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Camouflage (1977) - full transcript

A group of students are spending the summer vacation at a university camp studying the science of linguistics. One of the camp directors, Jaroslaw, is a young professor who prefers the straightforward, intimate approach to students. He is opposed in his liberal views by Jakub, who likes to manipulate people. There is a confrontation from the beginning when Jaroslaw allows to attend the seminar a student who presents the views not according to the official line. In the end, a jury prize is given to mediocre paper, while the suspected school of thought still draws a recommendation. Finally the deputy rector arrives for the closing ceremonies, and since he disfavors the line of thought awarded by the recommendation the tensions rise. They climax when student in question bites the rector in the ear while receiving recommendation. The confrontation results in a scandal and the police is called in.






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Could you put it up, please?

May I get the key, please?

- Here you are.
- Thank you.

- Alright?
- Yes. I like it downstairs.

One at a time!

Get that bike out of here!

Park it outside!

Do you enjoy it
or are you a masochist?


I'm a sadomasochist!

Come out. You'll catch rheumatism.

It'll detort you!

"Distort", you mean.
Or "contort" or...

- It's worse than German.
- Why?

Vormachen, zumachen, ausmachen...

- You've taken comparative grammar?
- No. And I don't mean to now.

Of course not.
But there's no ausmachen surely?

There is!

Das macht nicht aus.

Perhaps Das macht nichts, no aus?

I've been to Germany.

I know, hitch-hiking.
But I'm an instructor.

I can flunk you.

Now you need my pass.

If you're disliked, you're out!

Not here, though.

- Been in Poland long?
- 2 months.

We used to have the same.


Pussy cat.


What about?

I scared the birds away.

No. Only made them regroup.
They'll wait until we're still.

- You're into ornithology?
- No. Into the same subject as you.

But nature forms a whole,
so to speak.

You can learn a lot by watching it.

About ourselves in particular.

Well now, what about that paper?

Frankly speaking,
I don't know.

You sure it missed the deadline?

Yes. By one day.

Enough to disqualify it.

- We could just as well accept it.
- Rules are rules, don't you think?

But it's up to you.
I won't meddle.

Mr. Kruszynski!

Could you spare us a moment?

- What is it?
- Are you in charge here?

Yes. With Prof. Szelestowski
as the supervisor.

But you're responsible
for the competition?

- Yes.
- We feel cheated.

Just a second!

Cheated, you said. Why?

Prof. Makowiecki from Torun
isn't here.

- It's you who send the invitations.
- We only suggest names.

The Dean's office does the rest.

I can check if this one was mailed.

If it had been, he'd be here.
Oh! I wouldn't know, I'm new.

- But we do!
- So what do you want?

A meeting!

OK. I'll tell Prof. Szelestowski.
Let's meet after breakfast.

Or else we're going home!


- When did you folks arrive?
- On the last bus.

The baby's caught a cold.

Hi. I hear that the Provost
is supervising your Ph.D. thesis.

- I'd like him to.
- Known him long?

Not really.

He happened to read my paper
and may be willing to have me.

Has Makowiecki from Torun
been invited?

Yes, but the Provost crossed him off.

- Why? He's come uninvited?
- Worse. He's not come at all.


Sorry to disturb you.

- Could I have a minute of your time?
- What for?

It's important.

It can wait. I'm asleep.

- I know. But the students insist.
- Why get so worked up?

We'll talk tomorrow.
With clear heads.

Good morning.

What do savoir vivre books
say about this?

Gentlemen don't urinate.

Any more problems?

Yes. I'd like a word in private.

The staff bathroom's in the Hall.
I've got the key, anytime.

- Well, what is it?
- I've been talking to the students.

They're concerned.

There's no one from other centres,
especially Torun.

The Provost withheld
the invitations.

- But they don't know that.
- No, but it's true.

If you like...

- And they're up in arms?
- That's overstating it.

But they do have a point.

Never mind that.
Who are the troublemakers?

- You want names?
- Of course. And send them to me.

After breakfast.

- I'm baffled.
- You'd rather scrub the camp?

