Cahoots (1999) - full transcript

Two friends go into business for the wrong reasons, as not so friendly acquaintances become their allies.

(upbeat funky music)

(reggae music)

(reggae continues)

- [Narrator] Omari remembered
how it all started.

When he was assisting his mentor Bill,

at prestigious TV award show.

Omari was helping Bill with B roll footage

for the station he worked for.

Everybody who was somebody in TV

was at this award show.

(reggae music)

(music continues)

(music continues)

(funky music)

(funky music continues)

- My old buddy Chris from college.

- Omari?

My Black brother.

- The fuck is going on, dog?

- How are you, man?

- Ah!

(both inhale)

(both laugh)

Oh shit, shit man!

- How've you been?
- So what's been going on?

- I'm working for a public
access television station.


- Is that right?

So you run it, what?

- Well, I don't exactly
run it, but I manage it.

I produce all the shows.

I'm in charge of all the people we hire.

As a matter of fact, we're
looking for full-time director.

You wouldn't be interested
in that, would you?

- Hell yeah!

Man, I'm working at the
shoe barns, you know,

but running a little video
business, but nothing big.

- Well hey I'll give you my card.

- Cool, okay.

- Give me a call, if you want.

I'll set up an interview
with my boss right away.

You're a good director,
I know you'd get the job.

We can tear it up here, man.

Remember how we kicked up
the dust in college, right?

- [Narrator] Omari and Chris
attended college together.

They both majored in TV production.

Chris, when seeing Omari,

was interested in going
into business with Omari.

But his intentions weren't
for Omari's best interest.

- Come check it, man.

- All right, man.
- Maybe we can do something.

- You better give me a call.

- Aight.
- You got to get rid of that

shoe box, shit.

- Hey, lighten up, cap.

(both laugh)

I'll talk to you.

- All right.
- All right.

See ya. You better call me.

(funky music)

(reggae music)

- [Narrator] Omari knew within his heart

that hooking up with Chris again

was going to mean Omari
putting in some serious work.

(reggae music)

KDEB TV3, the Oakland
public access station.

Where Chris worked as
supervising producer.


- I'll see you later.

- Hi.

- Hi, can I help you find someone?

- Yes, I'm looking for Chris Williams?

- Oh, sure, follow me, I'll
take you to his office.

- Okay, thank you, Chris for your help.

I'm going to go out there and get Donna

and to get started on this.

- All right.
- All right.

(person knocking)

- [Receptionist] There's
someone here to see you.

- Excuse me, are you Chris?

- Yes, hi,

would you like a seat?

- I'm Marissa.

ESL teacher at McChesney middle school.

- ESL, that's?

- English as Second Language.

`I'm also the president
for the science fair.

I called in to talk about you holding

a science fair in my school.

- Oh okay, now I remember.

For some reason, I pictured
you looking a lot different.

You do look like a model.

How many apples do you get everyday?

- Um, about 10.

(Chris chuckles)

- [Narrator] When Chris
laid eyes upon Marissa

for the first time, he
fell in love with her.

- Well, come on, let me
show you around the station.

- [Eric] Hello, hello, hello!

- Hey Eric, this is Marissa.

She a teacher at McChesney middle school.

- Nice to meet you, Marissa.

- Nice to meet you, Eric.

- Chris, you need to
get set up and get ready

to input your non-linear.

- All right, can you give
me like five minutes?

I want to show her around the station.

- Great, it's nice meeting you Marissa.

- Nice to meet you too.

(easy listening music)

- Jesus, help me out here.

I cannot work with Jessica anymore.

No matter what I do,
it's never good enough!

- They're not catching up, it's too slow.

- Donna, Donna, I hear you
and we have discussed this

to death, okay?

I understand your point.

The bigger point is that
Jessica is a major talent.

- I hate to interrupt but...
- Major talent Ha!

- Hey, you know, this is
actually perfect timing.

I'm sorry ladies, but we really need

to do this another time.

We have talked this into the dirt.

- Perfect time.

No offense, Chris, it's not you.

- I hear your concerns
but right now I just have

too many other things going on.

We really need to sit down
when we can have some time

to talk about ways of dealing with this.

- Fine, let's talk about it this week.

- Okay, okay.

- Check, check!

You have my calendar, check
my schedule and go ahead,

let's do it later, two hours, okay?

Not on Thursday.

- [Woman] Okay.
- Thank you.

- Jesus, this is Omari, the man
I've been telling you about.

- Good morning, nice to finally
to meet you, how are you?

- Nice to meet you.

- Hey, have a seat, man.

- [Jesus] You too, man,
you know the routine.

Sorry I'm real jumbled.

I had, you see, more of the
usual drama happening, but...

- [Narrator] Jesus ran KDEB.

He was already aware
of Omari's work history

because Chris showed him his reel,

which included Omari's work.

- You don't have to do a
whole lot of talking about it,

looking at resumes or anything like that.

You want a job, you've got one.

You down?

- Hey, I want that.

- Just that quick, you take care of us,

we'll take care of you, okay?

- Thanks a lot, man.

- Chris, why don't you have Pat get the

proper paperwork together

and we'll get the ship sailing.

Sound like a plan?
- Sounds great.

- Probably the easiest
job you ever got, huh?

- Oh yeah.

- Okay, well we'll make it work.

