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Cagefighter is a dark and gritty drama about a man grappling with a debilitating fear and panic attacks in the last place you'd ever want to be afraid: the violent world of British Mixed Martial Arts. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
coming out fast and furious.

And he's just
Reiss Gibbons.

That cut
looks deep,..

It sure does, Jimmy.

Will the Cinderella story
of Reiss Gibbons continue?

Can he defend his Legends
Light Heavyweight title

for a fifth straight time?

Or will Anderson dash his hopes?

Reiss pushes Anderson
to the center of the cage.

Anderson is so quick and
so smooth with his kicks.

Come on, Reiss.

These two men are
putting on one hell of a fight.

This has been one of the
most exciting title fights

in Legends history.

Max Black has to be pleased
with the way her champion is

performing tonight.

Everybody is on hand
to see this fight.

It's always an event
when he steps into the cage.

Come on!

Finish him!

Anderson is
so quick to firing up

those kicks, Bobby.

Yeah, they're
really starting to open

up the cut above Reiss's eye.

He's knocked him down!

right back up.

Reiss is relentless.

He stalks Anderson.

He's raining down elbows.

He's got him up
against the cage.

Wait a minute.

Showtime Kick!

Reiss counters
with a right hand!

What a fight!

knocked him out!

He knocked him out!

Beautiful right hand.


Ladies and gentlemen, you
are looking at the number

one fighter on the planet...

the five-time Legends
Light Heavyweight

Champion of the World.

Reiss, that's five
title defenses in a row now.

How are you feeling?

I feel amazing, lad.


opened up that cut

in the beginning of the round.

How bad did he hurt you?

You know, he
definitely left his mark.

Thank you, Stephanie.

What's next
for the five-time champ?

Uh, I'm gonna be a dad.

Have you got any tips?

We want to stay in the
Reiss Gibbons business.

Five-time champ has a
real nice ring to it.

OK, it's "Alien" meets "Prison
Break" set in a space jail.

Who would I be playing?

The most dangerous
cop on earth wrongly

accused and sent to space jail.

It's a bit cliche, isn't it?

We want to continue protecting
those pearly whites of yours.

That's molded perfectly
to your mouth.

How's that feel?

What'd he say?

It feels great.

Check this out.

Your own shoe.

There aren't very many athletes
with their very own shoe.

"Baby Swap."

You're a dangerous cop who
swaps bodies with an infant.

"Hard and Wet."

It's "Fast and Furious"
on a cruise ship.

The speed is low, but the
stakes are crazy high.

You into this?

Try the gun.

When you step out
onto the red carpet,

you're going to have the
best smile in show biz.

Hey, babe.

She's done it again.

I told you, you've got to
put the nappy on straight.

She's got a tiny bladder, baby.

I think she's
doing it on purpose.

Of course she's not.

Are you?

Every time I pick her
up, she pisses on me.

I thought footwork
was your thing, big guy.

Well, I'm not quick
enough for this one.

Silly lump.

That's Marcus.

Where's Daddy going?

Is Daddy going to go to work?

Love you.


Say bye to Daddy.





Nice one.

All right.

Line up, everyone.

Come on, line up.

All right, before everyone
goes home, Reiss, come up here.

Been together a long time.

You drive me crazy, but
I'm very proud of you.

Love you, man.

I love you too, Marcus.

All right.

Let's welcome back the
five-time Light Heavyweight

World Champion, Reiss Gibbons.

at 10:00 AM
with Stevenson's manager.


I need to make him understand
why has

to be his first title defense.

He's really stubborn, Max.

Oh, man, he doesn't
know stubborn.

At 12:00 you need
to be in Birmingham

to meet with Anderson
to renew his contract.

Good, good.

Then you fly
straight out to Vegas

to sit down with The Nightmare
who's just become a free agent.

He hasn't become a
free agent,..

He's become the free agent.

The guy's a monster.

I gotta sign him.

Oh, boy.

So how we looking here?

20,000 capacity.


You think we could fill it?

With a solid
headliner, we can.

Speaking of which.

Give me a second.


There he is!

How you doing, man?
- I'm good, Max.

How you doing?

Nice to see you.

Good to see you.

Looking good.

Thank you.

You too.

How Reiss doing?

Yeah, he's great.

In phenomenal shape as always.

Of course.

So I got a proposition
for you boys.

Go on.

All right.

So now you defended
the title five times.

Now, Reiss has basically
cleaned out the division.

I think the fans
deserve something

really special for the
sixth title defense.

Well, what have
you got in mind?

What are you thinking?

Randy Stone.


Randy Stone, man.

Oh, come on.

He's the current
pro wrestling champ.

Max, isn't it?

It's an opportunity for us
to tap in to their audience.

So Reiss can do what, jump
off tables and smash people

over the head with chairs?

No, so he can fight
in the Legends cage.

Max, look, Reiss went through
a murderer's row to become

champ, and you know that.


And now you want
to offer a title shot

to this random wrestler who's
never even set foot in a cage


How does that work?

What's Reiss got to lose?

His dignity, his pride,
his self-respect, his fan.

I mean, this guy, what, does
he wear tights for a living?

Come on.

Reggie, think about this.

We do this fight, all of Randy
Stone's fans tune into it.

Reiss beats the fucking
shit out of him,

and whammo, all of a sudden
Stone's fans are Reiss's fans.


Come on.

Think about Conor
McGregor, right?

When he fought
Mayweather, do you

know how much money
that guy is making

in endorsements,?

Oh, yeah.

They are... millions are
coming out of that guy's ass,

and he didn't even win.


I mean, come on.

Look at that.

Reiss, Reiss, Reiss...
he would freak

out all these people, right?

He would love it.

I'll see.
I'll let you know, Max.


All right.

Be smart.

Take it easy, Max.

All right, I'll give you a call.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Fucking managers.

How'd that go?

Yeah, great.

Let's go.

Nobody in this sport seems
to have any guts anymore.

Nobody in this organization
seems to have any guts anymore.

I love this guy.

He's funny, man.

Want a drink?

Yeah, I need one
after seeing this shit.

You haven't seen danger yet.

They want to call me dangerous,
you haven't seen nothing yet.

They want to call me violent...

You're trying...
you're trying to tell

me I have to fight this guy?


Buffalo Bad Boy, trust
me when I tell you...

This guy is amazing.

What? how is he amazing?

He's amazing.

He's amazing.

He'll make you
look great as well.


He's bare chested,
he's committed.

This is going
to be a hard pass.

I'm not fighting him.

Well, I'll have to hard
sell it to you, then.

Are you scared oh his pecs?

- Definitely?
- Is that what this is?

Because he's topless?
- Petrified.

You can be topless, too.

I've seen it.

Look at it as more of
an exhibition match.

His fans are gonna tune in.

He's got these
crazy wrestling fans

who love watching him get hit
over the head with a steel


He's not going to
have a steel chair.

He's gonna have no weapons.
He's gonna have to fight you.

And these so-called tough
guys are going get knocked

out easily, emphatic fashion.

I want a highlight
reel knockout.

Can you give me that?

I want someone

Three-fight win streak.

Yeah, look...


Look how entertaining
this guy is.


Bare chest?

He's entertaining
as a comedian.

Looks like he just
stepped out of some

sort of an '80s tribute band.


...when I get that son of a
bitch inside a steel cage and I

get my fingernails
underneath his eyelids

and I pull on its flesh...

Come on, you gotta
give this guy a shot.

Give this guy a shot.

He should be a comedian.
I'm not going to lie.

He is making me laugh.

He is a comedian.

Look, he's got a
massive fan base

in the rest of the world, yeah?

They're going to come over.

They're going to give us those
pay-per-view numbers, man.


Boss lady asked for this, yeah?

It's what Max wants.

Yeah, so when you
knock him out, like

I said, in devastating
fashion, you can have you

whatever you want after that.

You deserve this.


You deserve it.

All right.

Think about it, yeah?

Easy money?

Easy money.

Easy money, man.
Easy money.

All right.

Can we toast to this?

- We can toast to this.
- To you.

To knocking out.
- Give me the contract.

I'll give you the contract.

And let's clean
out this clown.

Easy money.

This episode
of "The MMA Show"

is brought to you by Lex.

Lex, providing capital
to fuel growth in energy,

tech, and real estate.

And right now we're joined in
studio by none other than Max

Black, promoter of Legends.

