Ca$h (2008) - full transcript

After his brother is killed, Cash allies with a famous thief to pull of the biggest robbery in history.

Each dove will find its falcon...

Good afternoon, ladies.
- the boss is gone!

I hope it will be alright

I'm not going to come again.

and what exactly is it you are here for?
- to work!

a warning was sent about my coming,
but this says it all.

Directive 142 of the law
the hygiene of public buildings.

It will not take long, although
more time is spent on shopping,

because the poison is for cockroaches...

Now, you know, right?
it doesn't smell of Buttercups!

If you go, promise not to tell anyone?

I swear!

Come in.

Solana Merikur?
- Yes.

we have aw appointment to day

I am Henry Lardie dealing with
trade monitoring

Please, sit down.

You know that this is
for short-term operations

with the possibility of bartering

and anonymity is guaranteed

There's no need to hurry

but it must be completed before
opening of the Tokyo Exchange

It's not bad to use a separate account

- For me?


I, the meeting was agreed to...

do not take it personally

I think...

hello ..hello?

There must be some misunderstanding

I have to go

I will see you later
will three be okay?.

I doubt I will be hungry.
- I will eat something.

Several months later

Come on, Cash!
- Not so fast!

Come on, throw!

As always. Mine. Mine.

Here she comes!

Cash do you want to get her?

where will we meet you?
- she likes to win.


Good afternoon! could I have a bouquet of roses.
- Please, choose!

There are so many...
- come inside.

I do want any less.

but my hair is dry, I need something
to condition my hair...

something to put on the ends.

but I would like the overall length to remain the same.

now, I see them all I would prefer white roses.

Well, how many do you want?
- errr...

how all of them

I love you

I can put them in the vase for you.
- yes, thank you.

I'm not late

you were born late!

where are you? the three have been waiting
more than an hour!

do you have the money you with you?
-sometimes I wonder about you ?

What I got was...
- They? Damn!

Relax. you worry to much?

Yes, because I'm old and you never grow up

Do not worry, I will arrange it

how much longer can they wait?

Lea has been warned that there would be a customer!
- what?

thank you.
- not at all.

Oh, sorry!

open the door someone stole my wallet!

Hello. I want to block a stolen credit card

and me! I had my wallet stolen too!

what a nuisance!

18... 44


can I give you the numbers?

service card. Good afternoon... Yes

Yes, sir.
You have a stolen card?

What kind of card is it you used?
I'm putting you through to your department

This is your client.
- Good afternoon, sir

Your name, please

Ruksel, well. Just a moment please
while I enter your data

I need the code

to make sure that you are the owner of the card


Okay. It was correct
your card is now blocked

At your service, sir, Good Day

What do you do here?
- engraving,

offsetting -that's all we do

- who is involved in all this?

a father and daughter paint it
and stamp it

it's a family business.

do you want sound?
- I know what he's saying

He's a con artist

but replacing the plaque -
that's the only worry

here they are

now you can see everything

see, here, the buyers now are convinced
they have won

now it remains only to check the
quality of the banknotes

what's up? what happened?

everything is fine

soon you won't see such workmanship

fine, but don't become too proud

watch, watch!

whatever happens, do not lose
sight of that envelope


What are you doing? Damn!

I told you not to touch anything, idiot!
- never touch anything...

it's trouble which shouldn't happen

I called, all right!
- we work together. you are always wrong

look what you did!

I see.
- what do you see?

I am unable to differentiate if it's
true of false

even in the French National Bank
they will accept them

do you want to count it?
- I trust you

congratulations. For the first time I see
work of such quality!

me too!

we watched the envelope

while they have their attention drawn to other
customers, he replaces it

It's not surprising that banknotes
passed the test for authenticity

because he produces the real one

then the counterfeit forgery

you are required
- Am I?

who is this?

It's a new face. so far only to watch it

you're not usually that magnanimous
- I like his style

you're smoking too much!

