make them love their children
and make them all brothers.

- So what do you think?
Such pretty voices! - But who's that?

It's miss Agostina,
I had an enlargement made.

I wanted them to see her all the time.

Come girls, come meet mother Agostina.
Finally you can see her up close!

What do you say?

Welcome, mother Agostina!

- Good morning.
- Cute, uh?

That is Marta, German,
Corinne, American,...

...Luisa, Filipino,
and this is Giovanna, English.

A mix, in fact, although
the foundation is Italian.

We also have the daughter
of a Black Brigade!

Yes, but I don't care about politics.

That one, her father is in the
Resistance. Red... ''fire'' red!

But to me they are all the same.
Am I right?

- Of course, that's really good.
- Wonderful!

- Connie!
- This is all we found today.

Mother Agostina will appreciate
them even better... knowing that they
were meant for St. Joseph.

Let her. I taught her to do that.

- Maria, your speech!
- No, thank you, I...

''In name...
In name of all of us...''

''...we thank you for... for...''

Come on!

- Come on!
- ''In name...''

Forgive her, they all feel
so uncomfortable.

Come on, girls, what do you say?

Thank you very much,
mother Agostina!

But... thank you for what?

For all that miss Agostina
did for them!

Had she not sent all that money,
who knows where they'd be by now!

- What? ''Money''?
- Yes, the money!

Perhaps you didn't want the kids
to know? I understand...

But I wanted them to remember.
Look at that!

To mother Agostina with eternal
love and gratitude.

From all the lonely and unhappy
girls of the world.

They must remember that even
in a time like this... which they all try to cheat one
another like so many beasts...

...not everything is ugly,
and not everything is bad!

Because the fire of human empathy is
still burning, and always will.

What's wrong, miss?
Are you ok?

Nothing, she's getting emotional...
Filippo, a glass of water here.

Come on, miss, it's nothing.
It's nothing, after all.

It's all in here, to the last cent.
Look, look for yourself.

''Total received: 1.456.500 lira''.

Yes. You had forgotten the 500...

Well, well, let me see...
It's all here in detail.

48 blankets, sheets,
the shirts, the colored glasses...

- Total?
- 1.456.500.

- It's all gone! - All of it, far gone.
For a long time, now! Right, Francesca?

Things are expensive today!
And it's all first-rate stuff!

Look: the blankets, always
clean, the shirts...

And look at that: geranium
plants, always fresh.

I thought of everything, look!

Come this way and see all the
improvements! Painted, decorated...

But don Giuseppe... did he tell you
anything before he died?

Of course not!
His mouth was all twisted...

He urged me to do the best,
and I think I did the best I could...

Did don Giuseppe receive my letter?

Last year I sent him a letter, in which
I explained what to do with the money.

No, I didn't receive any letters.

Why? Didn't I do well?
Did I do something wrong?

You are not happy?

- Yes, but... - See, it's not that
the miss, yes, mother Agostina... not happy for the girls,
but it's that...

Don Andrea! For the love of God,
calm down! Don't forget your condition!

- It's nothing.
- I beg you, miss...

- Thank you, it's over.
- Come on, calm down.

She didn't say that she's
not happy. Isn't that so?

- No... - Let's go over there,
I'll show you...

- No, forget it, I...
- Father, it's ready!

Yes, I'm coming. Do you mind if we
finish later? The girls are hungry.

- Yes, later... - Please stay, you'd
make the girls happy. They love you so.

Where else could they go?
There are no ferries until tomorrow.

Excuse me, then. And don't worry,
it's all set. I thought of everything.

I'm sorry but I don't have
anything else to offer.

Alas, even today the Lord has wanted
to put our faith to the test.

- We are starving.
- Oh yes. Starving to death!

- Go figure...
- And the creditors!

We still have to pay for the wall, and
the bricklayer wants to tear it down.

- It can't be true! - No wonder!
People don't live in the grace of God!

They are selfish,
their hearts are hard as rocks.

They only act out of self-interest.

There's the mayor,
he'd like to be re-elected...

...and he promised the use of this
kindergarten for the town kids.

He says the girls must leave,
because they're illegitimate...

...and they've nothing to do
with the island.

Even the landowner... he
wants to be mayor too.

He promised the villagers that
he'll build a movie theatre right here!

He says the land is his.

