Caged Hearts (1995) - full transcript

Kate and Sharon kill a man in self defense and are framed by the justice system. They are put in prison and forced into prostitution. With the help of their defense attorney, they devise a plan to bust out of prison and hopefully expose the group of corrupt politicians, judges, lawyers, etc. who put them there in the first place. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(ominous music)

(dance music)

- Two, three.

Well, head back, two three.

To your right.

To your left, two, three, four.


Count with me.

Five, six, seven, eight.

And one, two, three, four

five, six, seven, eight, and back.


- (sighing) Late again, Kate.

- Four, five, six, seven, eight.

Form up, add the arms.

Come on, girls.

To the right, two.

Work it, come on!

You can do it better than that.

- You teach a pretty tough class.

- (giggling) No.

- [Woman] Hey, great class.

- Okay, thanks, you did good.

- It's your fan club?

- (laughing) Yeah.

I'm popular.

You wouldn't think the class was so tough

if you would come on time.

What's the deal, how come you're late,

what'd you do?

Run in to some hot luck account, maybe?

- Oh right, like that would happen to me.

- Yes it would and it should.

- No, never.

No, this couple showed up late

and wanted to look at the house.

- Oh, so how'd it go?

No takers, ah, no.

- The market's just been awful lately.

At least no one wants to buy the houses

I'm trying to sell anyway.

- Well how'd that acting job
go that you auditioned for?

- I didn't get a call back and my agent's

too busy to take my calls as usual.

You know, same old same old.

- This is great.

Our careers aren't going anywhere.

Our rent is due next week

and my checking account
is down to my minimum.

Oh, good god.

You haven't sold a house in months

and your agent isn't calling you back.

And guess what, I just spent a bundle

on a new dress for Kelly's party tonight.

- [Kate] Get out.

That red sexy short one?

- [Sharon] That's the one.

- [Kate] The one that you said
you couldn't possibly afford?

- [Sharon] Well I charged it.

- [Kate] Oh, Sharon!

You're crazy.

Who are all these people?

I don't think I know any of them.

- [Sharon] Well I guess,
well Kelly sure has changed

after her divorce.

- [Kate] Oh I'd say so.

- Look, there's a spot right over there.

- What spot?

- (laughing) Are you blind,
it's right over there.

- You got to be kidding,
I can't get in there.

- Yeah you can.

I will guide you, okay?

Okay stop, all right?

I'll guide you.

(laughing) Here you go, here.

All right now you just got to turn

your front wheels this way.

That's it.

You've got it, it's to my right.

- [John] Well well well, look who's here,

the one that got away.


- John, what are you doing here?

- Same as you, I came to the party.

The girl I came with left
her fucking purse in my car,

I came back to get it.

You just getting here?

- Yeah.

- Did you come alone?

- It's none of your business.

- Hey, Katie old girl, how you doing, huh?

So you seeing a guy, huh?

- You're drunk.

Why don't you just leave us alone, okay?

- Hey, are you seeing a guy?

- Look John, in case you haven't noticed,

we broke up months ago.

I don't give a shit who you're seeing

and I don't have to tell you
if I'm seeing anyone or not.

Just let me go!

- I never broke up with you.

- Yeah, well I did.

And my only regret is that
I didn't do it sooner.

Katie, do you mind if we just leave?

This party kind of stinks.

- Hey used to to beg me
before to be with you.

You loved it.

Now don't start acting like
you're something better

'cause I know you.

You're just a fucking whore.

- Oh, fuck you!

(ominous music)

- Oh yeah?

- Stop it, John, get off her!

Stop it!

Stop it, get off her!
- Get out of the way!

- Get away from her John, stop it!

- Get away!

Come on, come on.

Give me some more, come on.

- That's enough, John!

Get away from her!

- Katie, what do you think
you're gonna do with that?

Give me that gun before you hurt somebody.

Give me that gun!

(gun firing)

- Oh my god.

Oh my god.


- What have you done?

- [Katie] Oh my god!

We gotta get out of here.
- You shot him!

- Come on!
- You shot him!

- Come on!

- Oh god, Katie.

- Come on!

Come on.

Come on, let's go!

We gotta get out of here!

Come on!

Let's go!

Come on.

(door creaking)


(tense music)

- Are you sure that there are no members

of your families you'd
like for me to contact?

- Yes, I'm sure.

- Well as your attorney
I'd be lying to you

if I told you that this
case was going to be easy.

Now I know that you've
stated that the deceased

tried to rape you.

And I'm not doubting you.

However, physical evidence only indicates

that there was a struggle

and the fact that there
were two of you there

and the deceased was alone,

well that is not going
to help us much either.

- It's the truth.

That's what happened.

Look, you have to believe us.

- Look.

I know that you would have preferred

to have some high priced fancy lawyer,

but the fact that I'm
working for the public

defender's office is not
going to reduce your chances

or my dedication in any way.

Now I have to be certain
that there's nothing else

that you're not telling me.

- We're innocent.

It was self-defense.

He grabbed for the gun, it went off,

that's all there is.

- Come on in.

Have a seat.

