Caged Heat (1974) - full transcript

A girl is caught in a drug bust and sent to the hoosegow. The iron-handed superintendent takes exception to a skit performed by the girls and takes punitive steps, aided by the sadistic doctor who is doing illegal electroshock experiments and raping drugged prisoners. After a while the prisoners put away their petty differences and plan the Big Prison Escape. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- [Man] Hi.

Let me talk to you about it.

Slumberland Eternal.

When it's time to
lay down and die,

we got just the place for ya,

and we got just the
box to put you in.

We go from the copper burnish
model all the way down

to the pine box,
the ol' pine box.

Two boys on a rollerskate
drag you out the door.

There are two locations.

Slumberland, on the east side
of town, 126th and Vernon,

but with revolving blue
headlight, and across town,

at 126th and East
Vernon, Slumberland Two.


Time for the big D,
it happens to us all.

- Hold it right there!

[gun fires]

God damnit, you're busted!

[guns fire]

- Come on! [screams]
[gun fires]

- Come on!

- Hold it!

[gun fires]

You're under arrest, god damnit!

[gun fires]

Come on, Vick.

- Come on, Jackie!

- I said, hold it!

[gun fires]
- Jackie!

[gun fires]

[baby cries]

- God, Jake, you're hurt!
- Just keep goin'!

Go ahead, I'll see
ya at Sparky's!


[Jackie yelps]

- [Man] You will be transported
from here to Conorville

Institute for Women.

You are an accessory to
the grievous bodily assault

of a police officer, a
particularly foul offense.

For your refusal to reveal
the names of your partners

in crime, I feel no regret
in sentencing you to a term

of no less than 10, nor more
than 40 years for possession

of dangerous drugs and
accessory to attempted murder.

[footsteps clack]

[light crackles]

[dark organ music]

[woman moans]

[woman moans]

[woman and man moan]

[man moans]

[man moans]

[woman screams and giggles]
[man moans]

[alarm buzzes]

- Cell Block 11,
Nell Hall, Amboso.

Trundi, Tacaridge.

[moody guitar music]
[background chatter]

- And dress and cook for days.

- Oh, a little bobo, wow,
I gotta get outta here.

- Fine hotels.

- Uh-huh.

So this salesman dips into
this train station men's room,

and he sees this
machine on the wall.

Handy Dandy Wife Away From Home.

You know, there was
a big round hole.

Puts the dime in, pulls
out his john hancock.

Sticks his john
hancock in the hole.

[imitates buzzing and grinding]

Grabs his thing,
he pulls it out,

and there's a button
sewn on the end!

- Oh, come on.

[acoustic blues music]

- Yeah, Charlie?

Yeah, Bif's here with the
new arrivals, gate one.

Yeah, comin' in now.

Just goin' around the hill.

Yeah, here they come, they're
comin' into the compound.

Okay, buddy, they're all yours.

- [PA System] Dr. Randolph.

Dr. Randolph.

Please report to clinic for
in-processing new arrivals.

- Okay, ladies, move it.

Come on, we haven't got all day.

Oh, let's go, let's go, come on.

[Randolph hums melodically]

- All right, ladies.

Please remove all articles.

On the other side
of the line, please.

Please remove all articles
of clothing at this time.

And this is your
last opportunity to
surrender any, uh,

concealed narcotics, drugs
or weapons on your person.

- What's next?

- You'd be surprised
at the foreign objects

we find hidden
inside new arrivals.

- [Prisoner] Yeah, I would be.

- Listen, I don't enjoy this
ritual any more than you do.

Now what we're going to do
now is some calisthenics.

I'd like you girls to help me.

We're going to start off with
deep knee bends for openers.

[prisoner spits]

[prisoner groans]

- If I ever get
out of this hole,

I'm gonna write my life's
story, all men are shit.

- Yeah, I could write
a few chapters myself.

- How long are you in
for, as a matter of fact?

