Call Me (1988) - full transcript

A journalist agrees to meet an obscene caller at a bar, and ends up witnessing a murder.

[ subway car rattling ]

[ telephone rings ]

[ ring ]

Woman, on answering machine:
You've reached 627-2363.

After you hear the tone,
leave your name
and any message.

I'll call you back.

[ beep ]

[ click ]

[ telephone rings ]

[ ring ]

[ ring ]

[ ring ]

[ ring ]

[ ring ]




Man: Hi.

Who's this?

Man: Uh...oh...

[ chuckles ]

- What?
- Very funny.

How come you never sound
like this when we're together?


I want you.

Oh, that's a change.
You want me.

Now? On the telephone?

What was wrong
with last night?

Or the night before?

Or the past four weeks?

I wanna fuck you.


I'd like to rub my cheek
against your thigh.

You would?

If only I could...

touch you.

Are you wet?

Of course I'm wet.

You just got me
out of the shower.

- Alex?
- I want you.

I want you right now.

I could come over.


We'll meet.

At the Polish Bar
in an hour.



I want to see your thighs.

And leave your panties
at home.

You could take them off.

No panties.

[ music playing
on jukebox ]


[ Polish accent ]

You're the lady
who did the story.

- Anna.
- Yeah.

I think you look
different today.

On the house...

for putting us in
"Voice Of The City."

Thank you.

[ door shuts ]

What's this?

Eau de vie.

It's very nice.

You have a flaw.

In one of your eyes.

No one usually notices.


very beautiful.

Are you waiting
for someone?

I'm meeting someone.

Are you?

[ ringing ]

[ ring ]

Man: Hello?

Alex, where are you?

What do you mean
where am I?

I'm home, obviously.

Well, aren't you coming?

I've been here for
45 minutes already.

Been where?

At the Polish Bar.

That place you wrote about?
What are you doing there?

Waiting for you...
without my panties.

[ laughs ]

Because you told me to.

I did?

Don't try to pretend
it wasn't you.


you did call me and...

And what?

Oh, God.

Anna, are you okay?

What a jerk I am.



Forget it.
Listen, I gotta go.

I'll come over, okay?

Oh, okay.
Look, uh...

why don't I meet you
at your place?

All right, but be there.
I'm leaving right now.

[ door opens ]


[ sighs ]

You jerk.


Good work, Nikki.
See you later.


Nice tie.


[ shouting ]

This is
the ladies' room!

Well, I don't see
any ladies here!

Nikki knows what you want,
so why don't you
come on on over here

and she'll give it
to you?

- No way!
- Ow!

Where's the fucking money?


Aah! Aah!

You fucking bitch!

Don't hurt me!


Goddamn bitch!

Where's the money?

- [ thud ]
- Aah!

[ stall door opens ]

[ faucet running ]

[ door slams shut ]

[ gasps ]

[ gasps ]



[ footsteps approaching ]

[ thud ]

Where've you been?

Where are
you going?

Look at you.

What happened?
Where you in a fight?

Sort of.

What do you mean,
sort of?

I saw a murder.

A murder?


At the Polish Bar.

In the women's

What were you doing there?

I was going
to the bathroom!

I was in the stall,

and this women
cut this guy.

And he killed her.

He just threw her
in the next stall,

and he kept
smashing her.

It was awful, Alex.

I could hear it.

You saw it
or you heard it?

The whole fucking stall
was shaking!

I thought it would collapse.

I had to spend the whole time
squatting, like this.

And then her body fell.

Her arm...

Her voice changed,

and her arms flipped
under my stall.

She had on
this charm bracelet...

and these red nails.

And the money.

There was blood

What money?

The money
she stole from him.


Here. This money.

It was a 50.
I used it to pay the cab.

Maybe she was
just unconscious.

She was dead, Alex!

She was dead.

I think it was a he.

You don't know if it was
a man or a woman?

I didn't stop to check.

Anna, this could
be serious.

Maybe we should
call the cops.

I can't.

It was a cop
who killed her.

