Café Metropole (1937) - full transcript

Victor Lobard, the smooth and nimble owner of the Café Metropole in Paris, has only ten days to replace a small fortune he embezzled from the business; he and a clerk face prison if he fails. He thinks he's won the money at a casino then learns he's in possession of a rubber check written by Alexander Brown, a well-mannered but penniless Yank. Lobard cooks up a scheme: to have Brown pretend to be a Russian prince, woo a visiting American, and get her rich father to give Brown the money Lobard needs. Several problems: Brown's not a very good impostor, a real Russian prince presents himself, and the two young people fall in love. Does prison await or do wild strawberries? - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

Why don't they serve me ...?

Why don't they serve me ...?

Look, I'm not leaving
until I get what I asked for.

I want roasted eagle.

But it has to be a strong eagle ...

very sensible and with a
sense of responsibility

but, roasted.

- The kitchen closed, sir.
- Open it!

It's too late. Understand,
the shift started at 6:00 ...

and many of us have
a home and family.

- Have?
- Wife and five children, sir.

How wonderful.

I support him wholeheartedly
by having a wife and five children.

- Thank you sir.
- And now, sir.

No! I will not go until my eagle is
served ... and it is well roasted.

- Where's the boss?
- Please, Monsieur.

- Monsieur Victor is busy.
- Victor?

Victor! Come here, who you are.

Better speak English,
I understand what you say.

- Yes sir. We already know.
- No, no.

I will not move until I see
my eagle on this table.

I want my eagle roasted.

- The kitchen is already closed, sir.
- Open the kitchen.

I want my eagle,
and I want it here.

- We can not.
- Is something wrong, dear sir?

- Are you Victor?
- At your service, sir.

- Why don't I get roasted eagle?
- Of course yes.

- Roast eagle for the Lord, quick.
- Like? Where?

From the eagles department, silly.

You put them in their place.

I think your car is waiting
for you, sir. May I help you?

- It's all right.
- Come on.

- But my eagle.
- Dear sir, you forgot ...

What does the eagle have to prepare
for 24 hours before cooking it?

Of course, I haven't forgotten.

How much I envy you, tomorrow, at this
hour, you will be eating roasted eagle.

- Why two hats?
- They are in fashion, sir.

Allow me. And they both suit you.

How wonderful. How wonderful.

A thousand francs. Thousand.

Besides the eagle, can I suggest
a sunflower puree?

And maybe a
flower salad ?

You are, without a doubt,
the best man in Paris.

I never denied that, sir.

- Good night, sir.
- Goodbye, Victor, my great friend.

I got the unshaven waiter 4. If
you are unshaven today, you will.

Yes sir.

Waiter 10's uniform
smelled of benzene.

It is a catastrophe that the smell of
benzine competes with the fish fillet.

- It can't happen again.
- No sir.

I will put the Countess of Tambamuerta
on table 12.

- That's where the air comes in, sir.
- Exactly.

If not, she'll order a chicken wing
and mineral water ...

- and would occupy the table for hours.
- It's true, sir.

It will be better to switch
to the CFO ...

from table number 4 to 34.

Nice mess we're having
with finances

to make you see
our money income.

Yes sir.

Something very important.
Where are the wild strawberries?

- Impossible. They are not in season.
- It's all right.

"Normandy steamship.
On Monday ..."

a table for three between
the orchestra and the cellar, period.

Special caviar for my sister,

Famous people for my daughter and me,
Moscow wild strawberries , with rum. Score.

- Joseph Ridgeway.
- A rich American.

Yes, I have great affection.

When we first met, I was a
waiter and he was a street vendor.

Today it is the largest
shock absorber manufacturer in the world.

Shock absorbers, sir?

Mr. Ridgeway will have our best table,
give him 7.

- Yes sir.
- Let the best waiter attend you.

- Yes, sir, the Russian will attend.
- Charles?

- Yes sir?
- Pick up wild strawberries.

Yes sir.

Stop there!
Don't move an inch.

- Maxl? What it is?
- I had to come.

I can't wait any longer.

- I am getting crazy. Crazy!
- Yes, Maxl.

That kind of madness
ends at the guillotine.

- Or do you give me the money or ...
- Or what?

First you and then me.

- Maxl, do you know what you need?
- Me? Do not.

- You need to sleep more.
- To sleep?

There are groups of police who
march for my dreams.

Maxl, as long as you don't come out
of your dreams, we'll be safe.

Café Metrópole did well today.

Sit down, sit down.

- How much income was there?
- Income? I didn't come to talk about it.

I came because I need to know
what you're going to do ...

about the 900,000 francs
I lent you.

A great detail that
I will never forget.

Within 15 days, we have to close
the books for the auditors ...

and you didn't give me back a franc.

Listen to me, Maxl.

If I seemed indifferent
about the mess ...

if I felt indifferent, cold,
confident or too confident ...

it's because I have to look,
as always.

It's not that I didn't understand the
mess we're in because of me.

I didn't forget it for a moment.

Then you will understand
how happy I feel ...

to say that this afternoon
at 6:00 am ...

I will return
the sum of 960,000 francs directly to your hands.

I knew that.

I always knew that you
would not fail me.

- But did you say 960,000 francs?
- So it is.

- But you only took 900,000 of the money.
- Yes I know.

Oh, it's a typical gesture from you.
Always kind, always generous.

But I completely refuse
to take anything for myself.

Maybe a new hat.

But 60,000 francs?
No no no no.

That is the exact amount you are
going to lend me at this point.

What? Never!

Not a penny more! Never ever!

Don't you understand that the only thing
I want is to save both of us?

Would you doubt that? If a
miserable 60,000 francs more ...

could they take that burden off us?

- If you lose, this time we will go to jail.
- With or without prison ...

I would hate it if something happened to you,
narrowly ... that was, for trusting me.

I'm not ... more
than a poor ...

and miserable box.


No one questioned your generosity,
my friend.

Sixty thousand francs for the bank.

Who says the bank?
Bets are accepted up to 60,000.

- Bank.
- That's it, sir.


Eight for the bank.

120,000 francs for the bank.

Who says bank?


- Um, please.
- Nine for the bank.

240,000 francs for the bank.

Who says bank?

- Nobody says bank?
- Bank.

Bank can give.

Do not.

Eight for the bank.

480,000 francs for the bank.

I wouldn't try again, Victor.
The odds are 60,000 to one.

No, no, Colonel. The odds
against me are 960,000 for nothing.

- Don't play anymore.
- Will you stay, Monsieur Victor?

- Monsieur Victor.
- Don't do it.

- Will you stay, sir?
- I stay.

- Want to stay.
- Twenty-four thousand, Louis.

480,000 francs for the bank.

Who says bank?

