Campaign (2007) - full transcript

Can a candidate with no political experience and no charisma win an election if he is backed by the political giant Prime Minister Koizumi and his Liberal Democratic Party? This cinema-verite documentary closely follows a heated election campaign in Kawasaki, Japan, revealing the true nature of "democracy."



Please stand ...around here.

Give me some, not too many.

Good evening.
My name is Yamauchi Kazuhiko.


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

My name is Yamauchi Kazuhiko,

from the Liberal Democratic Party
(LDP) of Prime Minister Koizumi.

I'm a member of LDP
Kawasaki's "Team Reform."

Together with you,

I plan to carry out Koizumi's reforms
here in Kawasaki city.

Please continue to support the
Koizumi / Yamauchi reform policy.

Please excuse the bother,

this is Yamauchi Kazuhiko from
Koizumi's LDP.

Welcome home after a hard day's work.

Good evening. This is Yamauchi.

Please give me your support.

Good evening, this is Yamauchi.
I'm here to reform this city.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

This is Yamauchi from Koizumi's LDP.

Together with you,

I plan to carry out Koizumi's reforms
here in Kawasaki city.

While Koizumi is reforming
the central government,

we need to reform our
local government.

However, there is still
much opposition resistance.

We must advance
administrative and financial reform.

We must change the flow of money
from government to non-government,

and from the national government to
the local government.

We must galvanize small government,

cutting unnecessary costs.

There's still much waste to remove.

I plan to carry out Koizumi's reforms
here in Kawasaki city.

Good evening. This is Yamauchi.

My plan is to reform the government.

This is Yamauchi Kazuhiko!

Good evening. This is Yamauchi.

Good evening. This is Yamauchi.

Good evening, everyone.

Welcome home after a hard day's work.

Good evening. This is Yamauchi.

Give my regards to
your mom and dad for me.

Which grade are you in?
- 4th.

4th? Study hard!

Good evening, everyone.

Welcome home after a hard day's work.

This is Yamauchi, member of
LDP Kawasaki's "Team Reform."

Thanks to your support,

the LDP had a big success
in the last national election.

And that success means a
big success for all of you too.

We can change
politics through elections.

My name is Yamauchi Kazuhiko,

and I won't let off
anyone who tries to stop reform.

Please continue to support the
Koizumi / Yamauchi reform policy.


I'll carry this, and
you grab that please.

Mr. Takao, I'm done.

Leave them there, please.

- These are kind of wet.
- It's OK. They'll dry.

It's important to look at people's eyes.
- And you're able to do that?

Yes, if I catch their eyes,
they are more responsive.

I learned a lot.

We better call Mr. Hozumi?

Yes, and call everyone
on the list he gave us.


Hello, Mr. Hozumi.
This is Yamauchi Kazuhiko.



Thank you for joining
my supporters' association.

How am I doing?
I'm not so used to making calls.

You're doing great.
You sound sincere.

Is Mr. Yazumi
president of a company?

If he is, I need to call him
"Mr. President."

Yes, he is!
I just remembered his scary face.

This is a message for
Mr. President Yazumi.

I appreciate the endorsement you
were so kind to give me...

The doors are closing.
Take the next train, please.

Sorry, take the next train please.

It's too full.

We're going to push, OK?

Step further inside, please!


Look at this.

Here it is.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience...

to have so many posters
of myself on display.

I'll do whatever you say,
Mr. Prime Minister



Excuse me, do you live
in the Miyamae district?


My name is Yamauchi.

I'm running for a vacant seat
on the Kawasaki City Council.

- Do you use this store often?
- Yes, I live around the corner.

- Did you find your apartment here?
- No, I didn't, actually.

- Then, maybe next time...
- Yes, certainly.

I'm what you'd call a
"parachute" candidate.

I had to quickly move from
Tokyo to Kawasaki for the election...

to establish residency.

You need to protect us little
stores so we can survive.

Please support Yamauchi!

And if you win,
please fix the ditch outside.

Yes, that really is...

the first thing to do!

The pipe here is too small,
so it floods when it rains.

My store gets flooded as well.

The city tends to neglect
these kind of things.

They say "we have no budget."

That's a poor excuse.

You're right.
They should allocate money for this...

Mr. Yamauchi!

You may have seen my posters,
but I'm here in person.


Which grade are you in?
- 2nd.

So, you've learned your times table?

Not at school, but..

At a cram school?

No, online.

Keep it up.

Grow up to be important adults
like this man.

Watch out for the car.

I see your face all the time.

That makes me blush, but I'll introduce
myself anyway. I'm Yamauchi.

I promise I'll work hard
for the community.

I live just above this liquor store.

I'd like to support mothers
like you raising kids.

I don't have any children yet,

but it's going to be important
for me in the future.

The number of children here is
the 2nd greatest in Japan, you know.

Yes, so many families from our
generation are moving here.

I'll try to make it easier for people to
raise their kids here.

Great! He's going to fight for you!

Take a look at the map.

Yes, got it.

