Cain at Abel (1982) - full transcript

A modern-day version of the Bible story of Cain and Abel. Strong-willed matriarch Señora Pina favors her younger son Ellis over the older Loren, whom she blames for her husband's death. Ellis grows up cowardly and spoiled while Loren becomes a responsible family man despite his increasing resentment toward his mother. What began as sibling rivalry develops into a deep feud that later escalates into a large-scale war--with all the mayhem and bloodshed.

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Cain and Abel

- You lose! Your spider moves too slow.
- That's not true.

- Hey, jimboy, Alvaro, that's enough.
- Okay.

Come here. You've been playing for hours.

- We'll be right there.
- And please take a bath. You're both so dirty.

Jimboy, now!

In the name of the father, of the son,
and of the holy spirit. Amen.



God bless you.

- Grandma.
- God bless you.


Jimboy, Alvaro, time for bed.

But we're not sleepy.
We want to play.

Do you want me to hit you both?
Go to sleep!

I can manage. I'm not crippled!

- Go to bed.
- Wipe the altar.

It's dusty.

What are you waiting for?

Wipe the altar.
There's dust all over it.

Yes, sefiora.


Ma, excuse me.



Rina, my bedpan?

- The kids?
- In the bedroom.

- And mama?
- In her room.

You've been drinking again.

Your mother's going to be angry.

No, no.
I'll talk to her. Come on.

We need to buy a tractor.

Did you scrub the bottom too?

Yes, sefiora.

That was too fast.

I already cleaned it this morning.

You don't have to shell out money.
I'll just sell our three carabaos.

Don't touch those carabaos.

I'll withdraw money from the bank then.

Who gave you the idea
that we need a tractor?

Farms are using tractors now.

We're the only farm using carabaos.

I don't care about the other farms.

Maybe our farmers are just getting lazy.

They aren't carabaos.

Carabaos or not,
you're spoiling the workers.

This is why no worker lasts here.

I don't tolerate lazy workers.

Becky, where are you going?

Why are you dressed up?

Lorens bought me this dress yesterday.

It's our wedding anniversary.

So that's why you're drunk.

I just had a few drinks
with the workers.

There you go!

You want to buy a tractor

so the machine can do all the work
while you men drink all you want.

Have you sold your
share in jumbo's cabaret?

I rarely ask you to do things.

I invested my own money.

I earned it toiling the fields.
So it's none of your business!

It is my business!

You carry the laurente name!

What would people say?
That I raised a scoundrel?

If I'm a scoundrel,
what does that make you?

- You bastard! You really want to kill me?!
- Lorens, please!

- Get out of my sight!
- Stop answering back. Just leave.

- Damn you! Get out of here!
- Just leave.

- You want me to die?! Get out!
- Please, leave.

- Lorenzo, please!
- Get out of here!

- Don't answer back.
- Calm down, sefiora.

Senora, please. Calm down.

Have you called Ellis?

Yes, sefiora.

- Did Becky call him?
- Yes, senora.

Where is he now?

Doesn't he know that I'm sick?

I want him to take care of me.

Please, senora pina,
you need to rest.

Where is Ellis?

You need to rest.
Please, that's enough.

Where is my son?

She hasn't forgiven you
for the death of your father.


I'm sorry I wasn't able to take you out.

It's okay.

Your mother thinks of no one but Ellis.

She treats us like her workers.

Lorens, why don't we move out
and find our own place?

They need me in the fields.

She doesn't need you, Lorens.

She doesn't like you.

She doesn't like us.

You two fight every day.
Aren't you tired?

It's affecting us, your family.

She doesn't even show
any affection for jimboy and Alvaro.

She only cares about Ellis' baby.

And speaking of Ellis,
he knocked up the housekeeper

and yet that girl still lives here.

I hardly ever get to wear nice clothes

and she makes a fuss about it.

It's because you're beautiful.

That's why you get noticed easily.

- Lorenzo, please! You reek of alcohol.
- Don't worry. I'll brush my teeth later.

Hey! Watch it!
Be careful with my tummy.

I know what to do.

You're naughty!

I've always been naughty.

What are you doing?
This is why your mother picks on us.

- Forget about her. Let's go.
- Where?

To the kitchen.

- Kitchen?!
- We'll do it there!

What is that?

I think it's chicken blood.
It won't come off.

Just leave it.

Senora pina asked me to clean it.


Mister pilo. Come in.

Rina, it's your father.

- Come in.
- Wait.

Papa, come in.


Becky, do something about your kids.

They're too noisy.

Tell them to play outside.

Jimboy! Alvaro! Stop it!

You'll both be in trouble!

Come here!

My grandchild will become the
president of the Philippines someday.

- Right, baby?
- Senora pina, my father's here.

- Good morning, senora pina.
- Good morning.

Look at him, pilo.

Ellis looked just like this
when he was a baby.

What brings you here?

I've already bought the
chemical for termite control.