You want me to permit anarchy?

No. But I think it's not fair.

Why be so impersonal?
Who's not fair?

The chief, who else?

Right. So call him and ask
for an explanation.

Good idea.

You'll call him then?

- I will.
- Great. Actually, he's away.

But he'll be here tomorrow,
so you can ask him then.

Meanwhile let's play it cool.

Pity to let all that work,
all those papers,

all that money go to waste.

I agree.

But, as you said,
there certain standards.

Yes. What about that late arrival?

If it is up to me to decide,

- I'll admit it.
- On your own responsibility?

Sure. As I'm given a free hand...


But be ready to give
the whys and wherefores later on.

Just a second.

What's the catch?

C'mon, it's an easy guess.

Who's his professor?

I couldn't care less.

If the paper's been accepted

what's the difference?

It's better to know first.
But that's your problem.

So send them over to me.

- You're sure you'll persuade them?
- Of course.

They're no less conformist
than you and I.

I'd rather you spoke for yourself.

It's time you grasped something:

your career is in the hands
of the Provost.

- And I thought it was in mine.
- Oh, really?

We'll get back to that later.
Have them come and see me.

And prepare the slide-projectors
and so on...

They like these things
to go with a bang.

We want to talk, Professor.

- What about?
- The make-up of the jury.

I'll talk, but after breakfast
and with a delegation.

No. All of us together.

Together we can have breakfast.

Everybody sit down
and let nobody through!

You mean to sit here like this?

The stone's cold, but if you like...

- I'll take the kitchen entrance.
- We won't let you.

- We'll break camp.
- Who will?

- All of us.
- You said that.

Grusznic, isn't it? Fourth year?
Planning an academic career?

- It's not fair!
- I wasn't asking you.

I'll talk to you after breakfast
and with a delegation.

You, you and you.

A delegation should be elected!

Elect my nominees. No muss, no fuss.

Each speaker will have 10 minutes,

one more to end up if necessary.

The first to present her paper

is Maria Piechowiak from our center
with the paper

"Phrase Syntax
- a Graphic Variant".

- Need the projector?
- No, thank you.

The object of my study was
to precise and qualify

the concept
of the syntactic phrase.

In the traditional approach
the concept of the phrase

is akin to that
of directional determinants.

Employing more specifically
the concept of modal autonomy

I arrived at dual conclusions

closely linked with the observation
that the traditional externals of a sentence

are integrated with it
in a number of ways...

Just to satisfy my curiosity,
how did you pull it off?

The usual way.

Threatened some,

flattered some,

appealed to their sense
of responsibility and it worked.

- What about the Torun business?
- I said he never turned up.

So you lied?

Believe it or not, yes.

But imagine life without lies.

Hearing comments every day
about a pimple on your nose.

Or a potbelly in my case.

But instead they're full of praise
for me losing weight.

While in reality I'm gaining.

- I interrupted you, didn't I?
- No, not at all.

I thought...

- you wanted to moralize me.
- No.

You won't lecture me
on your moral superiority?

I was wrong then.

When's your fair-haired boy due?


I can tell you how the vote will go.

Ayes - none.

- You don't know the paper.
- Does it matter?

Jozef will keep his mouth shut,

Zofia will play dumb,

Magda won't have to -

she's not very bright.

Although she has her virtues.

Had them, to be exact...
The Provost never forgets.

The students will vote for,
just to go against the grain.

But the real discussion
will begin later.


it sounds like the work itself
doesn't count for much.

It does, but in a context.

It's not only what's said that matters,
but also who said it

and where.
Not bad, that girl.

60% of the answers obtained
in my experiment were accurate:

evidence for a clear relationship
between sound and meaning.

My study also shows the significance

of integrated sound sequences.

This defies the theories advocating

the phonetic symbolism
of single phonemes.

That would be all.

I'd just like to present...

- There's no time.
- Only a minute!

A small experiment, Professor!
You have 2 pairs of words here.

In Japanese. Anyone speak Japanese?
No? Great!

The first pair is haiai - osoi,

the second: karai - amoi.

