Camila (1984) - full transcript

In 1840's Buenos Aires, Argentina, a beautiful young socialite named Camila falls in love with Ladislao, a Jesuit priest. After several failed attempts at fighting his own feelings, he ultimately succumbs to her. The two later escape to a far off, secluded village where they assume new identities as husband and wife and begin running a children's school. After several months of relative happiness, the couple's identity is discovered by a local priest. Under moralistic pressure from both Camila's family and the Catholic church the authorities apprehend the lovers, and imprison them for sacrilege.

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Camila, Camila!

Look, Granny is coming!

Granny is coming?
Let's welcome her.


Be good, children.

She's coming.

There are so many soldiers!

Are they guarding her?

Why would Perichona
want to run away?

Don't you call
her Perichona!

Everybody calls her that.

She's your grandma,
you must respect her, Camila.

Why will she be
locked up, mum? Is she a spy?

What is a spy?


Welcome, madam. I hope
you enjoy your stay here... much as possible.

Enjoy it? I must spend
the rest of my life... this farm,
are you kidding?

You should be happy you're
not in jail and thank...

...the government's generosity.

I am your mother, Adolfo,
don't forget it, please.

I don't know you.

You were born when I was in
Janeiro, what's your name?

Camila, Granny.

Camila O'Gorman,
sounds beautiful.

Tell me, do you
like love stories?

I don't know.

Buy your newspaper!

Turn it upside down, nigger!

Here, and hurry up,
the master is waiting.

Rita! Where is Miss Camila?

Tell her the
teacher is waiting.

She's not in her room.

- Have you seen Miss Camila, young master?
- No.

- The mistress asked for her.
- Maybe she's avoiding her bath.

- The English gave up.
- Miss Camila?

They understood Rosas
won't give in.

They had to lift
the blockade.

Is that good, master?

Of course! Now we'll
have good candles.

Girls! You mustn't
play with water!

I'm so busy on bath days!

Rita, is it true the governor
takes a bath everyday?

- Don't say such things!
- Is it true or not?

So they say.

It seems the man
is quite strange.

He has a big house
and a small house,...

...and all the water he wants.

Camila, why are you always
hiding? You shouldn't do that.

Why not? If daddy learns about
them he'll have them drowned.





There's no cure for me.
I've quarrelled again...

...with my dad,
he's so arrogant.

Sometimes I
wish he was dead.

And then I have nightmares.

Last night I heard news, I didn't
know where they came from.

I dreamt I opened a door
and I saw a man and a woman,...

...she was moaning, like a cat.


...I couldn't stop watching.

I couldn't stop watching,
I couldn't help it.

I went nearer and watched.

And when I saw that
woman naked on the floor... was me.

I feel so ashamed, Father.

You know dreams are
born in your heart.

- Father Felix!
- I'm not Father Felix.

I thought I was talking
to my confessor.

- Why didn't you stop me?
- We both have the same job.

I don't want
you to confess me.

Excuse me, Father.

Who's the new priest?



What have you got for me?

- It's just arrived from Montevideo.
- Thanks.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Hi, Tomas.
- Hi, Camila.

- Hello, Mrs. Hortensia. -Hello.
- I'm taking one. -Fine.

- Mariano? Mariano?
- Yes?

- How much is Miss Camila's book?
- Eight. -Eight.

- Don't tell me you're here to buy a book.
- No.

Then you're following me.

Don't want you
to be seen here.

Give me that parcel.

Give me that parcel.

It's not gunpowder,
it's just a book.

Yes, but there are books
and books. Let's go.

- Ignacio! -I just want
to protect you. That's all.

Fine. Then walk with me home.

Let's go.

Carmen. Carmen, I'm
going home with Ignacio.


"There's nothing sadder
for a man than emigrating,...

...leaving his country
violently, involuntarily, or...

without having thought about it.
It's an agony no one can feel...

...if he hasn't experienced it.

Emigration is death."

When will you stop
tormenting me?

I'm reading for you but you
haven't heard a word, right?

No, I mean it.

Marry me.

Let's get on the coach!

Let's go back!

Camila! Camilita!

Will you marry me,
beautiful princess?

Where am I?

Where am I?

Come here, come here!

Come, come, come!


You won't recognize him,
he's just arrived.

I bet you I will!

He's not Father Felix.

He's not Eduardo.

Please... to me, say something.

Happy birthday, Camila.

