Caiçara (1950) - full transcript

Marina is a beautiful and perfect young woman, daughter of leprous parents, living in an institution. She sees the chance to leave the place when the owner of a small shipyard in an island proposes to marry her. She accepts, marries him without love and moves to the small sea coastal village, where the gossiper dwellers make comments about her. The disgusting partner of her scum husband tries to rape Marina when her husband is traveling. Later, her husband dies in a boat accident, and a young and handsome sailor arrives in the island. Marina feels a great attraction for him, but is blackmailed by the former partner of her husband about the health problems in her family and her origins.

Tell me.


What about the guy?

I was the one who handcuffed him.

What are you saying?
Both of them?

Hey.. Move aside.

Why have you allowed
a crowd to gather?

Send them away.

Listen to us. Move away.

- What happened?

Sir, Inspector Mansingh called
and asked for you to come here.

Mansingh has taken
a girl from here.

He has admitted her
at Lifeline hospital.

A boy was handed in their custody.

They were told to interrogate him.
The guy must have done this.

Mansingh had informed
the control room.

I just spoke to him.

He was the one who gave
me these details.

Where is Mansingh?
- He was at the hospital.

He is now on his way here.

Did you contact him on the

He did not reply, sir.

Give me his mobile number.

I have it on my phone, sir.

I tried to call him,
but he did not respond.

Sir, are you the doctor?

Doctor Kanthraj?
- Yes?

I'm ACP Vijay.
I spoke to you over the phone.

Never mind that.

Show me your ID first.

An imposter wearing a police
uniform kidnapped a patient.

I can't believe this, sir.

What's going on here?

Is this enough?

'The vehicle is parked on the road.
He is not in the vehicle.'

Mr. Vijay is here. I'll inform him.

I'll contact you again.


Mansingh isn't answering his phone.
Something's not right.

Sir, we just received information.

The ambulance that took the girl
was found 2 km from here.

The three attenders
were found dead.

Gunshot wounds.

As it was a police vehicle,
I didn't question him.

I don't know when
the Innova entered.

Once the ambulance left, the police
officer who drove this vehicle

left in the Innova.

I found it peculiar,
but dropped it.

What could I have done, sir?
Since he was a police officer

I did not pursue it further.

Okay. Wait there,
I'll call you later. - Thank you!

Rajesh, open the trunk.

What is it, sir?

Mansingh's dead body
will be inside.

What are you saying, sir?

Damn it!

What is happening?

Find the clothes she was wearing

when Mansingh admitted her.

See if you can find anything there.
- Yes, sir.

Sir, there are two
ticket stubs from Satyam Theatre.

Night show.

Give it to me.
- There was nothing else, sir.

The 10:00 p.m. screening.

Sir? - I'm here to meet
the manager. - Is that so?

He is expecting me.
- Okay, sir.

Open the gate.
- Just a minute, sir.

The 10:00 p.m. show, right?
- Yes.

What is it, sir?

Get the footage from the
balcony camera. - Okay, sir.

Isn't this the ground floor?
Show me the balcony.

Sir, these are all the
camera shots from the balcony.

Is this the crowd from
the night show? - Yes.

What about that?
- That too.

Show me that footage.

This is the balcony, sir.

I'm looking for a girl

wearing a pink T-shirt
and black jeans.

Fast forward.
- Okay, sir.

Slow down.


Rewind.. Come back.

H-Hold it.

I think this is the girl.

Who is this?

He is the guy who
came with that girl.

Are there cameras on both sides?

Yes, sir.
- Play it.

Are they on the phone
with each other?

He is talking to him from here.

Is he hiding?

Rewind it.
- Okay.

Freeze it.

Look. My time is precious.

Let it be worthwhile.
- I know, Doctor.

Trust me.

Doctor, look at this.

Is she the girl?

Yes, that's her.

Was he the one who impersonated
a cop and took the girl away?

Yes, it definitely was him.

'Control room calling mic 20.
ACP Vijay, please respond.'

Yes. Receiving. Tell me.

'Sir, this is the control room.'

'We received a call from a man.'

'He saw a guy hitting a girl'

'who matches the
description you gave us'

'and carrying her away
in an Innova.'

'The man called at once.
The girl was seen wearing'

'a pink T-shirt and black jeans.'

'Approximately 45 minutes later'

'he claims to have seen the same
vehicle again at ECR road.'

'The man followed the vehicle'

'to a house and called
us from there.'

'We told him that the
police would take over from here.'

'We asked him to leave.'

Okay. - 'Since it matches
the description'

'we are informing you.'

'The man has given us an address,

'His mobile number is..'
- Give me the address.

7/11, Meenakshi Illam

Samudra Avenue, Neelangarai.

We don't have a warrant, sir
He said he'll send backup.

If necessary,
you can scout the house.

If it is him, the suspect is armed.

Three policemen have died.
Be cautious.

What is it?
- I love you.

I love you too.

I feel like I've gone crazy,

I feel like I'm flying.