- Who, us? We're
really reporters
disguised as prisoners.

We're going for
the Pulitzer Prize.

As a matter of fact,

we don't ask questions
like that around here.

- What's your name, Miss Pretty?

- Jacqueline Wilson.

- Hi, Jackie, I'm Belle
and this is Pandora.

- It is so
claustrophobic in here.

- [Pandora] You
better work on that.

You don't wanna wind up
like Bonnie over there.

Bonnie, she had claustrophobia.

Used to scream and shout every
time they lock her in a cell.

- Yeah, it was really terrible.

She made such a
nuisance out of herself,

they finally took her
over to the clinic.

- What'd they do to her there?
- Don't know.

But she doesn't scream
and shout anymore.

Come on, baby, come on.


I know I could do it, come on!

Do it!

Snake eyes!

[moody string music]

- What do you wanna do now?
- Anything is good.

- [Woman] Why don't you
do your own little thing,

and I'll do my own little thing?

- They really expect us
to wear these things?

- [Woman] Hey, I don't
care what you wear, lady.

Just stay away from me.

- Oh, terrific, you and me are
really gonna get along great.

We're gonna have a lot of fun.

- God damnit!

Who copped my smokes?

[tense string music]

Where are they?

[prisoner laughs]

- I'm sorry, Maggie.
- You stinkin' clepto!

You don't even smoke!


- She's had enough, Mag,
she can't help herself.

She's sick that way.
- Oh, really?

[alarm buzzes]

Yeah, all right.

She's had enough this time.
[moody string music]

But if she rips me off
just one more time,

I'm gonna spill a can of
kick-ass all over her butt.

[dog barks]

[dog howls]

- [Woman] Please help me.

[Jackie moans]
[suspenseful music]

- [Man] Over here!

[Jackie grunts]

- Shh.

- Help me!
- You're busted.



- [Woman] Please help me.

- [Man] Hold it, you're busted.

Hold it.

- Please.
- Over here.


- You're busted.
- Hold it, buddy.

Hold it!

Hold it.

[Jackie screams]

[prisoners scream
over each other]

- [Woman] Hey, you girls,
stop that damn noise!

- Get down and shut up!
- I know who you are!

- [Woman] I'm gonna kill
you, if you don't shut up!

- [Woman] Jesus, why
is everybody screaming?

What's going on?
- Shh!

- [Woman] Oh, come
on, you guys, look--

- [Woman] Everybody
shut up, damnit!

- [Woman] Will everybody
stop screaming, please?

I wanna go to sleep.

- [Woman] Stop screaming!

- Cops chasing Pinocchio
through the woods,

hauling his little wooden ass.

He sees Cinderella
in the clearing,

and he jumps under her dress.

"Wow, what a hideout."

The pigs run right by them.

Cinderella, she says to
Pinocchio, "tell me, is it true

"that your nose grows each time
you tell a lie, Pinocchio?"

Pinocchio says, from
beneath the dress,

"Sure is, Cinderella."

"Tell a lie, Pinocchio."

He does.

"Now the truth."

And he does.

"Now a lie.


"Lie, lie, lie!


- My rap is assault
with a deadly weapon.

I went after some bastard
with a broken bottle.

- Did you--
- Kill him? No.

I cut his balls off instead.

- You did?

- Didn't need the
mothers anyway.

- Wow.

- Hey.

What kinda girl do
you think I am anyway?

[lively chatter]
[harmonica music]

- [Guard] Let's go, hurry
up, come on, move it!

- Let me in.

[scattered applause]

- [Woman] Oh, Doctor, my
temperature is risin'!

[percussive music]
[prisoners whistle and hoot]

♪ Oh, when the saints
go marchin' in ♪

♪ I just want to
be in that number ♪

♪ When the saints
go marchin' in ♪

[prisoners cheer and applaud]

- Oh, hello, Phil!

How are you tonight?