You have to guess
which of the pair haiai - osoi

means fast and which slow.

I'll take a vote.

You opt for the first
or the second answer?

The first!

Who's in favor of haiai for fast
and osoi for slow?

Hands up for the first answer!

Thank you.
Who's for the second answer?

The first answer is correct.

It collected a majority
and the majority was right.

So my experiments
are not ungrounded.

The same could be done
with graphic signs...

Thank you!

It was Konrad Raczyk from Torun.

Any comments perhaps?

I don't feel qualified.

Anyway, the paper isn't
a competition entry, is it?

It is. That's been discussed.

Yes, the paper's been admitted.

Let me share my thoughts.

In light of our philosophy

the relation between the sign
and the concept is conventional.

The author's argument is ludicrous.

It stems from nativist views
alien to us.

I'm afraid his inspiration
came from afar.

I wouldn't judge this paper
quite so harshly.

Even if it's wrong,
it's certainly very original.

And clearly a lot of work
has gone into it.


Any more comments?

I think we can call it a day.

Other points will be discussed
at the jury meeting.

Is it to be open to all?

What do you think?

A bird! Almost alive.

Throw it away!

Clear the tables!
No servants here!

Move your ass, snot!

Did your moms teach you no manners?

You're marvelous
when you get angry!

As for the pool...

- Do you swim?
- No.

The Provost loves swimming.

Better have it cleaned then.

That brat kept me awake all night.

Nobody minds the dog,
although it barks.

- Only on command.
- Dogs are less annoying.

- Do we play bridge?
- Of course.

- Count me out.
- Why? It's a noble game.

I've a headache.

Excuse me.
I need him for a small experiment.

Is your head still bothering you?

- A bit.
- A lot?


Poor head...

- Did you take a pill?
- Yes, I did.

But it keeps aching?

Where's your room?

I know how to, really.

You don't believe me?


Lie down, please.

I'll turn off the light.

It hurts my eyes.

- It gets in my way.
- Want me to take this off?

Yes, you'd better...

Sir? Mister?

I'll never learn the terms
of politeness in your language.

It's such a complicated system.
All those titles!

In England it's so much simpler.

We all say "you" and no problem.

Are you comfortable?

This bed's kind of small.


Let your mind go blank.

I can't.

I did.

You know, you caught my eye.

And you mine.

Will you be studying in Poland long?

It depends.

I'll walk you back, right?

Is this a student camp
or a nudist beach?

We only wanted to wash.

You've seen our bathroom.
It's too small.

We meant well, sorry.

That's a thin excuse
for scandalizing the innocent.

Next time you'll be in for it.

- Actually, who's scandalized?
- Get dressed!

Run along!


Please stop!

It's a creature like any other.

Will we now be choosing a chairman?

- Or a chairwoman.
- Are you willing?

No. It's just that the word
"chairman" sounds sexist.

Anyway... Who's going to chair
the jury?

- How about you?
- Out of the question!

I can only advise.

Most of them are my students,
it wouldn't be fair.

Why don't we dispense
with a chairperson

and choose a coordinating
secretary instead?

Someone younger.

Mr. Kruszyrfiski! Excellent!

We insist!

I feel honoured, thank you.

I just need a sheet of paper
to keep the minutes.

To begin with, let's discuss
the first prize.

The meeting's almost over
and you're nowhere.

I'll be ready in no time.

Hey, folks! It's not a beach.

Get to work, will you?

Come on! We're volunteers.

Get cracking!
I want it filled in 15 minutes.

Then give us a hand.

Why sweep? And why fill it?
We leave tomorrow.

So what? Tomorrow they'll empty it.

Fill and empty it? That's absurd!

Of course!

- Let me type up the verdict for you.
- That'll be nice, thank you.

Why didn't you speak up?

You could've tipped the scales.

Everybody expected that.

So what?

This sounds strange.

Isn't the winning paper mediocre?

Yes and no.

Now you're making a fool of me.

Do you seriously believe
that justice has been done?

What's justice?

The concept of justice
is rarely found in science.