You've done something to me.
I'm crazy about you.

I'm smiling.

I'm just getting started.

All I did was kiss you once, Arjun.

You're the one who was scared
that my parents would see.

If you want,
come and get another one.

Hey, are you sure?
- Yes.

Shall I come upstairs?

You said you can't get out
of the house.

I am downstairs.

What? No way!

- Arjun, what are you doing here?

Please, there is no one at home.

Just come.

We can return by
4:00 a.m. tomorrow.

Stop it!
If my father finds out

we'll never be able to be
together this lifetime.

Arjun, leave!

Think about it.

Has he ever come to your
room to check on you

after going to bed?

No! Because he knows
that you are a good girl.

Say goodnight to your
parents and go to your room.

After that, come out.

- Arjun!

You said so yourself.
Just one kiss.

But that kiss should be the
longest kiss in the world.

At my place, in my room.

- I can't.

Don't think about why.

Just think how.

Are you going to come out through
the balcony, or the front door?

Sukanya, please!

W-Wait, hold on.


I watched this movie yesterday.

- Yes.

Why don't we watch another film?
- Big deal.

I just want to sit
beside you in the theatre.

The movie doesn't matter to me.

I'm hungry.

What do you want to eat?

- Anything else? - No. - Coffee?

- Sure?

Just popcorn. Come back soon.
- I'll be back.

'Who, him?'

'He is a demon.'

'You can't escape him.'

'Pack your bags and leave.'

'That's what's best for you.'

'That will be futile.'

'He will come'

'no matter where you are.'

'He is omnipotent.'

'That's usually said about
God. But he is the devil.'

'Dig a trench and hide inside.'

'Do you understand?'

'I assure you. He will come.'

'The number you are trying to reach
is currently switched off.'

He just came to buy popcorn.

He was wearing a white
T-shirt and jeans.

Where? - 'The number you're trying
to reach is switched off.'


'The number you are
trying to reach..'

'The number you are trying to reach
is currently switched off.'


I am Veera.

Oh! Hi.

It's been years
since I last saw you.

Are you fine?

Yes. - It's been about five years,
right? - I'm fine.

Do you live in Chennai?

Yes, I do.
- I haven't seen you around here.

That's why I asked.
What did you do after school?


Look, I-I'm in a hurry.
I have to go.

Did you happen to see Arjun?

Oh! Did you come with him?

Are you with him? Yes..

I saw him.
- When?

He just left in a car.

Swathi was driving.

It was a Zen.

I didn't speak to them.
I was sitting in the car.

You showed up five
minutes later. I was wondering

how all my classmates
were at the same place.

But I had to come and talk to you.

- Yes, Swathi.

She studied with us.
They just left in a Zen.

Just five minutes ago.

Are you sure?
- Yes.

Why? Any problem?



Are you going home?

Come, I'll drop you.

Will you drop me?
- Yes, sure.

I live in Adayar. - Just come.
I'll drop you No problem.

Come, sit.

- No problem.

It's none of my business.
But despite coming with you

did he leave with her
without telling you?

That's bad.

It's been a while
since I met Arjun.

I met Swathi a few times.

After completing my 10th,
I didn't study here.

I went to a
boarding school in Ooty.

I graduated from a
college in Bangalore.

Engineering. What about you?

I studied here.


Oh! Okay.

I'm not in touch with
anyone from our batch

as I went to Ooty to study.

I missed it all.

I returned from Bangalore in April.

I'm work at Satyam
as a project manager.

I am set.

I've been trying to contact you.

It was then that I saw
you at the theatre.

I couldn't believe it.

Are you working?


You know, I'm sorry.

I can't think straight.

We'll meet some other
time and talk.

I just need to get home now.
I'm sorry.

Darn! I'm sorry, I kept talking.

You must be really upset.

There must have been a problem.

Else, he wouldn't have left like
he did without informing you.

He will surely call you up.

Maybe they thought they could
return before the movie ended.

Whatever it was,
he should have informed you.

That's what I would have done.

I wouldn't have gone at all.

That is different.

Take a right here.

Oh! You said you lived
in Adayar, right?

It is close to Adayar. Not a
lot of people know Kanakam.

I take this road every day.

My office is situated on OMR.

Is there a residential area here?

- Oh, okay.

Make an U-turn here.

I told you to take a U-turn.

I'll turn back after I speak
to you for two minutes.

I don't know if
I'll get the chance again.

It's been so long.

I'm just not in the mood.
I really need to get home.

Please take this U-turn.
- Okay. Okay.

- Okay.


I just thought that

you'd have got home late, if you'd
watched the whole movie.

Take a left here.

Can we meet again, Sukanya?

Let's see.
I'm very busy with work.

Oh, I see.
Can I have your phone number?

Give me your number.
I'll call you.

My father questions me about
who I'm on the phone with.

He is very strict.

I'll call you up.

When we're free, we can meet.




Take a left here.

Stop by that car.

You have crossed it. Stop!

