Cafundó (2005) - full transcript

Cafundó is a 35 mm color film which blends fact with fiction in the life of João de Camargo, a former black slave (1858-1942, Sorocaba, Brazil) who, in his old age, works miracles and devotes himself to assisting others in order to attain his freedom. João de Camargo represents the genesis of religious and cultural syncretism in Brazil. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
I sell only fashion clothes.

What I have here today one
can find only in shopping malls.


The soul of the world is irrational.

Creation is language.
I'm serious about it.

Nothing more than language.

But all of a sudden
we don't even know who we are.

We can't hear the inside
nor read the outside.

Closed up in our shells
we go dumb.

The origin of the word "dumb"
is in the word "private".

Each one of us
has become private.

We no longer share the common
knowledge of creation.

The nature of things
has the habit...

of hiding itself.





Hey, Jo?o?

Go, go!

Hey, Jo?o!


Hey, Jo?o!

Are you going mad, man?

I don't know.

I close my eyes and
I see so many things.

My head seems to be full of voices.

You have to get real.
Talking to spirits is no good!

There are too many things
we don't understand, Cirino.

Stop that, Jo?o. Let 's drive
on the herd, we'll arrive today.

We're just like those mules...

going where the whip tells us to.

But the whip is now
in our hand, Jo?o.

On the farm, it 's in the master's hand.

Aren't you aware yet
that slavery is over?

- But for us very little has changed.
- Lf it hasn't, Jo?o, it will.

What if we went back to Africa?

Forget about Africa.
Are you mad, man?

We were born here, this is where
we have to live, Jo?o.

- Sarav?!
- Sarav?!


The fair has come!

The fair has come!

The fair has come!

- The mules are all here.
- Thirty-five altogether.

One fell into a ditch and
another died of fever, Master.

It 's always like that, I understand.

Master, we'd like to have
a word with you.

We like you very much,
but we're free now.

- I see.
- We'd like to live our own way.

I see. You're no longer slaves.

Brazil has no more slaves.
We're a free men's republic.

- Do you want to be free?
- That 's our point.

- Do you wanna be Brazilians?
- That we are.

You'll have to prove that fighting
for Brazil, defending the republic.

No, I just wanted to get mother
at the farm and leave.

You'll present yourselves to the
military regiment as volunteers.

You'll fight next to Marshal Floriano,
in Itarar?...

for the government,
against the federalists.

I gave my word that I'd send my men.

Don't disappoint me.

It used to be better. Mules and
niggers were all that we needed.

I heard say Princess Isabel
did not free the mules from slavery...

...only the niggers.
- Yes...

but the steam engines are coming.

The trains will do the mules' work.

Brazil is too big.

By the time the trains get where
only mules reach, we'll be dead.

But what are we going to do
with the niggers?

Look at those women!

This is livin', ain't it, fella?

I won't ever go back to that farm
and stay there stuck in that hole.

- But we gotta go to war.
- No way. War is white men's thing.

We get clothes, a rifle,
a place to sleep, food...

...and even money!
- The bearded woman.

Come you all! The most exotic harem
in the world!

Yeah, fella, but what if we get
a bullet in our guts?

Jo?o, we only have
to stay out of sight.

And that 's the excuse we need
to see the world.

But the world is so confusing.

That is exactly what we need.
In war, we'll see only stinky men.

Look at those women!

Lift your skirt, woman
Don't let It get wet

The skirt cost money
Money was hard earned

Lift your skirt, woman
Don't let It get wet

The skirt cost money
Money was hard earned

Yeah, Jo?o!

Walk like a man, Jo?o.

I prefer barefoot.

Come on, Jo?o. Let 's go
and see this republic thing.

Wait, fella.

This is not something to throw away.

A brand new pair of boots.

- What do we do now?
- Forget it. It wasn't that bad.

We stayed there out of sight,
like two dumb asses.

We didn't even fight.
There wasn't no war, no death.