And apparently you have
a pretty big announcement

for our listeners today, huh?

That's right, Stephen.

We are putting together
the biggest fight

in the history of Legends.

All right, you ready for this?


You sure?


All right, here we go.

Reiss Gibbons, five-time
light heavyweight champion,

will be fighting Randy Stone.

From pro wrestling?

That's right.

Max, come on.

I mean, no offense
to pro wrestling,

but you're not talking about
a real fight here, are you?

I mean, you're talking MMA
you're talking pro wrestling...

apples, oranges.

Stephen, come on, man.

Use your imagination.

You put four-ounce
gloves on anyone,

and in MMA, anything
could happen.

That's why people love it.

That's what's so
beautiful about it.

You can't possibly look
me in the eyes right now

and tell me that you
believe that Randy

Stone has any chance,
has a chance in hell,

of beating Reiss Gibbons.

He's got a shot.

How is it that
this guy just walks

in from pro wrestling
into MMA and off the bat

he gets a title shot?

It's unheard of.

It's absurd.

The purists are going
to go crazy here.

Honestly, I saw
this guy train.

I mean, he's knocking
out his sparring partners

left and right.

And did I mention, Danny Thicket
is training him right now.

He's a legend, of course.

Legendary trainer.

And he wouldn't be
wasting his time on anyone

unless he believed in him.

Randy Stone is also huge.

Big guy.

The guy is as strong as an ox.

Max, Max, are you just trying
to take a turd here, polish

it up, and call it a diamond?

Or... come on.

I'm telling you, I
think this is going

to be a really exciting fight.

There you have it.

So one month from today.


Reiss Gibbons.


- Randy Stone.
- Yep.

For the Light
Heavyweight Championship.


And that's me.

It's going to
be a fight you're

never going to forget about.

I know, but you see
what I'm doing right now?

- You're tapping out.
- You're tapping out.

I'm tapping out.

I'm tapping out on "The
MMA Show" for today.

That's all I got.

I can't believe it, man.

Believe it.



Beautiful thing, man.

You did it.

That's you up there, your
face, for everyone to see.


Kids will see that.

They look up to you anyway
because you're tall.

Most people anyway.

Most people.

But now they
really see it, man.

Walking past this, remember?

I remember, man.

As a kid I broke down billboard.

With the paper hanging up?

With the paper hanging up.

Now look at us, man.

Yeah, man.

It's beautiful.

Yeah, man.

Man, are you crying?


There might be a
slight tear, bro.

It might be.

Oh, come here.

It's OK, it's OK.


The Legends cage
is reserved for the very

best fighters on the planet.

And Reiss Gibbons is
the best of the best.

The five-time champion
has faced all challenges

and cleared out his division.

Now, with all his endorsement
deals and new movie deals,

Reiss Gibbons is on
top of the world.

But it wasn't always
like this for Reiss.

Reiss comes from
humble beginnings.

He is the oldest
of three children,

and his parents,
Amanda and Dante,

passed away when he
was just 15 years old.

Reiss was left to
fend for himself.

When my parents passed
away, it was really tough.

I felt lost, and...

you know, until I met Marcus.

He kind of took
me under his wing.

And, you know, he showed me
how to throw my first punch.

I didn't know how
to express myself,

and he showed me how to
put that and turn it around

and make it positive, you know.

That's all right.

Let him work.

Let him work there.

Let him work.



Yeah, Marcus has taught
me, as a man and a fighter,

to be humble in victory or
defeat, to look after your own.

And that's exactly why my
family is so important.

That's exactly why
is so important to me,

because I gotta look
after my people, you know.

Do you know, people
recognizing you on the street,

it's a bit weird at the start.

But you kind of get used to it.

And again, I don't
want to turn them down.

I want to show them
that I do care.

If they want a picture, it
takes two seconds out of my day.

Who am I to say no to that?

I love coming back
and coming to the gyms

and seeing their little
faces beam when I walk in.

Yeah, I do think I can
inspire them, for sure.

You know, seeing someone from
their own area coming up,

having a rough childhood,
losing people that they love,

you know, and I still
am on the right track.

I would love to
inspire all of them.

If I didn't have fighting
to fall back on, who knows?

I would have been either in
a cell or in a box, six foot


That's how most people
I know have ended up.

So it's not no joke.

It's serious.

But his
sixth title defense

presents a new challenge...

wrestling champion Randy Stone.

Randy is one of
the best wrestlers

the world has ever seen.

And he's gonna shake up the
world of Mixed Martial Arts.

I am on a pilgrimage to
scorch the earth of AEW one

broken leg at a time, until
I am the last man standing.

Well, hands down, Randy Stone
is the most powerful fighter

that I've ever worked with.

He's one of the strongest
human beings I've ever seen.

For a world champion,
I don't think he's

ever been hit by a guy like me.

It's going to be like
getting hit by a truck.

He thinks that's
some kind of joke.

It ain't going to be funny.

Well, he knocks out all
his training partners.

So I've been having
a hard time keeping

people in the ring with him.

He's so intense and he's
so powerful that he's

been knocking them out clean.

It's actually getting to
be a bit of a problem.

Randy's the
most divisive figure

to ever step foot
in the Legends cage,

splitting the world of MMA and
professional wrestling right

down the middle.

I've been in the
ring with Randy Stone.

And I know this
is the MMA world.

And I am sure
Gibbons thinks he's

going to have a night
off because wrestling

is fake, right?

But you can't fake toughness.

And you can't fake strength.

And Randy Stone
has both of those.

I think both Gibbons
and the MMA world

are going to be in for a shock.

He truly is hardcore.

He is extreme.

And everyone's talking
about this match.

When Reiss hits Randy Stone and
he realizes he can't hurt Randy

Stone, the life and soul
will get totally sucked

out of Reiss Gibbons.

I'm picking Randy all the way.

Randy, as an
opponent, he's a clown.

It's a joke.

That's why I keep laughing.

How can I keep a straight face
when we talk about this guy?

I feel like I'm
going to walk through

him like I walk through
my Sunday dinners at home.

I want to stick a fork
in him because he's done.

We've seen this all before.

He's funny.

People want to come
over ,

especially from
more an acting sort

of background, fake wrestling.

This is real life.

This is real sport.

And I think you have
more chance of seeing

Elvis Presley crash a UFO on
top of the Loch Ness Monster

than him winning.

Randy Stone coming in
to fight Reiss Gibbons.

What do I think?

Not much.

I don't think it's going
to have anything to offer.

I think Reiss puts him
away in the first round.

I find it incredibly
disrespectful when

so-called experts
talk about how pro

wrestlers aren't real athletes.

I'm telling you, Randy Stone is
going to this guy up.

Randy Stone is not
going to be Reiss Gibbons.

Reiss Gibbons is going to
beat him the first round

by knockout or submission.

I know Randy Stone
quite well, actually.

And he wouldn't be
doing anything that he

doesn't think he can win.

And I know the performance
side is one thing,

but there's a lot of
overlap in the training.

And I think people are
going to be surprised.

And watching Randy train, he's
got some heavy hands, man.

He's got some real
pop in those hands.

I think he's going to
surprise a lot of critics.

He's going to shut
a lot of mouths,

people that doubt professional
wrestlers in MMA fights.

All eyes
will be on this fight.

And one thing is for sure.

The world of professional
wrestling and the world of MMA

will collide.

And we're joined
by Randy Stone.

Randy, thanks for taking the
time to talk with us today.

Oh, you're welcome.

Now, many pro wrestlers
have attempted to cross over

into MMA and do what you're
about to do right now

and haven't quite found the...

to put it politely, the
success they were hoping for.

What makes you any different?

I don't think about it.

I didn't come here to talk
about some other losers.

I didn't come here to talk
about somebody else's failures.

I didn't come here to
talk about the past.

I came here to talk
about the future,

and the future is, I'm
gonna knock Reiss Gibbons'

head off of his shoulders.

These are bricks.

These are Mack trucks.

I'm gonna knock him out.

I've been telling
everybody for weeks.

I'm telling the whole world.

I'm gonna knock him out.

And you all think it's a joke.

You're talking to me...

I'm here on this bush
league level show.

Randy, we can appreciate
that you have your game face on

and you're in the zone,
but we're the biggest

MMA show in the world, so...

Everybody thinks this is going
to be some big embarrassment.