In the natural sciences
it isn't found at all.

Are we to speak about nature now?

How come you do-gooders
always speak in such accusing tones?

That leads straight to the

or even the Gestapo.

Must we discuss tones of voice?

And I thought you'd feel insulted
by "do-gooders" or the "Gestapo".

You won't be serious with me.

A bit chilly, isn't it?

Looks like rain.

I see.

Because of your function
you'll have to report to the Provost.

I'm aware of that.

He won't be too happy, you know.

I think I can live with that.

And you'll tell him that only you
voted differently?

- Of course.
- Quite right.

Sooner or later someone would
enlighten him anyway.

So you'll go on pretending
you don't understand?

Understand what?

Must you act as if you were naive?

Don't you know the Chief's
opinion about Torun?

Yes, of course.

But I can't see how this affects
the quality of this paper.

And I don't think we must always
see eye to eye with him.

And that's the first major issue.

True, everyone's free to disagree.
To a point.

Depends on the pecking order.
My margin's a bit wider than yours.

So I wouldn't like to be you
when he gets here.


You signed your contract?

Short-term. To be extended.

Done your army service?

Yes. A year down the drain.

There you are.
They're better off.

The Chief's sure to offer
a post to the winner.

Enough to wangle a male winner
out of the army. But it's a girl.

What about the paper I stuck up for?

- You've achieved a lot as it is.
- I acted on my beliefs.

If you will.

I'd say you were fighting
for that justice of yours.

I doubt the paper itself
impressed either of us.

I happen to know some Japanese.


means a pit in Polish
and a hill in Japanese.

So it's a bit of boloney.

But you acted high-mindedly,
if none too wisely.

What about you?

Meaning you acted badly,
but consciously.

Due to nonchalance or lack
of character?

You're pushing your luck.


Very well, I'll explain.

I hope you're worth it.

I behave the way I do
because I find it convenient.

Now you should observe
that I'm cynical.

- That's obvious.
- Bravo!

And what's wrong with that?

It depends from whose viewpoint.

Let's say, mine.

As I've already indicated,

I don't care much about others.

- You're losing something.
- In what way? Be more specific.

It seems pointless.

You're used to this kind of talk.
This is sheer sophistry.

Now who's avoiding discussion?
The tables have turned.

We can get back to that sometime.

Run along and keep a lookout
for the Provost.

It's a good policy to head
a welcoming committee.

Stand here!


- It's cleared up.
- Today of all days.

Any glasses here?

I've got one.

I think I left my camera inside.

If you come across it, let me know.

You live in the village?

- No. Here.
- Good!

Everybody's saying
you've brought the sun.

How's everything?

So far, so good.
We've just concluded the conference.

I was the jury secretary.

I think you ought to know

that I accepted a paper
one day after the deadline.

I see you've reopened the pool!

- How did you manage?
- The students helped.

Great. I can take a dip.

So! Where was that paper from?


For your information, sir,

I voted to give it an award,
while the others abstained.

Send it over. It may be worth
taking a look at.

Hello! Good to see you.

I'll send it tomorrow.

As for your research visit to

we'll consider it in October.

Stay in touch with me.

- Now let's have that swim.
- Thank you, it's too cold for me.

I'll see you later.

Back up, I need a full view.

I want no part in this.

Zip up and relax.

Excuse us!

We've found a camera.

An expensive one.

- Must be Prof. Szelestowski's.
- Could you please return it?

- No problem.
- We appreciate it.

- Is this yours?
- I've been looking for it.

- Where was it?
- Some students found it.

- Where will you develop the film?
- At the institute.

They do a good job.


A load off my mind.

He didn't say a thing?

Maybe you played into his hands.
The guy from Wroclaw heard him.

I mean, both of them
are scheming against Torun.

Maybe. But why worry?

Why not take things at face value?

I couldn't care less
what the Chief thinks of Torun.


Soon you'll be fooling yourself
and lying.

And that's bad for you.

Ask any doctor.

- Ulcers, heart condition...
- Let's get things straight.

I don't need to lie.