- Your honor.
- Steve.

- Dillon.

- So, tell me, Steven, will
they be pleading guilty?

- No, your honor, they're still claiming

that they're innocent.

- [Judge] I see.

- The special investigator
for the District

Attorney's office has come
up with some strong evidence

against the girls and an eye witness.

As you know they have
no relatives to testify

on their behalf.

One of them has a stepfather
living in Arkansas

and the other's parents
are now living in Canada.

It should be open and shut.

- Good, let's get this
trial over and done with

as quickly as possible, gentlemen.

I don't want to waste any
more of the taxpayers' money

than I have to.

- Are we certain that they're guilty?

- This case has been reviewed
by the highest members

of our inner circle.

It's their decision based on the evidence.

Now I know all of this is
a bit new to you Steven,

but I have great confidence in
your judgment and abilities.

You're not gonna disappoint
me, are you, Steven?

- No, your honor.

I'm sorry, your honor.

- Do not disappoint the Shield.

- The defendants in this
case are charged with murder.

Yet, the defense will
try to suggest to you

that they are the victims,

that they are the ones
you should feel sorry for.

They will say to you that the defendants

are not responsible for their actions

because they were under duress and torment

and it was just self-defense.

The deceased is really the
bad one, they will say.

This is a familiar defensive tactic

that is spreading like a
plague in every courtroom

throughout this country.

It is a disease that cripples the system

to its core.

But we can put a stop to
it with justice and truth.

The people will present
the real facts in this case

backed up by evidence and witnesses.

The people will prove that
Kate Paris and Sharon Oneal

stalked John Wallace,
Sharon's former boyfriend

with the intent of
killing him in cold blood.

On the night of July 26th of this year

the defendants willfully and maliciously

carried out the murder
of John Wallace simply,

simply because he had
broken up with Sharon

four months prior.

We will show that Sharon Oneal was a woman

crippled with jealousy and an inability

to accept rejection.

We will also show that
Kate Paris is a woman

with a bizarre sense of
devotion to her friend Kate.

A sense of devotion so far reaching

as to participate in cold-blooded murder.

(tense music)

- So Mr. Dolan, tell us about the night

of the murder, please.

- Well, I saw them drive
up and sit in their car

for a long time like they
were waiting for something.

Then all of a sudden
when this guy shows up,

they got out and started yelling at him.

I could see that he's trying to get away

but the girls grabbed him,

they started struggling.

And that's when one of them
pulled the gun and shot him.

- No, he's lying!

That's not what happened, he's lying.

That's not what happened!

He's lying, that's not true!

- Let go of her, don't touch her.

- [Kate] He's lying,
that's not what happened.


- I will tolerate no
disruptions in this courtroom.

- He's lying.

- So Mr. Dolan.

Are you trying to tell me

that from your window across the street

a half a block away,

you just sat and watched
the entire event unfold?

- Yeah.

I was on my second story balcony

taking long exposures
of the moon that night.

I had a fairly good view
of what was happening.

- Now, if you had a camera
there the whole time,

why didn't you take a picture of them?

- Like I told you, I'm
a amateur photographer.

And my camera was set
up for long exposures

of the moon.

Everything happened so fast
that I didn't get a chance to.

- No more questions, your honor.

(tense music)

- Miss Oneal, when did you break up

with the deceased, John Wallace?

- It was um, back in March.

- And it is your
contention that it was you

who wanted to end the relationship

and not Mr. Wallace?

- [Sharon] Yes.

- Make any attempts to contact Mr. Wallace

after the breakup?

- No.

- No?

Well, according to telephone records

we've obtained from your residence,

you made a total of, let's see

26 telephone calls to Mr. Wallace

between March and the
time of his death in July.

Now, Miss Oneal, could you please explain

for the court this discrepancy

between your testimony and these records?

- Well they're not true.

I didn't call him, I didn't.

- Your honor, I ask that this be marked

people's exhibit E, and
entered into evidence.

(tense music)

Miss Paris.

Do you have a license to carry a handgun

with you in your vehicle
or on your person?

- No, but I--

- Then why did you have a handgun with you

on the night of July 26th?

- I carry it in my car for protection.

- Miss Paris, isn't it in fact true

that you had the gun with you that night

for the sole purpose
of killing John Wallace

and that you and Sharon
Oneal planned out the murder

in detail beforehand?

Please tell the truth.

- No, it was an accident,
the gun just went off.

- Then why did you try
to flee the crime scene?

(tense music)

- [Judge] Mr. Foreman,
do you have a verdict?

- Yes, your honor, we
find the defendants guilty

of first degree murder.

- Wait a minute.


- [Judge] Even though
this is your first offense

I cannot overlook the
severity and senselessness

of your crimes.

Sharon Oneal, I hereby sentence you

to a term of 35 years.

Kate Paris, I hereby sentence you

to a term of 30 years.

You will both serve your terms

at the State Correctional
Facility for Women

in Santa Coron.

Sentences to start immediately.



- Hey honey, why don't
you give us a break, huh?

- Shut your fucking mouth.

- I didn't say nothing, she did.

