Caged Fury (1990) - full transcript

Discontent leads to a daring escape plan in a women's prison where the inmates are all lingerie clad models and the lesbian warden demands unusual favours for early parole. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- Hmm...

Oh how're you doing baby?

- Am I gonna see you later?

- We'll see.

How's my little darling?



- What now?

- 103.
- So?

- She's out of her cell, you're
not at your fucking post!

- I'm in here having a cup of coffee,

you got a problem with that?

- No, I've got a problem with you!!

- Fuck you!
- Hey!

Fuck me huh?

No, fuck you.

Come on, I'm gonna fuck you up man!

Come on!

Come on!

Good night.

- Please help me...


- How are you
people doing out there?

All right!

Okay well I'm gonna do a song
now for all of you cowboys

and cowgirls, are you
hombres and hombrettes,

this here's a song about, life itself!

A song about what happens when life sorta

knees ya down low, you know what I mean,

let me hear some hiyas out there!

- Hi.
- Hi!

Hi sweetie.
- Hey baby!


- I see you're packed?

- I've been packed
forever, God I can't wait,

I wanna go now!

- I know this isn't easy, but
where did you get the guts?

- From you!

I guess if you hadn't gone
off to New York and lived

to tell about it, well,
I'd still be stuck here

like Daddy's little girl.

- I know Daddy's not making it easy.

- Well few fathers ever do.

It's the nature of the beast I guess.

- What kinda beast is that?
- Good morning, Daddy.

- Good morning.

- I wasn't talking about you,

this has nothing to do with you.

- Well if it has something
to do with Tracy or with you

it has something to do with me doesn't it?

You know Kathie I was talking
to Ms. Benson the other day

about a part time job she offered you.

- Dad, don't you understand?

I don't want a part time
anything, I've gotta go,

I've gotta take a shot.

- You don't gotta do
anything but get dressed,

that's all you gotta do,
then you gotta come down

and have breakfast that's all.

- Dad, I can't I've
got a 12-hour drive...

- And you know that I never
approved when your sister

left home, but, it's
just different Kathie,

because Tracy's always been...

- The wild one.

- What I'm trying to
say is, I was hoping--

- That I'd stay here forever and sing in

the church choir right?

- Well, there's nothing
wrong with that, Kathie,

I sing every Sunday.

- Look we've been through
this over and over again--

- All I'm trying to say
to you Kathie, is that,

if you wanna go to the
city, why don't you go to

Salt Lake City, I mean it's
right here, it's close,

you can come home, you can
find work in Salt Lake City.

- Dad, we're talking LA,
not some foreign country.

- Matter of opinion.

Kathie, all I'm trying to
say is, if you just wait

a couple of weeks, 'cause
Trace finishes work

in about two weeks, and she
could, she could go with ya.

You haven't seen each
other, really, in two years.

- Kat, we'll be together!

- Makes sense, I mean, she's,

been out there, she knows where
to go, and, what not to do,

you know?

- No Daddy I can't.

Trace, I've always depended on you.

It's just time I grew up,
I'll be all right, really!

Well I guess I'd better get started.

- Yeah, well...

I'll give you some money.

- No, no I'm fine, honest.

Daddy I love you.

- I love you.

- This ain't
the way to the highway,

where the hell are you going?

- We've been driving nearly 200 mile now,

and I figure you owe me.

- What?

- You've been sitting there,
crossing and uncrossing

them legs, I figure by now,
you want it as bad as I do.

- Fuck you!

- You know what?

I like it when you talk
dirty to me, it makes me hot.

- Let me go!

Not as hot as you're gonna be dirtbag!

- Ah, Shit!

- Motherfucker!

Haul ass!
- What?

- Look girl, I'd really like to be polite

and introduce myself, but
you don't really have a lot

of time to think this one over.

- What's going on?

- Either you get this heap in
gear or lard-ass over there

is gonna treat us to some
weird-ass kinda loving!

- All right
all right,.

- Oh shit.

Name's Rhonda.

- Kat.

It's really Kathryn but
my friends call me Kat.

So where are you headed?

- Uh, as far as you're going?

- I'm going to LA.

- Suits me just fine.

Last time I hit Hollywood I was sweet 16

and caught between
t-shirts and training bras.

Now I got tits, and street smarts.

- You remind me of my big sister Tracy.

- I'm everybody's big sister.

- This is it?

You actually live here?

- Well I admit the outside
isn't much to look at,

but Buck's studio, that's something else.

- What else?

- You ever been inside a real roach motel?

- Right where they always are.

- You made love for
the first time with Buck?

- Love had nothing to do with it baby.

- Sounds real romantic.

- You don't say no to old Buck.

Hey Buck.

- What do you want?

