Camino solitario (1984) - full transcript

Private detective Alfredo Pereira is hired by eccentric couple Raden and Eve to find their missing sister, Adriana. Despite his limitations, Pereira soon finds the woman, but foreplay between characters complicates things.

You're still angry?

Don't take it like that.

I know...
It's my fault.

I forgot to set
the alarm last night.

But it's not so serious.

You will not stop
talking to me for that.

OK, that's enough.
Let's forget it, OK?

I promise it won't happen again.

You're on time anyway.

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You see? It's still early.

- A kiss?
- Alright.

I forgive you this time, daddy.

I'll be here when you finish.

Are you sure?
You promise?

Hand over the Constitution.

See you later.



- Good morning.
- Not too good for me.

I have an appointment
with Lady Raden.

This is the place.

Come this way.

- There's the service entrance.
- Thanks, man.

Good morning.

Good morning, madam.

I come from the Continental Agency.

A pleasure.

- Likewise.
- Please take a seat.

Thank you.

I called because of my sister.

She has disappeared.

This is her.

Her name is Adriana.

She's only two years younger than me,
but she's like a little girl.

When did she disappear?

Three days ago we had
a vehement discussion.

If this time she hasn't
come back to forgive me

maybe it's because she's hurt

or dead.

She has a bad temper.
But she's a good person.

She knows that if she doesn't come
back I can't sleep waiting for her.

- Something terrible happened.
- Could she be...

with some friends?

Adriana has very few friends.

She is very introverted,
reserved, very sensitive.

I'm afraid something
strange happened to her.

That she did...

I don't even want to think about it.

You can trust me, madam.

Maybe she killed herself.

Although she doesn't show her love

she could do something rash.

If she thinks I don't love her...

She's just a girl.

A poor girl.

A shameless girl, in any case.

Are you the detective
from the agency?

Yes, sir.

I didn't want to call you.

All that about detective agencies...

Sounds like a cheap novel.

Even more, in this case.

I'm sure that Adriana
is out there partying.

By the way,
I'm Mario Guimera de Raden.

- Alfredo P-
- I don't care about your name.

Good morning.

What did she tell you?

We were just starting.

That's good.

You won't get
the wrong idea about it.

My wife is an angel
but her sister is not like her.

Eva is good, sweet, sensitive.

She lives for looking after her sister.

You've still not found the ring yet?

Ah... no.

She must have stolen it.

Adriana is selfish,
violent, jealous.

She would want to be like Eva.

To have her class, her style...

Her beauty.

You don't think
anything bad happened?

I don't think Adriana has
the guts to kill herself.

But my wife does.

And to please her...

I'm willing to do anything.

I know that Adriana will
be back safe and sound.

But... go get her.

How much will that be?

Those who still think

that the job of a detective
is full of emotions, adventures

and possibilities
to flirt with wonderful women,

will have to face the truth now.

Maybe in California
it's like what they show in the movies

or in Raymond Chandler's books,

although I doubt it.

But in Spain the job of a
detective is quite dreary.


It usually consists of
watching some poor husband

who, more often than not,
isn't even having a fling.

Or to look for some kid who left
home because, among other reasons,

they have enough cash to live for a bit
and then go back to their parents.

I spent a couple of days asking

in all the nearby villages
about that rich asthmatic guy

not getting any information.

Nobody knew that girl.

Her sister, after all, was not wrong

when she said that Adriana
was a solitary person and a loner.

I was about to quit,
but then, to my surprise...

Hey man, do you know
this girl by any chance?

She looks familiar, actually.

Hey Maria, isn't this the girl that came
with the owner of that piano bar?

Hey! It's closed until 10.

I know.

Excuse me.
I just wanted to ask you something.

Do you know this girl?

She's Adriana Esteba.

- But do you know her?
- No. But I know her sister.

Have you seen her lately?

No. She never comes here.

- And her sister?
- Lady Raden?

What's up, Carmen.

Who's this guy?

This gentleman is asking
about Eva's sister.

What do you want with Eva?

