Caged Women II (1996) - full transcript

Nicole Clark, a young beautiful and talented aspiring singer finds that living in a big city is not all its "cracked up to be". After being sexually harassed by her record Producer and then coming home to find her boyfriend in bed with another woman she decides to take a break from "living in the fast lane" and hitch-hikes back to Elwood, the small town she grew up in. In the middle of nowhere, scared, and short of rides, she is picked up by sly and deceptive small town Sheriff Riley who promises her safety and a ride to the next town. Nicole finds herself being a pawn in a macabre covert white slavery ring run by Marta Samtani. Nicole's only salvation now is her boyfriend and Detective Nate Penna, the policeman put on the case after she is reported missing. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(fast-paced tribal music)

(breathing heavily)



(rifle fires)

(calm music)

(boat engine running)

- Is that the town over there?

- Well, here we are miss,
the asshole of the world.

God only knows what the
hell you're doing here.

- That's none of your business.

You take care of your ass
I'm gonna take care of mine.


- Banana?

Most ladies who come here,
they like the local fruit.

I'm sure you're going to be
real happy in this place.

Very simple, very nice.

You going to stay long?

- Is there a hotel I can stay at?

- Yeah, sure.

The red house you can see over there.

- Great.

- [Fruit Vendor] Okay.

- Hi, do you have a room?

- $20 a day.

It's a good room but you must pay cash.

- Okay, yeah.

And pay in advance I guess, right?

- Uh-huh, cash on demand.

- Yeah.

It's in a safe place.


- Here's the register.

Sign there.

Upstairs, it's the second
door on your right.

- Mhm.

(upbeat music)

Is there a fiesta going on in there?

- No, it's the bar.

- Ah.

- [Attendee] At your disposal.
- [Janet] Thanks.

- Janet Cooper.

- [Attendee] Yeah, did you see that body?

- Yep.

(smooth music)

- Good evening.

(relaxed music)


- I like to dance.

- Well, you can't dance
without the right music

so you must drink up and have another.

(patrons laughing)

- Mind if I join you?

To show you I like you,
I'll buy you a drink.

- Look, take your drink away, will you?

I didn't ask you to sit down.

- Really?

Then why don't you just try?

You can ask what you want,

I have this overwhelming
desire to give you everything.

- Let me go!

Lay off, will ya?

- You see how vulnerable you are?

You need protection.

And I've been wanting to protect you

right from the first moment I saw you.

- No!

Stop it!

- Come on, girl.


- Stop it! Get off me, I said.

- [Man] You can afford to be
generous with what you've got.

- Help me.

Help me!

- I'm trying to.
- [Janet] Help!

- Hey!

Lay off.

That's enough.

You make me feel sick.

Guys like you who go around picking

on women should be locked up.

- You mind your own shit, gringo.

- Hey.


- You like your balls blown off?

Come on.

Come on.

Come on.

(bottle shatters)


- [Attendee] Flores, take it.

- Let's go.

Come on.

Come on!


- Independent young woman
wandering the world alone

in search of kicks
wherever she can find them.

Is that the real you?

It's hard to believe.

- How 'bout you?

Who are you, some kind of Sir Galahad

who feels it's his duty to
come to the rescue of women

who get into dangerous situations?

- No, no.

Just a chopper technician
down here doing a little work

for a company.

- You really know how a
girl likes to be treated.

(smooth music)

- Wait.

Maybe I don't deserve being kissed by you.

- Why?

- Well you see, I got mad when
I saw that guy hassling you.

And you know what?

That was the first thing I wanted to do

when I saw you come into
that bar. (chuckles)

- You're a dirty skunk.

Okay buddy, if that's what
you wanted to do then do it.




- Oh, yes.



Oh, God.

God, yes.

Yes, yes.


- Yes, you're beautiful.

I would like to tell you something

I never told anyone before.

I love you.

It's true.

And I'd love for us to stay together.

- Don't say things like that.

- [Man] Why not?

- I have to go tomorrow.

I have a strange sensation
that if I stay here

I'll get involved in the
kind of situation that

could endanger me.

(relaxing music)

(tense music)

- Okay, time to get up.

- You again.

What do you want?

I'm an American citizen
and you just can't--

- There is no use looking
for your boyfriend.

He's not here.

This time there is no one to help you.

- [Janet] You can't come
barging into my room like this.

- Oh, yes I can.

- If the police hear about this
then you're in deep trouble.

- Don't make me laugh.

You're looking at the police.

I'm Sergeant Flores of the
special anti-narcotics squad.

- Police?

What the hell do you want from me?

- I'll tell you in just a second.

Can't pretend you don't
know what this stuff is.

Mm, top grade.

- Don't you give me that kind of shit.

You put that in my bag!

- Yeah, they all give
me the same old story.

I'm arresting you.

Put on your clothes, girl,
you're coming with us.

- Forget it.

Before that I want to talk
to the American consul

and I have a right to
consult with a lawyer.

- So, you decided you just
had to get me angry, huh?


We'll do it my way.

Come on, give it to her.


(tassel snaps)
(tense music)


- Where am I?

Where am I?

Please untie me.

Untie me!

Let me alone!

Help me, help me, help me!
(tassel snaps)

- Shouting is useless.

No one can hear you.

- What place is this?

- A completely isolated prison.

You can only get here by helicopter

or by boat if you travel for days

across the shark infested sea.

Or on foot if you like,
tracking for weeks through

the forests and marshes
infested with poisonous snakes

and spiders.

- But why jail?

I haven't seen a judge yet
or had any kind of trial.

I can't be imprisoned for nothing at all.

- Right, you're here to await
your trial for drug dealing

and according to this country's laws

you must be kept in a safe place.


Untie her.

Her feet.

Time for your physical checkup.

You're not to be alone today.

Some other detainees are arriving.

Follow me.

(tense music)

That's where you'll end
up if you don't obey us

so you better be good.

Over there.

Come on, come on!

Hurry up, get in line.

Go on, go on!


You, come over here with the others.

Now stand still, all
of you and don't talk.

Captain Juan, the chief
in command of the prison.

- American, from the USA.

- Yes sir.

And I protest strongly
'cause I was kidnapped

and I want to talk to
the consul of my country.

- Okay, okay.

You will have plenty of time to talk about

your national rights
when we're in private.

Okay, let's go to work.

Start checking the merchandise.

- Move, move!

Get over here!

- [Captain Juan] Bring me
that one in the white blouse.

- Come on, you.

- [Captain Juan] Not bad, not bad at all.

Goods haven't been soiled yet.

- She has no experience,
this one's a virgin.

- No experience, you say.

That's an asset.

It's hard to find a treasure like this.

Treat her well, alright?

Virgins bring more money.

Run along now.

- I wonder if they stay
up without support.


Show me another one, come on.

- No, please.

You can't do this to me, please.


- Get her away from me!

Somebody get that chastity belt off her.

This is a prison, not a convent.



Nothing wrong with those, back in line!

Bring me the next one.

No, it doesn't matter,

we'll have plenty of time
to get know each other.

The prisoner can always get
to play the hostess here.

(woman screams)

- No, please, no!

- There's no need to make
the same mistake as her.

- [Woman] Let me go, please!
- [Juan] That's enough!

- Take all the girls to the showers.



- Does that make you feel good?



You like that?

Nice and cool.


You enjoy that?

Want more?

- [Female Guard] Move that number.

We want to see your tits.

- All that matters is my face, isn't it?

- Turn around.

- No, that's not for identification!

What kind of pictures are
you trying to do, huh?

- No!

I'll talk some sense into her

after she's spent the night in the cage.

- Thinking too much is bad for you.

Get dressed.

- [Captain Juan] Bring up another.

- See what we can do with her.

Stand still.

- Tell me, my love, what kind of picture

would you like to have taken?

- Out of the way!

(tense music)

- Stop it, you bastards!

You can't treat me like
some kind of animal,

I'm a human being!

An American citizen, I have rights!

Didn't you people ever
hear of human rights!

I want a lawyer, I demand
a lawyer god damn it!

Let me out of here! Let me outta here!

I don't wanna stay.

Oh please God get me outta here!

I didn't do anything!

I don't believe this.

How can something like this

happen in the world today?

- [Prisoner] Calm down.

Won't do you any good.

You'll only make it harder on yourself.

- You...

Spoke to me.

Who are you?

Are you American?

I am.

My name is Janet, and yours?

- It's Louise.

- Ah, Louise.

How long have you been here?

- I guess it's like forever.

They accused me of selling drugs.

- That's just exactly
how it happened to me.


What the hell do they want?

- They sell us.

- But how?

- They captain and that awful dyke,

the one he calls his
assistant, prepare meetings

with the wealthy farmers.

Orgies, in which everything can happen.

- That can't be true, you're fooling.

- You wait and you will see.

- Hey.

How about a cigarette?

- It's not allowed.

- Oh come on, be reasonable.

There's no one around.

If I let you touch me?

Anywhere you like.

Surely that's worth a cigarette, hm?

- Ah yes, she left this morning.

- And she didn't leave
a message or anything?

- Nothing.

- Hey.

I got all the shit on you, Frank Nolan.

You're a helicopter technician

and that is the only reason
that you are still alive.

I need that chopper in perfect
condition all the time.

- How the hell do you know all this?

- Heh, wake up, gringo,
the police know everything.

- The police?

- Yeah, listen.

I'm Sergeant Flores, narcotics,

and I'm only gonna tell you this

for your own good one more time.

Mind your own fuckin' business.

(birds chirping)

(soft synthesizer music)


- No.

No! (sobbing)

(guard chuckles)

- Good girl.
(parrot squawks)

Good girl.

The other gringa told you everything.

And now you know how
things are here, don't you?

- You son of a bitch!

You threw me in that cage with her

to make sure I got the message.

- Just take it easy, will you?

Listen to me and listen to me carefully,

from the very first moment that I met you,

I knew you were a very intelligent woman.

You were something else.

I like you.

You are the kind of woman I like.

You would live like a queen here.

If you like.

All you have to do is say the word.



You'll be sorry you did that

because now we play the
game according to my rules

and not yours.

You mustn't resist because it is useless.

(tense music)

- What the hell do you want?

You fucking lesbian!

Get out of my sight!




- Don't ever dare call me a lesbian again.

The captain has organized a little party

especially for you and the
other gringa and the virgin.

I think it'll be a lot of fun, don't you?

- Everything alright?

The clients are on their way.

- All set, she's ready to go.

- [Man] The pictures of
the girls are terrific.

They don't retouch them
or anything do they?

- No, the retouching is what we get to do.


(engine running)

Hey, there's our man.

A little extra police service.

- [Flores] Well gentlemen,

are you ready for your little excursion?

- I can hardly wait.

- It's ready for you.

I see you're off for a little relaxation

after a hard day's work, eh?

- [Man] Yeah, we need a
break every now and then.

- So long, so long.

- Okay, have a good night.

(tense music)

(soft synthesizer music)

(helicopter whirring)

- Hello there.

- [Captain Juan] Hello, welcome.

(tense music)

- Her hair, that looks
like the kind I like.

- Lucky you, wish I'd
seen her picture first.

- What's the matter?

Look at this merchandise, top quality.

You can see she is.

And here's another milk-fed American.

Just the right amount of fat on her.

Choice meat, don't you agree?

A frisky Philly from the USA.

She'll give you a good
ride for your money.

And this is our little virgin.

Heh, heh, heh.

A very beautiful piece of ass.

A lovely flower that I
would like to deflower

and not leave to you.

Take them over there.

- Come on, line up against the well.

(fast-paced tense music)

- Come on, move faster.

You don't want our clients disappointed.

You heard me?

Start undressing.

Come on, undress.

- Take off your clothes.

- Go to Hell.

- You will be naked.

Because if you don't, I am going to show

these gentlemen your brains.

- (chuckles) Mmm.

- I want that virgin.

How much is she?

- 500 dollars.

- [Man in Black] I'll give
you 300 and not a cent more.

- She's yours.

- Hey, I don't want to sound
stingy, but I'll pay less.

- Because when you get her
she won't be a virgin, huh?

- That's right.

So here's 250, that enough?

- As for me, I'll take
the red head and pay 250.

- [Man] That leaves me
with the blonde, huh?

- I'll take what you got.

Good, good, good.

Get out of here.

- Alright, see you later.

- Gentlemen, you can do as you like.

I'm not going to disturb you.

Enjoy yourselves, and
if you need anything,

I'll be in the next room. (chuckles)

- Let's go guys, time for fun.



- You dirty--

The bastards!

- [Man In Black] Hold still.

- What the hell's going on?

What are you doing?

- Help me!

Help me!

- You two bitches, what
are you doing there?

- She kicked my balls,
I want my money back.

- These two women won't cooperate.

- Sorry gentlemen, what can I say?

They won't cooperate, I'll
give you your money back.

- Good.

No hard feelings, eh?


- Got a cigarette?

- Yeah, sure.

- Sounds like they're
having a ball down there.

- Well, that's what they came for.

- Got a couple of dollars?
- [Pilot] Why?

- Because if you give them to me,

I'll show you the merchandise.

- Okay.

Alright, let's see what you got here.

- Nobody dies because of a spot of fun.

You're not dead, you can't fool us.

(tense music)

- Go on, shoot!

Kill him, go on!

No, fuck!


- Bitches, you made look like a fool.

Now you're going in the cage.

Get in there, get in there.

You too!

(Janet yells)
Get in there.

Now cook for a bit.

I will prepare a very special treat.

A hunt.

Just for you.

- What did that asshole say?


What sort of hunt?

- I heard talk of it among the women.

I gather there are hunting parties

and the men hunt for us.

- Oh, shit.

- Well, who knows if
it's true or not really.

I don't think anybody came
back to talk about it.

(men muttering)

- [Man] They'll get what they deserve.

- It's too bad he sent
for the girl who bit me.

- How do you think I feel?

I was kicked in the balls.


(disgruntled murmurs)

- The customers don't look too satisfied.

- Yeah, seems that things
didn't go too smoothly

with the girls.

- Girls?


Where did you take them?

- It's a bit hard to imagine, I guess.

I take them on a ride down,

down into the heart of the jungle

to a very special prison

full of women.

But it's better not to talk about it.

You could end up with
a bullet in the brain.

(dramatic synthesizer music)


- [Janet] What are you doing?

- Your sweat, it's like water.

- [Janet] That's true,
it could save our lives.



- Here's to ya.

And again.

- Yeah.

- (chuckles) You know, I
don't think you got photos

of any of those girls.




Know what I think?

You were just bragging.

You were just bullshitting me, I know.

(bottles crash)

- [Pilot] You call that bullshit?

- [Frank] No.

I'd call that a real find.

- Water, at last!

Oh, it's wonderful.
(Louise gasps)

Water! (laughs)

- [Captain Juan] Hey!

- Get out!


- What a life.

I hope you recoup some of your energy.

- I don't understand.

Why the sudden generosity, huh?

- Generosity?

Not for you.

It's just that once in a
while I have to give my men

a good show to look at.


- Are you preparing anything else?

- A bit of exercise.

What about the fight?

- You're crazy!

- No.

You must defend yourself from those girls

who will try to drown you.


(intense music)

(men laughing)


- She's got a punch.





- Congratulations.


Now that you know how
to fight for your lives

you're ready for the big game.

- I've got to be up and ready for tomorrow

before sunrise.

- Are you going back to the jail?

- It's the day of the big hunt.

- And what's that?

- They set loose some of
the girls in the swamp.

And then they're hunted
down like wild animals.

- [Captain Juan] It's
alright, it's only me.

I just wanted to make sure

you didn't suffer any
grievous bodily harm.


Because you know,

tomorrow is going to be a
big day for you, my dear.

Too bad you're so beautiful.

Because your lovely body

is going to be so scarred by my clients.

And if you think it's going to be a game,

you're wrong.

Because this time they won't
only want to screw you,

they might even kill you.

- Leave her alone!


- You made me look stupid
in front of my customers

so I've offered them some
better entertainment.

Lock her up!

I'm going to set you free in the swamp.

- [Janet] What the fuck you got in mind?

- (chuckling) And they can hunt you down

anyway they want, you understand?

If they catch you, it's up to them

what they do to you. (chuckles)

Sweet dreams.

- [Janet] Go fuck yourself!

(Captain Juan laughs)

- We're ready for the hunt.

Everything okay with you, Flores?


- Yeah, everything's organized.

The clients are coming
in tomorrow morning.

Over and out.

- I am going to enjoy myself.

- Yeah, hope it's more fun than last time.

They don't stand a chance
unless they can run fast.

- All we have to do is catch 'em.

- Hey, I wonder where the pilot is?

- [Man] Yeah, he should be here.

- [Curly-Haired Man] Funny,
maybe he went for a pee.


- Welcome, gentlemen.

We're all ready to take off.

- Who are you?

You're not the usual pilot.

- Oh, excuse me.

I'm Frank Nolan.

Sergeant Flores offered me this flight.

The other pilot's a little sick.

- [Man in Blue] Yeah,
do you know where to go?

It's not an easy spot to find.

- And we don't want to
get lost down there.

- Well, Bruce marked it
on the map in the chopper.

There's no way I can make a mistake.

- So what are we waiting for?

- Hop in, let's go.

- [Man in Blue] I'm really
looking forward to this.

- [Curly-Haired Man] Yeah, great idea.

Like hunting big game.

- [Man in Blue] And you
get to do what you like

when you catch it.

- [Man] And that's the best part.

- Okay?
- [Man] Yeah.

- Good.

(helicopter engine starts)

(dramatic synthesizer music)

(helicopter whirring)

- Louise.

They're arriving.

- Come on, everybody out.

Hello there.

Good to see you again.

- You okay? Good to see you.

- Did you have a nice trip.

- Yes, very nice.

- Yeah, and I hope you
have everything organized

properly this time, huh?

- I'll show you where the
traps are before breakfast.

Who is this?

- The new pilot.

- What is your name?

- I'm Frank Nolan and
I bring you greetings

from Sergeant Flores.

- [Captain Juan] Really?
- Yeah.

- Good, good.

Anyone want a gun, he
can go to the armory,

it's open for you.

You know, I've been thinking,

we must add a few more girls

just to make it more interesting.

Those two Americans,
they're gonna give you

a run for your dollars.
(men laughing)

- Yeah, that redhead, she's a
real wild animal with claws.


- [Captain Juan] Now
I'll show you the traps.

- This the last one.

The other traps are all ready.

Here's a map of the positions

so you can see where
each trap is situated.

- Good work, good work.

This will be very useful during the hunt.

- [Man] We need some copies.

- I'll handle that.

I'll do it while you're
at breakfast, okay?

- Yeah.

- You got your head screwed
on, Frank, you know that?

- I want you to take a look
at all the hiding places

and paths through the
jungle and the swamps

and to be familiar with the terrain.

- Hey, Louise, wake up will you?

- Oh, what's the use?

- [Janet] Don't be such a loser!

- [Guard] This gringa's always trouble.

- [Female Guard] They should be tied up.



- You practicing to get your
lips between a girl's legs?


- Nom nom nom nom.

- You look like a girl
who knows how to run.

I think I'll stake my claim on you.

I'll take this one.

(tense music)

- She'll do.

- So, what have we got here?

Oh, nice.


We meet again.

- Yeah, you better watch
out buddy and you know why?

I'll kick you again where
I kicked you before.

- I don't think you will.

Not this time.

You see, I pay not for your ass

but for your life.

- [Janet] Oh, really?

What do you think, you frighten me?

- Come on, gentlemen, let's
not waste any more time.

Don't you want to get going?

- Piece of shit.

- [Man in Blue] Eh, I'll fuck her.

- [Captain Juan] Untie her.

You, you come too.

- [Man in Blue] I hope you got it

organized better this time.

- You'll have your fun.

You'll get your money's
worth, I promise you.

- [Man in Blue] Sounds good.

- Hey.

I made a copy of the map for everyone.

- Good.

- Are these the prey?

Beautiful pigeons. (laughing)

- [Janet] You lousy shits!

- I'm gonna prepare a
beautiful surprise for you.

You can be sure of it.

As soon as you fall on
the traps, you'll find it!


- Bastard.


(dramatic tribal music)




- [Janet] Get up, get up!

- [Louise] I can't.

I can't go on.

- Now listen to me, you've got to.

The pilot of that chopper
is a friend of mine,

he's here to help us!

- You're crazy, nobody will help us.

- He will, I know him.

He's here to help us.

Come on, on your feet.

Come on.

- [Louise] I can't run anymore.

- Louise, move it.

Come on, you can do it.

Come on.


Hurry up.

They're right behind us.

Come on Louise!



- The prey is in the trap.

A very pretty sight.

I was waiting for you.

I was watching you in my
field glasses and now I win.

You are through. (chuckles)

(gun firing)


- [Louise] Dead.

- I told you my friend would help us!

Here, a hand.


(Louise screams)

Fuck you! (gun firing)

(rifle fires)

- Wow.



- (chuckling) Come, your ass is mine.

(gun fires)

(gun fires)

- [Man] You can't get away.

- Please, don't.

Don't do anything to me.

No, no.

- Hold still.

- [Black-Haired Woman] No, no.


- [Woman] Get off her!

- [Man] Hey, what the?

(pistol fires)

- Hey, Janet!

It worked!

You found 'em, huh?


- Oh Frank, you were fantastic.

- Yeah, but I felt pretty shitty knowing

those bastards were groping you

while I was putting those
guns in those traps.

Let's get to the chopper.

Here, I'll take that.

Come on.
- [Janet] Come on, Louise!

- [Frank] Hurry up.

Get going.

(dramatic music)



(gun firing)

- Hey, hey, hey!

(gun firing)

- Hey, look.

- Who did this?

Shit, let's get back to the fortress.

Come on.



- Listen, we can't go without
freeing the other girls.

- Oh my God, she's got a conscience.

- Here are the keys, come on.

Come on, everybody outta here!

- [Louise] Juan is dead!

- You're free!

We beat them!




(women chattering)

(women jeering)



(women jeering)


(rock music)




- [Frank] Come on, hurry!

- [Louise] We did it!

We made it.

- [Frank] Oh yeah?


Here we go!

(blades whirring)

- [Man in Blue] Hey wait,
where are you going?

- [Curly-Haired Man] Don't leave us here!

- [Man in Blue] Oh No!

Oh, fuck, look!

(women jeering)

(helicopter whirring)


- Oh yeah, let's use earphones.

- Good idea.

- This your captain speaking,

I'd like to welcome you aboard.

(women laughing)

I had a real tough time
finding you out there

in the jungle so I hope you're gonna show

your appreciation, huh?

- [Janet] Wow.

What do you say, should we
show him how grateful we are?

- [Louise] It's the least we can do.


- Hey!

What are you doing?

I mean, how am I gonna pilot
this thing with you guys?

I mean, God!

Watch out, we could--

(helicopter whirring)

Oh my God, we're gonna crash!

Oh, it's terrible.

Please, no!

Oh no.

- (laughing) He can't
see where he's going!

- [Louise] We'll guide you.

- And I can't find the joystick.

- [Louise and Janet] We can!

- Not now, later!

(happy music)

(helicopter whirring)