Caged (2018) - full transcript

When her new found friend goes missing - a vicious young female killer unearths a ring of sinister internet snuff films being made in the middle of the Spanish desert. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- Mummy?

I want my Mum.







No, no, no, no.

No, please, please, help.



Please don't, let me out.

Let me out.

Why am I here?

Let me out.




it will do no good.

- Help.



What have I done?

Can you let me out?





Let me out.



Get off.

Help me.

No, no.

No, no, no, no, no.



Are you okay?

- I'm fine.

I notice that
bruise on your side.

Stop me if I'm being too nosy.

- I fell.

- Chloe, does it look
like I was born yesterday?

- How do you know my name?

- It's written on your badge.

- Oh, yeah.

- Sure you're okay?

- Thought you said it's
really none of your business.

- Why are you so nervous?

- I have to go and
see the boss, Hector.

- Something tells me
he's not in today.


- Yeah, I overheard.

Somebody else is here, JP.

He's not the boss,
he's the owner.

- JP, I think I met
him once before.

It's my first day.

Any advice?

- Get a different job, or go
back to wherever you're from.

Unless you like clearing
up puke and dirty laundry.

- Hmm, two of my
favorite things.

- Chloe.

Can I see you please?

Got a list of people to see
and things to do today, Chloe.

Hector doesn't
seem to be around.

Have you heard from him?

- No.

- The last time he spoke to
me he mentioned your name.

Do you know why?

- No.

- No?

- No.

- Hector may have mentioned
something about an opportunity,

about making a
little extra cash.

He said to me you could
use some extra funds?

No, really don't
know what you're talking about.

- Hector told me
everything, Chloe.

Your drug habit, your
gambling and now your debts.

I checked on the company
accounts and there has been

a payment approved.

A small transaction
to your account and

a small loan from Hector.

Four thousand Euros.

- Well, I just needed
that to pay my rent.

- Yes but you used it to
pay for something else.

Didn't you?

Don't be alarmed Chloe.

It's just I don't
want anyone knowing

about your indiscretions.

And, I'd rather keep
my reputation intact.

I know how you girls gossip.

Let me show you something.

You must understand Chloe,
that some of our clients

expect absolute discretion.

We're a VIP cleaning
company and we take

our non-disclosure
agreement very seriously.

So how do you think it looks?

What have you got to
say for yourself Chloe?

- Look, I really,
really need this job.

I settled the value of
that item personally.

It was worth fifteen
thousand Euros.

I should call the police, get
a nice stay in a prison cell.

Unless we can work
something out.

- Well, just tell me what you
want me to do and I'll do it.

- Can I trust you not to
tell anyone about this?

- Yes, yes, you can trust me.

I promise.

- There is a way that you
can pay off that debt.

- By this time tomorrow, we
could all move on from this.

So, walk out of the door
and I'll call the police.

Or, do as I ask and we can agree

that your debt will be clear.

You can keep your job and
these little indiscretions

can be forgotten about.

- What do you want me to do?

I want you to appear in
one of my films, Chloe.

Your fee will be
twenty thousand Euros.

So that's enough to clear
your debt and perhaps

something to get you
back on your feet again.

- Well, what is it, like porn?

- No, wow, phew, no I don't make

that kind of film, Chloe.

What do you take me for?

- I'm sorry, it's just
with the key in the door

and the camera and the stuff
I thought you were gonna...

- God, no, no, Chloe, no.

Oh, phew, I'm trying to...

I'm trying to help you
not make things worse.

- Sorry.

- But please, stop apologizing.

Look, why don't you...

Why don't you have
a read of the script

and then you decide.



I'm trying to develop
as a film maker.

Some of what I do
is a little risky.

But I'm trying to push the
artistic boundaries, you know,

push the envelope a bit.

I can't let this
out of my sight.

Been writing it for a while now.


Thanks again for
taking part in my film.

Yet, this idea came
from one of our members.

He was willing to pay,
well, twenty thousand Euros

to watch it,

so naturally I thought
it best to sort out some

fresh talent for him.

Hah, hah, that thing, hah, hah,
that's right, I can see you.

Probably got around 12
hours of battery life

which is probably more time
than you have left, Chloe.