- I work for Lady Raden.
- Let me tell you something.

Jos?, please!

Let him tell me his life.

Don't try to be funny!

I won't allow you to
mention her name here!

And don't ever think of coming back.

Or you'll be sorry!

What's the matter? Lady Raden
left some unpaid bills? - No!

Hey! The one in red!

Come here baby!

Come on! Quick!

Get out of here!

And if you dare to come back
I'll break your face!

You're lucky you wear glasses.

What did you tell him about Eva?

You still haven't forgotten her?

I'm a picker, I'm a grinner


Who was Witiza?


Oh, yeah.

He was a Lusitanian shepherd
that fought the Romans.

Or something.

No way!
That was Viriatus!


I know so many things
I mix them all up.

I'm a lover and I'm a sinner

- Dad!
- Coming!

Hey dad.


Who were the Ostro...
Ostro... Ostrogoths?

Well! There were some
people from around here

and then the "ostro".

So, there were the Huns...
and the ostro... goths.

You don't know, eh!

It was a joke!

He doesn't know!

You will see!

You will see if I know!


Damn it, what a name.

Hey you!

Homework first.
You'll stain the book.

Why do you have to
learn all this nonsense?

What do I know?

Ask them.

How is work?

So, so.

I was thinking that instead of
learning all this nonsense

I could work with you
as your secretary.

Won't be easy.

I expect a better future for you.

You won't pay?

How much do you want to get?

40 pesetas.

Is that all?

And, why 40?

That's the price of the
Asterix sticker album.


Asterix, huh?

You don't like Asterix?

Yes... It's funny.

But it would be better if you read
Don Quixote or something like that.

You remember that tomorrow is
Saturday and I'm staying with mum?

You like to stay with her
on the weekends, don't you?

I'm working on something that,
if it goes well, we'll go on a trip.

Where would you like to go?
What country?

Let's see...

Wait, let me think...

- America.
- Why America?

Because everybody's got
a colour TV there.

Do they?
What else?

Because maybe I could
meet Paul Newman.

You little minx!

Pablo, one breakfast!


"Missing. Anybody who has any information
on the whereabouts of Miss Adriana Esteba,

"19 years old, last seen wearing
a red flowered shirt, jeans and glasses

"went missing from home
three days ago

"please call urgently
on telephone number 928712

at any time."

Paula, come here.

I'm gonna call grandpa.

Come on girl! Stop it!
Give me the phone!

Come on, Paula.
Come here! You'll get a smack!

Let me! I want to talk with grandpa!

Don't be stupid,
or I will smack you!

- You are bad.
- 92871.

I saw your ad.

Smack, smack.

Alright, I'll wait.

Will you shut up!

- Bad mum, bitch.
- What did you say!

Hey! You put an ad in the paper?

Smack, smack.

- What did you say? "El Cacharrito"?
- Lady! Don't beat the girl!

Haven't you heard about human rights? -
But, what's that got to do with anything?

I'll be right there.

You're a fool.

Why do you meddle in my business!

Who are you to put an ad
in the paper? Eh, fool?

Of course I'm a fool!
I was worried about you.

- Take care of your own business!
- I will!

- Forget about me, OK?
- Are you Adriana Esteba?

Leave me alone!

Hey you!
Wait a second, I have to take you home.

Go to hell!

Hey listen, come here.


Hey, Adriana! Wait!

Come here.
Wait a second.

Where did she go?

That bitch.





Hi. Come on, get in!

Close the door.

I thought you forgot
you had a daughter. - Kiss.

- You had a lot of work to do?
- Oof, don't ask!


Come on, lady.

Dad! Dad!

Come on.

Go inside, you little devils.

Come on!

- Hi.
- Hi.

Have you seen those little devils?

- What a handful!
- You look great.

- Just OK.
You do look great.

No way! I look like like shit.

How are things?

Not too bad.

You really look great.

Don't be silly.

OK, little company.

Let's get inside!

Come on.

When will you bring me something?

Lady Raden.