- All right.
- All right?

- Let's do it.

- Hey, give me a holler later too, okay?

- Cool.

(jazz music)

- Hey you know next week,
we've got some major projects.

- Hey, but you know the
records all I know, man.

I love that shit dude, it keeps me bad.

It makes my dick hard, you
know what I'm saying, for real.

Speaking of that, I got a
major booty call tonight.

- You ain't got no lady.

- Man, I'm living the single life, cat.

You know what I'm sayin'?

Like what I do, say what I do.

All I do is produce.

- Yeah, I know what you mean.

That helped me and Marissa click.

We got lunch tomorrow. I'm excited.

- [Narrator] ...lure Omari
into the porn business.

Chris needed a partner.

Someone he could trust.

- Okay.

You remember when we used
to do parties in college?

- Why wouldn't I? You almost
got expelled for that.

Mother fucker had me struggling
to show up for auditions.

- I know she saw us.

She took all the equipment.

Hey that master tape was in there too.

We never got to see it.

We had like 10 women up there naked.

And then we go, man.

- Hey, you ever thought
about doing it now?

Or like all the time.

- Yeah, of course, all the time.

I just need a business partner.

How about it?

- I'm down but we gotta find

a better way of gettin' talent.

I don't want to get caught.

- It's no problem.

We got plenty of time to plan it out.

- How do we distribute it?

- I got a couple of magazines.

They'll distribute for us.

They'll do all the advertising too.

- I guess I'm down.

- All right, man.

Let's do it.

I guess we're in cahoots.

- Sure.

- Omari, what's up baby?

Where else we gonna talk
about some porn flicks man?

- [Narrator] This of
noxious character repo

is what we consider a Buster.

Always trying to be in
somebody's business.

It seems like he can hear
it through the walls.

- Excuse me. Don't put our
stuff like that on the street.

Don't be exposing our business.

Loose lips sink ships.

- That's a pretty good point.

Gentlemen, she just made
a real valid, good point.

Loose lips do sink ships,

you know what I'm saying?

And it's like this.

Y'all I got to go knock some
boots, have her sit on my face,

you know what I'm saying?
We keep it dirty man.

- That's why she beating your ass.

- Sucker'll do for pussy.

Hold on God.

Be right back.

(woman laughs)

- Hello.
- How you doing?

- Hey

- My names's Valaria, what's your name?

- Omari.
- Nice to meet your Omari.

- So is it true that you make adult films?

- Maybe why do you ask?

- I overheard the conversation.

Do you mind buyin' me another drink?

- You must think I'm some
kind of sucker or something.

What you drinkin'?

- The same thing, a double margarita.

(people laughing)

- [Offscreen] Oh honey wow.

- (claps) Play time is over.

Listen up.

We got some important things
to cover this morning.

By the way, who won?

- I think I'm going to have
to go with both of these guys.

(group chattering and laughing)

- I think we're ready
for the meeting Jesus.

- Anyway, now that that's over.

Jessica, my superstar what's happening?

I'd like to take this time to introduce

a new employee, everyone.

This is the Omari Joan.

A very talented director.

- [Narrator] Jesus was a go-getter.

All his ideas worked.

Once he hired Omari,

he knew the level of the
station was moving forward.

- [Jesus] If anyone needs me,

I'll actually be meeting
with the superintendent

for the unified school district.

And I'm going to take Pat with me,

stay busy and have a great day.

(group chatter)

- All right, everybody
have a good weekend?

- Tell us about your
date with Marissa man.

- Oh, it was incredible.

She is the one man.

We ended up spending the whole afternoon

and the night together, we slept together

but we didn't do anything.

We just talked all night.

You want to hear the biggest surprise?

Her folks are loaded.

- No, shit!

- I'm telling you Omari I am a new man.

- I can see it in your eyes man.

- We're going out to dinner
after the studio shoot tonight,

schools are out this week.

- Movin' kinda fast, huh?

Hey, I think somebody's in love.

- [Woman] Hey guys,
everything's ready to go.

- You're on Omari.

You're directing.

I'm switching.

- Let's rock and roll.

- Okay. I'm with you.

I have tone and it felt good.

- [Narrator] The crew at KDB TV3

are preparing for a major TV interview

with the superintendent,
Mr. Renee Gonzales,

who starred in three movies
that did well at the box office,

a famous actress for Devinare productions.

- Is that one on the headset?

Okay. Cool. Buckle up.

This may be a bumpy ride.

- I got ya.

I got ya.

Quiet on the set

and we are on in 5, 4, 3, 2 and-

(backstage chatter thorughout)

- [Omari] Good job people.

- [Jessica] Hello, I'm Jessica
Healy, from KDB TV and today

we have in our studio,
superintendent Renee Gonzolas.

Thanks for joining us here.

- [Omari] Switcher, Capri on deck.

- Superintendent. Renee.

I understand you're bringing
in a new innovative program

to the Oakland school district.

Can you tell me about it?

- Yeah, we're going to be
introducing a new reading program,

which we expect to increase our test rates

at least 10 to 20% in the next year.

- That's great.

How are you doing your job so far?

- Oh, it's been wonderful.

I really enjoy it.

- {Jessica] This is your
first year and you've

already made great strides and
changes within five months.

- [Renee] Well, I'd like to
thank my leadership team.