I know,
you are the new priest.

Tea is ready!

Camila, come,
you must cut the cake.

That's my father, come.

Father, I'd like to
introduce you to a friend,...

...Father Ladislao Gutiérrez.

Yes, I've heard about you.

- Father Ganon.
- Nice to meet you.

My uncle the governor sends
you his best regards, sir.

Excuse me.

- The governor of Tucumán is your uncle?
- Yes, sir.

You'll always be welcome
in this house, Father.

You're a very
lucky man, Father.

In Mr. O'Gorman's parties
you'll meet the cream...

...of Buenos Aires society.

Thank you very much, sir.

You'll have to take
care of some details.

I don't understand, father.

You have forgotten your
red ribbon, my friend.

I've always got a spare
one for these emergencies.

The governor is a bit
jealous on this point.

Father Ganon is

Do you think so?

I'm sorry.

- Here, Clara.
- Rita, bring more orange juice.

This cake is delicious.

It is! My mother in
law gave me the recipe...

- Have some wine. -I'll
give it to you if you want.

Want some tea?

This song is
called "Cielito",...

...we sing it for those
who have a hidden sorrow,...

...who are devils,
not saints.

Cielito, darling, yes,...

darling, get ready,...

...we're going for a ride...

...on a light blue pony.

In case he is listening,...

...he should take the hint.

Anyway he can't refuse...

...he's already
fallen in the trap.

In case he is listening...

He should take the hint.

Anyway he can't refuse,...

...he's already
fallen in the trap.

Very good!

"My lady, my dear,...

...I can hear the arms getting
ready to shoot this heart.

I want you to know it will be
with you until its last beat."

No, no, not that one.
That is for me.

I'll give you another one.

"My passion, dear lady, does
not know the limit of time.

Every now and then
I touch this cross...

...that still keeps the
perfume of your body...

...that I madly love."

Is it true he made love
as in the novels?


We stayed awake all night.

The viceroy never forgets
the pleasure of his beloved.

Never. My body
aches all over.

But... go on, go on,
love letters wither...

...if they are not read.

"Her angel body
vibrates in my arms...

...even when she is
not there any more."

Mon Dieu! It's time already,
and I'm not dressed!

Listen, listen,...

...the guests are here!

Yes, madam, but remember
the viceroy is always...

...the last one to arrive.

- My hat! - Yes.
- My hat.

Is... is everything
ready downstairs?

- Yes.
- Are the musicians here already?

- Yes, madam. -Is the table ready?
- Yes, madam.

I put the French
candelabrum as you ordered.

And the jasmines too.

Listen, Madam O'Gorman.

They are playing a minuet.

How many times do I have
to say I don't like you...

- come up here?
- I'm sorry.

You know
the lady is confined.

Don't you?

I do, but she's
my grandmother.

Obey and hurry up,
we're coming back to...

...Buenos Aires before dark.

You look beautiful, madam.

Welcome Santiago
de Liniers,...

...what are you waiting for?
He'll arrive soon.

Calm down, madam.

Calm down. Nobody will
arrive, they are all dead.

Your Liniers was shot
more than 30 years ago.

My dear son,...

...go to bed, tomorrow mum
will tell you about the party.

Kiss me.

Farewell, mother.

I'll come back on Christmas.

Take care.

You know? I'll be so sad
when you get married.

Sometimes I think I'll
never get married, Rita.

Perhaps the man I
imagine is a dream.

Miss Camila, I can
almost see you now,...

...entering the church in a white
lace dress on the master's arm.


- Long live the Holy Federation!
- Long live!


As when we were kids.

God, when will this end?

What's up?

- You can't get through.
- What's going on? Let me...

- You can't get through!
- The priest is waiting for us.

I'm bringing the papers
for our wedding.

My God! Who is he?



- What harm can a bookseller do?
- You never know.

As Rosas says, "20 drops
of blood spilled on time... spilling 20,000."

You can't leave him there
please, father, do something.

We can't touch him yet.





So, dear brothers,... can we prepare our
hearts for this Christmas?

Remembering its deep meaning...

...I must ask myself,...

...what happened the other
night in God's house?

Has Herod put John the
Baptist's head on a plate again?

Some have come to
kill and destroy,...

...but He has come
to give life.

To give plenty of life.

He said, "I am The
Good Shepherd, and...

...The Good Shepherd
gives life to his sheep,...

...and the Father wants
to keep all of them,...