Much better that way.
No more fighting, no more marching...

no more sergeants or mud.

We've already paid the master's price.
Now, Jo?o, we are free!

I'll take a bath, Jo?o.

Let 's see what we can do
for the girls of this town.

Buddy, I'll go get my mother
at the farm, but I'll come back.

Go with God.

Your blessing.

Jesus Christ blesses you, Son.

I've come for you, Mother.

My stuff is all packed, Son.

But you didn't kill anyone,
did you?

No, there was no need.

But didn't the master
send you to war, Son?

Yes, Mother. But afterwards
he changed sides.

And what side are we on, Son?

We're upside down, Mother.

Efung?, Efung?, Manam?!
Send me Alfredinho!

It 's the boy's cross.

It happened when you
were a boy, like him.

Alfredinho liked running against
the wind, he wanted to ride heaven.

And that's where he went to.

Sad things happened here, but this
can be a place of great happiness.

Pray, Son, pray.
He'll come back to help us.

But wasn't he white?

Alfredinho is a child-spirit,
and they have no color.

You know, Mother, I'd like to go
to the town, back to Sorocaba.

There are so many things
to do and see...

so many people and festivities.

- I'm old, Son.
- Nonsense.

You can pray and cure "cachapurra".
You can even cure "mafamburra".

But one mustn't sell that, Son.

There must be a beautiful place,
a corner of the world for us.

Mother, the world has no corners.

It does. Ask that boy.

- Where's the corner of the world?
- It 's in Cafund?.

I've come to see you
I've come to get you

Where are you?
Come over here

Oxal? and Ox?ssi receive us.

Look at him and say
they may stay. Nod.

The circle has turned.
Can they stay?

- Ever seen armadillo climb a stick?
- That's a lie

- And a monkey fall off a branch?
- Only you have seen that

- And a waspon a rump?
- That sure is hell! Oh boy!

Is it true you've been in the war?

Yes, but I didn't fight.

- Have you ever traveled by train?
- Yes. It feels good. You...

And have you been with a woman?

I don't know.

Your mind always seems to be
somewhere else.

- I know, thoughts can fly.
- I wish I could fly like that.

Mother, this is fresh cow's dung.

It seems like "mafamburra",
and I thought he was my friend!

- So was he your friend?
- Yes.

- A good friend?
- A good friend.

A good friend, but an enemy's friend.

Enemy's friend.
Good cleansing.

Yes, but he was a friend...
Friend and "unenemy". "Unenemy".

Son, Oxal? will protect you
against all evils.

Are you leaving?

Mother is well here.
Look after her.

And aren't you well here?

I am, but there has been an itch
itching me for a long time.

And where are you gonna
scratch yourself?

Out there.

Who are you?

What are you doing here?
Where do you work?

I was just lookin'.
I'm lookin' for work.

- What can you do?
- I can grow cotton, sugarcane...

help in the kitchen.
I know how to look after animals too.

There are no donkeys here, man.
Nor kitchen.

This is a factory. Go away!

I already told you.
Take this fellow outta here!

Go away, scram!

I don't want niggers
looking for work here!

Just look at him. All fucked up.

He looks like a wretched dog.

I've heard say the textile factory
needs people to pit cotton.

- Out, you bums!
- Let go!

Go away! Bums!


Ah, son of a bitch!
I curse you, devil!

- It will be difficult this way.
- The problem is we can't even read.

I'm much better than the whites
at lots of things.

One day, I'll find someone
who appreciates me.

What you can do well is
the old in-and-out thing.

These whites have never
tasted my cookin'.

Iwent to the beach
There was a gale

But It was so strong
That my love didn't show up

Let 's go.

Thieves, thieves, thieves!

Take this.

- Look.
- What 's that?

- Banana!
- A banana is what you are!

I didn't pay anything.
A woman gave them to me.

Come on, let 's go, let 's go.