Who's worked under me.

They've been great.

And all our proposals as well.

I'm always challenging them
and working closely with all

the department heads.

- [Omari] Okay, cue the host

and tell her to stretch the interview out.

I need eight more minutes.

- [Jessica] How did you make
a difference so quickly?

Was it because of your past acting show?

Renee Gonzales starred

in three Devonaire production movies in

the '80s that all did
well at the box office.

- [Renee] Well I'd just
like to thank Mauro Albano

for taking me underneath his wings

and teaching me how to be assertive

and to believe in myself.

Working with him has made
me become a better person.

Initially I graduated
into political science

and minored in English literature.

And when Mario approached
me and I debated it

and then gave it a chance and enjoyed it.

- I like to thank superintendent Renee

for joining us on KDEB.

(Indistinct talking)

(Loud whistling)

(jazz music)

- See I told you we have the best producer

and director in the business.

We'll take care of you.

- Well gentlemen, it was
nice to meet you both.

You guys made me look real good out there.

Keep up the excellent work and good luck.

- Hey, I need to get the superintendent

and her lovely assistant
Donna back to their office.

- [Receptionist] Chris, Marissa's here.

- Hello, Marissa.

- [Marissa] Hi.

- You remember Omari.

- Definitely, hi Omari.

- How are you doin'?

- Well I'm gonna go ahead
and break down the set.

Chris, I'll see ya later.

- All right, man.

- Definitely good seeing you again.

- [Narrator] By now Marissa and Chris

were in a relationship.

Chris was crazy about Marissa.

(R&B song)

- Viv, let me know when
the interview is on okay?

- Hey Shawna. It's on. It's on.

- [On TV] Hello, I'm Jessica
here with superintendent....

Hey, this is pretty good.

This is really good.

This is your work.
- Yes.

Be right back, I'm gonna call my dad.

Dad! You need to see this
interview on channel three

it is off the hook.

Take notice of the director.

Maybe be interest to you someday.

All right. Love you.

Bye bye.

The guys that are producing
this really have their stuff

together. One of the guys'
named Omari, the director.

He is so cute.

- So what's up with this guy?

- I don't know.

- [Narrator] Shawna was the
Superintendent's PR person.

Shawna was very successful
at the age of 26.

Her father was a top TV
executive in the bay area.

Vivian was Shawna's good
friend from college and

an established accountant.

She came to visit for two
weeks, as quiet as it was kept,

Shawna was attracted to Omari.

(girls chanting a cheer)

- [Both] Can I get a whoop whoop!

(light music)

- Girl's here man, start
shooting in 10 minutes.

Yeah, I guess. Since Marissa and I

have been get serious I feel

little bit weird about this,
but she knows what we're doing.

- You did tell her that
this was your idea, right?

That you needed a partner. I mean,

you conned me into doing this.

- It's all good. It's all good.

It's no big deal. I just
feel a little different.

Let's go kick his ass.

(laughing and chatting)

- Give it to me baby.

- Give it to you? Hey we ain't
even started filming yet.

You don't care.

You don't care.

- All right you guys ready to roll now?

- Hey man, the footage we did is great.

I'm going to edit it tomorrow night.

We'll have our first porn in the can.

- Man, that was to easy,
make some real for this.

- I know we just got to keep this quiet.

All right.

I'm going to a party at my friend's house.

He's having a rave.

There's a band playing.

They might want us to do their video.

- Well, I guess I'm going
to slide, but rave party?

- I know it's different,
but you're open minded.

You'll be all right.

- Well I don't have a booty call tonight.

So what the hell?

- Cool.

- What about your girl Marissa?

- Ah she's out of town on a
teacher's resource program,

she goes to all those things.

I really like that.

A woman who's doing
things and on the move.

- Yeah you got a cool one
dawg, don't let her go.

- Never.

- Check it out, I'll
stop by the crib so I can

get a sweater or something.

- Sounds great.

- Alright?
- Let's go.

- [Narrator] Well, this
isn't a rave party.

It's more like a band
playing in somebody's loft.

(band playing rock style)

(indistinct party chatter)

Madeline is a mistress.

She is with her two clients and

she is in for a pleasant surprise.

(rock music continues)

- Like I said, this party ain't shit.

- Chris? What happened?

Chris' old fling Dasia. She
was crazy for some Chris.

- I'm sorry.

- Why are you doing this to me for?

- Look, I got a girlfriend.

- Seriously, you got a
girlfriend? Oh yeah come on.

Since when?


(music continues)

- [Woman] Let's dance.

- To this?
- Come on.

(music continues)

- Come home with me tonight.

- Come again?

- You heard me. Don't make me beg.

Come home with me tonight.

- No, you tell somebody you
need to ask the something.

- Yea. So. Why? I need a man.

I need a real man.

I guess I'd be a fool to pass this up. Yo.

Wait right there.

- So tell me, what are
you up to these days?

- I'm working for the station.

- Oh yeah which one?

- Chris, chris, chris. I'm headed out.

- Getting with that mistress,
don't let her tie you up man.

You know, she's into that shit.

(Omari mouths something at Chris)

Well go take care of your business then

- I am and I just want to
let you know, man alright?

- It's cool.
- Cool. Alright.

(music resumes and party noises)

(music continues)

- Got some great news man, we got

a distributor for the video.

