Cain's Way (1970) - full transcript

Following the Civil War, Confederate Captain Justice Cain has retired to a quiet life with his young son and black wife. However, the men of his old outfit, known as Cain's Cutthroats, have turned to lives of murder, torture and robbery. They attempt to convince Cain to ride with them once more. He refuses, and the Cutthroats murder his family. Swearing vengeance, Cain teams up with a colorful preacher/bounty hunter, and hunts down his family's killers one at a time.

(upbeat music)

♪ I was born on a
midnight drive ♪

♪ The road was rough and
the wagon broke down ♪

♪ Thunder and lightning,
pouring down rain ♪

♪ The creek was rising
and I almost drowned ♪

♪ Mama didn't make it
through the freezing night ♪

♪ Daddy saved his son and
tried to bring him up right ♪

♪ I thank the lord when
every day was coming ♪

♪ 'Cause times were
hard when I was young ♪

♪ I became a rambling man

♪ 'Cause working all day
didn't get me nowhere ♪

♪ Plowing in the fields,
work to be done ♪

♪ Living in a world
where very few cared ♪

♪ Reading and writing,
I learned by night ♪

♪ No spending cash 'cause
the money was tight ♪

♪ I thank the lord when
every day was done ♪

♪ 'Cause times were
hard when I was young ♪

♪ I had to fight
for what I got ♪

♪ Sometimes I think I
didn't fight hard enough ♪

♪ I remember times
when food was scarce ♪

♪ Daddy saying son,
you gotta be tough ♪

♪ Everything I try
always seem to fail ♪

♪ It's all I can do
to stay out of jail ♪

♪ I can't forget while
I follow the sun ♪

♪ That times were hard
when I was young ♪

(men laugh)

- Why, you know, before
I let that marshal

out of that water trough,

why, he just swore up and
down he made a mistake.


- Any sign of them?

- No, not a damn thing.


- Hot damn, boy,
don't you ever wash?

You smell worse
than some boar hog.

- You barrel-bellied bastard,

you don't smell like no
fresh jasmine yourself.

- Don't like your name-calling--

(gun fires)
- Settle down.

Both of you.

The first one swings
gets a hole in him.

We ain't out here for
no Sunday fish fry.

- You hit me in the ear again,

I'm gonna bust your ass!

(music box plays)

- Turn that fool thing off,
'fore I take it from you!

You put that gun away,
before you shoot yourself.

(gun fires)

- Tucker, what the hell's
going on down there?

- Oh, nothing.

Cawley just damn near
shot his foot off, is all.

Damn fool kid's been
nothing but trouble

ever since that Yankee prison.

- Well, you better
get him to shut up,

or I'm coming down there
to spill some guts!

- Now what in the
hell's wrong with you?

- You ain't getting it.

I'll kill you 'fore you get it.

My mama give this to me,

ain't nobody gonna
take it away from me.

- Oh, shut up,
you crazy bastard.

Don't try it, Billy.

I'd hate to have to kill you.

- Should not have said that.

My mama was a lady.

I had a daddy, too.

You just better remember that.


- What's so funny to you?

- You know, I'm sure gonna
have a case of sorries

for all them blue bellies
down in Gold Creek

when they don't have no spending
money come Saturday night.


- Well don't count
your chickens so fast,

we aint' got that payroll yet.

- Yeah, but we're gonna.

- Yeah, we ain't gonna get
the damn thing, neither,

if you two keep jaw jacking,
not tending to your business.

Now both of you, shut up!

- [Amison] Here they come!

(suspenseful music)

- Uh-uh, you ready?

- Yeah!

- Yeah.
- Yeah!

Whoa, whoa.

- Whoa!

Alright, alright, let's move it!

- Hey, mother nature
is a sergeant.

- Yeah, well I'll tell you,

I'd rather have
mother nature anytime.

- Alright, alright,
let's move the log,

we haven't got all damn day.

- Keep your stripes on, Sarge.

(gun fires)

- Hold it right there, Yankee!

Now step down real slow
and drop them guns.

(shouts battle cry)

(guns fire)

- I got you!

(guns fire)

- Get on back here!

(guns fire)

(soldiers shout)


- Tucker!

Tucker, how's Cawley?

- He's still alive, but
his guts look mighty sick.

- You shouldn't have
shot that boy, Sergeant.

(gun fires)

(gun fires)

(gun fires)


(gun fires)

- Great day in the morning!

That sure was some dandy
shooting over there!

- I bet you could've kept
him going another 15 yards

before he hit dirt! (laughs)

- Farrette, will you
quit your funning

and get the box
out of the wagon.

- You heard the boss, move!

- Aye.
- Be quick about it!

- Come here, Yankee!


- Please don't kill me!

I'll do anything, please!

- That's more like it.

Hey, what do you know?

I got me a crying
blue belly. (laughs)


You got a key for
this here thing?

- No.

No, they keep it at the fort.

- The fort?

- Hey Barry, this baby
ain't got no key for it!

Now what am I gonna do?

- You know what the man said.

Hurry up, and be quick about it.

- Alright.

Come here.

Come here.
- No!

No. (cries)

- Billy Joe, what are you doing?

- I'm cutting the
chain off! (laughs)

- For God's sake.



- One strongbox, compliments
of the Union Army.

(soldier sobs)


- Why didn't you
kill him, Billy Joe?


- Farrette, let him go!

He won't make a mile.


- Come on out of here.


- He can't ride.

