Ca$h (2010) - full transcript

A stroke of good luck turns lethal for Sam Phelan and his wife Leslie when they are faced with a life-changing decision that brings strange and sinister Pyke Kubic to their doorstep. As Pyke leads Sam and Leslie on a tumultuous adventure through the streets of Chicago, each are pulled deeper and deeper into a desperate spiral of deception and violence... All in the name of money.


British Airways flight 297 from London
arriving at the gate 12.


DAY (8 HOURS) $ 39

The rooms cost $ 39, days
and $ 29 a night.

- The overnight stay is cheaper.
- That's right!

The day is for sex
costs money and sex.

- Want a room or not?
- Yes For a week, please.

Are $ 203.

It will be the fourth 13.

Check-out at noon
next Thursday.

No, okay.
Thank you.


What's up, man!
Come here!

6 Open the gate!

- Are you okay?
- Yes

Glad you came, brother.

Why did you come to Chicago, anyway?
Had no business at home?

The views of the lake and the vaginas
fed corn, for what?

Jesus. He stands on the street
time to get some?

I'm here, Reese.
He said that would be worth my time.


Someone stole a dog race
and think it was me.

- But is innocent.
- Of course.

The robbers wore masks.

In addition, one was killed
accidentally by the police.

The car is going in the north
in Lower Wacker and Van Buren.

I see it.

- Damn!
- Shut up.

What happened, Reese?

Damn corrupt cops on duty!
That's what happened.


Get out!

Get out!

Get them!

He has a gun!
He has a gun!

Drop the gun!

You in the truck,
let me see your hands!

Let me see your hands!


Get in the car.

No witnesses, no money,
without conviction, right?

As they got?

They say that half a million.

Maybe more.



I had to play it.

- Where?
- On the expressway Dan Ryan.


Reese, who is doing drugs?
Our money!

Shut up!

Do you think it's still there?

- Is not there.
- Where is he?

Fell on the car of a guy.
A whitey.

- What kind of car?
- An old car.

An old station wagon.
Wood on the sides, you know?

Yes, wood on the sides.



Son of a bitch!

Why me?

Ten zillion cars in Chicago
and that crap had to fall on my!

Jesus Christ.

Want to take a bath first?

No, you can go.


Do not be so, Sam.
It will be OK.

Want me to take the job?

No, I meet with you.
The walk will do me good.

- Until later, then?
- Yes


What are you doing, man?

My goodness, Reese!
Are you crazy?

Keep it down, damn it!

Is Chicago, Reese.

The capital of the automobile in the U.S.
and expect me to find a car?

- Forget the boy was lucky.
- Listen to me.

This lucky bumpkin
only two days ago.

The track is still hot
as the vagina of a prostitute on the streets.

He will use the money and that
differentiating it from other workers.

The first thing he will do
is to buy a new car, cash ...

and this is how you will get it.

Divided half and half.
Are you in or out?

I'm here, I'm not?

I'll try.

- You are the sales manager?
- Yes, I am.

Can you help?

I will definitely try.

If someone comes here
and buy a car in cash ...

what do you do?

Dirty my pants.

What you do things official?

Well, as there is no bank,
or loan application ...

or insurance, there is no
loan officer, you know?

The only thing we can do
in a cash sale ...

is to document the state tax
and licensing.

- How?
- With a form.


But I must say that it is rare
buy in cash.

Once, maybe twice a year
I see a cash sale.

This document indicates
mode of payment?

Well that line, see?

We must put the bank,
the finance company ...

or a stamp of "cash".

- And where did that come from?
- Detran Chicago, central agency.

"Thank you, friend."

Your welcome,
your rude jerk.

I do not know why he is late,
Mr. Dale.

He knew that the meeting
was Rs 10.30.

I believe this is the true nature
of our problem, Ms. Phelan.

Buy a home
is a great responsibility.

And Mr. Phelan does not see
commitment to act responsibly.

You and your husband are 120 days
late payments.

This is a serious delay
an institution of small ones.

Mr. Dale, knows our situation.
We are unemployed.

We are both working now,
we will recover.

You are asking too much of this institution
to reschedule your loan ...

especially given the lengthy
Mr. Phelan ...

both payments
as at today's meeting.

- Where were you?
- I'll tell later.