Sorry for waiting for you here.
The caretaker allowed me in.

I'm... I'm all crazy.

I can't stand this uncertainty.

Did you find my sister?

Yes, but she escaped.

Where? Could you talk with her?


I told her I was taking her home
and then she escaped.

Do you know where she went?

I don't know.

But I will find her.

Come on, come on.

Don't be like that.

What's very important,
your sister is alright.

It's terrible. I don't understand
why she makes me suffer like this.

Come on, come on.
Calm down.

You're too nervous.

If you want I'll invite you
for a drink and we can talk.

You love your sister
very much, don't you?

Yes, of course.

It's not the first time
she's played a trick on you.

She never behaved like this.

We had a few little problems but she
never went missing for four days.

And now you feel guilty.

How do you know?

And also...
what does it matter.

What matters now
is that I find Adriana.

To try once more
to make her understand me.

You know, I like to go
into detail in my work.

Why are you telling me this?

I hope to find Adriana again.

And I would like to know
what to tell her

so I don't have to
drag her home by force.

My sister and I, we are not alike.

I am the living image of my mother.

I'm sure she was a delightful woman.

Adriana is very much like my father.

How did they get along?


My mother left...

and my father died shortly after.

And you're afraid that
history will repeat itself.

And that the charming
person that you are

will be guilty of the
destruction of the other.

Am I right, Eva?

Am I right?

Get in, please.

I want you to talk to my husband.


Take care Mr. Raden.

I'll come back tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

Hi, Mario.

Good morning, madam.

He's in a bad condition.

His heart is getting weaker.

Bye, doctor.

Hello, honey.

How do you feel?

This man...
He didn't bring Adriana?

Not yet.

But I will bring her, Mr. Raden.

- I told you.
- Yes, honey.

These guys are useless.

Why did you bring him here?

Your sister will come back.

Mr. Pereira has seen my sister
and talked to her, but she escaped.

What a duffer.

OK, the duffer is leaving.

Excuse me.

Wait a second.

I forgot something.

When we were little, my sister took
refuge in a little house in Arcilla.

It's about 17km away.
Maybe she's hiding there.

I'll take a look.

Thank you for everything.



I'm coming!

I came to take you home.

Oh, it's you!

Go to hell!

Let me go!

- Don't move!
- Let me go!

Let me go!
Son of a bitch!

Let me go!

Let me go!

Let me go!

Son of a bitch!
Let me go!

Don't you understand?
I'm gonna take you home.

Even if I have to break your bones.

Any time.

Damn it!

What's the matter?

It's past 5 already and I forgot
to pick up my daughter again.

I hope you don't mind.

You can go round the
south pole, for all I care.

The later I get home, the better.

Don't get your hopes up,
it will be five minutes.

Hey! Claudia!

- Jeez, dad!
- I'm here.

Sorry baby, I was very busy.

Don't worry about it.

I was going to go on my own.

Is she your girlfriend?

No way girl!
I have better taste.

I think you're ugly anyway.

Will you stop quarrelling!
This lady is a client.

That's what they're called now?

You're just like your father, huh?
What a pain!

OK, enough!
Shut up both of you!

So you were late because of her?

I was late because I wanted to be!
Are you too trying to control me?

Be careful girl,
he might hit you too.

- Did you hit her, daddy?
- I didn't hit anyone.

Too bad!

Come on, get out.

Go! Go home.

- Come on, go.
- Don't be late!

Come on.

And behave like a lady.

Let me go then!

Don't grab my arm!

Come on, let me go!

The duffer is here to bring
your lovely sister-in-law.

You have no shame.

How could you dare
to upset your sister!

Go up right now!
She's crying for you.

Really delightful.


I don't need any medal, just pay me.

Pay me and I'll go.


- I'll write you a cheque.
- With funds I hope!

You must be joking.

Well, I do what I want with my life.

Give it a rest,
go and tease your pig husband!

You want a cheque in your name
or a bearer cheque?

I don't care, whatever I can cash.

Bearer then.

How could you do that to me?