- Sure like to take this
young one with me, Amison.

- You know our law.

- Yep.


- You... (coughs)

You ain't gonna
leave me like this.

Please, please, Tuck.

Take me with you.

- I'm sorry, kid.

There ain't no way.

(gun fires)

- Come on, let's get
the hell out of here.


- Hey Sarge, what are we
gonna do with these prisoners?

- Well now, Crawford, you know
we don't take any prisoners.

(group hoots)

(guns fire)

(gun fires)
(group whoops gleefully)

- Hey, wait for me!

- Settle down, settle down.
- Tucker, let's go.

Take that out, boy, Tucker.

(energetic western music)

♪ Well there we were,
standing face to face ♪

♪ Don't know what
I shot him for ♪

♪ Was it hate or was it fate

♪ That started this war

♪ He could have been
a real good friend ♪

♪ But it was him or me

♪ Oh, I killed the
man, I killed the man ♪

♪ How can I be free

♪ Going back to Georgia

♪ I wanna see my baby

♪ I'm going back to Georgia

♪ I've been gone too long

♪ Going back to Georgia

♪ I wanna see my baby

♪ I'm going back to Georgia

♪ I've been gone too long

(horse whinnies)

- You really think the captain's
gonna be glad to see us?

- He better be, we've been
tracking him long enough.

- I don't know what
we need him for,

we've been doing alright.

- That's penny Andy stuff,
compared to what ahead of us.

Captain's the best
commander I knew in the war.

- Hey, I don't recollect you
ever liking Cain so much.

Just what you got on
your mind, Amison?

- Kind of a surprise.

- (laughs) Captain Cain.

Damn almighty, I remember
how he used to lead us

against them Yankees! (laughs)

- Yeah, Billy Joe, that
was a long time ago.

Just you don't
forget how he got out

of that damn Yankee
prison and we didn't.

- Well, you can bet he had
a good reason for that.

- Yeah, he damn well
did, lots of money!

- That ain't right, Farrette,

you talking about the
captain like that.

He's our leader.

- Yeah, was our
leader, is right.

- Just wait, Farrette,

the captain will ram them
words down your throat!

- Alright, come on, quit your
gumming, let's get at it.

Come on.
- Alright, Cain, here we come,

ready or not!

- Pa, Pa!


Ma wants you to bring some
salt pork in from the shed.

- Oh, does she now, huh?

Well now, son.

Have you burned off supper?

- You bet, Ma's had me doing
girl's work, washing clothes.

- She has, now?

Well, we're gonna have
to talk to Ma about that.

I can't have my boy doing
girl's work, now can I?

- No, sir.

Ma says supper's almost ready.

- Oh yeah?

Listen, go on inside, tell your
mom I'll be along directly.

- Hi there, Captain.

- Well, I'll be.

Let's see now, last
time I saw all you boys,

you were in a Yankee prison.

- Well, they finally even
had to let us out. (laughs)

This is a mighty fine place
you got here, Captain.

Not quite as fancy as
what you had before,

but you don't mind if we
rest up a bit, do you?

- No, not at all.

Water's right over
yonder for the horses.

- Hey, Captain, you remember me?

- Oh yes, yes, I
remember you, Billy Joe,

and Tucker there, and Garret,

Crawford, Farrette, Brinson.

- I'd reckon we'd be
kinda hard to forget,

wouldn't we, Captain?

(group laughs)

- Say, seems to me there's
one of you fellows missing,

the young fellow,
what was his name?

- Oh, you mean Cawley.

- That's right, yes, Cawley.

- Well, I reckon you might say
he just had no guts for it.

- You bloodsucking bastard,
I wish it'd been you,

instead of that young one.

- I'm just gonna
give you the chance!

- Hey, hold it, Crawford,
Crawford, Tucker.

Come on, now, we're guests
of the good captain here.

We don't wanna insult
him by having no shootout

in the front yard.

- Just why did you
come here, Amison?

- Well, right now I'd
like to borrow some tools,

see if I can get this box open.

- Certainly, help yourself,

tools right over
yonder by the shed.

- Thank you, Captain.
- You're welcome.

(horse whinnies)

- [Farrette] Get up in here.

- Who were those men?

Couple of them look familiar.

- Oh, it's nothing
for you to worry

your pretty little
head about, honey,

they're just some boys
I knew a long time ago,

during the war.

- They gonna be here long?

- Why?

- Well, I thought I might cook
some extra food, you know.

- Well now, honey, you know
we don't have that much--

- Hush now.

You know we can't let
anyone go away hungry.

- Well, alright, you
do whatever you wish,

but you stay inside the
cabin, you understand?

- Anything you like.
- Alright, dear.


- Crawford, you selfish bastard.


- Well, I never.

- Well, I'll be a suck egg mule,

I don't think I can
count that high!

- It sure will be
fun trying, though.

- Look at all them
Yankee dollars. (laughs)

- Well, my woman's sure gonna
be glad to see me this time!

- Woo, man!

This is enough to start an army.

- Yeah, a whole army.

- You got something
on your mind, Sarge?

- We didn't ride no 30 miles

out of our way for
nothing, Crawford.

- You mean the captain?

- What about the captain?

- Well, with this money
and the captain leading us,

we can show them damn
Yankees we ain't licked yet.

(group whoops gleefully)

- [Billy] Here we go again!

- Yeah, but just
wait a minute, boys.

I think you're kinda
forgetting something.

- What's that?

