Cai li fa xiao zi (1976) - full transcript

International favorite Alexander Fu Sheng cemented his stardom in this, the fourth film in his esteemed director's "Shaolin" series. Fu gives both a great dramatic and kung-fu performance as an honorable carriage driver who finds love and death when he battles particularly homicidal street punks.


What are you doing? Let me go...

Get lost.

Get up, you bully

let's have a good fight, just you and me.


Quick, help me to the carriage.

Boss, someone's been stabbed.

Please help.

Help me into the carriage.

What are you looking at?
I'm wounded, go quick.

Ah Jian, why are you up?

The doctor advises
I should do some exercise.

Stay out of trouble and
mind my own business.

Are you better?

Yes, uncle Li.

Should get out of bed.


It scared me.

Two scoundrels at the door

were uttering nonsense when they saw me.

It's his fault.

What's that got to do with me?

You led them here.

You fought with scoundrels,
they wanted to kill you

you're still alive,
so they wait for you every day.

I haven't fought with anyone.

That was a robber.

I saw him rob a girl
that's why I beat him up.

Good morning.

Mr. Li's son is good, he is well-behaved

he wouldn't cause trouble.

As if black and blue all over isn't enough

you have to be stabbed.

Ah Jian.

Big brother.

Big brother.


I almost lost it.

I heard you screwed up a few days ago.

No, I never thought a damn kid

will meddle in my affair.

Then you shouldn't let him live.

Relax, I've got his background
all figured out.

Whoever opposes us

must be gotten rid of at all costs.


Zhong Jian, haven't seen you for a while.

He was stabbed by a scoundrel.

Are you okay now?


Careful you don't aggravate the wound.

Damn you.

Zhong Jian, you're useless,

a mere scoundrel
made you bedridden for a month.

I'm not good at martial arts,
it's nobody's fault

besides, a gentleman can wait 10 years
to seek revenge.

I have to practise hard.



Zhong Jian, I know you have a good heart

but you're too rash.

Though you're right to help the weak

it is not advisable
to mess with scoundrels.

Besides, you are not ready to fight

and you might disgrace your school

and harm yourself in the meantime.

I haven't even mastered
a modicum of teacher's skills.

I will try harder from now on.

Zhong Jian, come in, I want to talk to you.

Zhong Jian.

Teacher, want to teach me a few tricks?


I think you'd better not come here

as from tomorrow.


Foolish kid, it's no big deal

why make such a big thing out of it?

Isn't that a big thing?

What have I done that
you want to throw me out?


Not only should you not come here

you should also forget
you've learnt martial arts

and don't fight with anyone again.


You have spent quite some time
with our school.

I know the scoundrel

who stabbed you

you shouldn't have been injured by him.

That was supposed to be the case

but he suddenly pleaded
and looked remorseful

so I just wanted to admonish him

and was surprised he pulled out a knife.

That's precisely the point

your weak-spot is you have a good heart

and are too naive.

Learning martial arts

could harm you.

Teacher, I will be on my guard from now on.

A leopard cannot change its spots.

I have made up my mind.

Go on.


Zhong Jian.

Ah Jian, let's practise together.

What's wrong, why are you not practising?

What's the matter?


This girl is not bad.

Right, but you can't touch her.

What if I do?

Hey, what are you looking at?

What's so good to look at, huh!

Ah Jian.


Ten dollars and seventy cents.

Boss, you know him?

Yes, he is my nephew.

That's good, put it on his account

he is buying today.

I am?

I would rather treat dogs than you scums..

Ah Jian... you.

Hand it over,
ten dollars and seventy cents.

Who are you?

Your father, what about you?

Suen Fei, people call me Suen the Monkey.

I'm from the Feng gang.

Brother, don't push your luck.

You scumbag, listen

don't let me see you again

or I'll beat you up each time I do.

Is this acceptable?

These... are all broken.

Boss, how am I going to run my business?

That's right, this is unacceptable.

