Cafe Midnight (2022) - full transcript

Based on the 2020 MBC drama special with the same title, a bittersweet yet healing story that takes place in a cafe only open from midnight to sunrise. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
We all experience
various ups and downs in life.

But who would have thought
I would be lost

and running around at night
in my wedding gown?

(Chae Seo-jin Lee Yi-kyung)

(Jeong Yeong-ju Mun Suk)

(Park Geon-il Shin Joo-hwan)

(Cafe Midnight)

(Directed by Chong Yun-su)

(One day before)

I told the chief

that we would finish early

for the photo shoot today.

Why tell him that?

Isn't this swearing?

No. They did this.

What is up?

Just hurry up.

This way!

Cut it out.

What did I do?

Why did you text my boyfriend?

- She did?
- Grow up, will you?

What? You crazy scumbag!

Eun-seo! Let's have some pasta!

Mister, just go.

Hey, beat him up.

Hold on, Eun-seo.


What are you doing?
Go home!

- I will see you later.
- Dang cops...

Why are they here?

What are you doing?

Are you teaching Eun-seo to fight?

- No.
- Aren't you going to school?

We are here.

Sit down and enjoy the food.

We don't like getting freebies.

Who says it is free?

I am asking you to try out
my new menu.

Hold on.

It is my new pasta with fish cake.

It is made with fish cake
and red pepper paste.

How is it?

Well, it is edible.

Officer Namgoong.
Congratulations on your wedding.

What has gotten into you?

You don't like me.

Still, I can congratulate you.

Just park properly,

and don't yell at me.

While I make deliveries, I...

There is something missing
in your report.

She is always so cold.

Can't you talk more nicely?

I am trying to be clear
and precise, chief.

Are you like that
to Tae-young too?

He is an exception.

Wow. It must be true love.

That delivery man always parks

Let's go to your wedding shoot.

- Yes, go. Leave forever.
- Already?

Take the pictures.
One, two, three!

Put the hearts together.

Smile, naturally.
Relax Tae-young.

One, two, three!

Yoon! Pose like this.
Like this.

Cut it out.

That is it! Nice!

Kiss on her cheek.

One, two, three! Okay!

Go back like this.

Kiss her on the lips.
Okay, good!

Hey, Jung-min!

I thought you were my friend.

But you hate being meddled with.

I like being taken care of too.

If I do,
I know you will yell at me.

Maybe you should have been nicer.

Why you!

Can I see them again?

They are B cuts.
What about the others?

I like this one.



- Are you kidding me?
- I can't get married twice.

I asked for white lilies.

Just white will do!

Let's stay together
no matter what.

There should be roses
in a wedding...

Anyway, congratulations.

Dinner is served.

Shouldn't you invite your mother
to the wedding?

They are just registering
their marriage tomorrow.


I could not let them just do that

without a wedding.

I am nasty Yoon's only friend.

Plus, there is Tae-young.

Good idea.

Let's have a drink and celebrate
tomorrow, then.

Are you going to quit working?

You said you hate patrolling
Sanbok Street.


- What?
- I heard

the groom will sing
at the wedding.

Tae-young! Are you going to sing
at the wedding?

Come prepared to cry tomorrow.

You must be tired, Yoon.


- Tae-young.
- Yoon.

Do you have got something to say?

Nothing. You go first.


I thought about why I wanted
to marry you.

I need a stable base camp.

I thought Ahn Tae-young would
always be there for me.

Namgoong Yoon. I am touched.

We have got to succeed
with our restaurant.

So I was thinking,

I must do something
about your outrageous recipes.

Not again, Yoon...

- What were you going to say?
- Hmm?

You said what I wanted to say.

Love you!


Get going.

He went home early yesterday.

What is going on?

Why is not the groom here yet?

Didn't he call you?

Where can he be?

The phone is turned off.
Please leave a...

Where in the world are you?

Okay. I will call you later.

The guy who works at Sanbok.
What is his name?

- Yu-seok!
- Right.

He said Tae-young has long gone.

Tae-young would not just leave

without saying anything.

Something urgent must have

What if he ran away?

- Oops. What am I saying?
- Quiet!

He must be running late.

Then he would have called,

but his cell phone is off.

I am sure he will come.
Let's keep waiting.


I checked all accidents
and reports last night.

I found nothing.

What is going on with him?

Should we report
Tae-young missing?