Just two minutes. Please?

No. Not now.

I'm really getting late.
I have to go. Just stop the car.

Okay, turn here and stop.
I'll walk from here.

What is wrong with you?
I told you to stop.

I'm going to get off.


Sukanya? Sukanya?

I hope she is not dead. Sukanya!



Sukanya! I'm sorry.

Just listen to me. Okay, I'm sorry.

Leave me.
- Just one minute.

Just listen to me. Sukanya!

Come here!
- No!

Sukanya! Don't go there!

Come here. Hey!
- No.

Open the door.

Stop the car!
- Sukanya! Hey!

Stop the car!
- Listen to me.

- I'll kill you.

No! Listen to me.

Don't go there.




What have you done?

I'll kill you..
- Hey!



You refused to give
me your phone number.

'My father is very strict.'

But there is no problem
when Arjun calls you, right?

You scaled the balcony
and jumped over wall.

Look at what happened.

Why did you kill him?

I didn't like him.

I have seen you both
together many times.

It was unbearable.

That is why.

I didn't plan anything, Sukanya.

I just planned to
follow you as usual.

An idea struck me when I saw him
by himself at the theatre.

That I would get a chance
to be with you today.

I kept talking and
lead him to the car.

He started off by saying that he
was madly in love with you

and that he
planned on marrying you.

I hit him once and he
fell unconscious.

I thought for a minute.

I killed him.


The vehicle seems to be dragging
in a peculiar manner.

Don't give me a flat tire, baby.

Hello! What is it, Sukanya?


Help! Help!
- Stop..

Save me!


What the hell is going on?

My girlfriend. She is drunk.

There is no other way.
Please mind your own business, sir.

No problem.

Don't you ever do that again!
I'll kill you!

It will all be in vain. Being in
love with you for over a year.

Following you around.

I know everything about you,

Your friends,
your parents, your sister

your moods,
your favourite music, your Arjun

your favourite food,
your favourite dress

your favourite books. I even know
your favourite brand of underwear.

I spend at least two
days a week in your room.

When you're asleep at night,
I've even licked your leg.

This is love! Love!

If I were to come and confess
that I liked you

you would've told me that
you were in love with Arjun.

That is why I killed him.

He's out of the picture.
- Arjun.

Even now, if you say yes

we'll get rid of him
and go away to some place.

Nobody has to know.

I'll give you the best life ever.


What are you doing?

Leave me!
- She stabbed me with a knife.

Wild cat.
- Let go.

Have you heard of them?

She fought like that.

What a girl!


Hey, open the door. Open.

Hey, open the door. Open.

Hey, open the door. Open.
- Sukanya. Sir!

Open it.
- One minute.

they stabbed me with a knife.

Get out. Get out.
- I didn't do anything.

Sir, they stabbed me.
- What did you do to her?

I stepped out to check
if it was a flat tyre.

They were wearing a
blue shirt and jeans.

- Three of them.

- They stabbed her as well! - Stay!


Ma'am? Hello?

What happened? Ma'am!


Sir! What happened?
- Keep quiet.

Sir, please! Tell me.

Is she okay, sir?

Are you okay, Ma'am?

Are you coming?

Come fast.

Hey, what did you do to her?

Sir, I didn't do anything.

It looked like I had a flat tyre.

I halted the car to check
when three guys attacked me.

They tried to do
something to her as well.

I fought back.

They wore a black shirt and jeans.

They had a knife.
When I turned around..

They stabbed me and I fainted.

What's your name?

Karthik! - What's her name?
- She is my girlfriend Radhika.

I didn't do anything, sir.

- My hands hurt. Please, sir.

What happened?
- That girl has been stabbed.

He has been stabbed
in the shoulder.

I will take her to the hospital.
- Go..

I will take her to the nearby
hospital, Life Line.

I think a gang of guys
have tried to do something.

He is lying.

Sir! Sir! No.
- Hey, wait.

That girl will tell the truth.

Remove his handcuffs.

Take him down to the
station and bandage his wounds

Check the car thoroughly.

Start questioning him.
I will be back by then.

Come. Help me.

Come here.



The key to the handcuffs.
- Okay, sir.

Also, book him
for tinting the car windows.

Hey, get up.
- Sir.

- Come.

Were you stabbed?

It's a small wound. Nothing major.

Take him to the station.
- Come.

Get inside.
- What happened?

What did they do? Tell me.
- Hey!

Hey! Hey!


Catch him!
- Let go!

My gun!

How is she, Doctor?

The wound is not too deep.
- Okay.

Her vital organs were not affected.

She still has to be taken
to the OR and given sutures.

But she is fine.
- Okay, Doctor.

Where and how did it happen?

Tell me.


Yes. What about that guy?

I was the one who handcuffed him.

What are you saying?

Yes. I handed him over to them.

Okay. Note down the details.

He was driving an Innova car.
He is slim and sports a beard.

He was wearing a light blue shirt.