So I have submitted your application,

but to be honest,I'm not very optimistic

would you tell me why?
- Finli has a better dossier

maybe it's not as impressive in terms of
results but it's a lot more reassuring

you Want me to believe you're not
the one who chooses your successor

I hope to give my opinion

and.. what will you say?

sorry to interrupt.
- What is it, Finli?

Hello, Julia.
- Hello.

Lardier has just been nabbed in Milan with
pockets full of counterfeit money


And there were messages back at his hotel

with instructions for a robbery in Paris
All signed Maxime.

I knew it!

I knew he'd be back. That son-of-a-bitch
couldn't stay in hiding

you know why?
he needs to prove to himself he's still the best

but this time I'm going to nail the bastard

extradite Lardier back here right away

see that's the difference between you two?

If you'd had that information you
would've tried to grab Maxime all by yourself

to get my job
whereas Finli has a sense of hierarchy

will you try to get the job for me?

there'a rumour Brussells is preparing
an internal investigation so what

we're going need is results
If you really want my job,

you're going to have to catch someone 'red handed'
and I mean a really big bust

it will be good for the service and
look really good on your dossier

Two cards for Mr. Kruger

Two cards.
- Please

- Please

Two cards

raise five thousand

I pay five... and raise you ten.

I pass.
- Me too

I am curious

I fold
- fold


Not bad

it's always worth it
to fool someone stupid

But Kruger is always one
to waste money.

the Golden Rule is-
not to get involved in their feelings

or have any connection with the victim

that would ruin everything.

so what can be done?

In my opinion, is not too late to stop


what happened..?

our friend was pleased with the evening
and he wants to play more

do you know where to find it?
- Belvedere in Monaco.

I will not go back.

excuse me?

I cannnot bring back your brother

and that too!

I'm too old to hear your preaching

Lardie will be detained
the police will find it under his bed

counterfeit banknotes
- For success!

- Hello.

want a drink?
- Yes

we have a great team.

If you need any help, remember me.

people trust me.

Will you go?

No, at my age I have to keep my fingers fit

I do at least two sweaters a month.
otherwise you lose dexterity

Let me leave

I have a set place in the province.

Great you approached the 'girl'.
but you found her today.

today I did.
-was she impressed?



My dad says life is too
short to live it peacefully

your father is a wise man.
I haven't met him.

- Are you free tomorrow?


he's organised a small charity party
you might meet him.

with pleasure, but tomorrow
I have a lunch with a client.

no problem come together.

- I'll think of something.

every Tuesday there is one
and today in particular?

is today Tuesday?

shall we'll give them something to look at


because I'll kiss you

I told you not to include this
directly to the security system

the devil only knows what is happening

are you sure you don't want to listen to

I wont get much tonight

according to my informant,
today he went hunting

I'm hurrying, we should show him too soon

here, now we have a picture

there is something in it, right?

what are they doing?
- sending signals

are you sure,
- do you need any need more?

I am sure it's okay
- you are charming couple.

I have been married for 30 years. Marriage
is the best thing in life

this gypsy does he remind you
of anyone?

there are two sides to everything -
good and bad.

This projector for example...
It can show us something, right?

Get it?
- Yes.

will you marry me?


Will you marry me?

they did not wait for anyone.

She is the victim.


What's up?

I'm just having a break.
It's my watch - do not run at 7am

We must not lose them. My
informant spoke of a big bust

do not lose sight of them

what's going on?
- what's up? Maxime's in Paris

Can I talk to you for a minute?
- Go ahead.

If I have your "big stick"
is there a deal still on?

If Finli gets hold of Maxime
you are out of the running

You have been trying to nail Maxime for 15
years and Finli's certainly not going to do it!

I think I have something else

but I will have to have free rein and
do it my way. Forget the code of good conduct

when has that ever stopped you?

I asked you to call me.
- It looks like I forgot

Then listen carefully. There is something new

Why didn't you tell me that girl
is the victim? I need to know everything

what the plan is & especially when!

Move Lardier!
- You've got you wrong man

How's it going?