...even the lost ones.

Why are we so
sad today then?

Because one of our brothers
has been brutally killed.

Now I tell you,
as the Lord said,...

..."You do to me what you
do to my smallest brother."

It's time everybody knows a
divided kingdom that fights...

...its own people won't last.

Every divided house
will be wasted.

Brothers, don't be afraid,...

...this is God's word and no
law can shut up His word.

Let's pray together now.

Blessed be the meek.

Blessed be the meek.

And those hungry and thirsty
for justice will be satiated.

That's because
he's too young.

What can he know about the
anarchy of the 20's? Nothing.

It's strange because
his family is Federal.

- His uncle is a governor.
- He's a fool.

He doesn't know who stopped
the foreign attacks. Rosas.

Who re-established law
and order? Rosas.

Who defends our sovereignty?
Rosas. Only Rosas.

Yes, at any cost.

What did you say, Camila?



It's okay, you may leave.

Repeat what you said,

Nothing justifies violence.

Unitarians against Federals,
and vice versa,...

- ...always the same.
- But they're not the same.

I'm not so sure.

What had poor
Mariano done?

- He sold books. -Eat your food,
Camila. Be quiet and listen.

I think Camila wants to
defend her new confessor.

I do. Is it wrong to
defend someone who...

...has the courage of defending
life? He's very brave.

Camila, in this table
nobody raises his voice.

Go to your room.

Buenos Aires is a violent
city. He was protecting you.

So I mustn't speak, right?

No, you must be careful.

That's what I meant.

What's so funny?

The way you find to tell me
you don't disapprove of me.

- That's what I did?
- Yes.

You order my thoughts, Father.

Like a compass.

I feel very well
after I talk to you.

That's what
priests are for.

I'm so glad I can talk
to you about my sorrows.

And about your sins.

Yes, my sins.

You're confessing your
sins, don't forget that.

I don't.

I'll have to
invent many sins.

Your sermon,
Father Gutierrez,...

...has been a very
unpleasant surprise.

You know our relationship with
the government is difficult.

Don't you know they are trying
to expel the Jesuits for good?

I'm very sorry, Monsignor.

carried me away.

You like it very much
quoting from the Bible but,... seem to have forgotten
what Jesus told his disciples.

"Since I'm sending you
as sheep among wolves,... must be as
wise as the snake,...

...and as simple as a dove."

Needless to say imprudence in
a priest is twice as serious.

In any field.

I don't understand,

Don't forget women can be
instruments of the devil.

Father Ladislao.

Hello, Camila.
I hadn't seen you.

Father, I brought this
for the people who may...

...need it more than I do.

Do you think the poor
need this frivolity?

Put yourself
in their place.

Beggars don't wear
rich people's clothes.

You're humiliating me.

I'm just trying
to be better.

A single woman is chaos,
Camila. A disorder of nature.

There're only two ways
of dominating that anarchy.

The convent,...

...or marriage.

And I don't think you have
a religious inclination.

Marriage is order.

Neither people nor a country
can live without order.

- I'm not in love with Ignacio.
- Love comes with the years,...

after living together, not after
sharing glances in the garden.

Your head is full
of foreign books,...

- ...but reality is not a French novel.
- Sir,...

- We won't receive anybody today.
- Father Gutiérrez is here.

Tell him to come in.

- Good evening, sir. -What
brings you here so late?

I'd like to talk to Eduardo.

Eduardo is at his cousins',
maybe you even passed him by.

A cup of cocoa, Father?

No, no, thanks, Mrs. Joaquina,
I'm leaving, then.

Excuse me.

Here, Camila, it was among the
clothes you took to church.

Keep it, father, maybe this
will be useful for the poor.

They'll be as grateful for this
as they were for your dresses.

Will they?

I'm grateful too.

Your words make
me very happy.

Good night.

Where were we?

You were saying marriage
is like a country.

And the best prison
is that you can't see.

I didn't say that.
I just said women...

- ...must get married.
- It's the same.

I haven't finished, Camila.

You never thought
of a woman?

Yes. Sometimes.

So? What would you do
if you fell in love?

- I'd mortify my flesh without respite.
- What?

Your body may
turn against you.

If I didn't find peace, I'd try
to go away from the woman.

I'd never see her again.

- What if that didn't work?
- It must work.


...human love is limited,...

...only God's love is infinite.

- What if he wants to stop
being a priest? -He can't.