I'm in charge of this case now,

This is the central minister's

You don't have to be involved.
I am shifting her to GH.

That's the protocol.

So, is she okay to travel?

That's your problem.

Excuse me!
- I said, 'That's your problem'.

- Yes. Protocol!

Royapettah, GH.

What happened, sir?

Tyson. Hey, come here!

Tyson, come here!

Come here.

Are you surprised by the uniform?

It belongs to someone else.

It's not mine. Doesn't it stink?

I will take it off.
I even have a gun.

Good boy.

What are you looking at?
Are you wondering who she is?

Come here. Come here.

She might get scared
if she sees you.

You shouldn't scare her. Okay?

Go. Go!

Ms. Meenakshi?

Nothing. I'll be right back.

I've never had trouble with the
numerous girls before her.

No police. Not a single question.

But I had to face a lot of
trouble to bring her home.

Just for her.

What else? That's it.


Thank God, sir!
His.. His name is Veera.


Stop crying. Hey!

You are where you belong.
This is my house.

Welcome home, Sukanya.

Please! Don't cry.

You will find everything
you need here.

It's just for a year.

Then, it will all be okay.

Forget everyone else.


Be with me. Please!

I will leave you alone for a while.

You must understand something.

You can only leave
here if I allow it.

this will be your everything.

It will be best
for you and everyone

if you keep that in mind
and stay here. Okay?

Hello! Hello, sir.

Sir, is this the police station?

- What happened?

She stabbed me with a knife.

Police, hospital..
It was a huge mess.

Don't kill me.

What are you doing?

I will not run around to help
you if you're in trouble.

I can't.

There has been no trouble so far.

You won't have to face anything.

It's all your fault.
- It's all because of you.

From where did you bring her?
What was the need for it now?

You say that the police
is involved.

Many people will come
in search of her, Veera.

I need her. She was my
classmate in 10th standard.

I love her.


Damn it!

She is not like the other girls.

You should talk to her.
You will really like her.

But she doesn't like me.

I will make her do
all the work for you.

She will do all the
work for you in my absence.

Think about it.

What are you going to
do about those girls?

I'll kill them.

Don't come near me.



Leave her. Let go of her, please.

Let me go!

Let me go!

I don't like her.

Kill her as well.

I don't need anybody else here.

She is not fit for you.

She will never accept you.
I know it.

Listen to me, she's trouble.

Kill her. Right now.

Leave no sign that she was here.

No. Please, Ms. Meenakshi.

Just do what I say.
- Hey, Veera.

I'll do anything..
- Answer me

Who else has seen
the two of you?

How much more trouble
will she bring?

Nobody who saw us is alive.

Just a doctor at the hospital.
But that's nothing.

But I need her.

- Kill her, Veera. Now!

Else, I will..
- No.

No. Just go.

Go. I will take care of everything.


She will stay here.

You are jealous again.

Like always.

You hate it when I'm
with someone else.

It started with Sandhya,
and now, even her.

Oh, God! Please! Please!

Get him, my babies! Eat!



Okay, come.
- No.

Are you going to kill me?

- Don't cry.

No. No.
- Hey! Hey!

Please! No!
- No, it's nothing!

Just come.

Come out. Come!
- Let go of me!

- Come.

Hey, what happened?

Okay, take care. Please!

Are you okay?

Come here. Just here.

Isn't it nice here?

I always sit here.

Does your stomach still hurt?

Does it hurt a lot?

I'm sorry, okay?

I didn't stab you.

That was Samar.

Not me. Don't you know?

Samar stabbed you.

I woke up when that cop
knocked on the window.

You were bleeding and I got scared.

Samar is the bad one.

I would never do something
like that.

It was Samar who hit you.

I love you. I'd never hit you.

I have saved two girls from
Samar and kept them locked here.

It's been two years.

If I let them go,
I will get caught.

He has caused me
a lot of trouble.

I don't know what to do, Sukanya.

Sukanya! it was Samar
who killed Meenakshi as well.

Fire. He didn't like the
fact that she was getting married.



I saved her and brought her out.

A blazing fire.


Did you see?

She is no more.

She is dead.

She was in the
hospital for eight months.

One fine day, she died.

I brought her here.

I buried her here.

In the backyard.

That side.

Samar thinks that she
is still alive.

He talks to her.

Ms. Meenakshi!

He will do anything for her.

He behaves like she exists.

She is the only one he fears.

I am scared of him.
- It's all because of you.

Don't cry.

I have been in love with you
ever since we were in school.

Since tenth grade.

After school, I was unaware
of your whereabouts.

There was a girl named Sandhya.

I was happy when I was with her.

I thought it was love.

But that was not love.

It was just a feeling.

I brought her home one day.

I'll always be online on chat.

Sadly, she is no longer alive.

She is dead.

It was Samar.


Killed her.

Can I kiss you?

Please, Sukanya!

I love you.

Please! Don't refuse.

- Don't refuse. Please!

Please! No.


Sukanya, are you okay?

What happened?