They cut us a check for 10 grand already.

- No shit.

And they broke us up?

- Oh man. They loved our style.

They said anything we do they'll buy.

- Great.

- So when you write me off?

- Let's do it at lunchtime.

- Cool.

Shit was too easy, dude.

- I know.

So we got to do some more. Definitely.

I mean, this is just the beginning.

I can see my dreams coming true.

- It's all good. Let's
get one thing straight.

I don't plan on making this no career.

I just want some quick chips.
I can invest in some property.

- I know. I know.

That's exactly what I'm
thinking in and out.

Cause my girl was definitely
not my a biggest fan.

- Hey, my two favorite employees, listen,

I got some great news.

We have just been nominated
for the Peabody award.

Just get off the phone with
the superintendent's office.

And it looks like we're one
of three finalists out of 100

stations and get this.

That's not even a big part if we win.

We get a donation of over
$5 million to the studio.

You know? I'm talking state
of the art equipment and

of course raises for
everybody, including me.

Listen, you guys are
doing some great work.

Keep it up. And we're going to be on top.

I mean that, I mean that for real.

I'm thinking I want to have a
four o'clock meeting all staff

meeting, so please make
sure everybody's there.

I got to go have lunch
with the superintendent.

And if you lined that up for me,

I'm gonna make an announcement
to everybody. Okay?

Later gentlemen.
- See ya.

- I'm going to say today
was a good day, man.

- It sure was.


We are coming up man.

I told you when we hooked up,
we would kick up some dust.

That's exactly what we're doing.

- Hey, Hey man, this is
Friday going on this weekend.

You owe me a party.

I want to show you how real
mother fuckers do it. All right?

- Can I bring my girl?

- I ain't trippin, but you will come.

- If I can bring my woman. I'll be there.

- Party is Friday night.

Let's do it after work. All right.

- Sounds like a plan.

It's almost lunchtime.

Let's go get paid.

- I see this shit, but I don't believe it.

- Come on. Let's go to the bank.

- [Narrator] The mobsters. These
guys run the porn industry.

They need to speak with
Omari and Chris about fees.

- Man what the fuck is this?

- [Chris] The fuck are you guys?

- Shut the fuck up and listen.

You guys are cutting
into our porn business.

No, we want our cut or we'll put you punks

out of the business forever.

- Man fuck you. Don't tell him.

(men fighting and cussing)

- That's enough

That's enough.

Hey kid, pick him up.

I'm going to tell me one more time.

We want 20% of every
single movie you guys make.

And by the way we know you work at KDEB.

Don't have us get them involved.

It's just one like that.

And that's your guys' ultimatum.

- You know? (laughing)

You guys do really good work.

Nice pussy I see.

Keep up the good work.

- Well, I guess gentlemen,
we're in cahoots.

(struggling, fighting)

- I ain't take that
shit man. Fuck that man.

- How the fuck did they find
us? Did you tell anyone?

- Okay, maybe I might've
talked, but I'll handle it.

- Loose lips sink ships man. Fuck!

(party chatter and poker chips slamming)

- You know what I'm saying?

- Makes you, I get that man.

- You know what I'm saying?
Doing too much over here.

- You know what I'm saying?
I'm going to slow your roll.

- Let's do this.

(overlapping chatter)

- Philippe, Omari's real
cousin in the black shirt

and big time baller and
shot-caller in the town.

Omar is the only one
that calls him Philippe.

Everyone else calls him, bro.

- [P] So, this is Omari, this
is Lay-Low, Raheem and Stack.

Alright let's get back in his game, man.

(overlapping chatter)

- Come on dawg, it's on you.

- Phillipe.

- Yo, slow your roll.

Gentlemen, we need to
put this game on hold.

- What? What you mean? Come on, man.

(overlapping arguing)

- I gotta talk to my cousin.
You know what I'm saying?

Come on man, let me have my business, man.

- Hold on man. We can take a break, man.

Let's just go and let
you handle your business.

(overlapping chatting and arguing)

All right.

Have a seat.

So what's on your mind.

- Man, I just got jumped
by some mother fuckers

who said they run the porn business.

They know what the KDEB and
they know about my boss.

You're the only person
that knew about the porns

and where I worked at.

It's like you set me up for something.

- You know I wouldn't do that.

And we'd family don't ever think that,

but let me tell you something.

It's my bad. Maybe I'll gave
up a little too much info.

Like you fuck me up before
I could even get started.

You know?

I ain't got time for fucking with the mob.

The fuck am I supposed to do?

- Man don't worry about that.

I told y'all I'll handle it.

I got you into this and I'll get you out.

- What'd you saying?

You got wires on these
phones or something?

- Maybe, maybe not, but check it man.

You know when I went out for
the baseball team in jr high?

Man, the only reason I went out there,

cause I wanted to hang
with, you know, you made

the family proud, good grades in school.

You did good on the team.

And you finished college.

You know, I started bragging,

bragging to everybody about what you did.

You know? The porn you guys was doing,

you know things you guys was doing.

And I guess now they want
a piece of your action.

- I didn't even know these guys.

- He wants to time up to sound real.

And that's when I met him.

He was investing in the porn industry,

something onto his money.

Now him and his boys is
running the whole bay area.

- It's fine and everything.

But how did he find out about my boss?

- I don't know man.