How do you know that?

I saw his badge.

What, did he take it out
and show it to you?

No, it fell on
the floor!

Jesus, what are you
trying to do to me?

I see a murder--
a murder.

I come home,
and what do I get?


As usual.

What the fuck were you
doing in there tonight?

You set me up!

Fuck you
I set you up!

Kick his ass.


Hey, what the fuck
are you doing, man?

Come on.


You okay, Jelly?

Good. He's okay.

Where's the money?

He's still got it!

I haven't got it.

The girl's got it.

She didn't have it!

Don't lie to me, fuck!
I searched her!

Not here.
The other one.

The real one.

What other one?

You were too busy bashing that
queen's brains in to notice.

Don't bullshit me, Jelly!

Why would I bother?

Am I supposed
to believe this?

How are we going
to continue

to enjoy the fruits
and benefits

of our friendship
with the police

if we don't remunerate them
for their service?

[ cocks gun ]

You saw what happened
to that transvestite.

If you play those
games with me,

you're gonna end up
the same way!

You and that cracked-up
sidekick of yours.


Maybe you took it.

Fuck you, dickbrain.

- Fuck you.
- Yeah, come on.

- Come on. Let's go.
- Hey, hey.

You're dead.

Put it away, Switch.


Put it away.

Put him away.

He's a rude

I'll take care of this.

Big man.

I'm gonna fucking
stick that cop.

You watch, man.

[ sighs ]

I gotta find
that girl.

Are you sure?

Of course I'm sure.
I heard the screaming.

Oh, God, Anna.

Did you call the cops?

What did they say?

They wanted me to leave
my name and number.


I didn't.

Oh, good.

A cop did it.

A cop did it.

How do you get yourself
into these situations?

This is incredible.
This is like the time--

Cori, you sound
just like Alex.

God forbid.

[ sighs ]
I assume you told
Mr. Wonderful.


He was his usual,
comforting self.

I'm sure.

Look, there's nothing
you can do about this.

You just have to put it
out of your mind,

no matter how horrible
it is, okay?

I can still see
the hand and the blood.

Anna, don't dwell on it.

It's just another awful
New York story.

That happened
to someone else.

[ inaudible dialogue ]


They bought
the idea.

For what?

Ooh, this smells

You must have been
working on this
a long time.

Alex, they bought
the idea for what?


My idea about
junk foods.


I'm gonna get a free trip
around the world

to write about
fast-food restaurants.

You know, Pizza Hut in Paris,
Burger King in Bangkok.

It's gonna be great.

They're sending you
around the world?

Yeah, I leave next Friday.

Oh. I gotta meet my publisher
in an hour for dinner.

They want me to do a chapter
on airline food.

You know,
like sushi in JAL,
caviar, airflows.

You get the idea.

Yeah, I get
the idea all right.

Hey, it's only for
a month...or two.


I don't want you to go.

I can't turn this down.

No, no, I mean tonight.

I don't want to be alone
here tonight.

Since when do you mind
being alone?

You're always telling me
not to come over.

Since someone called
pretending to be you.

Pretending to be me?

What did he say?

He said...

It was an obscene
phone call.

And that's why you
thought it was me?

Why didn't
you just hang up?

'Cause I thought
it was you.

It sounded like you,
a lot.

Come on.

Maybe I just wished
it was you.

Maybe it was.


You never believe
a word I say.

Look, it's not that
I don't believe you,
it's just--

Just what?

Well, you got to admit,
it sounds a little
improbable .

He just happens to call

just when I happen
to be leaving town?

I don't just think up
little ploys just
to keep you around.


you wouldn't have the wit

to think of
an obscene phone call.

Yes, I would.

[ faucet running ]


I have a collect call
for you.

I'm not accepting
the charges.

I better run.


I'll call you later, okay?

I'm sure you will.

[ telephone rings ]

[ ring ]


Man: Hi.

Oh, hi.

I'm glad you called.

I'm sorry about before.

I'm okay now.


I thought you might not
want to talk to me.

