Café Funiculi Funicula (2018) - full transcript

Kazu works for family at a café. There is a belief that occupying a specific table seat at a table allows the occupant to travel back in time. While the traveller can choose the destination... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
In a certain town, at a certain cafe, on a certain seat...

...there's a mysterious urban legend.

Thank you very much.

If you sit on that seat... can go to a certain time you wish for.

But there are bothersome...

...very bothersome rules to abide.

1. If you go back to the past, no matter what you do, it won't change the present.

2. When you go back to the past, you can't get out from this cafe.

3. You can stay in the past as long as the coffee is hot. You have to drink up the coffee before it gets cold.

4. When the seat is occupied, you have to wait until the previous customer leaves before using it.

5. When you go back to the past, you can't meet the people who never visit this cafe.

Kohi ga Samenai Uchi Ni

English subtitle by: aoihachi


Um, are you listening?

Yes, what did you say?

Please take me back to 1 week ago.

Thank you.

Don't you remember me?

A week ago, um... at that seat, I...

You broke up with your boyfriend.

It's not like that.

But you said, "Just go anywhere you want".

His boyfriend got a job transfer to US.

So you were listening?

Just happened to.

I'm leaving then.

One week ago

That's all?

Just now, you made a face as if I'm bothersome.

I didn't.

You're really annoying.

What should I do then?

Do I have to tell you?

What's that? You're a foreigner now?

No. It's De Niro.

What a fool.


Why don't you just go? It's already time, right?

Just go anywhere you like.


Then, where is he now?


So you were dumped.


It's not like that. To begin with, he isn't even my boyfriend.

He isn't?

We are childhood friends.

We were always together from kindergarten till high school.

Whatever happens, he was always like, "Fumiko, Fumiko".

What's that, huh? This Goro guy really pisses me off.

It's good then, you can break your tie with him now.

It's not good.

I was wondering why he called me suddenly.

Then he said, "I'm transferred, bye".

What's that? Was he making fun of me?

I hope for something more, you know.

You know that, right?


A confession?

Yes, something like that.

Actually, you don't want him to go to US.

Something like that, right?

Well, yeah, like that.

How bothersome.


If you go back to the past, what will you do?

I'll do it again.

This time, I'll surely tell him everything I want to say.

Do you really have to go back to the past for that?

I can go back, right?

How can I do it?

You should explain it properly, right?

You're right.

Please listen carefully.

You can go back.

But there are rules to abide.


Going back to the past, no matter what you do there... can't change things that already happened.

What do you mean?

Even if you go back to the past, meeting... um...



No matter what you say to Goro-san... can't change the fact that he goes to US.

It won't change?


Not at all?


Normally, it would change, right?

By changing the past, you can change the future, right?

It won't change.


It's meaningless then. Why?

Because you can't just change the world as you please.

Why don't you just give up?

Hirai-san, it's something for her to decide.

Moreover, the rule isn't just one.

You can go back to the past only when you sit there.

The seat which is occupied by that woman?


Today's coffee is tasty too.

Yes, this is Funiculi Funicula.

Yes, she is here.


Excuse me but can you please let me sit here?

Just for a while. Can you give it up to me?

It's useless.

Useless? What's useless?

Can you hear me?

Um... this seat...

Don't do that!

It's painful... I can't breathe.

That's why we've told you.

What's this...?

It's a curse.

A curse.

A curse?

It's a curse.

A curse?

If you forcibly try to remove her, that will happen.

Do you want to have more coffee?

What is this person?

She's a ghost.

A ghost?

But I don't have sixth sense.

I don't either, but I can see her. Thank you.

Yeah, thank you.

What's with this frightening cafe.

You have to wait.



...she goes to the toilet.

Though she's a ghost?

You can sit there that time.

What time do you close?

We close at 8.

But you can stay if you want to wait.


Hirai-san, see you.

I guess I'll just sit here.

Do you want to order anything?

Where's the menu?

Kazu-chan, I'm going home.


Fusaki-san. Coming to pick her up?

Yes. Thank you as always.

No, no, don't mention it.

Thank you.

Take care on your way.



Fusaki-san, hello.

Are you waiting too today?


That seat is still occupied.

Yes, it is.

Perhaps, it won't be vacant too today.

Perhaps so.

Then, let's leave after you drink that.

It's already cold.

Thank you very much.

Huh? My wallet...

It's here.


It's 980 yen.



Thank you very much.




You don't need to rush.


One rival is gone.

Excuse me, my bill...