- Unbelievable, George.

I feel just like
a buttoned cuck.

[prisoners cheer]

- He looks more like a
quarrelsome pecker to me.

[prisoners cheer]
[percussive music]

[prisoners cheer and applaud]

- [Woman] Oh, shake it!

[slide whistle]

- Hey, Phil?
- Yeah, George?

- Just saw that pussycat of
yours runnin' round like crazy.

Up fire escapes, down
alleys and into basements.

What's happenin', baby?

- You know, George, I just
had that cat de-balled

and now he's out
breakin' in cages!

[prisoners laugh]

- Speakin' of sex, Phil.

- Who was speakin'
of sex, George?

- [Pandora] I vow to say
that I've never had sex

with my wife until
after we married.

- [Belle] That right, George?

- What about you?

- Don't know, George.

What was your wife's name?

[prisoners laugh]

- Hey, Phil!

What's a good gift for a
girl who has everything?

- [Belle] Everything?

- Everything.

- Say, that's easy, silly.

[doctor laughs]

[scattered applause]

[prisoner cheer and applaud]

[percussive music]

[prisoners laugh]

- Enter, Jeeves.

- Breakfast, m'lord?

- Thank you, Jeeves.

[slide whistle]

[prisoners laugh]

- Oh, my lord!

[prisoners laugh]


- Better we wear baggy trousers!

I'm going to smuggle
this to the city.

[prisoners laugh]

[prisoners laugh and cheer]

Some climax.

[somber string music]

[superintendent sighs]

- [Prisoners] Yeah!

- Don't you realize it
was sex that put you

behind bars in the first place?

- [Prisoners] Yeah!

- Stealing to dress
better for a man.


Packing the pockets
of women using pimps.

Killing to eliminate
a sexual rival!

- [Prisoners] Yeah!

- Give me contrition!

- [Prisoners] Contrition!

- Let's have redemption!

- [Prisoners] Redemption!

- Repentance, repentance!

- [Prisoners] Repentance!

- Of one's debt to society!

- [Prisoners] Of
one's debt to society!

[prisoner cheer and applaud]

- That show of yours last night
was positively disgusting.

[sighs] Given the chance
to express yourselves,

you went straight to the gutter.

Even for criminals,
you're just a

particularly poor
reflection on womanhood.

- The others seemed to dig it.

- Exactly, which of
you was responsible

for the contents
of that exhibition?

- I beg your pardon?

- This pornography
seems to suggest

that you might be the
creator, Williams.

- [Pandora] Where
did you get this?

- Found in a routine search
of your cell this morning,

and I don't like the hostility
you're projecting, Williams.

- You got real problems,

- I'm afraid yours
are just beginning.

I think a couple of days in
solitary on a minimal diet

will give you time to
think this over, Williams.

We'll rap about this later.

- Rap, my ass.

[superintendent chuckles]

- You know, I had
the strangest...

Most disturbing
dream last night.

Disturbing, but...

Oddly gratifying. [chuckles]

- Pig.
- Yeah.

[door slams and locks]

[heartbeat thuds]

- Come on, come on,
come on, let's hurry up!

Come on, get goin'.

[water splashes]

All right, it's ready, come in!

[background chatter]

- 30.

















- Hey, what kinda dump is this?

They can't put Pandora in lockup

just for havin' a picture
of her boyfriend, can they?

- Things you shouldn't
be leaving around here.

- Five, six, seven, eight.

- Someone ought to speak
to the warden, I mean,

Pandora's got her
rights, doesn't she?

- Not around here,
McQueen's boss.

- Well, well, what have we here?

A little social worker
right here in Conorville.


Take care of yourself and
don't stir it up with McQueen!

- 450.


[gasps] 453.




- You got me, sister?

- Look, I'm not bothering
you, so just get off my case!

- I'm not on it yet, but
you 'bout to get it, baby.