Well, what I do know is that
the so called friend of mine.

Oh, he's going to straighten this out.

- You saying I can do my porns?

- Handle your business.

You know what I'm saying?

Handle your business and I'll
handle mine. We family right?

You know what I'm saying? It's cool.

- I'm just nervous man.

- I hear you, but I got your back.

(sitcom style music)

(doorbell rings)

(rings again)

(music continues)


- [Chris] Who is it?

- [Omari] It's me Omari.

- Who is it?

- [Omari] Oh-mar-i

We need to talk.

- All right. What's up.

- I got a lot on my mind, dude.

I got let some of this bullshit out.

Let's go play some basketball.

- Right now?

It's midnight.

Are you nuts?

- Maybe, but that's what I need to do.

- Alright. Yeah, we do need to talk.

Maybe a game would ease my mind too.

- Thanks man.

- Go ahead and shoot,
we'll see who goes first.

- We're playing 21 man, and
since you drug my ass out here,

I'm shooting first.

- Yeah. Oh man.

(cheers of success and sounds
of basketball hoops swishing)

(hip hop song plays)

- [Narrator] I guess this game
represents the frustration

of two people being in cahoots.

(hip hop sing continues throughout)

- Yo, found out what was going
for, shits gonna get hairy.

- How'd you find out so fast?

- No, I got my ways.

- I hope that means we
won't see him anymore.

- I hope so.

I was kind of thinking about

getting out of the porn business.

- What you're joking. Right?

- Man this shit is fucking crazy.

Not feeling it no more.

- You're going to walk
away from all this money.

We just started.

- I want out man, I'm serious I'm done.

- After all I've done for you.

You're going to turn your back on me.

Where's your integrity?

- Fuck some integrity man.

My gut feeling is telling
me not to do this dude.

Besides, what about Jesus?

- Man, I'll pay those goons,

whatever they want to
keep our names out of it.

It's only 20%. It's not that bad.

- Well, I may have fucked that up too.

- What?
- I told my cousin.

And he told the goons.

- What were you thinking?

- I don't know.

I wasn't thinking.

Look, I told him,

but I didn't know what was
gonna lead to all this man.

I just want to squash everything and

get out plain and simple.

- No, I'm not going to let
you walk away from this man.

We can make way too much money
and we can invest that money.

Be set the rest of our lives, man.

It's just one year.

Let's do this for one year.

- What about your girl?

- My girl's got nothing
to do with this man.

She knows what we're doing. She
also knows before I met her,

this is what I wanted
to do to stack my money.

I'm not going to ride her
back for financial success.

She wants to leave me because of this.

Well then I guess I can't stop her

- You're really serious about this shit.

- Hell yeah. I'm serious.

I want to go all out.

- Okay.

- [Narrator] Rouge was upset
about his cousin Omari getting

jumped and was on his
way to the mobster's camp

to regulate it.

- Otherwise, we all know the consequences.

- Yeah, fuck that.

- Thug life. You have my back.

I got your back from life.

- Yeah. It's like a bullet for my.

- What the fuck is that
you gotta say shit to me?

- [All] Let's do that.
Let's do it to do it.

Family man.

- Okay, gentlemen let's
handle our business.

- Lay mother fuckers on they back.

(reggae music)

(pool hall sounds and chatter)

- Yo, Shawn, what's up? You
dancing around man you nervous?

- I'm cool, man. Focus
on your game, I'm cool.

Watch this

- Shawn, did you handle the situation?

- I took care of it.

- I said, did you handle the situation?

- What the fuck?

- Hold the drop, hold
the drop. Hold the drop.

- Good to see you.

- Hell no, it ain't cool.
I'm here to regulate.

- What's the matter? What
did I do to betray you?

- You know what you did.

The porn and my cousin and
your boys beat them down.

That ain't cool.

My boss be coming down and you know,

just taking care of business.

So I had to let them know.

Besides, I didn't destroy the film.

I just roughed them up a bit.

- Oh so it's like that? (yells)

- [Narrator] Bullet and rogue
spent two years together in

CYA, California Youth Authority,

and became good acquaintances.

After the incident, rogue
lost respect for bullet

and feud was about to be on.

- Now get to cool off your boys some.

- I told you, you mess with
me, you messing with my cousin,

you messing with my crew.

So you better drop that. Now.

- Like I said, I 'll talk
to my boss in the meantime,

we'll back off all right??

- I knew you'd see it my way.
You better remember this.

(song continues)

- [Narrator] After the incident,

bullets crew had lost some
respect for their second leader.

- Leave it alone. I was
wrong. We'll back off alright?

- But I have never seen you
act like you need to have your

head in check that mother
fucker comes back in here again,

I'll put one spoon up in his ass.

I don't give a fuck who he is. Fuck him.

- Hey. Leave it alone.

- What's going on here gentlemen?

There's any problem here?


Bullet? Big?

What's up?

- I'm surprised them mother
fucker didn't throw down on 'em.

- Yeah. When you hit him.

Oh, I was going around
about a little minute, but,

I was ready. I went for my shit.

Check your car.

- Maybe I get pumped.
You know what I'm saying?

We rolled up in there.

Number one, all the one I
couldn't fuck with this.

- [Narrator] Rouge's Crew
was intense and fierce.

They straight don't mind
taking a bullet for Rouge.

