Café Lumière (2003) - full transcript

The story revolves around Yoko Inoue, a pregnant woman in search for a cafe that's frequented by a Taiwanese composer whose life she is researching. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

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Is it Zhao? I came back

last night

feel a little tired

really? great!

today, I'll go back to Takazaki
and have a look of the cemetery

during the time, I'll see you passingly

is it ok?

- is Yoko come back?
- ah, wait

- really bothers you
- thank you

- how about it?
- so tired, I slept while coming back

- thank you for concerned
- you are welcome

I took some speciality from Taiwan
hold a moment

- it's snacks from Taiwan, can you try it?
- so much concerned, thank you

- so I receive it, really thanks
- you are welcome

- have a rest now, no more bothers
- thank you

excuse me, it's Mrs landlord

I want to tell you one thing
it's about a strange dream...

a dream about a so pityful mother

the enfant of herself exchanged with the other
the mother was hard hit

the child wrinkled all the face to describe
just like an old face made from the ice

and then it's melt away...
such a horrible dream

I don't understand it either

and still wonder
where can find thing in similarity

but it's really a strange dream

yes, I'll go

see you

Cafe Lumiere

" month tickets are saled in the bus
you are welcome to buy and use it..."


- well, here you are
- thank you

- this is receipt
- ok

it's very nice

thank you

oh, almost forget
it's the gift for you

happy birthday to you!

I am so glad

it's said the souvenir for 160 years

maybe to memorise the time
when the railway station was founded

take a look

thank you, it's really beautful

I should pay you

- no need
- really don't need?

so I'll receive it presumingly

keep properly

I have this one

you have?

it's dance music in Taiwan
Ebunya's awarded works

- ...during the Olympic Games
- the Olympic Games??

yes, the Olympic Games in Berlin

I wanna hear this one

wanna hear it?

let me have a check

thisEbunya, came to Japan when he's 13

- came to study electric?
- electric?

Ueno Musicial School
now it's called Art University

while having night class there
he studied vocality and compose by himself

it's true?

there was a jazz bar he often presented
...en, named happ bar

it's name called "DOUBT"

I heard he always listen the records
and read scores there

is the bar still there?

if it is, I really wanna to see it

- so let's check it out
- ok


the dream you just said

about the enfant

it's like an elf in Europe
from Grimm's Fairy Tales

- it's really talked about it?
- yeah

the phenomenon of exchanging enfants
has been happened in the ancient Europe

it's the same as what you said

I guess maybe it came from that

I also want to read it


- thank you
- I've come back

- long time no see
- yeah

how long can you stay?

two or three days

- I'm coming back
- you're welcome

how are you, it's all right?

it's OK

- so hot
- change the clothes first please

- do you wanna drink, mom?
- I am not thirsty

- where is?????
- I forgot to feed my sister

- what are you saying?
- I forgot to feed ????

what for eating today?

- Mom
- what?

- eat what?
- fish

- and curry rice
- ah

- no fried potato?
- no

wait a moment

Yoko, the dinner is ready



- the home is so comfortable, that made her fall asleep
- sleep?
- let her be

staying there she would not sleep well

what snack with the liquor?

- cold noodle, ok?
- OK

here it is

excuse me

what's wrong? wake up?

felt hungry

- anything left?
- I'll heat some for you

- midnight food is not good for health...

- fried shrimps, ok?
- ok, I can eat

- have some rice left?
- yeah

here you are

- can I take this?
- sure

and that...


what's the matter?

I'm pregnant


the one from Taiwan

which one?

I've come back always right?

but I am not ready for the marriage

his parents knew about it?

I can raise it by myself

so troubled


that's it

we'll get the water

watch out your clothes dirtied

pour more water

I'll clean it

- brother, is it ok?
- perfect


let me use your bicycle

too tired by foot

- be careful of cars
- I know

what do you plan to do?

you must persuadeYoko

it's not good to act like that
some huge things happened, you always kept silent

nothing to say!

here comes the call

hung up

can't know who's called...

and we don't know he has a job or not too

Yokohas not much deposit left...

we depend on pension

and soon will...

you just persuade her a little

excuse me

- isTorahere?
- he's inside

- see?
- falling asleep

you knowTora??

we often played together in highschool

- it's seemed he adds some weight
- indulged by others, always eating

sleeping so well

yeah, he's old indeed...



it's very content to meet you

I just want to talk with you

- yes?
- hello? it's "Erika"

- yes
- should thank you indeed

yes, thank you

please hold on

your call


good moring




wait a moment, I'll take it from you there

OK, see you

thank you

- thanks for you umbrella
- welcome

- ah, right
- what?

about Zhao, you know?


a young lady came to look forhim

- she wanted to make a friend
- what Zhao said

I don't know

people said she must want the money

- you didn't hear about it?
- never

he said nothing to you?

