Café Moszkva (1936) - full transcript

In 1915, after the breakthrough in Gorlice, the Russians emptied the city of Kolomea in East Galicia and moved to the hands of Austrian-Hungarian troops. In the city, however, the town ... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

General! Shall we leave
behind a Rear Guard?

No, Lieutenant.
We won't leave any Rear Guard.

Evacuate the town.

What about the civilian population?

- Whoever wishes can stay behind.
- Yes, Sir.

Lieutenant Baklushin.

You'll be escorting my wife.

Go by way of the bridge.
That's the shortest and safest way.

Yes, Sir. General, Sir.

Are we leaving?

You're not coming with us?

That's impossible, Velyushka.

If I go with you now, this orderly
evacuation could turn to chaos.

Baklushin knows the route well.
You can trust him.

We'll meet in Rugno.

General Sir, I humbly report...

Adieu, Velyushka.

- What is it?
- Reports from the 25th Regiment.

The Russians!

The Russians!

There isn't a single boat anywhere!

What now?

We must take
the highroad back through town.

And what if we're too late?

There are still some people in town
that we can trust to hide us.

Let's go!

Got any cigarettes?

Sorry, old man. I smoked
my entire ration last night.


Chemical Fertilizing Primer


Your orders, Major?

Captain! Give us your cigarettes.

What's this?

Were you sitting on them again?

I kept them here as spares...

You know I don't smoke.

you're wanted on the phone.

Lieutenant Szilagyi.


It's 10 o'clock now.

Yes. At 10:30, no matter what.

Our troops have already taken the town.


Gather your men quickly!

We move out in half an hour.

Ho! At last!
I'll sleep in a real bed.

Turning up against
a wall for a change.

And finally the mail
will catch up with us.

Okay, mail call!

What's up, "Little Admiral?"
Didn't your mummy write?

Letter for Major Kovacs...

and Captain Mihaly Nagy,
a post-card.

For Midshipman Adler...

- Smells like a girlfriend.
- You can be sure...

that you'll surely get a letter
from Katica.

Yes, but I only expect letters
from her...

while you're dealing
with nationwide traffic.

Here then.

Lieutenant Szilagy, a letter.

Master Sergeant Kadosa, letter.

Lieutenant Bernat, one, two, three.

Only three letters today.

Major Verboczy, a parcel!

Lieutenant Hajnal, a post card!

- Nothing more?
- Unfortunately, no.

This Jucika... Look at her.
Isn't she beautiful?

Those slim and delicate legs of hers.

Take a look.

And I must share some bad news
with you, my dear son.

Feri Mate just came home on leave...

and he is now engaged to little Katica.
I hope you won't take it too hard.

Maybe it's better this way.
Childhood love rarely lasts.

I'd like very much
if you'd answer my letter soon.

So, what's the news from back home?


Everything is just fine.

What's this?

You're missing a button again.

Manci, from Budapest.

Bozsi, from Miskolc.

Klari, from Soroksar.

Soroksar is in the lead.

What's his problem?

Clouds float in the sky
Above the Neva lightly

The wind is howling
Over the Petrograd sky

A heavy sigh passes
Through my heart nightly

It would feel so good to die now

But who knows why?

"Just for one night," you'd say

You'd say you love me
So very much

Do I care about the price
I'll have to pay

For all the pain

And all the tears
From your touch

"Just for one night," you'd say

You'd say,
"Whatever tomorrow's chill"

"his night is ours
And what comes after today

I won't care
As long as you love me still

Do you see that Lieutenant over there?

He might be able to help us
to get through the line.

If he finds out who we are,
he might have us arrested.

He doesn't need to know.

I glimpse into my heart
And then I see you

Though I only ever
See youin my dreams

But still I feel
That Fate pulls me towards you

Where, oh where?
That, nobody knows, it seems

"Just for one night", you'd say

You'd say
you love me so very much

Do I care about the price
I'll have to pay

For all the pain

And all the tears
From your touch

"Just for one night", you'd say

You'd say,
"Whatever tomorrow's chill"

This night is ours

And whatever comes after today

I won't care

As long as you love me still

Bring me a coffee as well.

Coffee? Why not some sorbet
with whipped cream?

We don't serve coffee to civilians.

I can bring you a glass
of raspberry syrup.

- Not again.
- Bring a coffee for the lady.

Yes, sir.

Unfiltered and leave the grounds.

Thank you very much, Lieutenant.