- That's what I'm talking about!
Partners in crime for life.

Do you know that bullet,
never had no heart.

His boys are going to lose respect,

I give it less than 30 days
and their gonna retaliate.

And when that time comes,
will you still be down?

(yells of agreement)

Fuck them! I never did like
no punk ass mother fucker.

Get them the audacity to
come up in here and regulate.

Fuck them, take a bullet for my.

- What'd you say the audacity?
- The audacity!

Now that's what I'm talking about.

Brother said the hell with Ebonics

and went out and got himself a thesaurus.

The edumication.

(all yelling and talking)

(song begins)

(music playing)

(indistinct conversations)

- Rogues crew was throwing
a regular party and Chris

owed Omari a party.

- I guess these two folks is with you.

- Oh yeah man. Take care of 'em alright?

- Okay. You guys go ahead and

enjoy yourself have a nice time.

(loud music and party chatter)

- [Marissa] I need to use the
bathroom, where is it Omari?

- [Omari] It's right down
the hall to the left,

come on I'll show you
where it's at. What's up.

(rap song play)

- Close the damn door! Shit!

(indistinct chatter)

- What's happening
ladies? What's going on?

- Hey!
- Hey! It's good.

- Man, you looking good.
- I know.

- This party is intense man.

- Hey what's up man?
- What's happening?

- When we gonna shoot the next scene?

- Shhhh, keep it down cat.

(indistinct chatter)

- Expect a call from me tomorrow.

- Yes, give us till tomorrow.

- Aight. We gonna be expecting that call.

You know what I'm saying? Hey. For life.

- Well we're gonna catch you
two later, I see somebody that

I know wants to see me.

- Take it easy man.
- Alright.

- [White Shirt Guy] Hey how you doing?

(continuous party chatter)

(loud music playing over dialogue)

- Chris, can we dance?
- Yeah I'll see you later.

(music playing over dialogue)

- It looks like Omari knows everyone here.

- Yeah. He's real popular around here.

- The music's loud.

- Yeah, doesn't the
Marijuana smell bother you?

- No I'm used to it.
(music drowns out dialogue)

- Do you smoke Marijuanas?

- Well, uh.
(music drowns out dialogue)

(song continues louder)

(lighter clicking)

- Hey hey, hey, hey!

- [Narrator] Shanna was
playing hard to get with Omari,

even though she thought he was cute.

- You keep following me on purpose.

- Maybe I do, I mean.
Think about it actually.

- I'm sorry. I'm like actually
in a big hurry right now.

I'm sure I'll see you again.

- So you just gonna run off like that?

- Well it was nice seeing you again.

- You too! What is your name again?

- Omari.
- Omari..

Well Omari, surely we'll meet
again. You can bet on it.

- Hey buddy. Well the
hell is wrong with you?

You leave the burrito in my microwave!

You're going to burn up the whole store!

I will call the police on you!

- [Smoker] Is that Omari?

- Yes girl, that's Omari. Let
me get you to the airport.

(car engine starts)

(sitcom music)

- You are kidding me!

We won? WOO~!

Oh no!

Great, great news. Happy!

Man I'm elated. This is
like the best news I've had

in I can't tell you how long. Yeah.

Thank you so much. Hey, tell
everybody on the committee,

I appreciate it. And they won't regret it.

We're going to keep up the good work.

I can't wait to tell the staff. Yeah.

Yeah. Okay.

Thank you. You too.

Bye. Bye.

Hey! Listen up! Listen up.

I have got some great news.

- [Purple Shirt] What?

- [Jesus] We did it.

(all cheer and scream)

- [Chris] Oh yeah.

- Hey man. I need to take
the rest of the day off.

I got some things I need to
take care of if you know what I


- Yeah. You do need to
look into that matter.

So go ahead.

Just give me a call tomorrow.

- No problem.
- Or later on tonight.

Let me know. Everything's all good.

- Alright. Thanks man.
- Alright.

- Hello Omari, are you leaving?

- Hello, and yes. All right.

- Hi.
- Hi sweetheart.

How are you?

- Good. How are you?

- So what's up?

- We won the award for the
best public access station.

I'm getting a raise.

- That's fantastic. Let me
take you out to dinner tonight.

Let's celebrate and you know what I mean?

- That sounds great.

- I'll pick you up at 7:00.

- That's perfect.

That's perfect.

That'll give me enough time
to finish up around here.

- Are you sure 7:00?

- That's perfect.

I'll see you then.

- Bye

- Bye

(guitar music)

(man sings in foreign language)

- Marissa, when I'm with
you. I feel like a new man.

Everything I do now,

I feel like I'm just
wanting to do it for you.

You make me want to be a better man.

- You say the nicest things to me.

(sexy music)

- Let's go for a swim.

(music continues)


- Hurry up what are you waiting for?


(music continues, laughing
and splashing water)

- Marissa, I hope this night never ends

being with you is incredible.

I want to spend the rest of
my life right here with you.

- Really?

I was feeling the same way,

but they didn't know how to bring it up.

- I felt this way. Since the
first time I laid eyes on you,

like I said before, you make
me want to be a better man.

You tastes great.

- You do too.

I have something else
I wanted to show you,

the best part of the evening.

(sexy music)

(music continues)

(music continues)

- [Chris] Marissa, will you marry me?