Mr. Dale, our banker.
Let me guess.

Being mean and did not reprogram
our payments, is not it?


What say?

Under the circumstances,
I do not think that this institution ...

can help them,
Mr. and Mrs. Phelan.

No, Sam, talk to him.
It is our home!

I fear having to pay
the total amount that should ...

or the bank will be forced to terminate
a process of closure.

Mr. Dale, please.
We pay the portions of the house, on ...

every month for 5 years.
That does not count for anything?

What exactly is the total?

With penalties and interest,
reached U.S. $ 7603.12.



1 thousand, 2 thousand, 3 thousand,
4 thousand, 5 thousand, 6 thousand, 7 thousand ...

e. ..

- One, two, three ...
- 12 cents.

Four, five, six.

You have four dollars?



Thank you.

U.S. $ 7605.

Leslie, come on.

Wait, my blouse.

You owe me $ 1.88
and want him back at noon tomorrow.

- Where did you get that?
- He fell from heaven, baby.

No, really, Sam, where?

I was on the expressway
the Dan Ryan, right?

And a police chase happened
and that on the hood of my car.

And crumpled the car?

Kneaded? Our dear, forget it!
What is.

My God.
How much?

I do not know.

Want to find out?


How much, how much?


We have U.S. $ 618,127.

Wait, plus U.S. $ 7605 which gave
rQuel idiot that Mr. Dale is ...

- Did you see his face?
- Yes

I thought he was going to pee in your pants
when called stingy.

And when you spoke of the $ 1.88?

- Sucker!
- Sucker!


Counting the U.S. $ 7605
which gave the bank a total of ...

U.S. $ 625,731.


We're rich.

Sam, one can not be
with the money.

- Yes we can.
- Nao. Probably dirty money.

Of course it is, is money.

I do not want a Colombian drug lord
breaking into our door.

No one saw, Les.

If I had not caught, would
the ground to find someone else.

It's free money and clean.
Nobody in this world knows that we have.

And if it was stolen from a bank
or something?

So what?
Banks are insured.


What do we do?

Want a fool of
and deliver it ? Chicago police?

Those guys in blue
had just stolen.

No, no, no, no way.
This is our money.

God sent me straight to heaven.

A million car hoods
in Chicago, it fell in my suitcase.

This is destiny.

- They would be insured, right?
- Of course.

Come on, is our money, love.
The mortgage has been paid.

Think of all the things
we could buy.

New furniture, paint the house.

Well ..

Leslie, we have more than $ 600 billion
to spend as we wish.

Our dreams
will come true, love.

You're right!


- What we buy first?
- The car is well kneaded.

- A new car!
- Yes

What will be?

I'm looking for Zeke.

Wrong place.
None Zeke here.

Come here.

Come here.


Thank you.

They said I could
buy tools with you.

I've got the tools.

What is your favorite?

Sears? Stanley?
Snap On?

I was thinking more in the style of Ruger,
Smith & Wesson, you know?

Can I get the keys




Are two armchairs,
the entire dining room ...

sofa, plasma TV
big screen.

How about a bed?

How about a bed?

Bed, bed, bed ...

We certainly
need to take a bed, right?

- Sure.
- Over here.

This is perfect.


- Oi
- Hello!

Will deliver our things tomorrow
13h between Rs and Rs 16h.


Give me that.

Very pretentious.







Can I help you?

Yes, sorry.
It is your Toyota?

No, it's my wife.

- Who is Glenn?
- I do not know who he is. Who are you?

Excuse me.

You son of a bitch!

What? It is driving around,
and when he sees a nice car ...

- Has me asking questions?
- What?

You know what I think?
Who is looking for things to steal.

Show him, honey.

You better get out of this neighborhood before I
rear crashes his whitey.

And do not want that.
He will not want that.

- Certainly not.
- You do not want it.

Glenn plumber do caramba.

You black
think they are bravoo.

Well, you're not.

Do you think all white
afraid of you.

Not have.

Now shut up ...

or I'll put it
the emergency ward.


Heard the accent?

Yes, it was a white paper.

- No, let's go.
- He is Spanish?


Mr. Bearshit Tenderfeet?

No, no, no. Advocates like this ...
Bahadurjit Tejinderpreet.