Nobody says bank?


Do you know him?
We don't know the gentleman.

Don't worry, Michel.

I already had the pleasure of meeting you.

It is.


Nine for the bank.

960,000 francs for the bank.

- No more, sir?
- No thank you. I have enough.

150,000 francs for the bank.

Nobody wants it?

Place your bets, gentlemen.

The gentleman wants to write a check.

- Good night, Victor.
- Good night, Albert.

- Banque de France?
- It's ok.

Victor Lobard.

- I'm sorry, gentlemen.
- What do you regret?

I'm sorry I don't have a bank account.

In fact, I have no money.

- I'm broke.
- But you chose the bank.

I am afraid to exaggerate
the chances of a miracle.

He's just an ordinary thief.
Will pay the 480,000 francs ...

or I will break it to the last bone.

If you think it will help you get
your money, why not try?

Just a moment. Leave me alone with him.
I want to talk to him.

No, no.
We have ways to make them pay.

- Gentlemen, please!
- Yes sir.

We'll be out there
if you try something.

Thank you.

I hate violence when the problem
can be solved without it.

I am glad that it is so.

It's American, right?
Your passport please.

You are Alexander Brown.

People who tip
a thousand francs ...

they usually have sources to help
, relatives, family members.

- But then you have friends.
- No, I don't.

A few months ago, I
had many friends.

I just inherited a
million dollars.

Do you know that magnificent
American institution called taxes?

It has been taxing Americans
for years.

Look, let me explain how it works.

This represents a million dollars.

The inheritance tax
for the federal government.

And an inheritance tax
for the state government.

The costs of validating
the will.

Gifts and a small tax
for the privilege of delivering them.

Delinquent income taxes ...

the main reason for
my uncle 's long illness.

Lawyers' fees.

And that represents my net inheritance:

Six thousand dollars and
eighty-five cents ...

The rest of what I
gave you tonight.

The fact is that it prevented me from earning
480,000 francs by saying bank.

What do you propose?

I never lost money by
misjudging a person's character.

And I think that you
will not be the exception.

Hope not.

I'll be waiting for you at Café
Metrópole, tomorrow at 4:00 ... well, this afternoon.

I'll be there.

- Will you return my passport?
- I'm sorry.

- But I can't move without it.
- That's why I'm going to keep it.

Good night.

- We already did. Let him go.
- Yes sir.

I'm sorry.
We all make mistakes, sir.

Yes, or I doubt it.

450,000 francs for the bank.

- Sit down.
- Thank you.

Would you let me?

- Say "bank".
- Bank.

No, no, no. Say it like you
said last night.

- Bank!
- How wonderful.

As if he had the Duchy of
Normandy in his right pocket ...

and the Bank of France on the left
and it turns out to be poor.

- Repeat this.
- Bank!

When I say that I was
wrong, I say everything.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

I wonder which one it could be.


Ragoumiroff died,
but some relatives still live.

Let me see. Kostrousko
was hanged ...

but, anyway,
he had a bad name.

His name is Alexander.

Panaieff. Panaieff!

The oldest, exiled in Siberia. With the
youngest the Bolsheviks launched him on the Volga.

One of them was called Alexander,
no, Alexis. That will be you.

- His Highness Prince Alexis Panaieff.
- I'm afraid I don't understand.


Read this ... with a Russian accent.

- With...? No, no, I can't, sir.
- Try it.

- Will a Russian hear me?
- I hope not, but read.

"Monday night"
No, no.

"On Monday night,
a table for three ..."

"halfway between the orchestra
and the winery, full stop."

"The special caviar for my sister ..."

"Famous people for my daughter ..."

"and Moscow wild strawberries with rum
for me, period."

- "Joseph Ridgeway."
- Not bad, you can practice.

I don't think I heard
part of what I said.

I understand what you want me to do
A kind of performance?

Let's say that a representation,
not as an artist.

The character of Russian prince Alexis ...

it will only ask you to
attend to one person:

A very rich person, and judging from
what I see in American newspapers ...

very attractive too.

May I ask why I
would accept?

- Yes you can.
- Tell me why.

Because you don't want to go to jail.

I hate to use this vulgar defense,
but I have no alternative.

I remind you that gambling
debts are not debts by law.

It is true. The law is lenient
in the case of gambling debts ...

but it pays off for being extremely
strict with bad checks.

Pay Victor Lobard
an amount of 480,000 francs.

- I destroyed that check.
- Threw in the garbage.

Fortunately, I rescued him from the trash ...

for being a very important test.

I give you my word of honor, I will pay you
even a hundred francs a week.

At that rate, he would finish paying
in approximately 92 years.

- It's too long.
- What if I don't accept?

In that case, as the police say,
this will be "Proof A".

Is the Russian national anthem known?

- Do you want me to sing?
- Really no.

Perhaps one of the waiters knows.


Very good very good.

This song will welcome you
when you arrive at 9:00 PM

- Leave the rest in my hands.
- I'm obliged.

- I'm glad you agree.
- My passport?

I better keep it in
case you forget who you are ...

Your Highness.

Ah, it's you.

Arrived early.

Go to the florist and
place a flower on your lapel.

And don't overdo it with your monocle.

Remember the time? The sign?

Yes, very good.

I want something for ... sort of.

- An orchid?
- No.

A gardenia?

Excuse me please.


I want to exchange these
for ones that are less ...

Something that is a little less ...

Do not you think?

Where did they come from?

My father.

See, I would like something I
could take ... alone.

Oh, sim.

- How is it?
- There is Formosa.

As if I had it done.

- Yes, it was.
- As I said?

I said yes.

How much is it?

- What did you say?
- I asked how much it is.

It's a gift from Victor,
from Café Metrópole.

Thank you very much.

Good night.

Sorry, Mr. Ridgeway. I looked
in London, Berlin, Budapest ...

- There is no wild strawberry in Europe.
- You never failed me.

I will not fail
you this time, sir.

- Laura. You remember Victor.
- Yes of course.

- Remember my daughter?
- I waited for this moment 6 years.

- Yes, he remembers.
- It was her birthday.

She was wearing a
peach and turquoise taffeta dress .

He ate two chocolate bombs for
dessert, something that no one forgets.

- He is wonderful.
- Clear. We are in Paris.

Dad, would you be embarrassed if I
asked Victor to point ...?

She wants to see famous people.
Start with kings and queens.

Strangely, tonight
we have no crown.

This man with a distinguished appearance
must be at least a prince.

No, no, it is a clamp manufacturer.

That lady on the porch, what
appears to be a sloppy cook ...

You are the
Duchess of Marleton.

- Are you disappointed?
- No.


Your Highness.

Straighten your tie,
adjust your vest.

His Highness's table is ready, sir.
If you're kind to follow me, sir.