- You know the captain didn't
greet us with no open arms.

- Yeah, I didn't see no
loving kisses on his face.

- Well, wait a minute, why you
wanna go talking like that?

You know the captain loves us.

We his men!

Why, shoot, he'd be proud to
fight for the south again.

- The south is dead, gentlemen.

- The south will never die!

- That's where you're wrong.

The old south is dead, if you
don't realize that by now,

you're bigger fools
than I thought you were.

- I don't follow you, Captain.

- How many men were killed
when you stole that money?

- Well, I don't know,
three or four, maybe.

- Only four, huh?

- Well hell, Captain,
they's just Yankees!

- Alright.

Go on, now, pick up that
money and get on out of here.

- Hey, hold on, Captain Cain.

- I'm not a captain any longer.

- We didn't ride 30 miles
out here to open that box.

- Why did you ride
out here, Amison?

- To ask you to join us.

With that money
and you leading us,

why, we can build an army.

Our army.
- Yeah.

Yeah, be just like
old times, Captain,

riding and shooting
and everything!

- I'm all through with
violence, Billy Joe.

I have a home here
now, and my family.

- Well, hell, Tucker's got a
woman, too, don't you, Tuck?

And your family can stay down
Cripple Creek with Tucker's,

and they could be
company while we soldier.

- That's not soldiering,
Billy Joe, that's plundering.

You're not talking
about an army,

you're talking about
a band of outlaws.

- I don't remember
you minding it so much

when we was called
Cain's Cutthroats.

- Ah, you just don't
understand, do you?

Now listen to me, men.

You were all good soldiers
once, yes, you were the best.

We fought for a noble
cause, we fought hard,

but we lost, and that's that.

And now there is no more
Confederacy or cause.

- The hell there ain't.

They're gonna pay
plenty for this.

I've been waiting a long
time, and now it's right.

With that money, we can get even

with those blue belly bastards.

- That's just what I'm
talking about, Amison.

You don't want a cause,
you want revenge.

- That ain't no
way to talk, Cain,

after what we been
through together.

- Now listen to me, please, men.

Why don't you just rest up
here a while, feed your horses,

and I'll have some wife
rustle up some grub for you,

and then you can be on your way.

- So you won't lead us?

- No.

- Then you must be against us.

- Hey, wait, Captain!

Captain, with you
leading us again...

Hey, you remember
how you took care

of them blue bellies
in Hayesville, huh?

Rolled a whole barrel of
powder down on them, and pow!

Pieces of Yankee
all over the place!

- Yes, I remember, Billy Joe.

- We get new uniforms and
we make you a general.

Yeah, a real, live general.

- Look at yourself.

Why, you haven't even
washed the blood off yet.

- I'm sorry, Captain,

but it's the only way I could
get the chain off his arm.


- Take your hands off me,
you simple little bastard!

(suspenseful music)

- Oh, now Captain, you
should not have said that.

I think the world of you,

but you shouldn't be
calling me no bastard.

- He's called you that
more than once, Billy Joe.

You gonna let him
get away with that?

- I ain't no bastard.

My mama was a lady.

- Oh, Billy Joe, the high and
mighty captain thinks you was.

Yes, sir, you know, Billy?

Captain thinks she was just
like one of his field hens.

- Justice, what's the matter?

What do these men want?

- Never mind, never mind,

now you get on back in
the house, hurry up.

- Get back in the cabin, woman,
we got business out here.

- Now listen, men,
this is my wife.

- Well now, I'll be damned
if that ain't Angie.

Say, wasn't she your
wife's house gal

down on your pa's plantation?


- A nigger!

Our high and mighty captain
has married a nigger!

Well now, I'll be!

If that don't beat
all I've ever seen.

- Well, no wonder he
was trying to hide her.

- Yeah, he had to
bring her way out here,

so he could hide his
hired yellow gal.

- Hey Billy Joe, I think the
captain owes us an explanation,

especially since he
called you a bastard.

- Please, Amison, for God's
sake, leave us in peace.

I don't owe anybody
any explanation.

- The hell you don't.

You called me a bastard.

I would've died for you.

I would've walked through
the gates of Hell.

All you had to do was ask me.

And then you had to
call me a bastard!


- Get out of here, nigger!

- Stand him up, stand him up!

Stand him up!

I wanna see why you
won't go with us.

Wanna make a stake
for yourself, huh?

Wanna be a pansy.

Aw, what's wrong, nigger?

- No!
- Am I messing up your lover?

- Ah, get her up here.

- You white trash!

(groups laughs)


- Get up, you nigger!

Hey, look at that!
- Yeah.

- Tie the good captain
to the hitching post.

- Alright.
- Yeah.

- Tucker, take care
of this nigger girl.


Oh, Billy Joe, no.

- Get out of my way!

- Please, please.
- I'm gonna kill him!

- Please listen
to me, Billy Joe.

- He said bad things
about my mama.

Now you heard him!

- I know, I know.

Why don't you get some
water and throw it on him,

so it'll cool him down and
tighten him up at the same time.

- Hey boy!
- Mom!

- Hold still, boy.

- Mom!

- Isn't that pretty?

- [Tucker] (laughs) Yeah.

- (laughs) Yeah!

What you donna do, Sarge?

- I'm gonna teach him a lesson.

- You gonna take his gal?

- No, we're all gonna get her.

(group laughs)

Hey, how you like
that, nigger lover!

- For God's sake, Amison!