Can I help you?

Yes, help me.

You have a beautiful Chevrolet there.

Yes, my Chevrolet.
Great American car.

I love Chevrolet.

You Arabs are very fond,


That's a lie!
I am a Sikh from India!

Do not 11/09.
I 9-9! My beautiful store!

Mr. Melvin Goldberg?

Who cares?

- I am of the Bavarian Motor Works.
- What?

Bavarian Motor Works.

I saw your new car.


So what?

I would like to ask
some questions, if you please ...

- About his new Beemer.
- No, thanks. Get out.

My company is offering $ 100
by a simple interview of 5 minutes.




So ...

How long has the car?

Eight days.

Do you like the BMW?

Everyone loves.

Until those idiots with Mercedes
BMW is changing for now.

You will not write
my answers?

I have a good memory.

How long
said that financed the car?

I did not say.

Why do you ask anyway?

This helps us determine
buying trends and stuff.

24 months.

It says that you paid


Who are you?

Get out of my house!



Get out
Or I'll kick him out.

Where is the suitcase?
Where is the suitcase, Goldberg?

Where is he?

I'm sorry, sir.

I will return the money, I promise.

So, did you?

- Yes?
- I did.

But I return, I swear to God.

So you spent all?
You spent half a million?


- No, no ...
- Talk to me, damn Jew.

I work for the Gen-Am.

Stole the money.
I admit.

But did it
because extorting customers.

Are thieves.
Are deceiving the public.

But I will pay back interest.

Old car was a station wagon?

No way!
You a cop?

If you're lying, I will kill you ...

very slowly.

I had a pickup by BMW.

A Ford F-150 1993.

You can check, sir.


Stole the money,
but not with a suitcase.

I used a paper bag.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Your welcome.

Good life and ? ? Realiza??o
our craziest dreams.

My husband
he is always lucky.


We should do this more often.

What is wrong with us?


Good morning, Mr. Phelan.

Good morning, Mrs. Phelan.

Sleep well?

Yes, I slept.

Ready for breakfast?


Breakfast too?


Nothing is too good
Lucky for Mr. Sam Phelan.

- Eat.
- I will.

I take a shower.

Mr. Sam Phelan?

Yes, it is advanced.
Only the expected noon.

I doubt that I expected.

It is the representative of the franchise
of Chunky Chicken, right?


Okay, I'm sorry.
I thought ...

What can I do for you?

I would like to chat with you
about his new Range Rover.

I factory.

Yes, of course.

- But the time is bad.
- It will only take a minute.

Okay, you can get.
But just a minute.

Thank you.


La coffee.
Accepted one?

No thanks.

Looking for investment?

No. My wife and I want
start our own business.


Walked receiving money, right?

Sir, I have long
then ...


Do you like it
your Range Rover?

Want to know how it is?
These things?

It's great, we love him.

How does it compare
to your old car?

There is no comparison.

What was your old car?

It was a Buick station wagon.

Those with wood
the sides?

You said it was the factory.
What works?

Listen ...

I think you better leave now.

This ...

business in which ...

you want to invest ...
What? Half a million ...


Listen, I'm waiting for someone,
Then I have to clean the house ...

and to leave.

I will not go, Sam.

How well will not leave?

Who do you think you are?
I'll call the police.

Look, do not smoke in the house.

You have something of mine.

Never seen you before.

What are you doing?


You can not do this, okay?

Damn, man!

Stop it!
Stop it!

What is he doing?
Stop it!

No, no, no!

Okay ...

Turn off the phone.

Go ahead, hang up.

Where is my money?

We are with him.

Most of it, I mean.
We spend a part.

What are you talking about?
We have his money.

Spare me, Leslie.

I know the truth.

How much you spent?

- Some $ 70 billion, I think.
- Where's the rest?

A party is here
elsewhere in the bank.

- In the bank?
- Several banks, actually.

Avoiding the IRS?


But dangerous.

Funny how money
corrupts, right?


Let's do the following.

Sam ...

go get the money
is here at home, okay?

- Well ..
- Go ahead.

Leslie ...

together the receipts.

You and I are going to calculate
exactly how much they spent.

You keep your receipts, right?

U.S. $ 625,731.

Not bad.

Not bad at all.

It is noon.