- I think Victor is a charlatan.
- Here he comes, Maggie.

If Your Highness prefers a table
on the balcony ...

No, I don't think ...

Royalty? Oh gosh.

What a great honor, Your Highness.

- Something is wrong?
- Wrong? Nothing, Maggie.

- I mistook him for a salesman.
- What do you mean?

- He gave me a flower.
- What?

He gave me a flower, dad. See?

I only have one rule
about titles.

If they are charming, they are false.
If they are authentic, they are stupid.

Started again.

Do you see the young woman at two tables to my
right? Don't turn around this time.

Wear a white veil.

See now.

- I see the tip of a nose.
- This is enough.

I want you to woo that nose and make
her fall in love with you in 10 days.

To court her? No, no.

You have the freedom to choose between
falling in love with a beautiful girl ...

or spend a few years in prison.

Bring me the most
expensive dinner you have.

Very well, Your Highness.

Serve him fixed-price food.

- Vodka with that.
- Yes sir.

With your permission, Mr. Ridgeway ...

Your Highness, Prince Panaieff asks for the
pleasure of dancing with Miss. Laura.

It is a privilege of royalty,
without any impertinence.

- That's right, but ...
- Tell your Highness that it will be a pleasure.

Thank you, Miss Laura.

It seems to me like a real flirt.

Your Highness. Stand up.
She agreed to dance with you.

- Who invited you?
- You.

With an accent.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Good night.

- Would you allow me, please?
- Yes of course.

Excuse me please.

And then he will dance with you.

Where's Victor?

- Waiter. Call Victor.
- Yes sir.

Tell me, don't only Americans
recognize royalty?

It was nothing. Any gentleman
would feel privileged to serve you.

- Yes, Mr. Ridgeway?
- Let me ask about ...

Don't worry, sir.

I know His Serene Highness,
Prince Alexis Petrovitch Panaieff, very well .

I also met your father,
a magnificent waste.

At the old Café Metrópole I
saw him drinking so much champagne ...

how you like to jump Normandy.

- Are you Russian too?
- Ah, yes, sir, yes sir.

So, why don't you drive a taxi?

It would be very unfair to compare
any current fortune ...

not yours, with the Panaieffs,
theirs is much bigger.

- Well ...
- Anything else, sir?

- No, no, I think that's it.
- Yes sir.

How strange, but at the florist ...

I didn't notice any trace of the accent.

Good to say that.

Although, of course, it is now so light ...
just enough to be pleasant.

My accent, come and go,
come and go, come and go.

What a beautiful dance. I imagine you
ride a horse just as well.

Yes, yes, my father was a Cossack.

And the dogs? Do you like dogs?

Oh yeah. I love Russian greyhounds.

By any civilized standard, the dance was
supposed to end 45 minutes ago.

What do you think it is, a marathon?

I'm sure you don't
have it there by force.

Why does your father
look at me with hatred?

It is not a hateful look, he
narrowed his eyes.

He wants to see it up close.

Daddy, Maggie, I introduce
Your Highness, Prince Alexis Panaieff.

Nice to meet you.

Hang on! A little.

Do not move.


Just a moment.


- Thanks for letting me add a detail.
- Thanks.

- Laura, we have to go.
- Dad, we just arrived.

I was pleased to meet you,
Mr. Ridgeway.

In Russia,
I heard a lot about you a long time ago.

- Yes? Do not tell me.
- Yes Yes.

Yes, you may not know
how famous it is.

He doesn't completely ignore you.

- It was a great pleasure.
- Thank you.

Sit down, prince. It will stay a while.
You have to drink something.

- Yes.
- I would like it very much.

Yes, of course, please stay.


- What do you like, prince?
- Vodka.

- Bring two.
- Three.

Yes ma'am.
What kind of vodka, Your Highness?

- The best.
- Yes sir.

Tell us something about your native Russia.

When I was a child
in St. Petersburg ...

we had Ridgeway buffers
on the sleds.

- On sleds?
- Yes ... back and forth.

Sometimes I am dumbfounded
with admiration.

You leave me speechless,
but not in awe.

The poor hunter bought
a cheap seat.

The show is about to begin.
Trumpets are heard.

And the elephants come in,
going around the racecourse.

- And ...
- Excuse me, Your Highness.

- Yes?
- Your Highness is wanted by phone.

- The telephone.
- Yes, Your Highness.

Oh yeah.
If you'll excuse me, please.

Yes of course.

This way, Your Highness.

Inside, Your Highness.

- Make Victor come.
- But I...


Forget the phone.

- What do you mean?
- Nobody called you.

- But he said that ...
- Is His Highness Prince Panaieff?

- You're forgetting your place.
- Shut up!

Answer the questions.

- You have no right.
- It's not even Russian!

Of course not. Which Russian would dare
steal the Panaieff name?

- Are you implying that I would dare ...?
- Insinuate, thief!

I'm Panaieff.

But this is impossible.

I am the only Panaieff, the last
of nine generations of princes.

I'm hungry, I'm cold, I ...

I even worked
to protect my last name ...

and now you want to steal me
in my nose.

Are you sure about that?


- So we're in a big mess.
- What mess are you talking about?

Ask him.

What are you doing here?
Get back to your work!

It looks like there are a lot of Panaieff
in the cast, that's all.

There is no need to disturb you,
sir. Go back with your friends.

- Ah, are you also involved?
- I'll take care, sir.

Go ahead.

Out of here. You are fired.

Talk to me with respect,
please, Victor.

If you don't have a good explanation
for your crazy behavior ...

I will personally take care that
you do not return to work in Paris.


It's impossible.

I remembered.

Your Highness.

Victor, oh, Victor ...

You are a poor guy.

How did you not recognize the man
who gave you a single tip ...

enough money to pay
the waiter's salary for a year?

I beg your Serene Highness
to forgive me for my big mistake.

You are forgiven.

- Sit down.
- Thank you.

- Something is wrong?
- No not yet.

It was news from another Panaieff,
nothing more.

- I hope nothing bad.
- Not very well.

- He didn't die, did he?
- Oh, no, no. Instead.

- Do you like dancing, Mrs. Ridgeway?
- It will be a pleasure.

That is why, Your Highness, I prostrate myself
in front of you, I am at your mercy.

Well, Victor ...
twenty years ago, in Russia ...

I would have asked you to chain
you and they would cut your tongue off as punishment.

Of course, those were the
good times, sir.

But this crazy plan is
completely canceled.

I can forgive you, because you are such
an absolute rascal ...

that you could almost have been
in my family.

But for that puppy that
goes there, you will have to throw it away.

As you wish, sir.

- You're not angry, are you?
- Your Highness.

In fact, I am facing a
very uncomfortable situation.