The price has now doubled.

Let me see the receipt.


And your change.

I don't know why this house
is now infested with termites.

Rina, show him where the termites are.

- Yes, senora.
- Come on.

- Pilo...
- Yes?

By the way...

According to Lorens,
we need to buy another tractor.

But we have two tractors already.

Maybe you're all squandering my money
because you know I'm sick.

No, senora.

The truth is, all farmlands
are using tractors now.

We're the only one using carabaos.

Oh, fine!

Let's go.

How are you, my child?

I'm fine, papa.

- You be good to sefiora pina.
- Yes, papa.

We should be thankful she provides for us.

Had you been someone else,

she would've driven you away.

Here you go, papa.

I heard Ellis is coming home.


Mama! Mama!


Uncle's here.



Hurry, put those away.
Jimboy, help your brother.

- Let's clean up.
- And these, too.

Hurry! Make sure you
don't leave any clutter.


- What?

Ellis has arrived.

Ellis is here.

Okay. Go meet him up.

- Becky.
- Ellis.

- How are you?
- Where's mama?

She just woke up.

- Mama!
- Ellis!

How are you?

Look at your hair,
it's grown too long.

- I'll trim it.
- You noticed my hair again.

I thought you're sick?

Why do you look
even more beautiful?

You sweet-talker.

Ellis, I'll put your bag inside.

Wait a second.

I brought some gifts.

What is it?

I have something

for my sweetheart.


What's this?

What's this?

An alarm clock?

But I wake up earlier than the roosters.

No. I just liked the design.

You can use it as a decoration.

And you can use this
to smell even more fragrant.

Wait. I haven't showered yet.


I also brought you gifts.

Here, you can share this.

What will you say?

Thank you, uncle.

Go play now.

- Let's open it.
- Becky, I'm sorry.

Don't worry about it.
Give me your bag.

- Ellis, help me out, will you?
- Oh, I forgot.

- This is so heavy.
- Sorry.

Come in.

Mama, this is zita.

She's my classmate in Manila.

What do you mean classmate?

- She's just here for vacation.
- Vacation?

Why? Is it our town fiesta?

Mama, please.

Sorry about that.

She's just joking.

Where's my baby?


Hey, rina!

Come here.

What are you doing there?

Where's my grandchild?

- In the bedroom.
- Bring the baby here.

- Yes, sefiora.
- I'll go there myself.

I'll leave you two so you
can get to know each other.

I'll just get my things outside.


He's grown big.

There's your daddy.


Can I carry him?


What a beautiful baby...

By the way, I got you something.


Sorry, it's second-hand.

I bought it from my classmate.

She needed some cash.

Nice, right? Try it.


Beautiful, right?

Looks good on you.

Do you have suitors?

I don't.

Maybe you're not entertaining any suitors.


Now, the next part of the program is

for the kids.

This is the magical hanky.

Remember, it changes colors.

There's more.

Keep a sharp eye.

If you don't, you won't
see what happens.


It's empty.

See that?

Here's more.

See? This one's also empty.

I wonder what this magical bag holds.


An egg!

I wonder...

Is there another one in here?

Let's have a look. One, two, three...

Another one!

You can have it.

- Go ahead, eat it.
- But it's not real.

Don't reveal your uncle's secret.

Here are papers of different colors.

Let's hold them all together.

For you.

To my beautiful mama.



Smells like you!

He pursued all the girls in school.

- Even me! So I told him—
- Rina...

- Why don't you eat with us?
- Finish your food.

It's okay. I'll just eat later.

Rice please.


Becky, take it easy on the rice.
It's bad for pregnant women.

Where's Ellis?
Why hasn't he eaten yet?

He's busy with something.

- Then?
- What?

Hey jimboy, where are you going?
Finish your food first.

What were you saying?

What did you do?

I told my professor that
zoology is my favorite subject

but if he doesn't stop
making advances on me,

I'll report him to the Dean.

That bastard keeps
batting his eyelashes on me.

Pardon my language.

But he really is a bastard!


Who used my room?

I let the kids use your room.

I knew it.

I locked that room!

You aren't here to use it anyway.

So what? It's my room.

How many times have I told you
I don't want anyone touching my things?

The problem with you people is you can't
understand a rule as simple as that.

They're your nephews!

You make it sound
like they're strangers!

- I don't want anyone using my room!
- That's enough.

- We're having dinner.
- Jimboy, Alvaro...

Get up and grab all your
things from the room!

Move it!

Why are you picking on the kids?

Why are you crying?!

Get up!

- Lorens!
- I said stand up!

- Get up!
- Lorens, you're hurting the kids!

Stay out of this! Let's go!

- Go to the room!
- Why are you taking it out on them?

- Come on!
- Hey, Lorens!

- I told you to stay out of this!
- Lorens, please!

Go to the room!

- Grab all your things!
- I said stop!

Every single one of them! Move!