Banks need time to gather
large sums of money ...

So while Leslie is the accounts
and I reckon ...

You pick up the phone, Sam,
and links to all banks ...

put my money where ...

and say that there will now
to get this money. Understand?

What is the total?

U.S. $ 74,316.47.

It is more than 70 thousand U.S. dollars
you said, is not it?

I think I forgot
some things.

It is perfectly natural.

Everything looks so good too.

The big-screen TV,
the Range Rover.

It looks very good.

Thank you.

So ...

U.S. $ 625,761 gross ...

less the $ 74,316.47 ...

equal a. ..

U.S. $ 551,414.53.


U.S. $ 551,414.53 ...

is the number
in which we focus.

We need to bring
all that money back, right?

Okay, Sam?

You still have some.

can connect the path.

Let's visit the banks.


Very good.


65, 66 ...


Next bank.

It was fun, right?

Leslie ...

Get your calculator.



Subtract these values
of our total.

U.S. $ 54,557.

U.S. $ 13,660.

$ 83,000.

U.S. $ 15,236 dollars.

How long?

U.S. $ 268,184.53.

Where's the rest?

We left with my mother.

With Mom.

What could be safer
than Mom?

Walked occupied
like bees, right?

Glad you got the time.

How much?

$ 265 mil.

Trust that in the breast
is not it?

So, U.S. $ 265 thousand subtracted
of our new balance of U.S. $ 268,184.53 ...

leaves U.S. $ 3184.53.

Where was it?

Leaving the change, right?

That kind of money goes to candy,
cigarettes, that sort of thing, right?

We do not smoke.



They do not care that I smoke
inside, is not it?

Thank you very much.

let's get back to business.

We will add this U.S. $ 3184.53
the deficit of U.S. $ 74,316.47 ...

What is the value that they had used
before I arrived, right?

This gives what?
U.S. $ 77,501.

It was a long day.

I'm hungry.

Leslie, why not go to the kitchen
and makes a nice meal?

Thus, we do not get out more.
We can all be together.

Not nice?


Very good, Leslie.
I liked it.

But what was it?

Eggplant, tofu
steaks and veggies.

Steak vegetarians?

Do not eat red meat.

Why not? Afraid
of contracting mad cow disease?


I think I'll watch
that big-screen TV.

Then go to sleep.
We have to visit Grandma and early tomorrow.

Go to sleep with us?

It is an invitation?

You know what I mean.

Yes, I know.

You can sleep on the couch.

Thank you.

What do you put in?

- I?
- Yes

Now you point the finger.

That's funny.
Did not care to spend it yesterday.

I'll call the police.

Drop the phone.

Drop the phone.
Give me that!

Stop it!

Let's wait.

If we call the police now,
will regularly ask questions, many questions.

No problem
and lose the little we have left.

After tomorrow, he leaves
and still have everything we buy.

Sao really cool.

Not so bad.

No, that's what I feared.

I wish you had never found
this damn money.

Go to sleep, okay?

- Hi, Mom.
- Hi, honey.

Mom, you know the box
she left with you?

We need him back.

Honey, you said you needed
keep it safe. I hid.

All right, mother,
but we need him back now.

Honey, could not be safer
than he is.

What could not be

Well, what's in the box, of course.


Mother, please, go get the box.

Who do you think you are?

I am one of those people
you never find ...

provided that
an honest citizen.

What would you have done if I had
delivered the money to the police?

But you do not deliver,
delivered, Sam?

Therefore, we will never know it.

Come here.

Give it to me.

You took a little
is not, Mom?

- How much did you steal?
- Please, enough.

I did not steal a penny.

- I just took a little borrowed.
- Mom

As you "borrowed"?

Some $ 600.
It was a loan!

I needed!
Vivo fixed income. Return it!

Mother, we leave it with you
to maintain security.

I only had a look, baby.
There was so much.

It was not his!

Well, it was yours too, was it?

This is a lesson ...

when it comes to money,
nobody can be trusted.

Like mother, like daughter.

Turn off the engine
and give me the key.

Keep an eye.

You two.

Sam, what are we doing?

Sam, what are we doing?

I do not know, Les.
I do not know what we should be doing.

We have the right to do this?
I do not know anymore.

Of course we have.

