Café de Flore (2011) - full transcript

A love story about people separated by time and place but connected in profound and mysterious ways. Atmospheric, fantastical, tragic and hopeful, the film chronicles the parallel fates of Jacqueline, a young mother with a disabled son in 1960s Paris, and Antoine, a recently divorced, successful DJ in present day Montreal. What binds the two stories together is love - euphoric, obsessive, tragic, youthful, timeless love. In 1960s Paris, a working class woman gives birth to her first child, Laurent - a Down Syndrome son. Undaunted she embraces the challenge of raising her beloved offspring as normally as one would any other child. Her husband abandons them both. She bravely brushes this additional hiccup aside as Laurent replaces her spouse as the perfect man of her dreams. As Laurent approaches school age Jacqueline's aplomb becomes obsessive and cloying. Her increasingly self-destructive attachment to her son is raised to a fever pitch when, at the age of seven, he meets a Down Syndrome girl (Véronique) and experiences his first crush. His sudden desire for independence, and his attraction to Véra, are the catalysts that transform Jacqueline from a loving mother into something resembling a lover scorned. What emerges is a love triangle of potentially tragic proportions. In 21st century Montreal, a forty year old divorcée, Carole, is trying to restart her life after her divorce, two years earlier, from Antoine, a devastatingly handsome, successful touring DJ. Soul mates who've been a couple since the age of fifteen, their divorce is a schism that might prove impossible for either of them to put in the past. Making the transition even more difficult for Carole is the fact that her two daughters, one teen, one tween, are about to gain a stepmother, a stunningly beautiful, heartbreaking blonde, a woman about to "steal" away the perfect man of her dreams. The young girls are being cruelly pulled in two different directions, Antoine's father, a recovering alcoholic, seems to side with his ex-daughter-in-law, and Carole is succumbing to fits of depression and potentially dangerous bouts of sleepwalking. What emerges is a love triangle of potentially tragic proportions. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
This is the story of a man
with every reason to be happy

and the lucidity to realize it.

About to turn 40,

Antoine Godin has never felt better
about himself.

In perfect health.


No financial worries.

Damn squirrels!

Parents still alive.

Father of two magnificent girls.

Madly in love.

Antoine radiates happiness from every pore.

The Meaning of Dreams

Our Past Lives

Come on, let's go.

Shh, be quiet!

To heaven?


To heaven?

Come on!

The big fish.

And the knees.

5, 6, 7,

8, 9, 10...

Times 4?


And here's a boy who doesn't have
every reason to be happy,

or the lucidity to realize it.

Now turn to the left.


he has Jacqueline.

Goodbye, tiger. Mom has to work.

Bye, Mom. I love you.

I love you.


Not on your life.

We're not missionaries!

Why are we whispering? He can't understand.
He's a baby, and to boot, a...

Say it.

There are people trained
to look after those kids.

Those kids have parents too.

His son is born handicapped.

Instead of helping him,
he wants to send him away.

You disgust me.

I didn't think you were
that kind of a man.

I'm his mother, I'm keeping him.

If you don't like it,
you know what to do.

Average life expectancy: 25...

Go to hell!

That day,

at that precise moment,

Jacqueline gave her life meaning.

Her baby, Laurent,
would live to a ripe old age.

Daddy, look!

She bought a hamster!

He's smelly but smart.

I like to cut the sound.

It gives more punch to what's coming.

Know what I noticed
sorting out my old photos

when I moved out?

Every other photo, I swear,

there's the Royal Guard.

The gin dude.

I saw him last week in London.

He asked after my dad.

That song puts you in a good space.

You understand fuck all,
but it soothes the soul.

And on every other photo...

she's there.

Listen only with headphones

Not many girls get off
on music like guys do,

know the titles of songs,
the names of bands,

and trip on the jackets,
old rock, jazz, you name it!

That day, at that precise moment

Antoine and Carole wished
to love each other forever.

I love him!

To heaven...

I'll go to her one day...

Stay here.

To heaven...

Breastfed four years...

To supercharge his immune system.

Three years of vitamin supplements: A...

B, C, D, E...

To stimulate the motor organs.

I told you.

Take your scalpels.

You'll make him crazy
with all those classes.

Haven't you noticed?
He learns by imitation, idiot!

So now we'll try the sound "sh".

Push out your lips.

Teeth almost touching,

tongue against your palate...

The shadow of Sean's sheep...

Sean has a sheep?