- Here you go.
- Am I a monkey to eat banana?

Stop picking on the boy.
Let him eat!

- Have some grub!
- Grub!


Hey, Jo?o, at last.

The water from the well is so bad
that a dog won't drink it.

And you know, in a white house,
the blacks are always to blame.

You mustn't complain.

You are in a good house,
with good food, a good bed.

That 's what you think.

That bastard Teodoro used to say
he'd make me a queen.

I'm still waitin'!

What about me? I sleep in a cold shed
and make almost no money.


You idle dog. Can you cook?

Manoel? Where have
you been, Manoel?

The guests are arriving,
and you're not ready.

I've come for my collar
that was being ironed.

Do you think I don't notice your
shameless behavior with that nigger?

- What are you talking about?
- Get in quick!

Levinda, Levinda!
Why isn't the table set?

- I'm still ironin'.
- Shut up!

Useless, idle nigger!

They've given you freedom,
but no intelligence.

Go back to work!
I'm keeping an eye on you!

Anything wrong, and you're out!

"Useless, idle nigger".
That dried up vulture! Devil!

I'm up to here with that snake!

Careful, Levinda, she almost saw
everything. Maybe she did.

No more takin' offense
from bad people.

This is no place for us, Jo?o.
Teodoro has better plans for me.

- These ones.
- What happened?

They burnt.

We got our things and stormed out.
Thank you. Let 's go.

I've come to see you
I've come to get you

Where are you?
Come closer

I've come to see you
I've come to get you

Where are you?
Come closer

Come on!

Take this to mother. She's always
wanted a pair of scissors.

Tell her I always ask
for her blessing, ok?

- Are you on your way?
- To Cafund? we go!

- Hey, Jo?o!
- Hey, fella. So we meet again!

- Today's Congonlese Kings' festival.
- Our Lady of the Rosary's too.

It 's gonna be good!

Ain't it good to have money, Jo?o?
There'll be lots of pretty girls.

- But only that?
- Yeap. And nothing for you, nigger.

Say something I can understand.

Speak properly, nigger!

Out! You're fired!

You stinky, shameless niggers!

Let 's go. Let 's go.

This man is full of sorcery.
He will do evil.

I don't like that.

So, puppet, tell me what to do
to get that pretty girl.

She's not for the likes of you.

- That 's what you think!
- We'll see.

- What 's your name?
- Ros?rio.

Ros?rio? It 's a saint 's name.

Yeah. Maybe I can operate miracles.

Come! Come!

- Can you hear that?
- What is it?

A slave's ghost pounding
his pestle.

- Up there, in the chapel!
- May God give him rest.

- It 's coming!
- What?

The pestle! It 's coming down!
Come on!

Come on quickly!

Do you know the sea?


Would you take me there?
To the sea...

Hey, Jo?o, come here. Come here!

Are you deaf? Don't stay there.
Let 's get out of here quickly.

- What 's goin' on?
- The foreman got killed.

- Who did it?
- Dunno. It must be Exu's doin'.

Any nigger will do in the absence
of a culprit.

- I'm not goin' back there. Come on!
- Calm down, Cirino!

We'd better find another job, Jo?o.

I've met a lass, Cirino.

Run, Jo?o. The police!

- I met her at the festival. Pretty.
- Shut up, Jo?o!

I think I'll get married.

I know about a good piece of land.
If you want...


Hey, buddy!

Take me to some hidden place.

- This is no life for me.
- Ros?rio...

Life will get better.
This is our first harvest.

This is the end of the world!

I miss people, music, noise...

the city.

We'll go.

In two or three moons,
we'll be going there.

- Why so much desolation?
- It 's the plague. People die daily.

Who's that? He looks like a vulture!

Don't say that. He's the only one
who's come to help us.

- All the rich folk have run away.
- Please...

come and see my son who's dying.

- I think I know him.
- Monsignor Jo?o Soares. A saint!

Can I have some water?