[woman yelps]

[tense music]

I'll knock your pretty little
teeth so far down your throat

you're gonna get a picket
fence round your asshole.

[thuds and grunts]
[women yell over each other]

I, uh, slipped.

- Same here.

- Oh, you slipped, too?

There's one thing you better
learn, uh, Wilson, Jacqueline,

before you find yourself
assigned for CPT.

- CPT?
- Corrective Physical Therapy.

We have a violent sorority here,

and very strong ways
of dealing with it.

- Is putting Pandora Williams
in solitary confinement

supposed to correct her?

- No, we punish here,
as well as correct.

I see that maybe you're begging
for another demonstration?

- Look, superintendent--

- You look, Wilson, Jacqueline.

I've seen your file, I know
that both your parents are dead,

but you come from a good family.

Now, toe the line and avoid
trouble like the plague.

You're in a house of
desperate women here,

and a long, long way from home.

[moody string music]

- You might as well know.

I don't care.

I was hitchhiking with
a friend from back east.

About six months ago.

I stabbed a guy.

He was raping my friend.

Died, son of a bitch.

- Lavelle, how long you in for?

- The guy's father was
a senator or somethin'.

I got first-degree murder.

I'm in for life.

[bell rings]

[alarm buzzes]

- [Guard] Jays, Judy
Asiphus Estrollos.

Wilson, Cromwell, Henry, Jude.

Report to kitchen after showers.

All others,
agricultural therapy.


- 594.










- [Guard] Hey,
everybody, hurry up!

- 78.







[suspenseful music]










- [Woman] Yeah,
they've changed me.

Yeah, I'm workin' till
3:30 in the morning now.

- 420.










Four, oh yes, four nine.

Four seven.

Four six.

Four five.

Four, uh, four.

Four three.

Four two.

Four one.















191, 190.




186, 185, 184.

183, 182, 181, 180.

179, 178, 177, 176.

[suspenseful music]
[Pandora pants softly]

173, 172, 171.

Pandora, can you hear me?

170, 169.
- Pandora?

- [Belle] 168, 167.

- Belle?
- 166, 165.

- What?
- 164.

- How long I been in here?
- 163, 162, 161, 160.

I'll be back.

159, 158, 157.

122, 121, 120.

- Okay, girls, fun time's
all over, let's get lined up.

In the back, please.

[suspenseful music]

- Do you see Belle?

- [Belle] 18, 17, 16.

- 17, 18, 19.

There's gotta be 20.

- It was just one
of those mornings.

[toilet flushes]

- Needed some salt.


[tense music]

Get it off.

Get it off!

- Say, can you read lips?

- What?

- You son of a--
- Misha!

[gun fires]

[guard groans]

- [Jackie] Maggie!

- Are you coming with us?
- What about her?

- Screw her!

And you too, then!


This could be the
start of something big.

[glass shatters]
[Jackie yelps]

[guard moans]

[glass shatters]

[guard moans]

[gun fires rapidly]

[Jackie grunts]

[gun fires]
[prisoner groans]

[knife clangs]

[Jackie grunts]

- Rebellion.


Assault on prison personnel.


And destruction of
Federal property.


- [Guard] You're next.

- Could I see McQueen, please?
- Sure, come on.

[high-pitched tone]

- Fine, put her on the table.

- Uh-uh, no way, I
wanna see McQueen!

I wanna see the warden!

No, no.

Please, no, McQueen, I
wanna see the warden!

Come on!

The warden!

The warden, where is she?

I wanna see McQueen!

Hey, man, you are fucking
crazy, I mean, look at me!

Look at me, would
you look at me?

You're crazy, this is rape.

- Relax yourself.
- I wanna talk to McQueen.

You can't do this to me.

[machine buzzes]
[grunts and screams]

No, please, no!


Please, I won't
hurt anyone anymore.

I promise you, I won't hurt
anyone, please, please!