On the one hand, I cannot allow
this young man to walk around with my name.

On the other hand, I don't want to
lose my job.

- Don't be afraid of that, sir.
- Thank you, Victor, thank you.

As everything is settled,
I will return to attend my tables.

High King.

You do not need to return
to such a humble occupation.

Are you trying to buy my honor?

Your silence.

Shameless demon!

Have you forgotten who I am?

You know Panaieff
is the family name ...

related to the Russian tsars
for the past 300 years?

On five occasions, legitimately.

- May my blood be borsch ...
- Your Highness, not borsch.

No. Better champagne, and let your
real meat turn into caviar and pate.

But not borsch.
He's a real nobleman, sir.

For three centuries,
Panaieff's sacred duty ...

has been protecting
the honor of your surname.

Panaieff's duty
for three centuries ...

has been drinking in crystal glasses,
riding stallions in the morning ...

bet a lot of money in the afternoons,
and tame little girls at night.

- Panaieff lives ...
- That was in the past.

Your Highness, we are in Paris, your friends,
the most beautiful women in the world.

Always, your table at Café Metrópole ...
for you to serve, not to serve.

- Not as a waiter, but as a prince.
- Don't torture me.

Please don't torture me!

The music that
His Serene Highness liked so much :

the tinkling of gold,
the pulse of balalaika ...

the laughter of a young blonde.

How much? How much money is it?

- Fifty thousand francs.
- In rubles, for old times' sake.

Twenty thousand rubles.

- For my silence only?
- For your silence only.


Light that candle.

That's how I am Panaieff, as
God wanted me to be.

Open the door.

- Thank you, Victor.
- It's a pleasure, Your Highness.




Perhaps Villon wrote at this
table precisely.

I really like this place.
It's romantic.

These romantic places bore me.
I hope the food is good.

- Don't you like Villon?
- No.

Do not like? I love it.

"If I were a king, love, if I were the King."

"What subject nations would lead
to bow to their scepter ...

and swear allegiance to your
lips, your eyes and your hair. "

"What treasures would you throw at your feet!
The stars would be your pearls ... and the world ..."

"a ruby ​​for your ring finger ..."

"And I could dress in the sun and the moon ...
If I were a king."

Are you quoting poems by Villon?

No. No, it's about him.

- Your soup, madame.
- Thanks.

What's up?

He hardly spoke all morning.

- Is sick?
- No, I'm not sick.

I am, as they say,

- With the Russians, you never know.
- You never know what?

You never know anything.

You have a weight on your conscience.

Did you kill someone?

No. No, that is the problem.

I would like to kill someone.

Something happens. What it is?

What is thinking?

I was thinking about Cossacks.

Your old regiment, I suppose, no?

What? No, no.

Well, in a way, yes.

I was thinking about the
magnificent horses that had ...

on those pretty heads, on
those pretty tails.

I feel very flattered.

- Why can't you tell me the truth?
- The truth?

- Yes.
- But I'm telling you that ...

I have nothing to hide.

I'm not asking you anything.

Have you been to the United States?

No. No, but my parents
spent their honeymoon there.

- I want to spend our honeymoon there.
- What?

That I want to spend
my honeymoon there.

We'd better get back to dancing, right?



See those lovebirds? Maybe
you can do business with them.

- Excuse me, madeimoselle.
- Yes?

Would you like me to make a portrait
for 40 francs?

Well, okay.

But only me, not him.

You are drunk?

No, no, no. Are you sleepy.

Do you know him?

Of course, or do you think I
would let him sleep on my lap?

I ask who he is.
He's American?

No, it's Russian.

- It doesn't look Russian.
- Why?

All the Russians I met in the war ...

they smelled really bad.

He no. He smells really good.

And your boyfriend?

No, no. Of course not.
That is, not yet.

Why not?

Don't you want that?

Yes, I want that.

But doesn't he want that?

Most likely.

Keep your chin high.

- How can this be possible?
- I do not understand too.

I am a very nice girl.

They kissed?

You mean...? Not much...

In fact, we don't kiss.
There was no opportunity.

- This is very bad!
- Why?

Kissing is very important
in the beginning.

Ah, in the beginning.

No, no, no. Not like this.

On the lips.

- What does the newspaper say, Joe?
- You asked about the boats to New York.

Washington sails on the 18th,
President Roosevelt on the 25th ...

o Manhattan zarpa no dia 2 ...

- I wonder who it will be.
- President Harding on 9.

These are the lines of the United States.
Then I will look for the French.


Good morning, Your Highness.

Yes, thank you.

Yes of course.

No, no, no. He hasn't forgotten.

That's right, Your Highness.
Yes, it is organizing.

Yes, I will tell you.

Yes, yes, yes, I will not forget.
Yes Yes.

Yes. All right, Your Highness.

- It was Your Highness.
- Do not tell me.

Do you think it is possible that your
interest has already started to wane?

Yesterday morning, he called when
we were still sleeping.

Oh, no, dear.
This was not the first call.

It was the last ring of the call
that got me out of the bath.

I open.

Now who will it be
at this hour?

- Yes?
- For Mrs. Laura Ridgeway.


- Put it there, please.
- Yes ma'am.

For Miss Margaret Ridgeway.

Green orchids.

Green grapes, and they are bitter.

- For Mr. Joseph Ridgeway.
- Thanks.

- Green food?
- No, Havana.

Of His Royal Highness.

Green orchids, green grapes ...
and green cigars.

I have to admit it is thorough.

Dad, can you tie
my shoe, please?

- Oh, again ...
- Sorry, Maggie.

- Tell him you're tying the left.
- The right shoe.

Yes? Tell your Highness that Miss.
Ridgeway is already coming down.

- The left shoe is being tied.
- The right!

Right! Right!

- Thank you.
- Somehow, it's disturbing.

- What are you mumbling?
- Dear child, I wasn't mumbling.

I was thinking of a situation
that I may have to face.

- What?
- If I had a son-in-law prince ...

would kinship make me
a kind of king?

In that case, I would be allowed to send
to make a crown for me, 7 and 1/4 ...

Or would he have to wear one of those
Russian fur hats?

- Did you drink for breakfast?
- French coffee only.

- Most likely.
- In other words, where is this going?

What is it?
Green orchids, green grapes.

Will a
rich but honest American family be ...

making false promises
in true Russian style?


Don't you agree
that I go out with Alexis?

Yes. Yes, I don't agree.

- Why, for God's sake?
- That's the thing. I do not know why.

But believe me, I
will find a reason.

- It is not fluffy?
- Yes.

What could you have against him?
Isn't it polite, thoughtful, fun?

Isn't it smart?
Wasn't he very kind to us?

Just a moment. You hit the nail.
Yes, it is very pleasant.