Don't you prefer something else?

A very beautiful woman.

And smells good too.

Shackin' up with a nigger.
What a waste.

The corn is good today,
Mr. Sebasti?o.

- I don't have any money today.
- No money?

- No.
- Look here...

Let me read your palm, dear.

Spit, spit. Rub it up!

Dear, what a mess.

Let me read your cards.

Paloma, Paloma
Everybody calls me Paloma

I call you a sister, a lady
But who can fearyour leaving

The little dove is quite naughty.
Worse than Pombajira.

- The sheets and thorns away
- You enjoy a sweat smell, huh?

You can't fool me, bitch!
Spanish kings' woman!

Ros?rio, shall we go?

It 's yellow fever.

You'd better go home.
Things around here are no good.

- And you?
- I'll go see mother.

The plague is everywhere.
Let 's go.

It 's Omolu's punch.
It 's the end of times!

- Let 's go, Ros?rio.
- Bitch!




Get out of here, son of a bitch!

Go away!



The world is going to end.

It 's going to end on the street,
on the moon.

In the sky, in the air.

It 's going to end.

We won't miss it.

There won't be anyone left
to cry for it.

The day's coming! It 's the beginning
or the end of the agony.

Happy new year!
It 's the end of the world!

It 's already ended.

Ain't this all God's punishment?

- God doesn't punish.
- Why is life so miserable, then?

Secrets of God's face.

What 's God's face like?

It must be disturbing, Son...

as it carries all the mysteries
of the universe.

- What's God's face like?
- It must be disturbing, Son...

as It carries all the mysteries
of the universe.

One more.

It 's enough for today, Mr. Jo?o.

You can barely stand up.
You've drunk too much!

You don't even look like
the hard-worker you've always been.

You just stand there.

And all because of a prostitute who
would go from one man to another.

Mr. Jo?o, find yourself a girl
of your own color.

Black with white
has never worked out.

Where are you going?

Drunk like that you'll drown out there.

Come on, Jo?o!

Come, Jo?o!

Where are you goin', fella?

Haven't you seen
a boy on a horse?

A soul without a body?

He climbed up Xang?'s quarry, Son.

So, that 's where I must go.

Hasn't your mother taught you
to ask Exu's permission?

I'm sorry, I didn't recognize you.

Excuse me.

- You goin', but you comin' back.
- Sure.

You'll go up, but you'll come down.

I will!

I'll be back, Exu.

Go, go!

You were born again, Jo?o.

Because of your humbleness
you will be protected.

Come on, get up, Son. Get up!

You have a lot to do.

You'll build here a chapel in honor
of Lord of the Bonfim.

Stop looking at yourself.
You'll devote your life to help others.

Easing pain, curing illnesses.

But I can't do none of that!

I'm only a poor wretch!

One, two, three...

four, five.

Here will be born...

the black...

and mysterious...

Church of the Red Water.

In honor of Lord Jesus
of the Bonfim...

and all the saints. Amen.

Founded on water...

on rock...

and on truth.

Gigantic by nature

Thou art a beautiful
Strong, fearless colossus

And thy future mirrors that greatness
Adored land

Among a thousand others
Brazil is our beloved nation

Thou art the gentle mother
Of this soil's children, Brazil


- Cirino! Cirino!
- Jo?o!

What a miracle to find you here!

Today is the day
of miracles, fella.

Have you ever seen
such an astonishing thing?

All of a sudden,
night turns into day.

It happened so many times today
that I couldn't even tell.

So let 's drink, fella.
Let 's celebrate.

Sorry, but I don't drink anymore.

I've come to see you
I've come to get you

Where are you? Come closer

My God, you!

Oh my God.

- How did you find me here, boy?
- The world is so small, ain't it?

It 's small, but you are big,
a grown man.

This is what I've made for the church.

Natalino, you make beautiful things.

- Do you wanna make the altar saint?
- What saint is that, Jo?o?