He is not missing!

He would not go anywhere.

Then report him as a runaway?

Quiet! Go away!

- Let's wait.
- Where is she going?

Namgoong Yoon!

What if she got dumped
before the wedding?

Watch it! Don't say that!


(I will forgive you
if you call me now.)

(Where are you?)

It is okay.
It is not too late to come.

Please call me.
I am so worried!

You jerk!

(Call me
when you see this or else!)


While making me so miserable?

If you found this cell phone,

could you call me, please?

- What?
- I didn't find anything on CCTVs.

See if there is a camera there.

What is with them?

I found Tae-young on camera.

I will send it to you.

What is that?

What did he drop?

I checked out the cab he took.
Something is strange.

The plate was scrapped last year.

I got Tae-young's location
on our couples' share app.

An app for couples?

Did you share an app like that?


Please have a seat.

I have not seen this café before.

We open at midnight
and close at dawn.

Why doesn't my phone work here?

Would you like
a cup of Irish coffee?

- Pardon?
- It has a shot of whiskey.

Can I get a double shot
of whiskey?

Yes, of course.

Have you seen this man?

Yes. Not sure
if I would say it was a while ago

or that it has been a long time.

He has been
working part-time here.

Do you mean it was a while ago

or it has been a while?

I think I can say
he is working here even now.

You answer so vaguely.

Are you saying
he is working now or not?

I mean, 6 years ago can be now

6 years?


What were you doing behind me?

I know, huh?


I am not in the mood for games.

Why would I play games with you?

You are all invited guests here.

I was not invited. I am a cop.

I am looking for a missing person.

I saw
his phone signal pop up here.

You can think of that signal

- as your invitation.
- Not again.


I will ask you one last time.

Please answer me truthfully.

Of course.

Did he... come here today too?

Master! I am back.



Ahn Tae-young!

How could you!


Why did you hit me?


What are you doing, ma'am?


Let's put this down.
Please calm down.

Calm down?

I don't know
what I have done wrong.

You don't know?

I just met you.

Why am I being slapped?

Fine. At least you are alive.

Ms. Namgoong Yoon?

Do you know my name?

Yes, because you are
an invited guest.

What are you trying to pull here?

What happened to your hair?

What is wrong with it?

Are you wearing a wig?

I grew it since I graduated
from high school!

You look younger.


You must have confused me
with someone else.

Your name is Ahn Tae-young.

You were born on May 14th, 1992,

How do you know that?

How could I not know!

I am your bride!

My bride?

You really don't know me?

- No. Who are you?
- Please be quiet.

Come on. Let's talk outside.

Let go of me!

Fine. I will go outside
to hear your story.

Let's go.

I will be back soon.


He is not coming out?

How about Wedding Imperial tea
by Mariage Freres tonight?

Sounds good.

Where is he?

Didn't he follow me out?

Yes, he followed you out.

Where is he?

That jerk!

You are so dead!

Where is he?

The jerk ran away again?

What have you done to him?


This can't be happening.

I can't believe
I fell for a stupid scam!

Is this a candid camera?

Are they all in on it too?

I don't know
why you are doing this.

You are definitely con artists.


No service. Damn it!

We only have two of those cups.

Give me your finger.

I am sorry.

About what?

That Tae-young could not go
to the wedding.

I will come back here
with a warrant tomorrow.

Let's see if you keep up the act
tomorrow too!

So pretty.

- Do you like it?
- Yes.

Master? Did that woman go?

You will meet her again.



Why is the sky so pretty...

- Good morning.
- Good morning...

- Not.
- You are all out early.

Aren't you on vacation?

Did you ask for fingerprint IDs?

Got the results?

One is Tae-young's...

It really was him...

- What about the other one?
- It can't be identified.

Maybe it is too faint.

The fingerprint is too faint?


Will you believe me if I said

- I met Tae-young last night?
- What?


- But he ran away again.
- That jerk!

There was a café here last night.

What? This is a wall.

Maybe you got to the wrong place?

No! His cell phone signal
came from here.

Maybe it was a dream?

What did I see last night? Ghosts?

Snap to it, Yoon.
Let's think logically.

Oh, no.
Shouldn't she see a shrink?

Maybe you should get some rest.

No, Jung-min.
I have got to find Tae-young!

- Mom.
- Yoon...

Stop calling me.

You can't extend on that building.

It is a registered
heritage building.