Don't say that I'm not a gentleman.


You are the very last gentleman
in the entire military!

You are sweet. You are so sweet.


- May I?
- You may.

I would never have guessed that one day
I'd be so excited over a cup of coffee.

- Why did you bring me just one sugar?
- There was only one on the plate.

One moment.

Again, you stole another sugar?

- What? Not at all.
- Be careful. We're under martial law.

You hear me? Be careful.
We're under martial law.

Tell me... You'd really have the heart
to take that sugar from his mouth?

The hell with it! That's the fifth one.
Give me another quickly!

Well. All right.

If I drink it slowly,
it will last longer.

Delicious imitation coffee.

You want another cup?

Thank you. Perhaps that'd be
a bit too much of a good thing.

Get me another coffee.

- May I?
- You may.

Warm coffee, cigarette...

For a moment I almost felt like
I was back again at my mother's house...

in Riga.


- Where does your dear mother live?
- What?

My dear mother? In the South.
In the countryside.

- Real silk.
- Who is it?

Who wrote this poem?

I don't know him, if you please.

- Where did you learn it then?
- I had a friend once. A Frenchman.

An actor.

If you please, what do you think?
How could I get back to my dear mother?

Well, that's quite impossible now.

Impossible for me...

but for you,
perhaps it's just a word.

Only the High Command
could give permission for that.

At your service, handsome.

I humbly report, I enlisted.

- What are we drinking?
- Nothing.

- The bill!
- No! Don't rush, dear officer?

Are you afraid you're going
to be late for the battle?

Or am I disturbing you, perhaps?

Pardon. My blessings on you both.

- Enough. Off with you, kitty-cat.
- All right, all right.

Pardon me for being alive.

My pretty Officer...

Is the Lieutenant familiar
only with this cheap kind of women?

The "kitty cats?"

There are other kinds of women
in the world as well.

I know.

But only dogs are loyal.

Heartbroken? Stop caring about it.
You'll soon forget about her.

Who are you?

You can see.
Just some little chanteuse.

Or should I lie about it?

That I used to be a lady?
I had a carriage, attended balls,

I visited Paris and London...

- Should I tell you that...
- Don't...

For those two coffees,
you've lied enough.

Bill, please.

Three coffees with sugar, 1.50.

Service is not included, please.

- Thank you.
- Are you leaving?

It's not good to be alone
in these situations.

The best remedy for losing a woman
is another woman.

Thank you. That recipe
doesn't sound too bad.

In the end, we'll find out
that you're a doctor.

No. More likely a quack.

Here. For the excellent diagnosis.

I can't accept that.

It's a free clinic day today.

What a strange creature.


Good night.

Wait a moment. I'll take my coat.
We can go together.

Me? With you?

Hofer-report: 1915, June 19.
We successfully repelled...

all Russian attacks
in East Galicia.

Hofer reports: 1915, July 27.
The Russians deployed...

fifty thousand new soldiers
by the Strupp.

Hofer's report:
1915, September 12.

Our troops defeated the Russians
in a bloody battle.

Hofer report: 1915, December 22.

Desperate fights are going on
again Northeast to Pistina.

Hofer's report: 1916, March 2.

Since yesterday morning
the enemy...

has again been attempting...

to push our troops out of Kolomea.

Hofer's report: 1916, June 30.

The Russians took Kolomea.

Due to overwhelming enemy pressure,

we pulled back our troops
to the Northwest of Kolomea.

- The mails are here.
- Well, Alex, do I have any letters?

Lieutenant Vladimir Prohorov, a letter!

Captain Ivan Chichikov, letter!

Lieutenant Kaprosin!

- Yes!
- Well!

A letter, Lieutenant!

Thank you.

Lieutenant Alexander Alexandrovich,
a letter!

I've got some real pretty lambs, no?

First-class quality.

Look, old buddy.
What posture!

And those legs!

For my money I'd take some
for my "farm" as well.

There you go. Pick one.

Lieutenant! I humbly report.
A service message.

General Suharov and his wife
are due to arrive in town.

It seems like the pretty lady
is well rested after the excitement.

Right. You haven't even told us
everything yet.

Tell me. What happened to both
of you during the occupation?

I can't tell you a thing, my friends.
It's a military secret.

I'm surprised that
they're still together though.

In St. Petersburg, I was told
they were divorcing.

Their situation improved.

The old man broke off
with all his mistresses...

and now he's only interested
in cards and roulette.