- A hot shower and a
cold beer, and I'll uh,

let you jump my bones.

- Haha, Rhonda, peach, you old sweetie!

What's up baby baby?

Yes, who's this?

- My ride.

- Well, your ride got a name?
- Kat.

- Kat as in uh, pussy?

- Kat as in Kathryn.

- You've been being a good boy?

- He's been a very good boy.

- You're my whole world babe.

- Then get your
act together and come on,

show me the town!

- All right well you get your
friend some clothes here,

and I'll tell you what,
I'll take you places where

the hand of man has not yet set afoot.

- Oh all right, let's party.

- Buck would you mind if I use your phone,

I just need to call my dad and
let him know I'm all right.

I'll call collect.

- Yeah sure, hey Kat?

You owe me one.

- Look, Marilyn Monroe!

And Clark Gable!

- You keep that up, people are
gonna think you're a tourist.

- Well, for now.

What I really want is to become an actor.

- Really, what restaurant?

- I don't understand.

- Old actors' joke.
- Oh.

- See I see it every day
babe, I mean girls like you

and Rhonda come crawling off them buses

from North Yardsdale, Vermont
and Overshoe, Oklahoma.

All wanting to be discovered.

- Well I won't fail.

- You know you're right, you know why,

because I got connections.

I shoot stills at the
Castaglia Casting Agency.

- Now come here, sit down
babe, come here, come here.

Relax, now listen girls, I
got you a screen test set up,


- So what
can I get you for Bucky?

- Tomorrow?

- Yeah, how about a pitcher of beer doll.

Yeah old Bucky he moves
fast you see, Mr. G,

he specializes in new talent.

- Seems too good to be
true Buck, we just arrived.

- Look you don't have
to take my word for it,

you see Lulu over there?

Who I just happen to
manage, she'll tell you all

about the agency.

- Really that's terrific, see
things are happening already!

- Now where's that smile babe?

- You don't go looking for the
Vipers, we fucking find you!

- I know what you're gonna say okay.

- Well, if it's old ground,
why are you still walking it?

- Because this asshole biker
I've been trying to find

has been shaking down a buddy of mine.

- A buddy of yours?

He's just some guy you know
from the stunt riding circuit.

' $0?

- So, you can't go around fighting

everyone's battles for 'em.

- Would you like anything else?

- Later, Sweet Meat.

Hey Lulu!

- You know that person?

- Hey it's strictly professional.

- Hey.
- What's happening, baby?

- Not much, what's going on?

- Hey you look nice.
- Well thank you.

- Chill Out.

You fucking bitch!

I'll kill you!
- Nice tits.

Vincent will love you.
- Fuck you, ah!

- Fucking bitch I'll fucking,
I'm gonna murder you,

let me go I'll fucking kill
her, I'll fucking, shit,

goddamn you, well why didn't you?

- Come on, let's clean you up.

- I'll fucking rip her tits off!

- Jesus Christ.

Yeah by the way, you know,
if you don't have a place

to crash you can crash with
me, and Rhonda of course.

- Thank you.

Listen Buck were you serious
about the audition tomorrow?

- I'm always serious.

- I really should call my dad.

- I think I'll check on Rhonda.

- Hello Daddy, hi it's Kat.

I'm in LA and guess
what, my first day here

and I already got an audition.


Don't hurt me.

' 9h, Say please.

- Please.

- I love a woman that's polite.

- No, no no stop!
- What do you want?

- Stop please leave me alone, no!

Why not?

You're gonna fucking like
it, you're gonna like it,

it's gonna feel fucking good.

Shut up bitch, first it's gonna be me,

and then you're gonna
start with the next one!

- Stop! fne!
' Shut up!


' Oh!

Be calm baby, all right.
- No!

- protect you.

- Oh!
- Let's get her!

- We'll waste these fuckers.

Let's go motherfucker.

- Time to play.

Wanna play a little pool huh?

Yes, you wanna play pool?

- Why don't you escort the
young lady home there, Victor.

- Fine, you know, Dirk I
always take your advice.

- Oh, I don't have
anything to say about this?

- No.

- See ya later Dirk!

- What the hell have you been?

- Buck I'm sorry things
just happened so fast.

- She was with a friend of mine, and me.

We threw a little party.

- So you're the one that
wrecked Mr. G's bar?

I dig a guy that knows how
to party, hey listen man,

why don't you come on in here,
I got some kick-ass blow,

it's time to get off.

- Thanks but no thanks.

- It's whatever floats your boat homeboy.

- Look Buck I think
you and Rhonda deserve

some time together.

- We already had some time together.

- Oh...

- Listen man, I got
some tequila, you know,

why don't you come on in huh?

- Buck!

Get yourself in here right now.

- Round two.

