Cajun Mystery (2018) - full transcript

A down-on-his-luck New Orleans private detective investigates the death of a voodoo charlatan, finding himself in the middle of a paranormal murder mystery.

(static buzzing)

(magical music)

(eerie music)

(door creaking)

(ominous drumming music)

(crow cawing)

(phone beeping and ringing)

- Hey, it's me.

You won't believe what happened today.

I made a killin'.

Lots of drunk, dumb-ass
tourists willing to believe

whatever the voodoo priest says.

What can I say?

I'm just good at reading people.

I just tell them what they want to hear.

(booming ominous music)

I have your half.

I'm gonna put it in
our secret place, okay?


(phone beeps)

(upbeat techno music)

- [Man] I've never seen
anything like this before!

- [Man] Woo-hoo!

(intense music)

(water splashing)

(door creaking)
(intense music)

(suspenseful music)

(ominous drumming music)

(birds chirping)

(door creaking)

(locks clicking)

(bird cawing)
(Travis sighs heavily)

(intense music)

(muffled chattering)

(women shouting)

- [Woman] Yeah, work it!

Good job, ladies!

(dramatic music)

- Yes!


Yes, yes!

(ominous music)
Ah, yes!

(Travis greedily laughing)

Yes, yes, yes!



(mysterious music)

(dramatic drumming music)

(suspenseful music)

(intense music)
(Travis gasping)

(suspenseful music)

(dramatic drumming music)

(intense music)

(water softly splashing)

(woman laughing)

- Excuse me.

Are you Adrian Fontenot?

The private detective?

(hand smacks)

You're an asshole!

Thanks to those pictures you took of me,

my husband wants a divorce.

I hope you rot in hell.

(upbeat jazz music)

(quirky music)

(seagulls cawing)

- Fontenot.

I'm on my way.

(engine rumbling)

(relaxing country music)

(engine rumbling)

(chimes ringing)


- Whoa!

Cheap cologne, cigarette
smoke, and (sniffing)

the smell of bourbon at 10 in the morning,

who might that be?

- Charming as always, Monroe.

What do we have here?

- Police business is what we have here

for the Louisiana Police
Department's eyes only.

- Well, clearly, somebody
knows how nearsighted

your police department is
because they called me.

- Ah, shouldn't you be spying
on cheating housewives?

Oh, I'm sure there's some missing dog

out there waiting for you.

- Ah, maybe next week.

Councilwoman Belmont sent me.

- Of course!

She wants to make sure this,
it stays off the front pages.

- Spit it out, Mr. Magoo.

- Why don't you see for yourself?


Don't contaminate my crime scene.

- Mm-hmm, yeah.
(footsteps departing)

Whoa, hey!

Oh, so there is a crime.

(intense music)

(Travis greedily laughing)

(phone beeps)
Adrian Fontenot.

- Are you there yet, Mr. Fontenot?

- I'm here, Councilwoman, but
the police got here first.

I don't see any blood.

Or signs of struggle or trespassing.

(suspenseful drumming music)

This looks

like a suicide?

(eerie music)

- Travis wouldn't kill himself, Detective.

- Why are you so sure?

- I don't pay you to second guess me, boy.

- Technically, I haven't been paid yet.

- I'm delivering your advance

and all information I
have on Travis, today.

- Okay, but I don't exactly

have a permanent address at the moment.

- Stay at the damn house if ya need to!

Tell anybody who might bother you

that I sent you.

I need you on this 24/7,
do you understand me?

- So who's gonna find Fido?

- What?

- (smirks) Cop humor.

I'm all yours, Councilwoman.

- Good, I count on you Fontenot.

Please be careful.

- I'll try.
(phone beeping)

(suspenseful music)

(ominous drumming music)

(thunder rumbling)

(twangy harmonica music)

(rain splashing)

(door creaking)

(metal clanging)

Adrian Fontenot, your reckless behavior

is no longer acceptable
in this police department.

You are not fit for public service.