Do you want to sit there?

Do you want to sit there?

The rules you've mentioned before... that all?




What? What?

The seat is vacant.

Do you mind if... I sit there now?

Go ahead.

Thank you!

Okay! To 1 week ago!

Hey, I'm not going back! I'm not going back!

This is the last rule.

There's still more rule?

Now, I'm going to make you coffee.

You can go back to the past during the time from when I fill the cup...

...until the coffee gets cold.

That short?

When you go back to the past, please drink it up before it's cold.

I don't like coffee.

Please make sure you abide this one.

What if I don't drink it up?

You will be the ghost and sit here forever.

Actually, that's what happened to the woman before.

She didn't drink it up? Why?

She went back to meet her late husband...

...and she didn't realize when the time limit was passed.

When she did, it was too late...

...and the coffee was already cold.

That's scary!

What are you going to do?

What, you said...

Are you giving up?

W-wait a sec.

To say I give up...

...isn't it too late already now?

Anyhow, it will be fine if I drink the coffee before it gets cold, right?


I'll try. Please make the coffee.

Well then...

Before the coffee gets cold.

Isn't US so faraway?

Indeed. It's US anyway.

It takes 13 hours by plane.

Goro. Goro.



Why do you suddenly sit there?

I see. So I'm going back?

I'm going back!

Your clothes...

Listen, I have my reason for doing this.

Well, but I have to go now.

I know. You'll be late for your plane otherwise.

Lukewarm! This coffee is lukewarm!

This way, it will get cold soon!

What are you saying?

Wait. Moreover, it's bitter.

Well then, I'm going now.

That's all?

Look, you make that face again.

What face?

A face saying "She's bothersome".

I don't make such face.

You did!

What should I do then?

Do I have to tell you that?

What's this, huh? What?

You expressly called me to come...

...and you just said, "I'm going now".

Is that all?

You know, there is... that, right?


You don't hate me, right?

Well, yeah.

That's why, you know.

Say it!

Okay, rock-paper-scissors...


I guess nothing will change.

Fumiko, do you have something to tell me?

Are you trying to make me say that?

But for you, I'm nothing special, right?

I don't think that way.

Do I come here just to say that?

But you know...

...every time you got a boyfriend...'d always boast about him.

Then when you're dumped, you asked me to accompany, encourage you.

What's that, huh?

Are you making fun of me?

I'm not. Don't point on me like that.

You always got a girlfriend too.

Then, is it a trouble for you?


...what is it, actually?

You said that before, right? When I broke up with my boyfriend.

"If I broke up with my girlfriend and you're also single at that time..."

"...Let's get married."

Did I really say that?

So it's a mere consolation.

So I was a fool?

Thinking it was serious, having expectations.

Okay, end of conversation. I don't have time.

Wait, I don't have time either but...

I'm going back.

Listen to me.

I wish you happiness forever with your current girlfriend.

We broke up.

She dumped me because I'm going to US.

Hey, why don't you say it sooner?

It's because you keep talking...

Ah, the time! It's really bad.

Well, it's like that. Let's talk again later.

Wait a sec...

I haven't said all the things I want to say...

My bill, please.

Thank you very much.

I haven't asked you all I want to ask...

It's 900 yen.

Huh? Where is she?

Where did she go?

Have a seat.

I met Goro.

Is it true that...

...the things that already happened can't be changed?



...what about what happens next? The future?

The future hasn't occurred yet, so it depends on you.

My bill, please.

Thank you.

Sorry to say that you were fake.

See you.

"If anything happened, tell me."

"I'm going to America."

Why so suddenly?

I'll tell you when we meet.

Why so suddenly?


"I like you."

"Let's date."

"I'm going to meet you."

"I'll be waiting."


So the urban legend is true.

I witnessed a wonderful thing.

It's just a slight magic.

It's not, right?

It's 380 yen.


I should have sat there before.

But when the moment arrived, I got scared.

There are many customers who said that too.

But why can't you change anything though you've gone back to the past?

Because that's the rule.

Usually the customers go home after they heard that.

They said it's meaningless.

But the person before seems happy.

Even though it can't change things that already happened... still can change people's heart. That's why...

It's not meaningless.


"Cafe Funiculi Funicula"

Huh? So Airi came too?

What's that? You should tell me.

Good night.


Please give this to my sister...

You can use this.

I'm sorry~

It's okay. I'll clean it.

I'm really sorry.

Come on, Nagare.

Come on, you can do it.

Huh? It's really you!

Oh, hello.