He is forcing us to do something
against our will.

Are you?

Why is that we got the money
and decided to stay with him.

We knew that was not ours.


I'm leaving.

You owe me $ 58.



No refund.

I paid $ 203 for seven days,
$ 29 per day.

I was only five days.

You owe me $ 58
the two days that I will not stay.

You have problem
ear, sir?

He said that we do not

Now take the road
before I call the police.


Next time
'll break your arm, your leg ...

and finally your neck.

Now ...

just count the money
I should ...

and deliver it.

Not forgetting something?

Do you want a receipt?

My day.
And my day?

Have a good day?

I will.

- Thank you.
- Also.




Well ...

I need to go.

But I need you
stay in the house.

Can I trust you will do this?


He saw the blood on his shirt?

He took very
the motel today.

He's crazy.
We have to call the police.

We should have called yesterday.

We can do this today ? night
when he is sleeping.

I found.

Nice work, brother.

Recovered U.S. $ 547,433.

This is too much, Pyke.

There's more.

Really? How much?

- U.S. $ 78,298 still outstanding.
- Where is it?

They spent.

Okay, damn it.
We still have $ 250 billion for each, right?

I want the rest.

How so?

Come on, man?
No way!

Please, just this once.

- They spent, is gone.
- No!

All was lost.

I'll get it back.


Do your thing.

As usual.

Suit yourself.

I'll see you when you leave
this joint.

Let's talk about the rest of the money
you owe me.

What are you talking about?

What are you talking about?
We spent the rest over.

And now we have to recover it.

The deficit is U.S. $ 78,298.


Why not take the Range Rover,
the furniture, everything?

I do not want their property, Sam.

I am not a trader.

I'm more like a banker.
I need money.

We have $ 78 mil!

U.S. $ 78,298.

We do not have it.

You know what?
Can not forget it?

You have more than $ 500 mil.

And just leave us alone!

Regrets that he spent.

We believe that God was smiling at us.
We were wrong.


Nothing is free, Leslie.

Not in this lifetime.

Did you know that the money
was not his.

And spent.

Now you have to pay.

What will you do?

Will kill us?

We do not have!

We will not discuss

Let us focus on how
you will reimburse me.

Good food, Leslie.

It would be better if it were meat,
but is good nonetheless.

Sam cooked.

Welcome home, Sam?

Is there something I need to do
for me now.

What is it?

I need their cell phones.


Thank you.

Leslie, can go ? kitchen
and bring me the phone, please?


I noticed that there is another outlet.
Where is it?

The fourth.

Can you bring the phone
Room, Leslie?

- Yes
- Thank you.

We are getting more complicated part ?
this recovery action.

Want to keep this
between us, right?

We are reaching a point
you and Leslie ...

need to put his hand in his pocket.

And when that happens people
want to call someone.

That's weird.
Human nature, I guess.

Always want to do

Now, why not tell me your plan
to give me back the rest of the money.

We have a plan.

We sell the Range Rover,
worth about $ 70 mil ...

sell new furniture and do not know,
get the rest borrowed from friends.

The loan
with friends, good luck.

The Range Rover, all right.
But the furniture, not take long.

I give them 5 days
from now.

And if we fail?


You know the consequences
only when a line is crossed ...

and a decision is taken.


Are in good shape.

- I give U.S. $ 47 thousand for it.
- What?

Wait a minute,
he's talking about?

We pay almost $ 70 billion
a week ago, in cash.

Yes, yes.


I sold him a new car
and you brought me a used back.

It has only 190km,
the love of Christ.

We can do the following,
and is my best offer.

Pay U.S. $ 53 thousand for it
and seeing the old car for you.

What do you think?

You can pay in cash?

So U.S. $ 53 thousand of U.S. $ 78,298 ...

leaves an incredible debt
U.S. $ 25,298.

You can not give us a time?

I mean, take your debt?

The answer is no,
I will not do that.

Listen, we can not

You still have a home.

Drugs, Leslie!

Will not stick to our house

I do not want your house, Leslie.

I was thinking ...

in cash from refinancing.

No, our house.

Let's stop
with this ridiculous now?

This crap has gone too far!

Sam, this unfortunate
only speaks nonsense!

What he can do
in broad daylight?

Let's go, Sam, go away.
He can stay with that jalopy.