I've sacrificed myself
for you from the first day.

Get outta here!

Must be nice to live here
with both of them, eh?

You have no idea.

Don't play the victim,
I won't fall for it!

I won't bother you again.

Don't think you'll keep
me locked up in here!

I'm not your maid
or your babysitter.

See you later, dad.

What are you doing awake so late?

You woke me up, daddy.

Excuse me, I'm sorry.

Eva Raden.

I haven't seen her for a long time.

But we are girlfriends forever.

Now she's a rich woman.

Why should she come here
to listen to my music?

She used to come almost every night.

But it was a long time ago.

What do you know about her husband?

Why all the questions?
You know him already.


Come on, tell me about him!

About Raden?

He was a politician in Portugal.

There's no way she's
in love with him.

But she always wanted
to be a millionaire.

She finally did it!

Could you give me a cigarette?
I'm quitting.

- And you ask your friends.
- What else can I do!


What about that kid that
tried to beat me last time?

What about him?

Eva loved Jos? very much.

And the poor kid was
really in love with her.

And still is.

It doesn't matter now.

But why do you ask?

Just chatting.

Some things are not
meant to be asked about.

They weren't lovers?

I made this ring for you
with my own hands.

Do you promise to always wear it?


I will always wear it.

As long as you have it
luck will be with you.

I know.

I love you.

This was her favourite song.

I'm bad.

I'm bad.

I'm bad.

I'm bad.

I'm bad.

I'm bad.

I'm bad.

I'm bad.

What do you want from me?

Leave me alone!

Stop it!
Leave him.

Don't touch him again.
You understand?

Come on.
Take him to my car.

Come on, come on.
Don't be such a whiner!

All men are the same.

You are all machos,
but when anyone touches you...

Come on.

Come on!

What's in that cotton wool?

What do you think!

Come on. Alright!
Come on.


- Again!?
- I'll just wipe.

Now get up, I'll take you to bed.

I can't move.

I can't move.

Come on!
Don't exaggerate.

- They didn't break any bones.
- Fuck! They missed that detail.

Come to my room
and lie down a little.

Yes, that'd be better.

Come on, come on!

It's too far.

I can't move!


- Lie down!
- I can't, I have to go.


And now what will I do!

Come on!
Get up a little.

Come on, move your arm.

- Now.
- What are you doing?

Come on...

- My daughter will give me a telling off!
- Raise your back up a little.

But... what are you doing!

Be careful!

My ribs are crushed and
my liver is knackered.

OK, I'll stop if you want.

- Come on.
- Not that.

I'm a waste of a man.

- We'll see about that.
- It's true.

I don't believe it.

You can see.

Let's move on.

You are nicely lying down

stretched out in my bed...

- And what about me, huh?
- I don't know!

Move over a little, at least.

Excuse me.

But tonight I'm a bit of a
mess to be a one-night stand.

- Careful!
- I just touched you a little!

You hurt me.

It's nothing.

Ouch, you are brute!

Your bones are as hard as stones.




By the way...

Who are you?

I don't know. I was Alfredo Pereira
yesterday, today I have no name.

Why were you looking
for Eva's sister?

- Now I'm not.
- Why not?

Who are you?

A detective.

I'm from the Continental Agency.
Is that enough?

Aha! A private detective.

One of those who start punching
and firing straight away?

Yes, one of those that
everybody thinks that

they can break their neck
whenever they can.

Now I understand everything.

You've been hired by Mr. Raden.
Am I right?


Yes. He hired you to
pry into his wife's past.

I can't stand you any more.

I'm going.

Calm down.

- Calm down.
- Traitor, disgusting...

I've got you in my power now.


But I will take revenge.
Be careful!

I'll be careful.

This side.

Will the famous detective
thwart being raped?

- No.
- Will he come out safe?

Good for you.


For a while I was afraid
you were serious

and you'd call your boys
to finish me off.

Are you serious?

You thought I was capable of that?

I don't understand
what's going on any more.

I don't know what is true
and what is a lie.