I'm into comparative structures,

the borderlands of linguistics
and information theory,

artificial languages.

The Provost and his schemes
don't fit into the picture.

Wrong again.

With this attitude you'll end up
teaching Polish to schoolchildren.

You did Polish?

No, English.

English then. Same thing.

You're a big boy,
you know your way around.

You're just too hypocritical
to admit it.

Yes, I've been around
and I keep my feet on the ground.

But there are limits.

Why would I worry about things
I'm not responsible for?

Like famine in India
or the Chief's flaws?


But in Poland he alone
can give you a real chance.

The only thing is to realize
it's not all that simple or honest.

Anyone else?

What? Only me?

- Test the water first!
- I'll take a chance!

It's not honest? Why?

Because your Provost is a bastard.

He's ruined many careers,
by fair means or foul.

Fixed his professorship
and he's still poison.

And you'll become his puppet

for the sake of your artificial
languages and academic career.

- That's far-fetched.
- Yes. But you don't want to know.

No, I'm merely surprised
by what you're saying.

No one's spoken of him
so badly before.

Not to you, no.
Because you're his man.

Do you expect me to start
an official inquiry?

I didn't appoint him.


There are others to make sure
the right people are appointed.

But sometimes they make mistakes.

Our Provost, for example,

cribbed his postdoctoral thesis,

but it seems no one's found out.

- You know it for a fact?
- Yes.

So do you now.

You can check before signing
your contract.

The original is in Wrodraw.

The author's name is Kurek.

He went abroad and stayed there.

The Provost stole his thesis.

- And didn't destroy the original?
- Why would he?

Who'll say the king's naked?

- What about you?
- Me?

I've already laid out my ethics.


But you were kidding.

Essentially, I wasn't.

You see, I'm a watchful observer
of nature.

As we know, it's governed
by the struggle for existence.

Endure and you win.
Perish and you're proved wrong.

Of course take my words
with a grain of salt.

After all...

people do have the potential
for deeper feelings.

Animals too, for that matter.

They often defend their young,
the weak, the small...

They can be faithful, monogamous,

But there the analogy ends.

Human groups build value systems

which only make sense

as long as they enable survival.

They're part of the subconscious
programming since childhood

and form what we call conscience.


we also have self-consciousness
which helps us modify conscience

and ignore many dos and don'ts.

Thus we manage to survive.

But conscience can be a burden.

More so if shaped in another context.

I know my words are tough

and your old-fashioned conservatism
rebels against them.

But I'm only trying to persuade you

to get rid of the burden.

And once you feel liberated

you can go after what you want.

To think you've set your heart
on guiding me towards happiness!

Please forgive me.

It's because I'm bored.

Lunch time!

Jakub, how are you?

Nice tan.

Let's sit down.

Is there lunch for the chauffeur?

Excuse me, mister!
You can eat with the students.

We took a chauffeured car,
as our mini Fiat seemed unsuitable.

What nonsense!

- You traded your Fiat 125 for a mini?
- Sold it. We're building a house.

Go ahead. He won't bite.

I'm not so sure.

No, thanks. I never eat corpses.

Excuse the language,
but it's a borrowed phrase.

The baby's crying.

It's good for his lungs, as our
grandmothers would say.

Go and see. You're the father.

How about some disinfectant?

- May I?
- No, thank you.

To give you courage.

No need, thank you.

You may have a question or two
for the Provost.

I might. Who knows.


Mr. Kruszyrfiski has a question.

Maybe later.

Ah, later!

- Did they get the same lunch as us?
- Ask your darling.

- We went to Yugoslavia again.
- And the weather?

- Marvelous.
- Like Yugoslavia.

But it was so dull.

No night clubs, nothing.

As he was busy working,
all I did was sunbathe.

You know how it is with congresses.

We must make do with Eastern Europe.

The West's saved for Warsaw.

They look down on provincial

Maybe they're right.

Let me fill it up for you!

How about you? Not one drop?

I've a favour to ask you.

Could you sing something
for the Provost?

Those parties of ours!
It's been ages.