Sean's his friend.

Not that sheep, my love.

I mean, not that Sean.
Another Sean. Sorry.

Her little angel,
Jacqueline believed,

would disprove life expectancy stats
for Down syndrome.

Enough, scram!

Monique, replace Jacqueline.


It's Mom's darling little tiger!

How often do I have to tell you
to go easy on your clothes?

Hi, Sean. I'm Laurent's mom.

Yes, madame.

See how nice I am?
What a nice smile I have?

If you hurt my son again,

I won't be smiling,
and I won't be nice.

Bye, Sean. Have a nice day.

Come on.

You're not serious?


Have I told you how much I love you?

I don't want to box, Mom.

You have to learn to defend yourself.

Besides, I know you'll be great.

You're good at everything.

Everything you touch turns to gold.

Don't worry, you'll never have to fight.

Mom will teach you to use words,
not fists.


Quit busting my balls!

I'll rip out your eyes, scumbag!

I'll rip out your eyes...


And kick your teeth out your ass!

I'm proud of you, tiger.

Don't smile. Let's go home.

Don't smile. You did great.

To heaven...

What are you doing? It's pouring!

To heaven!

Put it back, you thief.
I'll teach you!

I want one.

No, go sit down.

What did he say?

Tobby walks through the field

and follows the goat.

Valerie walks through the field

and follows...

and follows Daddy.

Who is it?

Your dad.

Let Mom sleep.

Mom, Caf?.

Caf?, Mom!

Don't bug me this morning.
You do it.

Mom showed you how to.

No, come!

Come, Mommy, my teddy bear of love.

You must be a dream.

Or a real heartbreaker.

Either way, women can't resist you.

You win.

You're not going to
get away with that!

What did I tell you?

Never wake up the monster

who leaves its lair
to eat little children!

You'll be sorry!

- Caf??
- Yes.

Here it is. Come on.
As if you didn't know.

Turn it on. Push the arm.

It's the first song.

33 RPM? Yes. Volume? Yes.

Caf?? Here you are, sir.

Morning, noon, and night,

seven days a week,

365 days a year,

Jacqueline clings to her dream.

This hymn had become its symbol.

The symbol of a mythical love,
she thought.

Greater than mankind,

stronger than life.




Have a good week, baby.

Have a good week, Dad.

Bye, beautiful.

Bye, Carole!

Still sleepwalking?

Bye, have a good week!

You too.

Hey, handsome!

How are you?

You're looking good.

I try.

It's working.

Still the jetsetter?

Can't complain.

Playing in Montreal soon?

Yeah, I have a gig
at the Piknic in two weeks.

If you feel like it.
The two of you.

See you soon.



He's lost weight, no?

Is he having a relapse?
Did his bimbo dump him?

Only a matter of time.

You're starting in early.

Just watch, won't be long.

And when he's alone, rock bottom,

I hope you'll wise up

and do what any clear-thinking woman

would've done long ago in your shoes:

Sue his ass.

The bastard.

I don't think it's normal.

Two years later,

I feel like bawling

whenever I hear songs she liked.

Our oldest girl, little brat,

she does it on purpose,

rubbing salt in the wound,

playing songs that remind me of her mom.

At first kids always dream of seeing
their parents reunited.

Not just at first.

On the other hand,
are there songs in your life

that make you want to crank it up?

To live?

To make love?

Please, send me the titles!

- Can I hold her?
- Sure you can.

Two years earlier

Who is that?

You mean the song or the girl?

If only it'd been a masterpiece.


a pleasant little tune,

almost banal,

but that makes you want to stop,

look around,

seize the moment.

That makes you see life
the way it should always be.


You know?

Complete strangers

all smiled at me

like they understood my joy

at seeing life the way I see it,

thanks to music.

They smiled because you smiled.

Prick my bubble.

I wasn't smiling.

I mean, I was smiling,
thinking about what I was feeling,


what music brings to my life.


Nadine invited me over. Can I go?

Did you ask Mom?

She said to ask you.

Go for it, kiddo!

Did you try to see her?


Separating wasn't an option for us.

What's that?

I'm changing songs.

We've endured it for months.

Electro, chill out, lounge...

How many versions do you have?

Can't a guy like a song?

Yes, but not bug people with it.

Still, I prefer it to...

Three nutcases!

Lock'em in the loony bin.

It's funny.

Happy as I feel today,

I still feel like I've fucked things up.

Fucked up my life.

My family's lives.

