Cagney & Lacey: The View Through the Glass Ceiling (1995) - full transcript

Grappling with personal issues as Mary Beth's estranged father reappears, and Christine becomes embroiled in city politics. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(Multicom Jingle)

(light classical music)

- Jimmy.

Come here.

Gunshot victim.

Asian male, unidentified.

- [Jimmy] No ID on him?

- We've had a couple of
different sets of IDs.

You'll need gloves.

When I swabbed his mouth, I saw this.

- I need a closer look.


- That's right.

- [Jimmy] Blue hairs.

(siren blaring in distance)

- [Gerri] I'll go see where they are.

- Relax.

- No, I'll go check.

- Peter sent our deposition.

He wants to know if you need him.

- Why?

We're just signing papers.

Tell Peter all we need
are the papers, okay?

- I've got the papers.

I apologize, it's nuts today.

Do you need a pen?

- We'll read first.

- Will Jim be here today?

- Jim?

- The other party in the divorce?

You want him here, we'll get him here.

- Mr. Burton's already
signed but I can check-

- Oh no, no.

It's all right.

He's already signed.

I would like it though
if someone would tell him

that I think this agreement is fair.

I hope he does too.

And that I wish him the best.

- I'll tell him.

- Thanks.

- So?


- Thank you for all your help.

- Sure thing.

Mrs. Croft?

- Tell Peter we'll talk.

Wanna share a cab?

- [Christine] Sure.

- Actually, Mr. Broadbent
was hoping to meet you.

- Daniel Dawes Broadbent?

- Yeah.

- Gerri, thanks for all your help.

- No, no, let's go see Broadbent.

- Really, no, you go on.

I promise you I won't sign anything.

- Okay, sweetheart.

You take care,

- I will.

(bell dinging)

- Ah, can you get these
fellas to get it for me

about two o'clock seven.

- [Dan] Oh, good, come in.

- Christine Cagney.

- Dan Broadbent.

- Hello.
- Hi.

Let's be comfortable.

- [Christine] Thank you.

- You have to get back to
DA's office right away?

Can you stay a bit?

- [Christine] I have time.

- Ah, my biggest failure, 1956.

We got wind that Horace
Stoneham was making a deal

to take the Giants to San Francisco.

So a bunch of us decided to build Stoneham

a new stadium to replace the polo grounds.

We even made him an offer on the club.

(chuckling) It still kills me.

I mean you hear endlessly about Brooklyn

and the Dodgers.

We lost Willie Mays.

- Mr. Broadbent.

- Dan.

- Dan.

You're breaking my heart.

- You know that old story doesn't,

(laughing) doesn't work
quite as well as it used to.

(all laughing)

- Well I say screw nostalgia.

It's just eyes straight ahead, Dan.

It's the only way.


- What the hell are you doing

assigned to our little
pig-eyed District Attorney?

- Well I know that you're
the mayor's best friend

but the DA's a very good man.

- He's a pill.

He can't possibly think
he can be elected mayor.

- How do you know that's
what he's thinking?

- [Dan] Are you gonna support him?

- Right, like I have to really worry about

which way to throw my influence.

- Don't underestimate your influence

or your friends.

You know you're up for a nomination

to the Law Enforcement Oversight Board?

- The LEO?
- Mhmm.

- I've heard it's a pretty long list.

- Well if it was such a long list

I wouldn't have asked
to get a look at you.

You want the appointment?

- Yes, very much.

- [Dan] Then don't be coy about it.

- No problem.

Who's my competition?

- Not for me to say.

The best advice I can offer you

is don't be faint-hearted when it comes

to acting in your own self-interest.

The LEO Board makes policy.

That's not a bad way to introduce yourself

to public life.


Nice to see you.

- Same here.

Thank you.

Was I too in his face?

I mean he sort of asked for it, but,

- You were great.

- Oh, we're never gonna
get a cab at this hour.

- We've got a car for you.

- Hello.
- Good morning.

- Well.

We'll have to do this again sometime.

- I'd like that.

(light music)

It was nice meeting you.

- Bye.

- [Tom] Bye.

(light music)

- Oh.

How was it?

- It's done.

- Did you get to talk with Jim?

- [Christine] He wasn't there.

- Oh.

- It's all right.

I would have preferred more of a closure,

you know, face to face, but

he didn't, so.

- So.

You got all dressed up for a room

full of lawyers. (laughing)

- (chuckling) Yeah.


Mary Beth, I'm up for the LEO Board.

I mean I'm way high up on the list.

- When did you hear that?

- I met with Daniel Broadbent.

- I know that name.

- Course you know that name.

He's the one-

(phone ringing)

- That's Douglas Trayne.

He's been asking about you all afternoon.

I promised I'd buzz as
soon as you got back.



Yes, well I know she's on her way so I...

Oh, oh here she comes right now.

Right away.


- It's the end of the
day, what does he want?

- [Mary Beth] Come on.

- I'd gotta get coffee.


I hate looking this good for these guys.

- [Douglas] Come in, Mrs. Lacey.

- We're here.

Lieutenant Cagney's right behind me.

- I wanna be very clear on something.

You're an investigator
for the District Attorney.

You serve at his pleasure.

Your loyalties, wherever
your emotions may take you

belong right here, right?

- I understand, sir.

- You're not a cop, no bleeding
blue on this assignment.

- I understand, sir.

- What's up?

- I'm supposed to be loyal
to the District Attorney.

- She knows that.

Why would you think
she wouldn't know that?

- I don't want anybody to
misunderstand anything.

- Anyhow, the police and the DA

are on the same side.

Aren't they?

- Two nights ago, a volunteer

from the Christ is Savior soup kitchen

discovered the body of a
young male in the dumpster

between the church and a
building at 2141 South Vandemeer

in the 27th precinct.

The victim was carrying

two different sets of identification.

He could be a resident alien,

a naturalized citizen,

or an illegal with forged docs.

He is ethnic Chinese.

Died of a single gunshot
wound at point blank range.

Now, the coroner found this stuff

caught in his front teeth.

I want you to take a look at that.

- They're little hairs, like fuzz.

- And blue.

- Exactly.

The lab thinks these
are fibers from fake fur

found on the collar of
a patrolman's jacket.

- So what are you saying?

If the victim was struggling
with a police officer,

he might have used his teeth?

- And some of the hairs stuck there?

- [Douglas] That is the theory.

- What's the caliber of the slug?

- Nine millimeter.

- [Christine] Any officer
involved shootings

reported that night?

- None reported.

Now listen, Homicide is
cooperating with Internal Affairs,

and the District Attorney's
gonna be involved

in this investigation.

It could be one bad cop.