No, I--

Where are you?

What are you doing?

Where am I?

I'm in my apartment,

wondering who keeps
calling me

pretending he's Alex!

What about my question
for "Street Smarts?"

Um, what question?

On sexual harassment
at the office?

[ chuckles ]
It's been done.

With good reason.

Yeah. Well, uh...

why don't you find something
a little more exciting?

What could be more exciting
than sexual harassment?

Like what,
high-top sneakers again?

I would do another
column on sleazy bars.

They're not sleazy,
they're crossover.

Depends on your
taste, Anna.

Yeah, it does.

How about sexual
harassment at home?

Just a coffee.

Here we go.

"Two divorced ladies

looking for refined,
cultured gentlemen."

Huh? What do you say?

These fucking people
trying to get it on.

They make me laugh,
you know?

I wouldn't let them eat
out my garbage can.

They're probably
all losers.




What's that?
Dumb white fuck?

"Tall beautiful woman."

Weird fucks.

Hey, why don't we put
an ad in here?

Hmm? An ad?

Yeah. For the chick.

The chick.
So we can find her.


"I met you at
the Polish Bar.

"You stole more
than my heart.

P.S.: Please bring
the money."

That's a great idea.
It's inspired.

Well, uh, you know,
maybe not that obvious.

What does she
look like anyway?

She has a...

tight mouth.

Tight ass.

Tight red shoes.

Say, where did you,

where did you come
by this, um...

this new ensemble?

Do you like it?

You know, on 14th Street.

I want to find her, man.

I want to find her, fast.

I'll take care of it.

Well, you should...

or I will.


Oh, hi!

I brought some wine.

Can I get a corkscrew?

I'm sorry I'm late.

That's okay.

What are you having?

Spaghetti aglio olio,

artichoke hearts with
garlic dressing--

Oh! Vinny, can I have an order
of garlic bread, please?

[ laughs ]

Come on.

Why don't you just wear
it around your neck?

I don't mind
the occasional vampire,

I just like garlic.
[ exhales ]

Do you know
what you want?

Uh, I'll have some
minestrone soup.

And how's Alex?

He'll live.

He's about to take off
on a trip around
the world.

He's got a contract
to do a book

on international
junk food.

You're kidding!
Oh, go with. I would.

I don't want to.

Why not?
It sounds like fun.

It's Alex's project,

It's Alex's money,

and it's Alex's trip.

Yeah. A humor writer
without a sense of humor.

Besides, I'd just end up being
another piece of luggage.

Apollonia, I had
a garlic bread.


So what's the difference?

It's better to be
a piece of luggage in
Paris than in Brooklyn.


How long are you going
to hang on with this guy?


I'm sorry.

It's a sore subject,
I know,

but I just don't see
how you continuer it.

'Cause it's easier
than ending it.

Well, that's not
a very good reason.

Did you have
another fight?


Yes, but that's not why.

I got an obscene
phone call.


Two, from the same guy.

I get them all the time.

All you gotta do
is tell 'em they're shit,

whistle or scream into
the phone and hang up.

I guess I could
change my number.

But then no one would
know how to reach me.

Yeah, well,
that's the point.

What if he knows me?

[ gasps ]

You think it's
someone you know?

At first I thought
it was Alex.

Trying to liven things up.

Something like that.

But now I'm not so sure.

I think it might be this guy
from the Polish Bar.

This guy from where?

This guy who tried
to pick me up.

He's really good-looking,

in a sort of
dangerous way.

What does he say,
I mean, on the phone?

Oh, the usual.

What, S and M, bestiality,
golden showers, what?

It's a really
sexy voice.

You want to listen.

[ telephone rings ]

[ rings ]

[ rings ]


Man: Hi.

You're home.

Stop calling me!

[ answering machine clicks ]

[ beep ]

[ telephone rings ]

[ ring ]

[ clicks ]

You've reached 627-2363.

After you hear the tone,
leave your name
and any message.

I'll call you back.

[ beep ]

Man: I know you're there,

and I think you want
to talk to me.