[machine buzzes]

Don't hurt me anymore, okay?

[muffled screams]

[machine buzzes]
[muffled screams]


[machine buzzes]

- You ball-less [mumbles].


[machine buzzes]
[grunts and screams]

[machine buzzes]
[grunts and screams]

I knew that son of a
bitchin' doctor was 10 feet

off the floor, but I didn't
know he was a god damn

perverted, sadistic maniac, too.

Man, that shit's been outlawed.

They ain't lightin'
me up like a fuckin'

Christmas tree no more!

I'm gettin' outta here
if it fucking kills me!

- Wilson.



Are you all right?

Hey, you're actin'
just like Bonnie did.


Sweetheart, it's
gonna be all right.

Believe me, everything's
gonna be cool.

Super cool.

Hey, you know what we're
gonna be doin' next week?

Pandora, you and me, we're
gonna be drinkin' champagne,

eatin' caviar,

with a room full of men
like you wouldn't believe.

Well isn't that better
than being six-feet-under

with a bunch of loners?
- Attention, attention!

Lights out in one minute.

Back to your units.

- Okay, say hi to
the worms for me.

- [Guard] Lockup!

- Belle, you're crazy.

- Yeah, I know, just crazy
enough to get outta here.

[Jackie sobs]

Are you with us, Wilson?

Do me a favor.

For god's sakes, please
stay out of trouble.

- He touched her buttocks.

Mm, and she was on her back.


Mm, and then she wrapped her
legs around him. [chuckles]

[bell rings]

[stick clacks]

- [Guard] Up and at 'em,
people, rise and shine.

Wilson and Cromwell,
report to clinic for CPT

following agricultural training.

- Not again.

- 488, 487.

486, 485.

484, 483.

482, 481.

[water splashes]




260, 259, 258.

257, 256, 255.

- [gasps] Help!

- Don't scream,
I won't hurt you!


[teeth clack]

[body clunks]

[kettle whistles]

- She's dead.

- Come on, move 'em out!
- Movin' out.

- [Guard] Come on,
come on, come on!

[Belle grunts]

- No!

Somebody help me!

I didn't do it, I didn't
do it, I didn't do it!

Somebody, Pandora!

[moody harmonica music]

- You know me too well.
- Come on now, all right?

I'm gettin' a little hot and
I gotta stay out here all day.

Come on, why not, huh?

Be gone like 15 minutes.

We'll go behind the tree, the
prisoners ain't gonna see.

- Tree?

The tree?

[dramatic music]

- Help us!
[prisoner sobs]


[whistle blows]

[gun fires]

[whistle blows]
[gun fires]

- Go that way, I'll
cut through here.

- Stop!

- Stop!
[gun fires]

[gun fires]

[gun fires]

[guns fire]

[prisoners pant]

[gun fires]

- Come on!
[gun fires]

[gun fires]

[gun fires]

Come on, Maggie.
[gun fires]

[guns fire rapidly]

- [Prisoner] Go, yay!

[gun fires]

[gun fires]

[guns fire rapidly]

- No, don't shoot!

Don't shoot me!

[gun fires]

[gun fires]

No, don't shoot, don't shoot!

- Thanks for the lift.

- Think nothin' of it.

- [Jackie] Know
where we're goin'?

- I know where I'm goin'.

- She knows where she's going.

- You know they're gonna bust
your little friend back there

pretty bad, don't you?

- Yeah, I guess they are.

- You can handle yourself
pretty good when you want to.

- So can you.

- Had all the best
teachers, baby.

- [Jackie] No way
was I gonna flip out

or tune out like
those other weaklings.

[horn honks]
- Hurry it up, would ya?

- Hey, take it easy, eh?

- So, I decided to be just like
the toughest person I know.

Jack, [chuckles] that railroaded
me in the first place.

[horn honks]

God damnit, what you doin'
down there, makin' it?

- Look, lady, you wanna do this?