He's married
to God for life.

- You can't answer me.
- I've answered you. -You can't.

- You refuse to understand.
- No.

Listen. "During the long
summer days an insect... born at 9 in the morning
and dies at 5 in the afternoon.

How can he understand
the word night?"

How can you understand...

...the word "love" if... have never
been in love?

Come in.

Father Felix.

- I'd like to confess.
- Why so late?



I'm engaged!

Yes! I'm engaged!

I'm engaged!

José María has proposed to
her. They'll get married!

But he works for Rosas!

I know he's not handsome,
but he's refined.

And so rich.

I'm sorry, Clara,
I didn't mean to be rude.

- I hope you love him. -I'll marry
him, of course I love him.

That's what counts, to be
deeply, deeply in love. Yes?

I'll be so lonely with
these two empty beds.

Marry Ignacio.

Hurry up or somebody
will steal him from you.

You're a fool, Camila,
you'll lose the best...

...catch in Buenos Aires.

I want something else, Clara.

I want a different man.

A man...

...I can feel...

...proud about.


Yes, proud.
A man I can...

I want to go out
and shout his name... the street and say...

...this is my husband.

Cry it out.

It's two o clock.

There's order in the city.

Long live the
Holy Federation.

I'm a fool.

Father Ladislao?

Father Ladislao.

Yes, my child.

I'm listening, Camila, speak.

I'm madly in love, father.

That's not a sin.

It's normal at your age.

I love him with
all my heart.

I'd do anything for him.

Now you should think of
getting married, my child.

He can't get married.

And I'm not your child.

Mind your words, Camila.

Don't you see who
am I talking about?

You refuse to understand me.

You're nut, go away.

Please, Father.

Camila, this is God's house.


- What's wrong, Rita?
- Miss Camila,...

...your grandmother has died.

God Almighty!

She was so good!

Wasn't Father Gutiérrez
coming to say the prayer?

No. He's ill, he's got
a very high fever.

Hail, Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst
women and blessed is the...

...fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, mother of God,
pray for us, sinners,... and at the
hour of our death.

- Good morning, Father Felix.
- Good morning, son.

Ah, Ladislao,...

somebody left this letter while
you were celebrating Miss.

When I hear
the bells toll...

...I feel you're
talking to me.

I wanted to know this place.

You're crazy, Camila.

I am.

What will I do with you?

Do as you please.

What will happen to us?

If you love me I don't care.

I can't have a
secret love, Camila.

Neither can I.

- I can only give you scandal and shame.
- I'm not scared.

Please, go.

Whatever you say.

It's me again. I needed
to hear your voice.

My Camila,...

...I'm crazy, I can't
stop thinking of you.

I dream of you
day and night.

I can't sleep.

Camila, I love you.

I'd spend my life
kneeling before you.

Won't you take
a nap, Camila?

I brought you
something, mum.


A present.

So that you won't forget me.

Love me dearly, mum.

Love me dearly.

Finally you decided to come.

Here, Genaro.

Let's have a cold drink.

You must be thirsty.

- Father, I must tell you something.
- Go ahead.


What is it, son?
Why don't you tell me?

Camila is gone.

What are you saying?

What the fuck
are you saying?

Camila is gone.

- We looked for them everywhere.
- For them?

Who did you look for?

Camila and Father Ladislao.

They run away together.

Not even a bird stirs
in the Pampas without...

...the governor knowing it.

And scandal happens right
here, before our own noses.


His Grace the Governor,...

...we beg you to order...

...the police chief... dispatch an order
to search the city... well as the countryside... apprehend and bring
these two miserable,...

wretched people,... any place
of the territory...

...where they are found. inform...


...the most...

...horrible deed...


...heard of... the...

- Please, Adolfo,...

...we should listen to Camila
before condemning her.

Destroy that letter,
I beg you.

What are you saying? She's
romping like a whore with...

...a sacrilegious man and
you want me to listen to her.

First my mother,...

- her. -She's your
daughter, father. Be merciful.

Now I can't be merciful!

What a shame, poor mother.

It will only be a burden and
bring discredit to the Church,... the state and
to the priesthood...

..if such an outrage
were not punished...

...with the exemplary
justice that is suitable... satisfy religion...

...and the laws.

And to avoid,...

...with a healthy

...the consequent


...and disorder.


Juan Manuel de Rosas,...

...governor and field marshal of
the province of Buenos Aires.