It was decided 2 years ago.

I am not in the mood
to talk to you about the building!

Why are you so selfish?

What mom asks her daughter

for illegal favors?

Just take it.
It is not illegal.

It is okay.

Take it.

Are you okay?

I will pay for it.

The witch is here!

Drink it. I didn't poison it.

Stop drinking it!

So, you saw Tae-young here
last night?

Yes, we were practicing.

We are Sanbok Street rappers.

We get inspired by the street.

We know everything
that happens here.


Yo, What's up?
Looking good!

What's up, bro?

- What is that?
- Champagne.

Dress up like this often.

You look so cool!


I am nervous to sing before people

at the wedding tomorrow.

I need to rehearse.

Don't tell Yoon.

I don't want you to marry
the witch, bro.

- You can do way better.
- Right.

You do not know about Yoon.

- I don't think we will ever know.
- Right!


Why do you call Yoon a witch?

She is a shaman's daughter.

I am on my way
to meet her mom now.


So the shaman could be
a suspect.

He had a champagne bottle
with a ribbon on it?


Give me your phone.


Why give it to her?

If you see Tae-young,

call me at this number.

You are Junior 1.

My name is Cho Dong-hee.

You are Junior 2.

Ji Seok-tae.

You are Junior 3.

Lee Du-shik.

You are important witnesses
in this case.

Don't leave the area. Understood?

Snap to it and study.

Oh, come on!

(Dohwa Fairy)

You should have checked
the land register in advance.

I am the victim!

They said
it was a heritage building,

not that I can't add to it!

It does not look good
to extend a shrine.

It is a nuisance!

Want me to dig tunnels at Gubong
air-raid shelters for life then?

This is why I don't come
to see you, mom!

I get no help from my daughter,

but the admiral helps me!

What admiral! You are not psychic!

You are
a smooth-talking con artist!

You are not a daughter nor a cop!

Well, well.

What brings the great officer

to a con artist's home?

Was Tae-young here?

Who is Tae-young?

You don't know?

Are you looking for your groom
who ran away?

Did he come here or not?

Your scientific investigative ways
can't find him,

so you came to a fraud?

Are you mad that I did not
invite you to the wedding?

It was just a gathering
with friends to...

I would not have gone anyway.

You are destined
to have two weddings.

This one was a bust.

A snake must come out

from the ground for flowers
to bloom and bees to swarm.

That is your fate.

How can you say that
to your daughter?

Give me his picture.

He looks familiar.

Where did I see him?

Do you see anything?

Can you tell
if he is dead or alive?

What is with you?

You never believed anything
I ever said.

I don't believe
in your psychic power, but...


You have sharp intuition

and your dreams are
sometimes right.

All moms are intuitional
when it comes to their children.


Just stick to one thing.

It is a collaboration
of the east and the west.

I saw him last night.

Can a shaman's daughter see
ghosts too?

I know a shaman's daughter

who would arrest her mom.

- Come on!
- Listen.

He is not one to die young,

but he keeps losing wealth.

So you should stick
to purple and gold things.

That will bring
in more luck and riches.

Why are you reading my fortune?

What are these?

It is good for conjugal harmony.

I don't know if the groom is dead
or alive now!

Just take them.
It is for your own good.

If you want me to be happy,

forget the shoes
and just be there for me.

Don't stand in my way!

I am always here for you.

You are the rude one.

So you slapped me

in front of other people?

What mom would want her daughter

to be called a shaman's girl?


Have you ever cooked
a meal for me?

You didn't raise me!

I grew up on my own.

When I got accepted as a navy
non-commissioned officer,

you did all kinds of crap
to stop me.

You even sent an anonymous letter.

Thought I would never find out?

How could you!

I don't get you at all.

You are incompatible with water.

I should not have come.

What is wrong?

Let me see your face.

Does fighting and beating others
make you feel better?

You think that I picked
on them too?

Everyone thinks
they are right and just.

They torment and hit others.

Should I just take it?

People used to call me
a shaman's girl

and pick on me for no reason.

She hit you, didn't she?

What did she do to your face?

Mom! I didn't do anything wrong.

Mrs. Namgoong!

Stop or you will be stigmatized
as a fatherless,

shaman's girl!

They will say it is
because you had a bad upbringing!

I thought I was right.

But the reality was
like a cold wall in my face.

So what? I don't even have a mom.