Did you meet her today?

I didn't. She escaped again.

I see.

"To Onee-chan"

I'm back.

You surprised me. Did she go home already?

She did.

It's tiring.

My coffee gets cold.

You were hiding again?

What about letting your little sister meet you?

It's okay, it's okay.

She'll just say the same things anyway.

Here, thanks.

2 hot coffee, please.


Seems like your dad and mom aren't angry anymore.

I wonder.

She's a good little sister, right?

To strangers, yes.

But it's not like that for me.


For 3 people.

Yes, this way.


Smells so good.


Good day.

This way.

Your first time?


I'm Shintani.

I see.


Recently, you come here often.


It's because his campus is nearby.

What do you want?

For me, curry, please.


How about you?

I'll have curry too.


Do you mind if I stick this here?

We hold an exhibition at our school festival.

It's okay.

Thank you.

Kazu-chan, what about going here?

I have to handle the shop.

You should go outside sometimes or you'll get moldy.



Let me put this on my shop too.

Thank you.

Don't mention it.

Well, I'm going back now.

Sorry for the fuss.

Hirai-san, this.

It's okay, just throw it away.

It's just about "Don't push the house matter on me", right?

Since you always leave them here, they're piling up! Hey!

Her parents' home?

It's a well-established Japanese hotel at Sendai.

"The Stories in the Airspace"

I'm off.

Sorry, sorry! Sorry, sorry!

Watch out!

Watch out! Watch out!

Watch out!

This is bad.

Are you interested? Please take a look.

Are you interested?

One, two, rock-paper-scissors!


So you come.

Well, I just don't expect that you'll come.

By the way, your outfit is so cute.

No, rather than cute, it really... um, suits you well.


My treat.


Which one?

This one, then.

Since that time, are there any customers who go back to the past?


Actually, how can it take us to the past?

I don't really understand either.

Shintani-san, have you ever thought of meeting someone?


Um... Ki-Kinako.


Well, it's my cat.

It died on January this year.

Unfortunately... you can't meet it.

I can't meet a cat?

No, you can only meet people who came to the shop.

That's the rule?


How bothersome.

It is.

Do you like that one?

It's because I used to live in that area before.


When I see it, I remember various things.

I lived at that lane.

Together with my mom only.

There are 6 soaps.

If we use 4, how many soaps left?

It's simmering.

What about your dad?

He passed away on the first January after I was born.

I see...

Didn't you feel lonely?

I didn't feel lonely.

Because I have my mom.

See you.

Thank you very much.

Kazu, please.


Coffee, please.

Yes, that's your order.

Thanks for waiting.

Thank you.

What's the matter?

Are you a new part-timer?

Do you come here often?


Do you know the rumor about this shop?

We can go back to the past here.


...there's something I haven't given to my husband.

I want to go back to the day when I was about to give this.

This time, I want to give this for sure.

Where is your husband now?

Um, well...


Thank you as always.

Kotake-san, let's go home.

Kotake-san? What's the matter?

Have we...

...met somewhere before?

Let's go home after you drink it.

Here is your bill.

Huh? This is bad. I forgot my wallet.


You can pay next time, it's okay.

I'm sorry, please wait a moment.

Kotake-san, wait.

It's okay.

I'm sorry.

You can go.

Kotake-san. Kotake-san, wait.

Sorry, here it is.

You give the exact amount.

Thank you very much.

Is your wife okay?

Today she sleeps early.

How about having a glass once in a while?

Come on. You can go inside. This way, please.

Ta-da. I got this from a customer.


...there's a couple who got separated here.

But the woman didn't want to break up.

At that seat?


Though she went back to the past...

...she couldn't change the fact that his boyfriend went to US.

So she decided to change her own future.

She resigned from her current company, and then...

...she went to US and looked for a job there.

So it went well for those two.

They want to share their happiness with this.

I see.


Do we have any snacks?

This one?

It's pretty good.

Fusaki-san, you changed your job too, right?


Though I'm not young anymore, I changed my job and became a nurse.

People around me told me to stop that.

But I'm glad I had such resolution.



Well then.


Please don't mind it.

Since I knew my wife suffered from dementia, I'm fully prepared.

She used to have good memory though.

When she was working as tour guide...

...she could remember the guests' names and faces fast.

I don't think I can do that.

Does she sometimes forget that you two are married couple?

Well, since 2 years ago, she started to use her maiden name.

I though she had divorced.

She totally forgets that it's Fusaki in the family register.