I'm begging you,
please, leave her alone!

- Would you listen to that?

Our high and mighty
captain is begging.

- Mom, no!

- [Amison] Bring him over
here where she can see him.

- Ah, there he is! (laughs)

- Mom!
- Not the boy!

- Mom!
- Well maybe if you see him,

you won't fight so hard.
- Mom!

- You and the young one

won't get killed, huh?

- Mom!

(group laughs)
- Mom!


- Yeah.

Yeah, go, Sarge!

- Mom!
- Yeah.

I like that.

- I'm gonna kill
every last one of you!

I promise you, I'm
gonna kill you!

(group laughs)

- Farrette, shut him up.

- You dirty rat!


(western music)

- Oh, that's better, nigger.

(group guffaws)

- Stump her one for
old Jefferson Davis.

- [Farrette] Get her, Sarge.

Get that rebel humper.
- No!

(group laughs)

- [Farrette] Hold still, boy.

- [Brinson] That's
better than them old gals

down in the corner!

- [Amison] Give
it to me, nigger.

- No.

Oh, no.

- [Farrette] Get her, Sarge.

You really got some
style! (laughs)

- [Tucker] Yeah,
work out, Sarge.

(Angie cries)

- [Jodie] Mom, Mom!

- [Farrette] Hold still, boy.


(group laughs)

Get her, Sarge.

Get her, come on, Sarge.

- [Angie] No.

- [Farrette] Hold still, boy.

Go on, now!
- Mom!

- [Amison] Go on, Billy Joe.

It's your turn.

- You're dead, Amison, dead!

I promise you, you're dead!

- Ah, shut up, family man.

- [Farrette] Yeah,
nigger family! (laughs)

- [Jodie] Mom!

- Did he hurt you?

I don't wanna hurt you.


He didn't hurt you.

You liked it from him.

You liked it from him, but
you don't like it from me.

You don't want me.

Tell me you don't want me.

Tell me!



- I'll see you in Hell,
you little bastard.

(gun fires)

(gun fires)

- My God, Billy Joe.
- You're gonna kill him.

- [Farrette] My God.

Burn it!

- [Amison] Brinson,
get the kerosine.

- Get it.

- Throw this way up in
there, I'll get the horses!

- Come on, boy, come on!

Let's go.

- [Amison] Hurry up, Brinson!

That a boy, let's go.

- Come on, get in there.
- Come on!

(group hoots)

(gun fires)

(gun fires)

(gun fires)

- For the trumpet shall sound,

and the dead shall be
raised incorruptible,

and we shall be changed.

For this corruptible
must put on incorruption,

and this mortal must
put on immortality.

So when this corruption shall
have put on incorruption,

and this mortal shall
have put on immortality,

then shall be brought to pass
the saying that is written,

death is swallowed
up in victory.

Oh death, where is thy sting?

Oh grave, where is they victory?

But thanks be to God, which
giveth us the victory,

to our lord, Jesus Christ.

(solemn music)

Oh lord, we beseech thee,

take into thy merciful care

the souls of this
woman and this child.

To wait thy good times,

until the raising of the
dead on the last day.

We therefore commit these
bodies to the ground.

Earth to earth, ashes to ashes,

dust to dust.

In sure and certain hope

of the resurrection
to eternal life.

Whoa there, son.

You'll start bleeding again.

You know, if that ball
had been a hair closer,

you'd be a dead man.

- Did you...
- Yes, yes.

I gave them a proper
service from the book.

- (sniffs) I want, I wanted...

- No, no.

Better you remember
them the way they were,

not that way.

- So help me God,
I'll kill them.

I'll kill every
last one of them!

- Vengeance is
mine, said the lord.

He will seek out your
enemies and smite them down.

- Well the lord will have
to get there before I do.

- You're in no shape
to move anywhere, son.

- Oh, I gotta.

(thunder rumbles)

- [Preacher] Get
up, get up, get up!

(lightning cracks)

Here you are, son.

Now hold on, son,

the body needs nourishment
if it's gonna heal.

- I don't need any food.

Killing is the only thing
that's gonna heal me.

- Now it seems to
me a man needs more

than just a pair of
legs to go on the trail.

Oh, I looked all over
your place yesterday, son.

Appears to me
that's all you got.

- Well, let's get going.

- Oh, no, I gotta follow
me calling elsewhere.

I can't deviate from the
course plotted by the lord.

- Not even to track down killers
like Amison and that bunch?

- I shall love thy
neighbor as thy...


Did you say Amison?

Calder Amison?

- Yeah.

Amison, Tucker,
Farrette, Crawford.

- Hold on there, son, hold on.

Oh, hey.

Calder Amison, wanted
for robbery, murder,
and you name it.

$1,500, dead or alive, yeah.

Let's see, Walter Crawford,
Billy Joe Mason, Cain's...

- Who are you, anyway?

- Oh, excuse me.

I didn't introduce myself.

Simms, Preacher Simms,
servant of the lord.

- A preacher, huh?

With wanted posters?

- Well, not ordained,
exactly, but close to it.

Sorta called to the cloth.

- Why the posters?

- Well, I sorta mix vocations,

a shepherd of the
flock, a hunter of men.

- Oh, a bounty hunter, huh?

- Well, for lack
of a better word.

Matter of fact, I've been
tracking Amison and his gang

for quite some time.

Wish I could've
been a mite sooner.

- Good, we could track
them down together.

- We?

Oh, I'm sorta spoiled
for working alone.