I mean don't meddle

- and get hurt.
- I didn't!

What do you know about me?

The world sucks!

You are no different!

You will get what I mean later.

I have my own fish to fry.

Did you see Tae-young?

The phone is turned off.

Please leave a message
after the beep.

We open at midnight
and close at dawn.

That is it.

Next, add a shot of Irish whiskey.

Then put some cream on top.

- Master.
- Yes?

That woman last night...

Is she really the one
I will marry?

The bride last night?


I knew this was a weird place,

but I didn't think
I would meet my future bride...

What did you think of her?

I was scared.

Even my parents never hit me once.

Who is it?


This place is not registered

and can't verify your fingerprint.

One moment, please.

Double shot in your coffee, right?

What is she, an alcoholic?

I used that machine
until 51 years ago.

Not interested.
Just answer one question, please.

The coffee was made
with a great deal of care.


It is not bad.
The cup is pretty too.

I got this cup

in the winter of 1943

from Joe Sheridan

at Poins Passenger Terminal.

Let's get to the truth tonight.


Ahn Tae-young.

If you disappear again,
you are dead.


Your hand...

Where is the scar
from military training?

I have not gone to service yet.

I am working here until then.

You are Ahn Tae-young,

born on May 14th, 1992, right?


Remember promising
to register our marriage

on your 30th birthday?


I am 25 years old.

- It is 2022...
- It is 2016.

To me now...

Our unit was the last

to withdraw from Saigon.

This makes no sense.

What is this place?

Are you okay?

Are you being held captive here?

I am not sure what is going on,

but there are people
from different times here.

Excuse me.

Could you tell me
what year it is?

It is 1956.


I would like to apologize instead.

For what?

You said I will be disappearing

on our wedding day 6 years later.

I would be so mad if I were you.

Anyway, I am not sure
what is going on here,

but you are Tae-young
from 6 years earlier, is that it?


The Tae-young you know is
6 years older than me now.

Have any idea why
you would do that 6 years later?

You were all lovey-dovey

but ran off on our wedding day.

Why? Where would you go?


Maybe something happened.

There must be a reason.

Any ideas?


I need to know first

what our relationship was like.

How did you meet Tae-young
of the future?

(3 years ago)


Excuse me!

Please get off the road.


Leave me alone.

Let me die.


Stay still.

Let go!

What an unforgettable
first encounter.

Just like now.

And I am with you

At the end of the highway of life

We will stand together

Nothing to be afraid
with your love

Thank you.
Officer I...


You can't play music loudly

like this in a residential street.

Will you handcuff me again?

If you don't want to pay a fine,
live quietly.

No manners...

Shouldn't you say thanks

for the nice song?

Wait! Hold on!

What did you think of the song?


This place is awesome.

Trust me and try it.
You love noodles.

Come on.

We are here.

If the food sucks like last time,
you are dead.

- Tae-young. I am here.
- Hi.

Hi, Jung-min.

How about pasta
with tripe and salad?

Tripe and salad?

It is good and fresh.

Try it.

- We meet again.
- Hi.

Tripe in pasta?

- Do you want some more?
- Sure.

What is with you?

Do I run a pasta restaurant?

Then did I quit my band?

I still sing, right?

- You are in a band?
- Of course!

I am practicing playing at clubs.

I also go busking with Hyun-soo.

Hyun-soo has a nasty personality,

but plays drums like heck!

- Hyun-soo?
- Yes.

- Is Hyun-soo...
- Yoon.

Did I make a formal debut?

I don't think it is right for me
to tell you those things.

Really? But I am curious...

Sorry for asking
too many questions.

You really didn't like my song?

When I cried in secret

I want you

I like stout beer. Got any?

Jeez. I guess you know
what is good.


I want you

I will make you smile

No matter where,

I won't let go of your hand

And I need you

I can't see the road ahead

But if we walk together

Nothing to be afraid
of with your love

Is something wrong?

Guess how many years I used this.

No idea.

For 5 years.

You used it for a long time.

But why...

When I like something,

I cherish it with my whole heart.

I think... I like you.

Can I cherish you
with all my heart?

Hold on.

I got you!

What did you
like so much about me?

I don't know.

Ask when you meet me later.

I was pretty nasty.

I thought you finally had enough
of my temper

and maybe ran away from me.

No! Stop!

It is your birthday.

Let me just cook for you.

Later, I will...