(tense music)

- Don't you look an officer in the eye.

You don't talk back.

You don't fucking open your mouth

unless you're told to, is that clear?

All right, get up.

Take a step forward.

Stand on a straight line,
shoulder to shoulder.

Open your mouths wide so the
officers can examine you.

Officer Len.

All right, lean your heads forward

and shake your hair out with your hands.

Extend your arms straight out
in front of you, palms down.

Now turn your hands over.

Drop your hands by your side

and wait there quietly.

- My name is Captain Eric Ray.

I'm in charge of all the officers.

That means if I don't like you,

your life will be hell.

So one bit of advice, get on my good side.

Stand at attention.

- Hello ladies.

Welcome to Santa Coron prison.

My name is Warden Loren McBride.

Under my administration
this prison has become

a model prison system.

That is because first and foremost

we teach obedience around here.

While other prisons are
crippled with return offenders,

we have none of that here.

Fuck up, ladies and you're
gonna be real sorry.

On the other hand, we
are more than willing

to reward good behavior.

The quality of your stay
is entirely up to you.

Continue, Lieutenant Hill.

- You'll soon discover
the value of discipline,

compliance, and even submission.

Open up C block!


This prison is divided
into three sections.

The general population, where we are now

is where you'll be placed.

It's where 85 percent
of the inmates reside.

However, those that do not comply

will be moved to blocks E and F

known to the inmates as the pit.

On the other hand, on occasion

the Warden will reward model prisoners

by allowing them the opportunity

of residing in block A.

You'll hear inmates referring to A block

as the hotel.

But only a few gain the privilege

of residing in the hotel.

Lieutenant Hill, please take
charge of our new prisoners

and take them to the cells.

- Yes sir.

Everybody stop in front of the cell door.

Move along.

Right next door.

(tense music)

- You want a cigarette?

- No thanks.

- Hey, when someone offers
you their hospitality,

you take it.

- I don't smoke.

- [Woman] You don't smoke?

What are you, in here for your health?

- I don't belong here.

(rock music)

- You'll get used to it.

- What?

- Being in here.

There's nothing to get used
to faster than prison life.

'Cause if you don't, you won't make it.

Just stay on your toes.

You'll know what's good
for you and what's not.

- Who are they?

- Inmates of the hotel.

They keep them separate.

- [Sharon] Is that where the Warden

keeps the model prisoners?

- [Woman] Yeah, something like that.

- You ever been to the hotel?

- Me, hell no.

I'm too much of a smartass
to be a party girl.

- Party girl?

- Yeah.


They do like them to be pretty though.

You're pretty enough.

They'll want you.

(women shouting)






(tense music)


- Stay back!

It's always you, isn't it?

- She started, I swear to God.

She bit, ugh!

- That's for talking back!

One more fuck up out of you or you,

and it's in the pit with both of you!

- Fuck you, Lieutenant.

Fuck all of you!

I'm not going back to the pit.

Who the fuck do you think you are?

Fuck you!

And you know what else, fuck your shield.

- The hell's a Shield?

- It's something you don't talk about

unless you got a death wish.

Hey look, I'll catch up
with you later, okay?

And don't go around
asking too many questions,

it gets a lot of people
round hear real nervous.

Me, I've been around here
so long I don't give a shit.

Besides, the guards know I'm smart enough

to know who to talk to and about what.

If you go around asking the
wrong person the wrong question,


- How you holding up, Kate?

- How do you think?

- Look, we should be
sticking together right now.

Maybe there's something that we can do,

maybe there's somebody
that we can talk to.

I knew you were pissed
off at me for some reason.

- For some reason?

You don't think I see the
way that you look at me?

I know you blame me for what happened.

- Blame you, how could I?

- I know you blame me for
having the gun in the car

and for everything that's happened to us.

Look, now I'm supposed to forget all that

to help each other?

Sharon, the last time I helped you

I thought I was helping a friend in need.

I guess I was wrong.

- Kate, wait, wait, wait.

I am your friend.

We're friends.

Look, maybe I did blame you a little.

But I know that you blame me too.

I know you disapproved of
me ever going out with John.

I know, hell you disapprove
of half the things that I did.

So what, shit happens.

They framed us, Kate.

Do you know what your
problem is, it's you.

You're blaming yourself.

You're blaming yourself for
having the gun in the car

and for shooting John

and for any other piece of shit
thing that's happened to us.

If you wanna stay away
from me, that's fine.

Just don't pretend it's
because of me, okay?


- The trouble in the yard

and the mere mention of the Shield

is extremely disconcerting, Mr. Ray.

- It'll be taken care of.

- Good.

What do you think of our new inmates,

Kate Paris and Sharon Oneal?

- You know, they're first timers

and first timers could be troublemakers.

- They should be candidates for the hotel.

You know that.

Do what you need to do
to get them to trust you.

I want them in the hotel.

- I'm already on it, Warden.

- Good.

(rock music)

- Move it.


All right you two, your time's up.

Move it.

Right, you two next.

The rest of you, out of here.

Clean it out.