Know what, Lorens, I don't think
I can stay in this house any longer.

Even the kids are dragged into your fights.

Jimboy and Alvaro will grow up
witnessing your sibling rivalry.

You don't behave like brothers.

He just envies me.

Because you picked me over him.

- Leave me out of it.
- But it's true.

He courted you in high school.

But he courted all the girls in school.

And he won all their hearts
with his good looks and charisma.

Except for me.

We just went out on a few
dates, including prom night.

He forced himself
on me so I dumped him.

Wait a minute...

What are you implying?

That all three women
in this house are in love with him?

Oh please!
I already have you to endure.

What's that?

- Bang!
- Lorens, that's not funny!

- It's not loaded!
- I don't care!

- It's not funny at all.
- Don't be mad.

- Come on.
- Where did you get that?

It was cheap so I bought it.

It's good to have one for protection.

- Especially since you're all women here.
- Put that away, the kids might see it.

It's not loaded. You're too grumpy.

Are you sleepy?




- Ouch!
- Be quiet.

What's the matter with you?

My shin.

Be quiet.

I don't understand why your mother
had to put me in a separate room.

That's the way she is.

Hey. Mama is in the next room.

It tickles!


The bed is too noisy.


Get up.

- What now?
- Get up.

I'll take care of this.


Come. On the floor.

Come on.

We'll do it here.

Come here, hurry.

One, please.

Fl would have wanted to stop you. I

I but my heart was worried. I

- sir, here's your beer.
- Here.

- Let me take those empty bottles.
- Celso...

We've been waiting for this.

We just went out earlier.

Blame lolit.

He said he couldn't sleep,
so he called for us again.

- You're just feeling horny.
- Yeah.

- I heard your brother, the city boy, is here?
- Ellis? Yeah.

Is he still a mama's boy?

Let's invite him so he'll get smashed.

Commander pina will
go after us if we do that.

We don't want to be her enemy. Right?

- I want to remind you, brethren...
- Here.

Of one of the ten commandments.

Thou shall not commit adultery.

That law must be followed
by every good Christian.

But what is happening today?

Mama, please.

I used to walk around the fields every day.

Now I'm like a prisoner in this house.

You smell that?

It reeks of medicine in here.

Help me, will you?

You should go out for a stroll.
The sunlight will be good for you.

I'm thinking of

having my last will
and testament finalized.

So in case something
happens, everything is ready.

What a morbid thought.

What do you want to inherit?

Ma, please.

Tell me.

Until now you still don't know
how to speak your mind?

What do you wish to inherit?

I want the land.

I plan to leave you all of my money.

I'll just set aside a little
for the future of Lorens's sons.

As for this land,
you'll share it with Lorens

since he's the one who manages it.

I want the land, ma.

Let me have it.


Lorens has brought me
nothing but problems anyway.

He can't manage the fields efficiently.

But what about your studies in Manila?

I'm dropping out of school.

Besides, I've been flunking
my classes for years.

Because all you do is
get women pregnant.

At least not with men.

Please, mama.

You might end up like Lorens
who doesn't have a college degree.


You're keeping a secret
from me, aren't you?

Why do you want the land?

Who gave you this idea?

I'll live here in the province.
Isn't that what you want?

I'll be good from now on.

- You'll see me all the time.
- Who gave you this idea?


There you go.

- We're getting married.
- What?!

Are you out of your mind?

I love zita, ma.

I changed because of her.

You just don't realize it,
but she's a lot like you.

She knows how to handle me.

Maybe you met her inside
a movie theater last week.

Then you two checked in
a motel for two days.

Now you've dragged her
here for marriage?

Have you asked her how
many men she has slept with?

I've known zita for a long time, ma.

She's had her wild days
but she's changed.

Both of us have.

Zita's an orphan.

Her parents died in a plane crash.

She has a younger brother.

And their parents left them
a substantial amount of money.

What will the townsfolk
say if zita moves in here?

Imagine, you're sharing a house
with your two women.

A housekeeper and a...

I don't know what the other is.

When did you start caring
about what other people say?

When you asked me not
to have rina's baby aborted

because you wanted a grandchild

I obeyed you.

When you said you
don't want rina to leave

because she's the only
helper you get along with,

I complied.

I always comply with your wishes.

Ma, please Grant my request.


Please say yes.

Do you like having a baby?


I almost had a baby.

But I had an abortion.

I hope you don't get mad.

I want to ask you something.

What is it?

Oh, never mind.

It's okay. I won't get mad.

Were you...

Were you Ellis' girlfriend?

I knew you'd get mad.

I knew it.

Forget it.

No. I'm not mad.

You're not? Really?

I was never his girlfriend.

He just got drunk one night
and went inside my room.

It happened again, on several occasions.

I knew he was just after my body.


He's good to me.

So I endured everything,
even the gossip.

Do you still love him?

He's my master.

When I delivered my baby,
I almost died.