Hah, hah, umm I told you

you'd clear your debt
by tomorrow, Chloe.

I love it, you're like a, a dog.


Like a poor little puppy
ready to mount the summer sun.

You won't get out.

You won't get out.

Don't do that, Chloe.

Might be a bit stupid
to use all your energy.

You might need it.

As soon as the sun comes up,

it should take between, three,
four hours for you to die.

A strong girl like you,
maybe a bit longer.

- Hello.

Oh, I'll let you know
how many views we're getting.

Chloe, I'm back.

I'd rest if I were you, Chloe.

It's like I said,
big day tomorrow.

Yeah, Hector said you
were a good choice.

He never liked you, said
you weren't very good

at cleaning any of those houses.

Well, I told him that
we could use you one day

for something better.

And, here we are.

You're not the first Chloe
and you won't be the last.

Oh yeah, I'm told the
difference in temperature

from the inside to the outside

can be in excess
of thirty degrees.

And it's gonna be
a hot one tomorrow.

Sleep tight.

Come on, put on a
good show for me.

It's no good Chloe,
but it is entertaining.

- I'm gonna call
the police, okay?

- Okay, thank you.

- I'll be back in a sec.

Hello, yes, hello.

Umm, I'd like an ambulance
and the police please.

Someone has arrived
here very distressed

and possible heatstroke,
sunstroke and dehydration,

I don't know.

Hold on.

Okay, it's Banos zero
zero four four zero zero

Al-Hama D MaGall.


- What happened to your foot?


Your foot?

- Oh, long story.

What happened to you?

- How long did they say?

I can't remember.

I'm not sure they did say.

Aah, speak of the devil.

- Close the door, close
the door, close the door.

Can you open
the door, please miss?

- Please do not open the door.

- Why?

- That's the man who
put me in the car.

- A police officer?

- Yes, the police.

- This is getting silly now.

- Close all the shutters, now.

Look, I know you don't
know me, but he's lying.

Look, I haven't tried to hurt
you, I haven't tried anything.

- What about the uniform?

- Don't know.

He must've planned this.

- That's it Chloe,
keep breathing.


and out.


I'm sure you're wondering
about this place.

This is one of ours as well.

And the phone call, well,
automatically diverted

to my phone.

Clever isn't it?

Might have been more
convenient though if you'd have

died out in the
desert but then again,

this is probably better.

I can make a sequel, see.

Dumm, Dumm.

In a world where Chloe survives.

- It's still a
pretty warm night.

- Do you have the time
or what time do you have?

Maybe my phone's an hour
ahead or behind or something.


I'm kinda short sighted.

- Oh, I'm sorry, me too.

I can't see shit any more.


- Oh, okay, thanks.

Well, I'd better
head back to the bar

and wait for my friend.

I think I've been stood up.

- Let me get you another.

Drown your sorrows.

- I have a confession.


- I don't really like martini,

I just thought it looks cool.

So, you know I don't want to
sit here looking like a douche.

I would like another
drink though.

- They know me here.

We can drink anything you like.

- Oh, I'm torn.

If I have another,
I can't drive.

- Stay here.

Drive in the morning.

Stay for a moment.

You'll make an old man happy.

Tell me about yourself
while we drink

and I shame your friend
for abandoning you.

- Let's get fucked up.

You know what?

I think I'm gonna
turn this thing off.

She's not coming.

I've heard nothing from her.

She's left me here,
all alone, by myself.

Just me.

- Perfecto.

- Gracias.

I'll be back in two.

- I wait for you.

- It was really nice of you
to get me a room, Hector.

Anything for you.

- I get the impression the
barman doesn't like you.

He's just jealous.

- Oops, wrong number.

I want to see
you get to your room safely.

- It's okay, I'll find it.

I'm not encouraging you to
come any further, Mr Ramirez..

Honey, I
don't need encouragement.

- I'm half your age.

It's just a number.


Meet me for breakfast before
you show me the stables.

Aren't you a naughty one.

You're a bad influence, Hector.

It's okay.

Night cap?

- You know what, I have
something for you Hector.

You'll like it.

Do you know much about
baseball, Hector?

- Baseball?

In this case, it's
just a metaphor.

Three strikes and you're out.

I went to get my stuff.

I wasn't gone too long though.