Why can't I do what I want

on my birthday?

You always help me clean here.

Don't clear the tables

and just sit tight today!

Fine. Don't yell!

You made me mad. Forget it!

That damn temper!

Add pollack roe or not?

Forget it.

Add it.

Did you add one?

No, I put two in.

Good job.

Do you want me to make you food
every day?


I have a plan.

I want to cook for you for life

in a house by the sea.


Let's get married.



What year is
that pretty grandmother from?

Her? I don't know.


She is looking
for her missing brother.

Another missing person...

I will be right back.

Oh, my.

I saw you last night.


Your groom went missing?

He didn't want to be with me
and left.

He will be back.

He would not leave

a pretty bride like you.

I heard you are looking
for your brother.


Master took a picture with a man

at Geoje Prisoner-of-war camp.

He is my older brother.

Master was
at the Prisoner-of-war camp?

Then your brother must be...

Eighty-four years old.

Master said those
who were meant to be will meet.


- Yes!
- I heard about you from him.

Our people are oblivious

to what is going on in the world.

What am I doing here?

Yoon! Wait!

Leaving already?

I have to find the future you.

Did you meet Hyun-soo by chance?

- Hyun-soo?
- Yes.

It has been a while...

We are preparing to play

at a club in Gwangalli.

It is called Wide Comfy.

Wide Comfy?


It is a club in Gwangalli.

Rock and roll!

I have got to go.

How do I explain this place

to the others?


your groom doesn't come back,

will you be back here at midnight?

I hope I don't have to come back.

Still, I hope the groom will

give me one more night with you.

You live in a different time.

Though we will meet 3 years later,

I am glad we met today.

Excuse me!

I set up soundproofing.

Is there a problem?

Is Lim Hyun-soo here by chance?

I am Lim Hyun-soo.


I see.

Crazy jerk.

He even ran away
from his own wedding?

What was your relationship
with Mr. Ahn?

- Enemies.
- I see...

He must have hurt you a lot.

Have you met him recently at all?

No, I have not spoken to him
for almost 3 years.

I see.

He ran off then...


Are you okay? Are you sick?

I am fine.

Worry about yourself.

It was the club's opening concert.

Some big Indie label owners had

their eyes on us.

That jerk always said
music is like living

and breathing to him.

He ditched us that day
and never called.

I don't know
if he suddenly got stage fright

or always had it,

but it was very irresponsible.

It was here that night...

If he ran from his wedding,

it must be like a habit.

Have you heard any news
on him recently?

I never thought
he would go back to singing,

but I heard he sings
and plays online.

Hiding behind a screen...

He performs online?

He is probably on YouTube too.
That coward.

So, who is the poor woman
that was supposed to marry him?


I am that poor woman.

Why do you look gloomier?

Ahn Tae-young...

I am not sure who he is anymore.

Think he knows everything
about you?

Everyone is the same.

You are my friend, right?

Got any other friends?

You are not hiding anything
from me, are you?

Yes, there is...


It is my privacy.

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Do you know how much I love you?

I love even your feisty words
and actions

I love everything about you

Sit down! I can't see!

You come to mind

You are so good-looking!

Wow! Thank you.

Handsome, my jackass.

You are all very pretty.

Are you on Instagram?

- I will follow you.
- Pretty?

Your accent... Busan, right?

Yes! We live
in Busan College residence.

I live close by.

- Really?
- Yes.

Let's meet.

How about in Gwangalli?

Is he insane?

Did he cheat on me?

He is dead.

When I miss you every night alone

Can you feel my heart for you?

When I need you every time alone

Please take my hand, my love

You were living
in a different world?

Why did you ask me to marry you?

Handsome singer!
That was great!

Thank you!

- Mom?
- But Angel.

You are new here, right?

I am a dedicated follower
of your channel.


Are you on YouTube?
I will subscribe.

Mom! No way!

What is with them?

- It is the witch!
- The witch is here!

- Grab your bag!
- Whatever!

Hurry, let's go!

Take your bag, stupid!

You say you know everything
around here?

- Heard any news on Tae-young?
- No.

What would you know?

That is
why Tae-young didn't show up.

You are dead!

I got you!

Why question us?

What did Jung-min,
I mean officer Kim say?

What do you mean?

Tae-young came back
from meeting him that night.

- So?
- They looked pretty serious.

What did they talk about?

It was nothing.