Everybody thinks I'm going to
go out there and get my pants

pulled down and show the crack
of my ass in front of the whole

world, like I'm gonna...

I'm gonna be the one
that's embarrassed.

There's a lot of gum chewing
going on there as well.

You know, people do that
when they're nervous.

There's a reason I'm the
biggest superstar in the world.

There's a reason he needs
me to sell a pay-per-view.

That's the irony.

Well, you're not
lacking confidence.

But let me ask you, this is
your first pro MMA fight,

your first training camp.

And how's that going for you?

It's going, dude.

I'm in the best
shape of my life.

I'm stronger than him.

I'm bigger than him.

I'm faster than him.

I'm tougher than him.

I'm smarter than him.

I'm better looking than him.

- I
- have no respect for him.

But you have to realize
that the pundits, the experts,

have Reiss as a 10-to-1
favorite to retain

his title against you.

And if you're
keeping score, those

are the worst odds for
any challenger competing

inside of a Legends cage.

How are you feeling?

Odds makers, betting
lines, people playing games.

No, this ain't... this
ain't a game, dude.

This is absurd.

Where's he going?

This isn't scripted like the
other place you came from.

Come on.

I don't know what he
was expecting here.

I mean, we ask the
tough questions

on "The Stephen Drake Show."

We're going to take
a little break.

We're going to pay the bills.

We're going to come
back, and we're

going to talk to the Nightmare,
the hottest free agent in MMA.

He should be here
in a minute anyway.

Oh, there he is.

Look, he brought
his cheerleaders.

He's a lot bigger in person.

He ain't that big.

Should we go say hello?

Sure, come on.

Yo, Randy, I thought
I'd introduce myself.

I'm Reiss.

I'm not going to
shake your fucking hand.


After all that
shit you talked?

Man, that's just promotion.

I thought you of all people
would understand that.


You don't know shit
about promotion.

You don't think I belong
in a cage with you?

I don't.

But let's keep it professional.

I'm going to make
you a lot of money.

Oh, no, no, no.

Let's get this straight.

I don't need you.

You need me.

I'm going to make
you a lot of money.

You should show some respect.

Save it for the fight.

All right.

Welcome, everyone.

Welcome to "Legends:
Worlds Collide."

Man, we are so excited
about this fight.

When my father died and I
took over Legends, many of you

people in this very room...

I know who you are,
I don't forget...

thought I was going to run
Legends into the ground.

And now here we are, on the
cusp of the biggest fight

in our history.

And we are trending
at this moment,

looking around, over 2
million buys on pay-per-view.

So definitely at
the right place.

All right.

So why don't we open it up to
questions, let these guys talk.

Randy, what's your
mental state right now?

Are you excited?

Are you feeling confident?

Brother, there
ain't a word for what

my mental state is right now.

Confidence is not the word.

Complete self-assurance.

Like I know the sun's going
to come up tomorrow morning,

I know I'm going to take
this man's head off.

I'm feeling homicidal.

Reiss is feeling suicidal.

I'm going to kill this man.

Man, you've got to
stop acting, Randy.

You know that, right?

This is real.

When we step in there...
when we step in there,

I ain't gonna throw
you through no table,

jump off a turnbuckle, huh?

Yeah, it's gonna be real.

This is real.
Yeah, it's real.

- It's going to be real.
- It's real.

You laugh.

You think it's a joke.

You're all laughing.

You and your stupid little
blog, you think I'm a joke.

Nobody listens to your stupid
fucking podcast, by the way.

Everybody thinks
this is some kind

of Max Black big
publicity stunt, put Randy

Stone in a cage, real big joke.

It's not going to be
funny when they're pulling

Reiss's teeth out of
the back of his ass

when I knock his head off.

All right, all right.

How about we have
another question?

Reiss, Reiss!

Hey, Reiss...
have you looked

at any of the wrestling greats
for, you know, a new gimmick?

Someone like Roddy Piper
or Macho Man Randy Savage.

Hey, fuck you over
there, all right?

This isn't a joke.

I'm going to beat this man
within an inch of his life.

I'm going to walk away with
that championship belt.

I'm the toughest
man in the world.

I'm the biggest name
in combat sports.

I'm going to prove that.

Let's see.

Let's see when you're
standing in front of 20,000

strong Londoners, yeah?

Let's see.

You're going to be quaking in
your little leather boots, man.

You're going to
get lobotomized.

You're not going to be
able to form sentences

after I knock you out.

I just hope you'll
be able to get

your dick hard after the fight.

All right, all
right, guys, hey?

If not, honey, you
know where to find me.

I'll be in the biggest
suite in London.

I won't even make you
sleep on the couch.


And here we
are at last, the fight

the world has been waiting for.

Reiss Gibbons versus Randy
Stone, Worlds Collide.

guys have been trash

talking each other for weeks.

That's real bad blood
between these two fighters.

The live gig
sold out within an hour.

If we look at the
tale of the tape,

the big thing that jumps
out are their records.

Reiss Gibbons, undefeated with
a perfect record of 19 and 0,

versus Randy Stone's 0 and 0.

This is Randy Stone's
first ever professional fight.

This has gotten big fight
bill written all over it.

You are
absolutely right, Jimmy.

Look right here.

Look right here.


Come on.


Yeah, looking good, huh?

How are you?
How's it going?

Good, good, good.

Yeah, you feel good?

I feel good I'm gonna
whoop this clown's ass, man.


You ready to kill him?

Just do me a favor.

Try not to make it
too quick so I can

squeeze in a couple of spots.

I'll try, I'll try.

But I know, easy
money for me, right?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Just take it easy.

Have a good time.

You need anything?

Bottle of
champagne for my win.

All right.

Afterward it'll be
waiting for you.

Dom Perignon, yeah?

All right.

You got it, man.
- All right.

All right.
Have a good time.

2, 3.

2, 3.

The internet has
literally been exploding

in the build-up to this fight.

I don't think I've ever seen
this level of hostility.

Absolutely, Bobby.

And there are so many question
marks surrounding Stone.

While Randy is
known as a wrestler,

a little known
fact is he actually

started out boxing
as a teenager when he

was growing up in Cincinnati.

He has described those years
as some of the most rewarding,

and that is the itch that
got him into the cage.

You got this.

OK, gentlemen.

We already went over the
rules in the locker room.

Any questions from
the challenger?

Any questions from the champion?

OK, you can touch
gloves if you want.

And there's the
theatrics from pro wrestling.

I guess Randy
Stone doesn't touch hands.


Randy Stone comes
out with a flying knee.

He's not wasting
any time in there.

Randy's throwing
hooks with bad intentions,

but he's lacking a lot of
finesse in his technique.

He's really sloppy in there.

He's just
hurling his punches.

I would
like to see Reiss

keep his hands up, though.

Get in there, Randy.

Take this serious.
Come on.

Keep your hands up.

Quit showboating.

Let's go.

He really does
look like an amateur in there

with a professional.

Reiss is so smooth
with his striking,

so technical, whereas Randy
telegraphs his punches.

This looks like
it's going to get ugly real

quick for Randy Stone.

At least he's starting
to do some real damage

against the cage.

He's turning it up.

Yes, he is, Bobby.

Randy is picking him
apart, and he's just

landed a spinning back kick.

Reiss tosses Randy Stone to
the ground like a rag doll.

Well, Randy
rushes in like a bull.

He presses Reiss up
against the cage.

Reiss is just so
hard to take down, though.

grabbing the fence.

There's no five second
rule like in pro wrestling.

Off the cage.

Circle out.

doing a really

good job of applying pressure.

I'm surprised Reiss hasn't
managed to escape by now.

And Randy Stone
has landed a takedown.

That is only the second
time in Reiss's career

he has been taken down.

I'm stunned, Bobby.

Taking down Reiss
Gibbons is no small feat.

This is
signature Danny Thicket,

working up against the
cage, dirty boxing,

making it a dogfight.

And Randy's landed
a second takedown.

I'm really surprised
at how much Reiss is struggling

with Randy's size and power.

Back it.

Back up.

this is what Danny

Thicket has been talking about.

There's one thing you can't
fake, and that's strength.

And Randy's just hit
a slight judo throw.

Work your way up.

Get out of there.

Reiss is
back up, and he's just

landed a nice elbow, opening
up a cut in Randy Stone's head.

Randy has
another takedown.

That's the fourth of this fight.

I can't believe it.

And now he's Reiss.