- Well...

- Well?

- Your friend uh?
- You mean Dirk?

- Yeah I didn't know human
beings could do things like that,

it's amazing.

- Who said Dirk was human?

- Well, how did you learn to do all that?

- Survival.

- In LA?

- No, 'Nam, Beirut, Tripoli.

100 different places
you never even heard of.

Dirk's been around the
block a bit, you know,

he's been a mercenary,
a mystic, a bodyguard.

You name it, he's been it, or done it.

Or had it done to him.

- And you and he are close?

- Yeah, yeah, we've very close.

He saved my life once or twice.

- So I take it you've returned the favor?

- Yeah, it happened.

- You've been around the block too huh?

- Does that bother you?

- I don't know, well I've
never been this close

to a violent person.

What am I supposed to do with you?

- Well you could start by
asking me to hang around.

Until you figure it out.

- Darling, did you put up those contracts

that I asked you to?

- I'll get right on it.
- Thank you.

Here are your sides.
- Thank you, thank you.

- I want you to take a look at these.

- Thank you.
- Up!

Take a look at those.

- Here's some head
shots, it was in his file.

- Oh thank you, and I'm sure
you won't let that happen

again now will you?

. Rock it, baby!

- Well hi Buck!
- We're here to see the boys.

- Well Buck they're kind
of in session right now

if you know what I mean?
- Yeah I do.

When are you gonna come up to the studio

and uh, let me shoot your head shots?

- Well Buck I'm afraid
that's not a very good idea.

- You think about it all right, let's go.

- Buck wait a minute, you can't--

' Mr. G!

It's Buck Lewis, you remember me?

- You be a good boy Bucky, you hear?

- Yes sir Mr. G.

That's Mr. G!

- Buck wait a minute
you can't go in there!

- Hey Tony man I got some--

- Where the hell do
you think you're going?

- Now Buck, Tony I'm real
sorry, he just barged in.

- It's okay, it's okay.

- I got the girls I was telling you about,

you know the first class broads and stuff.

- Do yourself a favor,
shove the sales pitch,

leave the talent and rotate
yourself on outta here,

Buck old boy.

- Yeah okay whatever you say.

- Like Orchid said, we're real busy.

- Hey guys guys come on,
girls it'll be all right.

Come with me, come on come on.

Now give me everything
you've got this time, Toots.

- Or Mr. Castaglia, I would
do absolutely anything

for this job, I try my very best!

I'm sure we'd be very very good friends.

Oh Mr. Castaglia!

- Heather clear the
goddamn couch area will ya,

you know I got an audition
here in a couple of minutes.

Got a couple of real candidates.

I want, they should
have special treatment.

- Honey that's gonna be all for today.

- What, that's it?
- Yeah, come on.

- Yeah that's it.
- Come on.

- Tony, when will I hear from you?

- Have your people call my
people okay, we'll do sushi babe.

- Sounds like fun, I've
never done sushi before.

- Yeah yeah...

- Who are they?
- Starlets, babe.

Ascending to that fabulous firmament,

we search for legends
like Garbo and Dietrich.

And all those other
famous old dead broads.

- Okay girls here your
sides, why don't you

look those over and have a seat.

- Thanks babe.

Okay these are fresh of
the frigging copy machine

all right, I wanna see a cold reading.

Here's the scene.

Vinny here plays Mr. Romano Capiletti,

a respectable businessman, and
he's hiring a sectary okay?

You guys are both vying
for the same position,

you know, you catch my drift, okay?

And you'll do anything and I
mean anything, to get the job.

All right?

- Well well, what's my
secondary motivation?

- Fucking believe these broads?

Your motivation, sweetheart,
is cash, mazuma, buckos.

You land the job, you get the bread.

Is this concept too much for you?

- Art is like life.

- Yeah that's kinda poetic boss.

- Yeah.

- But my motivation, as a Thespian?

- You're a Thespian,
you guys are Thespians?

That is some sick shit.

- And I'm the schmuck
businessman who's gonna give

you this frigging job, so
convince me baby, convince me.

Tunz A Fun, roll the tape.

- Roll sound.
- Wait, rolling.

- Mr. Castaglia...

- Not Castaglia!

Ca piletti, Ca piletti, okay!

You're supposed to be acting here, okay?

- Mr. Capiletti, I really want this job.

- I'm sorry Mr. Kelens, I
don't really think you're

qualified for this job you see.

- I could be very
grateful Mr. Capiletti.

- Hold it, hold it, hold it,
all right, I don't believe this

shit for a second huh?

Come here, gimme that script all right?

We'll do the scene without it all right?

We'll do the scene without
the goddamn script?

- You want me to ad lib, you
want me to ad lib my lines?