Perhaps she's not in the mood.

Stay out of this, will you?

I remember one evening,
back in the fifties.

- You sang ravishingly!
- But that was long ago.

Why not have a go?
Let's drink first.

It'll be a treat for the Provost.


Maybe "My Old Friend"?

Ladies and gentlemen,
time for a song!

The party is on.

Singing at the table is our

Especially when you've had
too much liquid rye.

Szelestowski tricked her into it.

We tried the same with her in class
and it worked.

Well, thank you all very much.

We still have some work to do.

The prize-givings in an hour.

Just one more second!

I'd like to take a souvenir photo
with the Provost.

Right here, on the steps!

What did you want to ask?

What was the subject
of your postdoctoral thesis?

And the waitress!

Everybody say "cheese"!

You too, Mr. Kruszyrfiski!

Come and give me a hand.

I've made this.

So when he's after a bird
or a mouse,

they'll hear and run away.

- Won't he mind?
- No idea. He's got to wear it.

It's how it's done.

What are you doing?

I'm still a bit busy.

With what?

Various things.

What's wrong?

Why are you so sad?

You can tell me.

No, it's no use...

Perhaps I could help?


How do you know?

It's too complicated.

Oh! What's so complicated?

Ever since that man turned up,
you're so different.

And why's everybody so tense?
And dispirited?

Problems? Out with them!

Why can't they be sorted out?

That's not the point. I'm just...

I don't know how to explain.
I don't think you'd understand.

Why not?

I'm not complicated enough?

You all love to be so complex.

And I'm too simple to understand.
Maybe I'd better not?

I must be off.

Where are you going?

- To make a phone call.
- I'll go with you.

Oh, a secret...

It's not that.

Where can I find you later?

I'd like to place a call to Wrodraw.

Is it a long wait?

Couldn't you put it through quicker?

Thank you.

The number is 44712.

Thanks, I'll wait.

Can I play too?

Anyone have a racket?

That's enough!

The ceremony begins in 15 minutes.

Check in the Ossolineum catalog
if possible.

No! Kurek. Let me spell it...

Excuse me, but that's not quite
how it was, or quite who.

But full marks for trying.

Why the test?

I told you: out of boredom.

Besides there's something in you
I'd hate to see wasted.

That's too kind of you!

I don't want to talk anymore!

Why not? It's very educative,
helps you word your argument

- and polish your ideas.
- Whatever you say, just lay off!

Now you sound like a total idiot.

Do me a favour.
I've a headache.

You want to pester me - OK.
But give me a moment of peace.

You have it already, don't you?
You've passed the test.

I know it feels bad now.

That's why you're so uptight.
Without a purpose.

I once stopped at the scene
of an accident

only to find a dummy
planted by the police.

You stop at scenes of accidents?

Don't forget
we both work in the humanities.

Now you're free to chase
your English babe.

Good package with the English grant.

- Listen, piss off, will you!
- I'm sorry.

Indeed, I went a bit too far.
Let's go.

Sir, allow me to introduce
our student from England:

- Miss Nelly Livingstone Pawluk.
- It's so nice being here.

- Are you Polish or English?
- I have a British passport.

What counts is what you have here.


I welcome you all most heartily
on behalf of our college authorities.

To begin with I'll give the floor

to your camp supervisor,

Professor Jakub Szelestowski.

On such solemn occasions

you'd like to say too much at once.

Some notes would surely help,
but I have none.

But if I'm not too coherent,
it's all heartfelt.

Both for us and for you
this event is a stirring experience.

Stirring, because it's a rare one.

For many of you the first ever.

We've gathered in a bucolic setting,
undivided by degree or rank,

united by the love of knowledge
and so of truth.

Don't worry, I'll keep it short.

You must be curious who's won.

You'll learn in a moment.

But remember: there are no losers.

Whether prize-winning or not.
All are victors.

Over themselves,
their subject.

And only that counts.

A prize gives you momentary joy,
while that inner victory is a source

of lasting satisfaction.

I refer, of course,

to the victory of the spirit, but I hear
someone struggling with the flesh.