Reiss is launching haymakers.

Randy is
clearly demonstrating

his strength advantage.

Reiss is really struggling.


Nice work.

Go to work.

Let's work.

Reiss is on
shaky legs out there.

He really looks
unsure of himself.

Come on, Reiss.

Keep your hands up.

lands a nice jab.

Combinations, just
like we practiced.


Reiss looks like he's
getting back into his groove.

He's creating some distance.

He's got to keep Stone
away from him, though.

He needs to keep those hands up.

Randy lands a hook.

Finish him.

Reiss is out!

Oh, my god.

I can't believe it.

Reiss is knocked out.

He is out.

That's one of the
most dynamic punches

I've ever seen in this cage.

Oh, my god.

He's wrestling down
the referee right now.

Reiss doesn't even
know where he is.

TJ Steele is talking to Reiss,
and Reiss is still coming to.

It's over.

You're knocked out.

What started out as a
joke has turned into a travesty

for Reiss Gibbons and his team.

This is the
most shocking night

in the history of Legends,
perhaps in the history

of Mixed Martial Arts.

I don't think a single person
in this arena saw this coming.

I told you all!

And look at him...

shouting to the crowd.

The antics... he's loving it.

Randy Stone is loving it.

Welcome to the Randy Stone era.


Ladies and gentlemen, winning
the fight in the first round

by knockout, and new Light
Heavyweight Legends Champion

of the World, Randy Stone!

I told you!

I told all you.

You thought I was a joke.

Who's the joke now?

Reiss Gibbons is a joke.

I'm the champion
of the world now.

Who's laughing now?

Laugh it up!

We're gonna party in London
tonight, you motherfuckers.

It's 3:00 in the morning.

I've been turned into a meme.

"When your mom says quit
crying before she gives

you something to cry about."

"When you lose your mom
in the grocery store."

People suck.

Come back to bed.

I'm good, baby.

Reiss, thanks for coming
on the show tonight.

How are you feeling?

Well, losing is no fun.

Yeah, I can imagine.

The doctors, what do they say?

What kind of time frame
are you looking at here?

When are you getting
back in the cage?

Well, I wasn't
knocked out, so anytime.

You... you kind of were, Reiss.

I took no damage.

I can get back in there
as soon as possible.

Look, I respect you.

The whole MMA
community respects you.

But there were some questions
about your cage etiquette.

They're saying you didn't
take this fight seriously,

and you didn't take
Randy Stone seriously.

And you paid for it.

Take it easy,
Steve, all right?

Look, if I was showboating
and I got the knockout,

no one would be talking, right?

But I was having fun in there,
I got clipped, that's that.

Lucky shot.

Is this the biggest upset
in the history of MMA?

Well, that's for you to
decide, Steve, all right?

Well, do you get
the immediate rematch?

Do you want the
immediate rematch?

Well, yeah.

You know, I've held the belt
longer than anyone, you know.

But... that's
after this tiny little movie

from Jake Thorn.

Reiss, are you...

are you not on social media?

Yeah, I just
turned my phone off.

I'm not trying
to pile on here.

One of your castmates tweeted
out about a half hour ago...

and I don't mean to be the
bearer of bad news here,

but apparently
you've been replaced.

They recast the role.


It's on Twitter.

You should turn your phone on.

Prostitutes we
can pay off, yeah?

Women claiming that
you've got kids

through them that
you're not paying for,

we can pay them off, too.

But you get busted for
steroids, injecting

needles into your left
butt cheek five times...

and you tell me
it's an accident.

Is it an accident?

What was you doing?

Was you in Vegas again
with the snow bunnies?


Sniffing cocaine
off their fake tits

and playing darts with
them, and the darts

happened to contain steroids?

And then you happened to land
on them accidentally five times?

You're right.

Picograms, man.

It's a real thing.

It's a real thing,
and it happens.


Now, what you're going
to do, you're going

to go home and see your family.

By the way, your
wife's been calling

me every single morning, yeah?

Why doesn't she call you?

Do you know why
she can't call you?

Cause your phone's always off.

Why is it always off?

You got a 10-bedroom
mansion back there.

You can afford a charger.

So what you're gonna do,
you're gonna go home,

and you're gonna get a
phone call from me, yeah?

And when you get
that phone call,

it's going to be me talking
about the press conference.

Stephen Drake.

He's going to get the exclusive.

You're gonna talk
about your life.

You're gonna talk about
the fact that fighting

is the only thing that's
kept you sane, all right?

And that's going
to secure things.

You're gonna have to deal
with a two-year suspension.

When you come back, you're gonna
come back stronger than ever.

Yeah, look at me...

stronger than ever.

You're going to be the champion.

Have another kid in
the meantime, yeah?

And don't drive
home yourself, yeah?

Get a cab.

We don't need you running over
any pregnant women again, yeah?

That was a difficult situation
to solve, wasn't it, yeah?

All right.

Could on.

You got this, yeah?

Stay out of trouble
till then, yeah?

Thank you, Carlos.

And Carlos, please don't
end up in Dubai again, yeah?

All right.

Magic man.

I deserve this.

Yo, I'm cut from
Jake Thorn's movie.

I just found out.

How does Stephen fucking
Drake find out before I do?

And you're supposed to
be the first to know.

Reiss, I was going
to call you as soon as.

So what happened?

That role was about
you being the strongest

soldier in the whole world.

It just doesn't work if
you're not the champ.

That was only my first loss.

I know.

I know, Reiss.

It's not the fact that you lost.

It's the way you lost.

The crying thing, the wrestling
the ref to the canvas.

The media just got hold of it.

And you know better than anyone.

You're only as good
as your last fight.

People have got a real
short-term memory these days.

Then get me the rematch.

It's too soon.

We need to run it back.

Get me the rematch, Reggie.

Are you sure?

Get me the rematch now.

Laila Ali has a plus one.

Yeah, definitely.

Front row.


Idris Alba wants 10.


10 comps?

Guy's lucky he's so hot.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure.

Front row?

That's great.

Peter Andre?


No, no, no.

Hard no.

Hey, Max.


You got a minute?

Of course.

For you, I got a
minute and a half.



You look great, too.

Look at you.

Hi, Fred.

What's poppin', Reg?

Not bad.

Not bad.

All good.


You're in a good mood.

Yeah, are you kidding me?

I got sponsors coming out
of my ears, my eyes, my ass.

It's great.


Thank you.

Hey, team effort, man.

So we getting that rematch?

Yeah, of course you are.

We can't wait to
agree to that bout.

Now, Reiss is
ready to sign ASAP.

He wants to redeem himself
and prove to the world

that it was just a fluke.


Well, yeah.

I mean, he'll get it.

You know.


The truth is this.

Stone had a hard time
making the cut at 205.

So he's moving up
to heavyweight,

and he's going to
challenge Ferguson.


I mean, the whole
champ-champ thing...

you know, you can't blame him.

Everyone wants to
do that right now.

But I want Reiss
to fight Nightmare.



We just signed him.

But Max, we want Randy Stone.

Yeah, but I'm not
offering you Stone.

Max, we've always
stepped out for you, right?


You've needed us to
fight on three weeks' notice.

We've done it.

Two weeks' notice.
We've done it.

- Yep.
- Up in weight, we've done it.

You guys are the best.

Down in
weight, we've done it.

- Yep.
- Right?

Reiss has always
been a company man.


for nearly five years.


He deserves a rematch.

Reggie, you and I
both know the money

fight is Stone-Ferguson.

The money fight...

but this is about the
right fight, though, Max.

Right fight?

What is this, Mr.
Rogers' playhouse?

What are we in
kindergarten, Reggie?

Grow the fuck up.


So what if we lose?


You got that much
faith in him, huh?

Max, it's not about faith.

I'm being realistic.

Look, Nightmare is
a dangerous fight.

If we lose that fight,
that's two losses in a row.

You know that.

It's a bad fight for us.

Look, if Randy Stone is
too heavy for the division,

then strip him.

I'm not gonna strip him.

Create an interim title, then.

I'm not going to do that.

Max, who's running this
fucking company, you know?

You or Randy Stone?

Where are your fucking balls at?

I've done a pretty
good job without balls,

wouldn't you say, Reggie?
- I don't know.

I think that the
Max Black I know

would have told him
to go fuck himself.


Well, you're lucky the Max
Black is in a good mood today,

or else I might tell
you to go fuck yourself.