- To hell with the goddamn
script, who cares if

you're frigging ad libbing?

- Lunch, I think it's time for lunch.

They don't wanna do the
stupid scene right, huh,

whatever happened to professionalism?

- Okay we'll do the scene, okay?

- Okay -.

- Roll, tape, action.

- Mr. Capiletti?

You know I've always
believed in good business.

And, I think that if you hired me,

I would be very good for your business.

- Take it off.

- I'm a very hard worker,
and I could be very,

very forever-endearingly grateful to you.

I'll show you just how good.

You do want good business don't you?

And I'm sure that, if
you did hire me, well,

I would be very, very, very grateful.

You do like grateful people don't you?

Okay, wait, cut, is that enough?

- Is that enough?

That's horseshit all right,
I yell cut goddammit,

I'm the goddamn director, ain't I, Tunz?

Ain't I the freaking goddamn director.

- The last time I looked.
- You stopped too soon!

Don't you know the ground rules?

- You gotta show skin to win.

- Look sweetheart we got
the best people in town.

We got your best hot
oil, we got foxy boxy.

We do lip service, we do our own massage,

and we got the greatest buns on the beach.

- Hey and not to mention
film classics like

Dykes on Bikes, Sluts in the
Slammer, Leather-Loving-Lesbos!

And my personal favorite,

Catholic High Shool Girls In Trouble!

We got it covered!
- Or uncovered.

- Yeah, we're talking about
heavy duty market penetration.

- Penetration is my life.

Hey listen with us, the two of
yous could really go places.

- I think the place we're
really going is outta here!

You coming Rhonda?
- You bet.

And I wanna thank you Vinny,
Tunz A Fun, Mr. Tutti.

It's been a real slice of
heaven, but we gotta go.

- Hey hey hey, hey, it's not Tutti!

Hey hey, Tony "Two A Day"
Tarentino, that's me babe!

One in the morning, and one at night!

- Let me go!
- Damn it let me go!

- You let her go you pig
or I'll fucking kill you,

let her go!

Let her go you bastard!

- They're out
there half-naked boss.

- Uh Mr. Castaglia
the police are here.

- Ah good have 'em arrest those two sluts,

I run a decent place here.

- You know it's nice to
know there's real justice

in the world boss.
- Yeah.

- No answer.

- That's not like Kathie.

She's been gone for three days now.

Kathie would call.

- Dad, I didn't put her up
to this, she's a big girl.

She has a mind of her own.

- Lemme tell you something,
I'm gonna tell you something.

When your mama died, and you
started running around...

If she does, I'm gonna lose my mind!

I don't wanna lose both of you.

- Dad you're not gonna lose us.

I'll head for LA, I promise.

I love you Dad.

- Young lady this charge is serious.

Now we've just watched a video tape

in which you are seen to
proposition Mr. Romano Capiletti.

- But I told you, and I told
the police, I was only acting!

- Mr. Capiletti
has testified that you

propositioned him, there
are several other witnesses,

we have just seen it on video tape.

- Capiletti, that's not his real name,

his real name is Vinny Castaglia!

- Your honor
the real issue here is this,

is the scene that we saw on tape an act,

or was it for real?

- Wait, Buck knows, he knows
what we were there for,

ask him!

- She sure did try to come
on to me the night before.

And then when I took her to the school,

she did the same thing to Mr. Capiletti.

- Kathryn N. Collins, Rhonda Wallace,

I hereby sentence you to be incarcerated

in the Honeywell State Prison for Women.

For a term not less than three months,

nor more than two years.

Court's adjourned.

- Court!
- This is Officer DeVever.

You're under her personal supervision.

I suggest you listen closely
to everything she says.

- You'll be housed in cellblock
seven with 150 other inmates

the rules are real simple,
you do everything I tell you,

when I tell you, and you do it right.

The first you step outta
line, you go in the cooler.

Second time, I get real serious.

- Excuse me sir.


~ Si?

- There's a Mr. Lewis that lives here,

and I've been calling him,
my sister's staying with him.

This is her, have you seen her?

What's a shame?

- The cops got her, lady.

- The police arrested my sister, but why?

- They say she was a puta.

- They say my sister was a whore?

- What?

- Call your parents and sister.

- But you said--

- And tell them you'll
be out of the country

on an acting job, perhaps Mexico?

Yeah Mexico would be perfect,

tell him you'll be back in a few months.

You know with time off for good behavior,

you could be outta here
in, oh say, eight weeks?

- Eight weeks, I can't!

- You have no choice.

Make the call.

- But I can't lie to my dad that way.

- Make the call.

- Mexico, what's the
matter with you Kathie,

are you outta your kind?

- Daddy please, you have
to understand, I have to.

- You don't have to do
a damn thing, Kathie.