- what kind of person?

don't know either

what I talked here
it's familiar with your dream

"Outside Over There"

I come

sorry for keeping you waiting


I have impression of this sunflower

this cafe is for...?

- I buy for you?
- you buy for me?

oh, I thought he made a mistake

so amazing

- it's like...
- what??

- it's like I have seen it before
- really?

- it's like your dream?
- yes


Ida played her wonder-horn to rock the baby still-- but never watched

So the goblins came. They pushed their way in and pulled baby out, leaving another, all made of ice

Poor Ida never knowing, hugged the changeling and she murmured, "How I love you."

The ice thing only dripped and stared, and Ida Mad knew goblins had been there

"They stole my sister away, she cried!" "To be a nasty goblin's bride!" Now Ida in a hurry

snatched her Mama's yellow rain cloak, tucked her horn safe in a pocket, and made a serious mistake.

She climbed backwards out her window into outside over there. . .


this is Yoko


I remembered

a very large hall

from there...
it's seemed I read that book before

the one you found for me

tatami is covered all over the hall

many people are pattering so hard
as chiliasts

and mom is there too...


my mother is a devoted chiliast

always donate her money

she left me when i'm 4

ah, it's mom gave my birth
not the present mom

I remembered

so amazing

yes it is

just want to tell you
so I called

OK, nothing else

all right, byebye

thank you

bothering you

I'm free lance, namedYoko
have something want to trouble you

just say it

now I am investigating a guy nameEbunya


he is doing what?

a musician, Taiwanese

I heard he came here alot before

I am so cleared

- it's happened more than 60 years before
- that's long time ago

- maybe you heard him from ex bar holder?
- never

- I see, thank you
- you are welcome



great, let's go togather

I am in the Koenji temple

how about meet at the stop of
the Ochanomizu?

I can arrive about 15 mins
you can see me seated in the first front carriage

any problem?

see you later


"next stop is Shinjyuku"
??after Shinjyuku is Yotsuya stop??

"Yoyogi, Sendagaya, Shinacho, will stop in each station"

"Yamanote Line, Saikyo Line
Odakyu Line, Keio Line"

"Marunouchi Line, Shinjyuku Line"
"the passengers need to change buses would prepare now"

"please don't forget your personal stuff"

"thank you for taking our train
Shinjyuku is arriving"

"the eighth line train will close the door
attetion please"

"the doors are closing, attention please"


I don't feel so good

well, I am in Shinjyuku now

wait me for a while, can you?

ok, I will go there soon


what's wrong?

are you all right?

slow down

not so well?

are you OK?

I am pregnant, mostly

- suddenly feel so bad
- you are pregnant?

welcome please

have some drinks?


coffee and milk

have a try please

let me check the map

here, it's all written on it

where is it between Yichome and Nichome

maybe around here

oppose to Jimbocho

only here
has 2 teahouses

maybe this street

maybe go to the west passing by Ginza

this is the may of that time, so...



I've heard there was a bar named"?j??"
you know it?

it's very long time ago

is this direction

sorry, my eyes doen't work well
can't see it clearly

- Ginza Nichome
- Ginza west Nichome before

heard of this name

is it at Ginza Nichome?

how to get there now?

- along this street, go straight and there's a traffic light
- ah

passing the light then turn right

- go down the street, it's Ginza Nichome
- thank you


ah, it's mom

what's the matter?


ok, I know, when will arrive?

bring me... some your adept cookings

pot roast potato and meat


my uncle, the one in Hokaido
need an eye surgery

and I need to pick him up first

not that
will do it until 31th August

I will tell you later about it

OK, byebye


uncomfortable, have a sleep

get cold?

nothing wrong?

catch a cold?

a little fever, I'll lie down

it's better to lie down for a while

where is uncomfortable?

it's ok?

what are you drawing about?

- you wanna check?
- right

very nice

electric bus

so many buses

- it'sɽ????
- ɽ????? really

this one can be magnified much more?

- tap that key
- this one?

make a circle

- this is inside of the tire from the bus
- ah

- and this is?
- it's all microphone and records of MD

- it was you?
- yes it is

feel some gloomy in your eyes

- 0
- it's 0?