Hope you didn't
miss me too much.

You've been out
of it for a while.

Takes a while to load huh?

Isn't it amazing what you
can find in a hotel kitchen?

Aah, there we go.


This can go one of
two ways for you.

Password please.

I notice you were left handed.


It means touched by the devil.

Know much about Latin?

I'm right handed so what
does that say about me?

It means I can hit you so hard,

your cute little nose will
go through your brain.

Believe me, I've done
that a few times before.

Now, password please.

Good, now step one.

My friend, the hotel
manager downstairs,

wants a lot of money from you.

He's had enough.

No more little girls for
you to abuse in this place.

I told you he did not like you,

he just didn't know what
to do about the problem.

After all, the hotel's
reputation could be at stake,

which would not be
good for business.

The enemy of my enemy
is my friend so,

here's the account number.

Transfer all your funds please
or I'll begin to break you.

One bone at a time.

And I'll tell you,
your loving family

will be devastated
when they find out.

Think of the reaction.




You did good.


Step two, it's your choice now.

What are you gonna do about
all those heartbroken girls

whose lives you have wrecked?

Tell me, do you
remember Marie Gomez?

Maria told me this is
where you'd bring her,

almost in plain sight.

Her and others.

You threaten them,
you abuse them,

and those who
wouldn't tow the line,

well, some of those went
missing didn't they, Hector?

What did you do
with those girls?

Where are they?

So, do I break your neck,

do I push through,

or option three?

I'll be right back.

I don't wanna ruin this dress.

I did promise the
manager I wouldn't make

too much of a mess,

but you never know with
these kinda things.

Hi, me again.

Oh, I almost forgot.

I had to tell your
stupid bitch friend

that she probably won't
be at work tomorrow.

You'll be out of the office
for the next few days.

Hmm, Alina, Rea, whoops,

the wrong one.

Aah, Benita.

I've heard so much
about you, Benita.

Hey, just buy me a
nice little number.

I'll be out of the office
for the next few days.

What's she like by the way?

I mean how did you guys
end up working together?

Where did these missing
girls go, Hector?

Don't worry, I'll
find out soon enough.

I'm meeting her tomorrow.

I've really got my
outfit and everything.

Did you choose the color Hector?

I gave you every chance
to prove me wrong.

When a girl says, "I'm stranded

"and my friend has stood me up,"

any normal guy would
say, "How can I help?"

Maybe get a cab or just give
up and leave well alone.

And when I said meet
me for breakfast,

that doesn't translate to "can
I have some cocaine please?"

I bet you didn't think
little Maria Gomez

would come back to
haunt you, did you?

Oh, reply.

Benita says JP
will cover for you.

Who's JP?

Okay, what's good
about option three is

it's really gonna hurt you

and I can watch the
life drain out of you

knowing justice is done.

Let me show you.

I'm going to make an

Oh my god, I'm sorry.

I'm gonna stab you here,

piercing your diaphragm
and pushing through.

That way, you don't
make too much noise.

Then that's pretty
much it for the knife.

The rest is old school.


By hand.

Call it whatever.

There it is.

Fuck you.

Yep, yep, you can
come and get him now.

Maybe call me a cab too.

Yep, pleasure doing
business with you.

It's my first day, any advice?

- Get a different job, or go
back to wherever you're from.

Unless you like cleaning
up puke and dirty laundry.

- Hmm, two of my
favorite things.

- Chloe.

Can I see you please?

- Hola.

- I did that this morning.

Is there anything that
will get that out?

You don't talk.

Hi, me again.

Do you remember Maria Gomez?

- Who?

- Maria Gomez.

She used to clean for you.

You didn't treat her
too well, did you?

She told me you
made her do things

she really didn't wanna do.

She told me everything.

All the gory details.

- Who are you?

- She was caught in
possession of some drugs

which were meant for you,

some of that special happy
white powder that you asked for.

And got locked up.

And then she met me.

I was caught stealing.

It's okay though, I'm
much better at it now.

They won't catch me again.

She told me about
your naughty ways,

and what you did to
all your cleaners

and they were all too
scared to tell anyone.

Or, too embarrassed.

Anyway, the point
is she was fucked.

Her brain was scrambled
because of what you did.

And you know what?