Good morning, "Sensei" Yamagiwa.


Please, "Sensei."

What are you doing?
You're the one who needs to speak.

Good morning
Green Heights residents!

This is Yamauchi Kazuhiko from
the Liberal Democratic Party.

I'm sorry to disturb you so early.

My name is Yamauchi from
Koizumi's LDP,

and I plan to carry out Koizumi's
reform policy here in Kawasaki city.

Our party, the LDP, received numerous
applicants for the candidacy.

We chose Mr. Yamauchi because

he's a passionate,
successful businessman

who's contributed to society.

He's never been involved
with politics before,

so he may not be
an expert on policy making.

But what's most important is

that he has a great passion toward
changing society.

I hope you'll get to know
Mr. Yamauchi and

what a good man he is.

And now, I'll pass the microphone
back to Mr. Yamauchi.

Good morning.
This is Yamauchi Kazuhiko.

As Yamagiwa Representative

I don't have any experience in politics.

But I can use my perspective

as a regular citizen
to change Kawasaki city.

Again, so sorry for the disturbance,
and thank you.

Thank you for listening.

You shouldn't waste time

sticking this flag in the ground.
He can just hold it.

Right, we shouldn't waste time.

And make speeches
in as many places as possible.

So, I've got to visit
the Hair Stylist's Union now.

Have you visited them before?

No, not yet.

You haven't? Let's go now then.

I'll follow you.

Follow me in the car.

Here's the miso soup.
Pork or scallion?

You want scallion, right?

- Pork for you?
- Whatever. Thanks.

Next time I want Yamada
to run instead of this guy.

Me? No way.

He's an important figure
around here, isn't he?

Of course. We need somebody
from this area to represent us.

Forget about it. I'm too old.

From now on,
all I want to think of is

enjoying my retirement,
traveling abroad.

That sounds fantastic.

You wanna come along?

No, thanks.
I have a boyfriend. Sorry.

- How are you?
- I just got back from a field day.

Yamauchi, you've got
to go those things.

I should've let you know.
Mr. Shingo's in charge.

Then you've absolutely got to go!

It'll be over soon.

Go now. Go! Quick!
Lunch break's over!


Yamada told me to come.

Mr. Shingo, Yamauchi's here.

Oh, but I can't present you now.

No problem, I just wanted to say hello.

Please have a seat.

Thank you very much.

Please extend a welcome to our guest,

Kawasaki City Councilman,
Asano Fuminao.

Children, stand up straight.

Bow... stand up straight.

My name is Asano,
a Kawasaki City Councilman,

and the president
of the Parents' Association.

We are working hard
to communicate the needs of parents

to both local and national

Our candidate for the upcoming
mayoral election has promised

a reduction of tuition
for kindergartens.

This is a vital issue since governmental
support for childcare...

is expected to drastically
increase next year.

Stand up straight!

Bow... and stand up straight.

"Sensei" Asano, thank you.

Are you visiting
a lot of kindergartens?

- Do you visit every event like this?
- I try, but there's just too many.

Hello, how are you?

Your president was kind enough to
give me an endorsement.

Would you mind if I used a
megaphone in front?

I'll be quick.

This is the 3-piece set up, right?

Uh-oh, where's the mic?

This is Yamauchi Kazuhiko
from Koizumi's LDP.

Hello, everyone.

This is Yamauchi Kazuhiko
from Koizumi's LDP.

I plan to... oops!

Just leave it!
It's dangerous here.

This is Yamauchi,
member of Koizumi's LDP.

What was your
first speech in public like?

I was really nervous and shy...
it almost seemed impossible.

But now I'm really used to
speaking in public.

The most important thing is
to repeat my name.

I was told that people
don't listen to details.

They say I should repeat
my name over and over again...

make sure I look and sound nice.

How much is
the campaign costing you?

I don't know yet.
People are sending me invoices.

It's expensive.

- Are you paying for it?
- Just me... nobody else does.

It's rough.

Do you get any donations?

Zero. I don't get anything
because I'm not elected yet.

Actually, I get a little from some
organizations, but it's next to nothing.

Chances are,
I'll probably win this race,

but nobody wants to donate any
substantial money at this point.

Yes... Yes, sir...

I guess he's worried..

that I'm not going to be able
to make the payment.

Yes. I'll ask Ms. Nagai
to handle all the money from now on.

I'll give her my seal
and bank statement.

If it looks like
there's going to be any trouble,

I'll immediately let you know,
Mr. Yamagiwa.


I'm so sorry about the mess up.
I understand why you're upset.

I'll be sure to handle money issues
more carefully until the election's over.

Yes, I'm so sorry someone
complained to you.

Hello? Yes, I hear you.

Thank you for everything. Bye.

I'm just gonna...

Hey guys, long time no see.

So good to see my old school buddies.

Let's shake hands.

Like politicians.

Thank you for your support.

You sound hoarse.

It's because every morning and
then again at night,

I've got to give these speeches.

I'm a totally different person now.

Yeah, with you all of a sudden
wearing a suit,

it's like, wow, you
really are running for office.