I was born in Jujuy, my
father is Clemente de Salas,...

- mother, Josefa Gómez.
- Where did you get married?

I got married in Saint Joseph
Church in La Rioja,...

...on May 2nd, 1846.

Where did we go
on honeymoon?

Nowhere, we are poor.

- Let's invent something, it's free.
- You choose it.



To ask the Pope to
allow you to marry me.

It would be nice, right?




Happy wife of
Máximo Brandie.

Really happy?


Sometimes I feel
like crying.

I wish we were old and we
could remember and tell this.

Are you so afraid?


You weren't born to hide.

You were born to love.

To love you.

- The...
- Sun!

Very good!

Very good.

- And this is the...
- Banana.

- It's a banana.
- No! It's the moon.

M-O-O-N. It comes out at
night when the sun goes away.

- Go home now.
- Yes!

Be careful, give me your
notebooks and boards.

- See you tomorrow.
- I'll see you tomorrow.

- Good morning, chief.
- Hi. -Good morning.

- Always working?
- Yes. - Always.

My wife sends you
this jar of jam.

- Thanks.
- You're always so good to us.

Well, life in
Corrientes is hard.

Even for lovers.

- Why don't you come in and have some tea?
- No.

I'm in a hurry today.
Maybe some other day.

I'll see you
on Easter Sunday,...

...I'll be waiting for you
at home. We're very few in...

...Goya, we should
get together.

- We'll be there, chief.
- Very well.

- I'll see you on Sunday.
- Bye. And thanks.

It's getting cold,
isn't it?

Yes, summer is over.

- You can't sleep?
- No.

I need to be alone.


I need you to be with me.

Haven't I done enough
to be with you?

You regret it.

- Camila, please.
- Answer me.

- I was praying. - Answer me.
- Leave me alone!

If I had your son,
that would mean...

...God isn't angry
with us, right?

Yes, my darling.


If He were angry
He'd be wrong.

That was a blasphemy, right?

I don't know.

I don't know.

I'd like to do something.

- To confess with you.
- Quiet.


...that when I
see you praying...

...I am jealous.

Camila, if I listen to you
I won't know who I am.

My husband.

Máximo Brandie.

Know what, Mr. Brandie?

What, madam?

I'm proud of
being your wife.

Know what, Mrs. Brandie?

I love you.

- Good evening.
- Good evening, chief.



- A drink, gentlemen?
- Thank you.

- Go to the kitchen.
- Go ahead, obey your mum!

- Gentlemen.
- Thank you!

How are you, judge?

Excuse me.

Mr. Brandie, if you allow me
and if I'm not too drunk,...

...I'd like to make a toast
to your lovely wife.

Besides, I'd like
to thank you...

...for being our children's
first teachers.

The city of Goya will
never forget that.

- Thank you, judge.
- Cheers. -Cheers.


...I'm taking
your husband away.

It won't take too long.

It's men's business.

Come on, Black!

- He wants to hit him with that long claw.
- That's the spur.

They attack each
other's eyes, look.

See how they fight?


That's the favorite.

His father has
never lost a fight.

See how he stands up?
He's brave!

How are you,
Father Gutiérrez?

- What did you say?
- Don't you remember me,...

...Father Ladislao Gutierrez?

You're mistaken.

God's hand reaches
every corner.

How far did you think
you could go?

He never forgets
those He has chosen.

It's not by chance
that I am here,... this lost village.

This song is
called "cielito",...

...we sing it for those
who have a hidden sorrow,...

...for those who
are devils, not saints.

Cielito, darling, yes,...

...cielito, darling,
get ready,...

...we're going for a ride
on a light blue pony.

In case he's listening
he should take the hint.

Anyway he can't refuse,
he's fallen in the trap.

Why don't you let
me live in peace?


Where's my husband?

Father Gutiérrez has
been discovered.

I'm sorry, madam.

I don't know what you mean.

A priest recognized him.

I still don't understand,
where's Máximo?



...where is he?

He went towards the river.

Outside your house...

...there are two
horses, and food.

Brazil is not far away.

Hurry up.

Dawn is near.

Then, I'll have
to do my job.

Thank you.

I'll always be Gutiérrez.

Forgive me.

I wanted it this way.

I don't regret it.

Neither do I.

But I can't fight him.

I can't fight him.

In the name of
the government,...

...Ladislao Gutiérrez and
Camila O'Gorman are arrested.