She didn't deserve that.

She was a nice girl.

She couldn't take the guilt but
it was all somehow her fault

so she killed herself in prison.

I liked her and when she died
I was down one cell mate.

I get lonely.

But, luckily, I didn't have
much time left to serve so,

now I'm here to make
sure justice is done.

- What do you want?

- Can you see that?

It's Hector.

I crushed his black heart.

Maria went to him for help.

- I have money.

A lot of it.

I'll pay you.

- What for?

Oh, for the cleaning.

Yeah, I don't think I
can get that stain out.

Can you give Maria
her life back?

- No.


- Where is this money?

- There's a house,
we all use it.

Under the floorboards
in the bedroom.

In a safe.

At JP's place.


- I've heard the
name JP a few times.

- He's the one.

Whenever there's trouble,

whenever the girls
get out of hand,

he makes them disappear.


I'll take you to him.

- I don't think you'll be
skipping any time soon.

What are you gonna
do, introduce us?

"Hey JP, this is
Maria's friend Eve."

Is that what you're gonna do?

- Please.

One four, one four, passcode.

I know the combination
to the safe.

- Oh, well, I can open
a safe easy enough.

You see, when I was caught,

it was a bit of a
wake up call for me.

I needed to hone in
on my skills clearly.

I thought I was good enough
to stay in the shadows.

I like stealing.

But I'm no master thief.

I realize that when I ended
up in a Spanish prison.

Whoops, unlucky for me.

Really unlucky for you.

My real area of expertise...

Hold on, let me show you.

When that stuff I
gave you wears off,

you'll be in a lot of pain.

I broke your ankles.

These, these are my favorite.

I've never been caught at
what I'm really good at.

Now, option one.

Nice and quick.

Option two, I put you on my knee

and break your fucking spine.

Option three, slow and painful.

Or, option four.

We'll see now, won't we.

- Four, four, oh god.

- Uno, dos, tres, cuatro.

Oh, this is a good one.

I have a confession.

This isn't my first time.

Hmm, perfect.

Mini bar?

Mini bar?

Mini bar.



Hi, balcony girl.

- Hi.

- What's your name?

- Jess.

- Hi, Jess.


You look blue.

Boy problems?

Not girl problems?

- No, came here to get away.

Asked my friend to come with
me but she was the problem.

Shit sack.

Nut sucks.

Fuck him and her.

- Yeah.

Drink, Jess?

bar's a bit pricey.

- It's okay, I'm buying.

- Oh, more than fine, yeah.


- Yup.

What are you gonna do now?

- I really don't know.

- Well, if you wanna come over,

me and my friend Charlie would
be happy to cheer you up.

- Is Charlie asleep?

- Something like that.

Room service.

I didn't order
any room service.

- Wow, your room, it's,
it's same as mine.

- No, really!

Nice to formally meet you.

Don't think about
it, just do it.

- There's so much more
in them than you think.

Oh fuck.

- You alright?

- Shit, is that
what I think it is?

- You wanna find out?

- What's this?

- That's none of your biscuits.

- Where do you get
all of this stuff?

- If you must know, I took it.

Well, some of its mine
but none of that matters.

It's my standard
every day carry.

Look with your eyes, Jess.


- Sorry.

Aren't you afraid
of getting caught?

- No.

Truth or dare?

You're very odd, Eve.

Anyone ever tell you that?

- All the time.


- The bar's closed.

Pretty soon we'll
be out of booze,

so how about it?

How about what?

- Let's get some more.

- How?

- I'll show you, come on.

Now what?

Gimme your shoelace.

- Not wearing any shoes.

- Well, go and get them.

- Oh.

- Go get some booze.

- What?

- And be quiet about it.

You already have a head start.


What are we doing?

We're escaping
the scene of the crime.

We're fugitives.

You're the criminal mastermind

and I'm just the getaway driver.

I can't believe
this, I feel so bad.

You shouldn't.

It's on par with stealing
a pen from a bank.

If I'd done it, I'd be shitting
through the eye of a needle.

That's not funny.

We've got
to get away quick.

Come on, I think I hear sirens.

can you hear that?

- Anal gravy, Jess.

My guts would be turning.

I'd be sick to my stomach
with panic and fear.