And in the meantime they
fight us, badmouth us.

They're all against us. And in particular
they are mad at me. All of them.

That's because I always
speak my mind.

People don't want to know how
mean they are! They don't want to know!

And so we don't collect any alms.
Nothing at all.

More often than not, these poor girls
are forced to skip a meal.

But we should not despair. There is
always Providence! And you're here now.

We thank God that
miss Agostina has arrived.

''I didn't trust the banks, I sent
them to the parson back home''!

- That suits you!
- It's over, my God, it's over!

How wretched!
I'm going to kill myself!

And what about me? I even lost
a friend, on top of it! Forget the shop!

Mother Agostina, what's wrong?
Are you sick?

No, no...

Why are you crying, mother Agostina?

Because she's upset, and her belly
hurts, can't you see? Go to bed!

Shut up!
Come on, go to bed, it's late.

- I can't sleep, if you are not well.
- I am all right now.

Is it true that you own a golden castle,
where you take all the good girls?

Oh yes! Two, three castles!
Like in the fables!

Go on now, you'll catch cold.

- Mother Agostina, I'm a good girl.
- Good, that's nice.

When I was good, mommy let me
sleep in the big bed with her.

If you keep being good, you
can be sure that one day mommy...

Mommy is dead.

Come here with me.

- Are you sick too?
- Yes!

- But you're not crying.
- I am crying, but inside!

I'm sorry that you're not feeling well.

Well, me too!
What a chatterbox, this one!

Hey, what's the matter with you?

Hmm... You remind me
of someone I know.

Go away, Agostina is not here,
she hasn't arrived!

- What do you mean? I saw her!
- No, she's not here yet!

- She's here, we saw her last night!
- Stop yelling! You are in a church!

- I have the right to see her,
let me through! -She can't see you now.

- Hands down! - She has a right to see
her, more than those little bastards!

I don't mean to be tactless, but...

...if you only could make another small
effort for these poor creatures...

If we don't go soon, he'll
rip us off even more.

But what's going on?

- People in need... they'd
like to see you. - Me?

- They know that you are here. I'll let
them in, if you want. - No, no, please!

You'd better get out unseen. Leave from
the vestry, then cross the orchard.

It's a 2 kilometres walk to the
ferry: noone will see you this way.

Agostina, we're here!
They're not letting us in!

- My sister!
- That's swell! The sister, too!

Let me through! I'm her sister!

Agostina, finally!
What a nice surprise!

- Is she the one who put you out
of her house? - Yes. - Cute!

Look at you! You are so beautiful!
So elegant!

Ferdinando, come here.
He's so full of remorse, poor thing!

He didn't imagine you'd take it
so hard. Come on, now, make peace!


Marietto, clean yourself!
Kiss your aunt.

Come on, now. Here he is!

You never met this one,
he's the latest. Felicino!

''Ci-ci, ci-ci''! Come, come.
Do you know her? It's your pretty aunt!

Ferdinando has killed the piglet!

Come with us, we'll have a meal
that you won't forget easily!

I asked them to stay and eat here
with the girls. We'll get something.

The girls?
Why, are they relatives?

Don't you think that she's done
enough for these snotty kids? you want her
to get lice from them?

- There are no lice here!
- Father, the marshall's here!

This wise girl,
this simple, humble girl...

...who all alone left from the village,

...and thanks to her own virtues,
to her iron will, managed... build a considerable fortune
for herself, with many sacrifices.

This girl, who in her luck
did not forget those who suffer... the embodiment of
individual initiative... undeniable result of how
good is for society...

...the capital,
when it is smartly employed!

No, it's not true!

Agostina comes from the lower
classes, she used to be a servant!

She's a classic representative
of the working class!

To her, all the workers of the
city send their salute!

Spirit is essential!
And our country lacks spirit.

Lacks of a monument in
remembrance of past sacrifices...

...of conquered victories...

...which the populace, in fact...
I, being the mayor...

In short, the Church is not the only
thing that counts, in a country.

The municipality also
has its importance.

In thinking that only one million
lira is needed... complete this spiritual
embellishment of our piazza...

...we are confident that
the proverbial kindness...

...and the high civic duty
of our fellow countrywoman...

...will surely and promptly
grant our wishes!

We... as a country... Viva Italia!

Escuse me.