Leslie, you take
a decision now ...

and live with the consequences later,
remember that?


It is an idle threat, Sam.
It's all lies!

Get in the car, Leslie.

- He's bluffing.
- Get in the car. Let.

It's a damn tyrant.
We can go.

- Start the car. Let.
- Let's call the police.


Where his house was financed.

Mr. and Mrs. Phelan, is his desire
that you have access ...

to your personal finances?

Yes, of course.
Why not?

What was the purchase price
original home?

The initial purchase price
was U.S. $ 200 mil.

Purchased when?

Five years ago.

What is the price?

U.S. $ 647.70 per month.

Term of loan?


How much input?

Well, 10%
$ 20 mil.

So, if the entry is the same ...

when they bought the house
when they were $ 20 mil ...

- And still have this amount today, right?
- Well, technically, yes.

They paid monthly,
faithfully ...

the last 5 years ...

which reaches U.S. $ 38,862, right?

Are correct.

So, discounting the interest,
paid about $ 13 mil ...

mortgage debt,
is not it?


That's right, yes.

They still need $ 167 mil.

Now, in the last five years,
the property valued.

Yes, of course.

But we can not be sure
without an evaluation.

Yes, but even so,

Let's use a conservative number,
say $ 20 billion in five years.

This is equal to what?
$ 4 per year.

I would not say it is very optimistic.

No, it seems reasonable.


So, discounting the recovery
with benefits paid ...

they have 53 thousand U.S. dollars
equity in the house.

And as such, I see no reason
to this institution ...

should not lend them
U.S. $ 25,298 looking for ...

than half
of their existing assets.

Well, I ...

We left our jobs.

- Are you unemployed?
- Yes

Know the housing loan

Yes, of course.


This style requires no employment,
no income or assets.

Lenders show no
information beyond credit profile ...

- And the value of the property.
- Of course.

The Phelan has equity.

Could obtain
a loan equal to 80%.

I do not know if this bank has issued
without a loan document.

I do not know if we can do it.

The credit rating of them ...

Listen ...

I think you're missing
a great opportunity here, Mr. Dink.

It's Dale.

- Mr. Dale.
- Whatever.

We could go somewhere else ...

and know your branch manager would
angry about losing a business ...

especially in view of the fact
that this institution ...

holds the first mortgage.

But it is urgent.

These people
need the money today.

Tell your terms.

At today's prices, have more capital
than necessary ...

more money to the bank
if you decide to quit, you know?

It's a beautiful business.

I bet that it would promote a

Maybe I can consider
a small loan ...

for urgent home repairs.

Interest rates.

Well, of course.

Well ..

got the fair market value ...

times 80% of the loan ...

which is equal to U.S. $ 86 mil ...

less compound interest
during the term of the loan.

I borrow U.S. $ 11,421.89.

This is the ultimate in a pure loan
a candidate unemployed.

They accept.

Make a deposit

They will redeem it here.

So, Sam ...

how you will accomplish
the remaining U.S. $ 13,876.11?

Why do it?
The money is not his own.

That's where you're wrong
The money is mine ...

and I'll stay with him until
a higher power to take away from me.

So, the question remains.

How will I pay U.S. $ 13,876.11
you owe me?

Here are your fucking
11 cents!

Thank you, Leslie.

Why you can not
leave us in peace?

I understand your frustration ...

same ...

but precise amount.

We do not have and there is no other place
we can do it.

So, you have to kill us or ...


Let's calm down, okay?

We'll have a nice meal,
Distributor will watch big-screen TV ...

and tomorrow, think of something,

You still have four more days.

Les? Les, come on, wake up.
Wake up, wake up.

- What?
- Let's go.

C'mon, get dressed.

- What?
- Come on.

- He will hear.
- Fuck you. Let.

- Come on, come on! Walk!
- Okay.



Go for a walk ? midnight?

I believe it is their first experience
In a situation like this ...

So, I forget the indiscretion

But understand this.

Until I get my money,
you do not leave this house.

They will meet
or call someone ...

unless I give permission.

- Do you understand?
- Yes


Yes, damn it!

Now go back to bed.

Good morning.

All slept well?

What is this?

I made purchases while they slept.