But, gentlemen, let's go!
The General could arrive at any minute!

If you want a bullet in your heads,
just keep on peeking through that window.

- How can that old bear be so lucky?
- Who are you talking about?

About the Russian General. How does
he rate such a good looking woman?

A good-looking woman?
What can you see of her?

A hat and a veil.

All right, all right. I'd rather be out there
as well, getting a closer look at the ladies.

Yes, I know. It's my fault.

Gentlemen! Enough already!

Guys, I'm so hungry.

Okay. Do you want a bite?

- An apple?
- What's the time?

- By my watch it's noon.
- By your watch it could mean 5:30 too.

There you go again.

I've had enough of
your finger pointing.

Have you gone crazy?

Who's accusing you of anything?

If you don't mind, I want to clear
this thing up once and for all.

We were supposed
to detonate at 11 o'clock.

And my watch was still
only showing 10:30.

By the time you arrived, the outskirts
were already taken by the Russians.

If I detonate earlier, it is bad.
If I detonate later, it's bad too.

So you didn't detonate at all.

And the ammunition dump
is still in Russian hands.

And we're stuck here.

Guys, somebody must go downstairs,
before they close the shop.

- Who's on food duty today?
- The one who's asking.

How much is in the till?

Seven rubles, 15 kopeks.

- Where is the rest?
- You squandered it on clothes.

But we pulled these rags
from three Russian peasants.

That's right.
But, ever the gentleman,

Szilagyi gave them 10 rubles
as compensation.

My watch is worth something.

Put that away, will you.
It'll jinx us even up here.

What's on the menu?

Chicken paprikas with dumplings.

Cottage cheese pasta
with fried bacon.

In other words,
three herrings with onions.

But plenty of onions.

We're not meeting tonight?

Try to understand, Maryusha.
I'm due at the barracks in 30 minutes.

In an hour, we're clearing out.

- Are you taking Ivan with you as well?
- Yes! The entire regiment is leaving.

They say they we're being deployed
against the Germans.

Wait! I'll pack you something
for the journey.

What would you like,
little brother?

I'd like three herrings.
With lots of onions.

The junior officer was
from the 25th Regiment.

I saw his epaulet.

And you think they're being
deployed against the Germans?

That's what he said, at least.

Then only the 14th Regiment
will be left in town.

This could be a perfect opportunity.

- Perfect opportunity for what?
- To attack, my friend.

The town could be taken back now.

- We'll escape through the front tonight.
- Yes.

But let's not rush.
One of us will leave tonight...

The other one, tomorrow at dawn.

- One of us will go and deliver the news.
- And the third one?

The third one stays here.

Tomorrow night he'll detonate
the ammunition dump,

which'll cause panic in town,
and be the signal for the attack.


You'll leave through the big forest
to our headquarters tonight.

Yes, Sir.

Captain! You'll try to get through...

the little path by the swamp
tomorrow at dawn.

And tomorrow night,
I'll blow up the ammunition dump...

with our last hand-grenade.

I beg your pardon, Lieutenant, Sir,
but it was I who made the mistake.

Allow me to detonate
the ammunition dump myself, please.

I humbly beg you Lieutenant, Sir,

for that reason only,
entrust me with the detonation.

Thank you.

We'll decide about the detonation
with a draw.

Here are the matches.

It's easier if I put our names
on three pieces of paper.

And the first name pulled by Kadosa...

will be the one who stays.

Pick one.

Istvan Szilagyi.

- This is my fur cap.
- May I?

There you go.

- Who has the hand grenade?
- I'll get it.

Have you gone crazy?

Keeping the grenade there!

I almost dropped it
through that window a while ago!


- I believe we understood each other.
- Yes, Sir.

What is it again?

A Russian raid!

Let's block the door!

That's useless!

Where are you taking him?

Why are you taking him?

Tie him up!


- Three men, go upstairs!
- Yes, Sir!

We're trapped.

- Take these two away!
- Come on!

Come on! Go!

Open up!

Break down the door!

There are Russian dead
in that apartment. Move along!

The Russian line goes through
the middle of the forest.

Once you get through the forest,
you can easily reach our trenches.

Direction is good. Do it!

Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

Gas! Gas!

Your face looks very familiar,
little brother.

Perhaps you can give me a little work,
Sir Officer, Your Highness?

Alright. You can go now.

Bring in that man.

He went to blow up
the ammunition dump.

I think you're right, General.

I saw this man
at the Cafe Moscow several times.