Who is this do you think?
- I think it's the gypsy

the girl's left him?

she was here.
- what does it mean?

Let us forget everything
- what should I forget?

you were right. we can't can go back

don't do this to me..

If he gets caught, everything is lost
- I think that's part of the game

If you get him alone
you'll have to make him stop

what are you doing!

Hey, fella.. you?


Stop him!

Get in the trailer!

do you want to go back?

Are you a fan of mine?

what is your name?

Lieutenant Julia Molina

I knew a Molina once.
He was a good man

not very pleasant, but good

the Lieutenant believes
that we're planning a strike...

she wants us to say something illegal, right?


you, might be more serious when you see these

counterfeiting money is not a joke job

It has a 10 year minimum..
even with a good lawyer!

If the lady has made such an effort
to come here

it may be for another reason.

Can I?

You say you this and then
at 2o'clock come with

plans to ruin our future
- what should I do?

you're running a circuit with the Letalek city gang
-stacks of money and making promises

-I think it's time to quit.

good idea!

and something else..

so think carefully

I have to watch you and
you will continue what you started,

I will write in my report,
that nothing happened


I will give you an alibi

but in return I get a share

Tell her to leave while I get rid of these!

If we work in a team
it wouldn't be a bad idea to change the tone

Go to hell!

you can act like that but

at a certain age onwards
the years spent in prison

seem twice as long and harsher

you can do it if you want,
but I do not work with the police!

maybe this game
is too complicated for you

and you want to play?

I don't think you miss your colleague
very much

In such situations, Francois
has a tendency to improvise

I was not sure if I would be okay

So what do you think I will be doing?

Just say, you will find other reasons


I want to

up your desirability


I'd like to remind you of the rules now

The auction is held for the purchase
of the animal whose image

is shown to you & to raise
funds for the association

Marc, please

This is Patapuf,
aged -3 months.

The most generous of you
will be the 'godfather' of this animal

and each month will receive
news of his pupil

And pictures. Patapuf's
starting price of 5000 euros!

7000 euros!
-7000 euros once...

He came.
- would you excuse me

8000 by a charming lady

8000 euros once 11,000 from the gentleman

I knew you would come

Father, I'd like you to meet Cash

My daughter has told me a lot about you
- And she speaks a of lot about you

and I call you Cash, right?
- that's what I'm called by my opponents

because of his success

since I have the Govenor's Art Gallery?

Exactly. Let me introduce
Miss Julia Molina

Good afternoon.
- Hello

The client you have spoken of
- Ah, yes!

Thanks for the invitation
I am a great lover of art

so we were meant to meet

please excuse me.

save me a seat at the table with you
- Sure.

I think that her father
you doesn't like you very much

The father is your problem.
I'll deal with the daughter

for her you are ready
to dump everything, right?

have you never been in
love, Lieutenant?

you should try it.
It might help

maybe I have not met the
right man yet

Michel is the father of Garance.
They should be together

he might want to meet you again,
- so let him ask

men often ask to see me again

but currently your charm isn't working

The mark is for the bank in Luxembourg

That will hardly seemed exotic

Wrong. Dyubreil has a weakness
for high-income investments

in securities

entice him with a
15 percentage yield

if you're quick he will ask to
increase his investment

and if he doesn't acept it?
- the important thing is to not insist

you must win his trust

and the money will come along

And how long you will wait?
- everything depends on the client

so we call it 'mating' season.

and do you think you will
continue with the "wedding" plans?

screw you, Lieutenant?

or is the game too complicated for you?

Ladies and gentlemen, an only
Tony unique penguin

our price -3500 euros


40,000 once...

Mr Dyubreil wants to show us his private collection
a little later

just because I insist

actually I have a few ladies,
that would be interested collectors.

thank you that's very nice of you.
- And you chose your client?

Excuse me?

your client. You have no intention
to take part in the auction?