How come?

I didn't give birth in a hospital.

Turned out there's something
wrong with my uterus.

Why here at home?

Senora pina wants all her
grandchildren to be born here.

Becky's sons were born here too.

Did you consider having an abortion?

I mean...

It must be hard, right?
It's like being a single mother.

Senora pina paid me.

She also paid the other
two women Ellis knocked up.


Ellis got two women pregnant before me.

Sefiora pina paid them
to get an abortion.

As for me, she paid me
to keep the baby.

During that time,
sefiora pina thought she was dying.

She wanted to have
a grandchild from Ellis.

But she forbade him
from getting married.

Why did you say yes?

My father and I needed the money.

She waived all our debts.

And she provides for us.

In a small town like this,
people are bound to talk.

We're poor.
We can't afford to listen to gossip.

Besides, they've stopped
talking about us.

My child! Excuse me.

Here's your milk, baby.



- Baby...
- Rina?

They might start talking again.

What do you mean?

Ellis and I are planning to get married.

I told him I want to tell you myself.

Woman to woman.

Sefiora pina objects.

But Ellis and I have made up our minds.

She has no choice but to accept me.

We might stay here for good.

Ellis doesn't want to be away
from his mother because of her age.

What's your plan?

Do you still want to live here?

Will it be any trouble
if my baby and I stay?

Not at all.

Damn it. Why do I always
have to put up with him?

Because you're older than him.

Because you love him more!

Are you accusing me
of taking your brother's side?



You didn't allow
me to go to college.

You said you needed someone
to help you manage the farm.

So you sent Ellis to school.

Now that I've grown to love the fields,
Ellis suddenly decides to quit school!

And now he wants to manage it.
Where does that leave me?

You can help Ellis in the fields.

It'll be wise to have him there...

So you'd stop hanging out
at the cabaret with those hoodlums.

You've favored Ellis over me
ever since we were children.

Whenever I made a mistake,
you'd hit me with a long stick.

I was so terrified!

But when Ellis made mistakes,
the most he got was a scolding.

And when he starts crying,
you bribe him with candies.

All those times, I just told myself...

To be patient...

Just because I'm older.

I should learn to accept it.

He knocked up a number of women.
Even our housekeeper!

And what did you do? You paid her
and asked her to live here!

Did you care about what
people said? You didn't!

But whenever I screw up,
what do you do?

You always say that I bring nothing
but shame to the family.

You killed your father.

It wasn't me, ma!

You have to believe me. It's...

Ellis told that to you.

He lied...

Ellis picked a fight with me. Papa
tried to stop us and he had a heart attack.

I never wanted papa to die, mama.
He was the only one on my side!

I raised you both...


Your father left me with nothing.

I was the one...

Who worked hard and found a
steady source of livelihood for all of us.

Now this is how you repay me?
What more do you want me to do?

I want to ask you the same question, ma.
What more do you want me to do?

I'm your son too.

I just want you to love me
the same way you love Ellis.

He wants to marry zita.

I can't allow that.

If I don't give him
this land, he might leave.

He needs to stay here
so I can watch over him.

Give him the land then.

First thing in the morning,

Becky and I will leave.

Don't threaten me, Lorenzo.

The land is mine.

I decide who gets it.

You're just my son.

Ellis is your son.

Not me.

I'm not done with you.
Come back here!




- Yes?
- Come here and help me!

Coming, senora!

Ellis, the clock you gave me
rings at random hours.

I think it's broken.

What is it?

What's going on here?


Lorens and his family left.

Don't let them in here
in case they return.

It's dirty there.

Are you sure, jumbo?

Hey, jimboy, hurry up, will you?

- Help them unload our things.
- Coming.

Check out this kid.

Where are my toys?

Please, now's not the time
to worry about your toys.

- Where do I put this?
- Hey, man.

What's your plan now?

I want to leave this town, jumbo.

- Jimboy, please stay put!
- Can't blame you.

If I were you, I'll burn
that house to the ground.

Or if you want,
we can beat up Ellis.

Just give us the order. You know
we'll back you up all the way.

- That's right, boss.
- Yeah. Count us in.

If it's for a friend,
we're willing to fight to the death.

We're your true brothers.

We're your family. Right, tikboy?

You said it, boss.

I'm just reminding you.

When papa died, jumbo and the boys
were the only ones who consoled me.

We've been friends
ever since we were children.

And you're the one
who pays for everything!

It's your money that built
that cabaret in the first place!

Fine, you say jumbo's
your business partner.

But even if he's related to the mayor,
he doesn't have any money.

They're the only friends I have, Becky.

They're murderers.

Take tikboy, for instance.
His solution to every problem is to kill.

Then it's good to have them
on our side. They can defend us.

Rina, why don't you eat with us?

I'll just eat later.

Damn it! Eat with us right now!

When did you start talking back?

Go and grab your plate!


It's like you're all grieving.