Why not go to the stove, Sam,
and cooking eggs and meat for Leslie and me?


Eggs, Sam.
I want eggs.

Will cook or not?

- I cook.
- Nao. I want Sam cook.

He is a man domesticated
is not, Sam?

What are you doing?


I just want him to do.
That's it, Leslie.

This is ridiculous.
It's kindergarten stuff!

What will be, Sam?

Just eggs even.

And meat, Sam.

I want my scrambled

How you like your eggs,


It is easy for a woman, right?

No physical threat,
without fear of reprisal.

You can simply open
his big mouth and beautiful ...

and say everything comes into your head,

Sit next to me.


Go there and steal it.

Bring me the money back.

- Wait, what?
- Are you crazy?

I can not do that!


Do not know what you can do, Sam.
Will be surprised to see how easy it is.

Most men are cowards
not true, Sam?

All women are cowards.

The fear of this weapon will make them
obey every command ...

exactly as you obey me.
Now, go there and steal it.

The time of the revolt was over, Sam.
I want my money.

- Now, go there and steal it.
- Okay, okay. Stay calm.





Sam, I am.

Keep the line open.

I want to hear everything that is happening
inside, you know?

If it is ugly, or if the line is dropped,
falls with his wife, understand?


Give me all the money!

Paper or plastic?

Jesus Christ, I do not care!



It's good, right?

Give me the gun, Sam.

Count the money for it, Leslie.
He seems a little nervous.

Let's see how you did, Sam.

How, dear?

$ 464.

$ 464.

Not a great score, Sam.

Why not catch the coins?

How so?
Neither knew I should get them!

Learned that with the movies, right?
It's what movies are cursed.

Money is money.
You get everything.


Are $ 464,
subtracted ...

the balance of U.S. $ 13,876.

You still have U.S. $ 13,412 ...

to pay off.

Convenience Shop


I do not.


Why is a woman?

The vagina gives
special privileges, right?

American women
always wanted equality.

Well, I'm giving it to you.

And take the coins this time.


Same thing.

Make cute there
and Sam pays the price.



Can leave.

Raise your hands!

Give me the money, stupid!

Go, go!

Put it in a bag!

Coins too!


And give me a pack of cigarettes.

What kind?

- I do not mind the green.
- Menthol?

Just give me a fucking bunch!


Get down and not move
for 5 minutes or you die!

Give me the gun.

Physical strength on the other
leaves a good taste in the mouth.

Especially for a woman ...

is not usually
have that experience.

Feeds as mother's milk.

It's almost sexual, is not Leslie?

Where did you get that?

I got it.

You stole.


Count the money, Leslie.

U.S. $ 525.87.

I got more.


The total today
was U.S. $ 2128.16.

Subtracted from our total is ...

U.S. $ 11,283.84.

No big deal, folks. $ 2,100
for a full day of work.

Indeed, it is U.S. $ 2128.16.

Turn on the TV, Sam.

It's time the news.

You're watching
the news of WGN, Rs 21 h.

Sit beside me, Leslie.

? armed robberies
occurring today in the Chicago area.

Two men and a woman assaulted
a liquor store this morning ...

and escaped.
Police believe the same trio ...

that came to six more stores
convenience in a day of crime.

Police estimate that the assailants
fled with more than $ 10 mil.

That's a lie!

They always lie about the value.
Insurance fraud.

All are corrupt.

Police compiled
this sketch of the trio.

Not stupid? These drawings
do not look like anyone.

In the history of the world, never took
a criminal based on this drivel.

The manager of Loja 9 to 9
Bahadurjit Tejinderpreet ...

said she was assaulted
more than ten times.

I know that guy.
Bearshit Tenderfeet.

Was robbed by thieves best
in Chicago!

These are amateurs!

Fuck it!

The getaway car was a van
cream-colored, possibly a Buick.


In other news ...

- You know our car.
- They do not know anything.

No plaque, pictures, names.

Detroit made ten zillion
these cars. Relax.

Tomorrow, we'll use my car.

It's getting on his side.

I'm not.

- Sat beside him, Les.
- You cook the meat of it.

Sam, I'm sorry.


We are both afraid of him
and we have the right to be.

He is dangerous.
It's crazy and is driving us crazy.


Empty the box, man.

Come on, hurry, hurry!