Like I don't deserve to live.

Don't worry.

I could never do that.

I'd never do that to my girls.

But, since I often take the plane,

it's not me who'll decide if at some point...

You were here.

Time for your bath.

It's ironic.

It's my ex who pushed me into her arms.

When she was afraid I'd relapse,

she called my mother

to subtly let her know I wasn't well.

Next day my mom called,

pretending my dad wasn't well.


The day after...

I asked him to come to a meeting with me.

Am I disturbing you?

What you up to?

Mom knew he'd never say no.

And my ex knew I'd never say no to my mom.

Pretty sly, those two!

So we went to a meeting because
we thought the other needed it.

I hate A.A. meetings.

I can't stand the sanctimony,

the endless hugging.



What's your name?

V?ro. What's yours?


Mr and Mrs de Chesnay.



Bye, Mom.

I love you.

See you later.

Bye, girls.

Bye, Dad.

He smells good.

Your dad and I
are written in the stars.

Don't worry.

Our Father in heaven...

Do you believe in soul mates?

I'm not sure.

I like it.

I like the idea.

That someone, somewhere
is made for you, forever.

That's how I felt at first with my ex.

Maybe not as strong as this time,
but still...

Looking back, I feel like a loser.


the idea loses its strength,

its meaning.

If it's a soul mate...

it's not supposed to end, right?

It's not supposed to happen twice.


I guess.

What made you leave one soul mate
for the other?

You sound just like my dad.

Travel's good for kids,
and for couples too.

Your grandmother and I...

The stories behind these photos...

You can't imagine!

We don't want to imagine.

Be polite, little brat!

One year earlier



- What is it?
- Be right back.

Will you say your blessing?

Well, we'll ask the Good Lord
to bless us.

To bless the new year
that's beginning.

Or what's left of it.

Because in my day,
the blessing was on January 1st,

not a month later.

May it brings us



and love.

In the name of the Father,
Son and Holy Spirit.

Happy New Year!

Short and sweet, this year!
Thanks, Gramps.

You cruising for a bruising?

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year my love!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, big ears!

Same to you, smelly poo!

- Do you do this every year?
- Yup.

Though not a soul here
goes to Mass or believes in God.

I think it's nice.

You think everything's nice.

Only because

I'm happy.

Happier than I've ever been.

I wonder why.

People are staring.

Let them envy us our happiness,
for once.

Whether they like it or not.

Know what I like about you?

The sense of peace.

The peace of mind,
knowing that I've found it.

That I can stop looking.

I've finally found someone
who feels love like I feel it,

who wants to believe in it
the way I do.

It's reassuring, isn't it?

That we're both

such romantics,

pathetically so. Completely so.

Listening to you
is giving me an erection.

You know what?

Something tells me that

even with no erection - because,

it'll hit us too,
in a couple of years, our desire

won't come as often,
or as strong...

I hope so,
'cause you're wearing me out.

I can't keep up this rhythm long.

Even with zero desire...

With or without libido...

with your coffee breath,
your habit of breaking things,

your hair clogging the tub drain...

I choose you. You're my last and only.

I don't want anyone else.

Marry me.

I want to take that vow with you.
To love you all my life.

I wasn't planning
to drop that on you here.

We don't have to tell anyone.

A small, intimate wedding,
just us two.

No church, no priest.

Or a big wedding with a huge mob,
if you want.

Nowadays it doesn't mean much.

- But for me it does.
- Stop it.

Shut up, ok?

Is that a yes?


Why didn't I meet you sooner?

Sure you won't come for a nightcap?

Don't you miss it?

I miss it.

I'll leave them both to you.

I love you, you crazy nut!

Me too!

Bye, Mom!

Are you going for errands or not?

Love you!

Go slurp somewhere else.

If that's her way of getting mad at you,

she could be more rock'n'roll.

She seems nice, don't you think?



She'd make a good friend.

Don't play it cool.
Just keep hating her.

Get over it.

First time I've called her
by her name.

It suits her.

A fresh spring blossom.

Bitch! That's her real name.

Turn it down, now.

I'm past all resentment.

It's time to move on.

You call this moving on?

I just want to know
more about my dreams.

- Don't tell me you dream about her?
- No.

I often dream about

a little monster.

I don't know, a little boy.


I can't make him out very well.
It's dark.

He doesn't want to be seen,
or he's hiding.

But where is he? Who is he?

I don't know.

Here again?