- It could be no bad cop.

It could be a civilian in a police jacket.

- Yeah, or it could be something worse.

Last time there was a PD
scandal, we weren't ready.

And the former District
Attorney got creamed.

Now whatever kind of bombshell this is,

that will not happen this time.

Our District Attorney
has a very bright future

of service to the city
of New York ahead of him.

And it's my job to see to it

that it stays that way.

- So?

- So nothing.


- What don't you like?

- Our Mr. Trayne has already
decided what this is.

- No he hasn't.

- I take it back.

- Don't start with me, Mary Beth.

It's been a long day.

- I know.


- [Harvey] Hi, hon.

It's 5:15.

Alice called from her piano lesson

which must have got started late.

She'll be done at six.

If you can pick her up, don't call me.

- [Tom] Hi, it's Tom Cornell.

You want to meet me and a
couple of friends for dinner?

How's that for forward?

Oh, I just thought, what the hell, right?

You can always ignore the call.

(light music)

- Who was that?

- A lawyer, I just met him.

- Today, divorce day?

- I was not flirting, I swear to God.

- He sounds young.

- Well.

(phone beeping)

- [Tom] We're meeting at
Mucho Gusto's at eight.

55th and third.

I hope to see you there, buh-bye.

- Mucho Gusto's, he is young.

- What do you think?

- Go.

It can't be good, be careful.

- Night.

(phone beeping)

- [Harvey] Listen, one way or the other,

you better call me, I'll just worry.

Oh, Alice says there's a weird message

on the phone at home.

You should probably check it out, bye.

(phone beeping)

(phone ringing)

- [Woman On Phone] Yeah,
I'm calling May Beth Lacey

on behalf of her father Martin.

If you get this message,

meet me at Winny's this
evening in Yonkers.

I'm sorry, but I don't have a phone

and I must talk to you this night.

It's about your father.

I hope to be making your acquaintance.

Thank you.

(bus revving)

(chill music)

- May Beth?

- [Mary Beth] Close enough.

- God, I'd just about given you up.

- [Mary Beth] What is this about?

- Sit down a minute, sweetheart.

You want something to warm you up?

- [Mary Beth] No thanks.

- Aw.

- [Mary Beth] Can I buy you a drink?

- Thank you, darling.

I'll have one more please, huh?

- [Bartender] Coming right up, sweetheart.

- (sighing) It's just cold.


Your father and I, we've
been living together

for sometime now.

I hope that doesn't shock you.

- No, not if you're both happy.

- Well, he's a dear, dear man.

You know this.

- [Mary Beth] Hmm.

- It's never a bed of roses.

I know you two have had your problems.

I've had trouble with my loved ones too

but I'm happy to say we've
let bygones be bygones and

my sister has very kindly
offered me an extension.

She's extended me the offer
of her apartment in Arizona.

'Cause these winters, you know,

they take five years off your life.

Last winter nearly did me in.

My sister doesn't want to
have any part of Martin

which is understandable, so,

I thought, you being his daughter-

- Where is Martin?

- He's sitting back over there.

(tense music)

- Martin?

He doesn't recognize me.



(fire whooshing)

- [Waitress] Scotch and soda for the lady?

- No, mine's the club soda.

- So I finally got a chance

to ask him about the car.

So I said "Commissioner,
how can you justify

"taking a limo to get to work?"

He starts flapping his
arms and he's screaming,

"It's a sedan!

"And it's not a perk, it's security."

- [Christine] Who wants to kill him?

- [Tom] Nobody.

- Well that's what I say to him, I said

"Nobody wants to kill you, Commissioner.

"You're not important enough to kill."

- Actually I hear he's
got a restraining order

on his wife,

she's come after him.
- Oh, ex-wife.

- Wife.

She's on Paximum but
she won't quit drinking

so she hallucinates.

- [Paul] You're kidding.

- [Pam] And he's scared to death of her

but all the money's from her side, so.

- [Christine] So that's
why none of this stuff

gets into the paper.

- You know, I am so sick up to here

of having to apologize
for working for a tabloid.

And number one, we never get to print,

- Any of the good stuff.

- The really good stuff, right.

And the people I talk to, this
is what they want to hear.

- Don't worry, the
mayors race will heat up,

you'll both have plenty to print.

- [Pam] Oh man, dull and duller.

- [Tom] So which way do
you think your paper's

gonna jump, Pam?

They gonna endorse my guy,
pick a winner for a change?

- I hear they like the DA.

- [Christine] Well, not such you'd notice,

I did a little press
liaison stuff last year

and your metro editor cut us no slack.

- [Paul] Well, don't take it personally.

- [Christine] I don't take it personally.

Do you take it personally?

- You just think the mayor's dull

because he's got the
city running so smoothly.

- [Pam] Tom, the man's a cipher.

- (laughing) Well, you're all too young

but I remember the last
mayor who had real charisma.


John Lindsay, what?

- [Tom] I couldn't think
of anyone but La Guardia.

- La Guardia?

- [Tom] I know.

- La Guardia was during the depression!

God, Tom, just because I remember Gimbles

does not mean I voted
for Fiorello La Guardia.

- My father worked for Lindsay.

- [Christine] Oh, well thank you, Paul.

- In high school.

(everyone laughing)

- Isn't that swell.

People, I'm sure you all remember

my favorite governor, Peter Stuyvesant.

(Pam laughing)

(melancholy music)

(clock ticking)

- Morning.

- Morning.

- What's wrong?

- Can you get Alice to school?

I think he's sick.

- Mary Beth, he's just old.

It's a shock to you.

- I'm gonna take him into emergency.

His breathing's not right.

- Okay.

(buzzer buzzing)


(people chattering)

- Doctor?

I hope I was right to
bring Mr. Zibiski in.

- You're Mr. Zibniski's,

- Daughter yeah, what can you tell me?

- I have a few questions.

What medications is he taking?

- [Mary Beth] I don't know.

- [Doctor] All right, is he
allergic to any medications?

- [Mary Beth] He didn't
have anything on him.

- Well I'm gonna need a
word with his physician.

Who does he see?

- [Mary Beth] I don't know.

- [Doctor] Does he have a physician?

- I can't tell you that.

- I see.

Mr. Zibiski's residence is here in Queens.

- Ah, no, that's my address.

He spent the night.

Is he all right?

- He has pneumonia.

And a rather severe
infection in his left ear.

Does he suffer from dementia?

- Dementia?

- [Doctor] Is he disoriented?

- He didn't know me and my husband,

but if he's got a high fever,

couldn't that account for it?

- We'll have to see.

What do you know about the bruises?

- Bruises?

- [Doctor] On his arms and torso.