(tense music)


- Now that we're roommates,

don't you think we should
get to know each other

a little bit better?





- Open C block.

- [Woman] Oh yeah, looking good, girl.

Look it now, uh huh, did you like it?

I know you did.

(women chattering)

- [Guard] Move it.

- Looks like you healed
up pretty good, roomie.

No hard feelings, I hope.

But if it wasn't me, it would
have been somebody else.

Nobody keeps her virginity here too long.

Maybe next time we'll be
a little bit more gentle.


- Don't think I'm gonna
keep taking this shit,

'cause I'm not.

So you better watch yourself,
you understand, roomie?


(clapping and cheering)

- All right, what's going on here?

I asked you a question.

- Nothing.

I fell, that's all.

- You fell?

You should be more careful.

(women cheering and hooting)

- Go, go, go, go, go, go!

- Darla, you sit here, shut your mouth.

(women cheering)

Kate, you sit here.


(kooky music)

(goofy cartoon noises sounding)

(ominous music)

(women screaming)

(gun firing)

(bell ringing)

(tense music)

- You and you, take a step forward.


I'd like to know who's
responsible for this.

If you didn't do it,

perhaps you can point out those who did.

I'm sure we'd all like to know,

wouldn't we, ladies?

- We didn't see a thing, Mr. Hill.

- Ladies, do you know what happens

when animals are let loose
and allowed to run wild?

Law and order breaks down.

Society as a whole breaks down.

Now it is my duty to teach you that.

But when prison inmates refuse to learn,

when they refuse to cooperate,

I have no other choice but to force them

to live amongst the animals

with no law and order.

I have no choice,
ladies, but to assign you

to cell block E, the pit.


- Murdock, come over here, take them away.

- [Kate] But we're
innocent, we didn't do it.

(tense music)

- [Female Guard] Welcome to hell, girls.

- Looks like party time. (snickering)

- Ah, look in here, fresh meat.

Where the hell do you think you're going?

You think you can just come in to my cell

and grab a couple of beds?

- Excuse me, I didn't
realize this was your cell.

- That's right, bitch, it is my cell.

I'm the boss of this cell
so get that straight.

You want to sleep in a bed,
it'll cost you 10 dollars each.

- (laughing) You gotta be kidding.


- You laughing at me, cunt?

What are you gonna do about it?

- We don't have any money.

- Well why didn't you say so?

Go to betty bye time.

Rush, rush, rush, rush, rush.


- Come on, Sharon.

- [Woman] Have a good night's sleep.

- You won't be in here long.

You won't be in here long.

You'll change your mind.

That's what they're waiting for.

They don't want you in here.

They want you in the hotel.

Plea never so fast you
cannot flee your own fortune.

'Tis Destiny.


- You two on a diet?

So you two sleep well last night?

I hope you didn't forget
you guys still owe me.

Of course there's more than
one way you can pay me back.

(tense music)


Are you challenging me,
you fucking little shit?

- She's not, she just
doesn't know any better.

Please, please.

- All right, I'll let you slide this one.

But now you owe me twice as much.


See you later, bitch.

- Why don't the guards do anything?

- Why the hell should they?

- Come on.


You've been to the hotel, haven't you?

- Be careful when you go
around asking questions.

You never know who you can trust.

- Yeah well I'm asking you.

- Don't be fooled by the nickname.

It's no hotel.

- So what's the catch?

- What do you think?

- Prostitution?

But that's insane, how can they do that?

- Easily.

- If you know all this, why
can't you do something about it?

- The Shield is a secret organization

made up of various law
enforcement officers.

Judges, lawyers, government officials,

members of the prison board.

And of course Miss McBride.

The hotel was created
by the Warden herself

so the girls can be used sexually

to satisfy the members of the Shield.

And to entice new members
into the organization.

- Jesus.

Well if you knew all this,
isn't there something

that you can do?

- How?

I fucking hate this place.

But I wanna stay alive.

Most of the inmates in this
place know that the Shield

is something you don't talk about.

And even if they did know

it wouldn't make a damn bit of difference

because they're all fucking guilty.

- Well what about the
girls that get released?

Why don't they ever say anything?

- It doesn't matter if
you're in or you're out.

If you want to stay alive,
you don't say anything.

But you know what, if
they gave me the chance

I'd be back there in a second.

It's the only way that there's
a possibility to escape.

- So there's a way out?

- That Lisa is a bitch.

I'm telling you Christine.

It's time for her to step aside.

Adios, Arriverderci, get
the fuck out of here.

Are they cool?

- Yeah, they're all right.

Now that I gave you some information

I think it's only fair that you help me.

- Full house, that's five
packs of cigarettes you owe me.

- No, it's four.

- All right, four, I'm
not trying to cheat you.

- Yeah right.

When do I ever cheat you, Marcy?

- Since the day we met?

- Every day?

- Yeah.

Play again?

- [Lisa] Sure.

Shuffle, shuffle.

- [Christine] It's time to play, Sharon.

- [Lisa] Such a good girl.

- Hey, Lisa.

- Marcy, get the fuck out
of here, we'll play later.

- You want me?

Let's do it.