When will you learn to sleep in
your room, little imp?

Jacqueline, scram.

Take my car.

You're an angel, Paul.

That's why Mom named me
after an apostle.

A saint.

C'mon, move your ass!

No! No!

- Come on.
- That's enough now!

What's wrong?

What's up, tiger?

I wish I knew.

She won't let go of your son.
We can't separate them.

V?ro has to go home,
like everyone else.

I want to stay with V?ro.

What kind of nonsense is that?


Perhaps he could come over?

- What's going on?
- Quiet down!

That's enough now!

Up yours, asshole!

Introducing V?ronique!

- Hello.
- Laurent.

I owe you.

Did you lock up?

Thieves don't hit this slum.

He wastes no time.
A precocious little boy.

Don't you start.

Do we sit down?

No, your pal works
Thursdays and Fridays.

- Caf?, Mom.
- Don't you start now!

A little boat for the gent
and what can I make for madame?

My assistant, Laurent.

Hello, madame. Some cof... herb... ea.

Herbal tea?

No, thank you, young man.

A courteous boy.

How's... wat... temperat... madame?

The water temperature?

It's fine. Thank you, young man.

V?ro, we'll put this pretty flower
in your hair.

- I know how to do it.
- Then do it.

Very good.

V?ro, your parents are here.

I want to stay with Laurent.


I want to stay here.

You're beautiful!
What a lovely hairdo.

Did you do her hair?


- It's lovely.
- Thank you.

- So, are you going to tell me?
- What?

Is V?ro your girlfriend?


- Aren't you a bit young to have a steady?
- No.

She's beautiful.

Her mom is too.

I must be dreaming.

So what was that tantrum at school?

I won't have it, I'm warning you.

Sorry, Mom.

I think I'm in love with her.

You've known her two months.

You're 7 years old.
What do you know about love at 7?

Don't make me laugh.

I love her like I love you.

A real heartbreaker.

I think about her a lot...

when I listen to Caf?.


Don't wake her up!

What's she doing?


She scares me sometimes.

What do you mean?

I don't know.

Just a feeling.

You can see how she's suffering.

As much as I want to hold her,

I don't dare get close.

I so understand how she must feel.

It would kill me
if you disappeared,

if I couldn't love you
and be with you.

I didn't have your kids,
so imagine her!

And I'm afraid you'll relapse,

and rediscover
your feelings for her.

That's what she's waiting for.

After being with a man 20 years,

and having such gorgeous
daughters with him,

that's all I'd wait for.

Don't worry.
She's in another place.

And remember that if she isn't,
I am.

Did you tell her?

We haven't told anyone yet.

That's just it.

I wouldn't want to be
the last to hear.

On the contrary,
I wouldn't want to hear it at all.

Take your time, ok?

There's no rush.

- No?
- No.

Bye, Mom.

Can't I stay with you?

No, it's his week.
It's not negotiable.

I don't want to.

Come on, you've always
liked it here.

The pool, the fireplace...

Go on!

Hi, beautiful.

What's up?

What goes on during your week?
She's so grumpy.

I beat her so she'll come see you.

You just missed my parents.

I'll see them later.

You won't have to.
I'm sure they'll bring you back

a souvenir from their trip
that they'll be glad to drop off.

Are you hungry?


A little snack?

Cool? We'll talk about it?

I just told her.

It went fine.

I said we hadn't chosen a date,
but that it'd be private.

We just agreed we'd take our time.

Relax, babe. It's done.
You should be happy.

You know how I feel about her.

She'll want to kill me now.

Now or later, it had to be done.

Yes, but don't you see
that she needs time?

How do you think the girls
will react?

And your dad?

Nobody's ready.

They'll never be ready.
Don't you get it?

You're pissing me off!

I feel your compassion,
but it's what we want that matters.

Isn't it?

I know, it's not that.

She's on every photo on the wall.

Do your parents do it on purpose?

I piss you off?


Yes, you do.

Going swimming?

Getting married?

I won't let you leave.

I won't let you hurt yourself.

You and me, it's for life.

I chose you. You chose me.

We'll get through this.

If you fall, I pick you up.

If I fall, you pick me up.

We'll make it.
The girls will help us, you'll see.

Hold my hand.

Get up, please.

I wish I could stop
thinking about him.

Spend a day without remembering
how we were.

I was naive.

A mid-life crisis, I thought.

She's so beautiful.

They go so well together.

She has a fat ass.