But she doesn't seem to think that she's single either.

Today too, she mentioned "my husband".

I don't think it's about me.

I don't want to confuse her, so I can't introduce myself as her husband.

Your wife always waits for that seat to be vacant.

I wonder what she wants to do if she goes back to the past.

She didn't believe it before.

Oh my, do you take it seriously?

Well, it's simply a rumor.

It must be a rumor just to attract customer, right?

Is that so?

Let's try sitting there once.

I don't believe in such occult.

No sugar.

Look, look.

It's beautiful.

She said that...

...there's something she didn't give to her husband.

It's an envelope this size. She keep it in her notebook.

A letter?

She never gave me any letter before, not even once.

Don't you have any idea about it?

If you say so... I guess I have.

What about going back to receive it, Fusaki-san?

To expressly go back to the past for that is...

I guess I'll give it a try.

Go ahead.

What should I do?

Please strongly imagine the day you want to go back to.

The day when Kotake-san still remembered about you.

And also the day when you think she wanted to give you a letter or sort of.

Before the coffee gets cold.

Is anyone here?

Sorry for coming late.

I just arrived.


You're early today.

Kazu-chan, coffee, please. A hot one.


Do you remember this? It's a birthday present from you.

Say, what should we do?

Should we buy a new one or try repairing it?

About what?

I've told you this morning. Our washing machine is slightly broken.

We bought a new one.

Because they didn't have the components to repair it.

Who am I?

Try saying my name.

What's that?

Is this a game or something?


Thank you.

It's warmer than I thought.

You like it hot, right? Drink mine.

No, no, no, I can't.

What's that?

Ah, the sugar.

You put too much.

Don't you have anything to give me?

Something like this.

If you do, you can give it now.

I see.

So that's what it is.

Did I say something weird?

It's because you sat here. That's why I thought it's weird.

Do you...

...come from the future?


Then you already know about my illness, right?

I see.

I haven't told you about my illness at this time.

I don't know how I should tell you, so I wrote this.

Say, from what year ahead do you come?

It's 3 years from now.

In 2018... badly do I forget things?

Do I become... a burden for you?

No, not at all. I come here to tell you this.

You were scared when you knew about it and it was unbearable.

But you'll be just fine.

You'll be okay. Even after 3 years, you're doing well.

If so, I don't have to give you this, right?

I want that. It's my first time receiving a letter from you.


Your coffee is getting cold.

You're right.

You have to go back.

What is it?

Well, it can't be helped then. Just a little bit.


As expected, I'll forget lots of things.

It's not like that.

Do I forget about you too?

I've told you it's not like that.

You fool.

You'll be okay, really.

You'll be okay, really.

You're really bad in lying.

I'm not lying. I'm not!

You'll be okay.

You'll be okay.

Can I believe that?

I'm not lying. I'm not.

You'll be okay.

Happy birthday.

Since you are a nurse now...

...perhaps you already realized about my illness.

From now on, I will start to forget things.

No matter how I will become...

...since you're a nurse, you can keep me company well, right?

Since you're kind, you won't abandon me, right?

Oh my...

What's that? Could it be that it's for me?

No, it's not. I used this at work.

I'm looking forward to it.

I've told you, this is not for you.

You can use the bathroom.

But please remember this.

You don't need to be a nurse in front of me.

If it becomes painful for you as my husband... can leave me.

I don't want to be a patient for you.

I want us to be...

...husband and wife until the end.

I'm beaten.

Though she thought this way...

...I didn't get it at all.

I'm going home.


From now on, please call my wife...

...Fusaki-san like you used to.



Was the alchohol tasty?

What's wrong?

I woke you up?

Who are you?

I'm not a suspicious person.

This is my house.

I'm your husband.

You're kidding.

It's true.

But I don't know you!

Then please know me.

What's that?

In some way...

...this is a proposal.

Is this... house?

How is that book?


The part which becomes ashes is the past.

The part which hasn't burnt yet is the future.

The red, burning part is the present.


Dad also became ashes, right?

Don't you want to see him?

Come here, come here.

You are like Kinako.

Can I ask your name?

Are you hungry?

Have you had lunch?

Did you hear it?

About you talking to the cat?

No, no, I don't. What are you saying?

Forget it.

Shintani-san, have you had lunch?

It looks tasty.

Thank you very much.

It will be served over there.

Well, um, here. Come here, come here.

Let's eat.

It's delicious.



Ready? I'll start it.



Watch out!


Let's take a pic from there. From there.