You'd like to,
wouldn't you?

Where are you?

Are you on the bed?

Are you lying down?

I'd like to lie down
beside you.

I love your shoulders.

And your eyes.

How do you know
what I look like?


I imagine it.

Well, imagine this.

I saw a murder
and it's your fault.

So I don't have time for you
and your third-rate porno!

[ telephone rings ]

[ rings ]

[ rings ]

[ rings ]

[ rings ]

Look, you're not
getting the message.

There's no point
in calling.

I have nothing
to say to you.

Man: It was my fault.

It happened at the Polish Bar,
you stupid jerk!

In the women's toilet!

Is that kinky enough
for you?

If it wasn't for your
stupid idea of a joke,

I wouldn't have been there
in the first place!

Are you okay?

Are you in trouble?

How did you see it?

Anna: I was in the right place
at the right time.

Man: Do you know
who did it?

- Yes.
- Who?

A cop.

Did you see him?

I saw his badge.

Did he see you?


[ sighs ] Good.

Then you're safe.

Now, sit down
and tell me the story.

Guess who!

Cori! Hi!

[ laughs ]

Alex, how very wonderful
to see you again.

Alex, do you know
Bill Boyden?

No, I don't
think so.


Alex Harris,
the whack world of humor.

I heard about your new book.
Let's not have lunch.

We won't.

Listen, we're going to
the aquarium. Want to come?

Oh, I can't. I promised
Alex a hot dog

to help him with his
street spots.

So what's the question
this week?

What would you do
if you received an
obscene phone call?

You got to be

Who would answer
that question?

Oh, I would.

compromising .

No, I'd answer 'em.

I wouldn't encourage
him too much.


Look in "The Voice"
next week.

What about you, Bill?

I don't know.

I never got one.


Come on, Anna.

What kind of a guy
do you take me for?

Did you ever make one?


What, is that
a hint?

What about
gay obscene phone calls?

Oh, gee. Why, Alex?
Been getting some recently?

No, Alex has been
making them.

You know what I mean.

They usually make them
to women.


I mean, if you think
of women getting them.

It might be a good idea
for a piece.

Gosh! Wouldn't that be
a good idea?

That's what Anna's
doing right now, Alex.

Good thinking.

Let's get a hot dog.

I'll see you later.

Cori: Okay. Bye.

Anna, where are you?

I read "Street Smarts."

Why that particular

You don't like it?

No, no, no,
I liked.

It's, uh, different.

Well, does that mean you are
or you aren't gonna use it?

Well, let's put it
this way. Uh...

In two days,
when the paper comes out,

every weirdo in town's
gonna be dialing your number.

Including you?


What's that supposed to mean?

Would you make
an obscene phone call?

To you?

To anyone.

Do I look like the type?

I don't know.

What does the type
look like?

I asked a couple
of people

if they worry about
food too much.

I mean, it's a joke.

What is this after all?

It's just vitamins,

It all comes out
the same way.

What's it matter
how it goes in?

That's great.

I'm going to
Boston tomorrow.

What is it this time,
baked beans?

You're leaving on Friday.

I know.
I have to.

[ reggae playing
on boom box ]

[ Jamaican accent ]
Let's go, baby.

You gonna dance with me.
Come on.

We do our thing.

- Get out of here.
- No, come on now.

- Give me back my bag.
- No!

Give me back my bag!

Give me back my bag,
you jerk!

Don't fuck with me, bitch!

Are you all right?
It's okay.

Yeah, I'm okay.

Hey, aren't you the lady
from the Polish Bar?

Are you all right?

I hope it wasn't
your fault.

I never got your name.

Alex: Anna!

Jesus, what happened?
Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

It's the guy.

What guy?

From the bar.
The caller.

Alex: Where?

He was right here.

Come on. Let's just
get out of here.

Are you sure
it was him?

I was talking to him.

Come on.

[ gasps ]

What happened to your eye?

Toaster popped up
too hard.


Well, how you doing


What are you doing?