- I don't know anything about bruises.

Look, Doctor.

We're estranged, for years and years.

I only saw him again last night.

- I understand.

I see it must have been
a shock, I can imagine.

- It was a real shock.

- Your husband as well?

- We both were, sure.

I'll try to find out his
medical history, Doctor, but-

- Thank you.

I'd like to get back to last night.

Did you and your husband
have words about your father?

- A fight, no.

- [Doctor] I'm just trying to
explain the bruises, ma'am.

- Well, he's pretty unsteady.

Maybe he fell down.

- [Doctor] Do you consider your father

an intrusion in your life?

- I didn't hit my father, Doctor,

neither did my husband.

- [Doctor] That tone was uncalled for.

- I'm sorry, but I don't
know how he's been living.

Maybe the woman he was
with knocked him around!

- [Doctor] Will you
lower your voice please?

- Hey, I'm a retired police officer.

I know the questions that get asked

when there's suspected domestic abuse.

I don't hit, never ever!

Last 12 hours is the first time

I've seen him in seven years,

that's three times since
I'm eight years old.

- Is everything all right, Doctor?

- I'm not gonna do anything.

I'm sorry for the way things look.

I'm sorry I raised my voice.

- [Doctor] Mrs. ?

- Lacey.

- [Doctor] Mrs. Lacey has
agreed to keep her cool.

I think we'll be all right.

(bystanders chattering)

(siren blaring in distance)

- Yeah, I've heard it all my life

and I don't have to hear it from you!

- You don't ever listen!
- Look, I'm offering you

the chance to talk.
- And you don't ever listen

or shut up!
- I'm not gonna hear it

from you at all!
- Don't touch.

- I'm gonna shut him up!
- Okay, don't touch me!

Look please, just go right this way.

You're gonna complicate things.

- [Man] You don't ever shut up.

- [Cop] You're gonna
complicate this, shut up.

- Morning, Sergeant.

I'm supposed to see Captain Cardenas.

- I'm Captain Cardenas.

- How do you do?

Mary Beth Lacey, District
Attorney's office.

- Yes.

Why are you here?

- Oh, well.

This is part of an
attempt by the DA's office

to increase communication.

- [Cardenas] Why did
the DA's office pick us?

- [Mary Beth] Well.

- I'd like to know what we've done

to merit any kind of attention from the DA

so we can be sure of doing it again.

- Have there been problems?

- Are you an attorney, Miss Lacey?

- Me?

I'm a retired police officer.

Put in quite a few years at the one four.

- Oh, so you know Burt Samuels?

- He's a good man.

- [Cardenas] Yeah, you see him?

- No, he's in Florida.

- Oh, well.

Let me give you the picture here.

Over 60 percent of our
population is resident alien.

We have problems with language,

with witnesses who are
afraid of deportation,

problems that come with thousands of men

separated from their families

living too close to each other

and raised not to call on the police

when they get into trouble.

- I see.

- So when someone comes
here from the DA's office

my expectations are low.

But they got off on the
right foot with you.

You let me know if you need anything.

- Thank you, Captain.

- I'm telling you, this
is a big assignment.



- I don't like spying on police officers.

- You're not spying.

This is undercover work.

You love going undercover.

- Well, I like putting on the wigs

and making up stories,

but this is going into a,

going into a precinct as me

and lying about why I'm there.

- [Christine] Like it?

- What do I need an office for?

- For me.

Well, you know how you're always saying

that the sky should be the limit

for me and police work?

- True.

In terms of talent, I
never met anyone better.

- Yet I have done everything to run away

from the potential, have I not?

I mean I'm always acting
like I have all the time

in the world for everything while I don't.

So I am putting the message out

that I am serious.

Politics and all.

And every stick of furniture
and every new phone line

is a vote of confidence.

- Okay.

- Good.

I prepped a sheet here of the officers

that I want you to get in contact with.

I'll be getting the personnel files later

but you can start on that.

Are you all right?

- My father's back in my life.

- [Christine] Oh, Mary Beth, that's great.

- How is that great?

- Are you speaking to him?

- Yeah, we're speaking.

- This is good!

Obviously you have
mixed emotions about it.

But I think it's good.

I'd give anything to spend
another day with my Pop.

- That's two different
things, Christine, completely.

- It is not, he's your father.

It's good you're seeing him.

How is he?

- He's good.

- Good.

- I'm not his keeper, Angela.

I don't know why your
boyfriend hasn't called.

- [Angela] The watch commander
says Jacques is sick.

I wanna know how he's feeling is all.

Forget it, all right?

- I'd be happy to.

Hey if Jacques wants to
call you, he'll call you.

- [Angela] This is a restricted area.

- Oh yeah.

I got the CO's permission.

Officer Lum?

- That's right.

- [Mary Beth] Mary Beth Lacey,
District Attorney's office.

- Ah, nice to meet you.

- I'm offering a workshop this week

on DA-PD relations and I was wondering

if you would be my co-conspirator.

I don't know a soul here

and I got your name off of this report

that was filed a couple days ago.

The seventh.

And it is a very good example
of a well-written report.

I was wondering if I could
use it in my workshop.

- What report is that?

- It's the young Chinese homicide victim.

You found him in the what, the lot?

- Dumpster.

Pretty routine report, no witnesses,

mean we just secure the area for Homicide.

- You recognize the victim?

- No.

Oh, he was dressed like a fob though,

fresh off-

- [Mary Beth] The boat, yeah.

- But I think he'd been here a while

and he was making money.

- Why?

- Well you see guys entering this country

are thousands of dollars
in debt for their passage.

You know, they spend a dime on stuff

like haircuts, they cut each other's hair.

But you see this guy's hair was styled.

And you can see that he had one of those

kind of eyebrows that,

you know, kind of go right across.

It was plucked right here.

- And why didn't any of
that make the report?

- 'Cause it's speculating.

I thought we were supposed
to keep the reports

by the book.

- [Mary Beth] Right you are.

I knew I was right to look you up.

So, wanna introduce me around?

- Sure thing, come on.

(light music)

- [Christine] That's Lum, L-U-M?

- [Mary Beth] Yeah.

- [Christine] Angela.

- [Mary Beth] She was at the scene.

- Yeah, pulled her jacket.

- I'll come in in the morning,
go over the files with you.

- [Christine] I'll be here another hour,

why don't you come in, we'll do it now.

- I can't, sorry.

(phone ringing)

- Who you looking for?

- I wanted to know how Mr. Zibiski is.

- [Nurse] 522, that way.

Just stick your head in.

- I don't wanna disturb him.

I just wanna know how he is.

- Beverly's the RN.