Yeah, I've never even
owned a suit before.

I was waiting at a stoplight,

and I saw this poster saying
"Yamauchi Kazuhiko."

I thought it was just the same name,
but then your face was on the poster!

I just had to take a picture,
so I pulled over and took some.


There are so many things
that piss me off.

People are chewing me out all the time
for whatever reason.

Who chews you out?

Your volunteers?

My volunteers, my Sensei, everybody.

They even complain
about the way I bow.

Who are these "Sensei?"

Diet members, prefectural
assemblymen, city councilmen, etc.

It's this party hierarchy you always
hear about, no?

Exactly. It's like a military.

I've never joined this kind of group
before, so I don't know how to behave.

My wife comes along
when I visit people.

Sometimes at the door,

they ask us
Are you from the Census Bureau?

And I need to call myself
"KANAI" (housewife).

"TSUMA" (wife) isn't
appropriate, they say.

"KANAI" (housewife) doesn't sound
so politically correct.

It implies all women
should stay at home.

"TSUMA" (wife) just sounds better.

There are many
liberals in Kawasaki.

And the Democrats are very strong.

Right now, the LDP and Democrats
are 18 to 18 in the Council.

So, if I lose this race,

the LDP will also lose
its ruling party status.

My dream was to become
the prime minister of Japan.

But there are many
steps along the way...

Well, you'll never know in the future.

Yeah, but I'm already 40.

My plan was to become famous first,
and then run for office.

Celebrities do well in elections
these days, you know.

I was dreaming about becoming
a city councilman in Tokyo,

and keep my business
selling stamps and coins.

However, Representative Yamagiwa...

suggested that I run
for Kawasaki City Council.

He knew me because
his brother is my old friend.

He was on the candidate
selection committee,

so I had serious advantages
over other applicants.

Since the LDP didn't have good
applicants within the party,

they picked me from outside.

It was enough for them that
I graduated from Tokyo Univ.

The problem is the LDP already
has 3 city councilmen

pulling from the Miyamae district

The LDP ordered the whole
constituency to support me this time

since the election is
for a vacant seat.

But in 2 years, all 4 of us will be
competing for the same votes,

which puts me in an awkward position.

It's quite difficult because
they each have their own territories.

And when they see me walking around
their territories, they complain.

When I moved here,

they even instructed me to
move into a specific area

so that I won't
invade their territories.

So you don't overlap

I feel like the whole country is
this incredibly small village.

Is that bad?

Well, if you don't have solid
organizational support,

you just won't win.

I wonder if it is the same
in other countries.

Maybe they have something like tribal
chiefs who control election results,

especially in developing countries.

I wish my situation was like Taizo.

He got a seat in the Diet
without doing anything.

But are you ready to be in a big
scandal like him?

Sure. But he was stupid to admit
that he didn't pay social security tax.

But you are not paying it
either, are you?

Of course I've been paying.
Don't create a scandal here too!

It's just my image of you...

Don't harm my image, please.

We need to put a "BEEP" there.

Like, "He's not paying BEEP!'

Did you get it?

Let's shake hands again.

Your hands are stiff now.

Too many hand shakes.

Please say hello to your wives.


Hello, my name is Shinada.
I'm a "warbler."

I'm Yamauchi's "housewife."

Good morning!

How are you?

This is my group of "warblers."

This is Mrs. Yamauchi.

Did you take a day off
from work today?

I took a paid vacation starting today.

I took my laptop home
to check company e-mails.

Please protect our
"campaign cars"...

so there will be no accidents
during the election...


Mr. Mochida, campaign director.

Mrs. Yamauchi, please place
the sash on our candidate.

I'm a reporter for the Kanagawa Times.

I just bought your paper this morning.

So how are you planning to
appeal to the electorate?

My platform is based on 3 promises...

I have 3 promises.

To reform government finance,
improve childcare support,

and reduce crimes...

How exactly?

As for childcare support,

what was that word again... the
problem in the kindergartens...?

Waiting lists?

Yes, waiting lists for public
kindergartens need to be reduced.

I don't know if it's possible,

but I'll also try to get financial aid
for families with 3 kids or more.


A "going to the battlefront"
ceremony for Yamauchi Kazuhiko

is about to begin.

Good morning.

I feel much better now,
so I can scream today.

"Sensei," please take a picture with us.

Hold on.

You applied for the candidacy?

Yes, I'm really a novice.

Well, I am too.




Let's do our best.

Thank you for coming today.

Face that way
so the voters can see you.

Don't turn your back to them.

You need to be more conscious
of your angles.

The way you bow, and the timing...
they are very important.

Please make some room here.

Ladies and gentlemen
good morning.

We are fortunate that

our candidate Yamauchi can start his
campaign on such a fine day.

Thank you all for coming today.

Here, we also have
Ms. Kawaguchi Yoriko,

our candidate
for the House of Councilors.

Please support her along with

Good morning to you all!

My name is Yamauchi Kazuhiko.
Thank you all for coming today.