Listen, man, we go
way back, right?

I know you're just
trying to do your job.

Well, give me a fucking break.

That's what I'm
trying to do here.

I'm just trying to do my job.

And the truth is, the
Stone-Ferguson thing

is set already.

So basically, you
got two choices.

If you believe Reiss could win,
you have him fight Nightmare.

What's the second
choice, then?

Reiss sit on the shelf.

All right, Max.

Thank you.

All right?


We cool?

We're good.

All right, man.

All right, man.
- Take it easy.

- Fred, see ya later.
- Give Reiss my love.

I'll give you a call.


Who else we got?



Are you kidding me?

Which side?

Whoever's side we're
going to put him on,

they're going to hate us.

Pivot couple of Ryans.

Are they coming?

Yeah, both Ryans.

Well, fucking put
Ryan in the front row.

OK, Ryans.

Put Ryan Gosling near me.

Yeah, I'm on it.

No fucking way.

No way.

Marcus, it's the only fight
Max is willing to offer.

Yo, Reggie, tell him.

It's true, Marcus.

Then you wait.

It could be a whole year.

Then he spends some
time with this kid.

Stone and Ferguson fight,
we start talking trash,

we get our rematch.

I'm not waiting a year.

We're not taking
the Nightmare fight.

Why not?

He's less popular.

He's more dangerous.

Quite frankly, it's
a bad match for you.

If I was the champ, I'd
have to fight him anyway.

So what's the difference?

If you're champ, the
juice is worth the squeeze.

Yeah, we're talking back end
points on pay-per-view, bigger

show money, and more PR, Reiss.

You know, I'm
not afraid of him.

He's hungry.

He's dangerous.

Oh, yeah.

His last fight, he
broke a guy's..

He's retired now.

Reiss, can't you see
what Max is trying to do?

She's trying to use you to
build her young fighter.

You deserve better than that.

She's throwing
you to the wolves.

I'm a wolf.

You're not listening.

We're not taking the fight.

That's final.

Yeah, I had a
feeling you'd say that.

I'm going to LA.

I'm going to do this
camp with Tony Gunn.


Reiss, you don't
need to go to LA.

Are you serious?


makes me a little nervous.

Hard leg kick again.

Oh, that's a knockout.

That's it.

A hard, hard punch.



Every day just the same,
wake up, train, feel the pain.

Lift that weight up
off the block 'cause

I'm never going to stop.

I'm physically intimidated.


Looking for my next opponent.

Now it's time to push up on it.

Let that shit roll on the mat.

Double on your back.

No problem making weight...

4 more.


I must have carried some extra
weight on the..

Come on, that's no excuse.

You're a professional.

Let's go.

Come on.

I'm dropping

when I rock up in your city.

Fight dirty, flight clean,
yo, I'm making gritty.

Come on.

Back on the bike.

I hit that fool hard
and finish like a..

I'm dropping bombs
when I take off,

when I rock up in your city.

Fight dirty, fight clean,
yo, I'm making gritty.

Step up in your business.

I step up to that plate.

I hit that fool hard...

Come on, let's go.

A few more.


I'm not calling it.

We're calling it.


Reiss, it's not worth it.

We're not calling it, Ellie.

Come on.

Let's get going.

I'm like a big
snake, a little too strong.

Like a python in an octagon.

I'm gonna hunt you out
because there ain't no quit.

My face unmarked
'cause I don't get hit.

Try and take me down,
I'll pop right up.

I'll run for you
like a dumping truck.

I lift, I roll, I bob, I weave.

I do it all to protect my dream.

I'm gonna take that
title, defend it too.

That's eight straight wins.

That's how we do.

I hear the crowd.

I like that sound.

Now I'm the top dog,
pound for pound.

Take me down.

My skills be quick.

You think you're special?

I'll make you quit.

give me a taste.

Where's Dana White?

Put the belt around
my waist, yo.

I'm dropping bombs in octagons
when I rock up in your city...

Got anything left in you?

Got these last two?

Tony, he's finished.

Let him answer.


My body won't sweat anymore.

I'm done, Tony.

You do realize you'll be
giving up 20% of your purse.



My fee stays the same.

We train that
shit together, fool.

You know I finish fights.

I'm dropping bombs.

What's up?

I'm not used to
sharing a locker room.

That's what you get
when you're not the champ.

A roomful of dicks and ass.

Looking good out there, Corey.

All right, next time, man.



Doc said eight weeks.

I'd give it 10,
just to be safe.

Definitely, Max.


That sucks.

Oh, man, you fought
your ass off.

Those judges were bullshit.

We'll run it back.

All right?

Good fighting.

A little something for you.

Hey, Tony.

How you doing?

Good to see you, Max.

Sorry about the weight.

What happened?

It's just a really tough cut.

I'm sorry.

Do we need to
move you to heavy?

Hell, no.

Those guys are monsters.

Big boys.

All right.

Well, this can't
happen again, Reiss.

I know.

Marcus, what are you doing here?

I got
fight in the prelims.

Oh, no way.

That's amazing.


First pro fight.

How'd you get on?

Won by split decision.

Man, that adrenaline dump.

Yeah, you'll get
used to it, man.

I'm proud of you.



Do your thing, brother.


That's Marcus, huh?


Pretty serious.

Reiss is getting
absolutely pummeled.

Nightmare is just hammering
him against the cage.

Reiss, you gotta go.

Come on.

opted to fly out to LA

and do this camp with Tony
Gunn, one of the rising

stars in the world of coaching.

Tony is not looking
pleased right now.

Hey, who's the joke now?

Randy Stone
is in attendance tonight.

Randy of course has his big
pay-per-view heavyweight title

fight coming up with Ferguson.

You're running around
this cage like a clown.

Oh, shut up, man.

Changing your
camp is going to throw off...

Hey, use your distance.

Calm down.


now, before taking

on Nightmare, the scariest human
being in Legends promotion.

Get the fuck out
of there, Reiss.

What are you doing?

Reiss missed weight
for this fight, the first time

in his career he's
missed weight.

Nightmare, of course,
was kind enough to make

this fight a catchweight.

I wouldn't
call that kind, Bobby.

Look at the size
of him in there.

He's huge.

Reiss is on the mat.

He's trying to get
Nightmare to do jujitsu.

Come on.

Reiss, no one's
here for that shit.

What are you doing?


It's shocking.

He's not even doing anything.

Come on!

Let's go.

Nightmare is
actually taunting Reiss.

And the referee has stepped
in and is standing Reiss up.

They're forcing the fight
back to the stand-up.

The crowd is clearly
unhappy with this display.

Reiss, come on.
Out of the corner.

Out of the corner, man.

Reiss really
looks like he doesn't

want to be in there right now.

He's even moving step.

It just looks like something's
not right with him.

And Nightmare's
throwing his hands up...

We came here to fight!

...shouting to the crowd.

Reiss right now.

Get in there.

Let's go.

Hey, who's the joke now?

Randy Stone
is up, out of his seat,

and shouting at him.

The crowd is screaming for
Reiss Gibbons to engage.

Come on, get
your head in the game.

Look at him.

He's embarrassing you.

Get in there!

Come on!

Come on, Reiss!

Reiss, come on!


Nightmare follows up
with a vast counter.

This is starting to
get embarrassing.

Hey, Reiss, would you fight?

Look at your boy!


I'm here with the former
Light Heavyweight Legends

Champion, Reiss Gibbons.

I hate asking questions right
after a knockout, Reiss.

But again, how are
you feeling right now?

I've been around a long time.

And, you know, I've fought
the best of the best.

I think it's the
last time you're

going to see me in the cage.

are you saying you're

ready to retire right now?

I never started this
sport to be average.

I wanted to be the best,
and I no longer am the best.

So I want to say thank you to my
coach for this camp, Tony Gunn.

Where's my coach?

It's been an
honor to announce your flights

all these years, Reiss.

Sorry to see you
go out like this.

We wish you nothing
but the best.

Reiss Gibbons,
ladies and gentlemen.

Where the fuck did you go?

I'm not sticking
around for that shit.

What do you mean?

What do I mean?

It's nice to be the last fucking
person in the entire arena

who knows you're retiring.

A waste of my fucking time.

And what the fuck were
you doing out there?

Everything we worked on,
everything we trained...

you did nothing.


Where the fuck were you?

I'm out of here.