And that's what I don't like.
He's a great guy and it offends me.

- You think I'm crazy, don't you?
- Yes, dear, that is so.

Listen. Charlie Pell's daughter
was engaged to an earl.

- Yes.
- The nicest man in the world.

And what happened?
An Armenian from Brooklyn.

She is not compromised.

I am not committed
to Alexis.

Daughter of Tom Caldwell ...

She married a marquis,
another magnificent man ...

It was so fake that immigration
took him off the ship on Ellis Island.


The only authentic title
I knew ...

it was that baron who married
Frank Crawford's daughter ...

and turned out to be the most dizzy,
the stupidest and most boring man ...

that I had the misfortune to
know in my life.

Your comments seem
unpatriotic to me.

Our beautiful American boys ...

they also want to marry for money,
as do foreigners.

- Clear. Do you know what you are?
- Yes I know.

I am a conformist bourgeois who loves
his daughter and does not want to be pitied.

- I love you, but it's very presumptuous.
- Yes, I'm very sumptuous.

- I said smug, not sumptuous.
- Oh sorry.

You are a commoner by birth.

He's a prince by birth
and that's why you despise him.

- Tell me, do you think it's fair?
- Just a moment.

A prince deserves
the same opportunity ...

that you would give to someone
from the most humble cradle.

If his parents were born to
royalty, is it his fault?

Are you going to throw that in your face for life?

- You're absolutely right.
- Clear.

You wish you were
born a prince ...

and will they throw it in your face?

- They are joking and the matter is serious.
- No, we're not kidding.

But we are all free and equal.

At least, that is the American idea.

So don't forget
that we are Americans, huh?


What will happen now?

Don't answer ...

that phone.

Excuse me. I thought you
were waiting ...

- I couldn't wait any longer.
- How beautiful.

I was thinking all night.
And a decision, I already made.

- I have to tell you something.
- Say it.

- On here?
- Wherever.

Very well.
You have to leave Paris.

What? No joke would make me leave
Paris. Here I am very happy.

- It's useless. We must separate.
- But ...

Don't ask me why, please.

Why, how do they say in English?
Here's a locked cat.

There are intentions
within intentions.

- We have to finish, we're lost.
- Lost?

Madame, you will lose.

You just don't understand.
I'm saying goodbye.

But you promised to accompany me
to choose a hat.

- It makes everything very difficult.
- Not everything, dear.

Good Morning.
They will already serve you.


Why did you just say that
I don't know what I'm saying?

Because you and I are, as they say,
playing with "denamet".

- What?
- You know, "denamet".

- Explode and fart, fart!
- Ah yes.

Good morning ma'am.

Good Morning.
I want to see hats for Your Highness.

- How big is Your Highness?
- But ...

You ask what
size hat you wear.

- Seven and a half.
- Thanks. Seven and a half, please.

Sim, madame.

- Thanks.
- But what's wrong with this one?

Is very ugly. It makes you look
like an eccentric coffin.

Please, Your Highness.

Is this supposed to be better?

Do you have an American style?
Maybe one of those?

Sim, madame.

Why did you say that we are
playing with "denamet"?

- Com que?
- "Denamet". Pum, pum!

- This is not the place to ...
- Yes, you love me, don't you?

- Of course I love you. Too much.
- Then why...?

Your Highness, I think this one
looks very funny.

That is your evil.

- If you love me, why don't you show it?
- Why I can not.

Because I refuse to do that. I love you
so much that I will not marry you.

Did you hear anything more absurd?

- No, madam.
- Of course not.

- Your Highness, does that look funny?
- Funny?

He doesn't want a shave, he
wants a hat.

Please believe me when I say
there is no other way.

- Why can't you be frank?
- Very well.

If you insist so much, it
's about my future.

Do you mean the past?

The past, the future, for the
Panaieffs, everything is the same.

- Women.
- Women?

- What do you think of this, Your Highness?
- Looks better.

- What do you think?
- Really like.

Tilt a little more
on the right side.

There. See how it looks on you?

- How much is it?
- Two hundred francs.

- Throw the old man away.
- Yes, Your Highness. Thank you.

You know, with the Panaieffs, love
doesn't just come. They will too.

- Come and go, come ...
- Yes, I know. Like your accent.

Anyway, this is what I was
avoiding saying to you.

- What?
- That we have no hope.

We have no hope
of being happy together, ever.

- Is that what happened to you?
- Thirty ... twenty times.

And you know what's going to happen
to you again, right?

It's the old Panaieff story.

- I'm not proud of her.
- Oh no. Do not.

But for 300 years,
his women suffered.

We carry, as you say,
"in the blood".

It's the Panaieff curse.

That the love of your men is very
deep, but very brief.

It explodes like a rocket
but soon goes out.

- You are thirsty?
- What?

- Invite me for a vermouth?
- Clear.


- Is it okay?
- Yes.

Good morning,
sir and madame.

Vermouth with currant and a "vodka".

Yes sir.

I don't understand why my throat is
so dry, if I barely spoke.

- Weren't you listening to me?
- Yes. I was insulting your family.

It is impossible to insult the Panaieffs.


His history with women is the
most scandalous in Europe.

But in love, it is a long history
of absolute failures.

It would be better if we leave.

- But I haven't had my drink yet.
- Hurry up.

- But I haven't had my drink yet.
- I'm sorry.

- I haven't had my drink yet.
- I'm sorry. We will...

What it says? What is happening?
What did I tell you?

- Sorry, but I can't repeat it.
- So you know him, right?

I just know that my family has not
spoken to theirs for 250 years.

It would be better if we took a taxi.

Oh, sim.

- So you're not going in, right?
- No.

- Never?
- There are things I can't explain.

There are things I can do
and things I can't.

Better, this must be goodbye.

But it wouldn't bother me at all.

- It's impossible. I love you.
- I love you too.

- Bye my Love.
- But, Alexis.

No, this is better.

What are you doing here?

Boy, I want to congratulate you
on a great performance.

Oh yeah? But it's over.

I was going to tell you tonight.

Let me break the deal. Let me pay
in any other way, except this one.

- No, you need to keep playing the role.
- I am not kidding.

- Me neither.
- You can't force me to continue.

Oh no? Why not? I have the
passport check ... and there are still prisons.

Well, then I'm going to tell her the truth.
What do you think?

I'll tell you everything, from beginning to end.


Oh, sim.

Sim, Laura.

Why don't you tell him
at once?


I asked if you want to marry me.

Is it you or is the connection failing?

But I...

If I marry you?
But, my love, it's so sudden, I ...

I can not let you go.

See, as you didn't propose to me,
I had to propose to you.

Well, well, well, what an active girl.

I love you and I want to marry you.