It was that dog of Mrs. Katsir
that made me suspicious of him.

Because every time
that officer was in the Cafe...

he always gave the dog
something to eat.

Her Highness would most certainly
recognize him.

Once she spent an entire evening
with him in the Cafe.

- An entire evening?
- Yes, General.

Because that night,

of course, it was only
for the sake of the mission.

We wanted to break through
the frontline at all costs.

Black again...

So you're suggesting that
I should ask Velyusha to come here?

I don't want anybody else
to know about this, understand?

- Do it discreetly.
- As you wish, General.

Of course, there will be
no mention of this in the records.

I'll have this man shaved and combed.

And when Her Highness comes here...

she'll look at him
and just say yes or no.

Yes or no.

Should I make the call?

Make the call.



Am I to go there?


But I'm still in bed.

Is it very important?

My God...

All right. I'll be there in an hour.

- Are you sure these sheep curds are ripe?
- Of course, they're ripe.

- You ripened them a little early.
- We had no time to waste.

- How much do I owe you?
- Thirty five.

- Give me ten decagrams of lard.
- Yes, at once.

Hey! Stop!

Hey! Stop! Stop!

- What is it?
- Stop, will you!

How long do you expect me
to run after you with this pack?

- Thank you.
- You leave behind your stuff?

It's clear you were never a soldier.

So, you're claiming that
you lost your papers...

during your flight to safety.

And that you were
a horsecart driver. Where?

- In Warsaw.
- Yes, Your Excellency.

Every kid in Warsaw knows me,
Your Highness, Sir.

Every cart driver and
every tavern keeper.

Where was your stand?

By the railway station.

I stood by the station, because that was
the best place for business, if you please.

You don't remember me?

How could I not remember you?

It was you, Officer Sir,
who had me arrested this morning.

I couldn't even eat my breakfast.

Ah! You!
Put that stinking thing away.

Enough of this.

Bring in that woman.

Come here.

I kiss your hand, Sir General.

Katyusha Arkutyna?

Arkatyna. I beg your pardon,
Katyusha Arkatyna.

- Are you single?
- No, Sir. I'm divorced.

- Who was your husband?
- He was not my husband.

We lived together for 14 years,
but then he ran away.

You know how things are in a musical caf?.
A lot of women, a lot of troubles.

Are you the head cashier of Cafe Moscow?

- Yes, Sir, I am.
- Now, listen to me...

- Can you recall...
- I generally remember everything, Sir.

Except for that day, because then
I swear I had the day off.

- What day?
- When the box of sugar cubes got lost!

Ivanovna Alexandra,
the waitress, that thief,

blamed it on Piotr.

- Who is Piotr?
- This lovely little creature.

You wanted me to bring him along too.

Enough of that.
Look at this man.

- Yes, Sir. I'm looking.
- Do you recognize him?

Yes, Sir. I mean, I do not.

Just have another look.

Well, from this side he looks
a little bit like my divorced husband.

Do you remember that
Hungarian Lieutenant who used...

to come into the Cafe
during the occupation?

- He always sat in front of the cash.
- Yes, please. I remember him.

Is it him?

Well, you know, I never saw his face.
He always sat with his back towards me.

You'll see with the dog.
He is not as stupid as its owner.

Animal instincts cannot be fooled.

Put the dog down on the floor.


You can leave now.

I kiss your hand, if you'll pardon me.
I kiss your hand.

Say goodbye there. Say goodbye!

It's black again!

Forgive me for
waking you up this early.

Take this man away.

Thank you.

I'll be asking for you
a bit later, gentlemen.

As you wish, General.

Did you recognize this man?


So, this is the officer
who used to visit the Cafe.


Red or black?

Life or death?

What are you trying to say?

Tell me...

Did you spend that night with him?

Are you crazy?

He didn't want you.

Let the gentlemen come in.

I have reached a verdict.

I'm telling you, little brother,

which means you can swear on it...

that I am the best dentist...

in the whole town!

You are both the best and the worst,

because you're the only one.

Just look at that runaway soldier.

Look at how gratefully
he looks at me!

I pulled out one of his molars
last week. This big!

I took it out in twenty pieces,
without pain.

- Without pain?
- Only my ears hurt.

- Your ears?
- Yes. He was yelling so loud.

Well, brother, I'm afraid
we can't make a deal here,

neither with pain, nor without.

Because I was interrogated today...

and tomorrow I might even
be court martialed.

Don't be distressed by that.