Where were we?

The kiss, right?

I will take you somewhere.


Come, Sukanya.




Leave me.
- Come.

Take your shirt off.
- No.

Nothing will happen. Come.

I will take care of you.
- Please listen.

Sukanya! I have watched you many
times at the GRT swimming pool.



- Let go!

Get in.

Don't look at me. Close your eyes.

Swim, baby. Please, Sukanya.
Let's have a good time!

I think it's going to rain.

It's raining!

Go, Tyson! Go, Lexi.
Don't lose her! Sukanya! Don't run!


A warrant can't be arranged.
He said he'll send backup.

You can scout the house
if necessary.

Good job..

Lexi, Tyson, don't leave her.

Calm down.


Stay away. Stay..

Hi, my name is Samar.

Nice to meet you, Sukanya.

Hey! Hey!

I told him numerous times

that there's no use
talking to you gently.

But he never listens to me.

Come. Go, my babies!


What happened, Sukanya?

Everything was fine
in swimming pool.

I wished to be there
with you my entire life.

It was so beautiful.
What happened then?

Why did you hit me?

You could have told
me if you didn't like it.

I wouldn't have forced you.

were you pretending to hit me?


Come! Won't you ever
give me what I ask for?

Can't you talk to me
for five minutes?

Five minutes!

Now, wait and watch. You will
stay here for a long time.

Come. First, you stab me

and now, you slapped me.

Where did you get this
habit of hitting others?



I'm trying to be nice to you.

But you won't let me. Right?

It's been two years since
the two of them came here.

Her name is Sharada.
Her name is Revati.

You can ask them about
what I've done to them.

You'll reform only if I keep you

It's my fault that he
wanted to keep you happy.

You slapped me.

I'm going to..

I'm going to..

Come. Come. Look at what
I'm going to do to you.



Let us start by washing your hair..

And then?

Be careful with her hair.
Don't get blood on it.

I want her hair.


Help me!

Oh, no!

Leave! Go away from here!

Run away.

Ms. Meenakshi!

He is not here.
- Where is he?

No. No.
- Where is he now?

He went that way..
- Look inside.

It's not possible.
It can't be unlocked.

Do something.. Please!

You can kill him.

Hey! What are you doing?

Please. Please don't..
What are you doing?


Don't go. Please!

Hey, who's there?

This is the police.

- Run away! Escape!

I'll kill you!

What do you know?
What do you know about me?

How did you know
that I was here?

Was the guy who came
here earlier a cop?

Have you come alone?
Or is there a force on the way?

I must leave this place.

What kind of a person shoots a dog?

Meenakshi, bring me that gun!

I will kill you.

Get the gun, Meenakshi!

Shoot him!

Shoot him!

Meenakshi, come on..
Shoot him!

Come, shoot him.


Why did you shoot me, Meenakshi?

Is this how you repay me
for taking care of you?

It's okay. You did well.

Don't cry..
Okay, give me the gun.



I'm here. You're fine. Hang on.

Don't touch me.




I saw him

for the first time
when I was school.

He was in my class.

Tenth standard.

I've never spoken to him..
- Roll.

...when we were in school.

After schooldays..
- Slightly.

...I saw him again at Satyam
Cinemas that day.

I was eight years old.
My father..

My very own father.
He was a horrible man.

He is the reason why
I turned out like this.

What could I have done?



Even if I close my eyes and try.
I can't recall Bombay.

I only remember my father's face.

I only remember what he did to me.

You would have
never seen such things.

Shit! Shit!

Samar, my boy! Come! Come!

Why are you calling him?
- Come.


Come, Son.

Are you unable to sleep?


The girls were not foreigners.
They were from our country.

Mallika. - Hi.
- That's Anila.

Reena. Say hello.
- Hello!

You guys continue. Just carry on.
Don't worry, babe.

I was eight, I didn't
understand a thing.

By the time I turned nine

I knew enough to
write a book about it.




Bye, Samar!
- Bye!

From the age of eight to thirteen

I was under a demon.

One fine day, she..

She came into my life
like an angel.

She was the one who
taught me that word.

Yes, I called you two hours ago.

It rang. But you didn't pick up.

Oh, is it?

Yes, of course.
I reached before 2:30 p.m.

I was bored as I had
no work at office.

What's your plan?
Come home. I'm at home.

Is that so?


What's your name?

Don't you understand Tamil?

Yes, I do.

What's your name?
- Samar.

Why are you sitting here?

Are you okay?




How are you?

Are you okay?

Samar, where did you go?


What are you doing?
- Nothing. - Come inside.

Why did you go out
without telling me?

Why not?

Hey, where are you going?
What's your problem? Hey..

It was good. Okay.

Come on.

Let's make this interesting.

Whose key is this? Come on..
- Disgusting!

Pink isn't gay.

Are you ready?
- What's wrong with it?

Do you want to go out and..

Just leave the boy alone.

I wouldn't have come
had I known there were kids.

- Come let's go..