- And whatever happens,
I love you and Tracy.

- What are you talking
about, whatever happens.

You're not telling me
everything, there's something

wrong now, come on.

' Daddy?

Please just trust me okay, just trust me.

- You just wait there till
your sister gets there,

you understand?

- I gotta go now.

- Don't hang up on me, Kathie.

When are you coming back?

- In two months.

- I love you Kathie.

- I love you too, Daddy, goodbye.

- Strip and search!

All's gotta come off, now.

Let's move it!

- Fuck you...

- Excuse me.

- I said fuck you, bitch!

- Goddammit, you.

- Oh no wait, shit!

- Bitch, your turn.
- Leave me alone!

Ah you fucking bitch!

- Ah, your turn bitch.

' No!

- Let's go man, let's go!

One more time and I'm
messing you up I say!

- Yeah I got it Joe, I got
it all right all right.

A puta huh, arrested on
her first day in town,

your sister must be something.

- Detective Stoner,
there's no way Kat would

ever do anything like that.

Couldn't you just check it out?

- Dan uh, Collins?
- Kathryn.

- Yeah, Kathryn, day?
- Day?

- Yeah, when was she missing?

- Last Thursday.
- Thursday.

- Thursday.

Nothing on the computer.

- You mean she was released?

- No I mean she was never arrested.

- Then where is she?

- Ah who knows, Gladys?

Doesn't take Charlie Chan
to figure that one out,

run this by homicides later.

- Right away sir.

- Okay, your sister is like
thousands of other runaways,

you know break away from
home, and try to make it

on their own.

- She's not a runaway.

I know my father didn't
give her a blessing,

but he knows where she is.

- Or was.
- Or should be.

- So where do we look?

- We don't, we wait.

- What do you mean we wait.

- Hey it's a big city, sweetheart.

A lot of little girls get lost.

- Hey look now Tracy, either
your sister is gonna make

it real big in Hollywood,
or poverty and hunger

is gonna overtake her pride
and she's gonna call you.

How many days have you
been away from home?

- Three.

- She could've called you in the meantime.

So what's your home number in Utah?

- It's area code 307--

- Hey let me get it, let me get it.

- It's area code 307.

- Hey Stoner, we've got another
Floater in Lake Hollywood,

16 stab wounds right up
your alley sweetheart.

- Up yours too.

- Hello Dad, I'm fine, fine.

Listen have you heard from
Kat, just this morning?

She called.

Mexico, for how long?

Two months, no Dad, I'm fine, I really am.

I miss you too, I love you, bye bye.

- All right then, case closed.

All right?
- Thanks Mr. Stoner.

- Come with me young lady.

- To where?

- To the warden's office.

Don't be afraid, all right?

- Enjoy the warden, bitch!
- She's fucked.

- Hello beauty.

- Pretty hair, whore.
- Have a good time, sweetie.

- Graduation day.

- Come in Kathryn.

- Oh no please.

- Please, please?

- Welcome to Honeywell Prison Camp.

- Get up and get in the chair.

- This is Mr. Santiago, Kathryn.

He's on your parole review board.

He will question you privately
in our adjoining room 101.

And determine whether or not
you are a model prisoner.

And hence due for an early release, or,

you must serve the entire two year period.

- Can you help me, please?

I don't understand what he's saying.

- I'm sure you'll have no
trouble communicating Kathryn.

The language of love is international.

- What?

- Don't be coy with me, young lady.

If you'll just be kind enough
to take off your uniform,

we can get on with the interview.

' No!

You must be out of your mind!

What kind of a place is this?

- This is
home, this is your home.

For a long, long, time my dear.

- No, no please.


Oh God, what are you doing here?

- Don't fuck with Sybil,
she can make your stay here

a living hell.

- She's right, I've been
in the slammer before.

And I never saw anything like this place.

- This place is unreal.

- No this place is real,
I've seen it many times!

I know every inch of this place.

- You've served time here before?

- No, never.

Now leave me alone, I'm
waiting for a commercial.

- Ah, a commercial?

- That's Daisy, the girls
call her Crazy Daisy.

- She thinks all of this is on TV.

- This place is so awful,
she's retreated into fantasy.

- Look!

That's where they shot
Birdman in Alcatraz!

That's where they shot
Birdman in Alcatraz!

- Okay Daisy, Daisy!

- So what did you do to get in here, slut?

Spit on the sidewalk?

- I didn't do anything.

I didn't do anything at all.

And up in the warden's office,
this man nearly raped me.

- Oh, here at Honeywell,
they don't just lock you up.

They teach you to be sexually submissive.

- Can't we complain to anyone?
- To who?

- Visitors?

- We don't get visitors.
- But they can't do that.