It 's the Lord of the Bonfim.

- What 's he like?
- In my dream, he is free.

On his left hand,
he has the world and a cross.

On his right hand,
he has a golden ball.

But he can use the ball
to destroy the world.

Whoever has faith in him will suffer
nothing and will have a good ending.

There's a stone missing, Son.

The banto's stone is missing.

You knew all the secrets
of the world and earth.

Today you don't know anything.

My husband has died.
I think I'm gonna die too.

I have no place in this world.

My son is sick...

very sick.

Calm down everybody.
There's no more room left inside.

We'll soon have to build a bigger
church, because this one...

- Very soon.
- Is this the Chapel of the Red Water?

Ms. Levinda!

It looks like our friend
has become famous.

A mongrel dog. Who could tell!

We've been companions
in captivity and freedom.

I got tired of carryin' him around drunk.
Now he carries everybody.

So I've heard. One man dies,
and another one is born.

Mr. Jo?o.

Mr. Jo?o. I'm so sorry,
but I have a problem.

I need your help.

I've searched for it all over,
Mr. Jo?o.

I can't find my parrot. Help me.

It 's almost a family member.

My son, don't worry.

Your parrot is on a tree
in your backyard.

Mr. Jo?o?

Mr. Jo?o?

My friend!

Mr. Jo?o!

So it 's true!

- You've become a saint!
- What are you talking about?

I've always had voices in my head.

I've just learned to listen to them.

They tell me the things I have to do.

The church is beautiful!

And you're lookin' tired.

It 's because of Teodoro, fella.
He put me in the bad life.

I have to bear rudeness
of dirty white men...

and disgusting black men.

I'm tired. It 's no longer fun, fella.

We need a determined woman here
to organize this mess.

And is there a roof for me?

If there ain't, we'll build one.

Cirino, Natalino!

Ah, my parrot.

Thanks, my Saint Benedict,
my Jo?o de Camargo!

Come on, my pet. My dear pet.

Officer, do you know where
the Church of the Red Water is?

Oh my God. This girl is burning hot.

- What does she have?
- She's been like that for days.

I've heard of Mr. Jo?o de Camargo's
miraculous cures.

A voodoo man.
Ignorant people magic.

- You should go and see a doctor.
- Alright, thank you.

Hey, you!

Are you looking for Mr. Jo?o?

Go straight ahead and
take the road by the river.

Listen, keep the faith,
he'll cure the girl.

Thank you very much!


That 's right... there.

Over here! Come, Edite!

You move a bit to this side.
That 's it.

All the churches are graded ten.
This one is graded fifteen.

Mr. Jo?o, please...

bless my daughter.
She doesn't stop shivering.

Mr. Jo?o, help us out of charity.

I'm sorry, but it 's Monday,
Souls' Day, and I can't help you.

The saints do not speak today.

Come back tomorrow, and we'll pray.
Have faith.

- We'll arrive there at night.
- I'm tired.

Are you very tired?
Damned hen, I'll get you!

Damned one!

It 's no use running, I'll get you!

Damn you!

I got you, devilish hen!



Up! You'll make it!

It was a real miracle.
Look how beautiful she is!

Praised be Jo?o de Camargo!

Calm down. Please calm down a bit.

You're the band number five,
that 's the number of the century.

That was determined in the beginning,
and it should always be so...

and again be determined
as number five. Amen.


I didn't know you could write music.

In fact I can't, Natalino,
but it tells me things.

- It?
- The church.

It says we should not suffer.
The idols are made of clay...

but I make questions and soon
a voice tells me the answers.

I hope they'll teach me
how to play this thing.

- You'll do.
- I've come a long way.

I don't want to disturb him,
but I have to talk to him.

Wait. Sorry for interrupting,
but this woman won't calm down.

- Speak up.
- I've brought these to thank you.

Look, he took your tea
and he got well.

I'll keep this white one,
thank you.