- Sounds like quite a guy.

- We robbed a million
banks together. [chuckles]

Never the same city twice.

Iowa, New Orleans.

All the little country
towns in-between.

Oh, it's easy if
you've got a gun,

and you know how to move fast.

Yeah, we really had it down.

I never got caught.

Except once.

Thanks to that pair
of balls, Jack.

Holy shit.

- Hey, punk, where's your john?

- Right around the corner.

Just follow your snout.

- Smart ass punk.

[dogs bark]

[suspenseful music]


Hey, where's my car?
- What're you talkin' about?

- Where's my car, god damnit!
- What're you talkin' about?

I don't see no car, how
do I know you had a car?

Hey, buddy, you're crazy!

Wait a minute!

- Heads are gonna
bust around here.

- Shit.

- [Guard] Come on, out!

- Shit.

[Randolph hums melodically]

[Randolph hums melodically]

- Why do I do these things?

I should've let 'em shoot her!



What'd she ever do for me?


♪ Although you're
older than me ♪

♪ It makes no
difference you see ♪

♪ 'Cause you are
my shining star ♪

- [Child] Daddy!

- Oh, no, not again.
[siren wails]

- Now what?

- Get out.

You, the dog, everybody, out!

[dog barks]

Did you ever hear of a
citizen's arrest, citizen?

This is a citizen's
arrest, buddy, and--

- Bret, get the dog biscuits.

[upbeat music]

- [Woman] Come on, I'll hurt
you like you wanna be hurt.

[grunts and moans]

Get in here, big boy.

[moans and grunts]

[grunts and moans]

[grunts and moans]

- Crazy?

Crazy Alice!

- Maggie!

Maggie, outta sight, oh, wow!

When did you get out?

- Oh, right now,
how the hell are ya?

This is Wilson, she's a little
strange, but she's cool.

This is Crazy and she
needs to use the phone.

- [Crazy] Sure, it's
right down here.

- What is with this nonsense?

- Oh, I got laid off at the
plant, what're you gonna do?

- What do ya gotta do?
- What're you gonna do?

- Damnit, wrong woman.

- Sparky, I got ya.

Listen, it's Wilson, I need
Jake and I need some IDs.

- Oh, shit, and Billie?

- [chuckles] Busted.

- Frank?

- Dead.

- No, Sparky, he can't be dead.

- Killin' it.

- You're under
arrest on suspicion

of soliciting and prostitution.

Anything you wish to say
may be held against you.

- That is an insult!

- Anything you wish to say
may be held against you!

And that goes for
you too, sweetheart.

- Fuck you say, buddy, I
ain't going anywhere with you.

[officer groans]
- Come on, Crazy!

- [Officer] Get off!



- Holy shit!

This is it for me, I'm out
on double-parole already.

- Bullshit, Crazy, don't you
know someplace we can hide out?

- My sister's place.
- Are they cool?

- Are you kiddin',
she's crazier than me.

- Okay.

Get more than you
bargained for, sweetheart?

- You know, Doctor,
there are so many things

about modern technology
that I don't understand.

Things that must
be crystal clear

to a man of science
like yourself.

Rockets to the Moon.

Correcting human behavior
with drugs and surgery.

I don't know, perhaps
I'm just old-fashioned.

That thing's not on, is it?

An inmate murders
a kitchen matron.

As much a tragedy for the inmate
as it is for the old lady.

And for me too, because
you see, [chuckles]

I am responsible
for both of them.

Can you assure me that, uh,
this operation of yours will

radically guarantee that this
girl's capacity for violence

will be completely absolved?

- Killing that
helpless old woman.

- Forever.

With a single twist of
the grill, you've seen the

mellowing effect it's
had on flowers, Bonnie.

- Well, then.

So be it.

Oh, you'll make sure, of course,

that she'll sign the
voluntary release?

- Oh, yes, of course.

- Thank you, Doctor.