I am grateful that so many
"Sensei" are here for me.

My mission is

to continue pushing the reforms
that will secure Kawasaki's future.

...because he has
no ties to anyone.

Because I have no ties to anyone
on the political scene...

...together with "Sensei" Kawaguchi,

we can push through reforms
vital to Kawasaki's future.

Pledge your support for me, and I'll
give you everything I've got!

Good morning.

Thank you very much.

I'll work hard for you.
I'm Yamauchi. Thank you!

Hey, Yamauchi!

When you shake hands, the most
important thing is how you end it.

Make sure at the end
you look them in the eye.

Yes, "Sensei," let me try again.

Good morning. I will work hard for you.

Take care of the locals,
just like Yamagiwa does.

Yes, the local community is
my #1 priority.

Let them know you're leaving!

Now, we're off to
canvass the city!

Our candidate, Yamauchi Kazuhiko
is here in the car with us.

Yamauchi Kazuhiko!
He's young. He's energetic.

Hello Ma'am,
please support Yamauchi.

Yamauchi Kazuhiko is
here in the car with us

introducing himself around the city.

Hello Sir! How are you?

This is Yamauchi Kazuhiko!

Hello Ma 'am, this is Yamauchi,

the LDP's official candidate
for City Council.

Yamauchi will breathe fresh air
into the politics of this city.

This is Yamauchi. Hello, how are you?

Hi, my name is Yamauchi, I'm going to
improve your childcare system.

Mrs. Yamauchi sits in front.

This is your ?warbler? debut.

- Do you have gloves for her?
- No, we ran out.

Maybe she can use mine.

Speak clearly, and listen to
these two ladies... they're pros.

All you need to say is...

"This is Yamauchi's housewife.
Please vote for us.?

I think I can handle that.

And don't talk about policy.
You'll dig your own grave.

The point is to show that
you stand by your husband.

Thank you everyone for seeing us off!

Yamauchi has risen to his feet

to push through the reforms
vital to Kawasaki's future.

Would you like to speak?

This is Yamauchi Kazuhiko's
housewife speaking.

Please support my husband...

Oops, it turned off.

Hello, this is Yamauchi
Kazuhiko's housewife.

Mrs. Yamauchi is here
in the car with us.

She's gripping the microphone,
asking you to support her husband.

Now, it's her turn.

Go ahead.

Hello. This is the housewife
of Yamauchi Kazuhiko,

the LDP's official candidate
for City Council.

We will work hard to push through
government reforms.

Please vote for husband,
Yamauchi Kazuhiko.

Bye-bye, good luck!

Say hello to your parents.

Good luck.

Hello. This is the housewife of
Yamauchi Kazuhiko.

Please support my husband,
Yamauchi Kazuhiko.


You sounded better than the
candidate. Your voice was so clear.

You were really great.

I felt bad bothering
people with my voice,

especially in the residential areas.

But I was encouraged
by all the children.

People only listen to you
for 3 seconds.

So it is crucial to include the
candidate's name every 3 seconds.

Basically, we don't use the word
"TSUMA" (wife), do we

Not really, no.

We usually use ?KANAI" (housewife).

We joke around by adding the
honorific "O" on purpose

so it sounds
like "OKKANAI" (scary wife).

Anyway, just ?wife? sounds strange.

I see.

I'll just eat some instant ramen

What? Have something
better than that...

I'll take one of these
"A Day's Worth of Vegetables?

Here are my daily vegetables.

Why do we need to wear gloves?
To avoid sunburn?

I don't know.

Maybe because they stand out.
We also look clean in those gloves.

But we need to take them off
when shaking hands.

Did you shake it well?

Lt doesn't matter. It all gets mixed
together in my stomach anyway.

But there's all this micro-pulp
condensed at the bottom.

Wow, you're right.

You are so detail-oriented.

OK, done with my daily vegetables.

Step back a little.

Maybe this way.

Am I in the frame?

Lower your hand.

Maybe there.

That's perfect. Smile!

Hello everyone, this is Abe Takao,
candidate for Mayor.


This is our Mayoral candidate
Abe Takao.

We at the Liberal Democratic Party...

Stand right here, Yamauchi.
Actually, you'll stand out more this way.

- What's his first name?
- Kazuhiko.

- Does he have kids?
- Not yet. He's married, though.

And now please let me introduce
Ms. Hashimoto Seiko,

Diet Member and
Olympic Bronze Medalist.

Soon there will be a bye-election here
in the Miyamae district.

I strongly support
Yamairchi... Kazu... hiko

because he's received the strong
endorsement of our party, the LDP.

Please elect Yamauchi for

the Prefectural Assem...
I mean, City Council.

This is our City Council Chairman.

Let's take a picture please.

We still need to solve many issues
here in Kawasaki

such as sanitation, childcare...

I'll work hard for you.

Stand next to Mr. Ishida.

Please give your support to Mr. Abe

so we can push through the much-needed
reforms here in Kawasaki.

...and along with Mr. Abe,

please vote Mr Yamauchi
for City Council.