Yes, totally.
- Sir!

What should we do? We won't
have to use guns, will we?

Yes, but there is a child inside.


Who is that?
- Attack.

Who are you? Who are you?
- I don't know..

Who are you?
What's your name?

Please, sir! - Two people
ran upstairs, go after them.

Go search there.

Die, rascal!
- Dad!

There is a child here. Careful!

You're shooting at a child, rascal!
- I won't shoot..

- Hey..

It's okay.

Come here.

Don't cry. I am here for you.

It's going to be fine.

I will look after him.
I will become his guardian.

He will live with me.
- Okay.

She was my neighbour.

After that day,
that became my world.

There's no need to turn off
the light. Let it stay on.

You will be okay.

Don't worry. I am there. Okay?

- She was with me for two years.

I was everything to her,
and she was everything to me.

I don't know why she did all that.

She sent me to school.

She bought me new clothes.

She looked after me very well.

She told me that I would
no longer be known as Samar.

She said that my
name would be Veera.

- Come, let's go.

I will drop you today.

Have you taken your books?
- Yes.

Do you have your ID card?
- Yes, it's in my bag.

Ms. Meenakshi! One minute.

Just come in.
- What?

Come. I want to show you something.


He lived with me for two years.

I looked after
Veera as my own son.

Isn't it nice?

Is it nice?
- Very nice.

Rs. 1,000.

All the money you
have given me is over.

So what? I will give you more.

Happy Birthday!
- Thank you.

Thank you so much.
- I don't know when it happened.

I began to lose her.

All of sudden,
I started having nightmares.

Every night.

Dreams of my past life.

Ms. Meenakshi!

Ms. Meenakshi!

I am getting scared.

I am getting scared.

Veera, what happened?

I'm having nightmares.

I am terrified.

I am getting scared.
- What?

I want to be next to you.

I'll stay here.
- You're can't be here, Veera.

Go to your room and sleep.

I am getting nightmares,
Ms. Meenakshi.

Veera! Veera!

I will be with you only.

Veera! Don't scream.
- Hold me, Ms. Meenakshi

I am getting scared.
- Okay.

- I am getting scared.

- I am getting scared.

Nothing has happened.

I am getting scared.
- Okay.


Veera, what?
- Ms. Meenakshi!

Ms. Meenakshi!

I will sleep next to you,
Ms. Meenakshi.

Only then can I sleep.
- Veera!

Ms. Meenakshi..
- Sleep, Veera.

- I'm scared. Hold me.

Sleep. Sleep.
- I will be with you.

Okay. Okay, it's nothing.
- I'm having nightmares.

Okay. Okay.
- I am getting nightmares.


I will be here only.

- I won't go anywhere.



Sleep, Veera.


She was with me for two years.

- Yes?

I am going to get married.

He's a friend of mine.
His name is Krishna.

I've known him for a long time.
He's been asking me for a while.

He is on his way here.

I want you to meet him.

Hi! Meenakshi?
Where is Meenakshi?

She is inside.
- Oh, call her.

I'm extremely glad to meet
you, Veera.

Veera or Samar?


Nice to meet you, Veera.
- Same here, sir.

What's the plan, Meenakshi?
- Shall we go out?

It happened so suddenly.
- They told me at 12..

Is that all?
Will a signature suffice?


Okay. Here you go.


You should congratulate me.

We're finally married.


Won't you congratulate
Ms. Meenakshi?

- Thank you very much.

He is very shy.

This would have never happened

if we hadn't met at
the bank that day, right? - Yes.

I think so.
- I pursued you for four years.

when we were in college.

All you said was 'no'.

But three months ago,
after all these years

I asked you again.

And you said 'okay'.
I just can't figure you out.

I never liked you during
the four years in college


- When I met you

after 13 years, I liked you.

I think it's because of this.

What happened? What happened?


What are you doing?
- Move away!

He needs to die!
I'm the only one for you!

Who is he to be here?
Let me kill him!

Meenakshi, call the police.

Call the police now. Meenakshi!

- Ms. Meenakshi! Ms. Meenakshi!

Leave him, Ms. Meenakshi!

Ms. Meenakshi!

Ms. Meenakshi..

Ms. Meenakshi! I am there for you.

Ms. Meenakshi! I am there.

We'll go live somewhere else.

We don't need him.
I love you, Ms. Meenakshi!

I love you, Ms. Meenakshi!
I love you.

Hereafter, I will be all you need.
We don't need him.

I'll be there for you.

- I am there for you.

Listen. I will take care of you.

Why did you bring him into
our lives, Ms. Meenakshi?

I'm everything to you.
Let's go live somewhere else

Why do you need him
when I'm around?

This is not a marriage.
We don't need this.

- I don't like it!

Meenakshi! Help me!

Veera! No.

No. No.

Ms. Meenakshi!

Ms. Meenakshi!

Oh, no!
Nothing will happen to you!

Ms. Meenakshi!



It took her three months
to finally open her eyes.