- Music to my ears.

- Go, do it!


- Stop your squirming!

Now don't worry, I'm not gonna kill you.

I just wanna make sure you stay alive

so you can kiss my ass every day.

I want you all here to
show this piece of shit

how I'm the new cell boss.

(Lisa groaning)

- Tell Mr. Ray that we
wanna go to the hotel.


We'll do anything.

When do we get to see Mr. Ray?

- He'll see you when he's good and ready.

- Kate.

I don't know if I can
go through with this.

I mean going to the hotel.

What if we have to actually
go through with this,

being a prostitute?

I don't think I can do that.

- Sharon, this is our only chance.

I don't like this any more than you do.

Look, you were right.

We have to stick together.

I'm sorry I acted so stupid before.

The only way that we're
gonna get through this

is if we're there for each other.

Now Christine said this
was our only possible

way to escape.

Until we find another way,
this is our only hope.

(phone ringing)

- Murdock.


An inmate escaped?

Christ, what about the two here?

All right, I'm on my way.

Well you got your wish, let's go.

Let's go see Mr. Ray.

Let's go, let's go!

Let's go!

So I bet you're dying for a man.

Am I right, huh huh? (snickering)


(tense music)

- Ugh, you pig.

- They're looking for you.

They think you're in the infirmary.

- No kidding.

Been crawling around those air ducts

for the last half hour.

Listen, I know a way out of this place.

But I can't do this alone.

There's a garbage truck
coming in five minutes.

I know the driver.

We can get in through the trash compactor

in the basement.

If you help me, I'll take you with me.

Look, we don't have all day.

Let's go!

- It's our chance, don't
be stupid, come on.

(tense music)

- Let's get to that basement

so we can all kiss this place goodbye.

- Let's do it.
- Let's do it.

(door clinking)

- Shit, come on, let's hide here.

(suspenseful music)

- Kate, come on, let's
go, let's go, come on.

Kate, come on, what are
you doing, we gotta go.

- Sharon, I don't know about this.

I got a bad feeling.

I mean what if this
doesn't work, what then?

- What are you guys talking about?

Look, I'm offering you a way
out, right through those doors.

Isn't that all you think
about day and night?

- No.

We just wanna go to the hotel, that's all.

- Mr. Ray?

- Nice Nina, you're dismissed.

- Well, looks like you
guys passed the test.

- I don't like troublemakers

and I can't tolerate
prisoners whose only thoughts

are to escape.

It certainly points to
a lack of cooperation.

- Well we weren't trying
to escape, Mr. Ray.

Look, we're just trying
to go to the hotel.

We'll do anything you say.

- Then what were you doing
out here in the first place?

Mr. Hill, bring out our guest.

I'm sure you know Christine.

You just shared a cell
in the pit together.

Christine was once an inmate in the hotel

but she refused to cooperate.

And to make matters worse,
she was extremely nosy.

Couldn't mind her own business.

I had to finally convince the Warden

to throw her into the pit.

But that didn't seem to do her any good.

So I brought her down here today

to make an example out of her.

(gun firing)
(women screaming)

- Oh god.

- Why did you kill that inmate?

- What?

- Why did you kill that inmate?

(woman chuckling)

Why'd you try to escape?

- [Kate] We didn't try to escape.

- First you tried to escape

then you killed the inmate Christine, why?

- You know we didn't.

- Then who did?

If you didn't kill her, who did?

Why do you do this to yourselves?

Why don't you clear your conscience?

Don't you see I'm only here to help you?

I'm here to save you.

(women sobbing)

Where do you think you are now?

- [Kate] I don't know.

In prison.

- No.

This is your home.

You are home.



Are you praying right now?

Do you believe in God?

- I don't know.

- Don't you know that God can't hear you?

He's forsaken you.


Because you're unworthy,
because you are nobody.

But I'm here.

I'm the only one you should be praying to

and all I ask from you is the truth.

Tell me you killed Christine!

Oh, is that better?

Tell me what happened.

- We, we,

we planned an escape with
another inmate Christine

and then we stole a shotgun and keys

from Officer Murdock,

and then we went to go meet Christine.

- Really?

And then what?

- The plan didn't work.

We got into an argument

and we killed her.

- Now that was easy.

Now in just a little while

we'll be having you write
down your confessions.

- [Kate] Well but, will we still
be able to go to the hotel?

- Yes.

Think of this as a lesson.

A reminder, a reminder of Christine,

of what can happen.

- [Nurse] Don't be nervous, Sharon.

This is all just a routine.

All the girls are given
thorough examinations

before they are allowed in the hotel.

Girls are healthy and clean here,

I'm sure you understand why.

- [Sharon] I do.

- What's going on?

- You're being examined.

And then you'll be taken to the hotel.

Look, I suggest you both just forget

who or what you were.

This is your life now.

And the sooner you understand that,

the better you both'll be.

You're very pretty girls

and I'm glad you made this decision.

I think we're gonna be good friends.

- Sure.

You're an inmate?

- Yes, just like you.

- Well, good.

Very very good.