Good luck to you.

You're a
million miles away.

I don't think I
got anymore, Ellie.

What happens next?

Whatever we want.

We could get that farm
we've always dreamed of, hm?

I could get a horse.

What the hell are we
going to do with a horse?

I've always wanted a horse.

Reiss, what's up, bro?

I know you always get
mad when I do this, Roy,

but I want to pull
some of my money out.

Reiss, when was
the last time you

took a look at your finances?

I don't know.

I don't deal with
that side of things.

You're in the red.

That can't be right.

I'm afraid it is.

What about the account I
put aside for when I get old?

You kept dipping into it.

That Swiss account?

Take a look.

You were supposed
to take care of me.

I'm not your dad, bruv.

I'm here to advise you.

Then where was the advice?

You had one job, one
fucking job, Reggie.

Take care of my money.

Where is that now?

Reiss, you don't listen.

Look, can you sit down?

Reiss, sit down, bruv.

Now, listen.

Your were too high.

Sponsorship deals,
they're finned.

Pay-per-view back end, that went
out the window when you lost

the belt. Bruv, flying
your whole family to LA

for that extravagant
purchase, first class,

for this Nightmare training
camp you didn't even need.

Look, eventually the
money is going to run out

when it's no longer coming in.

It's that simple.

And the poor
investments you made...

the CBD oil, the high-tech
start-up companies.

Bruv, they all went
bust within a year.

And I told you not to do that.

I'm never going back
to that life, Reggie.

I know.

Ellie is going to freak out.

What do I do?

You gotta tell her the truth.

She's going to find out.

This is definitely authentic?

Can't get that
label anywhere else.

How come you're selling them?

Are you OK to do
a bank transfer?



Well, thank you.

Nice to meet you, man.

Big fan.

Big fan.

Nice, man.

My nephew, you're
his favorite fighter.

His name's Kyle.

What's your name, bro?

Jerome, man.


I'm Darryl, man.

I'm Darryl.

Yeah, the fight with Anderson
was his favorite, yeah?


Say something to
the camera, man.

, stay
in school, man.

Be good, OK?

Yeah, yeah.

Yo, man.

I appreciate it, man.

, man.

You mean the world to us, man.

Five-time champ, man.

Five times!




Go back to sleep, baby.

Reiss, get dressed.

Bruv, it's 6:30
in the morning.

Yeah, I know.

And Ferguson's out of
the Randy Stone fight.


I know.

Look, Reiss, this is our chance.

You can get a rematch.

I'm retired.


Reiss, stop talking nonsense.

Look, I've been calling
Max all morning.

What did she say?

Well, she hasn't
returned my calls yet,

but that's 'cause
she needs convincing.

The fight's in a few weeks.

Reiss, you've taken a fight
on a week's notice before.

Come on.

Get your head in the game.

My head's not in it, man.

Oh, Reiss.

Come on.

Look, this is yours.

This is your opportunity.

I can't.

What do you mean you can't?

What's... Reiss,
this isn't you, man.

Talk to me.

I'm sorry, Reggie.

See yourself out.

Reiss, stop.


Look, this isn't you, yeah?

Alpha, man.

Look, stop all the weakness.

We'll sit down,
we'll have a coffee,

and we'll talk about it, yeah?

Reggie, see yourself out.

Are you sure this is
what you want to do?


Why are you turning this down?


Why are you turning this down?

I don't want to fight anymore.


I'm afraid.


Finally you got
that out of the way.

I have poured everything
I've got into this, into us.

I've sacrificed everything.

I've put my whole life on hold.

Do you know why?

Because I believe in you, Reiss.

Luck has taken over.

Lost along the way.

a legend of late.

I can't believe you have
the nerve to follow me here.

- Look, Max...
- No.

You haven't even
heard my question yet.

I don't need to hear
your question, Reggie.

The answer is no.

Listen, Max, that's our fight.

Oh, man.

You know, you got a
lot of balls, right?

First you lose the first two,
and then you officially retire?

Fuck you.

Look... listen, Max.

It's a mistake, OK?

It's Nightmare's fight.

I'm announcing it right now.

Max, just listen.

- No.
- It's a mistake.

You know what?

Reggie, you're really bugging
the shit out of me right now.

Just give me one minute.

- No.
- Just I'll explain...


Do you want me
to call security?

You wouldn't do that.

Yeah, I will.

We've got 100 missed calls.

I could arrest you for stalking.

Well, if you
returned my calls,

you wouldn't have so many
calls in the first place.

Listen, I gave Reiss every
fucking chance there was.

It broke my heart when
he lost that fight.

I love the guy.

But at a certain point, you
gotta draw the line, OK?

It's just business, Reggie.


Max, please!


Are you fucking crazy?

I'm sorry.

But just hear me out, Max.


OK, listen.

You got 30 fucking seconds.

Thank you.

Look, Max.

Look, you said it yourself.

You love an underdog
story, right?

Well, this is the
biggest underdog story

in the history of Legends,
maybe in the history of MMA,

all right.

The first time they
fought, Reiss was the king,

and he went through a
murderer's row to get there,

went through so
much hell and back.

And you've been there.
You've seen it.

You know this, right?

This time, the rolls are
completely reversed, right?

He's the one who's got to
go through the trenches

and he's got to
dig deep and he's

got to win this time, right?

The odds are
stacked against him,

and there's only one fighter on
that roster that can sell out

that arena within three
weeks time

that you've got left.

And that's Reiss, right?

And Max, just like you, I'm
just trying to do my job,

just like you are, right?

That's all we can do, right?

So what do you say?

Your 30 seconds are up.

Hey, man.

How you doing?

Nice to see you, too.

Pleasure, as always.

Hey, thanks
for having me on.


Thanks for making the time.


So, Max, it's always
interesting to say the least

when you come in the studio.

Tell me, what's the
latest with Ferguson.

He's injured.

He's out of the fight.

What's going on?

Yeah, well, it's a drag.

It's too bad, but the
MRI results came back.

And, I mean, Ferguson's...

he's out.

He's out of the
fight completely, huh?

Yeah, there's no way.

I mean, it's going to
be at least nine months

till he could fight again.

He dropped this bombshell.

Your main event is now off.


What does this mean
for the rest of the card?

Well, I mean, come on.

You know this business.

The show must go on, right?

Right, right.

So you have an opponent in
mind for Randy Stone, then?

Uh, yeah.




Yes, I do.

In just three weeks' time,
Randy Stone will be fighting...

Come on.

Come on.

Randy Stone is going to
be fighting Reiss Gibbons.

Are you
fucking shitting me?

I just cost myself
advertising revenue.

- Woo!


I need to stop talking here.

That's big fucking news.

First, you drop
that Reiss is coming

out of retirement,
moving to heavyweight,

and now I'm speechless.

Your spee...
well, that is a first.

What are you doing
here, Hollywood?

Yeah, I deserve that.

I've been offered the
Randy Stone rematch.

Yeah, I heard.

Everyone's counting
me out against him.


What do you think?

Now you care what I think?

I think you shouldn't have
taken the Nightmare fight.

I know.

I hated watching that fight.

You broke my heart, Reiss.

I know I did, Marcus.

But I need to know.

Do you think I can take him?

You cut one corner, pull
one Hollywood bullshit move,

I'll kick your ass myself.

You understand that?

You can beat him on the ground.

He hasn't been tested there.

You need to take him
into deep waters.

If you want to win
this fight, Reiss,

you need to make it
a technical fight.

I'm feeling
good about myself.

I'm feeling good about
this charitable thing

I'm doing, giving this
broke son of a bitch

another chance at glory.

You can talk about
your being charitable,

but that's just talk.

That's all you have
for this fight.

I can grapple, I can strike,
I can take you to the ground.

I'll beat you at
everything, all right?

I'll beat you on the ground.

I'll beat you on the feet.

I'll beat you in wrestling.

I'll beat you in jujitsu.

I'll beat you in
chess, checkers,

a fucking spelling bee.

I'm better than you, Reiss.

No more flukes.

No more jokes.

I'm stepping in there serious.

I'm ready to throw down.

I'm going to bring
that whole toolbox,

and I'm gonna use it on you.

Come fight night, I'm going to
show you, man, the real Reiss.

You know, I know what
I did wrong last time.

This time I'm gonna go in
there, and I'm gonna make

sure I execute my game plan.

I'm gonna finish it, man.