Let's draw a veil over the frailty
of human physiology

and focus on that spiritual victory.

We'll now hear the verdict.

The Provost will hand the prizes.

By a majority vote
the first award goes to

Maria Piechowiak, 4th year student.

Come along, don't bother Daddy.

Quiet him down!

And lastly a commendation,
to Konrad Raczyk of Torun.

Come forward, please.

Can I ask you something, sir?

Go ahead.

- Do you like Dostoyevsky?
- What?

Are you crazy?!

- You're injured!
- I'm OK.

Some manners!

You're a cute little boy.

- What?
- Nothing.

You have a weak head.

It's good enough for me.

- Something happened?
- No. Nothing.

Did he hurt you?

You sure?

Heavy words, but lighter still
than the lips which weigh them.

So with excess we fill the air,

hoping in echoes

to find our faces portrayed.

But this world is only our world,

a blizzard of names, a mist
of identities...

I want to see that Raczyk's paper.

And kick him out of the camp.

Arrange it with the students.



everlasting concern

over the rightness of roads,
not their names.

Even when full moon
sounds in delusive syllables,

so many images trickle away
like rainwater.

It's stuffy in there, isn't it?

- I'd go in, but...
- Yes. Excuse me.

What got into Raczyk?

Not here. Let's walk away.

He's got guts.

Guts? You're talking nonsense.

- Why? Would you have dared?
- It's beside the point.

- What he did was sheer stupidity.
- It was not.

Whatever. The problem is
the Provost wants him out of here.

I need your advice
on how to handle it.

- Perhaps...
- We could talk to him, tell him...

- Persuade him to leave now.
- Or he'll get expelled.

Nonsense. We'll all leave.

- We have to respect the decision.
- Do we?

I wish I could believe he's innocent.
Do you?

Please calm down. We'll do our best.

Get him to catch the next bus.

Why not hitch-hike?

Or get a ride from the Provost?

If he doesn't leave,
they'll throw him out.

Everybody's telling us what to do.

Felled tree, forgive me
for the table's four legs.

Great questions,
forgive me for small answers.

Truth, don't watch me too closely.

Solemnity, be magnanimous.

Oh Mystery of Being, bear me

plucking threads from your train.

Judge me not, Soul,
that I have you so rarely.

Forgive me, Everything,

that I cannot be everywhere,

Forgive me, All of You,
that I cannot be everyman.

I know, as long as I live,
nothing justifies me.

For I am my own barrier.

Forgive me, Speech,
for borrowing pompous words,

and then trying in vain

to make them sound airy.

Bad news.

He's locked himself in
and won't talk.

I think you have a better chance.

I see. Alright.

No. Go and soak up some culture.

I'm not here!


Listen to me.


- Cooling yourself down?
- Yeah.

Cut it out! It's so old.

In that case, beat it!

Now see here...

Are you deaf?

Get lost!

Let go!

Or I'll stab you!

Have you gone mad?


What's he doing here?

You let us invite him.

But now send him packing.

We're off.

Could you spare me a moment?

Just a second.

It's about that incident.

That kid's unhinged. Maybe drunk.

- I ordered to kick him out.
- But he's in very bad shape.


Sorry to insist,
but I think he's sick

and had better stay.

Call the police and see it through.

- I was hoping you'd give me a ride.
- But I won't!


Stop bothering me!

Mr. Kruszyrfiski!


Got kicked in the ass?

I did.

Not the first or the last time.

But you earned it. For speaking out.

- In a stupid way.
- Why stupid?

First, it was ineffective.

Second, it was inconsistent.
Third, it was imprudent.

The Chief will dig it up someday.

He remembers things it suits him to.

- And... where was I?
- Fourth.

Fourth, it was futile.


That jerk deserves to be kicked out.

I think he's not all there.

Defense always offers
psychiatric evaluation.

And you persist in defending him,
it makes you feel good.

You didn't see him.

In reality you'd give him
a good hiding.

He annoys you and hurts your image.

But you defend him,
savoring the good-guy role.