There's laws, this is America,
they can't just lock you up!

- Honey you left America
behind you when those doors

slammed shut.

- What they're trying to say
is, those of us who have been

locked up before, we never
heard about this place.

- She's right, this
place is real different.

- I don't get it.

- Sluts never do.

- All I wanna do is
just stay outta trouble.

- Well you shouldn't have
fucking came to Honeywell

then bitch!

Don't you fucking touch me!

Or I'm gonna pretty up
your ugly little face.

- Uhm I'm sorry, okay?

- Yeah you
are sorry, one sorry bitch.

- No I didn't mean to--

- Don't you fucking touch me!

- I've seen this in Chain Heat!

- No, no please!

- Who started it, hmm?


I guess some little girls
are just born to be bad.

Daddy's gonna take you to the quiet room.

- No please God, somebody help
me, no no no, no no no no!

- Hello, is anybody home,
hello, is anybody home?

Hello, hello!

- All right all right
I'll be there already.

Oh terrific, they finally got it right,

okay now let's get in
here and see what you got

under those clothes.
- Look, look!

- Watch your step I don't
want you to hurt yours...

- I don't think you understand who I am.

- Well, you want me to
shoot you like this?

- I'm not a model, I'm looking
for Kat, Kathryn Collins?

She's my sister.

- That's right you do look like her.

You got that same terrific smile.

- Your building manager
told me she was arrested.

And then my father got a
call and said she's off

in Mexico on some--

- That fricking Carlos, he
doesn't know a rat's ass

about Hollywood, look, she
got a movie, she got a gig

in Mexico, and, I'm telling
you, she's down there

shooting a film, having
the time of her life.

Now let's go on in here and
I'll tell you all about it.

- Yeah that's wonderful
but it's not like her.

She would've told me.

- Look she probably got too
excited and just forgot to call.

- It's wonderful she has a
feature film and everything

but she would've told me.

- Look she probably just got too excited

and she forgot call you all right?

Now come on just sit down
here, just sit down and relax.

Please, we have to sit down, come.

Close your eyes, close
your eyes, close your eyes!

There, okay now just breathe.

Yeah, that's nice.

Yeah how does that feel.

- Feels great.

- You want it harder.
- Harder.

- Yeah?
- Hmm-mm!

- You know I really should be going.

- I know I know.

I'm sorry I shouldn't have
tried to kiss you, I'm sorry.

- It's okay.

- Hey tell me something, before you go,

have you ever thought
about being an actress?

- I've done some acting in New York.

- Really?
- Yeah!

- I could get you a part of that film

that your sister's shooting in Mexico.

- You could?
- I could!

- That would be so great.

I mean the both of us working together!

Do you know this is something
we always dreamed out doing?

How could I ever thank you?

- You could give me a little kiss.

- Okay -.

I think that's enough.
- Now come on.

Where's that little smile?
- I really...

I think that's enough!

- This will only take a minute, Dirk.

This joker Buck, he said
he never even heard of

Kathryn Collins and I know better.

- I said that's enough!

- You bitch, nobody hits
me, nobody fucking hits me!

- No stop it!

- Don't you lay a hand on her,

you open the goddamn door now, open it up!

- Stupid bitch, get your fucking ass up!

or I'll blow
your fucking head off!

Fucking get the fuck away from me!

or I'll kill your ass!

I'll kill your fucking ass!

Mr. G sent you didn't he?

Kiss my ass, is that what you want?

I'll kill your fucking ass!

- That asshole knows where my sister is.

- I'll ask him nicely.

I'm gonna ask you just once.

- It's Mr. G.

- Where?

- 7th and Broadway.

- I think I have to go
for a movie audition.

- I like that idea a lot.
- Wait, wait!

Listen, let me go first,
they'll believe me!

As soon as I find out
what's going on I'll call.

- No way.

- Victor's right, you don't
know what you're getting

yourself into!

- Please I figure the agency's
just one link to a chain.

Chances are they'll probably
put me through the same

scam, she's my sister, it's
the only shot I've got.

- You gotta love this woman right?

But if you don't call by eight o'clock.

- I will pay you a visit.

Let's go.

- Come on doll it's time for a walk.

- Where?

- You have a date with an angel.

- Fuck you.

- No, fuck her.

- Who's next?

- Don't stand on ceremony my dear.

Why don't you take off your
things, and come and join me?

- Lesbian freak! I'd rather die!

' Die?

I think I can arrange that.

- This way lady.

- Where are they taking us?

- Room 101.

- What's room 101?

- Just relax.


Part of the entertainment.

- Showtime ladies.

- A little more
soap, I know you want it pal,

let's go.

You look fine, honey.

- So you wanna be in the movies huh babe?

' Yes.