- What's the matter?
- Nothing, she got emotional.

Emotional my foot! Now here he comes,
and... One million! Oh, Jesus!

Well, there's not only the Church,
after all.

Mr. mayor, let it go. She's
obsessed with that priest.

That priest doesn't deserve anything!

But why?
He's so respectable.

Respectable, him?
Very good, you fell for it, too!

All he wants is to make money!
That's why he set up the kindergarten.

The kids are just a trick,

a poor excuse to extract money
from good-natured people!

You should listen to his Sunday sermons!
He doesn't preach, he insults!

- ''Rascals, scoundrels! Where is
your heart?'' - Just like that, uh?

Plus, he's not loyal! He threatens
with hell those who don't give money.

As if it was up to him! And then
he sends the kids around, spying on us.

If there's someone who's about to
make some business, he's right on him!

I had to give him two quintals
of wheat... two quintals!

...otherwise he'd have reported me
as a black marketer.

Up until now we tolerated him, as we
didn't want to disrespect miss Agostina.

And then, if someone says something...

...he suddenly gets sick, and starts
talking the concentration camp!

That one has heart trouble
only when it suits him!

Look who's here!
What did I just say?

- Good morning, mother Agostina!
- Enjoy your meal, mother Agostina!

Just as I thought! Come here, you!
You've been sent here to spy on us, eh?

No, don Andrea sent me here to tell
you not to forget that thing...

...and that he has already prepared
the letter to be sent to the newspaper.

What? Dirty... Did you hear that?
Now he's blackmailing!

- What is it about?
- The monument!

He wants the 700.000 lira that
I managed to raise for the monument!

He says he needs it for the girls,
and that if I don't give it up...

...he's going to write to the newspaper
to expose the ''indecency'', as he says!

But I am going to write about
some other indecencies!

I'll write about how well he
educates these little girls!

Come here!
Yes, you! Come here!

What's in your hand?
Let me see!

Where did you take this?
Where? Answer me!

You see?
She goes around stealing corn!

And do you know
what she does with it? Look!

Understood? Step by step,
she takes them to the parsonage.

The chickens keep eating, and
when they get there... ''string''!

End of the story!

Agostina! Watch out!


Holy Virgin... run, run!
He swore he'd kill you!

Who's that? What does he want?

- I'm taking the boy home!
- Go away! Go away at once!

- How... how are you? - If you
don't leave her alone I'll hit you!

Let go! I swear, I never
cheated on you! Please, let go!

- Let me go!
- Leave her alone!

Coward! Let her go!

I didn't do anything!
Help! Let me go! Help!

Let her go, do you hear?
Or else...

My God, where's he taking her?
Catch him, marshall! Why...?

I know him, he's her former boyfriend.
He's a guy who has nothing to lose!

He's trigger happy!
No regard for anyone!

- He wants to kill her! - Not a chance!
Which way did he go? -Towards the port!

He's going to throw her in the sea!

- Have you been back
since a long time? - Si.

- What are you doing now?
- I didn't get rich like you did.

I'm just as miserable as before,
or even worse.

You despise me, I know.
But I can't help it.

Oh, no, you are... more handsome,
and a better talker.

You look better too.
I bet you wash every day now.

- Well... almost. - Of course...
war never comes just like that.

One learns a lot of things,
and many other ones are forgotten.

- Just like you did!
- Marco, I didn't want to leave you!

I stopped writing because...
I didn't know where you were.

- I came back one year ago!
- I haven't forgotten you, I swear. Never!

- Good! Because this time
I won't let you go. - Marco...

And if you have things to do,
you'll postpone them.

As you did when you promised
to wait for me.

Look! The bike's here!

Do you mind waiting for me here?

- What? Do you want to go alone?
- Yes, please, just a moment.

What are these marks?
Did he beat you, maybe?

- No, I fell from the bike.
- Oh yes, the bike!

Treating a poor girl like this...
You are quite a pig!

- Wanna get on the ground a second time?
- Hear, hear. What a gentleman!

- Tell me something: where did you study?
- Shut up, or he'll beat you too.

What? He beats who? This one
just gets here and beats people?

You know... he's had so many
problems in the past few years.

Was he the only one?
I don't think so!

Marshall, arrest him!
Look at these marks!

- I fell from the bike!
- A kidnapping, marshall!