- 1 and 0
- ok

it's all the buses

Zhao must feel a little pity here

so dangerous

the shadow around it

yes, the shadow of the buses

windows have different colors

this one

here, have some long ones and shorts

- a casual one
- casual

it's according to the scale of each bus
and drew on it one by one

but, all the routes have no endings

here is the end, here is the head

ah, it's true

it's for collecting the sound
turn into buses

can it be turned back to the sound?

what can I say

every time it's not the same

just because it's not the same every time
I felt fun

supposing some things happened
maybe I was just there

at that time
let you hear the sound from that moment

to remember all of them
too hard, right?

well, possibly yes

too many

very beautiful

all have the names of stops

center is a little out of line

any relation to the shadow?

- maybe the visual mistake??
- visual mistake? yours?

maybe it's mine


- please welcome
- hello

- I want hot milk
- all right


hello, it'sYoko

wanna know where you are
so I make a call

please reply after hear this message

is Zhaohere?


Zhao is not in the book room
where is he?

- if you want him, go to searhc the JR stop
- really?

thank you for your umbrella

"sixth bus will close the door
attention please"

my father is very sensitive with the camera

every portrait he took is so special

really contain so widly, pictures, paintings
and composing

that was I've mentioned last time
the skiing place

at the beginning, we exchanged our snacks

so it was called that?

and wrote a poem

this is the photo of the gorilla
Sweed Peter

because I said he had a round face
just like a gorilla

- so he was called gorilla?
- yes, so called him gorilla

after that, once I saw Sweed Peter
I'd like to make a face to him and yelled like a gorilla

that's the reason

they also took a photo together
before the door of this kind of church

really... really good friends

well, yes, but others heard
always felt it's not true

how could it happen?

as a matter of fact...

"next stop is Akihabara
if get off, please go from left door"

"you can change to Somu Line
and Hibiya Subway Line"

I come back

where is mom?

she said to sympathy the widow

will come back soon, just wait for her


feel hot?

there is nothing

Zhao didn't buy it

- Dad want some water?
- OK

- Mom want some tea?
- yes

- where is the teakettle?
- must on the top there

find it

Mom, no more tea, water is ok?

- out of tea
- water is ok

- Dad
- yes?

the funeral you mentioned, whose?

xenior in the company

always look after me

- it's tomorrow?
- yes

- Intracerebral Hemorrhage
- right?

the snacks before the dinner
put them here, OK?

where are the chopsticks?

seems here

- ok?
- yes

I go to hang up the clothes

- how about it?
- I start to eat!


made it this morning


so good, Dad, do you want some?

- try some?
- all right

- delicious?
- yeah

- I can't make it such a good taste
- haha

found it?

found chopsticks

it's for allay our hunger before dinner
so just a little

- Yoko, like this
- thank you

here you are

- who is it?
- it's ???? living across the street

wait a minute

- neighbor?
- yes

- excuse me
- always taken care by you

I am Yoko's mother
so glad to meet you

it's a little present, not so much
it's the speciality from Takazaki

- thank you, I'll take it
- bothering you

can I ask for some SAKE from you?

if seal be opened, it's ok?

my husband must want it...

and the cups, all right?


thank you

nonsense, also including cups
making mom so awkard

- always borrow things from others?
- yes, such like soy sauce


- so sorry
- is this ok?

really feel sorry

thank you

Mom feels awkard

how many months?


have been to the hospital?

don't need to worry

but, I will not get married

- not get married?
- yes

- his mother is so boring
- he?

all of their family are making umbrellas

if I got married, I would get invovled
I can't bear it

- make umbrellas?
- yes

at first

founded a factory in Thailand
then moved to China

during the time I taught japanese in Taiwan
he was my student

he studied in America
went there after graduated

his mom followed him then

- always take presents for you?
- yes

now the factory is controlled by his sister

- keep in touch?
- yes, make phone calls

always said to me
"come to Thailand, come to Thailand"


- that umbrella is also his gift?
- right

- is anybody home?
- I am from Yamada Sushiya

- keep you waiting so long
- let mom do it

take some money

- keep you waiting, three equal portions?
- yes, thank you

how much

anybody there?

"the 2nd bus will close the doors
attention please"

"Jimbocho will arrive"

"the 11thbus will close the doors
attention please"

feed puppies

just little games of the girls
who want thoroughly remould themselves

large slippers, solarize into rouge

and the bikini with mom's fantastic embroidery

I used to step on those round ladders

just remember

six thick clouds at that time

the girl who ever dreamed
can't help but has left unforgettable
first love on the bridge

confidant turns back head and look

that sweat without any result

at last, stay in heart and blossom

it's so good to come to this world

there is only blue sky while swaying

is it who let us flow with the wind

the one hugs me are happiness and grief

every taste during the return way

protecting my former days as my father

elapsing with the wind day by day

it is you

facing the fragility of myself
the favor becomes so natural

but, but, when could achieve my wishes

I, have nothing to wish

if it comes, I'd like to accept it either