- [sighs] I hate to mention it.

- The escapees?

Don't worry.

They'll be back.

- This is the life.

Is this the life?
- The life.

- Hey, did you check the
look on that badger's face

when Wilson got him
right between the legs?

Oh, it was beautiful.

- What you gonna do now, Wilson?

- I don't know.

- Would you like to
make some dollars?

Alice has a tip on some easy.

- It could be illegal, huh.

- [Jackie] Yeah, I
could use some money.

- You know that friend
of yours, Sparky.

Could he get us some guns
and a good set of wheels?

- He says he can get anything.

- Then get him on the phone.
- Well, let's call him up.

- Belle Tyson.

Do you want a shot at parole?

Do you want to
get out of prison?

- I do.

- I want you to sign a
form that will permit me

to do some work on
you, to satisfy me.

That it's okay for
you to be paroled,

that you're not a menace to
the community, is it a deal?

You don't wanna
kill again, do you?

Is it a deal, Belle?

- Uh-huh.

- By god, you won't regret this.

- Now, your conduct's been good,

prior to the incident
at the grove.

I don't know, maybe it
was the negative influence

of your cellmate that made
you break your pattern.

- Maybe it was.

- Yes, you could be eligible
for parole in eight or 10 years

if you keep your record clean.

Now, I've put a temporary hold
on your corrective therapy.

And I've given you
a job at the clinic.

So, make the most of it, keep
your eyes open, and learn.

[Belle moans]

- We'll have you better real
soon, just leave it up to me.

Just leave it up to me.


[door slams]

[door slams]

[camera snaps]

[camera snaps]

[Belle moans]

[Lavelle gasps]

[camera snaps]
[dark atmospheric music]

[camera snaps]

[Randolph sobs]

[Randolph sobs]

[percussive music]

- [Robber] Up against
the wall, lady!

Move, move!

- I don't believe it!
- I do.

- [Robber] Hurry it up!

Don't even wiggle that
that fine ass of yours!

Get that cash in those sacks.

[gun fires]
[alarm rings]

[guard coughs]

[driver mumbles]

- Oh, mister, please.

Think I'm gonna faint if
I can't have a cigarette.

- So, faint!
- Oh, please!

- [Robber] Fire one up, Dave.

[gun fires]

- You!

- Okay, buckaroo, get 'em
up and I do mean your hands!

- Oh, babe.

- Hurry up with those bags!

[siren wails]

[tires screech]

- Okay, buddy, get moving.

- Here's lookin' at you, babe.

- Right, move.

- Come on!

- Hold it!

- You too, Donald.

[guns fire rapidly]

[Donald groans]

[gun fires]

[gun fires]

[tires screech]

[tires screech]

Bye bye, now!

[percussive music]

- Psycho surgery?

You mean, when they, uh,

cut off a piece of a
person's brain to, um--

- Curb the flow of violent
tendencies in the individual,

by eliminating their
abilities to maintain

that violent thought
for any length of time.

- Yeah.

What about their other thoughts?


It's about Belle.

- What about Belle?

- Well, it's none
of my business,

but they're doing really
weird things to her.

- Spit it out, girl.

- The doctor, he's, he's crazy.

- They must've given you one
jolt too many in there, sister.

You're in a dangerous
frame of mind.

- I've gotta go back for them.

- That's your problem!

I'm not putting my ass
in the sling for them.

- I'll pay good
money for your help.

I've got a fool-proof plan.

- You've got an impossible
fuckin' dream, toots.


- Well, it's never been
done before and that's bad.

- [Maggie] Right.

- But they won't be
expecting it and that's good.

- Right.

- I'd sure like to
meet that doctor

you two have been
tellin' me about.

Price is right too, Maggie.

- I'm not going back inside.
- You won't have to.

[Maggie sighs]

- Okay.