What is it? What are you doing?
Give me the phone!

No! My love, I tried to make you say
something this afternoon, but I didn't say ...

- Give me the phone.
- Get away! Stop! Stop!

I am not talking to you, my love,
but to my father.

You love Me?

Yes, I love you, my love. I like
you. More than anything in the world, but ...

Then say you will marry me.
Please say yes!

Father, I will not allow you or anyone
else to interfere in my life.

- What nonsense! Do something!
- Me? She does it well on her own.

- Sure, if you leave me alone.
- Give me that phone!

If you don't stay away from me,
I'll get you over it!

No, no, no, my love, don't get it right.

Well, then you agree to marry me.

I love you, Laura, but ...

Oh, Alexis, we could be so
happy together, my love.

But, Laura, I ...

Please accept, say yes.
Say yes. Say yes, yes, yes.

Yes. Yes, my love, I accept.

More, Laura ...

No, no, no. Don't come now.

You will never regret it, my love.

Oh, Alexis, I will make you so happy!

No my love.

No, it would be better if
you don't come here too.

Yes, yes, he is still here.
Very well, my love tonight.

If you'll excuse me.

- Why did you do that?
- Because I love him, Dad.

- I know, but ...
- He didn't propose to me.

I begged him to do this,
but he didn't propose to me.

He does not love you?

Yes, he loves me, that's why he
didn't propose it to me.

Maybe someone seems logical
to that, but not me.

Isn't it enough that we love each other?

What are you sure about me and him?

Saw? See how easy it was?

Get out of here.

- If with that you will be happy.
- Yes Dad. Very happy.


Bring a Horse's Neck.

Your Highness, allow me to
introduce Mr. Duron.

It is an honor, Your Highness.

Mr. Duron is in charge
of matters like this.

And, if I may say so,
always very gently.

- What are you talking about?
- Accent.

What are you talking about?

Mr. Duron is a lawyer.
He will explain everything.

- Would you like a drink, monsieur?
- No thank you.

Victor made it clear to me ...

and I think there will be no problem
to provide your highness ...

airtight and tight protection.

This is the prenuptial contract ...

that I wrote for the Marquis de Bussy ...

when he married the
American heiress of the mattresses ...

and I think we can use
the same clauses in your case.

I'm sorry, but you waste your time.

Do not take this action, Your Highness.
These arrangements are common.

Americans are so volatile
that no one would blame His Highness ...

for wanting to protect his
surname and position.

And as Victor explained to me ...

in view
of Mr. Ridgeway's great fortune ...

I don't think a million dollars
is too much to ask.

Half a million before the ceremony,
the other half at the conclusion.

That would be our request for entry,
subject, of course, to reach an agreement.

To continue.

In case of divorce,
half a million in cash.

For the first child ...

$ 250,000 if he's a boy ...

and 150,000 if it's a girl.

For a second child,
double the values.

For the third, fourth and fifth,
the quantities multiply.

Twins, a million to dry.

For several babies more than twins ...

will have to negotiate.

We don't want to be adamant ...

but Mr. Ridgeway
will have to understand ...

We are not in the mood to haggle.

Also, if Your Highness
has friends or relatives ...

those who want to benefit
from this marriage ...

we could include them
in the contract in some way.

And still...

- It's useless. I refuse.
- Do I need to remind you ...?

It will not be necessary. Call the
police. I will not see you again.

- Dont be silly.
- Don't waste your time talking.

I return the car, the clothes,
the male items.

Here is the money that was left.
There is no more.

Communicate with security,
with the chief of police.

When I said "bank", I thought I
was a gentleman. I was wrong.

Later, I thought I was a
rascal, and I was wrong too.

It is making me doubt
my own common sense.

Hello, Du Bois.

Yes, I want ... a moment, please.

- You can still change your mind.
- Tell him once.

Sim, Du Bois? Mil desculpas.

No, no. I called to ask ...

a fruit basket
that came from the countryside is accepted .

Yes. Thank you, Du Bois.

That's the bad thing about
perfect plans . They always have flaws.

In this case, there are two:
Your conscience and my luck.

Take your passport.
Maybe I need this.

Do you mean it's over?

Unless you can figure out
how to force him to stick to the deal.

There is no way.

If so, what would I gain
from putting you in jail?

Would I get my money back?

Like you, I took a chance,
and like you, I lost.

And, as they say, this is the story.
But I regret that.

I'm sorry, both for
you and for me.

It will seem hard to believe, but I
say it seriously. We both make mistakes.

My shame is bigger than yours ...

because someone will have to pay
for my stupidity.

If you need money,
take what you want from there.

I think I should thank you.

- I wouldn't do that instead.
- And the check?

No matter what you do, it
will be too late for me.

With Charles. Well, Charles?

Go to Mr. Ridgeway's table, 9,

- With or without a prince, I'm hungry.
- I don't understand why it's not enough.

Mr. Ridgeway, Mr. Victor asks you to be
kind enough to come to your office.

What you want? Can't he come?

He said it is an
important and private matter .

- It's all right.
- This way, sir.

Please swallow me or special caviar.

I don't see why I have to come.
Why doesn't he come to my table?


What's up, Victor?

- Mr. Ridgeway, I'm an idiot, idiot.
- What do you mean?

It's the hardest thing I
've ever had to say in my life.

Young Alexis is an imposter.

- An impostor?
- Yes sir.

You told me you knew him.
I trusted your word.

Yes I know. And I have no excuse.

But he harassed me like you.

His credentials, letters
from the late Prince Alexis ...

whom I knew very well,
were forged.

This is very serious, Victor.
More serious than you think.

- When did you find out?
- Two days ago.

- And you didn't tell me?
- I hoped it wasn't necessary ...

but now that I faced it,
I heard something I didn't want to know.

- Did he tell you about Laura?
- He said he planned to marry her.

- Yes, he made a mistake.
- He doesn't think so.

It made me understand, that it's
just his word ...

that your permission
would not be necessary ...

since she wants enough
to propose to you.

Oh my God. And she is able to do that.

Although I'm older, I
would give a million dollars ...

to be locked up for five minutes
with that scoundrel.

I would kill him. I give you my word
of honor that I would kill you!

Now what am I going to do?

I've done this. I already got rid of him.

- Did you kill him?
- Certainly not, sir ...

but I promise I
wo n't bother you again.

- How did you do it?
- What does that matter, Mr. Ridgeway?

- Won't you try to see Laura again?
- No.

How can I thank you?

It was very little compared
to the anguish I caused.

Anxiety yes, but not tragedy. At
least you saved my daughter from that.

- So I consider myself well paid.
- Yes, yes, of course.

Paid out? What do you mean?
Did you pay him money?

- Oh, no, sir, I ...
- Yes, yes you paid.