Have them checked out
completely by the doctor,

I want them ready for
cell block A, the hotel.

- This is it, Cell block A.

Life can be very simple here.

Remember, pain is only if you make it,

only if you let it.

There's no pride, no shame, it's just us.

(tense music)

Hello, girls.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- I'd like to introduce
you to your new roommates,

this is Sharon and Kate.

- [Woman] Hi Sharon.

- Hi.

- Well ladies, I am very pleased to see

that you have changed your minds.

Nina, we have a very
important party in two days.

See that these two are ready.

Follow me, Nina.

- Come join us.

- Have a seat.

- You're really gonna like it here.

- Eh, yeah, sure we will.

(bars clanging)

(tense music)

(crickets chirping)

- (giggling) Is this your grandma's?

- Shut up, oh my god.

- You're nice.

That's a nice 70s look.

Isn't it?

- Nice girl.

- Don't joke, please.

Don't worry about that, of course I am.

- Whoah, check out that too.

- What?


- Suzie, Suzie.

- [Woman] Thanks.

- I don't know about this.

She said this was supposed
to be our best chance out.

- Shh.

- Stay quiet, Kate.

- Hello ladies, how are we?

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Hello.

You know, I think this color's better.

Okay, we have five minutes.

(tense music)

- Listen, I don't wanna see any dings

on that automobile, okay?

- Well hello, your honor.

(light jazz music)

- Christine said, we were gonna be driven

in a regular car with just one driver.

- Yeah but they had Christine
in the pit for a year, Sharon.

They must have changed things.

- I'd say.

Well we're here because
of what Christine said.

So now what are we gonna do?

- Well there still might be other ways.

If we can figure out a way to reveal

what's going on here or something.

- [Sharon] I don't know, just
I don't like this at all.

- We can't give up now, Sharon.

We have to hold on.

- Wait for your smile, there it is.



- Ladies.

- You should join us.


(tense music)

- It's okay.

It's okay.

(tense music)

- You like it rough, don't you?

Don't you?

Turn over.

Turn over.

(screaming and groaning)

- So what did I tell you, huh?

Beautiful place.

Come on, let's get inside now.

- Good evening, Mr. Devlin.

- Yeah.

(light jazz music)


- Oh my god, Sharon, what happened?

- I just don't feel
comfortable about this, George.

I feel awkward.

- Steven, relax.

You're here to have fun.

I want you to also think of
this as a rite of passage.

An initiation if you will,

into our, well to our inner circle.

You've been a good member of
the Shield so far, Steven.

This is your reward.

Enjoy it.

- What's wrong with her?

- It's nothing, Warden, she'll be okay.

- I hope so.

She can stay in here
the rest of this evening

but I do not want this happening again.

Am I clear on that?

- Tell me, Warden.

Are these guys so desperate
that they have to come here

and rape prisoners?

That guy terrorized Sharon!

- You just better settle
down, little missy.

I can have you sent back
to the pit like this.

And I mean it.

Haven't you got it through
your thick skull yet?

You mean nothing, nothing!

This is a game for them.

The sooner you realize that, the better.

Now you could stay here
just a few more minutes

and console this crying little baby,

but then I want you out there now!

- Sally, how about if we,

- (laughing) of course.

- Yeah?
- Sure.


Silly boy.

- Jesus.

- Well what do you know?

- Hi.

- Did you know that she was here?

- No.

But I'm not surprised.

Hell, anybody could see
through that nice girl front

she put on in the trial.

She's just showing us her true colors.

You should sleep with her.

She was your client, it's only fitting.

Listen honey, I'll be with you in a bit.

Why don't you go wait for me?

- Sure.
- Go on.

Steven, I like you.

We all like you.

We want you to go far.

We want you to get there.

There's just one thing holding you back.

That's your pity and
compassion for the guilty.

We can't have it.

Justice is decisive, it cannot be weak.

Justice is ruthless because criminals

deserve no pity or compassion.

Pity is what's crippling our
legal system, you know that.

Pity is the criminal's best tool.

Fuck the girl, Steven.

Show me that you're not weak.

Show me that you're one of us.

- Why don't you sit down?

What would you like me to do?

Do you want me to undress

or would you like to do that?

- Just do what you normally do.

- I don't normally enjoy being fucked.

But since you already
fucked me once in the trial

why don't you just tell
me what you want me to do?

Um, I'm sorry.

I don't mean to cause any trouble.

(tense music)

- What is your game?

Why are you still trying to convince me

that you're innocent, huh?

- I'm not.

You already know that I'm innocent.

- Really?

Sounds very convincing,
coming from a common whore.

Why in the hell are you here?

Why did you volunteer for this?

Why didn't you stay in
general population, huh?

- To survive.



- Guys, dismissed.

Mr. Brady?

- [Steven] Stuart, thanks for seeing me.

- Come on over, have a seat.

- Thank you.

- I was kind of surprised
to hear from you suddenly.

But like I said, anytime, Mr. Brady.

If it wasn't for you, I
might still be in jail.

Nobody wanted to take
my appeal except for you

and I won't forget that.

- How long has it been?