(sitcom music)

(indistinct conversation)

- Hey how you doing?

- How you doing?

And Omari! How you doing?

- You looking good today.

- Awe well thank you, you
say the nicest things.

Honey you know I'm tired,
it's been a long day.

But Omari don't be a
stranger, come back and

you know how Bill loves
your company. You take care!

- Alright take care!
- Okay Buh-bye.

(music drowns out dialogue)

- All right you guys,
here's the situation.

Blackbird distribution wants
to give us half a million

dollars for four videos.
I say we jump on this.

If do it we're going to have to pay off.

So as a group, we got to come
up with a decision on that.

- I say, we take it.

Let's give them all their cut.

- [Narrator] Omari and Chris
had hired an accountant

and lawyer to help them with
their finances and legal fees.

- Really doesn't matter to me.

I'm down either way.

- [Omari] Yeah she will, she'll get paid.

Man, you're not the one
out there doing the work

or taking a beat down by the mob.

- Look. Here's what I'm thinking.

We can do 12 videos.

Gross two million dollars, even
after the mob takes the cut.

That's still half a
million in our pockets.

I say we do this now or
it's never going to happen.

- You guys really don't mind paying them?

- Not at all.

- You know once we get involved
they probably won't want to.

- They don't work like
that. Only the skeezy stuff.

Movies and TV. They don't
talk, a porn, no death.

- So I guess she's all in.

Alright count me in, but I'm
only here for one more year.

I'm out I'm dealing with some
other shit, ya'll can have it

- Let's make some money gentlemen.

So what's the next shoot,
how bout some new talent?

- Sounds nice.

- Some new talent, we'll
mix them in with the old.

We'll have another meeting in three days.

Production a couple of days
after that. Is everyone agreed?

- Cool, great.

- You alright?

(sitcom music)

(all talking loudly,
overlapping, indistinct)

(continuing to talk indistinctly)

- Yo check it, this my partner man.

Laylow here's gonna put
together a music video

and I'm gonna need you to hook him up.

Give him a good price,
you know what I'm saying?

- [Narrator] Laylow needed a
music video for his rap group

and needed Omari's professionalism.

- That's cool man, see
I thought you was gonna

say something like 50 Gs.

- You can give me 50 Gs.

- Oh nah, nah man, I ain't
trying to break myself, man.

I'm just trying to make
some money for me. Man.

You know what I'm saying?

- You capitalized.

(all talking loudly,
overlapping, indistinct)

- That's why I'm trying to
capitalize up on this here shit,

man I need that for my
video and my commercial.

You know what I'm saying?

How long it take to make
something like that?

- For shooting? Two days max.

15 to edit.

- Is that right? Uh. Who'd do the casting?

- Shit we could do the casting.

(all talking loudly,
overlapping, indistinct)

- This here, man.

How they look. So you
know what I'm saying?

Let me know what you think.

- Laylow you tripping man, you tripping.

(all talking loudly,
overlapping, indistinct)

(all talking loudly,
overlapping, indistinct)

(all talking loudly,
overlapping, indistinct)

- Alright ya'll. Boys, men you
ready for the ladies to show

you a real party tonight?

(all talking loudly,
overlapping, indistinct)

- Well, my friend, you
have a good weekend,

- You too.
- Hey.

- [Narrator] Omari and Chris were leaving

another porn shoot.

Marissa has been paging Chris all night.

- You wanna go grab a drink. Celebrate?

- I can't. Marissa's has been
blown up my pager all day.

I got to go by her
house and see what's up.

- Well. Have a good one.

- All right, man. You too.

- See you Monday.
- Peace.

(sexy music)

- Chris, there's something
I wanted to tell you.

- Well I know you've been
blowing my pager up all day.

I just hope it's good news.

- Well I don't know how
you're going to take it.

Here, let's go by the pool.
It's more intimate over there.


I'm pregnant.

- You're pregnant?

I know we didn't expect it,
we always use protection.

- Marissa I feel blessed.

I mean, I want to spend the
rest of my life with you and

have children with you. And
now we're on our way there.

- You're not upset with me at all?

I mean, we didn't plan that.

- Marissa, I'm going to ask
you again from the bottom of my

heart, will you marry me?

- Yes, I will.

(all talking loudly,
overlapping, indistinct)

- Well beautiful people,

As you all know, time goes
by things change, they grow.

They evolve, and the
success of this station,

all of your hard work has got me an offer

on a general management
position in Georgia.

I decided to take the job.

And I wanna take Jessica with me.

Now hey, I see the concern out there and

I know you guys are worried, tripping.

Wondering who's going to be
your new supervisor and what are

things are going to be like around here.

And I'm taking that into
consideration and a lot of thoughts

and you ready for that?

Your new supervisor is going to be Chris.

(all talking loudly,
overlapping, indistinct)

- You definitely deserve
it. You deserve it.

(all talking loudly,
overlapping, indistinct)

- You'll be all right.

Listen, you folks take
the rest of the day off.

Tomorrow, your new
supervisor will take over

this meeting is adjourned.

(all talking loudly,
overlapping, indistinct)

(sitcom music)

- So how'd you do tonight?

- I did good, I made about 15.

- You did 15 tonight?

(static drowns out dialogue)

(all talking loudly,
overlapping, indistinct)

(all talking loudly,
overlapping, indistinct)

- Girl you better go over
there and handle your business,

go talk to that man. You be tripping.