Ah, yes, of course

Garance loves the lipopotamite.
- Lipopotamite?

a small so called hipopotamus

I am sure she will be happy with it

you leave me no choice

let's keep it a secret between us

see you again?
- I promise.

you can't be that stupid,

if adorable customers like you

Mr Dyubreil I am very grateful.

on behalf of the association...

Ladies and gentlemen, the honour's mine...

I don't understand why you
spent so much time in the police?

I must have underestimated
their ability

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you
hipopotama Lulu

Starting price -7000 euros.

Is he purposely doing this? It's the third time
he passes us

not for men who
keep ladies waiting.

About 18,000 euros, I will have
to make next week

It's a a wonder that your bride
has not come to kiss the toy

which toy?

Sorry to keep you waiting

no problem.
- here take this

I will lead the way

you have a wonderful home

is it through here?
- this is the way

This is a family estate.

by the way,
Garance wants to organise

a little celebration after the ceremony

what ceremony?
- marriage.

You have not changed your mind?
- I didn't know you'd been told

soon you'll see that
my daughter and I are very close.

Come in, please.

take him, honey,
you won the hipopotamus wooer

Get this shit.

it's very nice of you to give the money. But
the giraffe was just to find a buyer

Right, Vance?

Yes, and the fool was keen to have it.

And paid us 15,000.

the gentleman was very generous
furthermore, he paid cash!

now you understand. you see,
Garance is not so stupid

what happened?
- we got had

No, you did good work

and the other
generous donors today

don't worry, they will receive the news

and photos of their 'goddaughter'.

Incidentally, if you like
house, this was rented

does that surprise you?
you have a right to know

but thanks to you
I met this young lady

Friends call me Maxime

I have to tell you,
that much of this is ridiculous

at first I thought,
you wanted to join the team

furthermore, you looked right

and then I quickly realised
we were being taken for fools

Then I hired Vance.
- he has magic hands!

I understand everything. Your problem...
you and your friends

is that you don't share.

This does not apply to you


this is for you

Come, and sit down.

It's a pity. we're planning work
would you would have liked

we could have worked
as a family


will you play?

I warn you, I play to win

Bitch, bitch, bitch.

If this is the man which I think

I've been seeking to help my career

I am sure that she's been deceived
- and Solal was with her

he's up, but he got counterfeit banknotes

that will get him arrested

You mean that you lost on purpose?

I have one weakness -
I hate to lose.

Maxime said
that something was planned

When Solal gets out of the game,
it will have to be replaced

In about 24hours someone will call me

And a someone we know
will be very kind.

tell me why I'm being held?
- Go!

Let me know where you left the money!
do you know how much money there was?

you don't pay with counterfeit money
- what? what counterfeit money?

what is he doing here?
- We found him with Vance.

We only found a few notes.
- you can't keep him for long

Keep him in custody and downloading
the monitoring of the others

I have new information on
the father of the girl

when it will all end

Fred, I want to know everything
that we have on Maxime

Hurry and call me this morning!
Sir, can talk to you for a second?

Gentlemen, let me introduce you to
Lieutenant Julia Molina.

These are inspectors
Lebran and Leblan.

Department of Internal Investigations.

Good afternoon.
- Good day.

I leave you, as I have to keep questioning

talk about anything but
sell your granny for a bribe

If you do not mind, we would like
to ask you some questions

A glass of water?

I feel like your boss
doesn't like us. With ice or without?

I think your boss thinks we are

we'll just see
otherwise it's just his role

The results do not do justice to
your boss

we know that some 'seized'
money was in private hands.

The most likely case is...
Barns had his eyes closed.

or just as bad - he is organising

in any case,
this will be reflected in the report

so if you have something to tell us
we will gladly listen.

I do not drink

I tell you it has nothing to do with me!
I never deal in counterfeit!

You can't change your skills!
- Captain, he hit me!

You will not get out of here
until you tell me the truth!

I tell you that I didn't do it.
How many times do I have to explain?

Shut it!

I warn you, I am in a bad mood.
All right start talking..