Good day, sefiora pina.

Good day to all of you.

We brought some fruits to commemorate
the anniversary of your husband's death.

Thank you.

Please sit.

Yes, it's the anniversary
of my husband's death.

And it's been a personal tradition of mine
to give you a little help on this occasion.

But before that...

I want to announce
that starting today,

Ellis will be managing the farm.

He'll be giving you orders from now on.

Is that clear?

Yes, sefiora.

- Ellis?
- Ma?

The envelopes.

- Pilo...
- Yes?

- Help Ellis distribute the envelopes.
- Yes, sefiora.

Now, if you'll excuse me.

Thank you.

Susanna atienza?


- Thank you.
- Andres torres.

Andres torres.

Benigno torres?

- Benigno torres?
- Thank you.

Juan bonifacio.

Juan bonifacio.

Baldomino carmona.

Baldomino carmona, come here.

One hundred sacks of rice every day.

During the rainy season,
one hundred sacks of grain.

We're able to profit from
milling fees and charges.

And that's where the problem lies.

Sometimes we're out of supply. So we're
forced to order from other farm estates.

I hope you can talk to the owner
so they can reserve it for us.

As for the tractor that Lorens
was asking from your mother...

Mister pilo.

Let's just discuss this at home.
It's too hot in here.

Okay. If that's what you want.

- Let's go?
- We'll get going.



Is that you, Ben?

- How are you?
- I'm good.

It's been a long time!

- Are you married now?
- Yes. I have two kids as well.

This is my youngest.
My eldest is at school.

- Whom did you end up with?
- Lerma. She's from davao.

What happened to mameng?

It didn't work out.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- Well, you know.
- So how are things?

We get by somehow.

We own a small store.

Are you staying for good
or are you just here on vacation?

Mama has asked me
to manage the rice mill.

But what about Lorens?

- Zita, this is my former classmate, Ben.
- Hi.

I'm glad you didn't drop the cabaret.

Who would've thought she'd give
the farmland to your brother?

Your mother's a hard nut to crack.

Maybe she's becoming senile.

We can attack the farmland if you want.

We're ready to carry out your orders.

- Right, boys?
- Yeah. We can attack them now.

What do you say, Lorens?

- Hey!
- Hey Lorens!

- Lorens!
- What's up with him?

- What's wrong?
- I think he got mad.

So I dated this girl. She didn't
want me to turn the lights on.

You know why?

She has a boil on her neck.

Imagine that! She even
told me that it's just a zit.

What is it?

What's wrong?

Go talk to Lorens.

Oh, please!

I'm really bothered.

I think you should go
and talk to your brother.

This isn't right.


He worked hard for the farmland.

And then all of a sudden
you'll show up and claim it.

It's unfair.

What can I do? Mama
willingly gave it to me.

Come on, Ellis.

She gave it to you
because you asked for it.

Fine, I asked for it.

But it's for us.

For our future.

We're getting married, remember?

I get it.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

I feel sorry for Lorens and his sons.

Why are you so angry with your brother?

He's self-righteous.

A martyr.

No matter what I do,
he makes me feel guilty.

Because that's what your mother tells him,

that he should give way because he's older.

But you're not children anymore.

Besides, what are you going
to do with the farmland?

I know you.

The reason why you want the land is
because you resent your brother.

Don't tell me I'm wrong.

Let's go find him tomorrow.

I'll come with you, okay?

- Ma, we're going out.
- What?

- Where are you going?
- We're going to see Lorens.

Hey, zita.

What are you wearing?

What about it?

Is that a dress?
Why is it so short?

Is there a shortage of fabric?

It's a miniskirt.
It's back in style.

I don't care. Ellis, tell her
to change her clothes.

No way! I'm no prude.


You're not in Manila.
You're in the province.

People might disrespect you.


Good afternoon, mister Dante.

Is Lorens here?

Just ask jumbo. He's inside.



It's Ellis. He's looking for Lorens.


He's looking for...

- Is Lorens here?
- Come in.

This way.

Finish your drinks.

Boss! Someone's looking for Lorens.

City boy! How are you?
When did you arrive?

Last week.

Is my brother here?

What's the matter with you?

You're with a beautiful chick and
you won't even introduce her to us.

That's right! She's sexy!

These are my brother's friends.

This is zita, my friend from Manila.

- This is...
- Tikboy.

Stand up when being
introduced to a chick.

Don't be rude.

- This is tikboy.
- Hello.

So you meet a chick from Manila
and suddenly you're shy?!

Introduce yourself! Stand up.

- I'm lolit.
- It's his nickname.

His real name is lolito.

I'm celso...

Damn you, put a shirt on
when you're in front of a chick!

But it's too hot, boss.

Damn you.

He's our runner.

I'm jumbolini.

Is my brother here?


- I don't know. Is he?
- He's not with me.

Not with me either.

Mister pilo said he's here.