Wait. Why "hurts my image"?

Because he's consistent
and you aren't.

You want to be brave and cautious,

honest and wise.

But you never let yourself go wild.

You're not capable of it.

What makes you think so?

You're scared stiff of the truth.

You can only face half-truths.

You turn a blind eye
to people's true nature.

Which I've figured out more or less.
And like it or not,

I've made my choice.

You certainly have.

You're so proud of that call.

There are more things in heaven
and earth than are dreamt of...

Especially here on earth.

You want the real story?

That bastard and I
went to the same university...

Good bye.

Perhaps we'll meet in Yugoslavia
next year.

Dubrovnik, I hope.

Well, Jakub, take care.

- Careful with those apples.
- They'll be all right.

The fish underneath.

I've a favour to ask. You're staying?

They'll be here soon.
Take care of it.

All right. But in return change this.

He's left.

Where was I?

Oh yes, we worked together.
We're from one class, you know.

Then he started...

he started to cook my goose.

He was good at that, I must say.

I ended up accepting his terms
and ghost-writing that thesis.

No use searching library files.

I have the original.

I can show you. It's not bad.

- Did you have to do it?
- No.

I did it for the sake of peace
and quiet.

- And you have it?
- Absolutely.

If there's trouble ahead,
he has to cover up for me.

I have a hold on him.


You've just made it up?

You wish!
Having a boss like that hurts.

Easy, I won't push you
to look at it.

- For it doesn't exist.
- As far as you're concerned.

You're honest and smug.

I won't show you even if you ask.

One thing still intrigues me.

You said he was good at dirty tricks.

And you?


But that was long ago.

Before you were born.

- How old are you?
- 26.

Born in 1950.

Yes... You were a child then.

So what's the story?

Well... That's the past.

I lost interest.

I'm lazy.


Excuse me.


The Provost asked to see
to that snot's removal.

How about you?

Can't you see I'm busy?

This cabin?

- Police. Open up!
- Do it yourselves!

- Open up!
- No!

- Got a spare key?
- He's got it.

You'll have to break the window.

_ I repeat
NSFQ“ “p!

- Leave me alone!
- Easy.

What have I done to you?

Take it easy.

Put some clothes on.


If he behaves, let him go.
He's done nothing atrocious.

Of course. Thank you.

Hey, there!

Get up!

There's something you should see.

At this hour? Give me a break!

Get up! Be a pal!
You'll see a fantastic scene.

- Take this light away!
- OK, but get up.

- Superior's orders.
- Bug off!

Hurry, or you'll miss it.

There's a good boy!


Get your pants on! And shoes!

Stop shivering! Come on!

Let him do some hunting.

You woke me up for this?

- Come on!
- Why?

- You'll see something.
- I'm sleepy.

- What's so exciting?
- Nature.

One of its miracles.

Hush now!

- It's all over.
- Let's go.

We're too late.

No, we're not.

- Look!
- I can't see a thing.

Go to hell!

- See who it was with?
- I don't care. Fuck off!

A little more respect, my friend.


Did you see who she was with?

- Sorry.
- Give me the shoe.

No way.

What an interesting social fact!

Oops! Shit?

Shit all right!

Did you see who it was?

Did you?

Why don't you answer?

Don't let it get you down.
Give your feet a good wash.

Who would you expect?

It could be the lifeguard.
By the size of him.

Or even the Provost.

But that would be trite.
And he's too heavy.

Attaboy! Hop jump!

It turned out to be a nobody.

Yes, put it on.

And the girl... hot stuff, clean...

He had an easy time of it.

Took her like he owned her.
And you end up a sucker!

Tie them properly.


What's so funny?

There's more to it
than meets the eye.

I wonder.

If you like I'll tell you.



Stop fooling!

Oh my God!

Jakub! Jesus Christ...

Please get up! Stop fooling!

Hey, what's got into you?

You out of your mind?!

Come on!

Are you crazy?!

He's insane.

I'll kill you!

What do you know!

The beast in you came out
after all.

If it had

you'd be dead.

Who knows?

That might've been better for me.