[Randolph hums melodically]

- [Prisoner] Hey, Doctor,
you god damn [mumbles]

[can clinks]

[prisoners moan]

[moody string music]

[drill buzzes]


- [Driver] Is everybody
comfortable back
there? [giggles]

- [Guard] Shit, man, I've had
to piss for about two hours.

- Ladies!

Must be one of them runaways.

- God damnit.

Hey, when are we gonna
get there anyway?

- [Maggie] Okay, buddy, nice
and easy now, drop that bottle!

No more brew for you, lard ass.

[guns fire]

[driver groans]

- [Jackie] God.

- It's only a scratch! [grunts]

Anybody got a bandaid?

- A bandaid, a bandaid.

- My name's Crazy,
honey, what's yours?

- Bernice.

- Two choices, Bernice.

Do what we say, starting now,
or say goodbye to the world.

- I'll take the first.

[lively harmonica music]

- Who were those?

Watch it, here comes a ride.

- Hello, pretty chicky babies!

Climb on in!

Oh, all kinds of good things.

[Randolph hums melodically]

[clock ticks rhythmically]

- Guard, guard, I'm hurt!

- [Maggie] Welcome home, kid.

- Hi, Bernice.
- Hi.

Hey, where's Bif?

- He got the clap.
[guard laughs]

- [Bernice] So let us
through, we're very late.

- Okay, go ahead!

[clock ticks rhythmically]

[Randolph hums melodically]

[Lavelle gasps]

- Is the doctor here?
- Yeah.

- [Woman] Okay, sign in.

- Where is she?

[clock ticks rhythmically]
[Randolph hums melodically]

- Scalpel, please.

[drill buzzes]

- Don't lay another
finger on her.

- How dare you, get outta here!

- Now!

- Who?

- The doctor, is he inside yet?

- Yeah, I think he's here.

- Give her somethin'
to wake her up.

- That's impossible, you--
- Your life depends on it.

- Williams!

Calm down.

Drop the knife, drop
the knife, dear.

Calm down, give me the
knife, give me the knife.

- Forget it, McQueen,
just forget it!

- Hold it!
- Warden, do something!


- You've got some phone
calls to make, McQueen.

- Don't be absurd.

- Now!

[phone rings]

- Superintendent's
office, Pinter speaking.


Take off his pants, the gate.

- They'll say they'll kill me
unless we are to the letter.

I believe they're
desperate enough to do it.

- That's good.

- Superintendent?

Oh, my god.

[clock ticks rhythmically]

- What's goin' on, Pandora?

- We're breakin'
outta here, Belle.

- What's takin' so long?

- Found the form.

Your pictures, too.

- Jim!

How could you?



- Okay!

[grunts] God damn!

[grunts] What in the hell?

[clock ticks rhythmically]

- You better pray your people
don't try anything funny lady!

You know, you look
real good like that.

What the hell is taking so long?

[siren wails]

- Let's go.

- Let me outta here!

- [Crazy] Let's go, come on!

[wind blows]

- Holy shit.

[horn honks]

- [Man] Halt!

Halt, hold on!

[guns fire rapidly]

- Driver, what's that?
[guns fire]

- [Woman] This must
be the women's prison.

- Halt!

[guns fire]

- Come on, Crazy!

[guns fire rapidly]

[tires screech]

[gun fires]
[Randolph groans]

[guns fire rapidly]

[Randolph screams]
[guns fire]

[guns fire rapidly]

Damnit, I told you I
wasn't goin' back in there!

[guns fire rapidly]

- Pussies!

[guns fire rapidly]

[McQueen groans]

[guns fire rapidly]

All right, fuck it!

[guns fire rapidly]

[tires screech]
[guns fire]

[tires screech]

[gun fires]

[gun fires]
- Fuck, god!

[gun fires]
[man groans]

[guns fire]
[man screams]

[guns fire]
[man groans]

- Come on!

[guns fire]

[upbeat music]

[tires screech]