Zhong Jian's your nephew,
you must teach him better.

Your nephew is out of line

how could we run a business?

He is bellicose

and has broken our stuff

including what we've bought.

How could he not compensate us?

Right, ask him to pay for all the damages.

Pay up, come on.

Now all our customers have gone.

We might as well close for the day.

When the police comes in a while...

I have driven away 3 hooligans...

I guess they'll not dare come again.

Let's go.

What happened to you guys?

Ah Jian, how many times have I asked you

not to fight...

Why don't you ever learn?

We run a small business

how could we afford
to have you fight every day?

I like to fight?

The hooligans cause trouble,
how could I not fight?

I think you are the hooligan.

Watch your words, or I'll beat you up too.

Look at how eager you are to fight.

Doesn't that make you a hooligan?

Frankly, you must pay

for the stuff you've broken.

It's no big deal.

Ah Jian, you're single

why do you keep borrowing money?

Young lads will be young lads

but you shouldn't borrow money
to mess with girls.

Who says I'm like that?

I beat up some scoundrels yesterday

and broke some stuff
so I have to pay for them.

How much do you want?

3 dollars?


What? Thirty?

Make this an exception please.



What's the matter?

Sir, help me.

Coachman, mind your own business.

Damn, is this not my business?

Let's go.

Get on, quickly

Cheng Ji.

Sir, thanks.

The fare is a dollar and two cents.

That expensive,
I have never been in a coach.


You forced me into the carriage.

Boss, all carriages were broken.

Think of something.

Zhong Jian.



Zhong Jian.

Boss, what's all the noise about?

You seem to blame me for everything.


They said that

someone is opposing them.

The carriage he drove is from our company

that's why they are against us.


You should look for the one
who broke the coach.

It's you; you're the root of all trouble.

You'd better look for another job.

No big deal, I won't starve.

You should be responsible for these losses.

No big deal...

Get lost.

Sure, I'll go.

Zhong Jian...

What trouble have you caused?

Who knows?
I meddle with few affairs each day.

You'd better be careful

they are a mean bunch.

Don't worry, I'm not scared.

Zhong Jian.

Don't get into trouble again, come, drink.

Come, let's eat.

Don't worry, I won't.

They have eaten a lot

and might not have the money
to pay the bill.

I see you would soon be king

the way you poke your nose in everything.

They can't pay,
what has that to do with you?

What would you know?

Wouldn't they rob to pay the bill?

Come, draw...



What did you get...


What are you doing?

These two scoundrels are likely to rob

I'll take a look, wait for me here.

Don't go.

Tien Shia Bank.

Thank you.

Don't go...

Look, you've knocked down everything.


Are you going to pay me? Speak.

I can go now, right?

I think you and the two scums are together.

You did it on purpose.

So little money?

I am making a deposit.

Your deposit book?

Not with me.

Forget the bullshit, search him.

Three thousand dollars.

The chop?

I don't know.

C'mon, speak up!

In the belt.

Should have told us sooner, watch him

I'll take the money back.


I won't let you stab me again.




It's you.

Look at you.

Boss is here, open your eyes.

Stand still.

Which gang are you with?

They are my followers.

Why have they been gone so long?

Could they have failed?

We can't wait any longer, you do it.

Just you?

They couldn't rob anything
and asked their women to cheat.

Please mind your own business, okay?

They are many and have knives

haven't you been in bed enough?

Those two had knives

but were beaten by me just the same.

So what good is that to you?

Good? Everyone talks about what's good.

If that's important.

The practical thing would be
to rob with a knife.

Let's go...

You're back.

Come here...

What's up?

Listen, stay out of this.

Why don't you do something else
if you are free?

It's him.


Let's go.

Stand still.

Don't move.

Recognise my two brothers?

Of course.

They were the ones who almost

knelt down and pleaded for their lives.

You still have to run a business,
stay out of trouble.

You lot virtually control everything

how would I be involved in anything?

You're smart.


Don't think I fear you scoundrels.