- there are many rumours
of a small poker party

such things are organised,
to choose a new victim.

they have a 30 year old man who is
confident, talkative...

an ideal customer

His name?
- Cash!

everything was working in his favour.

Even the name!
- I don't know.

While he was playing he,
kept saying somemething like:

"ultimately it
will have to be paid in cash"

And a paper rolls under your bed of false

just by chance..?

I will help
you with his description

better still tell us about Maxime!
- who?

your boss!

In your email Inbox there are 12
requests with instructions for "work".

And it was signed by Maxime!

what do you know about this?

how many times have I told you that you
should not let your feelings interfere with your work

sure, it sucks
he was made a fool

I agree they took you for a sucker but
it was well intended like Kahuna.

I love that character.
- you can not deny that they are classy!

I almost regret that I was there

You were there!

Hi, Fred how are you?

You lost my number?

What's the game plan?
- are you not you happy to see me?

for a boy from Santa Wan
you don't waste your abilities.

But Maxime is a real wizard.

You'll have to call me unless
you are a rat

They say he took in Antwerp
17 million in jewels

and with a big smile
put them in boxes of candy.

Okay,this can happen to anyone.
although this job is hard here

you can keep it

I got lucky, it's just my size.

If I'd known I would
have bought the bracelet

Next time

I'm going for cigarettes.
- at least finish the game!

This morning they held Vance.

he has already called me.
- What did he say?

he said it looks like they're
after Maxime.

he may need us

the more difficult job,
the more enjoyable it is to work

very interesting, but very boring

How about robbery?

12 million.

for you 10 percent.
is that enough?


If you can hit a birdi I'll give you 40

did I tell you I play well

You weren't aware..
- can you get a hole in one?

I'm offering peace

how long have you known each other?

this is my sister

well, are you with us?

And where are we going?
- You do not mind luxury..?

Just imagine a hotel
washed in sunlight.

I can not tell you precisely
it's exact location.

say it is somewhere on the

what happens is that after a few days
guests of this seaside palace,

will leave in the safe
diamonds worth several million.

but the diamonds cannot be traced.

they're usually used for operations
of a dubious nature

while this gentleman is making
the most of the luxury in his room,

other guests at the hotel are
going to the safe vault

and I will make a courtesy visit and while I'm there
there will be an emergency

I have no doubt in the ability of the
team. However,

to escape from curious
onlookers we will create a smoke screen

I think this will be for the best.
it will divert everyone's attention

what is the problem inspector
- I have to ask you to come with me

Stop! Police!

your team will need to create a lot of
action that will get noticed

try to involved into the game the
security & management of the hotel

your role is to coordinate
the work of the team

we, in turn, will get into
the security system

after we disable it,

it will only remain
to get to the diamonds.

we prefer to go through the steam
room - the hotel sauna.

we usually try not to apply
force, except if it's absolutely necessary

while we're into the sauna base
operation, you will fake the heart attack

everything must get attention
to the smallest detail

Sir! are you OK

Make way! Sorry!

the success will depend mostly
the full amount of time

In my calculations,
I need an hour,

to make a hole in
the wall and open the safe

you'll need to play the
last part with Garance

Look how beautiful it is!
- very beautiful yes it reminds me of San Tropez.

sorry to interrupt you, but if
we must play a married couple,

I would prefer to work with Julia.

a great place everything just as I like!

Yes, it's very beautiful. Nothing has
changed over the past 5years.

You were here five years ago?
- Yes, I told you.

Really, no, I did not know that.
- With Bernard.

That idiot you were going with
- No!

You were here 5 years before with him?
- Stop!

I needed respect!
- There you go! Did you like it

I don't think so. In that case, I
would be happy to work with your daughter

after we get the diamonds,
there will only remain 8 minutes,

to escape before automatic
control of the safe reactivates

the good news is that the diamonds
are not registered anywhere

and therefore do not exist

and diamonds that do not exist
can not be stolen.

it only remains to
celebrate our success


do you believe that she is his daughter?
- Yes, but you - my sister!

do you not wonder if he wants to get intimate?