She's with him now.

Just go ahead in.

- I'll wait.

- [Nurse] It's really okay.

- I'll wait.

- [Announcer] Dr. Lancaster, 451.

(melancholy music)

- 11 and a half minutes, okay, all done.

Watch out baby, here I come.



Oh my god, there's enough
there for an army, eh?


How's that for timing, eh?

- He's responding to the antibiotics.

They're still giving him oxygen.

- [Harvey] Tube up his nose?

- I guess.

And they drained the ear.

- Ew!

- Don't ew, you used to get
ear infections all the time.

Take that inside.

- Was he out of it?

- I didn't ask.

- Well, didn't you see him?

- It wasn't a good time.

(cars honking)

Where's the skirt I ironed for you?

- Daddy said I should wear pants

if I'm gonna play kickball.

- Daddy's right, I forgot.

- [Alice] Mom?

- What?

- [Alice] How many grandpappies do I have?

- One.

Where'd you hear that word?

- I told Britney that
Martin was at our house.

And she said she had three grandpappies,

'cause from her two daddies.

- You have one.

- [Alice] Does Martin love me?

- He never had the
pleasure of knowing you.

Don't you think knowing a person

has something to do with loving them?

- I love him.

- Why?

- Because.


- That's for Martin?

Very nice.

Love, love, love.

You know what love is, Alice?

Love is your daddy remembering

that you have kickball today,
you have to wear pants.

But you don't think about that, do you

because your daddy is always there.

See, where's the cards and
the stickers for daddy?

When's the last time you made one for him?

- Saturday.

- [Harvey] Morning.

- Harvey, why didn't you show me this?

Very nice.

- Yes sir, just take them
right through that door.

- [Man] Thanks a lot.


- [Christine] Come on in.

- [Douglas] So I gave him my tie.

Can you imagine wearing a black tie

on the day you're gonna
announce for mayor?

(Christine and Douglas laughing)

- [Mary Beth] I'm sorry to interrupt.

- No, no, Mary Beth, come on in.

- [Douglas] No, I'm going.

- What's up?

- [Christine] I was coming in
to look at the personnel files

on the two-seven.

- I got them right here.
- Oh, right.

- [Douglas] I'll need
these back before one.

- Okay, thanks.

- A black tie. (laughing)

- Mary Beth, these are pure gold.

Sit down.

Gigi Cardenas is a lesbian.

Her girlfriend runs a travel agency

and she got in big trouble

because someone accused her

of sending police business her way.

I mean she was cleared, but, (laughing)

- You think that's any of our concern?

- Course not.

That's why it's so much fun to know!

- [Mary Beth] This is
everybody's nightmare.

You know that, don't you?

- I'm sure she's a very worthwhile person.

- People snooping around
in confidential files

like they were Jackie Collins novels.

Gushing and giggling over
private secret stuff.

IRS secretaries, FBI clerks.

People in doctor's offices,

how would you like people snickering

over your medical history?

- Would you lighten up?

It's just dishing.


I went over the names you gave me.

I pulled the people
with the worst records.

Got a 15 year veteran
who's been suspended twice.

He likes to use his baton.

The officer who just
transferred to the 27th

who does moonlighting in a
topless bar on the island.

- So?

- Well the bar is owned
by a Chinese landlord

who's done time for pandering.

- Oh.

- They have a fair amount
of drugs and alcohol rehabs

including Angela Lum, by the way.

- Does that make the 27th any different

than any other precinct?

- Well, until we get a lead elsewhere,

that matches up with somebody else's

personal his-
(phone ringing)


Oh, hi.

Actually this isn't a good time, but,

yeah, let me call you back.

Five minutes.

Okay, bye.

- You run across somebody named Jacques?

- Jack?

- No, like in French.


- No , I would remember Jacques, why?

- I heard the name yesterday,

it stuck in my brain.

I'll try and get the full name.

- Great, thanks.

Oh, hey.

Watch the news tonight,
our guy's announcing.

- Zero tolerance.

Zero tolerance of punks,

zero tolerance of corruption,

zero tolerance for business as usual.

(crowd applauding)

Thank you.

Thank you very much, thank you.

- That's a good color on you, Chris.

- Oh, thank you, that's what I thought.

- Zero tolerance for charisma.

- He is a good man, Tom.

- Well he's got the Elmer Fudd vote,

I gotta hand it to him.

- What do you think of
the zero tolerance thing?

- Eh.

- [Christine] He paid big bucks for it.

- Listen, it worked in
a bunch of other races.

- Zero tolerance?

The exact words?

- [Pam] Mhmm.

- God, with all the money
they paid for a consultant

you'd think he'd come up with something

a little more unique.

- These guys don't want unique.

They love the fact that
he plays in Peoria.

- Anybody ever hear of
a DA who had to keep

reminding people he was tough?

This guy's doing it.

- You wish.

- He's running a classic female campaign.

- I beg your pardon.

- Classic, it's Christine
Whitman's campaign.

- Huh, he should only do so well.

- He should only look so tough.

- I've learned the trick to getting Pam

to spill the really good dirt.

You gotta catch her between
drinks two and three, mhmm.

- You don't drink, huh?

- Not today.

- Not the last time either.

- Right.

- And all I do is take you
to these margarita palaces.

- Oh, that's all right.

I've been on the wagon for seven years.

I fell off a bit this summer,

but hey I had a good time

but apparently nobody else did.

(Tom whistling)

This was fun.

I had a great time.

Oh, god.

I had a great time.

I'm sorry, I'm out of practice.

- I had a great time too.

- Are we finished talking?

- Not nearly.

- Would you like to
continue this at my place?

- I can't.

Good night.

- Night.

- Zibiski, right?

- Right.

- He's gone.

Someone was supposed to call you.

They put him on the other side

when he stabilized.

- What?

- [Nurse] He's stable, so they
put him in a different room.

- He's all right?

- Yeah, he's doing good.

Yeah, where's Mr. Zibiski at?

I'll get you the number.

Mhmm, 503, thanks.

503, that-a-way.

(melancholy music)

- Pardon me.

Mr. Zibiski in 503,

he could use a shave.

- I'll make a note for the morning.

- Thank you very much.


- You have a good one.

(car honking)

- So?

- Well, they would have
been a whole lot easier

if Angela had said the man's name was Giac

instead of Jacques.

- Leonard P. Di Giacomo.

- Giac, right?

- Oh wow, was in the two-seven, huh?

- When I searched,

he had enunciated more
clearly and said Giac.

- No, that was my fault.

- You're suspicious of her, huh?

- I don't like that she
called in sick today.


- Think she's gonna disappear?

- I don't like coincidences, that's all.