My name is Ishida Yasuhiro,
Kawasaki City Councilman.

- How was it today?
- I'm tired.

You're still too pumped-up
to really get any sleep.

But in a few days,

you'll probably find yourself
ready to collapse in the afternoons.

This lady is one of the
local post office directors.

I've been meaning to visit you...

Actually, I met you over at the
kindergarten during the field day.

Oh, that's right, I remember you.

You know, I'm from a whole family of
postal workers.

Both my grandfather
and my father ran post offices.

I guess that's how I ended up
becoming a stamp collector.

I'm only running for the local

so I have nothing to do
with the postal privatization...

The privatization bill
passed today actually.

You know, after the election,

I'd like to hold small exhibitions of my
stamp collections at different post offices.



We'd like to create a city

where everyone can get married and
have children without hardship.

This is Ohta Kimiko
of the Democratic Party of Japan.

Ohta has lived in Kawasaki for 40
years. She's an expert on welfare,

and has been fighting for the rights of
the disabled for the past 20 years.

Good morning!

This is Yamauchi Kazuhiko from the
LDP. Have a nice commute!

Good morning!

This is Yamauchi Kazuhiko from the
LDP. Have a nice commute!

Good morning!

This is Yamauchi Kazuhiko from the
LDP. Have a nice commute!

Good morning!

This is Yamauchi Kazuhiko from the
LDP. Have a nice commute!

Good morning. This is Yamauchi
Kazuhiko from the LDP.

Sorry to disturb you while
on your morning commute.


My name is Asano Fuminao,
City Councilman.

I've run for the Council twice before,

and if my memory serves me correctly,
Yamauchi must be exhausted by now.

I've been explaining to him that now is
the perfect time to be making kids.

I myself conceived my first
child on the campaign trail.

Now, Yamauchi's been married
for 3 years, but he still has no kids.

For some reason,

one's ability to procreate gets higher
under extreme conditions.

So, I'd really like him to give it a try
while the campaign's on.

And over there is Mrs. Yamauchi.
Please come down!

Yamauchi, You don't have to
run away from her, you know.

I think she heard everything!

Some of you may have seen her
around town. Her name is Sayuri.

She's been riding along in the
campaign car saying

"I'm Yamauchi's KANAI (housewife)."

But don't worry,
she's not an OKKANAI (scary wife).

Good evening.
Thanks for working so late!

- We'll meet you here.
- Tomorrow at 7 a.m.?

No, 5 minutes before.

- Can we use speakers that early?
- No, you can't. But come early.


I'm not finished, yet!

Why did you join the rally tonight
30 minutes before planned?

I'm sorry.

You've got to be the judge about what
to do because it is YOUR campaign!

You can't just do something because
the driver said you should.

Sorry to raise my voice, but...

No, I deserve it.

Nobody'll want to support you
if you're like that.

It's true, I wasted 30 minutes.

Some people at the rally
were really pissed-off.

Such a trivial matter.

I thought so too.

Takao was just angry because
someone at the rally got angry.

He's probably afraid

these small mistakes
are going to ruin my reputation.


Yes... yes, I'm on my way.

Good morning all.

I am honored to be
part of such a wonderful event

where so many senior citizens
can enjoy sports.

Now we have 3 elections going on:

the election for Mayor, the Diet
election, and the City Council election.

Our candidate for City Council,

Yamauchi Kazuhiko, is
here with us today,

along with many other "Sensei"
from the region.

Thank you.

Take a step forward.

Hello, my name is Yamauchi Kazuhiko.
Please give me your support.

Good morning, this is Ohta Kimiko.
Have a nice commute!

Ohta Kimiko, candidate for City
Council, expert on welfare.

My name is Ohta. Please support me.

Ohta is here in person!

I'm Ohta right here.
Please take one of my flyers.

This is Watanabe Atsuko,
candidate for City Council.

Together with you,
I will improve our welfare system...

Good morning.

- Your wife?
- Yes.

I'll introduce you to my people.

Make sure you keep bowing,
even if it's to a telephone pole.

Good morning.

You're all dressed up.

Of course.

I need to say hello to some people.

I'll follow you then.

You're going to carry today?

No way.
I'll help a little from behind but...

But he was full-on at Arima.

Yeah, and he hurt his back.

I wasn't planning on getting in that
deep. It really hurt.

Just give us a little...

Yeah, you say ?little? now,
but later it's not so little...

Please vote Yamauchi this go-around.

Please tell your friends about him.

"Sensei" Yamagiwa, he's the man.

He's a monster.

Hey, keep your mouth shut.

As long as he's got this,
he'll do just fine


Ladies and gentlemen,
congratulations to you all.

I know people in this area
always support Mr. Ishida,

the LDP City Councilman.

But since this upcoming election is
for a vacant seat,

we ask that this go-around you kindly
give your support to Yamauchi.

Go for it, guys!

Let's move on to the next place.

I'll see you there.


This is Fujii Kazuo of the
Japanese Communist Party

Hello, I'm calling from the Liberal
Democratic Party.