I appreciate the offer, though.

- There are six
of them, you know.

- Six of them?

The odds are kinda grim.

- Now listen, they served
under me during the war.

I know them inside and out,

how they think, how
they move, everything.

- Just what kind of a
split did you have in mind?

- Split?

Oh, you mean money?

You think I want money?

- Well, the thought occurred.

- Oh.

I don't want money.

All I want is to see every
last one of them dead.

- Well, I don't see any reason

why we should
hesitate any longer.

That is, if you
feel up to moving.

- Don't you worry about me.

You know, we've been on
this trail a long while now,

we haven't gotten any
closer to them yet.

- Patience, son, patience,
the race is not to the swift,

nor the battle to the strong.

Ecclesiastes, nine 11.

- Alright, you can
skip the sermon.

- Liquor and tobacco, the
stepchildren of Satan.

Rejoice in the
benevolence of God!

We should be on them
before nightfall.

- How do you know?

- Now who do you suppose
threw away that cigar butt?


You forget, I've been doing
this quite a few years.

Son, you got any
ideas how an invalid

and an old man like me is gonna
take on six armed killers?

- Sure, catch them with
their britches down.

- Amen.

A life for a life, an eye for
an eye, a tooth for a tooth,

a hand for a hand, arm for
an arm, a foot for a foot.

Just one favor, brother Cain.

- Yeah?

- Don't mutilate the heads.

- What do you mean?

- Well, simple, how
is poster money paid?

- You just bring in a
criminal or his body

to the authorities, I reckon.

- Uh-huh, long as it
can be recognized.

But experience has taught
me it ain't necessary

to bring in the whole body.

Long as they recognize the
face, I can collect the money.

- You mean you just
take in the heads?

- Notice that barrel on
the side of the wagon?

- Yeah.

- Salt brine, preserves
things quite a while.

- You mean you got
some in there now?

- Three of them.

- Giddy up!

- Say, did I ever
tell you fellas

about me and that
marshal over in Coonskin?

- Yeah, yeah.
- Many times, Crawford.


- Well did I ever tell
you what about the--

- We heard that one, too.

- Ah, I know I didn't
tell you one about me

and that great big old
washtub-sized whore

down there in Macon.

- Yes you did, Crawford.

- [Crawford] Damn, I could've
sworn I never told that one.

- Hey Sarge!

Where'd you get that liquor,
you been holding out on us?

- Hell no, I've been saving it.

Here's to ex-Captain Cain,
late of Greenfield Mansion

in the best 2,000 acres
of bottomland in Alabama.

(group laughs)

It's a celebration!

Tomorrow, we're gonna
go into Gold Creek

and spend some of them Yankee
dollars and have a good time.

- Hot damn, I'm
gonna see my woman!

I'm so full I'm about to
spill me all over! (laughs)

- Say, you still got
that whore hid out

in that cabin of yours?

- Listen, you keep your slimy,

fat ass mouth shut
about my woman,

or I'm gonna cram my fist
right down your throat!

- I'm gonna bust
your head wide open,

you snake-eyed, fat-bellied--

(gun fires)

- Now come on, this is
no time for fighting,

it's time for celebrating!

Come on, pass that jug around!


- Boy, that sure is good liquor.

Come on, man!

(wolf howls)

- Could be coyotes.

Maybe Indians.

But ain't nobody
out here, except us.

(group laughs)

- Hey Brinson, where you going?

- Going to take care
of some private.

- Don't wander too far.

(plays harmonica)


- Crawford, you better go
see what happened to Brinson.

- Aw Sarge, why me?

I ain't got no privates
to take care of!

Man, he's always got me
doing something like this.

(suspenseful music)


- You're mighty brave
with women and children,

aren't you, Brinson, huh?

You can't scream, huh?

Go ahead, go ahead, fight it.

You'll just break
quicker and easier.

(neck snaps)

- It's Cain!

(horn blows)

(gun fires)

(gun fires)

(man shouts)

(gun fires)

(gun fires)

(gun fires)

- Well, Brother Cain,

so much for your highly
technical military tactic.

- Well, we got two
of them, anyway.

- A man's work is never done.

- What'd you find out?

- Pretty profitable
night, Brother Cain.

The lord taketh and
the lord giveth.

About 2,000 worth.

What'd you say?

- I said what'd you find out?

- Oh, well it seems
two of them on horse

are headed southwest,
and one to the south.

That's in the direction
of Gold Creek,

the Sodom and
Gomorrah of the west.

- And what about the other one?

- The other one's
headed northwest,

in the direction
of Cripple Creek.

- Cripple Creek.

That must be Tucker.

We'll pick him up and
trail the others later.

That suit you?

- The lord goes
before us by day,

in a pillar of cloud
to lead the way,

and by night in a pillar
of fire, to give us light.

Exodus, 13.

- Exodus, 13.

(suspenseful music)

(gun cocks)

(gun fires)


Shut up.

- For God's sake, who are you?

- Justice Cain.

- The captain?

(door closes)

- Sorry, preacher, he
went before he cameth.

- Brother Cain, I
distinctly asked you

not to mutilate the head.

Neither death nor life, nor
angels, nor principalities,

nor powers, nor things
present, nor things to come,

nor height, nor depth,
nor any other creature

shall be able to separate
us from the love of God,

which is in Christ
Jesus, our lord.

We therefore commit
this body to the ground.