Shittin' kittens.

It's okay, Jess, we can
pay for those miniatures

if it makes you feel any better.

- Shittin' kittens?

- Sideways.

- Where we going?

- See some awesome shit.

- Wow!

I mean wow!

- Cheers.

It's okay.

I haven't done it in a while but

sometimes you gotta let loose.

- I can't believe
I just did that.

- We need to document
this moment in time.

Jess, the criminal mastermind,
off her face on Class As,

jilted by her boyfriend,

goes on a stealing spree

and ends up in Spanish prison
for the next ten years,

sucking on an old woman's teat

and performing sexual favors.

- Just take the picture.

- Nice.

Didn't think you'd be doing
that tonight, did you?

- No, I did not.

- Choose.

- Sweet.

- Feeling any better?

- Much better.

Thank you.


- So you know my story.

What's your story Eve?

I'm here because
of a friend who died.

- Oh shit!

- Yeah, I know,
it's okay really.

Maria Gomez.

She was nice.

What happened?

- She killed herself.

So now I'm here to sort
out a few things for her.

You know, loose
ends on her behalf.

- Well, I could do with
some company on this trip.

I'm staying at this massive
villa all on my own,

just out of spite.

I was gonna have my friend
come with me but obviously, no.

- Not at the hotel?

- No, no that's just a night

because I couldn't get
a flight until tomorrow.

So, I'm just there
tonight and then

on to this villa tomorrow.

- I'll come with you.

- Awesome.

- So, in the spirit of
sharing, can you keep a secret

seeing as you told me some
stuff that's pretty raw

and close to the heart?

- Truth or dare.

- Good idea.


- I dare you

to down that.

- That was super easy.

You suck at this already.

- Alright, truth.

- Okay, truthfully,

would you take back this
guy whose clearly an idiot,

even though he's run off
with your best friend?

- I think I would.

- No, Jess, no.

Okay, truth.

- What's your special talent?

Is it stealing things?

I've never met a thief before.

I'm not a thief.

I kill people.

I can't
tell if you're joking.

- Don't worry, you're
not on the list.

- Wow!

I thought you were going to
say skipping or something.

- Skipping.

Although I am quite the skipper,

not in the sea
captain sense though.

- This is turning into
such a weird night.

I like it.

- Good, I'm glad.

- How many?

- You don't wanna know.

- Double figures?

- Definitely.

- Shit!

The bed.

- Truth.

- What?

- Are you as cold as I am?

- More so, it's
freezing out here.

So is Eve
your real name then?

- It sure is.
Eveline Constantine.

- What?

- I know, awesome right.

- How did you find out
about your special talent?

- My dad sort of helped me.

When I was six years
old we had this rabbit.

Kept bobbing backwards and
forwards over this fence,

until one day it didn't
make it over quite right.

And it broke its neck.

I caught up to my dad
and we had it put down.

He noticed I wasn't really
upset about it and asked me.

I didn't really have the
words to tell him how I felt.

That's when he
kinda knew I think.

Then, a few years later
he took me hunting

and we had this
like, near my house.

He didn't tell my mum obviously,

said we went bowling
instead or something.

He asked me if I could kill a
deer with a bow and so I did.

That's not normal for
a thirteen year old.

He asked me if I had urges
and if I can control them.

I didn't really know what
he meant at the time,

but we carried on as normal.

And then when I was fifteen,
somebody broke into our house,

a junkie, held my
gun at gunpoint,

was screaming at him, telling
him to get him some cash

or jewelery or
something to sell.

I snuck in and I could
see the look of fear

in my dad's face.

My dad spotted me and he
nodded as though he knew

what I thinking.

So, I tiptoed into the kitchen,

got a knife, called
out to my dad.

That junkie came in after me.

I hid behind the door,

jumped the junkie,

stabbed him until
he dropped the gun.

Then I slit his throat.

- Shit!


- You saved your dad's life.

I did indeed.

- What happened to the junkie?

- We buried him.

So now, he doesn't come
up in conversation much.

We moved around a lot anyway.

My dad, he's a medic
in the marines,

my mum's a staff sergeant.

My parents, they taught
me everything I know.

- So how did you end up here?