He paid out of his own pocket.

- This is absurd, sir, I ...
- Come on, tell me. How much?

What does it matter if I'm
the one responsible?

- How much did you give him?
- I'm ashamed. I do not like...

It is enough that you have
eliminated that lizard.

I will not allow
it to cost you money.

I don't care how much
it costs me, it's worth it.

Tell me. How much?

- Come on, tell me. How much?
- One million francs.

A million...

I would prefer you not to,
Mr. Ridgeway. Me...

A Russian prince.

- What about him, dad?
- He who, dear?

Alexis. I assumed it was him.
What's wrong?

Sooner or later
you will have to tell her.

- Did something happen to you?
- Yes, you have to know, but sit down.

- Dad, is he dead?
- I warn you: It's bad news.

- Get ready for a coup.
- What's wrong?

- What's wrong?
- The truth is, he's a fraud.

A fake.

Yes, dear, I already know that.

I knew from the beginning.

I have been meditating for days on
how to explain this to you.

But I do not understand. Do not understand.

Neither. This is what I have been
waiting for him to explain.

To then explain to you.
What you do with him?

You are crazy? He
's a rogue crook!

It is not.
This guy has a problem.

- What you do with him?
- I gave him money.


It's the most absurd thing
I've ever heard in my life.

Where are you going?

Look for him to propose marriage.

I forbid you to do this.


Stop shaking.
The books will be in order.

- Mr. Ridgeway's car, please.
- Mademoiselle.

- Laura, you will not ...
- What will you do, use force, father?

- My hat, my coat and my sister.
- Yes sir.

- He's an international adventurer.
- What an international nothing.

I left enough
Princeton graduates to recognize them.

Princeton. Princeton?
Impossible. I studied there.

I will not blame you.
Good night.

How do you get the police
in this city?

Call security
and ask the police chief.

- Operator, security, the boss.
- Why the police?

To put that imposter in jail.

You don't want to do that.
This would cause a scandal.

I prefer five scandals before I
let you marry my daughter.

- Hello Hello?
- What will you accuse him of?

Safety? Communicate
with the chief of police.

He took a million
of ours, didn't he?

- Yes sir.
- To be imprisoned for it.

And while in jail,
you won't be able to get married.

Mr. chief of police?
I’m Joseph Ridgeway. Ridgeway.

If you don't know who I am,
ask the US ambassador.

I want you to arrest
a thief that exists.

No, you are not my boss.
A thief, a thief.

Yes. He
impersonated Prince Alexis Penknife.


Penknife. Penknife. Sim. Sim.

Be very careful with these bags
because they contain a lot of perfumes ...

and every time I travel with them ...

- Why don't you listen to the reason?
- I'm not leaving for any reason.

- As a woman, you want to treat me like ...
- You are not a woman! It's a mule!

Okay, I'm a mule, but I'm staying.

He had time to return,
well outside China.

- I dont care.
- Why didn't he come back? Where is it?

- Even the police can't find it.
- As the gangsters say, it was peeled.

I will stay here until I find
out what happened and why.

- What happened? For God.
- Stop there!

- What did I do?
- Talk to the porter.

- Do you understand what that means?
- Yes I understand.

He's in a mess. I don't know
what, but I'll find out!

- Stop seeing me and get out of here.
- Leave the chest and get out.

Very well, ma'am, you know everything.

- You are free and you are 21 years old.
- So it is!

I can't take you loaded!

I'm not an idiot, I won't leave the boy I
want, because he used a foreign title.

Take it. There is the ticket for the boat
for one person and a thousand francs.

- Isn't it a lot of money?
- Stop making jokes!

Let's see how independent you are.
We'll see!

- Out! Out! Get out, dad!
- You will see!

- Out! Skirt! Skirt!
- It's ok! I'm leaving!

Well done.

Stay, look for him. And if you need
something within reason, telegraph.

For your information, your Alexander
Brown was not entitled in Princeton!

- I will play on you!
- I investigated that!

Skirt! Skirt!


Hello? No, Mr. Ridgeway left.



Don't let go.

Don't let go, I'm going there.

Stop him! Don't let go!

- This way, madeimoselle.
- Thanks.

It is the best imitation of a
Russian I have seen.

At first, I even believed it.

Miss, the American impostor.

Is that you!
You are to blame for all this!

Will these crazy Americans
ruin my whole life?

- Who are you?
- Who am I?

I am Prince Panaieff.

Related 25 times to the Tsars
of Russia, five of them, legitimately.

I agreed to be quiet,
but not go to jail.

But they will pay for this outrage.
Yes, you and Victor.

What does Victor have to do?

Victor, that baker!
That dressing table mixer!

If I had only one regiment
of my Cossacks ...

I would have skinned him alive
in front of Place Vendome!

Tell him I'm going to split his
head in two when I see him!

Just a moment. How much?

How much? How much for what?

How much for you to explain
your deal with Victor to me?

MS. Ridgeway, I'm in jail,
but I still have my honor.

Five thousand francs?

Maybe you forgot that you're not dealing
with an American crazy about money.

For the European, there are other
things besides money.

Ten thousand?

Pride, honor,
dignity, the ... in cash?

Twelve thousand and five hundred.

Just a moment.
I really don't know what to do, but ...

15,000 francs would make me very happy.

- 12,500 is the maximum I offer.
- Just a moment.

Offering less than 15,000
for the honor is an insult.

- Okay, 10,000.
- Wait. Hope.

I accept 12,500,
but it's a robbery in the unpopulated.

- Where is the money?
- I do not have.

- Don't you have it?
- No.

And did I accept? What am I going to do?

You'll have to wait until I get it.
Yes, he is.

The charges against you are:
Fraud, conspiracy to defraud ...

and suspected conspiracy
to defraud.

- I think that includes everything.
- Yes.

- Dear.
- Laura.


- MS. Ridgeway, if you'll excuse me ...
- Stop, Alexander Brown.

- It's all right.
- What an idiot you are.

- Sir, he's at the police station.
- Ah yes.

You are my friend.
Can I talk to her for a moment?

In this room, yes. There please.

Honey, I've been so sad.

It's useless, my love. I'm stuck.

Fraud, conspiracy to defraud ...

suspected conspiracy to defraud.

There are more ways to describe
a bad check.

Was that it, a
bad check?

Yes, with a lot of rubber to jump.

You gave it to Victor and, since then,
Victor has you in his hands, hasn't he?

Something like that.

Honey, why did you do that?

The only thing I can say is that once,
when I was studying at Princeton ...

by chance I had a bag
full of water in my hands ...

and I saw the dean pass
under my window.

I also didn't know why I did it.

But I deserve it, whatever.

I want you to leave,
I don't want to involve you.