Do not do anything stupid.

He's getting the hang of it, Sam.

Give me the gun.

- What kind of gun is this?
- The kind that scares people.

Now give me.

But what kind?

Is a Star of caliber 9 mm,
Parabellum, the semi-30P ...

pistol double action.
Made in Spain.

It weighs 1.10 kilograms
and has a barrel of 10cm.

Shoot a bullet 120 ...

at an initial rate
of 1247 meters per second.

Now give me the gun.

Sent me to the gun.

Nine millimeter.

Sam, what's happening

I saw you today.
Liked the gun.


Shut up, Leslie.

- Sammy!
- No, shut up.

Take the money!

I can not!

Family needs a lot!

Take the damn money now!



Our girl is cream, Sam.


Do not say anything!

Total U.S. $ 5295.52.

Not bad.

But they still have a balance of U.S. $ 5988.32
and only one day left.

Turn on the TV, Sam,
it's time for news.

Why do not you yourself?

All right, Sam.

The trio struck again today,
stealing ten locations ...

in Cook County.

Ten in one day!
It may be a record.

Captain Johnson said he never saw
a series of robberies so desperate.

The getaway car now using
Lincoln is a black, no card.

If caught,
the two men and a woman ...

face charges
Distributor of armed robbery ...

that can lead to a prison
20 to 50 years.

Actually ...

when Leslie hit the lady,
amounted to robbery with serious bodily injury ...

Distributor and threatens life.

I forced you to do this,
but did not you like, do?

I did not let
wet your pants ...

when he stole those people,
was Leslie?

Will not let you do that!


Stop it!

Stop it!

Stop hitting him, stop!

Stop it!

Stop, no!


You okay?

Get out!

What are you thinking?

To catch my gun
to kill me?


Are offended
for I have rejected your offer?

Go back to bed, Leslie.

We can start in the center ...

and pave the way to Cicero.


Let us further.
Let's rob a bank.

Too risky.

The banks are out of your league.

This type of work
requires preparation, planning.

Need to know the routines.
There is too much for you, son.

The bank that I'm thinking,
I know all I need to know.

We will continue
small things.

What is the problem?
Have no stomach for it?

I end this.

Never get U.S. $ 5988.32
continue with small thefts.

Or will I increase my time?

You are giving me a pass?

All right, Sam.

Steal your bank.


Do you have any pantyhose clean?


Banks are working for two.

I'm with you.

We are not more
than three minutes.

Leslie, leave the engine running
and behave.

No games, or Sam pays the price.

A little late for games.



Get down!

Nobody moves.

If you try to be a hero, you die.

On the ground, damn it!


- Take all the money!
- Yes


Nobody move!

Open the safe!

Stand still there.
This is not a game!

You, down there!

Go down the stairs!

Do not move!

Come on, hurry!

Get down!

Let the money and run.

The alarm was triggered.
You go to prison.

What are you doing?

Quick, now!

Stay down!

Come! Come!

Out, out!

As we?

Are you crazy?

What did you just do?

We have U.S. $ 5988.32.

Here it is.

Now, over?

That's right, Sam.
Our job was finished.

Give me the gun.

Sent me to the gun.

Give me the damn gun, Sam,
or I'll kick your ass ugly this time.

Believe me?

Yes, I believe.

You do not have the stomach for it.

Lord, do not have any idea
I have the stomach for.


What do you hope to achieve
blank ammunition, you jerk?


If you try to pick up another weapon,
kill you.

- Believe me?
- Yes

- Believe me, son of a bitch?
- Yes, I believe.

You bet.
What is your name?

- What?
- Your name. I want to know your name.


Pyke what?


Pyke Kubic.



I'll kill you both!

- I'll kill you both!
- Fuck!

- Take the gun, Les!
- Fuck!


LKQ Auto Parts

A bizarre incident
was reported by police today.

More than U.S. $ 15 mil
were returned anonymously ...

in 27 convenience stores
9-9 and grocery stores ...

and more than U.S. $ 10 mil
were returned to a bank ...

a reimbursement by the series of robberies
occurred last week.

It seems that the thieves
felt remorse and returned ...

the exact amount of money stolen
for each establishment.

The thieves have sent extra money
for two people ...

who were injured during the crime: