Caged Women (1982) - full transcript

Emanuelle goes undercover into a prison to expose the corrupted officials who are brutalizing the inmates. Emanuelle is shocked by the horrors and humiliation the prisoners are subjected to, but when her true identity is discovered, she finds herself at the receiving end. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Take car 22 to point Z.

Car 22 to point Z right away!

The van with the newly arrived prisoners

for the Santa Catarina
Women's Penitentiary

is coming up to gate 7 now.

Is this the van to Santa Catarina?

Yes, sir.

I have another prisoner for you.

Don't worry, her documents
are all in order.

I guarantee you.

Even if you weren't expecting her,

she's yours now.

Very well, sir.

We'll take care of her.

Get in, go on.

This the first time
you've taken them to prison?

No, but it's a few
years since the last time.

Changed a bit, then.

Sure has.

Too many unsolved cases.

Unfinished stories.

How is it now?

Gotta be careful.

Handcuffs used to be made of steal.

Now they're made or rubber,

so they don't hurt their
poor, little delicate wrists.

Really take care
of our whores, now don't we?

Why do these girls
gotta serve time, huh?

Prostitution and drug abuse.

They'll fix them up real good inside.

Did you notice that little dark one?

Real cute, don't you think?

Yeah, certainly did.

Don't start getting depressed yet.

We'll have plenty of
time to think things out

where we're going.

Look what I brought you today.

Good morning, Miguel.

Fresh vegetables from my garden.

Thank you, come to the office.

We'll pay you for them.

I don't want anything.

How's the leg doing?

All right now.

If it weren't for your doctor,

I would be on crutches
for the rest of my life.

I must say, he did a
really good job on you.

He is not a doctor, he is a saint.

Another collection of Madonna

they leave to plant in our garden.

Pity they need to grow in dung and filth.

Let's go.

I hope you're not going
to cause trouble in here.

No one would suspect you had
such a record to look at you.

Laura Kendall, age 26.

Prostitute by profession.

Pusher of drugs.

Attempted homicide.

I had every reason to kill him.

He was a pimp.

How about the bit on drug pushing?

Did you push the stuff or not?

Yes or no?

Reply to the question when addressed!


Yes, what?

Yes, your honor.

Yes and say, "Head Warden."

Yes, sorry, Head Warden.

You may go.

Hi, Kitty.

Welcome home!

Hi, babe.

How was it outside?

Couldn't wait to get back in, huh?

Hello, Kitty, remember me?


Now we've got Kitty back.

Things will get hotter again around here.

Stop it!

Stop it at once!

What's going on in the outside world?


I won't have any more of this confusion!

Shut up!

You may go now, guards.

Please undress.

I'm afraid that I'm required

to give you a medical check now.


Let's take a look at you.


I'd never have guessed I would
ever meet you again in here.

Sorry to disillusion you.

I would prefer to share
my cell with a cheap hooker.

They're much nicer to hang outwith.

If you want an easy life in here,

forget the past

and keep one eye shut in the present.

And keep both closed on the future.

You got the idea, girl.

This is your new special friend?

Yeah, like her?

She's really tied up
to you closer, isn't she?


She needs plenty of affection.

Don't you, Malone?

And you get it from me, don't you?

You don't seem to need any medicines.

Have you had any serious diseases?

It's all written down
on my medical chart.

Of course it is.

Your medical history is
all here in the report.

The only thing missing is your education.

The grade you reached in school.

I guess you don't need
qualifications to get by in here.


What is it?

You've got company.

She needs someone to explain the rules.

Don't be greedy.

You'll get sick and die.

And what would I do all alone?

That's enough.

I'll give you some more flies tomorrow.

As cockroaches go, you're getting on.

At our age, we have to be careful.

We get greedy and stupid.

Don't be shy.

Make yourself at home.

I was talking to you.

You better get used to it.

But I'm no use to you, my dear.

I prefer to make friends with animals.

They don't do anything they don't mean.

They never stab you in the back

and they keep their mouths shut.

I mean this.

So listen to what I say.

If you want to survive in this toilet,

mind your own business and no one else's.

That's your bed.

This girl, Kendall,
is an interesting case.

Clinically speaking, of course.

Yes, most unusual.

Not much about the others.

Two pages about her.

I'd like to know when you're
going to find time for me.

Don't forget, you owe
me your position here.

I don't think you'd enjoy
going back to breaking rocks,

would you?

There's no need to worry.

I'm not going to.

I like you being here.

Only remember, you're not so much a doctor

as a wretched uxoricide.

Are you waiting for me to
throw it in the garbage can?

Take it away!

Oh, thank you! Thank you very much.

Show in Malone.

Yes, at once.

Come in.

Come in, Malone.

There's a food parcel
form your mother, dear.

For a prostitute, she has good taste.

You like chocolates?

A fine boy you got.

Pity you won't see him
again until he's a soldier.

Sinus spray.

Relieves nasal congestion

and helps clear irritation in
the throat and oral cavity.

I always find it, even if
it's hidden in a nasal spray.

Trained dogs may not
always tell it's there

but I can.


I'm not ready yet.

You'll know when the times comes.

Dr. Moran
is wanted immediately

in the male infirmary.

Repeat, Dr. Moran is to go to
the male infirmary at once.

Leave him alone, I warned you.

He answers to anybody.

Anyone except you.

Good morning.

Good morning.

You may go now.

So, here we are again.

I'm very sorry, doctor.

But they always say I'm not
going to hurt you this time

and then they do.

You know how it is.

When will you learn to say no?

The trouble is they grab me

when I'm on the sentimental side.

You try turning the other cheek.

I shall have you transferred
to the women's prison

if you do it again.

So be more careful.

Got some clients for you, doc.

Next time.

Put him over on the bed.

Make sure you come to my cell tonight

because I wanna fill up
your tank, cutie pie.

I'm busy tonight, Dicky, dear.

Dirty slut.

Better than you.

Seen yourself in the mirror lately?

I'll kill you for that.

You don't scare me.

You got no guts.

Filthy faggot!


Just listen, cockroach.

Listen to what that
heartless bitch, Rescaut,

is putting that poor
girl, Malone, through.

Hear that?

Women are so cruel to
each other sometimes.

But we know all about that, don't we?

Once it was fun in here.

There was a porter called Juan.

He was all right.

We screwed him to death, unfortunately.

Don't let it get you down
or it'll drive you crazy.

Better get used to it.

Sooner or later it'll happen to you.

We've all been through it.


I won't let them.

I couldn't stand it.

I couldn't.

They do what they want.

You have no choice in here.

We're just numbers, that's all.

Not human beings and the sooner
you accept that the better.

No, I'd rather die!

I think I'll go to the laundry today.


I have the right to do
whatever I like around here.

I'd say I've earned it.

20 years inside.

Hang on, girl.

You'll need this,

otherwise you'll never
see to comb your hair.

No need to thank me, love.

I don't expect anything
in return like some do.

Rise and shine!

Time to get up!

Wake up!

On your feet!

Wake up in there!

Get up all of you or you'll get no coffee!

Come on!

On your feet!

Coffee's getting cold.

Stick to the rules.

It's not worth breaking.

That's my advice to you.

Would you like my coffee ration as well?


I hate things to be
wasted and I can't drink it.

Watch out for Hertha.

She spies for the warden,
so keep out of her way.

Come on, move you girls!

What's the matter with you?

Still in bed?

No coffee if you don't get a move on.

You want to be on the sick list, do you?

All right, take it easy.

I'll bring your coffee.

She obviously needs rest too.

Hey, you!

Get up!

We've got a job for you!

Go empty this!

The royal lavatory cleaner.

Hurry up, toilet trash!

What are you waiting for?





I gave you an order!

Obey it!

Leave me alone!

This will cool you down!

Look it!

You really have to admit,

your friend got what was coming to her.

One day I'll make you pay for this,

you dirty spying whore!

No chance, Kitty.

Open the cell door!


Come on, don't just stand there!

Get yourself together!



The chief warden wants to see you.

I knew you wouldn't have
to wait long, Consuelo.

You've been chosen because
you're young and pretty.

You're going to be happy there.

Go on!

You planned this, Hertha.

If you like, I can put in a
word for you too, Kitty puss.

You lousy bitch!

Get in there!

She's certainly an
attractive young woman.

It's a pity to waste her like that.

You mean you'd like her yourself?

I sometimes wonder if you
wouldn't be more at home

in another kind of house.

Might be quite an idea.


Come on!

Come on! Come in here!

There she is.

We'll have a little fun and nobody cares.

She's a virgin?

There's one way to find out.



Let go!


Come here!


This is much better!

Now you're gonna think of me.

Yeah, you're gonna like it!

You're never gonna want
anybody in after this.

Come on, this way!

Send them away!

Back to work.

Come on.

It has nothing to do with you.

Laura should be careful now.

Don't overdo the punishments.

A group of do-gooders has been formed

to protect their rights

and the ministry is playing it very cool.

I've done nothing except
apply the rules of discipline.

You do just as you like.

We house a hundred female prisoners,

many of whom are desperate and dangerous

and they only understand one law,

the one that hurts them physically.

I have to go take care
of my little bastards now.


What is it?

Good morning, Chief Inspector.

Good morning, Rescaut.


I had to put Kendall back in her cell.

She was supposed to
be in isolation a week.

Yes, but bones is all we
would've found at the end of it.

She's been torn to bits by rats.

What is that?

It sounds Pilar.

We better see what's wrong.

Call someone, quickly!

She must be sick.

Oh my goodness.

What's the matter with you, Pilar?

Pilar, what's wrong?

I'm sick!

I'm sick, call the doctor!

Pilar, what is it?

Can I get you something?

Is somebody getting the doctor?

We mustn't let her die!

Do something!

Somebody do something!

What is it, Pilar? What's the matter?

Why are you making so much
fuss over a bitter belly?

Call the
doctor! Call the doctor!

Call the doctor!

Shut up, all of you!

Call the
doctor! Call the doctor!

Call the doctor!

Call the doctor!

Call the doctor!

Call the doctor!

Come on, now!

Break it up! Back to work!

All right.

Calm down.

I'm here now, Pilar.

Let me examine you.

Here I am.

What's wrong with her?

She's faking it.

She's a sick girl.

There's nothing fake about it.

She's covered in rat bites.

She must be taken to
the infirmary at once!

Without the head warden's order,

it's absolutely impossible.

I'll assume complete responsibility.

What is all this?

Leave us.

This prisoner is very ill.

She must have medical care at once.

Don't worry over her.

Her wounds are self-inflicted.

She's mentally, slightly disturbed.

We'll soon find out what's wrong.

I want her put in the hospital, now.

But of course, whatever
you think best, doctor.

How's the patient feeling today?

If it hadn't been for you, doctor.

Time is the best healer.

You're not bad for two weeks.

What're you doing in a place like this?

You mean why am I wearing this uniform?

Ever heard of euthanasia?


My wife was suffering from cancer.

She didn't have long to live.

A question of days, that's all.

The pain was awful.

I swore that I would do
anything in the world

I could to help her.

She got worse everyday.

Nobody could save her.

Never saw anyone suffer like that.

She begged me to put
her out of her misery.

So I killed her.

But you're guilty only of too much love.

Yes, guilty.

No one has the right to take life.

I'm a murderer and I'm
paying for my crime.

I have to confess something as well.

You told me your secret,
so I know I can trust you.

Don't confess anything.

I know all there is to know about you.

Your report was very long and detailed.

The only thing that was missing

was your academic qualifications.

Rest now.

Why the hell
doesn't she show herself?

Playing hard to get

or maybe she's been transferred.

She's up there hiding.

She'll show herself in a minute.

You'll see.

Malone, here's your lover.

Who the hell do you mean?

Come on.

Why don't you show him a
bit of leg or something?

Keep the poor boy in
the boil, why don't you?

Come on.

Help me move the bed.

There she is!

Oh, look at those jugs!


If I could get my mouth on those tits.

I've never seen boobies like that.

Why don't you come down here, baby?

Can't you see what she's doing to you?

Stop it at once!

She's turning all of you into
a bunch of drooling savages!

Don't look, please!

It's disgusting!

Listen, I satisfied you once.

I couldn't afford you anymore.

You swore you only wanted me!

Stop staring up at that window!

Take your eyes off that
nasty little whore.

She's only teasing you.

Making fools of you.

Believe me.

Don't expect me to help you
out when she's got you hot.

I'm no substitute.

What was that, Leander?

What did I do?

Wait a minute.

Get down from there!

What the hell are you trying to prove?


Come on, out it out!

Oh, doctor.

They stuffed in a stick.

I'll never get over this.

I'll never recover.

You'll recover, all right.

Don't worry, Leander.

I will have you transferred
to the women's hospital.

Oh, I'm scared, doctor.

I love it just being alive.

I'll go to hell if I die.

Of course you won't.

My mother said I'm a sinner.

She condemned me.

When you're face to face with Jesus,

you will have no reason to bow your head.

You already had your hell on Earth.


Awful way to end up.

I don't envy him.


Of course I refuse to put my
name on his death certificate!

It's infamous!

It goes against my professional ethics

and it goes against my conscience!

Your professional
ethics, your conscience,

you didn't allow your
conscience to stop you

from committing murder.

You're very self-righteous
for a wife killer.

The price of that
error, if error it was,

I'm paying it now.

I have a document that
gives a true account

of Leander's death and the
signature on it is mine!

I refuse to sign this falsehood!

Calm down, doctor.

What makes you think
anyone would believe it?

No one's gonna take the word of a murderer

against the two of us.

We just want your signature.


You'll never be able to buy that.

As you wish, I don't care.

It's only a formality.

Nevermind, your signature's
not indispensable.

You may go.

Your conscience is still intact.

Doctor Moran?

With regard to your suggestion
that the Kendall girl

should have a more, a softer kind of job

to suit her delicate, physical condition,

unless you do as I ask,

I'll oppose it.

What an awful place this is.

They call this gravel pit "The Grave."

Too many prisoners have
given their lives to it.

Either working to death
or buried in slides.

I can believe it, Pilar.

But I thought this kind of
hard labor had been abolished.

At least, for female prisoners.

This place is really prehistoric.

It's so cruel.

Lay off, will you?

You're a monster!

Luckily I haven't had to come
here to the pit very often.

I certainly wouldn't have
lasted 20 years, I can tell you.

We continue at this rate,

you can fix my funeral
for a week from now.

Can I give you a hand, Pilar?

No, thanks.

Why don't you help her?

I told you already, leave her alone!

One of these days, I swear
I'm gonna smash your face in!

Go right ahead!

See what you get from me!



Poor girl's dead.


Here's a piece of information
that might interest you.

It's addressed to the wardens
of all the state prisons.

Apparently a reporter has sneaked

into one of our penitentiaries

in the guise of a female prisoner

in order to investigate
conditions and exposed and oppress

the violence and depravity condoned

by officers responsible for order.

Just as I imagined.

Thank you, Hertha.

I thought she was a little
odd as soon as I saw her.


That will do for now.

No you're going to explain,
peacefully and precisely,

the main reason a common hooker like you

is poking her nose in places
where it doesn't belong.

You'll tell me because I'm very patient.

I keep a diary.

I know that already.

I want to know why you keep it.

And don't forget,

I want you to tell the truth.

Let's see if this little
game loosens your tongue.

Well, are you ready to speak?





I'll tell you.

Speak up now!

I'm a reporter.

Take the bell off!

I can' take any more of that.

You have to tell me the truth.

My name is Emanuelle.

She confessed she's doing a survey

on behalf of Amnesty International.

Oh, Amnesty, the
protectors of human rights.

They're busy on a witch hunt right now,

trying to throw light on prison cruelty.

The thing that surprises me the most

is that she's come here
on her own initiative

and nobody knows where she's gone to.

No one.

We can soon check up on that.

She must be so stupid
to come here incognito

without telling anyone where she is.

What I can't explain is how
the devil she wound up in here.

It's all fake.

Her documents, dossier.

Passed even the police men
who put her in the wagon.


What an extraordinary girl.

We better stay wide awake.

She had great courage.

I've made preparations.

She installed in the
apartment reserved for VIPs.


I, myself, couldn't have
thought of a better solution.

I hope she's intelligent
enough to realize

I'm going to do everything I
can to improve her situation.

I'll keep her in bed, comfy and warm.

You're the object of special treatment

to make up for earlier.

In fact, you'll soon be
in condition to leave,

sooner, in fact, than
you can possibly imagine.

Here's a good one.

"According to the report,
there is to be an amnesty"

"and your momma and I
pray that we have you here"

"at home with us soon."

This is from the inspectorate.

"Some politicians are
investigating the disappearance"

"of girl report Emanuelle Sterman."

"They thing the journalist is languishing"

"in some prison somewhere
under a false name."

She's trapped.

She wasn't bright enough.

There are no copies of
her falsified documents.

So Sterman has disappeared
and Kendall doesn't exist.

This has been sent to
every state institution

in the country.

They obviously don't know where she is.

We must be careful, however.

Three drops a day should do the trick.


Laura? Laura?

Laura, this is Pilar.

She looks bad.

They must've drugged her.

They want her out of the way.

We must save her but I don't know how.

It only takes one wrong
move and she'll be finished.

This passkey will help you.

I've had it for years.

How did you manage to get it?

As a girl, I used to be a
very well-known pickpocket.

Who's there?

It's Miguel, doctor.

All right, I've finished with Pilar.

Good afternoon, doctor.

Thank you, doctor.

I'll come back tomorrow
if I don't feel better.

Let's hope you will be.

I just wanted to see you.

How are you, Miguel?

I've got a bit of a sore throat.

I'll give you something for it.

You know, I've got myself a motorboat.


So I can go deep sea fishing

and if you like, I can
take you for a trip.

Along trip.

All you have to do is ask.



Laura, can you hear me?

Can you hear what I'm saying?


They're trying to poison you.

Don't drink any more coffee.

Don't touch another drop.

But fake it.

You have to look as if you've drunk it.

You'll have to pretend.

Your life is at stake.

Have some coffee.

It'll make you feel better.

As soon as you transfer
order comes, you can leave.

Drink up, now.

Go on.

Inform everyone but be careful.

Don't let Hertha find
out what we're doing.

What's that huddle about?

Break it up!

Nothing to turn your hair gray.

Reply that I've already given them

the authority they need.

Very well, inspector.

Certainly nothing very
official-looking about this.

Doctor Moran.

All set.

As soon as she's back in
her cells, start a fight.

All right, everyone knows what to do.

They'll all do as you told them too.

Having a secret meeting, you three?

We were just saying
how we'd like to pop out

for a martini cocktail.

Pilar, you dirty cow!

I oughta kill you but
there's no point, is there?

By the end of the week you will
have gone where you belong.

Wanna give us away?

I do my duty.

I don't wanna get involved.

I think I'd better blow the whistle

to bring you in line.


Let go!

Kitty, please.

Hurry! Go now!


What's happening?

You weren't meant to be here so soon.

That goddamn spy, Hertha.

She was about to give everything away.

Do you feel up to it?

Shall we go?


Thank you, Kitty.

Attack them!

Put them in solitary!


Pilar, you idiot.

But Why?

Why did you do it to her?

I didn't do anything.

She was right out of her mind.

We were only trying to calm her.

You've killed her! She's dead!

She was nothing but a lousy spy

and like you she had it coming to her!

You were crazy to take such a risk.

At least you could've told your editor.

Let's hope my letter arrives in time.

No point in worrying about it now.

We've played our cards.

All we can do is wait and see who wins.

It's fate, that's what it is.

But whose?

The wife killer's?

No, the fate of a loving husband

who put his wife out of her misery.

If we ever get out of this alive,

I swear I'll have your case
reopened and tried again.

Who would have thought?

All of my life I've
minded my own business.

It's all my own fault.

Too late now.

Tell Laura...

Don't say anything.

Somebody feed my cockroach.

He doesn't deserve to go where I'm going.




Dr. Moran is not in his cell.

Find him at once!

Go on!

You stinking little bitch!

You fixed all this, didn't you?

Search the area over there.


You, over there!

The rest of you, get down that way!

Find them!

Time that we started to move.

Won't be long now before
we're safe and sound

and miles away.

Dr. Moran?

Goodbye and good luck.

I'll be waiting.

I hope so.

♪ Crazy eyes ♪

♪ They drive me wild ♪

♪ Cause I'm high ♪

♪ On your smile ♪

♪ Our love on trial ♪

♪ I lose control ♪

♪ Got you deep ♪

♪ In my soul ♪

♪ Tell you what I feel ♪

♪ Be kinda real ♪

♪ A natural touch ♪

♪ And I need you much too much ♪

♪ Taking in the night ♪

♪ We'll make it right ♪

♪ Your wonderful smile ♪

♪ Looking at me ♪

♪ It's our last time ♪

♪ We'll make crazy love again ♪

♪ Never stop until the end ♪

♪ We'll make crazy love again ♪