Earth to earth, ashes
to ashes, dust to dust,

in sure and certain hope

of the resurrection
to eternal life.


Care to participate, Brother?

Not very Christian
of you, Brother Cain.

- Nor hypocritical.

- It won't stay down.

My dealing's with
the evil in a man.

Once the evil's removed,

my duty is to commend
his soul to the almighty.

- You got room for a passenger?

- You know, we're not
touring the countryside

for pleasure, Mrs. Tucker.

- I'm not his missus.

- Jezebel.

All wickedness is but little
to the wickedness of a woman,

Ecclesiastes, 25 19.

- [Rita] I can cook.

- I ain't heard no
complaints about mine.

- I'm sure that there are other
things I could do for you.


- Don't you realize what
I've just done in there?

- Sure, you blew
Tucker's head off.

- You don't have to remind me.

- He had it coming.

- Ah, sure, sure, I know, but
there's so many other ways.

- Well, do I go with you?

- I can't see it, Brother Cain.

I usually find women
to be a hindrance.

- I know where Amison is.

- Where?

- I know, that's
enough for right now.

- How do you know?

- Tucker had a big mouth, and
he was in a hurry to meet him.

- Where is he?

Where is he?

- I learned a long time ago
not to give things away.

You wanna know where he
is, you have to pay for it.

- You mean you want a
ride out of here, huh?

- That's right.

- 1,500's a lot, brother.

Perhaps we were a bit
hasty in deciding.

- Come on.

(melancholy western music)

- Giddy up!

- Ho, ho!

- Well, what's the trouble?

- [Cain] There's no trouble,

we've just come to
a fork in the road.

Well, which way do we go?

- [Simms] Well, where
does that road lead?

- To where you can find Amison.

- You're not too free with
your information, are you?

- Insurance, Mr.
Cain, insurance.

If you knew exactly where to go,

I might not be
along for this ride.

- It's not Mr. Cain.

Call me Justice.

- They call me Rita.

- And one other thing.

I'm sorry about the way
I treated you earlier.

- Like I said, you
had your reasons.

- Giddy up!

(gun fires)

- Damn!

You crazy bastard!

- Who'd you think it was?

The boogie man or
Captain Cain? (laughs)

- You gonna get killed that way.

- What you gonna do,
look me to death?

I got your rifle right here.

Anyway, you wouldn't
have know it,

even if it would've
been the captain.

- A man's got a right to sleep.

- Yeah, well, we
wouldn't be in this fix

if you'd have made
sure about him!

- I thought he was dead.

- Yeah, he's the most livingest
white man I ever seen.

And you know he's out
to get us, all of us.

And he sure knows
how to do it, too.

Yes, sir, you know, I wonder
what happened to old Crawford.

It wasn't no shotgun got him.

- Ah, shut up.

- No, siree.

You know the old captain,

he kinda sneak around
as quiet as a mouse.

- I won't tell you again,

shut up!

- Oh, evening, Captain.

(gun fires)

Drop the rifle,
nice and easy like.

- What the hell do you want?

- I want my money.

- I should've figured it.

- Well now, ain't no
need you carrying more

than your share, now is it?

- I reckon you can
go take it all.

- Ain't give it much
thought before now.

- Go ahead, go on and
enjoy spending it.

- What makes you think
I'm gonna leave you here

to come hunt me down?

- Not me, it's Cain.

Every time you spend a dollar,

you're gonna have to
look over your shoulder.

- Got something on
your mind, Amison?

- Uh-huh.

You brought me to my senses.

Listen, I won't deny it,
you scared me plenty.

- Did sorta look
that way. (guffaws)

You said you had
something on your mind.

What is it?

- You know, ever stop to figure

that Captain Cain's
so busy hunting us

that he wouldn't
notice us hunting him?

- Well, you know he
ain't by his self.

Somebody got Brinson, too.

- Maybe that's to our advantage.

- Now how you figuring that?

- Well, they're too confident.

By the time they get to
noticing us hunting them,

we can be on top of
them, and it's too late.

- I don't know.

Oh, well.

Alright, when do we start?

- Just as soon as you put
that cannon away, there.


- Excuse me.

- I'd like to--

- I better see if the
preacher needs any help.

- Whoa.

- What's the problem?

- No problem.

Matilda here has been
pulling more of a load

than she's used to,
she needs a rest.

- Way out here?

- Nope, I just
give her her head,

she'll find the right place.

- There's some water
right over there.

(horse whinnies)
- Now look what you did.

You went and hurt
Matilda's feelings!

She would've found
it on her own.

(melancholy western music)


I see you ain't dead, after all.

- What are you talking about?

You got a dirty
mind for a preacher.

- You're gonna preach,

you gotta know the
good from the evil.

The lips of a strange
woman are like a honeycomb,

and their mouth is
smoother than oil,

but her end is
bitter as wormwood,

sharp as a two-edge sword.

Proverbs, five three.

Course, I don't say
you ain't got a right

to your own thoughts. (laughs)

- Well never mind my thoughts,
you just tend that skillet.

- Now what's the matter?

- Look over yonder.

It looks like you
could've been right!

- [Amison] Yeah.

- You know, if that
is the captain,

and he was afraid of
us hunting him down,

sure would have no fire
going, now would he?

- Well, let's just go over
there and see if it is him.

- Come on, giddy up.

- Hey, would you look at that?

- And what do you know,
there's Tucker's woman.

You can bet one thing,

old Tucker wasn't in no
shape to argue when she left.