When they met the first time,

I saw it all.

And I did nothing.

I'd just like to move on.

You want to move on?

I've told you. Find a new place
to live, or repaint.

Change your tune,
do something.

Figuratively, I mean.

It's impossible.

He can't remarry.

He'll come back.


Do your homework!

He's never been away.
He might panic.

Call me if there's anything.

Don't worry.

We won't change his hairdo.

Yes, hello?

I'll come and get him.

No, he can't. I'm coming.

I said I'm coming.

That's enough. Stop it. We're going.


He can sleep over.
I told you, we'd love it.

Out of the question.

This game has to end.

V?ro, enough. Let him go.


That's enough!

We're going home now.

What's got into you?


Forgive me.

I don't recognize you anymore.

Mom's worried, you understand?

We'll stop seeing V?ro
if she has that effect on you.

Caf?, Mom?


Go to bed, you rascal.

A kiss on the lips!

If they weren't affecting
the other students,


But at the point we're at,

I'd suggest you place them
in an institution,

a specialized one.


I won't place my son with retards!

That's what they turn into
when you put them away.

Madame Brunet, please.

No other school has such
determination and sensitivity.

You can't give up.

Laurent deserves a normal education.

His ability to keep up
with the others...

Has never been a problem!

We mustn't disturb society.

Lock'em up in the prisons
they call hospitals,

specialized institutions!

The nerve of her!

Separate them! Simple enough.

After consulting several specialists,
we think the opposite.

They recommend keeping them together.

What? Which specialists?

This is a learning center where
children stay 5 nights a week.

Its program is fully adapted
to their needs.

It's only 2 hours from Paris.

First, I can't pay.

If it's the money,

my husband and I would be
more than happy to assist you.

You're crazy.
That's exactly what's wrong.

It's our job to educate them.

The parents, not some strangers.

People think Down is incurable.

It's a social stigma, period.

We can't give in to setbacks

or the opinions of so-called
fat cat specialists.

My son will do just fine
at this school,

with or without your daughter.

Preferably without.

I told you, it's hopeless.

I'll make you forget her!

Caf?, Mom.

I've explained it to you 20 times.



I'll save up and buy you
another record.

And V?ro? When will I see her?

Stop it, please!

They don't answer, I told you.


Caf?, Mom?

Dad, I forgot my soccer shoes
at Mom's.

Then go get them, sweetie.

It's raining.

Well, you're not going
to melt away.

What are you doing?

Sorry, I didn't see
it was cranked up.

Turn it down!

Are you crazy?

It was an accident. You're crazy.

Watch your mouth.
Don't use that tone with me.

- Don't you either.
- I'm your dad!

I've had it with your music.
Go to your room!

I've had it with your bimbo!

Do you want a spanking?


Mom never said this.

But I will.

You're an asshole!

That's enough! Go to your room!


I've never seen you like that.

I'm sorry.

You know, I feel sad too.

Just because I met Rose doesn't
mean I don't miss your mom.

I didn't mean to yell at you.

I'm sorry.

And I'm not fed up with your music.

I'm happy music is important to you.

And everything you listen to.


Are you ok?


The girls say
you're sleepwalking a lot.

Not really.

I want to lash out,
smash something, you've no idea.

That band puts me in a good space.

It's as if they play just for me.

I dreamed of him again.

He doesn't deserve it.

Not Antoine,

the little boy.

He wants me to hold him,
but I'm scared.

Especially when he's in my car.

Why's he there?

I don't know.

What's weird is,
I only dream of him when I'm high.

Since when do you take drugs?

I smoke the odd joint before
going to bed. Helps me sleep.

No wonder you see little monsters!

She gets stoned
before going to bed. Bravo!

What next?

I'm going to see a medium.

A specialist in guides.

Seems she's able to communicate

with the guides who surround us...

the souls of people no longer with us,

but who accompany us.

Fuck off!

Where do you find these people?

The little boy in my dreams...

He's a Mongoloid?


Jesus Christ!

I'm not the only one smoking good weed.

It's so sad.

There's a little girl with him.

It's Rose.

And the little mongoloid

is Antoine.

You're crazy? Never do that again!

You came here by yourself?

V?ro's not here.

Can we go see V?ro, Mom?

We'll stop at home
and dress you properly,

and then we'll pay V?ro a visit.

What do you mean, Antoine?

It's not surprising
I can't leave him.

Don't go there, please.

I've never known any other man.