At 7:30 p.m. this evening,

we will hold a rally
for Yamauchi Kazuhiko

at the Agricultural Cooperative Union,

and would be most happy
if you could attend.

We are using the phone list of
Mr. Mochida's Supporters' Association

because Yamauchi
doesn't have one yet.

We probably make
about 700 calls a day.

That's all of us together now,
not each of us.

Hello! Thanks for your great work.

We're going to take a tea break now.

How are people responding
to the City Council race?

They usually get silent
when we bring it up.

It must be because they are
not familiar with it.

Are you on a shift today?

The afternoon shift.

Who's supporters' association
do you belong to?

We belong to City Councilman
Asano Fuminao's Association.


People from various supporters
association take turns and work here.

Supporters of Mochida, Ishida,
Yazawa, and so on.

Have you supported the LDP
for a long time?

Yes... they're all I know.

It's a family tradition
going back to my grandfather's time.

Some women say
he looks scary in that picture.

I guess he was trying to look serious.

The problem is
he's naturally a smirker.

People have all kinds of opinions.

Anyway, if he wins this race, nobody
will accuse him of living off his wife.

They all start that way.

Asano lived off of his wife
while she was teaching.

Actually, the Asano's were
on the brink of divorce the other day.

I told him not to fight with his wife.

They won't get divorced, will they?
Who knows. They're pretty shaky.

Have you been asked
to subscribe to that paper?

- Which paper?
- The Komeito News.

I don't know that one.

It's the Komeito Party newspaper.

Since the LDP is in a coalition
with the Komeito now,

they feel like they can just push
their paper on us.

Especially since I'm renting
a parking space to them.

I tell them ?I don't need your paper,?
but they keep bothering me to sign up.

I don't have to pay anything because
the Komeito member will pay for me.

Are these stacks of 10?

Let me tell you a story.

One of the city councilmen
from the Communist Party

asked me to rent
an office space to him.

So, I rented it to him.

But then somebody phoned the LDP's
headquarters and

made a big fuss saying,

"How can an official of the LDP
rent a space to communists??

It was a big scandal.

Asano called to interrogate me.

So I told him,

"Yeah, I rented it to him because he
asked me to."

"And that's the way I earn my living!?

Call these people first.
They are the priority.

"Thank You List?

Hello, This is Yamauchi
Kazuhiko's housewife calling...

Can they hear you?

You don't have to
talk so low, you know.

Well now it was...
Ok, I'll try a little louder.

Yamauchi needs to form his own
supporters' association

once he's elected.

'Cause we won't be able to help him
in the next election, you know?

Of course, this is a one-shot deal.

We have our own "Sensei" to support.

I even told Yamauchi to his face that
I won't help him next time.

That's right.
He should certainly understand that.

See that woman standing across the
street... she's psychotic.

That woman?

When she was still sane,
she had long hair and big tits.

She called herself the
"Marilyn Monroe of Kawasaki.?

Is she crazy now?


Is she from around here?

She lives over in Tsuchihashi.

She used to work for the DMV,
when Masahiro was in charge.

He ended up having to fire her

on account of her ?strange behavior.?

She'd always get overly excited

every time a man she knew
came into the office.

I think at that point she was already
beginning to lose it.

I can't count anymore.

Can't concentrate?

She's always over there.

She's been standing
there for a long time now.

What's she doing?

Whoops, looks like your lover's calling
I really shouldn't say things like that.

You know she's just like my cat.
Cats can sit in one place for hours.

They're really patient.

Look, now she's talking
to herself... giggling.

It's disgusting.

I've got to go now. Sorry to leave you...

See you later.

Bye now.

She doesn't even recognize
"Sensei" Mochida anymore.

She used to have
a major crush on him.

But by then she was already a little off.

I know one of the big bosses over at
Bereaved War Families' Association.

Maybe Yamauchi can
ask for his support.

The LDP is weak in that area
because of all the new residents.

But aren't there still some farmers
over there? He should approach them.

I also have some people
I can introduce him to.

And if I go around introducing
Yamauchi to these people,

I could also get to know
some new people

and expand our
own supporters' association.

And, we'll need
the local politicians' support

when my brother runs
in the next Diet election.

I know that in this neighborhood,

you're all supporting
City Councilman Ishida.

But this time the election is for a
vacant seat

that was previously
occupied by the LDP.

So, please vote for Yamauchi this time
so we can regain this seat.

When the election is over, you'll all be
free to return to "Sensei" Ishida.

Yamauchi will build his own
constituency once he gets elected.

We'll all support you, you know...
but only this time!

We're pretty loyal to Mr. Ishida.

Yes, you're exactly right.
You should all support "Sensei" Ishida.

Ln a sense, you can think of Ishida
like your ?nationality.?

We're not asking you
to change your ?nationality.?

After the election,
Yamauchi will organize people

who don't have any ?nationality? yet,
to be in his camp.

I hope you understand.

So, Mr. Yamauchi, you must have
some aspirations

if you're running for public office.