You bastards

only know how to bully
by outnumbering, right?

It's fair now to fight one on one.

Little bastard,
you're not so hot now, right?

If your women saw you

you'll lose face.

Well bastard, it's you.

I will not fall into your trap again.

You are that nosy coach driver.

That's right.

You have good technique.

How about drive the coach for me?

Are you with him?

Damn kid, this is the boss.

It's his territory in this town.

So it's the boss.

That means he's the boss of scoundrels

is that right?

I hate scoundrels, boss or no boss.

You with your stinking body.

I wouldn't even let you
drive the coach for me.

Accept your death.

You want to kill me?


Stop please.

You want to poke your nose
into my business?

No, but he is my student.

I see, so you have
master Zhou to back you up

no wonder he dares to mess with us.

You're wrong, I've stopped teaching him.

I precisely feared he'd have
this kind of trouble.

Teacher, I am not afraid.

Would you let me be your student again?


No? If I run into
this kind of trouble again

I would be beaten to death.

Teacher, I'm sure you wouldn't want to
see me die.

It's useless for you to continue.

Even if I can't defeat Feng Tian Shan.

Really? He avoids you.

He is sly.

He fears to do anything in public.

Though he fears me not

he would need some time to defeat me

and that would attract attention.

But he will not let you off.

Really? He and I have no big quarrel

just a fight, why does he want me dead?

Can you walk?


Come with me to see someone.

Teacher, why have you brought me here?

I don't want to be a monk.


A monk has to abstain from meat
and can't marry.

I will not do it.

Zhong Jian, come here.

I won't shave my head.

Shut up, come in.

Not an old monk, that's better.

Master Zhu, this is the kid.

I know you've devoted your life to Buddha

and you stay away from worldly affairs.

I shouldn't let you take this burden.

This kid has a good heart.

Someone like him is hard to come by.

He has created enemies for helping others

so he needs to learn martial arts
to protect himself.

Choy Li Fut is precisely

suited to this kid.

Master Zhu, kindly take him in.

You've said a lot about him

I'll let him stay here.

Bow to master.

Teacher, I won't be a monk.

Well said.

Rituals don't matter as long as
Buddha is in your heart.

Teacher, tell my uncle

I'll visit him in a few days.

Zhong Jian, I've found you a good teacher

practise hard.

This old man really knows kung fu?

Zhong Jian, this is Master Zhu Chi.

He is a famous practitioner of Choy Li Fut.

Choy Li Fut originated from Shaolin.

Its originators are Choy Fu
and Shaolin's Li You Shan

as well as Qing Cao the monk

Shaolin kung fu categories are
monk & secular streams.

Only Choy Li Fut combines
the essence of both streams.

This is most fortunate for you.

Today, I had meddled with
Feng Tian Shan's affairs

he will not let me off.

His kind would be prepared to do anything

I'll have to close down
my martial arts school and flee.

I don't know if we'll meet again,

don't let me down.

Teacher, thanks.

I don't suppose if I stopped once
you would know.

Master, I filled it in one morning.

How many times have you rested on the way?

Three times.

Master, its over 10 miles
to carry the water

from the hills

it took me three times
to fill up the water, you...

It tastes better if the supply is non-stop.

You rested three times along the way

so it doesn't taste good,
go and fill it again.

Remember, the bucket must be full

and no water should be spilt.

I only stopped once.

Not even once.

Master, I rested my wounds for a month

and carried water for a month too

I am homesick.

Stay or leave, do whatever you wish.

What's the use of carrying water?

You're useless if you don't know
how to carry water.



Master Zhou, isn't it a shame

to close down the martial arts school?

I angered a mad dog and have no choice.

If I don't go

I might be bitten any time.

Right, but still you can't avoid it.

I am staying away from you,
isn't that enough?


Time to practise.

It's been peaceful here these few months.

With one less mad dog here,
everyone could be in peace.

I'm back.

Xiao Li, let me hug you

I have more strength.

What are you doing?