- I've been out for two
years and three months now.

- Two years?

Seems like ages ago.

I still had faith in the system then.

You ever get your private
investigator's license back?

- No sir.

Not yet, I'm trying though.

I've been working as a security consultant

in the meantime.

What's up, Mr. Brady?

- Well, this guy's name is Matt Dolan,

and these are copies of the
statements that he made.

He was an eyewitness in a case.

I want you to check this guy out,

and read up on what he said.

- You can't use any of
your regular investigators?

- No.

And I need you to be very
discreet and very quiet.

- No problem, Mr. Brady.

- Thanks, Stuart.

Hey, and call me Steve.

(tense music)

- Finally, you asshole.

(phone beeping)

(phone ringing)

- Brady.

- Hi, this is Stuart.

I got some information for you.

I'm curious though, did you investigate

any of this guy's testimony?

- No.

- Well, I suppose you had your reasons.

But according to his
statement you gave me,

he saw everything when
he was taking photographs

of the moon from his second floor balcony.

Well, his balcony faces the wrong street.

He couldn't have seen a damn thing

unless he was a fucking giraffe.

And I snuck into his apartment,
I had a little look-see.

The guy owns no photographic
equipment, Mr. Brady.

Just a Polaroid.

Looks pretty obvious he
was paid to say what he did

on that witness stand.

(tense music)


- Come on out, ladies.

(hooting and cheering)

- Good evening, Mr. Brady.

This way.

Get his car, okay?

- You do know how to throw a good party.

Hey, come over here.

(light jazz music)

(crickets chirping)

(tense music)

- When I was first approached
by them, the Shield,

I was feeling very frustrated
with the whole system.

Criminals were going free,

trials were dragging on for months,

only to have their cases dismissed,

and I've put in case after case

and I felt buried alive.

Then I just didn't care anymore.

When they came to me and
offered me a better future

with more money, I took it.

Hey, we're talking about
lawyers and politicians

and judges all working together

to stop the criminals from getting away

and I thought "Sure, why not?"

I close my eyes, chose not
to see what they were doing,

how corrupt they are.

Your trial, I was just going
along with what they wanted.

I didn't even question their evidence.

And after I saw you the last
time, I did some checking.

And the evidence was made up.

They lied.

I'm sorry.

- You're sorry?

That's it?

You were supposed to defend us.

You helped them take
our lives away from us

and all you can say is that you're sorry?

Aren't you even gonna try to do something?

- You don't understand.

I can't go against them, even if I would!

The Shield is a very powerful
and vast organization.

As long as I go along with them, I'm safe.

But if I do anything or say
anything to hurt them, they,

Kate, I've let them take
away my life from me as well.

(tense music)

- Why the hell don't you use the evidence

you were provided?

- Look, you honor, I can't
introduce that evidence.

I won't introduce that evidence.

Tell you the truth, I
got a lot of questions

about its validity.

- Do you?

This girl has got an extensive rap sheet.

Drugs, robbery, assault,
and all she's ever gotten

is a slap on the wrist.

Do I need to remind you that you are now

a member of the Shield?

We took you into our organization

because you wanted to work with us.

Your goal in this trial, our goal

is to get a conviction.

I want her found guilty.

(tense music)

- We find the defendant not guilty.

(crowd chattering)

- Okay, so we'll go to
the briefs tomorrow.

- Sure, sure.

So where are you off to tonight?

- Play some hoops, work
some of the old men out.

- Hmm, drive carefully.

- I always do.

(tires screeching)



- George!

- Don't interfere, Steven.

He's just being taught a lesson.

- Do you think he's gonna help?

- Who?

- Steve.

- Yes.

- Do you trust him?

- Yes, I do.

- Good.

'Cause I don't know how long
I could take this, Kate.

(tense music)

- Got it, the last one.

- Nothing.

There's got to be some
paper trail somewhere.

- Hmm.

- Something that proves their existence.

- Yeah.

- The way they work.

We've got to find it.

- Where else can we look?

I can't believe I'm breaking
into a judge's cabinet.

Look, I don't think I can
get this open, Mr. Brady.

On the other hand.

Look right here.

Take a look at this.

- Now this may be a partial
list of the members.

There's not much else here.

- What do you expect, Mr.
Brady, a full confession?

These guys are smart.

That may be enough to get
somebody to start investigating.


But there's enough there to put him away.

You know they will try to kill you.

- Let's make some copies of these files

and get the hell out of here.

I got some files.

It's not much but it should help.

And of course I have some more information

about your trial.

I'm trying to gather
whatever facts I can, but,

- But what?

- But none of it will be enough

to launch a top level investigation.

Unless I'm willing to testify.

- And will you testify?

- But there's a problem.

I don't know how high the
Shield's influence reaches.

Specially in this town.

That means I have to
do this very carefully.

Because I don't know who to
contact, who I can trust.

- So then what will you do?

- I'm going to contact everyone.

I'm gonna send copies of all the stuff

that I have so far and
my written statement

to every government
organization and newspaper

that I can think of.

And once the media gets a hold of this,

it should start a federal
investigation pretty quickly.