Therefore, you are hereby dismissed

from the Louisiana Police
Force effective immediately.

(intense techno music)

(bird cawing)

(suspenseful music)

(ominous music)

(Adrian shrieks)

(body thuds)

(intense drumming music)

(mask knocking)

Who are you?

- Who are you?

Saw you movin' in earlier.

- You're spying on me now?

Who hired you?

What do you know about the dead guy?

- Negative energy.
(intense music)

- You don't look like
everyone's best friend yourself.

Now, one last time, who are you
and what are you doing here?

- Shh, shh, shh.

This house is plagued
with negative energy.

(Travis greedily laughing)

(voodoo doll cracking)

- Don't blame me, bro.

I just got here.

- My name's Jackson.

I'm a detective.

- Councilwoman hired me today.

This is my case, now.

- Then I can help you.

- Hmm, I don't think so.

- Untie me please, Detective,
and I will explain everything.

- Shh, shh.


(phone beeping and ringing)

(phone beeps)

(intense music)

- [Woman] Adrian, Adrian.

- Lamarque Street?
(ominous music)

(phone beeps)
- What did you say?

- Lamarque Street?

Rings a bell, doesn't it?

Now please, Detective,
will you untie me now?

(soft piano music)

- Sorry if I hit you too hard.

- It comes with the job.

- So you're really an investigator?

- Yeah, of the paranormal.

(Adrian laughs)
(mysterious music)

Yeah, that goes with the job, too.

- I'm sorry.

I just don't believe in ghost stories.

- Then, why'd you flinch when
I brought up Lamarque Street?

(eerie music)

- [Woman] Adrian, Adrian, Adrian.

- Tell me what you're doin' here, Jackson.

- I work in the Quarter.

I read fortunes on Bourbon Street

and I knew Travis.

We were friends at one point, then rivals.

- So what are you doing here, today?

- I heard what happened.

- Nobody knows what happened here, today.

It's not even on Twitter.

- Listen, I knew something
bad happened to Travis,

but I couldn't say that
while the cops were here.

They woulda--
- Think ya might be a suspect.

Good call.

Don't worry about it, Jacky Boy.

Trust me, I know a planted
crime scene when I see one.

He did this to himself.

He was alone.

- He wasn't alone!

(ominous music)

(Adrian sighs heavily)

- If you know something I don't,

spit it out.

- I--

(birds chirping)

(ominous drumming music)

(door creaking)

(twangy banjo music)

Here's Travis' file from
the councilwoman's office.

(eerie music)

Weird dude?

(leaves crunching)

(door creaking)

(ominous music)

(dramatic drumming music)

(stick thudding)



(Adrian groans)

- Adrian, Adrian, Adrian.

(intense music)

You'll find peace on Lamarque Street.

Adrian, go to Lamarque Street.

You'll find peace on Lamarque Street.

Lamarque Street, Lamarque Street.

Lamarque Street.

(ominous drumming music)

(keyboard clacking)

- Good morning, Sleeping Beauty.

- What day is it?

- The perfect day for you to get fired

from yet another job.

Belmont is furious with you, you know?

She asked me to check
in on you 48 hours ago.

- Did you do this?


- I'm just performing my
duty as a public servant.

You need to be more careful
with these New Orleans homes,

unstable structures.
(Adrian sighs)

Want to put some clothes on, Hasslehoff?

(intense music)

- Wait a minute.

- You see that too, huh?

- It looks like something stabbed him

right there on his chest.

(ominous music)

- Forensics determined Travis
died of cardiac arrest.

The bruising on his chest
indicates blunt trauma,

(intense music)

- Do they have the weapon?

- There was no weapon at the scene.

- Because the killer took it with him.

- My team inspected the whole scene.

No fingerprints, no DNA,
no signs of trespassing.

(locks clicking)

- Clearly they missed something.

- There is no motive either!

We found $5,000 lying in
bed with the deceased.

I guess it was his time to go.

Bad luck, case closed.

(suspenseful drumming music)

- No physical signs of foul play.