- I think we could probably
help you out with that,

right Erica?

- Oh I think we can do that,
why don't you take a look

at these sides, darling?

- I heard you got my sister
Kat a feature film in Mexico.

- Yeah that's right, and
I think we could probably

do for you, what we did for her.

- Tracy Linn Collins, you
are hereby sentenced to be

incarcerated in the
Honeywell Prison for Women,

for a term of not less than three months

or more than two years, court adjourned.

- So anyway I told her, you
know, that I didn't even wanna

be there, that I thought that
she should go by herself.

- Excuse me miss.
- Well exactly!

That's what I was trying to tell her.

- Tracy Collins?

- I'll have to get back to you.

How can I help you?

- Tracy Collins.
- Never heard of her.

- You've been here all day?

- No I was filling in for
Vanna on Wheel of Fortune.

Look gimme a break, I
don't know who she is.

- She was looking for her
sister, Kat, who got an acting

job in Mexico through your agency.

- Look, I don't know what
you're talking about.

- Who runs this shitcan operation?

- I don't know, I can't
say and I don't intend to.

- May I?

' Tony!

- What the hell is going...

And who the fuck are you?

- Where's Kat and Tracy Collins?

- I don't know what the
fuck you're talking about.

- One more time sleazebag.

Where are they?

- Get the fuck outta here.

- Inquiring minds wanna know.

- Fuck you!

This is for you,

and this is for you!
- No!

- Out the door, out the door to your left,

let's go, let's 9°!

Ladies let's go.

- Fresh meat eh?

- Oh god I can't believe
you're here, where's Daddy,

is he here?

- Honey, he's at home, Daddy's at home.

I'm here I promise, I'm
gonna take care of you.

- Why are you dressed
like that, where's Daddy?

Tracy what's going on?

- She came to keep you company.

- No, no you have to get me outta here.

- It's okay, I will.
- You don't understand.

All that has happened in this place.

Ugly ugly things!
- It's okay.

- Please you have to.

- Oh hey it's not so bad in here is it?

I'll take care of you.

' No!

- Oh now, that's not a very
nice way to speak to a friend.

And I've always tried to be
real nice to you haven't I?

- YES.

- Well you see then?

Now you know I do.

Now you just watch and
you see how nice I can be.


Hey Spyder's your friend, you know that.

Time to fly.

You got your parole baby.

- Wait, she's free!

- Like a fucking bird.

- But Spyder what about me, what about me?

- One day you'll be a good little girl

and maybe Spyder will
take care of you too huh?


' 5Pyder...

You know me, I'll do anything.

- You already have.

- Okay, oh no!

- Gloria!

Please tell my dad!
- Please, please!

- I don't have to do anything
I'm out of this fucking place.

- Gloria please call him.

- It's okay, it's only
a superficial wound.

- I'm fine man I'll be outta
here in a couple of hours.

- We don't have a couple
of hours, I know where

they are and I'm going in.
- Alone?

- My favorite way to fly!

- Spice, are you okay?

- No one's okay in this fricking joint.

- I thought you had Spyder under control.

- Control...


He can't even control
himself, goddamn animal.

- Spice.

Look you've been here longer than anyone,

isn't there anything,
anything at all that we can do

to get out of here?

- There's an old saying.

When rape is inevitable,

you ought to just lie down and enjoy it.

- No I'm not lying down for
anyone and neither should you!

You don't have to do that!

There's gotta be another way.

- Well somebody better come
up with a goddamn idea.

- All right.

Figure it out, there's
gotta be a way to get

a message out there.
- So what's the plan?

- To arrange for
both of us to be taken

to the warden, I'll distract her,

and you make the phone call.
- Distract her, how?

- Good girls might
get out of eventually,

but bad girls get out faster.

- Lesson for you, Mama.

- If you would just trust me,

there's absolutely no
way I would let anything

happen to you, just sit down right here.

Yeah, you are so lovely.

God you're so beautiful.

- Why don't you have a drink pussycat.

- I don't drink.

- It would make me very happy,
if you would have a drink.

You do wanna make me happy?

- I do wanna make you happy.

- Don't turn.

- Run Kat!

Bitch, run Kat!

- Police operator.

- I need help I'm at Honeywell Prison.

- Okay hold for the Desk Sergeant.

- Detective Sergeant Elston.

- Please help me, I'm
trapped at Honeywell Prison.

- Speak up lady, hey get me
one of those damn donuts.

Okay Stoner?

- Please help me I'm
trapped in Honeywell Prison.

- Might that be because you're a prisoner.

- Yes but I'm innocent.

- I'm absolutely sure you are.

Look at least give me half the damn donut.

- Hello?
- Huh, oh yeah, I'm here.

I'm here, go ahead.