But that one already has an owner.
Give it back to the evil one.

Let 's go!

Cheers to the Lord of the Bonfim!


To the Church of the Red Water!

Cheers! Cheers!

- Cheers to Brazil!
- Cheers!

- Cheers to the Lord of the Bonfim!
- Cheers!

- To the Church of the Red Water!
- Cheers!

- Cheers to all the saints!
- Cheers!

- To the Church of the Red Water!
- Cheers!

- Cheers to the Lord of the Bonfim!
- Cheers!

- Cheers to Rongondongo!
- Cheers!

- Cheers to all the saints!
- Cheers!

- Cheers to Saint Benedict!
- Cheers!

- Cheers to Monsignor Jo?o Soares!
- Cheers!

- Cheers to Oxal?!
- Cheers!

It 's gone too far!

Too far!

They've brought their profane songs
to our windows, to our doors.

That is an offense to the Christian
feelings of our people.

They perform blood sacrifices.

Fanatics! Outlaws!

The situation is delicate.
Do not forget we are a republic.

Jo?o de Camargo has become
a respected man.

Important people from the capital
come to see him.

Above all, we must abide by God.

By God and the law.

To the heretics, hell;
to the outlaws, jail.

They're not breaking any laws.
It 's a religion.

No, no. It 's not a religion at all.

It 's black magic, witchcraft.

They take our most sacred images...

and desecrate our values.

"The Black Pope". That is heresy!

May the Lord of the Bonfim
Rongondongo bless you all, amen.


Jo?o, my life is disgraceful.
My wife has run away.

My crops are dried. The world is
against me. What should I do?

Mr. Jo?o, Mr. Jo?o!

My son didn't get better.
He's still feverish.

Mr. Jo?o, my son is dying.

I beg you a medicine to cure him.

We have no more medicine
for your son. He could be better now.

You threw away the herbs I gave you,
didn't believe me.

And you threw away the faith too.
It 's faith that cures.

- Herbs help.
- My son!

My son is dying!

Trace your steps back.
Have faith and you'll find the herbs.

Go with God and the Virgin Mary.

- What do you want?
- I have a request.

- I seek help for my daughter.
- What is your name again?

- Rivair Soares.
- Rivair Soares?

He's promised me some bricks,
but they haven't arrived yet.

- My workers are waiting.
- We have no money to pay you.

- No, I work for the cause itself.
- Really? Thank you, Mr. Rivair.

- When can you start?
- Now.

You can come back here later
with your request.

The Lord of the Bonfim will help us
with that cause, ok?

Go in peace. Bye.

- Open the door!
- Police! Open!

- Open the door!
- Open up! Police!

Open it now!

- Open the door!
- Police! Open up!

Open the door!

Open the door! Police!

What 's going on here?
Who do you think you are?

What is that, boy? Shut up!

What do you want?

"It 's hereby forbidden
in this district black magic... are any displays of witchcraft."
- "Witchcraft"?

We don't practice voodoo here!


Mr. Jo?o!

If you believe in what I believe,
we'll be brethren.

If you don't believe in it,
we won't be anything.

It starts from the little one
and goes on to the bigger ones.

I'm not God's friend.

I'm only his humble servant
where He's put me.

I'm not a priest either.

Each one has his own duties
and nothing else.

Let 's go to the station.

You're under arrest!

He's a little mad.
He doesn't make sense.

You'll pray in jail!

Bastards, assholes, dumb asses!

Aruanda. I'm going to Aruanda.

Oxal? and Rongondongo
guide you, Son.

Hail Mary, full of grace.
The Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among women...

and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.

- Stop it!
- Holy Mary, mother of God...

pray for us sinners now
and at the hour of death.

Stop it!

This is a white man's prayer.
Is that what you want?

To become white? So I'll help you.

Don't do that, brother.
He's Jo?o de Camargo.

The one from the Red Water?