I've never kissed anyone else.

I've loved once in my life.
One man.

But loved like no one else.

That kind of love, when you lose it,

there's only one way
to survive.

You look for an explanation,
or else you die. Do you understand?

You just want to die.

Don't you do that.
Don't you dare!

He was my little boy.

Antoine. I was his mother
in another life.

You're such an idiot!



They were just there.

Did she say why?


She didn't know.

Did I try to separate them?

I couldn't leave him
with that girl.

It was unhealthy, and dangerous.

Stop talking as if she was you.

Maybe that's what
I have to do now.

Separate them.
Maybe he's in danger.


All she wants is for you
to keep seeing her.

To keep booking appointments.

She said it's pointless to come back,

that I'd find the answers myself.

You have to let go, hon.

I can't.

I just want to believe even more.

Admit that it's a nice theory:

If we're not reunited in
this life, then in another.

Theories are all well and good,

but what about in practise?

Will you spend
your whole life waiting?



In peace.

In hope.

I'm his twin flame.

What now?

It's pretty.

Thank you.

I didn't see a diploma on the wall.

Where do you go to study


You acquire it.

It develops from the inside.

It's a matter of love, faith.

Everyone can develop
their paranormal abilities.

It's a question of desire and will.

I think I can help anyone
who comes here.

I can serve them,
any living thing.

We're all related.

Any living thing?

How does it help us
to know our past lives,

if they really exist?

I don't have to convince you.
You came to me.

We can stop right now.

You fill people's minds
with a load of crap

and leave them deal with it.

So they come back
of their own will.

And don't feel
they've been scammed.

- You came here to vent?
- Yes.

It won't take long.

She doesn't tell me everything.

If you know something,
I'll take over.

I'm better placed to help her.

And don't return her calls,
should she want to come back.

I don't think that's in her plans.

I was going to suggest it,

but she rushed out without paying.

It's not about the money.
I doubt she did it on purpose...

I think your friend was too shaken.

By what?

A load of crap.

Shall I go on?

Alright, we'll...

we'll ask the Good Lord
to bless the new year

or what's left of it. I mean,
we'll soon be eating fresh corn!

May the rest of the year

bring us health,


and love.

May the Good Lord guide us

in the decisions we must make.

And may He guide one person
in particular

so he makes the right decision

and realizes
he has responsibilities.

He has pants to wear,
and it's time he put them on.

Before it's too late.


she leaves him for good.

Before he becomes

another imbecile
who destroys his family for good.

Come on, Lucien...

Stop it, please!

I'm saying out loud
what everyone else thinks.

You're hurting everyone.

He's doing that, not me.

One day he decides to separate.

And we have to pretend
we don't miss her?

That we don't love her anymore?

I loved that girl!

When you marry and have kids,
it's for life!

You don't separate, period!

That moralizing old fart!

Today 8 out of 10 couples split up.

So what?

What are you doing?

I can't hear from my room.

Before we go back there...

How bout we treat ourselves
to a relapse?

Just this once.

Let's go, Mom.

Mom needs to talk to you.

We're not going to visit
V?ro anymore.

Her parents put her in a new school.
They're moving too.

I know it's sad,
but that's how it is. Ok?

We won't see her again.

It's over.

You're lying!

- Come here. Listen to me.
- No!

We can visit her once in a while.

But not every day.

You're lying! You're lying!

Enough! Stop this game!

Come here.

Let go of the door!

- Stop it, that's enough!
- You're lying!

You hear me?

Shut up! Stop shouting!

The meeting of twin flames

is when the soul finds
its other half on the path homeward,

to the source.

The cycle of reincarnation ends.

It's the final relationship

that leads to unity.

The hardest thing for her right now

is to come to terms with the fact

that the loved one

is not her twin flame.




We have a surprise for you.


Someone is taking you to visit a new school.


Guess who?

I'm obsessing.

Shall I get you some coffee?



We should stop talking marriage, right?

For now.

That's what I was thinking.

I couldn't find out more.


She stopped me.


Why are you here?

What's wrong?

Can we go see V?ro?

What is it?

Forgive me.

I should ask you to forgive me.

It's written in the stars.

Don't worry, I won't say a blessing.

I ask you to join me in wishing them
all the happiness in the world.

Thanks for coming.

You're so pretty, all dressed up.

You're beautiful.


You look stunning.

Subtitles: Robert Gray, Kinograph

Blu-ray Subtitling: CNST, Montreal