- My name is Kathryn Collins
and I arrived the other day

from Utah, and I'm calling
from the warden's office

at Honeywell State Prison for Women.

- In California right?

California right, a Honeywell
State Prison, in California?

- Of course in California,
look can you help me?

- Of course I can help you.

Miss Collins I'll tell
you what I'm gonna do,

I'm gonna fall back on
all of my experience

as a detective, okay?

And I'm gonna conclude,
that you're a basket case,

one damn nut, because there's
no Honeywell State Prison

in California or any other
damn state as best I know.

- Look, there must be some
mistake, please check this number


Please help me.

For God's sake don't--

- I'll do what I'll can lady.

- Your wife, Elston?

- Look the city is burning
down and we got all of

these damn idiots out
there banging one another

to death on the freeway,
and I get this dumb lady

from Utah who calls me about this--

- Uh, Utah, what's her name?

- Uh name, name, I uh, I...

- So, Kathryn Collins?

- Bingo, so you know the broad?

I mean she calls me and tells
me she's in a warden's office,

in some Honeywell State Prison.

Now isn't that a crock of crap or what?

- Yeah that falls squarely
under the category, or what,

now trace the number.

- Yeah yeah but I gotta tap this kidney,

all that coffee and all.

- Hey Elston, now.

- Right, I'll pee in a cup.

- Get away, get away.




Tracy, Tracy!


- No, no, no!

- Oh no, oh my God.

Oh my God what have they done?

No, no, no!

Oh no, oh no...

Gloria, no...

What did they do to you?

- Ssshht, welcome to the quiet room.

- Oh God oh God, no no
no no no no no no no!

- Gentlemen, what are my bids for

this beautiful young lady?

' $5,000.

' $10,000.

' $25,000.

- No, no please!

' Shut up!

She knows.

- Well Kathryn.

So you've seen through our little charade.

- I don't understand.

- Do the words white slave
trade mean anything to you baby?

- You see our international clients here,

watch casting tapes and then
they make out shopping lists.

- We frame you out-of-town girls.

Send you to a movie set prison.

To break your spirit.

- But best of all,
is that most of the girls

actually believe that
they've done something

disgustingly painful.

- So the stupid bimbos tell their parents

and their boyfriends, they're
going out of the country

to work on a movie.

It's fucking beautiful,

- No one looks for them, there
is no missing person report,

and if some family in the
Midwest decides to check her out,

where would they look, Mexico?

- What about the people, the courtroom,

what about all those people?

- Now Kathryn that's the
part you should've guessed.

You see the judge, Santiago,

the district attorney and me,

we are all actors.

- Oh God, see Crazy Daisy was right.

Crazy Daisy was right...

- Come on baby.
- No please!

- You got a new playmate, Spyderman.

And you know what, we're
gonna start playing

with this little thing here, 5,000 volts.

You're gonna shit your little
pretty panty real quick.

Fuck him up!

Then get him the hell outta here!

- Let go of me, let go of me!

Let go of me!

- Hold her legs down there.
- I'm fine.

- Get away from here!
- Oh shit!

- Leave here alone!

Tracy get his keys, not one step!

Now, give me your gun.

Real slowly.

Stay the fuck there!

Stay there!

Come on Tracy let's get outta here.

- All right come on come
on get up we're leaving,

we're getting outta here.
- I'll take them outside.

- Come on, come on!
- Give us the keys!

- Come on!

- What the fuck, what's wrong?

- Holy shit we've got a
breakout on four, five and six,

and we got a goddamn fire.

' $0?

My little angels are out of their cages?

No one gets out of here alive, no one.

Waste 'em.

- No no no!

God, no!

- Ah get away from, get away, no!

- Victor!
- Honey, wow.

- My god your arm, what happened?

- Ah it's nothing.

You're okay that's what matters.

- I can't believe you're here.

I'm glad that you cared.

- Hey I care, more than you know.

I thought that you might be dead.

- You saved our lives.

How could I ever thank you.

- It was my pleasure.

- No it was mine.

- What about your dream?

Did that die in there too?

- It's not dead Victor, not ever.

It's still alive and I'm
gonna make it in this town,

you'll see I'm gonna be a star.

- Ah you're already a star,
they just don't know it yet!

- Take care Tracy.

- But where are you going?

- Gotta see a man about a war.

You coming?

- No.

I got a tougher fight here in LA.

I gotta keep her outta trouble.

- Kat, where's Rhonda?

- She was with us.

Oh my God she's still in there!

- No Kat!

- Rhonda, Rhonda?


Where are you, Rhonda?



Rhonda where are you it's Kat.

Oh God it's too late.

- I need you to come back for me.

- Kat, Kat?

- No, no, no, no!

- Die motherfucker!