- Then why do you have to ask?
- God punishes pesky people.

Damn you, who gave
you permission to laugh?

Sorry, boss. There's nothing else to do.
Besides, what he said was funny.

Aren't you going to
tell us where Lorens is?

This woman is feisty, boss.

God will commend her.

I just need to talk to
my brother. It's important.

Have a drink. Your brother might think
we didn't entertain you properly.

Come on.

No thanks.

I don't drink.

- It triggers my asthma.
- Well, beer is good for asthma.

- Give it a try.
- Yeah, try it!

Hey! Aren't you going to
tell us where Lorens is?

We're asking seriously here
and all you reply are jokes?!

Come on. We're just offering drinks.

We're just showing our hospitality.

Aren't you going to answer our question?!

- Boss, this woman is feisty.
- I agree. She's got balls.

You bet!

Give it to me!

- There you go.
- Finally.

Drink it!

- Bottoms up!
- Straight!

- There...
- Nice!

This guy can drink.

I'm good.

- No more for him.
- Hey, wait a second.

You didn't turn him down.
So you shouldn't turn me down.


That's enough.

You have to Grant his request too.
You can't turn him down.

He may be quiet but he's dangerous.

No more, please.

Are you pleading?!

What's with the nodding?
What does that mean?

This is unacceptable.

You granted their request.
So you can't turn me down.

He said no!

No means no! Leave him alone!

You bastards! What?!

Let go of me! You pigs!

- Zita!
- You got nothing better to do?!

Damn all of you!

- Calm down.
- You bastard!

- Stop it. Enough.
- Hey, you stay out of this!



Bastards! You pigs!

Come back here!

- I'm not done with you!
- Ellis!

Ellis! Ellis!

I'm sorry.

I wasn't able to defend you.

I got nervous.

I got scared.

That's okay.

I understand.

Think about it.

You worked there like a carabao for years,
then she just gave it to Ellis?

The whole town is talking about it.
It's humiliating, Lorenzo.

Why do you listen to gossip anyway?

It was the lawyer who told me.

And your mother has asked him
to draft her last will and testament.

She's not leaving you a single cent.

Not even for the kids.

I don't believe it.
I don't care if I don't get anything.

But she should leave
something for her grandsons.

Mama's just punishing me now,
but she'll change the will.


What's wrong?

Why aren't you sleeping yet?

I want to confront them, Lorens.

This isn't right.

You're still thinking about that?

I won't allow them
to mistreat my sons!

- What do you want me to do?
- Fight back!

You want me to go there
now and confront them?!

Let's go to sleep. Forget about it.





What happened, celso?

It's Becky.

She's gone to confront your mother!

You treat us as if we're dirt.

But aren't you the filthy one?

This house holds so much filth!

You can mistreat your son, but not mine!

Had I known,

your favorite son got
the housekeeper pregnant...

Because you coaxed him into it.

So he won't leave you.

- That's enough Becky. That's too much.
- Too much? But it's true!

What kind of a mother
are you? You're filthy!

- You even act as your own son's pimp!
- You ingrate!

- Ouch!
- Sefiora pina!


- You're shameless!
- That's enough!

Stop it, Becky!


You're all shameless!

- You pig!
- Stop it!

- Enough!
- Come here!

- Lorens!
- Stop it!

Stop it! You're going to kill your brother!

- Stop it!
- Lorens! Your brother!

Stop it, Lorens!


- Lorens, let go of your brother!
- Damn you!

- Sefiora pina!
- Scoundrel!

Let go of me!

- Damn you!
- Let go of me!



Lorens! Lorens!

Lorens! She's bleeding!

Lorens! Lorens!

Stop it!

There's blood!


Becky, hold on.
We're almost there, Becky.


Hold on, Becky. Please hold on.











- Boss, it's Lorens' mother.
- What?

She's here.

Call Lorens.

It's sefiora pina.

Sefiora pina.

Good evening, senora pina.


Jimboy, Alvaro, get inside.

I said get inside!

Yes, papa.

Go! And don't come out!

Before I lose what little
respect I have for you...

Leave now.

Jumbo, escort them out.

That won't be necessary.


Spread out!


The fire!

I hope no one finds out
about this, grandma upe.

You can keep them inside the house
as long as no one sees them.

I'll take care of them.

What's the use of being Becky's
relative if I don't help you?

Thank you.

Come here, you two.

Be good, okay?



Papa, are we going
to see you again?

Of course.

I just need to take care
of some things first.

Do whatever grandma upe asks, okay?


- Alvaro?
- Yes.

Don't fight, okay?


- Please watch over them, grandma upe.
- Don't worry about them.






- My god!
- What is that?

- What's going on?
- Stay down!

It's Lorens!

It's Lorens!

Why are they shooting at us?

Get my gun!

This is my house.

You're no longer needed here.

Ellis needs me.

How presumptuous of you.

Your own son fired shots at
your own house last night.