What exactly are they?

Aspirations? So, not my ?platform?, but
my ?personal hopes?, right?

Whatever you want to call it.

And if we like what you say, we just
might switch from Ishida to you!

Please vote for me just this once.

After that, please
go back to Mr. Ishida.

Just this once!

I'm here to reform Kawasaki's
government. I'm Yamauchi.

Other candidates have done
something for this area,

but your bio shows
you have done nothing...


So, I'm voting. for someone
who's done something here,

although I support the LDP
at the national level.

For the City Council,
I need to choose someone local.

Actually, the LDP didn't have
any good candidates from here.

Nobody local wanted to run for the
seat because it's too costly.

You're not Koizumi, you know?

I know. Please put a good
word out there for me.

I'll work hard for this city.

Good evening,
My name is Yamauchi.

I'm Yamauchi from the LDP.
I'm committed to reform.

I'll advance reforms.

Someone told me
I should quit my job.

What for?

...They said I should
think about the future.

That's not a good idea.

They told me that I should repay
all of the supporters by quitting...

But I'm the one who needs to repay.

So I said to them,

"What happens if we lose the election?
We'd both be out of work.?

Then, they said to me,

"Don't think about losing.
You should only think about winning!?

I mean, the only people who can talk
like that are rich people.

'Cause I'll tell you right now if we lose
we're going to be totally broke.

That's right.

And besides, they're
ignoring my human rights.

Ln Kawasaki, there are many
double-income-no-kids couples,

not to mention
all the young working mothers.

And we're trying to represent
the interests of the young generation.

Lt is so backwards for them
to tell me to quit my job.

I almost said to them,

I'll quit my job when my husband
becomes Prime Minister.?

You shouldn't say that.

And what happens to single "Sensei"
like Mochida or Yamagiwa?

See? It's your fault.

It's because you're so weak
that they talk to me like that.

Oh, so now you're blaming me?

Come on, don't get upset.
Can't you just stay calm?

You don't have to quit your job.

Just please don't talk back to them.

And don't take them
seriously, that's all.

Wow, you're really riled-up.

Looks like another delivery notice.

No need to get angry.

You're just being immature if you get
angry at what these people say to you.

Yes, I'm immature.

But when something needs
to be said, I have to say it.

- No, you don't.
- Really?

All you need to do is
to pretend to listen.

And you don't have to
promise them anything.

Let's sleep.

This is Yamauchi Kazuhiko.
We really appreciate your support!

Hello Ma'am, yes, I see you waving
from your window.

Thank you very much!

This is Watanabe Atsuko
from the Kanagawa Network.


This is a map of Saginuma Station.

The Prime Minister is coming today.

This illustrates our security plan.

This is top secret, you know.

Don't go leaking this to anyone.

All of you who are working
as security guards,

please wear this pink sticker
so that people will know.

This guy's just faking it actually.


This is the area we're in charge of.

All around the Agricultural
Cooperative Building.

Is there anyone who hasn't
put this sticker on?

This will show the police officers
that you're not a terrorist.

Hey, ask them if they're terrorists
before you give them the sticker.

Prime Minister Koizumi Junichiro
is coming

to show his support for our candidates.

In a moment, Prime Minister
Koizumi will arrive,

so please take a moment
to hear him speak.

Hello, everyone.

My name is Mochida, Prefectural
Assemblyman from this district.

After a careful selection process
of candidates from the general public,

we have endorsed
Yamauchi Kazuhiko.

Hello. This is Ishida Yasuhiro, City
Councilman elected from this district.

Mr. Yamauchi has made a name for
himself in business

dealing stamps and coins.

To change our government,
we need someone like him...

someone who can carefully monitor
budgets and spending

with the shrewd eye of
a successful businessman.

My name is Yamauchi Kazuhiko.

Since 2001,
many people have told me

that my face looks similar to
the Prime Minister's.

But my face is not the only thing
I share with him.

With the Prime Minister, I share the
same passion toward reform.

And as such, I ask you humbly
for your support, and your vote.

Thank you very much for your time.

Good job.

This is Kawaguchi Yoriko.
Hello everyone.

Mr. Koizumi, I'm Yamauchi.

Thanks for waiting, everyone.

Please welcome our Prime Minister,
Koizumi Junichiro.

Since 1972, the voters of the region
have chosen him

as their representative
to the National Diet.

Now, he is the top politician
in the country.

Remember the way
we won the last Diet election.

The last election became a
referendum on postal privatization.

Please stay on the other side of the
rope. It's dangerous.

And we'll continue to advance reform

thanks to the leadership of this man,
Prime Minister, Koizumi.

Yamauchi and Yamagiwa are
also supporting Kawaguchi's efforts,

as are the members
of the Komeito Party.

Thanks so much for listening.
Please cast your vote for Kawaguchi.

Prime Minister, I'm Yamauchi and
I'm committed to the reforms.

Now, the Prime Minister is on his way
to the next location...

I saw your speech!

You were lucky to have
your banner up there until the end.

We were supposed to take it down.