Nothing much.

You want some company?

I don't really feel
like talking.

We could walk.


[ pop ]

What the hell was that?

They're party favors,

from my niece's

[ pop ]

Would you mind playing
with them somewhere else?

I'm really
not in the mood.

From your niece's
birthday party?


- Good night.
- Good night.

What do you want
to see me about?

You find the girl?


I don't even know what the fuck
she looks like, man.

You know how many girls
in the city wear red shoes?

[ loud bang ]

No, I didn't
find her

We gotta find her, man.

Oh, yeah.

She's dangerous.
She knows too much.

[ loud bang ]

What does she know?

Maybe she didn't do it.

What do you mean?

What if somebody else
did it?

Man, she did it.
She was right there.

Are you kidding me?
Who else is gonna do it?

[ sighs ]

The one with the balls.

She didn't have it on her.
We searched her.

[ sighs ]

Maybe she passed it
to somebody else.

I didn't
think of that.

One thing I know.

The lady didn't do it.

We're not gonna know
for sure until we
find her, right?

Where you going?

Where you going, Jell?

You gonna call me--

Man: You picked up.
I'm glad.

Anna: Yeah.
I should know better

than to answer
my own phone.

Man: You want to talk to me.
You get something from it.

[ chuckles ]

That's why I keep the machine
on all the time.

That's why
you pick up.

You want to listen.

You want to hear me
teasing you so bad,

you grab my cock

Yeah, maybe my tits
aren't big enough.

Did you ever
think of that?

[ man laughs ]

Don't you have
a credit card?

There are women who do this
for a living, you know?

They're a lot better
at it than I am.

They don't do it
because they like to.

[ laughs ]
You think I like this?

If this is your idea
of a turn-on, forget it.

The phone is the closest
you'll ever get.

Maybe that's as close
as you want to get.

How's your eye?

How'd you know
about that?

You were there,
weren't you?

You're him.

I wasn't anywhere.

Then how'd you see my eye?

You told me
about it.

No, I didn't.

Now, I wanna know
who the fuck you are.


So, where's
the money, Jelly?

Where's the money?

I bought an IRA.
Ask my broker.

Don't fuck with me,

Where is this broad
that you can't find?

Or maybe you found her

Who was that
at the park?

That was someone else.

Passing acquaintance.

[ cocks gun ]

When you find her--

When I find her,
you'll be the first to know.



Oh, you got the proofs.

Yeah. This time
tomorrow morning,

ever pervert in New York
is gonna know your name.

I think they
already do.

Anything cut?

Not a word.
We used everything.

That's a change.

So, uh, what did you say
your number was, hmm?

I think you already
know it.

Well, I now.

[ chuckles ]

[ telephone rings ]

[ ring ]

[ ring ]

[ ring ]

You've reached 627-2363.

After you hear the tone,

leave your name
and any message.

I'll call you back.

[ beep ]

Man: I know you're there

Aren't you?

I need to talk to you.

I want to...

You been smoking
that shit again?


[ sneezes ]

Hey, they put
the ad in there?

Check the back page.

I put an ad in
for the chick.

You put an ad in?



For the chick.

Forget the ad.

We don't need an ad.




You gonna tell me why
or what?

It's all right. I like
talking to myself.



Hi. Let me see
your shiner.


- You ready?
- Yeah.

Aah! Oh, my God!
It's beautiful!

I would put a little more
yellow in there, though.

[ laughs ]

So is this where
it happened?

- Yeah.
- What?

I went in and looked.

- Did you really?
- Yeah.

At what?


Excuse me. I want to
ask you a question.

Why isn't my picture
in "Street Smarts?"

Because this is
a family paper.

Hey, I am family, okay?

Oh, yeah, yeah.
Typical family--

"Genital warts subjects
wanted." Uh-huh.

"Diarrhea research clinic
in New York City

"will pay you $50 to test
new medication at home.

"Save this ad.

Transvestite boutique.
Extra-large sizes available."

Oh, isn't that
where Alex shops?