- I mean,...

only without the filth

he may be a liar, but he shows
he is a gentleman.

by the way,
he invited me to dinner


do you think you can do it

I am a policewoman this is my job

- Fred is dead

- stop everything!

this is the work of Letalek
and his gang

I warned you, it would bring trouble

Fred won't satisfy them.
they will still be coming

I had to escape even then

you knew Maxime we called in time

you understand this

we can handle it.
- and he can kill us!

do you hear what I mean
- explain that to Fred!

we must finish what we started,

you find who did this!

you knew from the outset?
you know that it was Maxime

Francois is right, it's my fault
- well you think so, huh?

Leave me alone!
- you don't seem to understand!

Nice stuffed animals -
talk of "love" and all that shit

don't fool with me

tell me a reason not to kill you!

Maxime would never call me,
not without prior warning

not now he thinks
that everything is under his control

you really think,
that you can fool him

If Lardier is to be believed
he looks like that

I know this face
- he's nowhere on our files

if he does exist
maybe he's just some small time poker player

with counterfeit money

Nah, no professional would take
Lardier on, they all know he's too dangerous

maybe he's just some sort of swindler who didn't
know who he was screwing

I know where I've seen him

- Later!

If you touch her things Julia won't like it

the new face...
that's how she described him

all we have to do is call Mickey, the phone tapping
specialist she works with

get me this Mickey guy
oh, and find Molina for me!

Good evening.
- 'evening.

You look nice.
- and you are please to see me?

I do not think about that again

very good, life is too short to waste

does your brother know,
that we are here to dinning together

he is not my brother
- should I jealous?

what would I do when I met an amateur.
put up with it isn't that so?

he hates me, that is obvious &
it irritates me that he cannot hide it
-why does that worry you?

perhaps the time has come to change that

so, are we friends or enemies?

do you have many enemies, Maxime
- only you, Lieutenant.

you know that we do have
things in common

after the arrest of Vance,
I made some investigations

and I must say that I don't understand
completely your intentions

I don't not know whether
I trust you either

I know not to believe you,

but I have not always
been an exemplary employee

pretty soon the police will
know something's up

I might be forced then to change
my career

tomorrow I leave. A South African
will spend time here on annual leave

taking advantage of my residence
here when he rents it

they are officers of the Kruger mines.
- that's is good news.

the bad news is that they will lose
12 million dollars

but we do not wish them
to be our enemies

The boss is one of those who
the French used in Algeria and Chile.

your colleague - is a specialist
in interrogation

I am starting to understand
why you want Cash.

sometimes he would rather
that they become victims

why are you sure
he will cope

the Chief hires his men! Letalek.
shall we sit at the table?

Cash will not go for it easily

Tonight I propose to
forget about it

Please come in

I assure you,
the situation is under control

why sit in the dark?

It's my eyes.

Cash has taught me a lesson

there was no need.

you think, I am too old

instead he left me in the car,
like a tired old man,

nothing will happen.

You have nothing to be guilty about

I had to insist
to go along with him

we can handle it

Lardier will receive 20 years

I don't care about Lardier
In prison without help, he is a nobody

he should have to pay.

I do not know where he will meet you

I'll call you.

Julia, for once you
need to select the side you're on

Good evening, Lieutenant.

what are you doing here
- we have a search warrant.

I put it on the table,
and I went to make coffee

we looked for you and you had gone
we could not find you

and so we came looking for you

what do you want
- a talk.

you should take an example from Finli.
he at least cooperated

he told us about the methods you use:
watching the handling of envelopes...

sure, he's bit you jealous,
but still...

few are worrying about your career

we can help. Saying more
that would be convincing

we can do a deal
they say that you're working in a large bunch.

tell us and we will forget
for you some of the unpleasant details

you can even get a promotion

while considering it we will hold
and the information that you missed

you! return them to me.
- you talk about our rights

I'm not Lebran...
- Lebran is blond, I am Leblan.