Don't tell me you're not aware
that it was Lorens and his gang.

Well, I can't blame him.

Because you're the one
who taught him that.

And I can't allow Ellis
to go down the same path.

A scoundrel is a scoundrel.

Scoundrels give birth to scoundrels.

So now you're taking the side
of that scoundrel, Lorens.

Why am I not surprised?

You're a tramp.

I don't care if you object
to Ellis marrying me.

He has his own mind anyway.

I know my son.

He just wants you for sex.

You're more vulgar than I am.

Get out of my house!

You think of no one but yourself.

You mistreated Lorens.

You showed him that you love Ellis more.

But the truth is

you destroyed them both.

You ruin the lives
of everyone around you!

Damn you!

Damn you too!

Oops! I can slap you, too!

Get out. Get out!

Ellis invited me here so he's the
only one who can tell me to leave.




- Rina!
- Yes?


- Where's Ellis?
- He's not home.

- Where did he go?
- He just went out.

Look at rina.

Do you realize what
you've done to her?

Get out!

I'm sorry, rina.

I need to see Ellis.

I will ask him to choose between us.

I will tell him that it's
time for him to man up.

- Mister pilo.
- Yes?

- Is Ellis here?
- No. He just left.

- Where did he go?
- I don't know. Maybe he went to town.

Thank you.


Damn you! You're tough, huh?!

Lolit, what are you doing?

We were told not to hurt her.

Stay out of this!


Let me through.

Hey! Wait a minute.

Don't go inside.
There's nothing to see in here.

There's nothing to see here.

Please bear with us.

Her body was found in a dike.

We've called the medical
examiner to conduct an autopsy.

But we suspect that she was hit
on the head with a sharp object.

We found this beside her body.

Tikboy! Celso!

You bastards!

Boss, I wasn't part of it!
I wasn't there!

You monster!

Boss, stop it! Boss, please!

You pig!



Jumbo, why?


Believe it or not,
we didn't mean for it to happen.

We just wanted to scare her.

To teach her a lesson.

What happened was an accident.

Besides, we did it for revenge.

We did it for you.

Because of them, your wife
and unborn child are dead.



Damn it, I'm talking to you.

If you're angry, then tell me.

You blame me for zita's death, don't you?

Am I right?

Blame your damn brother.


- Sit at the back.
- Okay.

Boss, do you know
where the laurentes live?

Robert, what's that?

Those are guns.

I came here to kill the men
who murdered my sister.

I can do it alone.

But it's not a bad idea
if you want to help out.

I remember, zita told me
you're afraid of violence.

That wouldn't be a problem.

I can train you. I'm here now.

What is it?

Keep these closed. It's dangerous.

They can see us from outside.

And don't stand near the window.

They can shoot you from the street.

What are you looking for?

You can easily get cornered in here.

You have no other exit.

You need to sleep in another room.

Is there an exit through the kitchen?

I don't know.

I never noticed.

You need to know these things!

Wait a second.

Do you think
we're in some kind of war?

Have you seen straw dogs?

Remember what Dustin Hoffman did
to the men who raped his wife?

That's what I'm going to do to them!

I'm going to blow their brains out

then feed it to the dogs.

Hold this.


I don't know how to hold a gun.

It's easy.

That's not the way to hold it.
Put your fingers in here.

There. Okay.

Now place this here.

Keep your shoulder steady.
Not too stiff though.

Loosen up.

Now, you lock on your target using this.

We can't take too long
with your lessons.

They might get to us first.

I can handle myself,
but you have a lot to learn.

Focus on your target.
Don't be nervous.

Focus. There you go.

Focus. Stay still.

Think of the gun as your friend.

Think of zita
and how they killed her.

My turn.

Whenever you get scared,

think of zita.

They raped and murdered her.

Think of that and nothing else.


Who is he?

It's tonio. A buddy of mine.

He just arrived today.

Damn, your hideout's the real deal.

I wouldn't be able
to find this place myself.

I'm glad they didn't think
you were in a rock band.

I know!

So when do we jam, dude?

Before we jam, let's get high first.

Come, let's get started.


Dude, these three guys,

they're the dasmarifias trio.

Did you hear about the girl with polio

who got raped on her wheelchair?

These three were responsible for that.

- Dude, that was never proven.
- Not for you, at least.

Because we raped the girl.

You raped the wheelchair!

You're a smart-ass.

Let's get out of here.

One by one they go...

Focus on your target.

Think of what they did to zita.

Bull's eye!

Let's go. Hurry up. Come on!

Ellis, let's go!

What are you waiting for?
Come on! Let's go!

- Wait, dude. The steps are slippery.
- Will you please be quiet?

Be quiet!

Alright. Very good. Now, we are going
to discuss one in particular.

We're now going to discuss nouns.

Okay. Can anyone define what nouns are?

I don't know where my sons are.

And even if I did,

why would I tell you?

Lorens! Lorens!