- This house is plagued
with negative energy.

Read fortunes on Bourbon Street.

He wasn't alone!

- I just don't believe in ghost stories.

A negative energy.

- (laughs) Look who's talking.

- We need to find Jackson.

- Who?

(blues music)
(muffled chattering)

- [Crowd] Yeah!



Whoa, woo-hoo!

- [Man] Yeah!

(muffled chattering)

(trumpet music)

- Are you sure you don't want one?

- I'm on the clock.

You shouldn't be drinking that

after hitting your head earlier.

- Awe, you worry about me.

- You think we'll find this
Jackson fella out here?

- If money wasn't the motive--

- There is no motive.

- If money wasn't the motive,

maybe a fight for the territory could be.

You've read Travis' file.

He has a criminal record
full of felony convictions.

- Nothing unusual for a
French Quarter hustler.

- But that's just it, Travis is a fraud.

Sure, he took money from tourists,

but he's also taking money from
the real psychics out here.

- Real psychics?

(laughs) I think that drink
got in your head too fast.

I'm out!

- Don't go taking all the
credit when I solve this case.

(muffled shouting)

(Adrian slurping)

- You need some help.

- [Adrian] I'm not lookin'

for any enlightenment today, lady.

- But you're lookin' for Jackson.

- What do you know about negative energy?

(intense mystical music)

(birds chirping)

Nice little place you
got here, Miss Claire.

- Silence, the spirits are talkin' to me.

(suspenseful music)

- Can the spirits tell you
what really happened to Travis,

the notorious scam artist?

- The spirits can tell ya
everything you need to know.

That'll be $100.

(twangy banjo music)

- Do the spirits take credit card?

- I got a card reader.

(ominous music)

(Travis greedily laughing)

Travis didn't commit suicide.

- The City Hall records
could tell ya that.

- And he didn't die of
natural causes either.

(gasps) He was murdered
by a paranormal energy.

(ominous drumming music)

- A negative energy.

- But it doesn't know
it's a negative energy.

- What do you mean?

(dramatic music)

- People assume voodoo is malicious,

but the forces from the
beyond can be good and evil.

It depends on who's
controlling this energy.

- So who's my suspect?

Who killed Travis?

- Detective Fontenot, you need to return

to the place where you were the happiest.

- This isn't about me.

- You'll find peace on Lamarque Street.

- Stop wasting my time, who killed Travis?

- A mystical wall blinds my vision.

(intense music)

I can sense something is
blocking me from seeing further.

But I can tell you this, the
answer is in the beginning.

- The beginning of what?

(door creaking)

- Detective?


Hey, sorry for disappearin' on you, man.

You see, I thought it was
the po-po at the door and

there's these arrest warrants

and you know the police don't listen.

(suspenseful music)


(dramatic piano music)

(ominous drumming music)


Negative energy.

Travis, Travis!
(Travis greedily laughing)


Travis, I need you to talk to me.

(Travis greedily laughing)

Tell me what happened to you.

(Jackson gasps)
(intense music)

(Travis gasps)

(Jackson gasping)
(intense music)

(Travis greedily laughing)

And then what happened?

(Travis greedily laughing)

(Jackson laughing)

(suspenseful music)

(Jackson maniacally laughing)

(muffled groaning)

(intense music)

(engine rumbling)
(horn honking)

- Hello, there.

It's just me, Monroe.

- Councilwoman Belmont,

if you don't mind me askin'
what are you doing here?

- I just wanted to make
sure everyone was okay.

- What's that?

- This?

This is whatever I want it to be.

Or whoever.

- You know, Councilwoman,

you never said why you have
such a special interest

on this case.

- Travis wouldn't kill himself.

- I know!

He died of natural causes.

- Travis wouldn't kill himself,

so I had to do it for him.

(dramatic music)
(Monroe gasping)

(gun clatters)

(ominous music)

- [Man] Whoa!