I see.

You've been talking with Eva.

She's a wonderful woman.

I know that, I know.

- I thought you were her friend.
- And I am!

Be careful with my ribs!

The proof that I'm her friend...

is that I still love her although
sometimes she's been very bad to me.

That's good...

Maybe you're mixing up the sisters?

Hello man!

You should...
You should be ashamed!

To come home so late.

Hey, I'm old enough.

I don't have to
explain myself to you.

I think you do.


I've been with some friends.

Well your friends really
beat your face up.

You were lucky they were
your friends because...

if they were your enemies they
would've sent you to the grave.

They are little brutes.

What a father I have!

You don't look too
handsome now, you know?

I will be OK.

Someone came and left
an envelope for you.

Was he from the agency?

I think so.

I put it on the table.

"Call the agency right away.
New job."

- Will you come with me?
- Yes.

Of course I will!

I was up and about again.

My bosses wanted me to call them
immediately and to start working.

But I took a good rest.

I spent a good time in the sauna

and when my head started to work
again I called Continental.

I'm Alfredo Pereira.

I just got home
and I found your message.

I'm going to meet
Dr. Kalman immediately.

I did remember him.

He was the doctor of
my former client, Mr. Raden.

What was it now?

When I arrived at the terrace

Kalman was already waiting.

I don't know if
he didn't remember me

or pretended not to know me.

- Good morning, are you Dr. Kalman?
- Yes.

And you are Mr. Pereira
from Continental.

Yes, sir.

Sit down, please.

Are you sure you're from the agency?

Of course.

Please forgive me.

I'm very nervous, almost deranged.

Jos? is... is like a son to me

although he's only my godson.

The thing is that Jos? has gone again.

He's a serious boy,
a very good boy.

But so weak.

I'm afraid he'll fall into
the clutches of one of those tricksters.

Please write down his description.

Jos? Punset.

With a T at the end.

19 years old, tall,
dark haired, slender...

- Do you know Intermezzo?
- Intermezzo?

It's a piano bar.

No, I don't know it.

He works there,
he's a friend of the boss.

He has me,
he doesn't need to work.

What do you want me to do?

I want you to find him.

Maybe his boss at
the piano bar knows something.

Well, I don't know.

He's such a good kid.

He could have been dragged

into some ugly business.

I see.

I'm sure I know you.

You're Mr. Raden's doctor.



Please forget that.

Very well.

All that matters to me...

is to find Jos?.

Whatever it costs.
Money is not a problem.

You know if he's friends
with Raden's sister-in-law?

I hope not, she's a witch!


Al... I need to see you now.
I'm in town.

I told my husband I was
out with some girlfriends.

Where can we meet?


What about the Intermezzo?

- On the beach?
- Yes.


I'll be quick.

Play her music.


Good evening.

Good evening.


You forgot about me?

No, of course not.
Good evening.

Why do you look at me that way?

No... it's nothing.

Should we go?

Any time.

Al... would you mind...

Would you mind if we go?

I want to be with you.


And those people bother me.


Let's go!
Where do we go?

To your apartment.

As you wish.

What's the matter with her?
She looked like she didn't know me.

- No, in my car.
- Whatever you say.

- You are crazy.
- Why?

You deceive your client,
you sleep with his wife.

Don't worry, I'm a professional.

Mr. Raden will never know.

But your client's wife knows

and will tell all if
you don't kiss her.

You... you are a wonderful woman.

Amazing, at least.

I could never imagine

that you'd be on top of me

that I could feel your breath,
kiss you.

Al... maybe you won't believe me

but it's the first time
I cheat on my husband.

Why do you do it then?

Because I need you...

My husband and I never have sex.

At least not in a normal way.

We are together
but I don't love him.

If I've stayed by his side

it was only because of ambition,

the desire for wealth,


And now you're here, you came.

That's what always happens.

We plan for an easy life

try to avoid problems

but then...

It's awkward,

ridiculous, absurd...

But we have found each other.

- I'll go check on the girl.
- Let me come with you!