"The thing in my heart"

"The thing which will be out of sight someday"

"It's there by my side"

"I'll always remember it"

Kazu-chan, woman's charm is something to create.

How cute.

Kazu-chan, do you have boyfriend or sort of?

Well, do you have boyfriend?

I don't.

Don't want to have one?



What's that? How boring.

I'm sorry.

More than a boyfriend, friends will be...


I've always told to make friends.

Okay then, I'll be your friend.

I want to see you more often. I want to make you laugh more.

Huh? Can't I?

No, it's okay.


Looks delicious.

Don't you feel cold?


Thank you very much.


Thank you.

It's warm.


It's delicious.


I see.

It's getting higher.

It's true.

Watching the sun too much is a bit...

"Temporarily closed"

Good morning.

Apparently, Shintani-kun doesn't like pickles.

A morning date is great, right?

It's not a date. We just had a walk.

Recently, Hirai-san closed her shop.


Do you know why?

She went back home.

Huh? Though she hates it so much?

Her little sister passed away... a traffic accident.

Hey, Nagare, Kazu-chan.


Bring me some salts.


Okay, thanks.

I'm tired.

Can I have a glass of water?



Thank you.

Here, souvenirs.

My deepest condolences.

For my little sister? Well, somehow it's too quick.

It was rather a blow to the wrong place.

Well, she was unlucky too.

When is the funeral?



Hey, look. I look unexpectedly good in black, right?

Matrix! Matrix!

We are really sorry.

You don't need to come back this soon.

Don't say that. I have my shop too.

Coffee, please.

Is it really okay?

About what?

Your parents. You better stay by their side.

I don't belong there.

You know, I had a great quarrel with my parents and left home.

I'd been young too.

Wait a sec, Onee-chan!

Onee-chan, please make up with Mom and the others.

I want to live the way I want.

I want to sleep when I want to, wake up when I want to.

Starting a job I like.

What's that?

I want to live by myself.

It's too selfish!

I think my little sister...

...also had dreams and things she wanted to do.

But she's forced by my parents and I.

Let's end this here. I'm not good with depressing stuffs.

Though I might look like this, I've properly mourned.

It's better not to show depressed face, right?


Please take these letters.

You can throw them away.

It's okay.

You really got in there?

It's been 2 months since I joined...

But isn't the gym expensive?

If you do it to get slim, you can't come here anymore.

See you tomorrow.

Take care.

Thank you.

Don't stop by anywhere.

"To Onee-chan"

Good morning.



Before, my little sister came here to see me, right?

When was it? September...

I want to go back to that day.

I understand that it won't change anything.

But for a whole day, I see Kumi's face all the time.

So I'm determined to do this.

I want to properly say goodbye.

She's the only one who kept coming here...

...again and again for me anyway.

So it's like that.

Can you let me sit there?

Say, you heard what I just said, right?


You better not touch...

Can't we do anything?

Let's try.

Do you want more coffee?

Here are the flaky cookies.

She stood!

Is she really going to the toilet?


Though she's a ghost.

Do you want to sit?

I will, I will. Wait a sec.

This is the rule.

I understand.

When you meet someone who already passed away... would be hard for you to say goodbye when it's time.

That's why, use this.


The alarm will ring before the coffee gets cold.

Please make sure you drink it up before it stops ringing.

I get it.

It's a must.

I get it.

Before the coffee gets cold.

Onee-chan, you can hear me, right?

I have something to discuss.

What's this?




You surprised me.

What day is it today?

Do you come from the future?

I want to see my little sister.



Huh? Onee-chan?

It's really you!

How unusual!

Um, can I have cream soda?


What about you?

Coffee, please.


What's the matter? You don't run away today?

Somehow it feels kinda weird.

Talking to you face to face like this...'s been really a long time.



Hey, it's about our hotel!

Before, I had to chase you because you ran away.

Are you okay?

So fast!

Before, you were across the street.

I have a favor to ask!

Huh? You found your lifelong-separated brother?

That's bad. I'll go there now, wait for me.

Wait a sec.

Every time I came, we never had a proper talk.

I was so cruel, right?

What happened, seriously?

Somehow you're weird.

Thank you.

Thank you.

You know...

You first.

No, what is it?

I will go back home.

For real?

For real.

You promise?

I do. I'll succeed the hotel.

But isn't your shop thriving now?

I'll close it. I've decided.

Because up till now, I've been doing what I want.

Now, you do what you want, Kumi.

Huh? Why do you cry?

Are you that happy?