- I don't know what to say.

- Hey, check this out, take a
shot of this liquid courage.

Now go walk your thick ass over there.

Bars closing, you feel me?

Handle your business. Bar's closing

Bar's closing, handle your business.

- They go hard, man he got
put in that shit like damn.

(music drowns out dialogue)

- Ashley, your name is Ashley.
I'm not trying to ignore you.

I'm just trying to run my establishment.

There's a lot of wanna be gangsters.

Part of shiesty individuals
trying to get around.

You know what I'm saying?
- Alright.

- Women included. You can't take chances.

- Are you a thug?

- Yeah, I do what I have to do.

So if that means being a thug,
maybe about 80%, 10% matters.

10% being an entrepreneur.

- Well can I treat you to a private couch

dance in the backroom?

- When you say treat you talking about

I'm not paying no money?

You know, I don't pay for no lap dance.

And Ashley need to get the
dances and make that money.

I'm not sure, there's time
for that three hours ago,

this is my own time.

Besides I gotta to take
advantage of this situation.

I'm into, it's like:

a guy walking across the
floor of a club and asking the

girl of his dreams to dance.

And if she says no, the
rejection is detrimental.

Don't make me beg Phillipe.

- Well, I'm not gonna make you beg.

At least not right now,
but I tell you what,

I'm going to take you up on that offer.

You get me back there.

What are you going to do?

- Don't worry.

I won't hurt you. I only
want to bring you pleasure.

- I could use a little
bit of pleasure right now.

Let's take this in the back.

- You won't regret it.

- [Phillipe] Yo laylow, watch it.

- We ain't no friends, the
homies can't have none.

- All right, if that, is in
here. His black ass is mine.

He thinks he can come
into my club and diss me?

Fuck him.

I got something for his black ass.

- I say we let this shit go
man, let's go fuck with some

strippers, they got some fine
looking bitches in there man.

- Damn it Keith. Don't be a pussy.

And get the fuck out of here
and in that car, we're making

this club ours tonight.

If you're gonna be a spineless
mother fucker then get the

fuck outta here.

- That's what I'm fucking
talking about, you wanna start

that shit you're gonna fucking finish it.

Get with the fucking program will ya.

Hey man it's cool, I just
wanted some pussy that's all.

- We're here for business.

Let's take care of it.

(club music playing)

(music continues)

(music drowns out dialogue)

(multiple gunshots)

(gunshots, people screaming)

(gunshots, people screaming)

(gunshots, people screaming)


(man breathing heavily
and trying to speak)

- [Phillipe] You're going
to be all right, man.

Remember what I said,
partners in crime for life.

Partners for life.

- I told you, I'd die for you. I told you.

- You going to be all right, man.


You gonna be alright man. Come on.

Oh man. LAYLOW!

(crying and noises of sorrow)

- Mother fuckers coming
up in here. (gunshot)

(soft, sad music)

(music continues)

- [Narrator] Omari wasn't
able to attend the funeral

because his grandmother
passed away out of state.

He wasn't present,

but Chris and Marissa showed
up on behalf of Omari.

- I really appreciate you
showing up in your respects

to my man Laylow.

- Well Omari couldn't make
it downtown this weekend.

So we're here to pay our
respects for the both of us.

Laylow was a good man.

(music drowns out dialogue)

- You have a beautiful
angel. Take care of her.

Meet me at the spot.

- [Narrator] Rouge and his
crew were still upset about

Laylow's death and were
definitely going to retaliate.

(music gets louder)

(music continues)

(music continues)

(music continues underneath)

- Chris. There's something
I wanted to tell you.

- Please just no more bad news.

- Chris since we're
about to start a family

I want you to get out
of pornography business.

You said it yourself it's
getting too dangerous.

You don't think I need that
kind of stress right now?

I mean I want our child
to have a real father

not a bad memory.

- You're probably right,
it's getting way out of hand.

Omari wants out too.

- You just got the promotion,
it's just gonna be just fine.

- Yeah I guess you're right.

- Chris.

I love you.

- I love you too.

(song volume increases)


- [Jesus] Once again from
the bottom of our hearts,

we at KDEB would like to thank
you for honoring us with this

prestigious award.

It's going to serve as a
source of motivation for us to

continue to raise the bar
and reach higher levels.

Thank you very much.


- Hey mom, it's me! (laughs)

(continuing applause
and indistinct chatter)

(continuing applause
and indistinct chatter)

- She looks beautiful Omari and

she's looking over here at you.

- For real?

- Yea for real.

- Yeah Omari I think she's looking at you.

- [Narrator] I guess dreams do come true.

If you're persistent and
consistent Omari finally gets

Shauna, it was worth the wait.

- Man. I don't like coming
to these functions, man.

- Come on, baby. That's
how you get famous? Jay.

- Trippin me out.
- JC love how you doing buddy?

- Hey JC, Angelika from tay dig remember?

- Oh yeah.

- Can I get you something to
drink? Champagne? Red wine?

- A sound nice, but you know
me I always come with my own

brew you know what I'm saying?

But uh. Thanks though. So
can I get some ice though?

- Oh you got it.

(overlapping conversations)

- I told you I make you famous look at ya.

(synth-style music to end)