She's beautiful.

- Am I?
- Of course you are!

You are very pretty.

Don't you know that good girls
should be asleep at this time?

With all that noise...

Your dad and I were talking.

You should be jumping
on the bed. Right?

That's right!

Have fun.

Good night.

Good night.

OK, sleep now!

The next day I looked for
Dr. Kalman's godson.

I went to the piano bar...

Carmen wasn't there.

For two days it seemed like
the Earth had swallowed her.

Also, like an idiot...

it hadn't dawned on me
that Kalman's Jose'...

and Eva's Jos? was the same person.

But the truth was that it
didn't seem that long.

My head was too busy
thinking about Eva.

Eva... she called me
to go to her house

and met me full of concern.

Come with me.

What's the matter?

- Who's there?
- My husband.

But, are you crazy?

Let's go!

Don't worry, he's very sick.

I can't leave him now.

Don't worry.

He can't move from his bed.

This morning I went with
my sister to our refuge.

You know how it is.

She was very difficult.

She threatened me.

We had a fight.

I pushed her.

She fell...
and hit her head.

She stayed there motionless, silent.

I called her...

but she was dead.

She was dead.

Are you sure?

Are you sure Adriana was dead?

It's not another trap?

No. I'm not sure about anything now.

- I will go there.
- Oh, thank you!

- I will solve this trouble.
- Be careful.

Don't worry, my love.

I will call you.






Who was...

there with you?

I heard voices.

- You weren't sleeping!
- Who were you talking to?

With a man.


My lover.

Your lover.

Who is he?


What does it matter?
There are many.

No... that's not possible.

You never cheated.

I need to have sex, you know?

And you can't do it.

But now you have to.

Now you have to have sex.

You have to do it.

Today, you can.

You can.

Ouch, you're hurting me!

- You're pulling my hair!
- In Japan they do it without helmets.

- They have some kind of wires...
- That could electrocute you!

- And I prefer...
- Someone's calling you.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- How are you?
- Good, and you?

Has something happened?

I want to talk to you.

You will see...

You know that I've been
a disaster all my life...

and until you showed up...

I had such a mental fog in my head

I didn't know what to do.

Don't exaggerate.

It's true.

Since we broke up I tried
to stay out of trouble

but sometimes one screws up
and doesn't know what to do.

So I came to ask you...

Well, as if you were my sister.

I know what's going on.
You've fallen in love.

You are confused
and don't know what to do.

How did you know?

I know you.

We've been together for many years.

Do you really love her?

- I think so.
- Go ahead then.

Go with her.

You have no idea how
you're going to look.

Bald, if you carry on like this.

Do not think about my husband.

I can't help it.

Can't we go somewhere else?

We're both together.

The rest doesn't matter.

If you really love me,

nothing else matters.



He's dead.

I'll say...

that he wanted to have sex with me.

And he couldn't
and it caused a heart attack.

- What?
- Help me.

We have to undress him.

Take the gun.

Good luck.

Doctor Kalman... My husband...
He's had an accident.

Please, come immediately.

I think... I think he's dead.

It was a note from the police.

They wanted to see me about
Raden's burned down house

and also for another,
more serious matter.

Good morning Pereira,
let's go inside.

I know you work for Mr. Raden.

The house has burned down.

Maybe you could advise us.

The other matter, the serious one

was a tragic event.

It was the body of a woman

that had appeared floating
close to the beach

They wanted my opinion
on her identity.

One second.

There was Eva Raden's corpse.

And finally I could see her ring.

Do you know her, Pereira?

She's Eva Raden.

I'd like to talk with
Lady Raden please.

Lady Raden...
My condolences.

Thank you, Mr. Pereira.

You know about my poor husband,
don't you?

Yes. What a tragedy.

I'd like very much to see you,

but tonight I'm waiting for
my husband's executors.

I will call you.

It was an inspiration.

Like a ray of light
through the blackest clouds.

There was Jos?,
Eva's former lover...

Dr. Kalman's prot?g?.