I'm unable to tell Lebran
if he's blond and Leblan is a fool.

By the way the,
received message is for you.

One is Cash interested in
how it was tonight.

so it wasn't boring.

Julia, it's Barns. where the f#@* are you?
we've been looking everywhere for you

I need information on those guys
you've been tailing

does he treat you like that?

I think we'll have more time

and that's all you know

Yes, that is it. Lieutenant
Molina asked to prepare the dossier

Dyubreil was one, but
when I got the information

she was no longer interested.

then what are you saying
- don't you think it's funny.

Alexander Dyubreil a big shot in
the food industry.

but after only 6 months he
died of an aneurysm.

Come in!

I think I found something.
I knew I knew that one

Francois Macquarie.picked up
5-6 times for fraud

teamed up for a long time
with one Solana Merikur

the one who was killed last year
- the very one

and guess who was convicted of
his murder except the case was dismissed



go get hime for me!

it might take a little bit of time
we sent him to the cell to sleep.
- wake him up!


It's me. The Belvedere, Monaco. 16 hours

I will be there

'For rent'

Leblan, this is Molina.
did I wake you

I accept your suggestion.
but we will work together

You trust us
- Report.

you're going to have to wear
a bathing hat

Oh, come on!
- I told you the more ridiculous you look the better

why did I ever look like a
psychopath, to you?

probably because of your face

now his billionaire with his assistants

elementary but it might
be worse, right

a billionaire can be fickle,

billionaire's are always whimsy!

Here we go

download their system
from the video.

we'll damage it for several days
so all they see is ours

Some's drowning! call a doctor!

Come on!

I wanted health exercises, not
military exercises! now I want to eat!

first, some time on the bicycles
then you will eat

You'll eat when you want! I am hungry!
here! Do you have sushi

- OK, bring me some!

I feel like it's my life
with this deal

I hope that this is the last time.

I will work for a while,
but alone, OK

Alone! I want the place to myself!
- no, really, we're paid so much money

we should be able to
he's left alone, right Go.

remember to
join us on the boat.

I promise to get on board first.
I am in it for the diamonds.

as anyone is looking to do.

when we've finished,
I will give you your share.

should I feel guilty?

not anger, love.

If you didn't want it for yourself,
you would not be here.

and him?

He knew that. he knew it was a game
but he looses. such are the rules.

everybody out!

This is Kruger - the man with the diamonds.
we should not interfere

but just in case,
set a camera in the room.

how are you doing?
- very good

look here, they begin
to open the safe.

warn me when to start
the next stage.

are you still working together?

and you still want
to marry me?

what was that last night,

It was necessary.

do you want to tell me something
- Yes.

you can wait in the library

on the first floor.
- Thanks.


Letalek and his people are in
adjacent corridor. Left of you.

Quick to the left!

are you coming
- damn!

well, captain, one day you can't
spend without me

I wanted personally to apologise.

I realised that the counterfeit notes
were not your business.

we want you to meet him.
- you want me find him for you. Bravo!

would you like some candy?

did you like it?

Remember Solana Merikur

I have an alibi, they freed me.

I will share something with you.

I think that Cash and his friends
will want to repeat that to

who ordered the murder of Solal

and this man could be your boss

- No, no, no.

I never had a boss,
I am independent

I will never believe that,
you are too stupid

Internal investigation

One Captain Leru
wants to talk to you

I am, you were checking on some inspectors for me

Leblan and Lebran

No, don't be ridiculous
what? are you sure?

Okay, okay
we'll call you

In the Internal Investigation Department there never
were Inspectors Leblan or Lebran

You have a new message

where are you? we are beginning ,
they are in a safe room.

if you have been delayed,
tell me when you will arrive

Good morning, gentlemen

where are you?

the plans have changed. We decided that
we can not use Lebran

he's chickened out
- this is immoral!