Technically I knocked
your dick in the dirt.

Technically I'm
the champion now.

I'm the baddest man
in the world now.

This will be the ugliest
fight of your life.

He's stronger than you.

He's meaner than you.

But you have a bigger heart.

You're a martial artist.

Remember the Mitchell fight?


You knocked him out.

Yeah, eventually.

First time we fought
it didn't go so well.

I underestimated him,
overlooked him, kind

of similar to what you did.

Not quite as bad.

Hell, came back,.

Took it serious.

Like you do this time.

You're better than him,
been doing it longer.

Got more heart.

Show all that out there,
and he can't beat you.

So... you got it, man.

You got this.

And here
we go, the rematch

we've all been waiting for.

Randy Stone, Reiss Gibbons 2.

Only a short time ago,
Reiss he announced

his retirement after that
devastating loss to Nightmare.

But here he is with
another opportunity

to climb the mountain
again and redeem himself.

Everybody is
counting Reiss Gibbons out.

He's coming into this fight
as the clear underdog.

Do you think he can do it?

We'll soon find out, Bobby.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Number one
in the..

The storm has begun.

The thunder taught

with the force of the sun.

Changed the course of the
game with a four-minute song.

Because of course I'm the one
you got your formula from.

Don't run the game

fortunate ones.

I'm fortunate for the
warmongers that come for war.

I stand tall when it's
all said and done.

When the talking is done, you
went down with your talking

I'm performer's
royalties all for the fun.

Disgruntled flops.


Not just headstrong.

Strong down to my calves.

I'm on top of the

Knock them out.

any town,
any bar, any..

Whoa, whoa.

I had a dream I would rise
through the sea, take flight.

Now I see.

Whoa, whoa.

When you fight and believe and
strive to achieve any height

you can reach.

Whoa, whoa.

I had a dream I would rise
through the sea, take flight...


Bouncing back from a
knockout is so tough.

Can Reiss overcome the mental
demons he had to endure when he

got knocked out by Randy Stone?

This was his
first ever knockout.

He had movie deals.

He had sneaker deals.

He had his own mouth guard.

And in one night, one punch,
one man took it all away...

Randy Stone.

I can't
imagine what it

feels like to be
Reiss Gibbons right

now as Randy makes his walk.

Reiss's heart must be
beating out of his chest.

And of course, despite
being a heavyweight,

Randy Stone doesn't have
to worry about making 205.

He can come in at
his natural weight...

stronger, meaner,
and more ferocious.

What Reiss has
gone through in the past year

is a roller coaster ride.

And the big question,
can he battle back

and reclaim his spot?

We're moments away.

Let's take it to our emcee.

Ladies and gentlemen, it
is now time for our main event.

The moment you've
all been waiting for,

live from London, England!

And brought to you by Lex.

Are you ready for a new legend?

This fight is scheduled
for five five-minute rounds

for the vacant Heavyweight
Legends Champion of the World.

Introducing first, he
hails from London, England,

weighing in at 217
pounds, Reiss Gibbons.

His opponent comes to
us via Cincinnati, Ohio.

Weighing in at 235
pounds, the reigning,

the defending Light
Heavyweight Legends Champion

of the World, Randy Stone.

Here we go.

No more waiting.

I cannot believe the
moment has finally arrived.

The bad blood, the trash
talk, the tension so thick

you can cut it with a knife...

OK, gentlemen.

We went over the rules
in the locker room.

Any questions from
the challenger?

Champion, any questions?

Touch gloves if you want.

Back to your corners.

Come on,.

Come on, Reiss.

We are ready for war.


Reiss springs at him

and immediately presses
Randy Stone against the cage.

He's a
man on a mission.

What, are you gonna
hump my leg all night?

Reiss is
wasting no time in there.

We just don't know if we'll
see the champion from the past.

Reiss is firing off
some great punches.

Reiss is
really moving well.

He's displaying
great head movement.

He's looking really confident.

And Reiss
lands a vicious takedown.

There you go.


Randy is so strong.

He gets up right away.

That's it, Reiss.

Come on!

is showing a much

improved arsenal of strikes.

But Randy counters with
a great Superman punch,

forcing Reiss to back up.

Get off the cage!

And Randy
tosses Reiss to the ground.

He's just so powerful.

raining down punches.

Reiss is throwing up
one submission attempt

after another, but to no avail.

Reiss, come on!

Randy shrugs them
off like they were nothing.

Danny Thicket.

, and make them pay.

Well, that's the
way it's looking right now.

It may not be an issue if
he has to conserve himself.

Come on.
Cover up.


Reiss looks hurt.

Randy looks like he may
have torn something when

he opened up Reiss's guard.

just won't stop.

He smells blood, and he's
going after him, Bobby.

Come on.

Get off the berm.

Don't stay down there.

No mercy.

And Randy
Stone is the last guy

you want on top of you when
you're not fighting well.

It looks like something went
really wrong when Reiss tried

to lock in that.

We worked on this.

Randy has such
vicious knees and elbows.

Come on, Reiss.

Get off of there.

You gotta get off there.

And Reiss just
looks completely manhandled.

Reiss tries to escape.

Randy locks him into
a guillotine choke.

It looks tight.

looks really tight.

Hold on.

This might
end the first round.

And he's reaching for
a different position.

He transitions to
a bulldog choke.

I don't think he
can do anything.

20 seconds left.

Come on.

Randy is pressing
down on the back of his neck.

That's 235 pounds on the
back of Reiss's neck.

With the right
amount of pressure,

he could snap his neck.
- Don't tap.

Don't you tap.

Reiss is
holding on for dear life.

I don't know how he's not
unconscious right now.

TJ Steele is peering in.

It looks like he's
trying to end this fight.

Reiss is
in a lot of trouble.

He does not look like he's
gonna get out of this.

TJ Steele might
end this fight right now.

Reiss is about to
go unconscious.

I can't believe
he's still holding on.

saved by the horn.

I can't believe he
survived that round.

Look at him.

Reiss is clearly shaken by that.

He's not even sure
what corner to go to.

He doesn't
even know where he's at.

He is completely out of it.

And look at
the way he's walking.

Something is clearly
wrong with Reiss' leg.

Randy is basically mocking him.

Take a deep breath.

Deep breaths, buddy.

Talk to me.

What's going on?

Can you fight?

Should I stop it?

No, don't fucking stop it.

All right.

Get ready to go in there
and start thinking about how

you're gonna beat this guy.

See him go to
the wrong quarter?

He went to the wrong
fucking corner.

The guy is lost.

The guy has already lost.

You keep those take-downs clean.

Use your weight.

John, you got anything for him?

Those strikes,
they're nice and clean.

Keep working those
combinations like we worked on.

Finish this round
right, we'll be

drinking margaritas in an hour.

Deep breath.

Deep breath.

Calm down.

Come on.

You've done this a long...
you've done this a long time.

You can do this.

Here we go.

Round two.

Reiss is limping off the stall.

You can just
see by the look on his face

that he's in agony.

He's trying his best not to
show it, but Reiss is in pain.

And Stone knows it.

Stone is a natural finisher,
and I guarantee you,

he's going to look to end
this fight in this round.

Reiss has just
opened a cut over Randy's eye.

There is no
quit in Reiss Gibbons.

Pain or no pain,
he's here to fight.

Come on.


Reiss, come on.


Randy lifts Reiss up

as if he was a bag of feathers.

Look at the power of Randy!

He's beating him
into submission.

This is that famous
mean streak that he was known

for in the world of wrestling.

Get out of this, Reiss.

Reiss, get out of it.

Reiss, get out of it.

Get off the cage!

Get off the cage!

He's throwing elbows.

He's throwing punches and knees.

And Randy has just
headbutted Reiss.

Oh, that is so disappointed.

It looks
like he just got

a little too overzealous
in there with all

the adrenaline and excitement.

He will definitely
get a point deducted for that.

As he should, Jimmy.

And the doctor has
come in to inspect Reiss's eye.

It does not look good.

You can see I'm fighting.

Straight ahead.

I'm fighting.

I can fight.


I don't know if
you can continue.

I can.

I don't know...

I can.

Your left eye is
nearly completely shut.

I can see.

This is not looking good.

OK, how many fingers?


Yeah, see, you hesitated.

No, I'm fine.

Please, please.

Please, I can continue.

I really don't know.



Yeah, yeah.