Surgery for five months.

I'm her lawyer, I need to see her.
- Eight months of hospitalisation.




There should be no
charges against the boy.

- No accusations either.

Take care of it.
- All right.

Take care of it.

Do you understand, sir?
- I..


All right.
- If he is arrested

it will become a huge problem.

There should be no
charges against him.

- He didn't do anything.

- I'll take care of it.

My husband was not a good guy.

He hit me. He wounded me.

He abused me that night.

It was he who caused the fire

He tortured me using a candle.

The entire room caught fire.

He was the one who
caused my burns as well

Got it?
- I will take care.

I want you to help me.
- Okay.

Did you get any news about Veera?
- No.

He was the one who saved me.

He brought me out of there.

Find him and bring him to me.
- Go and talk to her.

Sorry, Ms. Meenakshi!

I-I am sorry.

What are you doing?

Ms. Meenakshi!
- Okay, enough. Come

You are making a scene.

Come. - Ms. Meenakshi!
Come! - Ms. Meenakshi!

I will take complete care of you.

I will take care of you.

I'll take care of everything.
Keep me with you.

I'll be there for you.

I am not angry with you.

Only him.

He is not a good guy.

That's why, I did it.



Come. Come and sit next to me.

Look at me.

What will I do?

How will I step out?

I am bald.

I have nothing.

The lawyer and I spoke
to the doctor.

Reconstructive surgery.

Then, skin grafting.

They will take another's
skin and match it with yours.

You will be beautiful again.

You will even get your hair back.

You will get dresses in
a particular material.

You will be comfortable in them.

That's just for a couple of years.

Then, you'll be fine.

I'll be there to take care of you.

We will move to Madras.

Isn't that what you wanted?

I'll take care of it.

Get my house in Chennai
ready for us to move in.


I want to go there.

I will go there with Veera.

The doctor said that I will be
discharged in three months.

I don't want to stay in Bombay.

I want the documents to..

Transfer all my assets to him.

Power of attorney, legal guardian..

Take care of everything.

Take him with you.

Show him around.
- Okay.

Please take care of him.

Get his TC from his school here.

Get him an admission in Chennai.
- Okay.

Six months later

she passed away in the hospital.

Did you ask for an ambulance?
- Yes, sir.

Why do you want to take her to
Madras when everything is over?

Please don't treat me like a kid,

She wanted to go to Madras.

I want to take her there.

You've made arrangements at
the house there, haven't you?

I have the address. I can go.

I'll.. I'll take
care of her there.

I came to Chennai in
the ambulance with her

five years ago.

Let's wait awhile.

No, let's leave.

We'll leave immediately.

He's mad. He seems to talk
to himself. - Bring her out.

Hey. Why do you keep
saying that she is dead?

She couldn't have shot you

if she was really dead.

She was the one who shot you.

She didn't die.

She is going to die.

Ms. Meenakshi..

Go inside.

There's a big backyard too!

We can have a lot of dogs here.

What a huge tree!

Go inside.

Isn't it nice?

Ms. Meenakshi!
There is a room downstairs for you.

There is a room upstairs for me.

Is it nice?

Did you like? it's your room.

Ms. Meenakshi.

Are you okay?


Please eat.

You need to eat well.

I went to school after
coming to Chennai.


I saw her for the first
time in school.

She was my classmate.

She studied with me.

It was just for a year.
I didn't go to school after that.

I didn't like it.
I preferred to stay at home.

We didn't allow anyone
inside our house.

The two of us took care
of everything.

Ms. Meenakshi!

She did all the household work.

Ms. Meenakshi! Did you see this?

Isn't it nice?

I got it done myself.

After the dawn of the internet

You could do anything with ease.

In today's world, the internet

is the easiest way
to pick up girls.

No matter how intelligent
the girl is

she will fall prey

to a bunch of lies uttered
over the internet.

Their parents buy them computers.

Fast internet connection.

They stay up the
whole night chatting.

Parents sleep under the impression
that their daughter is studying.

And that is how
Sandhya fell prey to me.

After that, I became her prey.

- Yes.

- Sandhya.

- Hi!

She was simply beautiful.

An Angel.

Good to see you finally!

Good to see you actually.

Her smile was like
like flowing honey.

I've never seen honey flow.

It's a Tamil idiom I've heard.

I'm just using that
idiom as a reference.

We went out a lot.


You live here?
- Yes. This is my house.

All I do is chat online.

My only friends are
three people from college.

But they don't know
that I'm here.

On the way..

They always find fault with me.

Are you okay?
- Yes. I am okay.

My aunt is downstairs.

Your Aunt?

I'll just check if she's asleep.
Please have a seat.

Who is she?

I wanted to tell you..

I decided to show her to you.

I like her and she likes me too.

I want to stay with her.

You are just 17 years old.
What's the hurry?

I want her. This is love.

I didn't mingle with her
with any wrong intentions.

Neither did she.

We've known each other for two
months. This will surely click.

For me and for us.