(gun cocks)
- Hey, wait a minute!

Wait a minute, I
got a better idea.

- Where'd you get that?

- I had it since the
bank job at Four Corners.

(gun fires)

(bomb explodes)



- Get back!
(gun fires)

- What was that?

- Sure wasn't
anything God wrought.

- Hey man, what'd
you do that for?

- Well, I didn't really
seem fond of your plan.

- We gotta get out of here.

- I'll look and see if we
can still get the wagon out.

- No, no, don't, that's
just what they want.

- Who's they?

- We'll sure as
hell soon find out.

(gun fires)

(gun fires)

(gun fires)

Damn, I must be getting
rusty, Yankee rifle, too.

- One thing, we
ain't surrounded.

- The best way I can
figure, there's two of them.

- Well?
- Well, what?

- Well, seems to
me we got ourselves

between a rock and a hard place.

- Any suggestions?

- Well, you're the soldier.

- Well, you're
the bounty hunter.

- True, true, but I ain't had
much experience being hunted.

(gun fires)

- Well, you could
make a suggestion.

- Well I could, if I was up
yonder and they was down here.

- Alright, we'll
have to wait here.

- Well, Jezebel.

Gird up now they
loins, like a man.

Job, 38 two.

(gun fires)

- (laughs) If that
don't beat all.

(gun fires)

(gun fires)

- Your idea ain't
working so good.

- Well, we got them
pinned down, don't we?

- Yeah, but they got
more food and water

and everything than we got.

(gun fires)

- Well, it's not over
yet, just stay ready.

(gun fires)

(gun fires)

(gun fires)


Hey, Captain, come out
where we can see you!

- I'll see you, Amison, dead!

- Hey Captain, I see you
got yourself another woman!

I can tell you one
thing for sure,

she ain't as tender as your
nigger gal is! (laughs)

Hey, there he goes!

(gun fires)

- Damn!

I missed him.

He's luckier than
any man I ever known.

You know, Amison, wouldn't
be such a bad idea

to get the hell outta here
about right along now.

- Nah, just stay put.

He's not gonna be
so lucky next time.

- Hey, hey, looky there.

Ain't that Tucker's
girl cutting out?

- [Amison] Yeah.

- Damn, she sure does run funny.

(gun fires)

(gun fires)

(gun fires)

(gun fires)

God almighty!

Where'd that come from?

- It looks like we're
caught in the crossfire.

- What we gonna do?

- Not much we can do.

Just sit here and wait
for them to pick us off.

- Is that all you do
is light that cigar?

- My last one.

- You know, it might work.

- What's that?

- Give me your coat
and get that rifle.

(gun fires)

- What makes you think the
captain's gonna fall for that?

- 'Cause the captain is an
officer and a gentleman,

and he plays by the rules.

Hey, Captain!

Captain, I got a
proposition for you!

- What's on your mind, Amison?

- We got Billy Joe over here,
he's got a bullet in him!

You want for him
to bleed to death?

He's the one that
shot your young one.

Okay, Farrette.

- Man, you must think I'm crazy,

I ain't going out
there and get shot.

(gun cocks)
- You're gonna go,

one way or the other.

- What'd you say you
want me to tell the man?

- Just tell him we got
Billy Joe over here.

We'll trade him for
a six hour start.

And while you're jawing at
him, I'll lay one into him,

then we'll both take
care of the old man.

- Yeah, but what if he
don't fall for it, Amison?

- Then we're both dead.


- Captain!

Captain Cain!

I'm coming out, don't shoot!

(suspenseful music)

- Farette, you're one of
the best men I ever knew.

(gun fires)

(gun fires)

(gun fires)

- Thank God you're safe.


You can't do that.

Look, you can't leave him here.

Help me get him into the wagon.

- Here.

(cries in pain)

Come on, get up, get up.


- I must apologize
for my bad shooting.

I was girding up my loins, and
they caught me with my pants,

with my skirt up.


- Girding up his loins.

- Oh.

Excuse me, Jezebel.


- Thank you.

Where's the preacher?

- Scouting for Amison.

- Farrette?

- I bandaged him,
he needs a doctor.

- So?

- We gotta get him
to Gold Creek now.

- Why?
- Because he'll die.

- That's his damn problem.

- What is this hellish
grudge you've got

for Amison and his men?

- You heard what
Amison said about me.

Yeah, you heard him.

Yeah, she was part nigger.

She was my wife's servant.

Just like one of the family.

While I was away in
the war, fighting,

my wife died in childbirth.

I come back,
everything was gone.


Just Angie, Angie and the boy.

As far as the boy knew,
Angie was his mother.

So I married her.

I headed west.

I thought I could...

I thought I could build a new
life for that boy and woman.

And then Amison
came with that gang.

They raped that poor woman.

Killed her, burned my home down.

They killed my son.

- What happened?

- He just told me what
happened to his family.

- Oh.

- He'll be back.

- I hope so.

I lost Amison's track.

He may still be around.

(whimsical western music)

(owl hoots)

- I'm sorry that I lied
to you about Amison.

Tucker never said
anything to me.

He just came and took
me, like he always did.

Preacher was right,

I'm a jezebel.

He could see it.

From saloon to saloon,
from one man to another.

- Come on, hey.
- No, let me finish.

Then Tucker came.

He offered me a way
out, and I took it.

Then you came.

You looked like a...

So I'm sorry.

- Oh, dear.