It's always been my dream... run the hotel together with you.


You who are good in business and me who is good in social life.

If we are together, no need to fear of anything, right?

Is that what you wanted to tell me?

I wrote it in my letters.

Didn't you read them?

Geez, you're so cruel, Onee-chan.

You're the worst.

I'll fix my make-up a bit.

Hey, Kumi!

November 19th.


That day, you took a day-off.

What is this? Fortune-telling?

There's a bullet train ticket in your wallet.

It's because you came here to see me, right?

Listen, you must not come. That day, don't get out of the house.

Don't cross the road. Though the traffic light turns green, don't cross.

You'll die if you cross!

I want you to live.

That... you often did it when we were little.

So you still do it now?

What? What?

You said if I ate the remaining roll cake at the next day...

...I would be died on that day.

No, it's not like that.

You said, "I don't want to let you die."

In the end, you ate it all up yourself.

Kumi, it's different this time.

Please take it more serious...

I can't trust you when you're crying.



I want to see her face once again.

You've promised her, right?

Is it just a temporary promise?

I know, just stop ringing!

I haven't apologized to her yet.

I haven't said sorry for what I've done...

I'm sorry.

Please tell her I'm sorry.

You are really my cute little sister.


Um, where did my sister go?

She said, "Sorry".

"You are really my cute little sister."

It can't be helped then.

You surprised me...


You can sit.

Hello, it's me.

You know, about Kumi...


I see. It's the seventh day memorial tomorrow...

Can I go there to burn incense?


As expected, I can't change what has happened.

No matter what I did, nothing changes.

I can still make it for the bullet train.


It will be okay to come home now, right?

Though I may have no place to belong there.

It depends on you, Hirai-san.

See you.

Both of you have to live long. Okay?

Geez, don't make such face.

It can't be helped then.

See you.


"Textbook for Using Single-Lens Reflex Camera"

You've arrived? I'll go there now.

You can hang your coat with this.




If you leave it open, it will get damp.

That's why you should seal it before keeping it.



Like this?



I wonder if you're dating with Kazu.

No, we're just friends.

I see.


...has made coffee for that seat since elementary school, right?

It's the job for the women of Tokita family.

Kazu is the 5th generation.

The 4th generation was Kazu's mom.

The 3rd generation is Kazu's grandma.

So Kazu's mother has retired?

Well, sort of. But she's over there.

Over there?

You know, there.

Kazu's mom, Tokita Kaname-san. She's my aunt.

You're kidding, right?

She didn't tell you anything?

Not at all.

When Kaname-san sat there, Kazu was still 6 years old.




Curry, curry udon...


Kazu-chan, your mom...

Let's go together with auntie.

Mom! Mom! Mom!

I'm okay.

You won't be ashes?

I won't. I will be healthy soon.

We'll be together forever? You'll stay by my side?

I will.

She's a cheerful person, but her body was weak and she easily got sick.

Some people worried that she would follow her husband.

I'm okay.

Kazu is okay too.

Well, she didn't want Kazu to know about that though.

I'm back.

Welcome back.


Is there any message from Hirai-san?

There is.


There, there.

She looks like someone from the hotel.


Here, please.

Oh, thanks.

I thought you knew it already.

I didn't know.

Are you surprised?


I made the coffee for my mom.

Well then.

Before the coffee gets cold.

I think she went to see my late father.

She finally met Dad after a long time...

...and she forgot about the time limit, I guess.

What happened to those who couldn't go back?

Grandma said that she couldn't get out from that time.

She remains in that time she wanted to go to forever.

She can't go back to her original time anymore.

20 years have passed since that time though.

But my mom didn't grow any older.

The one who is left behind... only me.

I shouldn't have made her the coffee.


Come on.

There are many people who get happy thanks to the coffee you made.

I understand. I'm the only one who can do it. It's my job.

If you make others happy...

...someday that happiness will return to you.

Well, for now, let me return it a bit.

Since I met you, I'm really happy, Kazu-chan.

Can't I?

No, it's... okay.

It's the New Year's Eve's bell which connects people with their hometown.

Many people gather at Sensoji. The new year will soon...

Look! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6...

No way.

So slow.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year.

It's the beginning of 2019, Heisei 31.

People start to visit the shrines at once.

This is the last year of Heisei.

I'm off.

I'll drain the hot water.

Thank you.

Wanna eat?


Get it, get it.

My udon.

I wonder if it's done.

It hasn't, it hasn't.

There are lots of foreigners coming too.

Finally, it's next year.