OK, I'm leaving,
but with you.

- And what will Victor say about it?
- Victor?

Let's put it in its place. Come on.

Mr. Joseph Ridgeway accused
Mr. Brown, right?

- Yes, madeimoselle, but ...
- It's closed.

I really appreciate everything.
Goodbye, gentlemen.

- Miss Ridgeway.
- Yes?

- Do you identify him completely?
- No doubt. Let's go honey.

On the contrary, Miss Ridgeway.

Now we have to arrest the young man.

- Pass the charge to me, please.
- May I ask who you are?

I'm Mr. Thorndyke from
the United States consulate ...

and these are
your father's instructions .

This is ridiculous. My father didn't
want me to sue him.

I'm sorry, but having identified it, it
doesn't leave me an alternative.

But you can't do that.
You have to set him free.

I will tell you, Miss. Ridgeway,
that your father called me from the station ...

before taking the train to Havre ...

no more than 15 minutes ago.

His last words were a
warning that he will not interfere.

- What's your last name?
- Thorndyke.

- And what's your first name?
- My card, Arthur Cleveland Thorndyke.

- Arthur Cleveland Thorndyke.
- Sim.


Honey, I have to go.

But will you be waiting for me here
with Mr. Arthur Cleveland Thorndyke?

Yes, I think I can.

I won't be long.

But what about the other one, the loud one?

Secure it, of course.

Joe, why don't you come down
and send him a telegram?

- Oh, no, I don't. No.
- She's in love.

- In love.
- Forgot when you fell in love ...

for the second base of the
women's baseball team?

At least she didn't pretend
to be a right defender.

- Sr. Joseph Ridgeway?
- Sim.

He's under arrest.
You will have to accompany us.

Stuck? Why?

Because he says it's
Mr. Joseph Ridgeway.

What are you talking about?
I’m Joseph Ridgeway.

Look. Check this well
if you want to know who I am.

We know who it is.
He's the one who stole the passport.

To steal...! You say I'm not
Joseph Ridgeway from Akron, Ohio?

- What does that mean?
- Who accuses you?

Mr. Thorndyke,
from the Paris consulate.


It's in French. read

"Reported to the Havre Police.
The order is carried out."

"Arrest the man who passed
Joseph Ridgeway on the train to the boat."

"He's using a
stolen passport and stolen credentials."

"This is suspected to be the
infamous Know-it-all Dugan."

Knows all...

"A swindler."

Blue eyes, 1.70 m, soft on the
left hip ... ", soft on the left hip.

"Bring him to Paris, I'll pay the
expenses. Arthur Cleveland Thorndyke."

Cleveland Thorndyke. It was not him.
It's a trick. My daughter.

You will have to explain it to the
police chief in Paris.


Finally they got us, Know-it-all.

Shut up!

- Knows all!
- So it's the Know-it-all?

Yes ... I don't know how!

Calm down, partner.
Maybe we will get rid of it.

- We will go in peace, people.
- Not you, madame.

I'm your thug partner.
Wherever he goes, I go.

That's how gangsters
in the US talk.

Follow us immediately.
The guards will see your luggage.

Look, Maggie, if you were a man,
I would punch you in the face.

Go down all the bags
but be very careful ...

because they contain perfumes ...

and whenever I come to Paris
I lose some perfumes.


this time we were saved
only by one hair ...

but accounting is in order.

- When do the auditors arrive?
- Tomorrow at 8:00 in the morning.

Don't you understand that there is no need
to worry about these things?

But if you hadn't taken the
million rich franc from the rich American.

What matters is that I made
millions for the rich American.


I find it incredible that having a man
like me by your side ...

you can doubt even for an instant.

That taught me a lesson, Victor ...

and I hope I never have to do it

What's going on?

He would never dare come back here.


- Look, my love.
- Good night.

Come on.

Miss Ridgeway.

Good night, Victor.
This is our last night.

- Will you take the ship?
- Yes, tomorrow.

- I'm sorry you're leaving.
- We will also feel yours.

Daddy, Maggie, Your Highness.

- It's our last night.
- I already told you, Dad.

- He says he's going to miss us.
- No, that's what I said, love.

It's true, my life,
how smart you are.

Do you want
Smarty to rule for everyone?

Margaret, as I told you,
to be held ... to be held ...

it is not funny at all.

It's true, Mr. Ridgeway. It is true.

You are not used to
these things, Mr. Ridgeway.

- Do you want me to order a Russian dinner?
- Yes.

- Caviar. I love it.
- Yes. For everyone, Victor.

I'm sure His Highness
would love borsch.

- Is that all, sir?
- Yes please.

No, Victor, it's not everything.

Daddy told me he gave you
some money for Mr. Brown.

But, interestingly, Mr. Brown
does not remember receiving it.

Victor forgot.
It happened, right, Victor?

- Yes sir.
- Don't worry about Victor.

No, I didn't mean that. But I
believe that Mr. Brown wants the money.

With your caviar, right, dear?

- Well ...
- Yes, yes, of course.

- Bring on. He will like it.
- Yes sir.

I gave it as a
wedding gift . They're getting married.

- Hurry up.
- Very well, sir.

It's a beautiful night,
don't you think, prince?

That's awesome.

Is something wrong again?

I'm afraid of having to
open the safe again.

Oh no. No, no, no. Do not.


I can't accept it, Mr. Ridgeway.
It doesn't look good.

Besides, I can keep Laura.

And that I hope you will do.
But look at it that way.

Before you start your life
as a couple trying ...

I want you to buy something beautiful,
something you both want ...

something that will make them very happy.
It's my wedding present.

We accept.

- Does a check look good, sir?
- Clear.

Pay Victor Lobard
an amount of 480,000 francs.

Do you agree, sir?

Yes. Yes, fine.

Let me see that check.

Is this what you want?

- Yes.
- That's exactly what we want.

Let's dance, dear.


Where's Victor's office?

- If I haven't forgotten, it's ...
- What are you going to do?

It seems that I have nothing more to do.
Take care of my watch.

- Sir .. Mr. Ridgeway.
- O que há de errado?

Wild strawberries arrived
on a special flight from Algeria.

They are a gift from Mr. Victor.

- Victor?
- Yes.

Victor is a nice guy.

We are not going to charge
Mr. Ridgeway for strawberries .

We will only charge the cost of the plane
to and from Algeria.

Yes sir.

Well, I feel better.

What do you think?

I thought maybe you
could kiss me now.

Don't do that accent
because you could end up in jail.

My accent, it comes and goes,
comes and goes, comes and goes ...

Miss Ridgeway,
how beautiful you look tonight.

You are beautiful enough
to be a princess.

Thank you, Your Highness.

Get the checkbook, Joe.
We start again.