- A missing person's case was
getting a lot of attention

and I had some intimate
knowledge as to how

that person went missing,
if you know what I mean.

He was a pedophile.

- Oh, so you...

- Yeah.

- So.

So, I wanted to tour Europe.

I'm not really a people person

so I was wandering
aimless for a bit.

I think I found my purpose in
life, as grim as it may sound.

- Like an avenging angel.

- Something like that.

Got caught stealing,
which was stupid.

But that's how I met Maria Gomez

so may be it was
meant to happen.

You wanna head back?

I think the booze has
probably worn off by now.

- Yeah, cool.

- Okay.

Let's go.

- Okay.

Oh, ouch, fuck.

- Shit.

Are you okay?

- Fuck!

Fuck, I'm bleeding all over.

- Okay, let's go.

- Is it all stuck in there?

Yeah, stay still.

drinking's not my thing.

- That's just the drugs talking.

And were you not
on so many of them,

this will hurt a lot more.

Deep breath.


Oh my god.

- You may lose the leg.

It's already gangrenous.

Fuck you.

Did your dad teach you that?

- Yep.

You ask a lot of
questions, Jess.

- Sorry.

I've had a very strange day.

- Alright, that should be good.

I'm gonna go and
check something out.

I won't be long.

- What now?

- The darkness is going to help.

- Ooh, you're not...

- Just a little reconnaissance.

- Rest up soldier.

The less you know the better.

- Ignorance is bliss.

- Exactly.

- Eve, will you marry me?

- I'll think about it.

Should be easy enough.

But not right now.

I got some of your
clothes from your room.

- Ah, thanks.

- I'll take you to the
doctors for your foot.

Come on.

I'm planning
on world domination.

- Or to sleep all afternoon.

- Probably the second one.

Have you got the address?

- Affirmative.

- Is that my printout?

- No, it's my printout.

Oh, you are sneaky.

- I wouldn't wanna end
up at the wrong place

and jump into the
wrong pool, would I?

Here, take this.

Get a cab when you're done
and I'll meet you after.

- What are you going to do?

- I have one more errand
to run for my friend Maria.

- Oh right.

Well, in that case.

- Yep, I'll get food,
booze, DVDs and bacon.

Yes, bacon.

Then we can drive
to the beach and...

- We can do all those things.


Now go.

- Okay.

- Adios.


- Miss you already.


- Turn around.

- Please.

I didn't know.

I thought JP might
be cheating on me,

so I waited until
he left to sneak in,

to see if I could
find some dirt.

If you let me go,

we can pretend none
of this happened.

He told me he loved me.

- Can't do that.

Now that you've seen this.

You're gonna make
us some good money.

American internet snuff.

- Oh.

You're making snuff films.

I get it.

Shouldn't they be blue
and from Belgium though?

- What?

You know, those
little blue guys,

that live in mushroom houses.

It's easy to pull the trigger.



This could go one
of two ways for you.

Man, I need some
different shit to say.

Where are they?

- Fuck you.

- Only three bullets?

What the fuck.

Did you forget to pack
'em before you went off

this morning or something?

Let's see.

Okay, that wasn't even a
thousand revs.


Okay, sat nav, now
we're getting somewhere.

- Favorite.

- I'm sorry, what?


- Favorite.

Oh, okay.

Favorites, why
didn't you say so?

Alright, so, go to favorites,

press that, press go.

Oh, could you move
out of the way?

Just a little bit.

Little bit more.

That's good.

Alright, bye.





it'll do you no good.

- Come on, come on.


Get off.

No, don't you fucking touch me.

Get the fuck away from me now.




- What's happening?

- I think I have some idea.


- Please, I'll
give you all of it.

- All of what?

The cash.

Everything I've
earned from this.

- How many people?

- I don't know.

I've lost count.

- Jess?

- Sorry.

She's still moving, have a look.

- "Sorry"?

- Look, please, I just
did this to cover myself.

- What's your password?

Tell me and I won't kill you.

- You promise?

- I promise.

Juan Perro.

- Now let's see if you're lying.

Wow, you have been
busy, haven't you?

It's all yours.

- Thanks.


Are you headed to
the beach, Jess?

- I'm in so much pain, Eve.


- Are you sure?

- Please.


- She's gone?

- Come on.


- I remember.