Suddenly, I realized that he
could be the key to all of this.

I followed him with no clear purpose

because in my head

I could only think about Eva Raden

dead on the beach

and alive

answering the telephone.

And Jos?'s car

took me right to Raden's mansion.

It's wonderful
to feel you inside me.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

I thought I'd never have
you in my arms again.

Because they are free of
that stupid detective...

I used him like a tissue.

Used and thrown away.

I don't care...
I don't care.

As long as I have you again.

Do you enjoy my body
as much as you always did?

I make you feel
the same pleasure as before?

Yes, yes...

It's wonderful to hear you say it.

Say it again... say that
I'm more desirable than before.

My love.

Say it again.

More... more than before.

Say it again.

My love.


Look at him!

The famous detective, Pereira.

You didn't expect
this surprise, huh!

This wasn't in your plans.

Fool... you thought I would
spend all my life

darning socks and taking care
of your stupid daughter.

You are of no use to me now.

Get out of here right now!


I won't say it again.


Take a good look at her!

This woman is not Eva.
It's her sister.

Adriana, crazy, homicidal,
she murdered her sister

so she could live Eva Raden's life.

How come you know everything!
How come you know everything!

Because a few hours ago I saw

the body of the real Eva Raden
wearing the ring that you gave her.

Don't believe him.
That's not true.

He's lying!

She deceived us all
playing the role of her sister.

She was jealous of her and
murdered her in cold blood.

- It was an accident.
- That's not true.

She hated Eva

because she was beautiful,

Because everybody loved her.

Because she found love,
and wealth, and she was good.

Then she killed Eva's husband
to get at his fortune.

The fortune that she always coveted.

It was... a heart attack
and you know it.


she killed your friend Carmen.


- No... no...
- She killed her

to fake her own death.

She killed her

in her own place of refuge.

Another crime, so that everybody
believed it was her body.

For all this she needed an assistant,
some stupid guy

and that guy was me.

Now she's playing with you, Jos?.

Don't believe him.
Don't believe him!

But she made a terrible mistake...

when she threw her sister's body in to
the sea she forgot to take the ring off.

Now do you understand
this tragic charade?

Do you see that you too were...
just another toy for her?

She didn't hesitate to murder...

the woman you loved?

But tell me...
you enjoy it more with me than Eva.

Don't you?

It's frightening how envy can
rip someone apart.

But you had fun with me
in bed too, didn't you?

Because you were performing.

You played someone else's role.

Someone that I'm starting to love
even without knowing her.

But you know Eva better than me.

Come, Jos?.



Don't you want to make love to me?

Don't you want to have fun...
with Eva?

Come on...

Come make love to Eva...

My body is like that of Eva...

We have the same features.

Sex is the same.
No! Mine is more delicious.

I will not...


paper balls...

in the classroom.

I will not...

Is that you, daddy?

Is that you?

It's me.

What are you doing here today?

Don't you remember, dad?
It's Monday.

Mum brings me here on Mondays.

You know, I've been punished at school.

- The teacher punished me.
- What nerve!

And you say it just like that.
You've been up to some mischief.

- Come on, tell me!
- Well...

Well, I just threw some paper balls.

I see, paper balls.

You had fun with mum?

It's very boring with mum.

She has childish tastes.

She only likes to play hide-and-seek,
skipping rope, ring-a-ring-a-roses...

But I prefer...

to play extraterrestrials,
the Barbars,

Dracula, and all those
things we like to play.

So... you'd rather be with dad?

Tell me.

You're so stupid...
Of course!

If I didn't like to stay with you,
I wouldn't be here.

Like my friend Julita.
She's sick of her parents

and will go on a space trip.

And don't you think

that someday you will want to go
on journey into space too?

No way!

Besides her rocket will crash horribly.

Too bad we have so little time
to talk about this.

Hey, it's not my fault.

I know...
the fault is all mine.

But I will try to change this.

You will see, you will see.

That would be great dad!

Because, even if you are old...

I rather be with you

than with anybody else.