Facing the Tokyo Olympic...

There are foreigners-oriented service everywhere in Sensoji too.

Let's see to what extent Japan can show its charm to the world.

Let's hope that it will become a year like that.

Well then, let's report the situation from everywhere in the country.

First, let's hear the report from Kasuga Taisha.



"Designer - Ryosuke Shintani"

Introduction, please.


I'm Shintani Ryosuke. I look forward to work with you.

That orange one?

Auntie, they come!

Auntie, they come!


He's here.

She's Tokita Kazu-san.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you. Glad to have you here.

Welcome. I'm Ryosuke's mother.

Can I call you Kazu-chan?


Ah, so this is Kinako?


This is Shintani-kun?


Shintani-kun, she said.

What's with you?

Strawberries. Do you use this?


I'll leave it here then.

Thank you.

The one who is left behind... only me.

As expected, it's relieving to get back to Japan.

You can say that it's suitable for me to live there though...



I'm happy.

Is it going well with Goro-san?

That's... how to say it. He's really bothersome.

Whatever happens, he goes like, "Fumiko, Fumiko".



You said that too before, right?

You're from that day! Did you sit there?

No, no, no.

Why didn't you sit?

It's okay for me.

Didn't you also wait for that seat?


To be able to time-travel, it means you can go to the future too, right?

You can.


But no one did.

Why? Don't you want to know the future?

If you can go to the future, what year do you want to go to?

2, 3 years later? I want to know how it goes between Goro and I.

Since you know what happened in the past... can aim for a moment and go back.


You don't know about the future.

You don't know whether the person you want to meet is there or not.

So it will be useless?



How's your cold?

Your fever?

I'm pregnant.


What should I do?

I'm super happy.

Aren't you happy, Kazu-chan?

I'm really sorry. The order for marriage is reversed.

It's okay.

Why do you make such face?

There's no problem, right?

It might just begin for him, but he's a working adult now.

But, you know, my job...

Here, you mean? You can take days-off.

Does it still bother you? About Kaname-san.

I don't know how I can stop feeling guilty about losing Mom.

Do you still blame yourself? It's not your fault.

Do you want to live desiring nothing...

...and shut yourself in this cafe, making coffee your whole life?

Though you do it for atonement, it won't change anything.

I wonder if I'm allowed to be happy.

Do you remember the day when Kaname-san passed away?

It's when you're 6, right?

August 31st, 2000.

The very last day of my summer holiday.

Can't you go back to that day?

She can't.

The one who can make coffee for those sitting at that chair... only women from Tokita family. Now, it's only Kazu.

Then Kazu-chan can sit there and...

...make the coffee herself.

We tried that. It didn't work.

Kazu can't make the coffee for herself.

Is that also the rule?

We've tried everything we could think of.

To say everything is...

Enough, Shintani-kun.

Thank you.

I too...

...have thought about it so many times.

If I could see her, I would.

Why can't I go back to the past?

Why did she leave me behind?

Did she love me?

Was she happy to be with me?

Was she happy giving birth to me?


So many times I try to ask her...

...the things I ask in my heart.

"Are you okay?"


The one who can make coffee for those sitting at that chair... only women from Tokita family.

Now, it's only Kazu...

It's just a false rumor, right?

Today the person in charge for the coffee takes a day-off.


Look tasty.

Actually, you can't go back to the past, right?


Hello, Kazu-chan? Please contact me.

So it's just a lie.

Yeah, yeah, someone's coming.

It's just a false rumor, right?

A false-rumor cafe?

I've got an idea about how to get Kazu-chan back to the past.

What's the matter?

The one who can make coffee for that seat... only women from Tokita family, right?

You're right. That's why, now it's only Kazu...

It's for now, right?

What if you get married and have a child?

What if my child with Kazu is a girl?

How is it?

Are you okay?

Yeah... I'm sleepy.

I'm extremely sleepy.


If you can go back to the past, what will you do?

Will you go?

Can I?


I think you can go back.

Tomorrow, come to the cafe at 8 before it's open.

Don't be late.

April 13th, 2019.

You come.

It's still not 8 o'clock yet. Have a seat.

Huh? Where's Mom?

Going to the toilet?

Am I back?

Am I back? I'm back!

What year, what month is it today?

April 2019.

No way! It's still Heisei?

You're so young...

There's no time to say that.

Where is the pot?

I've prepared it. Here.

As expected!

Please sit there. I will make you the coffee.

Who are you?

I'm Miki. It's written from "Mirai" (future).