- Bro! Hurry up!
- I am on my way!

Eun-seo is not answering
her phone.

Whatever. Come here now.

Where is Tae-young?

- What do you mean?
- Are you in on this together?

Or did you abduct

and lock him up somewhere?

What the heck are you saying?

I heard everything!

You met him that night.

I did not want to tell you
about that.

What did you do to Tae-young?

What has gotten into you?

You know
how much I love Tae-young!

Right. So you wanted
to stop us from getting married?

I am so stupid
for thinking you are my friend!

You have helped enough
with the wedding.

What champagne? I can't.

I helped
because I really wanted to.

Choose one.
Which one for tomorrow?

This one is cute.

Then we will drink this
at the reception.

Drink this one with Yoon.

It is okay. You drink it.

Why would I drink it alone?
Take it.

Should I give this to her mother?

Watch it.

If Yoon finds out,
she will be furious.

Be happy and don't fight.

Why didn't you just tell me
that you two met?

I met him to give him
some champagne.

You know how I feel...

I didn't do anything wrong,

but I didn't want to tell you.

Do you know how I feel?

I am so stupid.


I am really happy for you two.



How could you do this to me?

I am so sorry, Jung-min.

I truly am.

I am sorry. I didn't mean it.

Did you cry?

No way.

Eat it. It is sweet.

Do you post online?

I told you I consult
through YouTube.

You never listen to me.

Why didn't you tell me

that you met Tae-young online?

You are his dedicated follower.

Was I?

What did you talk about?
What are you hiding?

My consultations with clients are



Are you on YouTube?
I will subscribe.

I am counseling live now.

Since you are my follower,

would you counsel me too?

Of course! I will do it for free.

There is a secret
I didn't tell anyone.

I have to part with my love.

It is for her

and my life.

I have to leave.

Once, my love was so hard,

I thought
about committing suicide.

Because music is...

It is my dream and life itself.

If I stop, I will die.

There is no heaven
after running away, young man.

I don't think it is running away

because I am doing it for her.

I didn't know...

I didn't know...

He seemed to struggle with things
with you in mind.

What if Tae-young committed
suicide because of me?

Don't say that!

Oh, no...


(Call me. It is about Eun-seo.)

Hi. Did you find Eun-seo?

Not yet.

She won't answer the phone.

Hold on.

It is me, the delivery guy.

Hi. Any ideas where she could be?

I heard some kids are chasing her
to get her.

Eun-seo frantically hid from them

to avoid any problems.

I see.

Eun-seo will be okay, right?

Even middle school kids are
so vicious these days.


Blue mallow makes one feel calm.

It is all my fault.

I ruined everything.

Why do you think that?


I was not interested
in anyone else but me.

I didn't even hear Eun-seo out...

I realized I was wrong.

More than Tae-young leaving me,

I was upset that he didn't tell me

how he really felt.

I wonder if I meant
anything to him at all.

But I realized I didn't try

to really listen to him even once.

I think this purple flower tea
suits you tonight.

Did you plan this with my mom?


Do you know

why I go around in a scooter?

I hate stepping on crevices
between the pavements.

I can just breeze past
on a scooter.

I have a weird habit like that.

I am so stupid.

Who would love someone like me?

Tae-young had a secret life.

He didn't include me at all.

A dream?

If he stops, he will die?

I have a dream too.

I am sick
of the Sanbok Street area.

Who wants to be
a patrol cop forever?

I wanted to sail off on a ship.

To run away from my mom.

I had to get out of this town.


What if I was a stumbling block

to his dream
like my mom was to me?

No matter what stage
Tae-young decides to stand on,

no one can blame him
for his choice.

And the stage can't be wrong.

We make choices

between an unstable but big dream

and a clear yet small happiness.

It has always been like that.

Youth is always right,

and the world always claws.

You resemble someone I know.

Do you know me?

Are you... Namgoong Yoon
by chance?

Yes, I am. Do I know you?

You don't remember me?

You look familiar,

but I don't remember.


It is me. Park Eun-seo.

I used to eat alone on a bench.

I really wanted to see you!

You are Eun-seo? For real?

You have not aged one bit!

I can't believe this!

You look great and so pretty!

What happened that day?

I heard from your father...

Listen. I am so sorry.

I should have listened to you.

I am sorry.

I don't remember
what you are talking about.

I have always been
very thankful to you.

You were so cool!