Oh, here. Here's one.

"Please support my film about
a man who eats to vomit--"

[ laughs ]

"Will send script."

I'll be right back.

Someone was here,
asking about you.

Today? Who?

No, a couple
of days ago.

He wanted to
know if you come here regular.

What did he look like?
Was he kind of handsome?

What kind of clothes
did he have on?

Nice suit.


Not the guy
for you.

I don't believe this.


Oh, my God.


Look at this.

Where is it? Here.

"To the beautiful lady
in the red shoes
at the Polish Bar.

"One drink. I wanted to get
to know you better.

"You stole more
than my heart.

Call me. Box C-178."

That's him!
Look. "Call me."

Yeah. So?

So you don't call
a box number,
you write to it.

We got to get
out of here.

Why? How come?


Of what?

Just because, okay?
Let's go.

Cori: Anna!


What do you want?

Get in.

I want to talk to you.

Oh, yeah?
Move over.

Go ahead, move over.

You talked to me enough.

And stop following me,
you jerk!

Do you know who he is?

I've been getting these
unusual phone calls

and I think
he's the caller.

Why would he follow
you around, then?

I mean, if he's
calling you,

and he knows your name,
he must know where you live.

I don't think he does
know my name.

Well, I still don't
see why he'd follow you
if he was calling.

Neither do I.

It's a little scary.

See, the thing is,
on the phone,

he's not so creepy.

He makes
obscene phone calls.

That sounds pretty
sleazy to me.

I said creepy
not sleazy.

He probably is
a sleaze.

I'm sure
he's a sleaze.

I'm going in.


You all right?



I'm surprised.

Yeah, me, too.

I'll see you later.

[ telephone rings ]

[ ring ]

Man: Hi.

Why are you following me?

Following you?

I've never followed you.

If someone is,
it's not me

Why should I?

All I have to do is call.

Listen, if you don't
want to talk to me,

hang up right now.

I'll never call you again.

Do you have a name?

What's taking so long?

Maybe you don't
want to find her.

Some will say maybe
you took the money.

Let me ask you a question.

Who do you think
would be more likely

to pull a stunt like this?

Me or some cop
who's on the take?

He wants us to think
that she took the money.

What about Switchblade?

[ chuckles ]
It's impossible.

If it doesn't involve a knife,
he can't cut it.

Then you better
find this girl,

and if she doesn't--
even if she does
have the money,

take her out.


Can you recommend
a good restaurant?

Just give her to Switch!

I'll take care of it.

So he called you again?


Did you tell him
to fuck off?

Cori, I'm not
the only woman who
gets obscene calls.

Well, you're the only one
I know who talks to them.

I don't know
about this purple.

No, it's good.

You gotta go with your assets,
even if they are temporary.

It's just...

I think he likes
talking to me.

[ chuckles ]

Funny. It's almost as if
I don't want to hang up.

Do you know he called
last night

just to tell me
a story?

He's a mystery.

[ sighs ]
You know, Anna,

if you want this guy
to stop following you,

you're gonna have to stop
having conversations with him.

[ clears throat ]
Excuse me, ladies,

but if you're gonna
try it,

you gotta buy it.

Thank you so much.

[ mumbles ]

[ chatting, indistinct ]

Wait a minute.
Put that down.

Look over here.

That's a good color
for you.

Did you tell Alex?

What's he gonna do?

He's on his way
out of town.

Honey, this guy's
out of town even when
he's in town.


Face it, Anna.
You're gonna have to
get rid of this guy.


Him, too.

This isn't one of your
little intrigues.

This is dangerous stuff.

You're gonna have to
stop these phone calls.

Well, I'll just put an ad
in the "Voice."

"To the man at
the Polish Bar:

Don't call me,
I'll call you."

That's cute.
You gonna try this on?


I'm gonna go look
at some shoes.

Cori: Anna?

Yo, asshole.
What are you doing?

Get out of here!
You want a show?

Go to Times Square
and put a quarter
in the slots!

Son of a bitch. Can you
believe this guy?