- [Angela] Yes?

- Angela, hey, it's Mary Beth Lacey,

can I come up?


(door buzzing)

- Good decision, Angela.

- Hi.

- [Angela] Hi, come on.

- This is Lieutenant Chris Cagney.

- Officer Lum.

- Come in.

- Oh, this is nice.

- Yeah, the kitchen's huge and

bedroom gets a lot of light.

- What do you pay, if
you don't mind my asking?

- 875.

- In this location, that is nice.

- So am I gonna lose it?

- What?

- My Manhattan fantasy place.

This is the best apartment I've ever had.

- What makes you think
you're gonna lose it?

- She's from Internal Affairs, isn't she?

- No.

No, we're both with the DA.

- But you're looking into that
homicide case, aren't you?

(sighing) I knew it.

I don't have anything to say.

- Chris, could you read this for me?

We've worked together so long,

she reads my writing better than I do.

Can I have a glass of water please?

- Sure.

- Is that a G or a six?

- It's a six.

- Thank you.


You wanna take a minute
and think this over?

It's a pretty big deal, not cooperating.

- This was at the scene.

- [Christine] What is that?

- Key tag.

- Virginia is for lovers.

- [Angela] It was on the
ground near the dumpster.

- Why would you steal evidence?

- I wouldn't, never.

These are mine.

- It's the same tag.

- I just assumed that it was mine.

I tucked it into my blouse
pocket, kept working.

I didn't even register what I was doing.

And when I got home and used my keys,

I saw I hadn't lost my tag.

- So you turn it in.

Angela, what's the problem?

- I thought I knew whose it was.

I mean they must have made
a million of these but,

I wanted to check.

- Leonard Di Giacomo?

Is it his?

- I think so.

I can't get Giac to call me.


(birds chirping)
(dog barking in distance)

(kids chattering in distance)

- [Mary Beth] Mr. Di Giacomo?


- [Woman] Who is it?

- Christine Cagney.


- Do I know you?

- [Christine] No, ma'am.

I'm looking for one of your neighbors.

Have you seen Giac lately?

- Across the street?

- [Christine] Yes, Ma'am.

- This is ridiculous.

Come inside.

- Oh, thank you.

Thank you.

None of us have seen Giac for over a week.

Does he always leave his porch light on?

- [Mary Beth] Nobody on
this side of the street

has seen him in days

and it's impossible to see in the house.

- Let me tell you a story about Giac

and you tell me if it matters.

He barely squeaks through the Academy.

His career is marginal,

he has problems with every
Sergeant that he works with,

but he takes the detective exam

and he scores through the roof.

Now they throw out the results

but they let him take the test again.

- And?

- He decides not to take it.

- You think he sounds like a cheat.

- [Christine] Yeah.

- So do I.

- Okay, I wonder if I should stay-




- The boat is gone, I
thought I'd tell you.

- What boat?

- Your friend, kept the big ugly boat

all winter in the drive.

- [Mary Beth] Thank you.

- [Christine] Really.

- The heck was that?


- Giac?

After you.

- Don't worry about it Mary Beth,

it's practically a desk job.

- Practically is the operative word.

- Oh, gee.

- [Christine] Careful.

- What they got beds down there?

- Below.

They call it below.



- Easy.

(light music)

Well, in a guess,

I'd say it's a party boat.

- You hear that?

- Yeah, it's the boat
knocking on the pier.

- It's not on the pier side.

- Well it's probably, you know,

a lobster pot or what do you call it?

(tense music)

A crab trap.

- Thank you, Captain Nemo.

- Funny, Chris.

(ominous music)

(radio chatter)


- [Detective] Did you
see Di Giacomo's hands?

- What, he was wrapped in a tarp.

- Somebody cut off his hands.

- They cut off his hands?

- Yeah.

I gotta go.

There's the CO.

- That's Captain Cardenas.

- Let's go.

- No, she's made me.

- Detective Tsu, what have you got here?

- Swell.

- Busted by Captain Cardenas.

She looks like the type
that'll hold a grudge.

- Not funny, Christine.

- You cut off hands if someone's
stealing from you, right?

- Right.

So what was Giac stealing?

Chris, I don't like not seeing your face

when we talk.

And do we have to have separate offices?

I feel ridiculous in that room!

- You feel ridiculous 'cause
you were spying on your own

and you got caught.

Am I right?

- Possibly.

- [Announcer] Mr. Sharp
to admitting office.

Mr. Sharp to admitting office.

(Martin gasping)

- What's wrong?

- [Mary Beth] I'm sorry,
I thought you were asleep.

- Is that wrong?

- No, no.

How you feeling?

- I feel good, how are you feeling?

- Beat.

- Oh.

You look good.

- [Mary Beth] Thanks.

- Can I ask you something?

- [Mary Beth] Sure.

- What kind of place is this?

- It's a hospital.

- I see.

Am I sick?

- [Mary Beth] You got one or two things.

- I'll be damned.

- Don't you feel sick?

- [Martin] No, I feel good.

- Okay.

- I just don't like

not knowing where the hell I am.

- [Mary Beth] You, the happy wanderer?

- Me?

- You can't stand the old familiar places.

- That's the other guy.

- Who, what other guy?

- The guy with the hat.

- [Nurse] How you doing, Martin?

- [Martin] I'm good.

- Oh, you've got your daughter here.

Maybe your daughter will
help you finish your dinner.

Does that sound like a plan?

- Oh, sure.

(chuckling) Yeah.

- Well, let's see what you got here.

(Martin chuckling)


What's so funny?

- She thinks you're my
daughter. (laughing)

- She's a riot.

- [Martin] Yeah she is.

Oh my goodness.

- Cream corn, rice and,

your guess is as good as mine.

What do you want?

- I'd rather guess than know.

- The last thing to go is the charm.

You should have seen him.

- Now listen, if you
didn't know who you were,

you'd rely on the basics too.

Be nice, talk nice,

don't argue, and all the
strangers won't hurt you.

- So?

- What are you gonna do when he's better?

- [Mary Beth] Wait, slow down.

- Well, you gotta think about it, I mean,

when the hospital decides he's okay,

he's gonna be out on
the sidewalk like that.

- Nobody's putting him on the street.

- No, they'll put him in
the first convalescent home

with an open bed.

- Then fine.

That'll be fine.


(cars honking)

- [Christine] Thanks,
just give me the five

and keep the change.

- [Tom] Hi.

- Hi.

- Pam and Paul bailed.

Pam's gotta work late.

- Yeah, I talked to her this afternoon.

She said she had a
deadline she had to meet.

- So I thought we'd take a break

from the same old, same old.