I wish I'd been allowed
to be up there with Koizumi.

I shook hands with Koizumi twice.

Thank you, "Sensei" Mochida.

That was some great
publicity you got.

I wish we could have allowed you to
be up there, but it was impossible.

I was lucky my name was still up.

Let's just say
we forgot to take it down.

Good for you.

I shook hands
with Koizumi twice!

Tomorrow we have the mayor.

The organizational power of
the LDP machine is huge, isn't it?

Party endorsement means that
everyone in LDP supports you.

So it's unthinkable to turn against
the party if you're elected.

Good morning, everyone.

Today is the final day
of the campaign.

Yamauchi Kazuhiko would like to ask
for your support one last time today.

Ma 'am!

Thank you for shaking hands
with our candidate.

Your hand is warm.

I'm Yamauchi, please support me.

What is the election for?

There's a by-election
for the City Council.

There're just too many elections
to keep track of.

Good luck, anyway.

Excuse me for interrupting...

I'm Yamauchi, and
I'll work hard for this city.

Thank you, this is Ohta Kimiko,

and we are the
Democratic Party of Japan.

This is Fujii Kazuo of the
Japanese Communist Party.

I'm running for City Council.

Tomorrow is the City Council election.

The Kanagawa network has endorsed
Watanabe Atsuko as our candidate.

This is Ichii, City Councilwoman
of Yamato city.

I'm here to support
my colleague Watanabe Atsuko.


You look scary on TV.

That must be my brother!

But you look cute in person.

Kawasaki is a city designated by
ordinance, so they have a big budget.

The task of the City Council
is very large.

This is my last chance
to ask for your support.

This is Yamauchi, Yamauchi Kazuhiko.

This is Yamauchi.
Please give me your vote.

We are now entering
the final hour of our campaign.

My name is Yamauchi, and I need
your one last push.

Please send me to the City Council
so that I can advance reform.

This is my final appeal.

My name is Yamauchi Kazuhiko,
and I am begging for your cooperation.

Mayor Abe, Banzai, Banzai, Banzai!

Do you know how many people
voted before today?




Let's hope we have a
"Banzai? here, too.

Yamauchi Headquarters.

This is the number Yamada confirmed.

OHTA: 5500

FUJII: 1000

Yamauchi Headquarters.

Pretty close to the Democrat.

Closer than I thought.

Are you sure you got
the right number?


That's too vague.

Yes, please.

Now they're saying
it's a dead heat.

But they don't have any numbers.


You need to tell me
something more concrete.

Right now?


Too close to call? I understand.

They are telling me
that it's too close to call right now.

Too close to call?
Are we losing?

They can't give me any numbers.

Boy, that's frightening.

Who's reporting it?

Shin-chan's reporting from the office.

Can we trust him?

News reporters are
also saying it's too close.

Reporters, too?

Sounds like trouble.


They say it's still too close to call.

Must be a real close race.

Close race...

Democrats are doing great
with this low voting rate.

Pick it up!

Wrong line.


They're going to announce
the final results in a few minutes.

The result is already on the website.

You mean the final result?


It seems we won.

20,544 and 19,534

By 1000 votes.

That's close.

20,544 to 19,544

That's really only 1000 votes apart.

Is everyone in?

- Where's Yamauchi?
- He's not here yet.

- Isn't he outside?
- No, he's at home.

He was supposed
to be waiting outside.

- How do we address him now?
- "Sensei Yamauchi."

Is he a "Sensei" now? Damn.

At home? Hurry up!
Everyone's waiting for you.

Lt takes about 5 minutes, doesn't it?

No, 15 minutes at least.

I told him to wait outside.

Is he at home?

A 40-year-old should know better...

Totally unheard of that...

a candidate keeping so many
important "Sensei" waiting...

I'm sorry, "Sensei."

I'll reprimand him tomorrow.
Please be patient...

If this was the samurai age, he'd have
to commit HARA-KIRI.

Is he here? Thank god.

He's here.

Thank you everyone.

We celebrate the birth of
City Councilman Yamauchi Kazuhiko.

Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!

As "Sensei" Hirako
from Komeito supported us,

it's thanks to the various organizations
that worked so hard for this campaign

that we were able to come out
on top of this severe battle.

The final number tells us that our party
is in a difficult position.

Mr. Yamauchi should realize that he's
indebted to everyone here.

He should also be aware
that he is succeeding

a great city councilman Koizumi Akio,
and that he's only been given...

a ?learner's permit? until
he wins the next election.

I'm amazed you all worked so hard
to support a person like me.

I'm indebted to all of you for your
generous support.

I think I am the luckiest man on earth.

Now, it is my turn to pay you back.

From this very moment,

I will start repaying you
in anyway I can.

Thank you so much for everything.

Let's raise a toast.

City Council Chairman,
"Sensei" Yazawa, please lead us.


"Sensei," Thank you very much...





Sleep well, Yamauchi...

I'll see you tomorrow...







Thank you so much for everything...!



English subtitles by
Kameron Steele