- That was no kidnapping! Miss,
have you been kidnapped? - No, no...

- You came here out of
your own free will? - Yes.

What can I do, then? There are
no grounds no proceed, no crime!

Had it been an abduction, yes.
But it's not the case. You can go.

- How do you mean? - Oh, yes.
- See you tonight, then.

There's no crime, I tell you.

If they don't canonize you this time...

I am leaving,
I can't take this anymore

No way, now we're staying. Didn't you
hear what they said about the priest?

I don't want to know it, I must leave,
or I'm gonna go crazy.

Even if I have to carry my
suitcase for 20 kilometres!

And when the warrant arrives,
then he's really going to kill me!

It's Sunday! It's not going to arrive
until tomorrow at least, don't be silly!

Plus, maybe the money is not lost
yet. I've got an idea...

- Come home Agostina, we'll kill
another piglet. - Even two, if you come!

- Eh, love, love...
- ''Love'' what?

- Well... love. Love, no?
- And why?

Well, because... Just like that!
That's what they say, isn't it?

- No!
- Ah...

Don't you remember receiving
a letter for don Giuseppe?

- In which month did you send it?
- In January.

- Last year in January.
- Last year in January...

It's not easy to remember:
had it been registered mail, perhaps...

Try to remember,
it was sent from Livorno.

From Livorno... a letter...

- Now I remember! A letter in
a pink envelope. - That's the one!

Of course I received it!
I never forget anything!

Especially the letters
from miss Agostina!

- Do you remember whom you gave it to?
- Of course! To don Andrea!

- Are you positive? Would you be
willing to testify to it? - Absolutely!

Anything that was addressed to
don Giuseppe, may he rest in peace...

... I always delivered to don Andrea.

- Why? It didn't get lost, did it?
- No, it didn't. Thank you.

- We needed it to check on a date.
Goodbye. - Goodbye.

- What did I tell you? - Then he knew
that the money was not to be spent!

Yes, but he still did.
This is embezzlement! You got cheated!

- Comedian!
- Look who's here!

Miss Agostina! I was just
looking for you!

- Really! And how did you know
where we were? - Don Andrea told me.

He's really sick. He says he must talk
to you, if you please come see him.

Really? How lucky!
It must be telepathy!

Let's go. We were just thinking
of paying him a little visit.

I don't know what's wrong with him,
I can't understand what's happened.

He's so changed lately!

You must forgive me, If I told you...

When the letter arrived,
the money was already gone.

- You are so rich... - Good thinking!
Why, is it ok to steal from the rich?

Don't say that. We were starving, the
bishop had promised us a subsidy.

I thought I could fix that.
I considered it a loan.

Oh really! Keep going.

But then, things happened...
The whole town was against me.

I had to use the subsidy
to feed the kids...

...and I couldn't anymore.

- You ruined me, hear me?
- Ruined? Why? Aren't you rich?

No, she's poor. That was all
the money she had in the world.

For four years she's denied
herself everything!

If you want to know, she came back
because she was sent home by a warrant!

- A warrant?
- Yes, a warrant.

- And I'm not going back to that life,
I'm fed up with it! - My God...

You are going to pay that money
back, to the last cent!

But I... I don't have it.

Do what you have to do! You'll think
of something. You're quite creative!

By 9 o'clock tomorrow, you are
going to dish it out...

...or else we'll report you
to the marshall!

We'll write to the archbishop!
We'll send you to jail!

For the love of God, think of the girls!

And who's gonna think of me?
Who's ever done that?

And be warned:
your tricks don't work with us!

We won't get soft as we did last night!

Let's go!
This one is a fainting artist!

Before 9 o'clock, understood?

He thought I'd ruin my life
for some painted glass!

He's used to dealing with yokels!

Good morning, father.
Good morning.

Good morning, father.

It's good that you came to see me
today, before you went for your walk.

I really needed to see you.

Sometimes I am afraid that
this joy will be soon denied to me.

It's only fear, but for a long time
I've wanted to tell you...

If one day I will be
forced to leave you...

...if you happen to remain without
my help, you must not be afraid.

I will always be with you. Always.
But you should keep trusting people.

People are not bad, you know,
they are only afraid to be good.

But if you don't have this fear,
other people will take heart...

...and will love you
very much, just as I did.