Is this place okay?

- Actually, I don't eat a lot of steak.

- Then what are we doing here?

- No problem?

- No.

Candid was never a problem with me.

- You like people who
just get it out, huh?

- Yeah, don't you?

- Absolutely.

So Tom, what's going on here?

- What?

- Well we seem to get
along at every department.

But one, is this the sun also rises?

So tell me about the war, Tom.

- You know, there's a Jamaican Jerk place

just a sec, between first and second.

You like Jerk?

- I like Jerk very much.

Big jerk who wiggles off subject.

What's going on?

- We can't sleep together, Chris?

(Christine laughing)

- God.
- Okay, I'm starting

from there.

But knowing that, I just decided

it would be counter-productive

to do the ancillary sex things.

I just thought it'd be easier to stop

if we never got started, don't you think?

- Why can't we sleep together?

- It's too embarrassing.

- Are you gay?

- You think that's embarrassing?

- Not at all, are you?

- No.

- I didn't think so.

- Listen, I'm sure I'm not
the only person in the world

who's made mistakes in the area of sex.

- You're not the only
person in this couple

who's made those mistakes.

You wanna swap embarrassing stories?

- Well maybe if you weren't looking at me.

- Okay.

Oh, the stuff I could tell you.

The coyote mornings

where you'd rather chew off your arm

than wake the person next to you.

The recurring search for
where you left your car

the night before.

- Okay.

I went down to St. Bart's last month.

And I came back with this thing.

- Oh.

A treatable thing?

- Oh, completely.

And I'm in the midst of treatment.

I'll be as good as new.

You better have some good tales, lady.

- [Christine] Where to begin?

(lightly somber music)

- It's all right, Mary Beth.

- What is that supposed to mean?

- What you're feeling about Martin.

- Thank you, go to bed.

- Come in yourself, let me hold you.

- Harv, if I wanted to be held,

I wouldn't be ironing naked tablecloth.

- Mary Beth, he's not gonna
be your father for you ever.

The kids never had him as a grandfather,

they never will.

Your head knows that.

- You told me to make up with him.

Over the years, and you
were probably right, Harv.

- Forget about it, babe.

- No, Harvey, let me,
- Whoah.

- Let me alone.

- [Woman] Hey, you can't park here!

- [Man] Hey!

(car honking)

- [Woman] Child, get in here, please!

- [Man] That's on you, Larry.

- [Harvey] Good morning.

- My alarm didn't go off,

she's gonna be late for school.

- [Harvey] I took her, let you sleep in.

- [Mary Beth] I appreciate it.

- [Harvey] Body you found made the paper.

- [Mary Beth] Yeah?

- [Harvey] Yeah, look at this.

- [Mary Beth] To protect and sever?

- I don't think it's funny.

I mean no matter how
rotten an egg the guy was

he was a cop.

They got no business with this headline.

Oh, listen to this.

In a city already bleeding from
a reputation for corruption,

the brutal slaying of
officer Leonard Di Gia,

- Di Giacomo.

- Di Giacomo, discovered handless

and frozen yesterday,

may be the unkindest cut of all.

- [Mary Beth] Ugh.

- An investigation by the Globe

reveals that Di Giacomo may be linked

to the death of an unidentified
man early this week.

Di Giacomo was assigned to
the notorious 27th Precinct.

- [Mary Beth] Notorious, since when?

- Which according to records obtained

exclusively by the Globe,

appears to be the
Department's dumping ground

for misfits of every stripe.

- What?

- Run by a homosexual commanding officer,

who herself has faced
accusations of misconduct.

- Wait a second, go back, Harvey.

Did that say, according to records?

- [Harvey] Which according to records

obtained exclusively by the Globe.

- Douglas Trayne.

- Oh, he's quoted in the story.

No, no he's not.

Listen, an Assistant District Attorney

who asked to remain unidentified.

- Yeah.

They ran everything.

The unproven allegations,
the times in rehab,

everything all lumped together,

everything sounding connected,

and it's got nothing to do
with these murders, nothing.

- When has the press
ever gotten it straight?

They decide what the story is

then they morph the facts to fit it.

To us it's two unsolved murders,

to them it's the rotten precinct story.

Just be glad that it's
not another one of those

what's not working in the city

or where was the DA story.

(elevator dinging)

Hold it!

Excuse me.

- I know who leaked,

who leaked those files.

- You do not.

- I do, Chris.

He's the ADA who's quoted in the story.

He's campaigning for his boss

and he has access to the files.

Douglas Trayne.

Douglas Trayne.

(elevator dinging)

I hated that we let him
see those. (sighing)

He's a lawyer, for God's sake.

Those were confidential records.

I am gonna tell him what I think of him.

- Conference, Mary Beth.

Don't do it.

He's gonna deny it

and he's gonna resent
you for accusing him.

- Too bad.

Douglas Trayne won't be my best friend.

I could live with his resentment.

- Well, then think about me.

You're gonna go blast him,

I'm the one who's gonna take the heat.

Look, we serve at his pleasure.

It's okay for you,

you know, Harvey's back in a good job.

You can kiss this off.

I'm serious about seeing how far I can go.

I'm through ditzing around with my career,

and politics is part of what I do now.

- Yeah.

- And as politics goes,

this isn't that big a deal.

- Your political friends are responsible

for broadbrushing an entire precinct

full of police officers!

It is the very biggest sort of a deal!

- Hey, I didn't cut off
the guy's hands, back off!

(toilet flushing)

Look, the best thing we can do now

is find out why Di Giacomo was killed.

Do you wanna work?

- Of course I wanna work.

- Fine.

Now if we went back over
the evidence support

from Giac's house.

They found a bank book

and a Jersey driver's
license for a Robert Dory.

- I don't get it.

- Well the first victim

was found with two
different sets of ID on him.

A green card and a
Jersey driver's license.

Didn't you say that the
27th was full of immigrants?

- Forged documents?

- Yeah.

So I'm gonna run it by Bunko.

I may even call INS.

And you want me to go
back to the precinct?

- [Mary Beth] I better be.

- Hey, your father's in the hospital?

- Yeah.

- I called your apartment, Harvey told me.

- [Mary Beth] Yeah.

- Well you didn't mention,

is he gonna be okay?!

- He'll be fine.

- I have a message for
the District Attorney.

Two can play at this game.

(door slamming)

- Yes, Captain.

I don't know that the District Attorney

is responsible for that article.

- I don't care what you know.

This precinct is off limits to you.

Now my offices have been instructed

to cooperate with Homicide
and with Internal Affairs.

Until I am satisfied that the DA

is going to stop playing politics

with the lives of my people,

his representatives here are not welcome

in this precinct!