I think so.

Come and see her. Come.

I will see her later.

Ms. Meenakshi! Please!

My friends will be so jealous.

If I tell them that my
boyfriend is a techie from IIT.

I will call you Veerae.

You'll have to respond
when I call you Veerae.

You can call it love.

If I say 'Veerae'

you'll have to stop whatever
it is you're doing and respond.

I will come on
Saturdays and Sundays.

We'll go out.
You should take me out.

Say 'Sandhya'. Veera..


Stop or I'll just stay here.

I really like your house.

Actually, I am happy.

Come here.

She killed her.


That was revenge.

An eye for an eye.


Take care of her.

If you decide to save her life

you'll have to answer
many questions.

It will be better if she dies.

Nobody should ever see her again.




What did I do?

Stop.. Stop here.
- Okay.

It's midnight. You'll have to pay
Rs. 150. - Oh, God!

I can only pay you Rs.100.
Please leave.

Why aren't you answering my call?

I know I'm late.

Come and open the gate.

Please! Idiot!

Who are you?

If I were to come up to
you on the street and say

'My name is Veera.
I'm a really nice guy'

'I want to talk to you.
I'd like to know you.'

would you have spoken to me?

No. Hence, I kidnapped you.
- What?

I've been searching for the
past three months.

I'm unable to stay here by myself.

I was going mad.

I want sex also.

- I have you now.

I'll say it now.
My name is Veera.

I am a good guy.

Talk to me. Get to know me.

This is my house. I will take
care of you like a princess.

Would you have spoken to me
if I'd said those things?

You wouldn't, would you?

Ms. Meenakshi?

Ms. Meenakshi?

Ms. Meenakshi?

Ms. Meenakshi..

Ms. Meenakshi?

Ms. Meenakshi!

Ms. Meenakshi!
Open the door!

Please! Ms. Meenakshi!

No, please! Ms. Meenakshi!

Ms. Meenakshi!

Don't! Please!


Ms. Meenakshi..

Open the door!

No! No!

No. No.

No.. Please!



No! Ms. Meenakshi!

Why, Ms. Meenakshi?

Please! Please!

Ms. Meenakshi!

Be careful with her hair.

Don't get blood on it.

I need her hair.

Two girls that year.

I turned 18 the next year.

One girl.

One girl when I turned 19.

Or maybe it was three.

One fine day, five years

after my schooling

I saw Sukanya.

She was not like the other girls.

This is another type of love.

Love at first sight, both
when I was in school and now.

I thought there won't be trouble.

We went to school together.

Sukanya? I saw her in
school for the first time.

She's my classmate.

She studied with me.

What else?
- That's all.

Doctor, this is a very different
type of a case.

It is very peculiar. Do
you come across such cases often?

You see, first of all, we shouldn't
think that everyone who

is mentally ill will
be ruthless and murderers.

Most of them are extremely silent.

They are very docile.

But there are a few others

who, because of certain incidents

and due to past experiences
in their life

get mentally disturbed.

They might face a lot of trouble.

There is a young lady.

She is an
intelligent, smart, young girl.

She was molested in her childhood.

It was sexual abuse.

Her only support
were her grandparents.

She was extremely shocked
when they passed away.

At that point in her life, a bunch
of guys

kidnapped her and tried
to rape her.

When police went in search
of her the next morning

she was found sitting with
their corpses around her.

No one knows what happened.

She has been admitted
in our hospital.

She is mentally disturbed.

She is under treatment.

In Veera's case

The sexual abuse
he faced when he was a child

was the root cause of
his mental illness.


not everybody who has
been sexually abused

becomes mentally ill.

Criminals can be put in jail.

But people who are mentally ill,
need treatment.

Instead of
treating them as criminals

they should be treated
as mentally ill.

The person in front of you

was sexually abused as a child
and this affected him mentally.

Now he is a criminal.
His name is Veera.

If Veera had gone through
counselling earlier

if he had been brought
up in a healthy environment

he would have been a good citizen.

What he went through

was kept hidden and all
the feelings were bottled.

All of it remained inside him.

All these factors contributed
to his current mental state.

In Veera's case

he strongly believes that he
didn't commit these murders.

He believes that Meenakshi did it.

Although Meenakshi is dead

he still believes

that she is alive.

He believes that she is
controlling him in many ways.

Mentally ill people

go through many experiences

where they hear voices
that nobody else can hear.

They see things that nobody
else does

They actually see them.

They can see it.
They can hear it.

They don't do
these things consciously.

They strongly believe

that somebody forces
them to do these things.

In the same way

Veera has three personalities
inside him, namely

Veera, Samar and Meenakshi.

But all of them are Veera.

At certain point of time

Veera would become
Samar or Meenakshi.

So, Mr. Vijay

I have bifurcated a human mind

how it works,
and what the issues are

and showed it to you.

There have been many
reasons for it.

There have been many
bad consequences as well.

This were our preliminary

As I spoke to Veera

I found more shocking facts.