You can't even change
clothes anymore.

[ exhales ]

[ both laugh ]

Well, how do you
like my shirt?

Really nice.
I think he liked it, too.

Man: Am I disturbing you?

Anna: Oh, no.
It's 11:30,

and you're calling
to tell me to split.

So you can pick me up
in a black limousine,

and we can drive around

having a conversation about
how you want to fuck me

in the back of your
black limousine.

But no,

you're not disturbing me.

Man: [ laughs ]

Are you alone?

Are you?

Where are you?

At the door, waiting
for your chauffer.

[ laughs ]


'cause he's on his way.

What are you eating?

An orange.

You want some?

Of your orange or you?

Why not both?

[ chuckles ]

My hands are tied up.

They are?

Must make phone calls
kind of difficult.

My hands are tied,

and you make me
pull the orange apart
with my teeth.

The sections
are on the floor.

You lie down

and spread your thighs apart
over the pieces.

You're sitting
in the juice.

You're very wet.

You make me lick it up,

and you tell me

to put the sections
on my tongue

and push them inside you.

[ subway car rattles ]

My hands are tied
behind my back,

and you pull my head
into your thighs

and make me suck up
the orange

and slide it
inside you.

Say it.

Push the pieces into
my cunt with your tongue.

Do you want me
to touch you now?


Do you think about me
when we're not on the phone?


Do you think about me
at work?


Where do you work?


What do you do?

I want to know
something abut you.


[ chuckles ]

an ichthyologist.

A what?
What'd you say?

Does it matter?

That depends.

What do you do?

I ask people questions.

Like now?

And record their answers.



Do you still have
that orange?


I want you to squeeze it
on your thighs.

I have my pants on.

No, you don't.

Anna: How do you know that?

Man: I know you.

Squeeze some juice
on your nipples.

If only my mouth
were there.

Now your thighs.


Rub it over your lips.

Do it.

Ann: [ moans ]

Man: [ moans ]

Man: Now put it
in your mouth.

Put it on your tongue
and...and taste it.

Anna: Mmm.

Man: I want you
to touch yourself.

Are you wet?

Anna: Yes.

Man: Oh, yes.

You can feel me.

I'm licking you.

I'm fucking you, Anna.

You're on the edge.

You're going over.

And you're coming.

[ moans ]

[ moans ]

[ whispering ]
Are you hard?

[ heavy breathing ]

- Tell me.
- Yes.

[ heavy breathing ]

Do you have an orange?


Get one.

Man: [ breathing heavily ]
I have it.

Anna: Bite into it.

Get the juice
all over your face.

Now make a hole in it.

A big one.

Suck it into your mouth.

Roll your tongue
over it.

Now I want you
to take it

and push the head
of your co--

How long have you
been sitting there?

Who is he?
What's his name?

I-I don't know.

I don't.

He doesn't even
know mine--

- What, he does?
- No.

- Does he?
-No, he doesn't.


It's really
no big deal.

It isn't.

Let's not fight, okay?

It's your last night.

How long did you know
I was there?

I didn't.

There really wasn't anybody
on the line, was there?

Because I'm going away,
isn't it?

You're trying
to make me stay.

[ beep ]

Hi. It's Anna.

I wanna do something.

If you get this message
before 2:00,

meet me at...
at the Acme on Great Jones.



Glad you got my message.

Me, too.

So, were you followed?

[ laughs ]

I think that's
over with.

No more creeps, huh?
Or was it sleazes?


Still hearing
from your caller?

Alex and I just had a huge
fight about that last night.

But I think now
he believes me.

Well, that's good.

You doing anything
right now?

I just said goodbye to Alex.

I don't really feel
like going home.

Too depressing.

Listen, I've got to
take some samples
from the Hudson

up at the 79th Street
boat docks...

Ah. Ch√Ęteau Hudson, 1987.

I think you'll admire
the bouquet.


I'm gonna go
back up.

[ tires screech ]

You asshole!

[ tires screech ]

[ tires screech ]

Anna, what the fuck
is going on?