Get it?

- Yes.

The release of those
documents is an outrage.

- I've asked for an investigation.

I don't need your outrage.

- Yes, ma'am.

(patrons chattering)


I'm so sorry.

- Don't be sorry for me.

I was an idiot about Giac.

I ruined my life over the guy,

him and his scams.

- [Mary Beth] Can I sit down?

- Yeah.

- Scams, you say?

Look it, Angela.

Did Giac ever offer to get you a fake ID?

- How'd you know about that?

- [Mary Beth] He did.

- A driver's license.

He knew how petrified
I was about the test.

Everybody here knows.

Last time I had to take it

three times before I passed.

He just said, forget
about it, he'd get me one.

- [Mary Beth] From Jersey?

- Yeah.

Listen, can I tell you about something,

this has always stuck in my brain.

- Sure.

- I mean when we rode
together only once one night,

and I remember this guy
coming up to him in the car,

started trotting up, we were at a light.

And Giac reached up to turn on the,

what do you call it, the dome light on.

And then he just switched it right off.

The guy just spun around and ran off.

It's so strange, I remember.

- I don't get it.

- See he came up like a friend.

But with the light on,

you can see that Giac
wasn't alone in the car.

Giac must have wanted to warn him off,

that's what I think.

- Did you recognize this guy?

- No, it was the first
time I ever saw him.

But when they brought him
in a couple months later

I recognized him.

- [Mary Beth] Felix J. Marcola,

he's doing a nickel in Fort Snow.

- [Christine] For what?

- Armed robbery.

Hijacked a truck delivering
office equipment.

Took 20,000 dollars worth of
four color toner cartridges.

- What's that?

- The toner for copy machines.

Big laser copiers.

The cartridges were for machines

that were so new, they
barely got on the market.

Marcola leaves a truck full of computers,

only takes the cartridges.

You're right about there being forgers,

I know you were.

You going out tonight?

- No, I didn't hear from him today.

- Oh.

- It's all right, I just didn't hear.

He's a busy guy, I'm a busy girl.

- Are you on a even keel?

- What's that supposed to mean?

About Tom?

- [Mary Beth] About Tom, about Jim.

(somber music)

- I'm okay.

I did some drinking this summer.

- I know.

- What do you mean you know?

How could you know?

I only drank at night.

- I knew when you were drinking

and now I know you're not.

(light music)

(phone ringing)

- You knew.


Yes, sir.

Yes, sir, we've got some information.

Could you hold on just one moment please?

Okay Mary Beth, this is it.

Now we broke this case, your
little old brains and mine.

Yeah we'll send this stiff up the channels

and see what happens.

(cab zooming)

- ADA Trayne, meet Bob
Cortez, Associate Director of-

- It's managing Director.

- [Ben] Ah, congratulations,
Managing Director,

Atlantic State's Metro North Division.

- So what's the matter, Ben,

you didn't think we had
enough agencies working this?

- Our old friend Terry Lou Casey from INS.

- Sure, we've spoken.

- Special Agent Randall Mark,

New York State Task
Force on Organized Crime.

- Randall.

- And you know Detective Shu,

I get it right?

- It's Tsu.

- NYPD Homicide.

And Captain Gigi Cardenas of the 27th.

And that's everyone.

If we take our seats,

we can begin the briefing.

Now I've asked these locals to join us

because their investigations have impacted

on our project codenamed Bogus.

The locals came in time for all the fun.

Bogus is the single largest source

of counterfeit documentation
operating in the country.

They prey on immigrant populations

who are in the country illegally,

and they have proven
themselves to be ruthless

in their response to less organized

Mom and Pop forgers.

The death and dismemberment
of Leonard Di Giacomo

is further proof of their viciousness.

It's due to the work of
a unit in the DA's office

that the connection with Bogus was made.

- Pardon me, sir.

- Yeah?

- Mary Beth Lacey with
the District Attorney.

I just want to clear up the record.

The connection was made
due to a great lead

provided by a patrol officer

in the 27th Precinct of the
New York Police Department.

That's for the record.

- [Ben] All right.

Let's go over the plans
for tomorrow's action.

At 0800 hours tomorrow, Eastern time,

agents will gather in seven locations.

(light music)

- What, you don't want one?

- It's yours, coffee with.

- Thanks.

- Lacey.

- Yes, ma'am?

Captain Cardenas, this is
Lieutenant Christine Cagney.

- Captain.

- [Christine] Lieutenant.

- Well, good luck today.

- Excuse me.

- This is some setup, huh?

- Look.

This isn't exactly an apology.

- No, Captain.

You don't have anything to apologize for.

- No, you should know.

Right before we had words,

I heard that I'd fallen out of contention

for an appointment I had high hopes for.

- Ah, oh.

- Well the Law Enforcement Oversight Board

isn't exactly the Supreme Court, but,

I guess I took it pretty hard, so.

I guess this is an apology, sorry.

- No.

The LEO Board, that's
what you're talking about?

- Yeah, right.

Oh, don't worry, Lacey,
it's only a career.

- Mary Beth!

Move, we're rolling, let's go.

- You be careful out there.

- Yes ma'am.

- Come on!



Whatever, we'll talk about it later?

- You got that right.

(tense music)


- Police!

- Hands up, come on!

Do it!

Get down!

- All right, all right,
all right, all right!

- You, you, right there, right there!

Put your hands in the air.

Get your hands up in the air, up up up!

- Face down!

- [Mary Beth] Don't act
stupid, you won't get hurt.

- I got him!

(suspenseful music)

(tense music)

(sirens blaring in distance)

(helicopter whirring)

Show me your hands.

Your hands!

I need to see your hands, both of them!

Get them up!

Both of them up!


(suspenseful music)


- Freeze, you son of a bitch!

Don't move!

Don't you breathe.

Leave it go.

You motherless piece of filth!

Chris, you cut?

- A little.

I'm okay.

- Talk to me, Chris.

- I'm okay!

(helicopter whirring)

- They give you something for pain?

- Yeah, I'm fine.

Mary Beth, would you talk to me?

- Nah, it'll keep.

- No, now!

- You leaked those files, Christine.

Don't tell me, there's
gonna be an investigation

and I won't lie for you, so don't tell me.

- First of all, there isn't
gonna be any investigation.

- You did it!

You let me think it was Doug Trayne.

You shipped me off to Siberia,

that was part of it too.

You let a whole precinct
full of police officers

get their reputations torched

and you humiliated one of
the only handful of women

in this city to work
her way up to Captain!

- I did not make up her file.

She sleeps with girls,

look if her private
life is so humiliating,

- She's not ashamed and you know it.