Zhong Jian, come here.

Did you know master Zhou has been killed?


Zhong Jian, it's you.

Speak, who did this?

You're crazy, let go.

No one knows, the police are investigating.

Have they covered Feng Tian Shan?

I beg you

don't say nonsense, alright?

Hua Mei Cinema.

It seems that

no one likes you around the place you live.

They think I am a busybody.

Install a steel door

and like them, shut yourself in.

Don't give a damn even if the sky falls.

Regard it as rotten luck
if bad things happen to them.

I won't do that.

If you hide
whenever you run into a challenge

you're just a coward.

We are human beings.

What? You agree with them?

No, I think what you're doing is right

but no one will understand you.

At least there's you.

Li Ting,
you have such a beautiful girlfriend;

It's natural you'd forget us.

Stop joking.

Xiao Li, they are my good friends.

Go back first,
I have to take care of some business

tell dad I'll be back soon.

Let's go.

Good bye.

Please... stop.

Sure, if you pay up.

I have no money.

But you have money for the showgirl.

Li Ting, you didn't pay for anything

when you were with us

but you had your fun.

We even guaranteed for your gambling.

Now you suddenly disappear

is this the way to treat old friends?

I dare not rob

I dare not...

Li Ting.

Frankly, your family has no money too

you need to think of a way.

How... could I do that?

Stop pretending, there's a way

which would get you
at least a few thousand dollars.

She's pretty as the girl
who went to the show with you.

We'll keep her for ourselves
for a month or two

and she can still be sold
for a thousand or two.


Well? Are you willing to part with her?

We have just started.

You have to make more efforts.

You'll get advantage in this

though we'll all have fun.

You'll have the first taste of her

she'll then have no qualms
having fun with us.

After we've had our fun

she'll sell for a thousand or two

and we'll each get a couple of hundred.

Are you in or not?

I... am in.


How come you haven't gone
to do your business?

I don't have a car now
and am pretty leisurely.

Might as well practise kung fu more.

Master Zhou died a wrongful death

so I must practise hard.

That scoundrel Wang led his gang

to beat up the students of the school.

I believe master Zhou's death

has something to do with him.

So you should be careful.

Before you meet up with Feng Tian Shan

don't use the Choy Li Fut martial arts.

That way he'd be unprepared.

Come, let me teach you
how to use twin blades.


Xiao Yuan.

Master, the swords.

Uncle, don't worry

I'll borrow some money to buy a used car

for business; I'll survive.

You've laid around for a few days

and say the same thing.

There'll be a car today

I've arranged for the car to come.

But uncle...

But you haven't been able to
borrow the money, right?


My friends are poor.

Okay, how much?

Two hundred, pay half of it first.

Uncle, don't worry.

Even if I die I'll repay you.


Be careful, the world is unsafe.

This car belongs to the museum

and you want to make money by selling it?

Though it's old

it would look new with a coat of paint.

I guarantee it could be used for 5 years.

How old is the horse?
Over 50 years I guess.

They say an old horse knows its way

has good temper and endurance.

You're quite a businessman.
I'll have to give it a try.

Try it.


The wheel has become loose

Hong Bin restaurant.

Come and help, quick.


Let's go...

Bring weapons, somebody's dead.

Don't let him get away this time.


Let's go.

Go away.

He is seriously injured
and need urgent help.

Go away, none of my business.


Relax, it's not my blood.

It'd be good if it were

if you die there'll be peace.

It wasn't me, I didn't cause any trouble.

What do you mean?

The gang knew you live here.

Would they have let you go?

If they come looking for you
there'll be trouble.

If you fear trouble
then stop being a human being.

Only lying in the coffin
can guarantee no more trouble.

Zhong Jian, move out.

I don't owe you any rent

why do I have to move out?

Uncle Li is a good person.

Don't hurt him, be a good kid.

That kid has emerged again?

Yes, and his kung fu is much better.

Then your territory is threatened.

That's not what I meant, boss.