[ tires screech ]

Listen up, bitch!

We know you got
the money!

You better get it
and get it fast,

or I'm gonna
fucking cut you
to shreds!

Oh, my God! They think
I stole the money!

What money?

Jellybean: Anna?

You're fucking dead,
you know that?

You're dead!


All right,
all right.


Somebody stole
a bunch of money.

If you got it,
or you know who took it,

all I want you to do
is tell me.

I'm not trying
to harm you.

I just want to talk to you.

You fucking bitch!
I'm gonna get you!

Come on!

You sure the transvestite
took the money?

It had to be her.

God! How could
I be so stupid?

No wonder these guys
are following me.


They'll never believe
you didn't take it.

Anna, I think
you're in trouble.

What else is new?

- No, this is serious.
- I know it's serious.

I think you should
call the police.

And say what?

Explain the situation.


what are you gonna do?

I don't know!

I'm scared.

Maybe they know
where I live.


Do you want to come
stay at my place?

I just think you'll
be safer there.


Come on.

[ laughs ]

This is like being


[ laughs ]

I didn't think
you'd want this.

I changed my mind.

[ bubbling ]

Man's voice: Anna.

Where are you?

[ subway car rattling ]

What's an


What is an

Someone who studies--

Fucking bastard!



Damn it! Aah!


If you ever call me again,

I swear, I'll kill you.

[ door opens and closes ]

God-- Uhh!

[ telephone rings ]

Anna: You've reached

After you hear the tone,
leave your name
and any message.

I'll call you back.

Bill: Anna!

[ click ]

[ beep ]

[ telephone rings ]

[ ring ]

Anna: You've reached

After you hear the tone,
leave your name
and any message.

I'll call you back.

Bill: Anna. Anna, pick up.

Anna, I just saw them.

Turn on the light.
They're in your building.

For God's sake,
get out! Get out now!

Get off the line!

Bill, on tape: For God's--

[ knife clicks ]

[ speaking French ]

Bill, on tape:
Get out! Get out now!

[ gasps ]

Man, what the fuck
are you doing?



Leave me alone.

Get up! Come on!

Come on!

Come on!

Did you see her?


I'm sorry.

You're sorry a lot.

I don't want
to hear it.

I was going to tell you.

over breakfast?


I was embarrassed.
It's not easy--

To talk to me
face to face?

As if you weren't into it.

I wasn't!

I wasn't.

So I talked you into it,
that's what you're saying.

It wasn't me
that started it.

It started--

It was a joke.

Not to me it wasn't.


What's the story
in here?

Who are you?



[ laughs ]

I don't know how you--

How did you find us?

I heard you.

From outside.

Let's see your badge?


Oh. Man, oh, man!

Are we glad to see you.

There's a couple
of guys outside--

It's him! It's the cop!

Come on down.

Come on down, or I'll
shoot him right now!

You don't want to see
your friend hurt, do you?

Come on! Move!

- Uhh!
- Aah!

[ gagging ]

Fucking white-trash cop.

How does it feel,
big man?

This is for my girl.


Hey. Hey, where you going,
you fuck?

[ gasps ]

[ click ]

I'll cut your fucking
legs off, you bitch!


[ groans ]


[ gasps ]


I have the money.


You wouldn't just be
saying that, would you?


I'll get it for you.

Well, good.

I'm getting tired
of this shit.

I got not problem
with you people.

Okay, man, get up.

- Uhh!
- [ gasps ]

Now, how can you have
the money when I have it, huh?

Come here!


Look what I found.

Let her go.

We gotta get
rid of her, man.

It wasn't her.

It wasn't the cop.

It was you,
wasn't it?

What the fuck are you
gonna do with that?

What do you think
I'm gonna do?

Well, I got news
for you, man.

It ain't even loaded,
so fuck you.

[ thud, thud ]



I like your flaw.

Call me.

[ engine starts ]

[ telephone rings ]

[ ring ]

[ ring ]

[ subway car rattling ]