Enough with that, you should sit now. Come on.

When it's time to do it, I'm really nervous.

I wonder if it will go well.

Can you really make the coffee?

You know the rule, right? Please strongly imagine the day you want to go to.

It's December 24th 2000, the Christmas Eve.


Mom passed away on the very last day of summer holiday.

Not that one. It's 4 months after that day. That year's December.

Please remember it as much as you can.

Are you ready?

Well then, before the coffee gets cold.

I just remember! A message from your future husband.

"I...", this is for you, Kazu-san.

"I really love you", wow!

"From now on and always, I want to be with you. So make sure you're back."

That's all.

I beg you too, make sure you drink it up...

Don't go.

Don't go, Mom.

No, don't go.


I have to go back.

No, no, don't go.

Don't go.

Go back... Mom.

Please. Quickly.

No, don't go.

Mom, go back!

Don't go!

Don't go!

What's wrong, Kazu? Does it hurt?

It hurts.

Anyone! Is anyone here?


Kazu-chan, are you okay?

I'll treat her upstairs.

Go back.


Go back!

Go back!

Hurry up, Mom.


The coffee... drink it up.

Drink it, quickly. Drink it, please.

Drink it quickly.

Are you... Kazu?

Mom, that time...

...didn't you go back to see Dad?

Rather than going back to the past... went to the future to see me?

There's something I want to confirm no matter what.

Our family doctor told me...

...that I only had 3 months left.

To be told something like that so suddenly...

...I wonder how you would be if I'm gone?

I was worried.

So I thought of going to the future to confirm it.

I'm sorry that I kept it a secret about my illness.

I couldn't tell you.

I had a dream on Christmas.

I had a dream that you were back.

I missed you.

I really missed you, so I was really happy.

So it wasn't a dream?

Let's go back together, okay?

Let's go back together with me.

I didn't go back, right?

That's why you came here to pick me up, right?

Did I become a ghost like what grandma said?

I'm sorry, it was for my sake...

No, no.

It's because I made you coffee...

No, it's not.

It's not your fault. You are not doing anything wrong.

Can't I do anything about it?

You're right.

You can't change what has happened.


I always wanted to be by your side.

I wanted to listen to you while drinking coffee.

What happened at school today?

What is your future dream?

Also, have you found someone you like?

Does he like you too?

Thank God.

Since you're timid, I'm a bit worried.

Please tell him anything you have in your mind.

"Thank you", "sorry", everything.

If you do so, you won't have any regrets later.




Drink it.

Drink it, Kazu.

Remember the one who waits for you there.


Mom, Mom.


Goodbye, Kazu.




No, no.

I'll be watching over you.


I'll be watching over you always.

I will surely do.

I'll be watching over you always.

I love you. I love you, Kazu.

It's okay.

You'll be okay.

Welcome back.

Did you meet her?

What about the girl before?

She went back to the future.

You have to thank her and Shintani-kun.

You really watch over me.

You always watch over me.

When I first came to this cafe, I saw someone went back to the past.

Though it can't change what already happened...

...the faces of those who came back from the past were shining.

Hello, Shintani-kun...

Where are you now?

Though it's just as long as a cup of coffee... changes people's hearts.

It changes people's hearts.

Joyce! That's something important!

Bring it to the bedroom.

Time is indeed cruel.

If we're slacking, now and the future will be the past right away.

What I have to think about is...

...what I don't want to lose.

Whom are you talking to?

Don't mind it. Just carry it right away.

If everyone is sad about my little sister...

...does it mean that she was born to make others unhappy?

There's no such things.


That's why, I decided to be happy.

I will make both my parents and everyone around me happy.

I used to had hard feelings in my heart.

Unable to stop my wife from changing, I attend to her as a nurse.

But there are still things we can do as a couple.

We can take a walk together, go on a trip.

We should just enjoy what we can do.


Thank God, you met your mother, right?

Thank you.

Thank you for letting me meet her.

To have Shintani-kun by my side... the most important thing, right?

You didn't realize it?


I love you.

I thought so.

"Some months later"

Thank you very much.


How should we write it?

It's Miki from "Mirai" (future).

This girl said so.

Grow up quickly.

We have a favor to ask you.

The appointed day, April 13th 2019, 8 A. M.

Well then.

Wait a sec.


Miki, once again.

Mom makes me coffee, then I go back.

Then I make Mom coffee, and Mom goes back.

I drink my coffee then get back here.

Well then...

Before the coffee gets cold.