There will be no court martial
out of all that.

They won't make such
a big ceremony of it.

The soldiers will just arrive,
two of them will enter,

they'll surround you, bind you,
and then off you go.

Half an hour later not one
of your teeth will hurt ever again.

Well, I can't compete
with them in this regard.

And what kind of money
were you forging?


You're an idiot, little brother.

Even real rubles are
practically worthless.

You should forge dollars.

Thanks for the advice.

Listen, you, tin-plate mangler.

You either give me my 60 rubles...

or I'll yank the palate
out of your mouth.

Don't touch me!


This is only 40!

You! Don't give me the forged ones!

Only the ones made by the Tsar himself!

Yeah. Sure. I'd be a fool to give you
real money for a fake tooth.

This is the one.

Thank you.

Come on. Go in.

You're already here, little brother?

Why are you looking so puzzled?

Don't you know who I am?

No, Your Highness.


- I think, earlier on...
- This morning...

Haven't you driven me in your coach
a number of times around Warsaw?

You had a little brown horse...

with a braided mane.

You used to sit so proudly up front,

like a real Lieutenant.

Maybe we should have a cigarette
to calm down a little.

Do you want one?


What a pity.

They're excellent Romanian cigarettes.

The Hungarian officers
used to smoke these in Cafe Moscow.

Look, my lady.
There is no need for this comedy.

Just tell me plainly
what it is you want.

I am sure they are recording
all my words in the other room anyway.

Your opinion of women
still has not changed a bit.


This is my room.

Forgive me!

But I still don't understand.

Please be a bit more patient!



Unfiltered and with the grounds...

With two sugars.

The wife of General Suharov
cannot remain in your debt!

The wife of General Suharov?

But how could the wife of
General Suharov be a "chanteuse"...

in Cafe Moscow?

Just as the Lieutenant can, dressed
as a horsecart driver, in my house.

But please, take a seat.

You may.

May I?

Your Highness!

Would you like something?

Surely General Suharov's wife does not
want to remain in my debt, am I correct?

- Yes.
- Then can I have another cup of coffee?

Yes, yes.


You can take two sugars as well.

I have no dog.

And I can't help you
with cats either.


You still remember that?

We women always remember a compliment
or an insult... to the grave.

That's quite a time limit.

But that means, I still
owe you a compliment.

Actually, that's how I should
have started in the first place.

Yes. In the Cafe Moscow.

But here, I don't mind...

What does your mother do
in the South?

Thank you.

She has not received any news
about me for weeks now.

She is probably sitting
by the window,

knitting a knee-warmer, looking
to the front yard every moment,

waiting for the postman to come...

How old are you?

Me? Thirty.

- Do you have anyone else at home?
- Only my mother.

I'm going to save you.

Me? From what?

I was sentenced to death.

But how? Not a single witness
testified against me!

But one did.

Who was that?


But why?

I did not know what I was doing
when I said yes.

So now you've paid it back
with interest.

You settled your debt fairly well.

You can reach the garden
through this little door. Run!

I denied help from you once.

Back then I just
wanted to reach Riga,

but it's about your life now.

They mustn't find you here with me.

Who is it?

It is me, my dove.

It would be very kind, if you would
honestly tell me, what it is you want...

You're a smart woman, Veryusha.

I came home, because I could not
find a good partner in the casino.

So tonight, I'll be playing with you.

A bit of roulette.

It's a pity you came home for that.

You know I never play.

But today, you will play.

You know me...

- You can't force me if I don't want.
- But I can.

And you'll be most eager
to play this time.

And if not, then what? Are you going
to have me shot in the head?

Not you.

Where did you hide him?


The Hungarian officer you brought here
with a forged order.

Or do you want me
to look for him, perhaps?

You can look for him if you want!

He escaped through
that small door to the garden.

He won't get far from here!

The garden is full of soldiers.
They have surrounded the house.

You want to kill him,
just because he got stuck in town?

- There is a war going on.
- You hate him.

And you don't just hate him
because he's the enemy,

but because you think
I gave myself to him.

Is that why he must die?

- There's a war going on.
- A war going on?

But this is your own personal war!
Against me and a man...

whose sole crime is that
he stayed with me for an evening!

- For one night.
- Only for one evening.

And is that why you wanted
to help him escape?

For a long time already, we don't
owe any explanations to each other.

I can do whatever I want.

You must know I only saw him now
for the third time in my life.

And we hardly had two good words
to say to each other.