And once an investigation is launched,

I know who to contact.

And they'll protect me.

But until then, I'll hide.

- But what will happen to us?

The Shield will do everything they can

to cover their tracks.

I've seen them kill an
inmate right in front of us.

They made us say that we did it.

Even if we're found innocent,

we might be dead by then.

- You'll just have to
testify along with me.

- How?

- [Steven] I'll just have
to get you out of here.

You both will have to escape.

- Here's the book you
wanted from the library.

- What?

- The book you wanted.

There was a note in the library
saying you wanted the book.

Shit, if you don't want it, just say so.

- Wait, wait, wait.

Give me the fucking book.

(tense music)

- I assume you got my note.

- Yeah I got your note, what
the hell is this all about?

- Kate and I are planning an escape.

We got somebody on the outside.

He's gonna expose the Shield.

Look, all we need you
to do is get the Warden

called back to the prison
from the party next week.

- Oh, is that all?

- Can it be done?

Can you get the Warden called back?

- Yeah, there are ways

but they're all risky as hell.

The question is whether it's worth it.

- No, I can't ask you to
do anything that risky.

- Look, it'll be your
lives if you don't make it.

- I know.

- I'll think about it.

(tense music)

Well, what do you think?

- Well, the four of us are lifers.

We ain't going anywhere.

So if what these girls say is true,

I say that let's go for it.

- I approve.

- Let's do it.

- Okay then.

(tense music)

- Well there they are.

- Let's see.

- Are you guys ready?

- [Man] We're ready.

- Okay.


- Yeah?

- Take this.

Now remember what the girls told you,

there might be a guard out back.

- Okay.

- Okay.

Don't kill him if you don't have to.

But you're gonna need this, okay?

Remember, the timing is critical here.

- Hey, Stuart.

Thanks for doing this, man.

- All right.

Just make sure this works, okay?

- All right, okay.

Hey, and don't forget to
mail off the evidence,

okay, the copies.

- Okay, good.
- All right.

- Guys, let's go.

- Good evening, Walker.

- [Murdock] Evening, Warden.

- Are the girls here?

- Yes.

- Getting dressed?
- Yes they are.

- Everything's taken care of?

- Yes, ma'am.

- Good job, Murdock.

(tense music)

- Here you go.

Just make sure you mix the gasoline

in with the soap.

Just get enough soap.

- Nice to see you again, Mr. Brady.

(tense music)

(gate buzzing)

- Just what in the fuck are you--

- (laughing) It's gasoline
and soap, you asshole.


Aren't you gonna run, dickhead?


- Open the door!

Open the fucking door!


(fire crackling)

(inmates cheering)

- Murdock, we have big
problems at the prison, big.

You and Nina are in charge.

I want this party to end quick.

Miguel, in!


- I guarantee you three things.

You're gonna tell me how
many of you were involved,

you're gonna tell me why

and you're gonna wish you were never born!

You are rejects.

You are filth!

You are nothing.


- I told you, Captain.

I don't know anything.

I was sleeping like everybody else.

- [Ray] Shut the fuck up.

You're dead now, you just don't know it.

- Mr. Ray, it was Sheryl.

She planned the whole thing!

- That's a lie, you fucking cunt!

(shouting over each other)

- Shut up, damn it!


- Fuck you, Ray.

(gunshot booming)

(bell ringing)

(tires screeching)

- Out!


- What do you think you're
doing, let go of me!

Let go of me now, let go of me!

What an ass!

(tires screeching)

(pager beeping)

- They got her.

We have exactly four minutes.

Let's go.

(tense music)

Stop here.

Okay, I'm gonna take care of the guard

then go get the car.

Okay, step back.


- Excuse me, can I help you sir?

- Yeah, I was just checking on my car.

I think I lost my lighter.

- Okay, go ahead sir.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

- Get your hands on the air.

Turn around.

Turn around.


(tense music)

- [Nina] Hold it right there.

- Nina.

What are you doing?

Come on, let us go, okay?

We don't have much time.

- Come on, Nina.

I know you're not one of them.

You could come with us.

- Sorry, let's go.


- Come on.
- Okay.

Come on, let's go around the stairs.

(tense music)

- Hey, I heard something
about a party here.

- Maybe you guys didn't
see the sign back there

but this is private property.

You're trespassing, buddy.

- Well, buddy, we have an invite.

She's gonna get a messy hole in the head

unless you put your fucking
guns down right now!

- Move, Murdock!

- [Man] Get back, get your guns down!

- Get back!

Get back, get back, get back!

(tense music)



- [Kate] Come on, Sharon.

Let's go.

(tires screeching)

- You have no clue what
you're doing, buddy.

(car revving)

- [Murdock] Fuck!

(guns firing)

(glass shattering)

(guests screaming)

(gun firing)


(tires screeching)

(inmates cheering)


- [Female Agent] Okay, hold it.

Hold it right there.

- What in the world is going?

Excuse me.

Do something about this!

- Please, could I just
have a few minutes alone?

- Okay your honor.

I'll give you two minutes.

(gun firing)

(upbeat dance music)