You create such a mess

yet fail to fix them.

No one knows I fixed Zhou San Guai

yet you expose this everywhere.


Don't call me boss.

If you don't fix the kid,
don't come around anymore.


Boss, there's a sure-win business.

That girl is young and good looking

we are sure to get her.

That Miss Huang is here to see you.

Wait, I tell you.

I rent out a room to you

not for entertaining
these ladies of the night.

Nonsense, careful I'll beat you up.

Let it go, don't cause trouble.

Dad, we'll go to the show tonight.

Go on, I feel safe if you go with him.

Nine flowers Inn.

Li Ting, what should I do?

If my dad knew

he'll kill me.

He... wouldn't know.

I... am afraid

I'll be back soon.

Where are you off to?

To look for a friend.

Dad wants to drive Zhong Jian
and his uncle out

we could stay in his room when we marry.


Does it mean that by marrying you...

Gone for so long?

Waiting must have made you
all the more anxious.

Miss, you could have fun with Li Ting.

We are his friends

of course we could have fun with you.

Let's go.

Good, it's still early

you could play with her again.

She's worth only
a couple of hundred I think.

She's a rare commodity.


They forced me.

They forced me.

Xiao Li...

Why are you back so late?

Ah Ting,
you mustn't do anything bad to her

I haven't...

We only had a quarrel.

Go to sleep.

Xiao Li doesn't look right these few days

why don't you ask her?


She's a big girl now, what could I do?

Where's she?

She went out with Li Ting this morning.

I think Li Ting is a dependable character.

Don't worry... if anyone bullied Xiao Li

I'll not let him get away with it.

It's none of your business.

I saw her grow up.

Here it is.

Get off,
I have something urgent to attend to

I am in a hurry and you ask me to get off.

Where would I find a ride?

Sorry, I have an urgent matter.

You have to take me
to my destination first.

I haven't seen anyone like you.

If you keep nagging
I'll stop the car right here.

Yin Bin restaurant.

Li Ting, come, I want to talk to you.

Xiao Li, you come along too.

I have nothing to say to you.

Don't think I don't know what you're up to.

Are you coming or not?

Let me go.

Get in the car.

Zhong Jian, what are you doing?

Xiao Li...

Boss Chang,
I saw him force her into the car.

Call the police, he could do anything.

Call the police, hurry.

Don't hit me...

What did you & your scoundrels
do to Xiao Li?

They forced me, Xiao Li...

Don't hit me. Hadn't it been for me...

they would have sold Xiao Li already.

Xiao Li, what's the matter?

It's them.


Take it.

This way.

Li Ting, take Xiao Li away.

If you wrong her

I'll kill you.

Zhong Jian.

Xiao Li.

I was just looking for you.

Get the boss.

How did master Zhou die?

The boss is here.

You will die the same way as master Zhou.

It's not my fault, it's the boss.

Go tell Feng Tian Shan

I'll wait for him at master Zhou's.

Hit by Zhong Jian? Don't be afraid.

I have called the police,

they are looking for him everywhere.

They'll throw him in jail.

Xiao Li, are you okay?

Look carefully.

Observe a person very closely.

This kid.

Alright... everyone.

If he's in jail for a year or so

we'll have peace here.


Is there anyone else not willing to move?

If you could mend your old ways.

I could let you off.


Feng Tian Shan.

Are you afraid to come in?

So you've learnt Choy Li Fut skills.

He deserves death for not noticing this.

I don't need to use this against him.

Get up and come along to the police.

I don't want to kill you with my hands.

Come with me to report this.

I'll report it.

Buddha says 'If I don't do it, who will?'

To sacrifice oneself
is the teaching of Buddha

Buddha sacrificed himself

years ago all because of this teaching.

Mr. Zhong Zhi Mun of
the Zhong Jian's family

will receive two hundred dollars
as compensation.

This is him.

Uncle, don't worry.

Even if I die I'll repay you.


Zhong Jian is a brave

and civic-minded citizen