- What?
- Come on!

- Hurry! The cops are after us.
- I'm packing Becky's stuff.

Leave it. Let's go!

- Hurry!
- Let's go.

Boss, I've summoned our boys.

Where's lolit?

He's not here.

I told him to be here at seven.

It's already nine.

I have a bad feeling about this.

- Are you sure?
- Yes, I am.

That guy is their runner.

They'll be here, just wait.

It's Ellis! Get down!

Let's go!



You've been very good to me.

Forgive me for my shortcomings.

My father and I owe you so much.

I know it's hard for you to stay here.

It's dangerous here.

So if you want to leave,

I won't stop you.

I'll stay here for as long as you need me.

I don't think...

I'm going to last much longer.

I wonder...

If at least one of them will return.

What are you thinking?

I'm thinking of mama.

You're playing the martyr again.

I'm thinking of my sons too.

I hardly see them.

Well, I miss the cabaret.

- How about you, tikboy?
- Yeah, me too.

But I enjoy this.

Besides, I'm used to this.

This is not the first time I'm willing
to kill for the sake of a friend.

Senora pina?

Senora pina?

Senora pina?

Senora pina?

My god!

- Dude, are we smoking papaya leaves?
- Idiot. This is imported weed from Angeles.

Hey dude!

We've been waiting for hours. Go for it!

Are you stupid?

There are people around.

- Damn it, we've been here a long time.
- There are cops around!

They're waiting for us to show up.

Let's wait for them to leave.

Damn it!
You're pissing on me, man!

Good thing Ellis
and Lorens didn't come.

It's dangerous.
There are cops everywhere.

I didn't go to the funeral, Lorens.

Too risky.

They might follow me
here and see the kids.

I heard the cops were waiting
for your gang and Ellis' to show up.

It's okay, grandma upe.

By the way...

- What's this?
- Here.

Let me help you.

- But..
- Take it.

What's this?

- Just a little cash for you and the kids.
- Oh my...

That won't be necessary.

There's still some
left from last time.

- That's mine!
- I'm just borrowing it! You're too selfish!

- Hold this please.
- You're so cocky now!


Hey, jimboy!

- What's the matter?!
- You're too cocky!

- Come here!
- You think you can fight me?!

What's happening here?!

You act as if you're all that.

I just borrowed it. I was going
to return it. He's so selfish!

- He's so arrogant.
- You'd kill your brother for a slingshot?!

He's your brother!

You're older, you should give way!

- He always gets my toys.
- He's too selfish, he thinks he can fight me.

I just borrowed it,
you act as if I won't return it.

You're so arrogant!

You coming, Lorens?

Hey! Are you coming or not?

Where are you going?

Nowhere. We just want to have fun.

Scare people.

- Right, tikboy?
- You said it.

Go ahead, I'll stay.

Okay. These two will keep you company.

Let's go.

We'll go ahead, boss.


What are you doing here?

Isn't it too dangerous for you to be here?

I left the gang already.

They wouldn't let me go.

How's my baby?

He can say “mama”
and “dada” now.

You look tired.

You should change. I'll get you
some clothes from your room.

Here's your milk.

Be quiet, baby.

Okay, go to sleep now.

I don't know. Believe me.

I don't know where they're hiding.


they'll kill me if I tell you.

What if I do it myself?

It's not the cops.
It's Ellis and his gang.

That's enough!

Let's go!


Let go of me!

Damn you...


Damn you, they're already killing us!

Mister pilo...

I wasn't involved in rina's murder.

But I can't say that I'm innocent.

It's all our fault.

Help me, mister pilo.

I want to reconcile with my brother.

Talk to him. He'll listen to you.

Your gang knows about this?

They don't.

What if it's a trap?

You have to believe that
his friends do not know about it.

Doesn't matter! It's too dangerous.

Rina died.

It truly hurts.

But I want this bloodshed to stop.

Everyone in town is mourning.

Aren't you tired of living like this?

You could kill or be killed anytime?

What does he want?

He wants to meet with you in the forest.

Tomorrow afternoon.

Just you and him.

I'm begging you, Ellis.

Talk it out just like
what real brothers do.

Don't go there alone.

It's dangerous.

We'll be there to protect you.


what do you get from all this?


Before, we killed because of zita.

And now, for rina and my baby.

But now we've forgotten about zita.

We just kill at our own will.

One day, we'll also forget
about rina and my baby.

And the killing will continue.

And we'll forget why
we're doing it in the first place.

What's important is that we win.

I can't go on living like this.


I'm not a criminal.

Why? Am I a criminal?

The ones who kill for
money are the real criminals.

Just go to sleep.

That bastard!

He thought he could outmaneuver us.

I'm sure it's a trap.

Be careful.

Believe me.

Don't worry.

We're here, we got your back.

Hey! Stay alert.

I thought you wouldn't come.

He has a gun!

- Brother...
- I don't have a gun.