She's realistic!

- It wasn't personal.

Come on, do I care who
mows her lawn, come on!

You know me.

- I don't know you.

- No, what you don't know

is what you got to do to get ahead now.

- That's right.

I'm so small time, I don't understand

how doing something wrong can be right.

- Oh, go home, Mary Beth.

- I'm done, Christine.

- Just go home to big
Harvey and little Alice.

And forget how the real world goes!

- I'm done with you.

I thought I'd owe you for
Harvey's life forever.

I owe you nothing anymore.

- Sorry about that.

I'm sorry.

Hey, I'm sorry.

What do you want from me?!

Oh God.

I feel like crap.

(somber music)


- Hi, Martin.

- There you are.

- [Mary Beth] I'm late, huh?

- Ah.

I was just telling the gang,

where the hell's my favorite gal?

- Ooh, well.

Want a little dinner?

- (clears throat) Huh?

- Are you starved?

- [Martin] I'm starved.

- Mmm.

Macaroni and cheese.

- [Martin] Hey, what's the matter?

- [Mary Beth] Nothing.

- Sit down, kid.

Come on, sit down.

- I just lost a friend.

My friend.

- [Martin] You did?

- You think you know a person, I mean,

we're different, but I...

At heart I thought we
knew who each other was.

And that's gone now.

- Hey now, don't worry.

You got me.

- What did you say?

- You can always count on me.


- That's right, Martin. (laughing)

I could always count on you. (laughing)

(light music)

(both laughing)

(light piano music)

- Mary Beth?

- [Mary Beth] Yeah.

- The bust was on the national news.

- [Mary Beth] Yeah?

- Yeah, they showed it
in Texas and Florida.

I taped it.

- [Mary Beth] Is Alice asleep?

- Yeah.

But she wants you to read
her history homework.

- Okay.

- Did you see Martin?

- Mhmm.

And then I went to see Antonio
Grasso's sister-in-law.

- Who?

- Antonio Grasso from bowling.

The sister-in-law is Filipina,

she runs a group home for the elderly.

And I thought I would
check it out for Martin.

(Harvey chuckling)

It's clean as a whistle, Harv.

But homey.

And it's right in the neighborhood.

And there's six residents,

two of which are men.

Which is lucky because

usually it's all women,

I don't know, he'd go nuts with all women.

What do you think?

- It won't matter to him.

You know that, right?

- It'll matter to him.

And it matters to me.

There's something there, Harv.

Between him and me.

And I think it's a gift straight from God.

(Harvey chuckling)

(bell tolling)

- Pam?

- [Pam] Hi.

- Thank you.

- Have you been waiting long?

- No, I just got here.

- Sorry, what's up?

- They've decided on the
appointment to the LEO Board.

It's not you.

- I hope leaking those files
did your career some good.

Because it didn't do a damn thing for me.

Still, I'm surprised they
went with Gigi Cardenas.

- Oh no, not after that lesbian stuff.

You know, it's really
appalling how uptight

everybody's gotten over lifestyles.

They're naming Audrey Paulson.

- Who's Audrey Paulson?

- Civil Rights Attorney,
married with a couple kids.

From what I hear, you got shafted.

It's a complete double standard.

A guy with your past, no problem.

- My past?

What past?

The drinking?

Are they kidding, oh come on!

- Chris, it's so disgusting.

It's not just the drinking and
it's not just all the guys.

They read it as an instability.

- All the guys?!

- [Pam] That's what I hear.

- How would anybody know about any guys?

- I guess you told somebody.

(elevator dinging)
(hectic music)

- May I help you?

- Yeah I wanna see Mr. Broadbent.

Tell him I've got Willie
May's jock strap for sale.

That ought to get him out here.

Forget it.

- Excuse me, but Mr.
Broadbent is very busy!

- [Christine] Hey, if you wanted to know

about my sex life, Dan,
all you had to do was ask.

- Excuse me, fellas.

I owe you an apology.

- Kiss my ass.

Kiss my Irish ass!

- I sympathize completely.

The public is on a hair
trigger these days.

So unwilling to forgive,

so quick to judge.

If there's a safer candidate,

that's the way we have to go.

Now listen.

I wouldn't pass most of them myself.

Don't think I'd ever
set judgment of you, I,

- You are slicker than black ice, fella.

The public, what a load of crap!

The public did not invade my privacy.

The only people who entered my life

under false pretenses and screwed me blue

were Tom Cornell and yourself.

And to set me up on the day of my divorce?

You really are a schmuck.

(somber music)

(elevator dinging)

Well, Tom, hi.

Well come on out, I'm not gonna kill you.

I'm not gonna carve your heart out

and stick it on the window

of a Mexican restaurant.
- Stop this.

- Hey I'm not even gonna go out

and spread the word
about your dirty deeds.

After all, you have an
entire career ahead of you.

No, I'm gonna wait

till you got a lot more to lose.

- Cagney!

Cagney, we're getting a great response

on this whole thing.

Come on upstairs with me.

We're gonna debrief the boss

and get a little slice of the glory.

- [Christine] Okay, I'll get Mary Beth.

- I know, she took off a
couple hours ago, I let her.

- Oh.

- Her father had a stroke or something.

I didn't hear the details
but it sounded pretty bad.

(equipment beeping)

- [Announcer] Aileen Wilson, 5243.

- Martin?



- Hi.

- Hi.

They want me to make a
decision and I can't.

Massive stroke.

Massive, brain damage.

When he went code blue,

they broke some of his ribs
getting his heart restarted.

He can't breathe on his
own, he's in a coma.

Kidneys are failing.

And I'm supposed to,

I'm supposed to tell
them what he would want.

I know what I'm supposed to do.


If it was mother I'd know.

But you have to really, you
have to know someone for that.

Or Harvey.

How can I decide this for Martin?

It's too late.

I know what they want.

They want me to let him go. (sighing)

I just got him back.

(Mary Beth sobbing)

(somber music)

(birds chirping)




- Yup.
- 1202,

this is it.

What do you think?

It's an awful lot of money
for a hole in the ground.

- Well, it's up to you.

I always figured Dad for
a scatter to the winds

kind of guy.

- I want him in Queens.

- Good.

- I never want to wonder
where he is again.

This'll be nice.

Very New York.

(Harvey laughing)

(Mary Beth sighing)

(light music)

- Is this okay?

- Okay.

- I put a call in to Captain
Cardenas this morning.

I figured you wouldn't wanna miss it.

- [Mary Beth] You got that right.

(phone ringing)

- Cagney.

Yes, Captain.

Yes, I did call you. (clears throat)

(light music)

(Multicom Jingle)