I'm OK.

Don't stop it.

I can fight.


Please, I'm begging you.

Let me continue.

I can.


Well, they're
letting him fight.

This is
a little surprising.

I know Reiss has a huge heart,
but I've never seen an eye

that badly swollen.

Surely his vision is going
to be impaired right now.

looks out of breath.

I'm sure he'll struggle to see.

I'm assuming the
doctors and the ref

will be keeping a
close eye on him

as he goes to continue
into the round.

Come on, bitch.

You motherfucker.


Cover up!

And Randy comes
out with heavy hands.

He wants to end this fight.

Reiss is sitting
there like a punching bag

right now.

Reiss is
holding on for dear life.

Come on.

He's got
him against the cage,

and he's hitting
him over and over.

I have never seen one
man take such a beating.

Randy is just
so mean with his strikes.

And the horn.

What a fight, Jimmy.

What a fight.

I need a finish.

His groin is ripped.

His eye is blind.

Take him down.

Finish him.

Count him out.

It's time to send this guy home.

I'm gonna take his head off.

I'm still not free of him.

We're gonna have
to stop it, bro.


No, don't stop it, man.

I can't put you
out there blind.

You got nothing left to prove.



All right.

All right.

All right.

He's the one in the
middle, all right?

Third round.

And this is shaping up to be
the fight of the century, easily

the most exciting fight to have
ever taken place in the Legends

cage with two of
its biggest stars,

Reiss Gibbons and Randy Stone.

I can
guarantee you this.

No matter how this fight
goes, these two men

will never be the same.

Show me something, Reiss.

Come on.

You gotta move, Reiss.

Get out of there.

Look at the
blood on both their faces.

Randy is
taunting Reiss in there,

bouncing around, using feints.

He knows that Reiss's vision
is bound to be affected.

You got this, Reiss.

Send him home.

Reiss is just
flailing, throwing his arms up

, just grabbing air.

This is
just getting messy.

Reiss looks like
he's out on his feet.

It's clear he
can't see in there.

They need to stop this fight.

If you don't
show me something,

I gotta throw in the towel.

Amazing how
Reiss is still hanging on.

It looks like Reiss
is trying to draw him in.

Reiss has just
locked in a guillotine choke.

looks tight, Bobby.

Get him, Reiss.

Randy's trying to
get out, but it's really tight.

Come on, Randy.

Let's go.

Let's go.

Work the head.

Danny Thicket
is shouting instructions.

He's trying to get out, but
Reiss is locking him in.

This is the
first time we have ever

seen Randy Stone in trouble.

And Randy lifts Reiss
up and above his head.

Just look at the power!

What Randy Stone
needs to do is put Reiss down

and then roll out in order
to get out of this position.

There you go, Reiss.

Randy rolls out.

But Reiss transitions
to a rear naked choke.

That's it.

He's got it locked in.

And Reiss is
squeezing for dear life.

Come on!

You gotta tap!

Squeeze harder.

Some room!

Make some room, Randy.

Come on.

You can do this!

Go, go, go, go, go, go!

Don't tap out, Randy.

Reiss is squeezing,
and Randy Stone is really

struggling to fight the hands.

He's going.

He's out.

He's out.

I can't believe it!


What you have
just seen is greatness,

and his name is Reiss Gibbons.

Reiss has come back to
win the heavyweight title!

Unbelievable, Bobby!

Of Legends!

I can't believe it!

It's never
been done before.

This is the most amazing fight
in the history of Legends,

probably in the history
of Mixed Martial Arts.

Coming back from the
depths of despair,

from two devastating
losses in a row,

coming back from retirement,
coming back from the lowest

point in his career to rise up
and claim the most prestigious

prize in our sport against
arguably the toughest

man on this planet.

It's a fairy tale, Jimmy.

I cannot believe
what I've just seen.

You did it!

I'm so proud of you.

I'm so proud of you, brother.

Reiss Gibbons.

It's been a pleasure and an
honor to call your fight.

Ladies and
gentlemen, our referee

TJ Steele has stopped this
fight in the third round,

declaring the winner by rear
naked choke, your winner

and new Heavyweight Legends
Champion of the World, the one,

the only, Reiss Gibbons!

I thought you were
going to give up.

Not this time.

You're a tough son
of a bitch after all.

You owe me a
rematch and a drink.

I made your ass famous.

All right.

Let's do it.

Make it two drinks.

Three drinks.

All right.

Marcus, that's a hell
of a fighter you built.

No quit in that boy.


Thank you, man.

Your boy is good.

Thank you.

We have work to do.

Thank you.

The biggest... the
biggest event ever.

I mean, the live
gate was ridiculous.

Over 30,000 people.

We had to turn people away.

Pay-per-view is out of this...

I mean, it's off the charts.

It's off the charts.

I mean, this was the
most exciting fight

I've ever seen in my life.

The fans were going crazy.

I mean, it didn't look so
good for Reiss for a while,

but, I mean, you
gotta hand it to him.

He's a champ.

That guy is a
champ, coming back.

Oh, the eye is going to be fine.

I mean, yeah, it's bad.

Did you see the fight?

The fight was insane.

But you know, Reiss...

I have to say, Reiss bounces
back like nobody you've

ever seen in this business.

I mean, he'll probably
end up getting,

you know, eye patch
sponsors from this thing.

That's all we know.

Don't worry about Reiss.

He's a six-time
champ now, right?

I mean, he's our guy.

We started Legends with him.

I'm so proud of him.

I was nervous.

I'll be honest, I was
nervous for a little bit.

It wasn't looking good.

But, you know, Reiss
has got so much heart.

And he's a beautiful spirit.

He's the sort of fighter...
he loves to fight,

but of all a
sudden, you know, he

could turn around and go become
a professor or something.

I don't know.

He could do something else.

I mean, the one who's
off the chart is Randy.

I mean, that guy...

I mean, that guy is
in an animal, right?

I mean, he could do no wrong.

You have no idea the
sponsors this guy is getting.

I mean, we're
talking book deals.

We're talking restaurant deals.

We're talking
speaking engagements.

I mean, he's now the star...

we just found out tonight.

Am I allowed to say?

All right.

I'm allowed to say this.

He's gonna be the
new Ax Man, right?

From the guys who brought
you the "Chainsaw" trilogy,

he's the new Ax Man coming out.


He's opening up... he
just got this gig today.

I mean, it doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter
if this guy loses.

He's now going to
be the spokesman

of the Cult of Raw Aggression.

I don't know if
you've heard about it.

It's this big... you know,
big motivational speaker.

And now we're going to tie it...

Legends, we're going to tie this
into his new restaurant, Raw.

You know, I think before
when he was a pro wrestler,

he had that restaurant, Meat,
when he was a huge meat eater,

and it was raw meat,
any kind of meat.

But now I don't know.

He's got this new
whole thing going on.

He's gone vegan,
and that's where

he says a lot of
his stuff's coming...

so now Raw is featuring,
like, vegan sausages

and anything raw.

And he gets his power.

So we're going to tie that
in... the Raw Aggression

into the Raw restaurants,
the Legends thing.

We're packaging it.

You can get it in the stores.

You can get it anywhere.

It's pretty awesome.

And what it
specializes in beets...

like, beet juice,
so you could eat it,

and it looks like blood.

And Randy sells
the shit out of it.

Oh, man.

He's got everything...
diapers, diaper sponsors.

You know, you can
never be too strong.

People love this guy.

It doesn't matter
if he wins or loses.

He's an animal.

They love him.

Oh, yeah.

I mean, of all people, Randy...

I mean, listen.

He just got this
huge book deal also.

It's going to be a big thing.

It's those motivational things.

He's really big on that
chain, but he's wrestling

with your inner aggro.

He talks, and people
write it down.

He's got pictures.

I mean, he's a lot different.

He's kind of a
sensitive guy, really.

I mean, you would
never believe it,

but I think the whole raw
thing has shifted him.

And you stand outside
the frame, outside the frame.

They say this life
is a perfect storm.

So just keep cool,
always keep it calm.


It's your boy,.


I been working so hard,
trying to find my place,

trying to spread my
wings, waiting for my day.

I pray to god every day
for the strength I crave.

Then it's back to the grind
in the lab like the docks.

And the struggle's still going,
so the hustle won't stop.

Let's go.

Back then, he was just a
shorty, pocket full of dreams,

and the...