How is uncle Tae-young doing?

You don't know either?

I am sorry
for running away back then.

I quit because I was afraid

I would be branded a troublemaker.

I enrolled at a different school.

I don't know what you mean.

I wanted to meet you

and apologize for running away.

And thank you for everything.

I am not sure what you mean,

but you are doing well now, right?

I work at the Thailand branch
of Interpol.

Wow! That is great!

It is all thanks to you.

You were like a savior
during my teenage years.

You really saved my life
back then.

I am not sure how I did that,

but I am glad that I was
a helpful person to you.

I am really glad.

I can't believe I bumped

into you here on my vacation!

You are so successful and busy,

I have no means of reaching you.

Me? How am I successful?

Should I tell you?


I want to know,

but then life would not be fun.

Oh, look at the time!

I would better go. It is too bad.

I have to prepare breakfast
for my twins.

Don't have kids
when you get married.

- It is crazy!
- Twins?

Seok-tae watches them when I work,

so I should do more
when on vacation.

Seok-tae? Junior 2?

He is my husband now.

I am curious to see
how much he is changed.

He is chubby and balding now.

I hope we meet again soon.

Me too. Promise.

Yoon! You are here!

Wait. I just thought of something.

- Tae-young.
- Yes?

When you meet me later in life,
just walk past.


You will be unhappy because of me.

We should never have met.

Do what you want in life
and be happy.

I don't want to! Why?

Let's not meet again.

I will live my life well too.


We should not have met
here either.

No, we could not have met.

I am already looking forward
to 3 years later...

Where were you?

Hi. Did you find Eun-seo?

Eun-seo is being dragged away
along with Seok-tae!


Don't act tough.

If my left hand was not hurt,

you would all be dead!

Do you want me to break
your right one too?

I will fight you again!

Think Tae-young will come
to your rescue?

I hate the way this jerk looks.

Because I am so good-looking?

Everyone freeze!

- What the heck?
- It is the witch.

I don't like hitting girls.

She is nasty.

- Let's go.
- Run.

I am sorry I came so late.


It is okay. I know.

Give me your cell phone.

- Why?
- Come on.

When you meet Eun-seo,

tell her to call me
whenever and wherever.

I promise
I won't change my number.

And tell her not to be sorry,

but that I am more thankful.

What do you mean?

Treat Eun-seo well, Ji Seok-tae.

Whoa! The witch blessed your love!

Why call so early, mom?

I could not reach you all night!


- My one-time psychic powers...
- Again?

Stop it, mom.

I think it is Tae-young.


I saw something at dawn.

There was no door,

but I saw something there...

It looked like a ribbon.

Please hold this.

(Dohwa Fairy)

Why didn't I notice that before?

- Mom.
- What?

Are there really tunnels
in Gubong?


Why are you screaming? Yoon!

Who are you? Who is there?


Who are you?

- Tae-young!
- Yoon!


Yoon! Is it really you?

- Tae-young!
- You are not a ghost. Are you?

Why are you here?

What took you so long?

I thought you ran away!

Why would I run away?

Are you hurt?

I twisted my ankle in the fall,

but other than that, I am fine.

Your phone was turned off
ever since you fell?

It got totally busted.

I missed you so much.

Why did you pretend not to know me

when we first met?


- What do you mean?
- Don't you remember?

I said 6 years ago,

that we should never meet!

I am the one who fell.

You are not making any sense here.

Right. Forget it.

Why did you hide it?

Hide what?

You said you would leave me.

You thought of committing suicide
because of me!

What? When did I say that?

I saw you seeking
my mom's counseling online.

Then Peach Angel is your mom?

Do you remember now?

Did you hide it

since you thought
I would stick to you like glue?

You mean Dohwa Fairy goes

by Peach Angel online?

That means I already met
my mother-in-law?

Think I am stupid?

I am a crap who wandered around

looking for a jerk like you!

Hope you live well
with your guitar!



The love that I said
I have to leave, is not you.

It is music.


I love you more than music.

I can't keep chasing a dream.

I have to think of the reality.

Why didn't my mom tell me

the most important part?

You only hear
what you want to hear!

Aren't you leaving?

Why did you want
to commit suicide?

You were going to kill yourself
because of music?

I thought about it back then
because of my stage fright.

It is my dark past.

How did you end up down here?

I was on my way to meet your mom.

But I didn't have
your mother's number.