I doubt it will benefit his job, but
more likely to avoid jail

If you give some of your colleagues,
I'll try to help you

You should get out
They've got Cash


Letalek are the people with briefcases,
that safe was not reliable

he left the diamonds in the room.
we can't tell these fools

as we go we will encounter Cash
& other thugs

while Lea is explaining we will get
Cash freed, and I will take the suitcase.

- in the old way!

I was expecting the luckiest stroke of 30 years!

I stopped hoping. I thought
I would die with empty handed

I started as nobody. I did a
10 years stretch.

and 12 million! Not a bad way to
end a career!

I'm sorry to do this...
Get in, come on!

and the next time some asshole tries to relieve the
mine of it's diamonds shady bunch

don't bother calling the police.

you just kill him!

violence is the only thing
these people understand!

do you drink?

I want you to pay me.

You will get paid don't worry.


are you deaf?
- who are you

if I were you I would not do it.
- you 're not in my place.

close your eyes!

close your eyes!

I swear, it was here.

there were biliard tables
and players and a waitress.

I swear, Captain, believe me.

And there in the back room
there were tables for poker.


Here, I was right! Right

an alibi for the day of the
death of Solana...

who gave you your alibi

I can go back to the office for a response
and have a look at your file.

but we will only lose time
and this is irritating me

do you want me to repeat the question

Lieutenant Molina.
Julia Molina.

shift the car
- I told you I can't!

instead of getting annoyed,
it'd be better to help me!

And what services do you offer
- most of them, sir


You are not my mother!

- we have to wait for Mr Maxime

I'm not waiting
- you will stay here!

Good afternoon, sir. My wife
wants to leave jewelry in the safe
-I'm sorry we're not able to do that

really, why?
-the safe isn't working today

yes! now we reach the safe

It's too hot! How long do we have to wait?

Think of the diamonds,
this is too much!

come on, show!
and why are you stopping?

I lost
- Show what you've got

the door!

poker must be respected!

can I?

Solana - dead.

Dyubreil - hustler.

Cash - hustler.

Lebran - hustler.

Leblan - hustler.

Lardier - stupid!

I have bad news, Lardier.

you will be arrested for murder?

Really? and who did I shoot this time
- Solana Merikur.

I want a lawyer.

the time for that
is 20 years behind bars

we can do a deal, right
- I'm listening.

she had a large amount
of seizures

he wanted to wash the money abroad,
then Solana appeared

and organised the entire operation.
it all had to pass through two stages.

but she knew
that she was being deceived.

and since it was dirty money...
- sent you to kill him.

yes, but I had no choice.

If I had not agreed, I would
have ended up behind bars for nonsense.

I'm the real
victim, Commissioner.

do not worry, Lardie.
it could all be under control

That bitch robbed us.

gather everyone and find her.

No, I want her alive!
I want to have her a few words with her

Mom! Mom!

Yes, dear.
- can I have an ice cream

ask your father.

Dad! Dad! Can I have an ice cream

Yes, my love.
you earned it.

Now you don't have to knit any more!
- are you kidding there's nothing like it in the world!

a false beard and blood helped,
But the most important thing is talent.

and the proper motion!
It was a success, okay

I warn you that the one
I worked with is in Istanbul

he'd participate, but he's in jail.

do you think playing dead
is very funny

because I already died twice.
- you know what, Fred

next time you go to jail.
It won't upset me!

If you do not like it, next time
you wear the bathing cap!

and being locked in the closet,
if you can bear it

Did you see those gorili puzzle

who do you think liked her more,
Lebran or Leblan?

Who was Lebran, you or me?

Send me my share.

And tomorrow I have to go to Buenos
Aires. On Monday I tango!

just to let you know, the boat wasn't full of fuel

and they're only 10 minutes behind you

The problem is that your gun
isn't loaded with bullets.

and besides, there is a gift
for you. From Solana.

Messieur Garance

will you marry me
- you'll have to ask my husband.

Oh, yeah, sorry.

For solal!
- For solal!

For solal!

stake of 20 centimes.
The goal is the coin of 1euros.

each of you throws the ball.
the winner is the one,

whose ball is closest
to coin. Okay