- Don Andrea, why do you say
these things? - Go, now. Go.

As you wish, but we'll be back soon.
Let's go, children. Come on.

- Goodbye, father.
- Goodbye.

- Hurray for Agostina!
- Hurray for Agostina!

Set... ready... go!

- You...?
- Yes?

- Where are you from?
- From Bologna. Can't you tell?

- Well, I don't know... You brought
here... a whiff of the city - You think?

How strong! Why don't you try it?

- What?
- Why don't you try?

- Well, actually, I...
- Come on, today is a holiday!

Oh, no, I can't. I'm on duty!

Here, see? That's the Caffe.
It's a good place, always full...

And we'll give you a cut. It will be
an investment for you, don't you think?

- Oh, yes... - The owner has had a lot
of problems, he's in need.

- It's a real bargain. Right,
Ferdinando? - Excellent.

And plus, let's be honest,
it's a real beauty!

- Auntie, will you buy me a trumpet?
- No, I don't have any money.

But daddy said you do.
You are filthy rich.


- No... - Come on, blow!
- No way! - Yes!

- The tocsin ringing!
- What's going on? - I don't know.

I'm taking the boy home.

- What is it, is something burning?
- What is? - I don't know. Come!

- Fire! Fire!
- The church is burning!

Calm down! Don't panic!
The firefighters here, with me!

- What's going on? - Who knows?
- It was the tocsin! - Yes!

Watch out! Make way!
Forward, forward! Make way!

- Halt! Where is it, far?
- Who? - The fire!

- But nothing's burning!
- What? This is new!

Don Andrea! Father!
What's going on here?

Father, would you be so nice
to tell us what's burning?

Nothing's burning, it's not
what you thought it was. Nothing!

But it's something equally serious.

Miss Agostina can't give anything
more, she already gave too much.

We all give what we can in life,
and nothing more.

The mayor has the money,
but doesn't want to give it up.

- Me? What do you mean? I...
- You have your reasons, I know.

The monument is important,
everything has its importance.

These girls are illegitimate,
they have nothing to do with you.

This kindergarten could certainly be
better suited for your own kids...

...or for a movie theatre,
which is a nice pastime.

Yes I know, we all
have our reasons.

But I can't stand it anymore, to see
the girls starve under my own eyes.

Plus, today something happened
that made me feel very bad.

I can't fight for them any longer!

We'd need money to carry on,
a lot of it, and I don't have any.

Then I am forced to close the
kindergarten, I can't do otherwise.

Once again, I must entrust these
creatures to the divine Providence.

I'm going to put them back on the
street, where I found them.

Hoping that you'll see them the way
I saw them for such a long time...

...and that each one of you will feel
for them exactly what I felt.

Don Andrea! Don Andrea!

He's insane!

- He's ruining our party to tell us
these stories. - He has got a cheek!

Father, that's too much!
It's time to put a stop to this!

Has he gone mad?
Nice way to scare the whole town!

Mad? It's you who have gone mad!
He's never been so sane as he is now!

Didn't you get it yet?
We are the divine Providence!

By threatening to abandon the girls
he hopes we'll give him the money!

Get it? Money!

Father, you can throw the girls
out of the belltower, if you want!

You took them to the island, and it's
your responsibility! To the end!

We want nothing to do with it!
So you'd better open that door!

And don't forget that we'll have to
settle this later! It doesn't end here!

'Cause it's not allowed to ring the
tocsin just like that... for fun!

It's forbidden! Strictly forbidden!
And stop being so bossy!

- Stop it, because... let's leave!
- Let's go!

- One moment, and the girls? - Ah, no!
The girls are not to be touched.

- He must take them back! What do we
have to do with them? - That's right.

- Let's go, let's go then! He will
reopen, you'll see! - Let's all leave!

Don Andrea, open up!
Do it for these poor girls!

Please, in the name of God,
don't leave us alone out here!

My God, there's gonna be a scandal!
Let's go!

- Are they back inside?
- Not at all! - What a criminal!

He's not feeding them!
Wretched man!

But I won't give up this time,
at the cost of my own life!

What a scoundrel!
He's not opening up!

- He's probably already asleep.
- And we're worried sick instead!

It's an indecency! Playing
with people's feelings!

They can't be left outside
in this cold weather!