♪ Symptoms of the red ♪

♪ Captains up ahead ♪

(muffled singing)
(ominous music)

(muffled shouting)

(owl hooting)
(crickets chirping)

(door creaking)
(suspenseful music)

(intense drumming music)

- Whoever's in here, come out now!

I have a gun!

(intense drumming music)


(Adrian groaning)
(intense music)



(gun banging)

- [Woman] Adrian, Adrian.


Adrian, Adrian.

Adrian, Adrian.


- Who are you?

(dramatic music)

I'm sorry, I'm sorry I couldn't save you.

I tried, I lost everything
trying to save you.

- Lamarque Street.

Adrian, Adrian.


You'll find peace on Lamarque Street.

Go to Lamarque Street.

You'll find peace on Lamarque Street.

(dramatic music)

- I'll go.

I'll go to Lamarque Street.

- Lamarque Street.

(intense music)

- I'm afraid you won't be going anywhere

except for the beyond.
(suspenseful music)

Don't bother.

- You won't get away with this, Belmont!

- We all have a secret place, Detective.

Your secret place is
Lamarque Street, correct?

This was Travis' secret place.
(Travis greedily laughing)

Now, I'll be traveling far
away to my own secret place.

I took your gun, Detective.

(intense music)

- I don't believe in ghost stories,

but you do, right?

- Don't play with what
you don't understand, boy.

It has consequences.

- I believe you know the
psychic on Bourbon Street.

She gave...

She sold me this binding spell.

Hmm, I believe you taught
it to her a few years ago.

- Stop it!

- You killed Travis, Councilwoman.

I don't know how, but you killed him.

- He came to me as a teen.

I raised him as my own kid.

But he didn't have the gift.

He couldn't connect with the spirits.

- But he could connect with people.

Well enough to cheat
them out of their money,

better than anyone on Bourbon Street.

- The spirits wanted me
to achieve more and more.

They helped me get out
of those dirty streets.

- And, yet, you didn't help

anyone else living in the Quarter.

You bullied them.

You ruined their reputations.

Made them work for you.

You killed them!

You're the High Priestess!

They looked up to you!

- Shut up!

(gun clicking)
(intense drumming music)

- There is a magic trick

you clearly don't know, Councilwoman.

(intense music)

Gun lock.

(twangy bluegrass music)

(suspenseful music)

Are you feeling any better?

- Awe, you worry about me (laughs).

- You know I do.

(bird cawing)

(gravel crunching)

- I have a warrant for
his arrest, you know?

- Hmm, I know.

Thanks for lettin' him go.

- Lives to die another day.

- I don't know.

Now, the Quarter's got rid
of that negative energy,

things might start lookin'
up for people like Jackson.

(mystical music)

- You haven't changed, Fonty.

You're still an optimist.

- You haven't called me Fonty
since I left the department.

- Hmm, you helped me solve my case.

I think you've earned it.

- Helped you?

I solved the whole damn thing!

- Not according to the official report.

- (sighs) That's just great.

I never cashed Belmont's advance.

Didn't get paid.

Almost got killed by a
crazy voodoo priestess.

Could at least give me some credit.

- Thank you for your help.

There, that's your credit!

- You're the one who
hasn't changed, Monroe!


(bird cawing)

(bugs chirping)

(ominous music)

(bird cawing)

Thanks for comin'.

- Of course.

- How did you find her?
(mystical music)

- [Woman] Adrian, Adrian.

- The spirits told me.


(laughs) I got here an hour ago.

I looked around for a little while

and then I found her.

- (sighs) I haven't been
here in a couple years.

- Amanda Fontenot, beautiful name.

And from the date of birth,
I would say she was--

- My everything.

Did you put that there?

(mysterious music)

- Is that Amanda?

She was beautiful.

- No, this isn't Amanda.

You'll find peace at Lamarque Street.

- Go to Lamarque Street.

- Who is Hope?

- I don't know.

But I bet that whoever put
this envelope out here,

knows who killed Amanda.

Miss Claire, we need to find Hope.

(twangy bluegrass music)

(dramatic drumming music)

(intense mystical music)