Why do you deny our African gods
and the beliefs of our ancestors?

You're black, had black parents,
but keep praying to white saints?

This is not Africa, Son.
There's an ocean in between.

To live here, you must be able
to put everything together.

Lies, it 's all lies!

The slave house was closed,
but we still have the jail.

We're not slaves
and we've never been.

There are no slaves
in the Kingdom of God.

There are no chains
that capture the soul.

- And no riches that enlighten.
- Go, go, go away!

That Carlos Gomes is a fake.

I prefer Puccini, Verdi, the masters.

But why? "O Guarani"
is a beautiful opera.

Sung in Italian?

Yes, but sung by an Indian,
a Brazilian Indian.

- In love with a white woman.
- This is progress, novelty.

Indians, as well as blacks,
can have noble feelings too.

One day all those races will make up
a single Brazilian identity.

Your Excellency is a dreamer.

Have you heard of Allan Kardec,
the Frenchman?

He's white and claims incorporating
spirits is something natural.

You are the judge in this district,
aren't you?

A very zealous and
law-abiding judge, Minister.

Based on which laws do you keep
Jo?o de Camargo in jail?

These blacks want to turn religion
into a wild celebration.

Restrain yourself, Mr. Judge.

Obey the order.

- Outta here!
- Release the man!

Mr. Jo?o has to be more careful.

Monsignor Jo?o Soares
is my protector and guide.

That 's what they don't like,
when we use their saints.

The saints belong to no one, Cirino.

All I want is to fulfill my mission:
Help people.

This is the oil blessed by Mr. Jo?o.
It brings health and blessings.

Here. Buy Mr. Jo?o's oil.

Owa, horse!

One, two, three, four... fifteen.

Fifteen are the grades
of the Church of the Red Water.

Calm down, calm down!

Calm down!

The speaker in this church
is Jo?o de Camargo.

In the name of Our Lord Jesus...

we won't sell oil anymore!
Our Lord does not trade!

The house is holy, the medicine
is free, and we do not sell it!

Those are the orders,
I have to follow them! Only the Savior!

Mr. Jo?o now thinks he is
Jesus Christ?

I'm only His humble servant.

I liked the scene. Beautiful.

Jo?o expels the merchants
from the temple!

Just like Jesus.

No. It 's all wrong.

The oil shouldn't be sold.
It does not cure by itself.

Lots of people in need of help,
lots of people taking advantage.

Poor me!

If I depended on you, I'd be starving.

I've come here to know from
a green leaf what the Holy Ghost is.

On a rooster's crow It gave me
the pleasure of knowledge.

It won't belong to the living
because they do not know.

But lt'll belong to the dead
who deserve.

Open our ideas, ease our lives.

Contemplate our pleasure.

Helpoursteps and guide ourcharlty.

Soul from the sky,
flower from the fields.

Leaves of grass,
wind of enchantment.

Voice from the mountain.

Whlte and black cannot be separated.

We've already won and
happiness is inevltable.

Are all the same: Life and death...

wake and sleep, young and old.

God is day and night, winter
and summer, war and peace...

plenty and starvation.


Our Lady Aparecida...

take my son out of the criminal life.

I beg you: Allow me to live long
enough to bring up my children.

I ask to be happy in my marriage
and get alongwlth my mother-in-law.

Mr. Jo?o de Camargo, have my father
buy the house as soon as possible.

Please, help me forget
that ungratefulwoman.

Saint Good Jesus of the Bonfim,
have my hair grow...

and then I'll take a picture
wlth my hair down...

and I'll give It to you as a promise.

My Lord Good Jesus,
don't let the woman I love die.

Jo?o de Camargo,
may my father's head get better.

Saint Terezinha, have my sister
take overthe loom and earn better.

I ask for health for my entire family...

and a job for my unemployed son.

Jo?o de Camargo,
may I learn how to play the piano...

and dance the tango gracefully.




HE DIED IN 1942,