Is it my fault now?
I wish they get pneumonia!

So that he'll learn what regret is!

- Are they back inside? - No! They
were still outside ten minutes ago!

- Poor things!
- It looked like they'd fallen asleep!

- Asleep? They were screaming!
- Calling Agostina! I heard them.

Miserable pigs! All of them!

- Hammering away at those
poor creatures! - Enough!

- Have you seen what's going on?
- Yes.

- And you're not saying anything?
- What should I say?

How do you mean? They're
a bunch of hypocrites, but you...?

- How could you allow this obscenity?
- There's nothing I can do.

I don't care, but... You are rich...
You've done so much, do a little more!

- Marco...
- I understand, forget it.

- No, you don't get it! I am not rich.
- No, eh? That's new!

- No, Marco, all my money is gone.
- What?

- Not a penny.
- Are you serious?

That's right, she gave it all to charity.

But don't you worry, she's very much
capable of making millions again.

What happened?

Francesco went to City Hall,
but the mayor didn't want to see him.

Enough! At this rate
we won't get any sleep tonight!

Shouldn't those poor creatures
be fed tomorrow?

- We should bash his head in!
- And the mayor's too!

After all, the money for
the monument is our money!

- Where are you going? - To see what
is going on! - Hold on, I'm coming too.

I'll be right back, I'm going to see
what's going on at City Hall.

Let's put a stop to this,
we have to go to work tomorrow!

The mayor says that, if you want,
you can shelter the girls in your homes.

- Goodnight! - And tomorrow?
How do we put them back on the street?

It's hard to abandon a dog,
Imagine a girl!

- It's the mayor's job!
- Yes! Yes!

Don't you look at me like that!
No, no, no!

Noone blackmails me! Noone!

All right. But the whole town
is against you, don't you see?

In addition, if you think that Agostina
will be pleased by your behavior...

A cinema? No way!
You'll see...

- You think?
- Of course!

The parson is what he is...

...but do you think it's right to let
innocent creatures pay out of spite?

Out of spite?
He wants money! Money!

So what? Is money the only
thing that counts, in this world?

- For heaven's sake! - Of course,
there are more important things!

You mind your own business!
I don't act out of spite!

And you know it!
You all know it, and very well!

Yes, of course. But, see, that
monument... Yes, the Winged Victory...

Come to think of it, it's not that
there was a real victory here...

- Don't you agree? - Well...
- On the contrary, to be honest...

- What? The monument?
- Yes, well, what victory?

Are you all crazy?

You must admit that
there wasn't a proper victory...

At most one can say that...
we've all learned to get by.

Well said! We did it well,
but still, we just got by!

And I'm telling you, a monument
to the ''Winged Getting By''...

...has never been done in history.

- More?
- Yes.

- Well, goodnight.
- Goodnight.

No, it's not that I'm happy.

But deep down I am not
displeased that you ran out of money.

So that everything is on the level now.
What are you going to do now?

- Are you going to stay here?
- No.

Good thinking. They are a bunch
of crooks. All of them.

I want to leave too.

There's this friend of mine in Genoa,
he owns an auto repair shop.

I could go there, work with him.

- How are you going to make a living now?
- I don't know, I think...

There's a lady I know,
she was very insistent...

She'd like me to go work for her,
it's a pretty god job.

As good as it may be...

...working for other people
is never nice for a woman.

- What do you say? Why don't
you come with me? - Marco!

- Are you afraid that life might
be too harsh? - Oh, no, that's not it.

- Perhaps you don't love me anymore.
- Yes, yes...

- There's somebody else, then!
- Nobody, Marco, I swear!

I understand. Come here.
Come here!

What did you think?
I don't take back my promises.

We can even get married if you want,
for me it's the same...

Marco, no, don't say that!

Maybe it's said differently
in high society?

Marco, you are so good to me,
I will always be grateful...

...but I can't.
I... I don't deserve it.

Come on, now.
Stop acting like a little girl!

- Agostina! Agostina!
- Her again!

I'm taking the first ferry tomorrow,
you leave with the second.

- I'll be waiting for you in Naples.
- But it's impossible!

I have nothing to bring with me,
and noone to say goodbye to.

Don't miss your ferry,
it's the only one in the afternoon.

- Oh well! Looks like you're all set!
- Almost.