- And the lord caused a deep
sleep to fall upon Adam,

and he slept, and he
took one of his ribs,

and closed up instead
the flesh thereof.

And of the rib which the
lord God took from man,

he made a woman.

Bone of his bone, and
flesh of his flesh.

- You haven't talked all day.

- You murderer.

- You mean him?

- Men, you're worse than wolves.

At least they kill to eat.

- He fell off the wagon.

Listen, he's lucky,
he died in his sleep.

- You're lying.

You weren't lying
last night, were you?

You know, about us
going to California?

You and me?

- No.

But only after I'm finished.

- Amison and Billy Joe.

Killing them won't bring
Angie and Jodie back.

What's happened is
done, it's finished.

- Not yet.

- Well, can't you let
the law do it for you?

- I'll do it my own way.

- Aw, Justice!

- And the lord set
a mark upon Cain,

lest any finding
him should kill him.

And Cain went out from
the presence of the lord,

and dwelt in the land of
Nod, on the east of Eden.

(plays "Camptown Races")


- Oh, okay, Billy, how about
buying ourselves another drink?

- (laughs) Honey, I'll
buy you the whole saloon.


Give me a drink.
- Oh, Billy!

- Takes money to
drink here, Reb.

- Alright.

I'll tell you what,
Yankee, you do the pouring,

and this here rebel will
do the paying, alright?


- It's gonna cost
you extra, alright?


- Fire one!


- Billy!


- Hey.
- Hey!

- Gin.

Hey, wait.

Hey, you take care
of my money, Yankee!

- Don't you worry about it, Reb.

- [Zelda] Zelda likes.

("Camptown Races" plays)

Do you like Zelda, huh?

- Yes, ma'am.

- Upsy-daisy. (laughs)

Oh, Billy.


- Don't touch that.

- Okay.

I was only kidding you.

Don't get mad.

Billy, don't get mad.




- Stop!

Don't do that.

- Oh. (laughs)

Billy, come on.

Make love to Zelda,
be a good boy.

- Mama?


You like me, don't you, Mama?

I won't tell nobody.


- What the...

What's wrong with you?

Don't you act like a man?

- Mama, don't.



- Get out.

Get out of here, you bastard!

(suspenseful music)

- You don't like me.

You never did like me.

No girl ever did like me,
even my mama didn't like me!

She said I was a--



(suspenseful music)


- Billy Joe.

- No.

Justice, don't!

- You can't stop him, woman.

- But...

- Thy will be done, on
Earth, as it is in Heaven.

- [Cain] Billy.

Billy Joe.

- Captain?


Hey Captain.

They're after me, Captain.

Yankees all over the place, sir.

Any orders?

(gun fires)

(woman screams)

(gun fires)

(cries in pain)

(gun fires)

(dog howls)
(cries in pain)

Captain Cain?

Please, Captain.


Why you shoot me
like this, Captain?

It ain't right, Captain.

It just ain't right.

The others, Captain.

We gotta get the
rest of the men.

The Yankees got Sarge!

We gotta go get him.

- We'll get them, we'll
get them, Billy Joe.

We'll get them together.

You and me, together.

(cries in pain)

- Mama!

Mama, it hurts me!

- Amison, where is he?

Where is he, Billy Joe?

Where's Amison, where's Amison?

- Yankees, they're gonna
kill him, we don't hurry.

- Hurry where, where?

Where is he, where's Amison?

Where is he?

- Captain...

It's all running
out of me, Captain.

It's all running--


- If you don't
tell me, Billy Joe,

you're gonna be in
a lot of trouble.

Where is he?

Amison, Amison.

- Pa...


(music box plays)

- Why didn't you
kill him like a man?

- She's got a point, son.

It ain't natural.

The ways of the
lord are strange.

He works his miracles
in wondrous ways.

You seek the wind, you'll
find the whirlwind.

- What the hell are
you talking about?

- I mean, son, the point
of your revenge is passed.

Now it's lust.

The lust for killing.

- Lust for killing?

Lust for killing? (scoffs)

Well you got some right to talk.

At least I don't
go riding around

with a barrel full of heads
floating in salt brine!

- It could be I'm wrong, son,
but I have kept it clean.

At least they died like men.

May the lord be with
you, Brother Cain,

'cause if he isn't,
you'll ride alone.

Giddy up!

Come on, come on!

- [Commander] Detail,
forward, half right, ha!

Detail, halt!

- Take the patch off.

Got a light, blue belly?

- Pick a post.

- Amison!

- Well, if it isn't our high
and mighty Captain Cain.

The Yankees are
about to deprive you

of a particular pleasure.

- That's right, Amison!

- Well, it's a good captain.

This is Captain Justice
Cain of Cain's Cutthroats,

in the late Confederate Army.

He's a hell of a man in a scrap,

but he married a nigger bitch,

one his daddy used to hump
back on the plantation.

She wasn't such a bad hump,
either, was she, Captain?

- Damn you, Amison, shut up!


- Well, you got all
of them, Captain.

All of them but me.

I may be fixing to die,

but I'll die knowing
you didn't get me.


- Detail!

(drum rolls)


- Prepare to fire!



(guns fire)

- No, no!

(gun fires)

- Detail, recover, ha!

Hut, ha!

Break rank, ha!

(energetic western music)

♪ War is Hell, few survive

♪ And no one ever wins

♪ But hate and greed
will sow the seed ♪

♪ When will it ever end

♪ Going back to Georgia

♪ I've been gone too long