But still I like him.

Perhaps I even love him...


I love him.

But he does not know it.

Even I didn't know it until now.

And the beauty of it is...

that he'll never even find out.


I had to come to this ragged hole...

to finally get to know my wife.

You think you finally
got to know me?

- I lost.
- You could have won.

The most exciting part of the game
is that people have the same chance.

This or that.

Obviously you are not interested
in small bets,

but what would you say to that necklace
we saw before in Nevsky Avenue?

Do you remember it?

Genuine pearls and gemstones.

The jeweler asked 23 thousand
rubles for it.

There is not a single necklace that
I'd be willing to play for with you now.

Very nice to be so consistent,

but still...
I'll offer you another bet.

I'm not interested.

Perhaps you will be.

Let's say...
the Lieutenant's life.

What kind of bad joke is this?

You know me.
It is not my habit to joke.

Of course, the game
is not compulsory.

- And if I play?
- Interesting.

You said, I can't force you into
something you don't want to do.

But if I do...

Red or black?


If you win...
the Lieutenant is free.


I won!

Thank you.

A rare occasion and
an interesting match.

And the Lietutenant?
Is he free now?


- Will you release him now?
- No.

But you promised...

And still I cannot do that.

He escaped through
that little door into the garden.

And the soldiers?

Do you really think
I would have my own house...

surrounded by soldiers,
creating a scandal?

I came alone.

And I believe the right thing
to do now would be...

for you to pack your things...

and go home tomorrow.

God be with you.

Are you crazy?

Why did you come back?

I forgot something.

My cigarette case.

I am afraid if I leave it with you,
it could cause more trouble.

I don't want to give you another reason
to say yes when you're supposed to say no.

You came back because of that?


This is not bravery.
This is just insane.

Please! What are you doing?
Go at once!

Of course!

But before that, I want to
be clear about something.

That night, back in the Caf?,

would you really have come with me?

With you?


Don't you remember what
you said back then?

"Me? With you?"

It's midnight.

"Me? With you?"

One cannot just forget about that...

I was not just mad at you
back then, but at all women.

Do not dwell on that evening!

It has passed. It is gone...
together with our old lives.

Actually, it is just this evening
that we got to know each other.


I would also like
to ask you a question.

Why did you stay?

Come for a moment, will you?

Try to get into the garden,
if you please.

There you go...

Well, I didn't think about that.

It was too dark.
And I couldn't even...

Were you standing
between the two doors?

- Yes.
- And you heard every word?

- Yes.
- And now you think that I love you?


Well, then, rest assured
that every word was a lie.

And I only said those things because...

Because you hate me.

That's right.

The ammunition dump!

The ammunition dump!
Enemy attack!

General! We must leave immediately!


One moment.

Does anybody else know about...

my wife and that Hungarian Lieutenant?

Oh, not at all, General.

I was careful.

I guarantee you that nobody else
will ever find out.

As it should be.

Thank you.

And what happened to the woman?

I don't know. I've looked
for her everwhere.

The General died.

The house was hit.


I found these in his pocket.

His watch was lying
on the hill nearby.

Poor Kadosa!

I can see him just like
he was back in school,

when the Latin teacher
had him empty his pockets.

His pockets were always full of things.

We should send it home to his parents.

Do you remember?

Only some three years ago, we were
hunting for wild ducks on the Danube,

at night, under moonlight.

Kadosa fired buckshot into my leg.

It stopped at 11:30.

I humbly report to the Lieutenant...

this parcel was delivered to you, Sir.

My cigarette case!
Who brought it here?

- A woman in a black dress.
- A woman in a black dress?

- Where is she?
- I humbly report, I don't know.

She just left.

I know the way I hurt you
was unforgivable.


I missed a wonderful opportunity
at our first meeting.


And I know that everything is over
between you and me forever.

Yes, and I will go away
from here at last...

- To where?
- Don't you know?

To Riga. To my sweet mother.

I am going away as well.
On a two-weeks break.


- Where are you going?
- Me?

With you.

The extraordinary situation
demands extraordinary achievements.

I'm proud of the officers
of the Regiment...

who showcased this fine example
of the bravery of Hungarian soldiers.

Self sacrifice is
the most ancient virtue of a soldier.

He will forever stay a shining star
in the history of his regiment.

Lieutenant Istvan Szilagyi...

and Lietuenant Gaspar Bernath.

They won't have to wait too long
for the recognition of their merits.