- See you tomorrow. - Young man, don't
forget to let me know where you studied!

Agostina! The mayor gave
the money to the priest!

Francesca is already back inside
with the girls, we're all set!

What a struggle! He didn't want to
give up, but I told him...

''We'll see what happens, perhaps
Agostina will pay for the monument''.

- And he dished out the whole amount,
even the small change! - Is that so?

Don Andrea is not a priest,
he's a devil! He made it!

I told you he'd think of something
to avoid going to jail.

- Tell me something:
did he hit you again? - No.

Good. Aren't you happy?
We're leaving tomorrow morning.

- We can't take the ferry.
- How do you plan to leave, by plane?

Marco will be waiting for me in Naples.
He wants me to go with him.

Stubborn as a mule, that one!

Listen, while you go to the church
to get the money...

... I'll go see the marshall about the
warrant. I'll take care of our baggage.

I will see you later,
behind the tavern.

Instead of taking the ferry to Naples
we'll take the one that goes to Salerno.

Not seeing you in Naples, he will
just leave. And we'll be free, at last.

- And the girls? - The girls?
You're always thinking of the girls!

When did anyone ever think of us?

Come on, think about our shop:
''Agostina and Lauretta, men shirts''!

Good morning, marshall!

- Good morning! - Excuse me,
I'd really like to talk to you.

- To me? - Yes.
- Here I am.

I'm sorry to disturb you,
but I'd like to ask you a favor.

For you, of course...
if it's something I can do...

- You are the only one who can.
- Tell me. - Oh no, face to face...

- Face to face?
- Couldn't we go in there?

But, you know, actually
I sleep in there.

Oh, that's fine with me.

Well, then... let's go.

Miss Agostina! You heard that
I gave him the money, didn't you?

- Yes, I was told that. - I only did
because of you!

- Your friend made it clear that later,
for the monument... - Yes, yes...

Thank you so much! By the way,
I am sorry, but... that man has to go.

This morning he didn't even
say mass, out of spite!

Will you come to City Hall
later, if you please... sign that letter for the bishop,
like all the others did...

- Yes, later. - Oh, you're here at last,
I was about to send for you.

- Please come, he's so sick!
- Call the doctor!

He doesn't want anybody
in the room, not even me.

- He says he'll open to you only!
- Ah... - Please come!

Don't let him fool you, uh?

Don't worry, you have no idea
how unpleasant I find him!

I was waiting for you. Come in.

Did you see that I managed to do it?
It hasn't been easy.

But, you see, money always
requires some suffering... get hold of,
maybe even too much.

But I'm happy now.

It would have been a lot
more painful... feel like I had cheated
a good girl like you.

Don't be foolish, father, you know
very well that I'm not a good girl.

Ah, no... that's not true.

I read it so well... in your eyes...

...the other night,
when you went to sleep.

Take it.

Come on... take it.

It's yours.

I'm sure you'll spend it well.

You've been through so many
bad things.

By now, you know how evil starts,
and where it ends.

And the good too.

The most important things is
to draw the right conclusions...

...from everything that happens
all around us... in life.

''Found several times...
allied armed forces...''

third class, Livorno.''

- No, it's not true! It's impossible!
- In any case, That's the way it is.

- She's a ''signorina''!
- Not quite a benefactress!

So brazen!

And him, saying: ''This wise girl,
this humble, wise girl...''

''...the capital smartly employed...''

And you: ''a classic representative
of the working class!''

- That part you don't remember, eh?
- What a shame!

We even dedicated the balloon
to her: ''Hooray for Agostina!''.

And the whole town applauding

No, no it's impossible!
It's impossible!

I swear that as I heard it
I almost got a stroke.

- She even said she was going to fund
the monument! - She's got a cheek!

The monument...! One moment,
but this is an old-school swindle!

They were in cahoots! It's obvious!

He puts the girl on the street,
she says she'll do the monument.

I fall for it, and give the money up!

Marshall, this is an extortion!
With deception!

You're wrong. She got cheated too,
I saw all the receipts.

- The money was hers!
- What? Hers? The money is mine! Mine!

I certainly didn't collect it... give it back to a... ''signorina''!

Marshall, do what you want,
but I want my money back from you!

- From me? - Yes! - But where...?
- You must bring it back! - Ah!