What have you said?

No! Don't touch her!

Don't touch her!
Let her go!

She hasn't done anything!

She hasn't done anything!
Let her go!

- Ladislao!
- Let her go!

"Morals have been so
horribly corrupted...

...under the tyranny of
this Argentine Caligula...

...that the impious and
sacrilegious priests...

...from Buenos Aires run
away with society girls...

...and the impious satrap
does not take any step to...

...stop these monstrous

"El Mercurio"
Santiago de Chile.

What do you think now?

What should Rosas do?
Prove them right?

She's just a girl.

Not any more, not any more.


...this comes from Montevideo.

"Is there on Earth a
punishment harsh enough...

...for a man that so behaves
with a woman whose dishonor...

...can not repair
by marrying her?"

Valentín Alsina.

Are there laws that deal with
this case? That's the issue.

Do you think Sarmiento and
Alsina care about laws?

They don't want a trial,
they want punishment.

Have you heard them
asking for a trial?

Forgive me,
Monsignor Elortondo.

But I don't think the
Church is so naive.

I forgive you, Dr. Velez.

But the governor wants
your legal advice.

Very well,..

...there's no problem at all.

According to compilations
and registers,...

...this case constitutes
the crime of sacrilege.

And it's punished with death.

Would it be wise to invoke
the Indies Law when.....

...sacrilege is not punished with
death penalty even in Spain?

The only wise thing is to shut
up those dirty Unitarians.

Would you like to add
anything to defend your...

...future sister in law?

She won't be my
sister in law.

I'll cancel the wedding.


Camila is in
Santos Lugares jail.

- How do you know?
- My father told me.

Mr. O'Gorman, please
intercede on her behalf.

No one leaves
that jail alive.

- My God! -I entrusted
you with my daughter,...

...and you were not man
enough to take care of her.

Real men are merciful.

She betrayed me, she doesn't
deserve to be forgiven.

If Camila comes back
she'll repent of her sins.

I beg you, Adolfo.

- Please, daddy...
- Stop moaning!

She won't repent, I know it.

It's in her blood.

She takes after my mother.

Adolfo O'Gorman, hear this,...

...I curse the day I met you.

You're not worried about your
daughter but about your name.

You're sick with pride.

All of you are sick,...

...with violence, with blood.

Has anyone raised his
voice to save my daughter?


Nobody thinks of her.

The Church thinks
of her reputation,... think of your honor,...

...Rosas thinks of his power.

Unitarians want to use
this to overthrow him.

Who thinks of my daughter?

You're going to shoot me.

What about Camila?

Forget her, think about you.

I'm asking you this
favor to die in peace.

Camila will die too.

I have to talk to her.

You are the boss here.

I'm not the boss, father.

I just carry out my orders.

I beg you, captain.

Don't insist.

Don't insist.

Are you going to shoot
us without a trial,...

...without giving us the
chance to defend ourselves?

That's out of my reach.

You told me they were
sending me to a convent.

For some reason the
governor changed his mind.

You can't kill us like that.

Bring the doctor, quickly.

Nothing is wrong with you,
you're pregnant.

God help you.


We're going to have a baby!

We're going to have a baby!


We're going to have a baby!

We saved her, Mariano!

- We saved her!
- How?

It's illegal to kill a
pregnant woman. Sit down, Dr.

- Long live the Holy Federation!
- Long live!

Come in.

- Long live the Holy Federation.
- Long live. What's up?

I bring a message
from the governor.

How long?

Four hours.


...will die at the same time?


I need to write a few lines.


My Camila,...

...I've just learned
you're dying with me.

Since we couldn't live
together on Earth,...

...we'll be joined
in Heaven before God.

Your Gutiérrez holds you.

Courage, my child.

God wants you to be with Him.

Please, Father, do
something, I beg you!

Confess your sins, my child.

You must be ready to
face the supreme moment.

Don't you understand?
There's life inside me.

Save it, I beg you
in God's name!

Think of the other life.

I'm thinking of this one!

Drink it, my child.

This holy water will take the
innocent body to the Lord.

Be brave...


Attention, soldiers!


Attention, squad!

Line up!

Attention, squad!

Present arms!

Ladislao, are you there?

By your side, Camila.

Prepare arms!





Attention, squad!

Load arms!

Prepare arms!




I said fire!


Ladislao? Are you there?

By your side, Camila.

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