I just went to her address
and got lost.

Is this the right place?

- Where did he go?
- Is he dead?

- He can't be.
- Let's get out of here.

Just our damn luck!

Hello! Is anybody there?

I am sorry, ma'am.

I need this to survive first...

I need you

I am down here!


Yoon! I am so sorry!

Actually, the day
before our wedding,

Dragon Entertainment watched
my YouTube

and called me to work with them.

So I was contemplating

(Please call me back -
CEO of Dragon Entertainment)

whether to sing again or not.

Being stuck here for a few days,
I realized...

I could live without music,

but I can't live without you.

Oh, please!

- Did you hear that?
- Yes.

- Excuse me!
- Over here!

- We are down here!
- Help!

Help! Please don't go!

- Please!
- Mom!


Why are you here?
It is dangerous!

I came to see my son-in-law,
not you.

Are you okay, son?

Yes, ma'am!

Nice to meet you.
I am Ahn Tae-young.

Glad to meet you.

I used my once-in-a-lifetime

psychic power on you.

Who else would you use it on
but your daughter?


Do you really see things
in people?

It is a trade secret.

Can't see anything, huh?

Life is so strange.

You see things once you know.

I am sorry.

About what?

For stopping you
from going to the marines.

Back then...

I kept dreaming
about you being underwater.

I lost your father like that.

I didn't want to lose you.

You are all I have...

- Tae-young!
- Jeez! Holy cow!

- What happened? Oh, no!
- It is no big deal.

Did you fall?

- I am fine.
- Did you break your leg?

Yoon, who is he?

Just sprained a little bit.

He is my type.

Do you need surgery?
How serious is it?

Oh, please!

I didn't know,
but I love being a cop.

So don't give up on music.

I want you to be happy.

let's have a proper wedding.

You mean the most to me.

You are amazing.

How did you come
to open a nice café like this?

Oh, please.

I have never been to Europe,

but it feels like I am there now.

That is because everything
came from Europe.

You have been to Europe too?

I don't think
I will ever get to go.

Anything is possible in life.

(Dear Yoon)

Tae-young 6 years later...

Though he is lacking,

please understand.

I will love Yoon even more.


You can look forward
to a special treat tonight.

Really? What is it?

I got some good camellia

for you to try.

Please drink it when it is hot.

Are you from Hamgyong Province?


How did you end up
in South Korea?

It is a long story.

I got caught by
the militia at age 14

and was dragged down to Hwacheon.

I almost died but survived

to meet you like this.

If I didn't meet him
at the Geoje camp,

I would not be here.

I have some good news.

I am going to Hawaii in 2 days.

I am so lucky!

I will learn everything
I can there.

It sounds like it will be tough.

It is fine by me.

I will prepare everything well
to meet my family

when Korea is reunified.

Do you remember your mother
and sister?

How can I forget?

If I complain,
my mama used to say,

Don't make farting sounds

after eating soggy noodles.

Then my mama made a farting sound

with a leaf.

My cute little sister would

She loved it!

She would say,
Do it again! Again!

Sometimes I go
under Yeongdo Bridge

and cry because I miss them
so much.

Young man, what is your name?

If I ever meet your family,

I will tell them about you.

It is Choo Chul-in.

My father named me Choo Chul-min,

but something happened
at the camp.

They put my name down
as Chul-in instead.

I must be going, ma'am.


Live a long, healthy life.

Past your 80s. Promise?

Your sister will go
to you someday.

She will find you and tell you
everything you have missed.

Time travels at different speeds

for different people.


It is a quote.

The gentle wind

Calms my shaking heart

When I was alone

You were a warm breeze
Holding my hand

When I cried in secret

I want you

I will make you smile

No matter where,

I won't let go of your hand

(Family Reunited After 70 Years)

A woman who lost her brother
during the Korean War

has reunited with him
in Hawaii after 70 years...

But if we walk together

Nothing to be afraid
with your love

When you are lost

I will take away your fears

I will be the warm wind for you

I want you

I will make you smile

No matter where,

I won't let go of your hand

And I need you

I can't see the road ahead

But if we walk together

Nothing to be afraid
with your love

If rainy storms fall upon us,

Will you lean on my shoulder?

I see you

Your beautiful smile

No matter when and where,
I will always make you smile

And I am with you

At the end of this highway of life

We will stand together

Nothing to be afraid