Miss! I am sorry,
but I can't wait any longer.

- Just one minute.
- But I must go.

This is how things went! Sure!
She got advantage of us all!

We've been cheated!
We just realized it!

- We must teach her a lesson.
- That's enough! Get out!

- Shame on her! - She's a ''signorina''!
- Let's break her legs!

- Let's kick her out of town!
- And the parson too!

- Miss! Miss!
- Yes, I'm coming!

Tell miss Agostina that I'm sorry, but
it's gonna be trouble for me too. Bye!

If you see miss Agostina, tell her
that I just couldn't wait for her.

She'll understand.
Coming! She has my address.

Here I am!
Tell her to write to me!

Stop! Back off! Stop!
''Stop'', I said! Enough!

There has been enough trouble
here already! Go home!

Shut up! Stop it!
Things must be done by the book!

Back off! Enough!

I'm going to the parsonage by myself!

I was just looking for you.

Your friend told me everything,
but I disagree.

That money is not yours, the mayor
has priority over it. Give it to me.

I don't have it. I left it upstairs,
in don Andrea's room.

Is that so?
Very well, we'll see.

In the meantime, wait for me
at the station!

Don Andrea! Don Andrea!

Open up, it's the marshall!

Don Andrea, open this door,
in the name of the law!

May I come in? Don Andrea?

Don Andrea, I'm here for an assignment
that I don't like very much.

You know how much
I respect priests, don't you?

But I must tell you that
this wasn't right.

The people in this town
are hardworking!

The mayor wrote to the bishop,
telling him everything!

From the chickens and the corn... the tocsin business, last night.

Now I... don't want to judge...

But we all have to do our job.

...or else, we all lose our herd!

And then we end up paying
personally... don't you think?

About the money... about
the money, the law requires that...

In short, you understand me, don Andrea!
Come on, answer me.

Don't force me to take it
against your will!

I need your consent!
If you don't answer me...

Don Andrea, come on, amswer me.

Don Andrea!

Don Andrea!

How did it go?

Don Andrea...
tricked us again.

- What happened?
- He's dead.

- But... you mean... dead?
- Yes.

Are you... positive?

Don't worry, I am familiar
with dead people.

- Then he was sick for real.
- Yes.

I was thinking about it just now...

...maybe he didn't want the doctor to
visit him for fear of a transfer.

Poor guy.

And those two skunks have been
blackmailing him!

That's why he had to ring the tocsin!

That scoundrel made him die
of a broken heart, for the money!

- Scum! - Where is Agostina?
- We must teach her a lesson!

If he died because of her,
who gave him one and a half million...

...what did we do to him?

One and a half million? Marshall!

Oh, yes, I almost forgot: Agostina's
money is on don Andrea's bedstand.

Whoever wants it can go get it.
I don't have the stomach for it.


Excuse me, marshall...

I can't stay here any longer.

I'd like... I'd like to leave.

I understand.

There you go, miss.

- Marshall...
- Yes?

Please, don't say anything
to the others.

- Go, go...
- Thank you.

Mother Agostina!

- What's she doing? She has a suitcase!
- Mother Agostina is leaving!

Let's go, girls! Girls!

- Here we come!
- Quick, let's go!

Let's go! Raise the bridge!

- Mother Agostina!
- Wait for us! - Don't leave us!

You really are leaving,
mother Agostina?

These are for you, mother Agostina!
They are from don Andrea!

Are you really leaving us?

Agostina! Agostina!

Miss, what's with you? Leaving
like this, without warning!

It's not right, don't you think?

We also came to tell you...
Yes, you are certainly right, eh?

The kindergarten is an excellent idea...

...but we thought, with your
permission, of course...

..not to call it ''Kindergarten
Agostina Bortolozzi'' anymore...

...but to call it instead
''Kindergarten Don Andrea Boccioni''.

Miss, since you are going to the city,
could you take this? It's for a lady...

...who had asked me to find her
a cleaning lady, a good girl.

Unfortunately I had to answer that
couldn't find anyone. Understood?

Have a nice trip!

Have a nice trip!
Goodbye, Agostina!

Oh Jesus full of love,
Oh Jesus of my heart!

Oh Jesus, who comes and sees us,
who died for us one day!

Make everyone good,
good and just, sweet and dear!

...and free the world
from war and pain!