Café Elektric (1927) - full transcript

A dance-hall girl falls for a pickpocket. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

Caf? Elektric
(The Love Exchange)

6 acts
based on the play by Felix Fischer

This film?s task is to show ...

how easy it is in our times ...

to go astray from the right path,

how a neglected ...

... education can destroy a life.

It also shows us that it is possible ...

for a person fallen without guilt ...

... to find the way back to the light from darkness...

... through true love.

Act One.

... Ferdl ...
[short for Ferdinand]

May I walk with you for a little while, Miss?

My bag!

The same afternoon at 5 o?clock tea.

Erni G?ttlinger,
daughter of a construction tycoon.

My, you are going very fast.

Construction entrepreneur,
Commercial Councillor G?ttlinger.

One of his girlfriends.

Construction engineer Max St?ger ...

The plane tickets I had bought for you.

Shame, you come so rarely. I?d like to hire you as an animator.

My, you are going very fast.

When can I see you again?

Bring me back to my table!

... so if I may hope to have a chance with you ...

Keep hoping!

The Lady sends you this for the Black Bottom!

In the evening, when the suburban streets awaken ...

and the lights go on in the little caf?s ...


At least buy me a coffee.

Hansi ...
[short for Johanna]

This was where also Ferdl felt at home in the evening.

Dr. Lehner,
Doctor and philanthrope ...

held special sympathies for Hansi ...

So my little nightbird is out of money again?

How much did he give you?

Leave me alone!
It?s been over between us for some time.

Do you need money, Ferdl?

A little!

I have to see you today, Miss Erni.

But you have to promise to behave yourself ...

so it?s in 10 minutes down at the street corner.

We have to hurry, Miss Erni, it?s time for the theatre.

I?m sorry ... I can?t ... a friend suddenly got ill ...

You are not telling the truth, Erni.

I don?t owe you an explanation!

Don?t be angry Max ...
I?m just nervous - the girl is seriously ill.

Wait here, then drive us to 12 Mayseder street without asking any questions.

Bring me a glass of the same stuff.

Bottoms up!

I like to go the movies, it?s so beautiful there!

They always get each other in the end!

After the show.

Where can one meet you?

I?m at Caf? Elektric each night. Just ask for Hansi ...

You?re a sweet little girl! So ... see you ... tomorrow ... or the day after ...

The next morning.

What is it, Ferdl? You?re in a bad mood?

I lost a lot at Bucki Domino ... I need money till afternoon!

Can you get it?

So that?s what your love looks like!

I?ll get it for sure!

Miss Erni did not come home last night ...?

Don?t worry! Miss Erni is with a sick friend.

Your sick bed visit took some time.

I have to get 500 schillings ...
[Austrian currency at the time]

Please, wait in the office.

Give back the ring and the money!

It?s better if I help someone instead of dad giving it away!

Sorry, I left my keys.

My bag please, Mr. Engineer!

Mr. G?ttlinger?s urgent business trips never lasted long.

In most cases he returned the next morning.

Where is my daughter?

She is at a sick friend?s.

In the meantime, Ferdinand shortened the waiting time ...

by manicuring his "long" fingers.

You got it?

Don?t you listen?

Why did you dress up like that? Are you waiting for someone?

I met such a lovely nice guy ...

That?s just like you! You came across a "big love" again?! Nonsense!

You?re a silly girl, Hansi. - We two could work out fine.

... that might be enough to start with ...

... and later? You could have many of those ...

The thief!!!

Don?t make a fuss! I?ll pay those few bucks.

Keep it down or you will run into police trouble yourself.

The next day.

Mr. Zerner,
a business friend of G?ttlinger?s.

Let?s drink on that deal tonight.

Done! But somewhere with a mixed clientele.

I know a "fine restaurant" just for that.

Strange, a ring vanished from the box. Did you notice something?

There?s no one but you who has a key?

The cashier bears no guilt!

How do you know, Mr. Engineer?

I will find out!

Erni always found an excuse to be with Ferdl.

I?d do anything for you!


Then come!

Don?t be afraid anymore, I gave the money to the girl.

You?re going to the Elektric with me tonight.

With you of all people!

Ferdl! You got a new one?!

Yes, I got a new one.

But when you needed money I was good enough.

You wait, you jerk!

A hysterical woman stalking me out of jealousy.

Tonight we go to the Elektric.

Wherever you want.

Ferdl isn?t here yet.
I?ll tell you when he arrives!

A nice ring! If only it was genuine!


That would be nice - but the likes of us never get out of the Elektric!

And if someone might help you? Would you be drawn back?

Back? No ... never!!!

Why do you burden my heart? That can?t ever happen!

I want to check what pretty girls are here! They all have to come!

Ah ... Mr. Engineer.

Mr. G?ttlinger ... I ask you not to bother the lady anymore!

Haha ... Lady!!!

You?ll pay for that!

That is ... my ring, you fine gentleman!

Who gave you the ring?

That is him!

He gave the ring to me!

You ratted on me! I?ll pay you back!

YOU ...!

You?re coming with me!

Come Hansi ... away from here!

You shall never
return to the Elektric!

Will you come to me ... forever?

You went stealing for that rascal?

You did that to me? Me, your father?!


I never had a father! You never cared for me.

... I tell you! I will always live like I want to!

And you - take care of your affairs and don?t tell me what to do!

Go! I don?t want to see you again!!


Here you shall forget and be happy!

They didn?t notice the china from Meissen.

... old Dr. Lehner from the Elektric will surely buy it.

Look, he?s really trying to get you a job with the Morning Post.

You know that I don?t like you to meet people from the past.

I?ll go to the editor?s office to ask them again.

You know, I have a feeling today?s my lucky day.

Editor?s office.

It?s no use coming here so often. We?ll notify you if we need you.

Haven?t we met before?

At the Elektric!

How?s St?ger, your husband?

He?s been out of work for a very long time now ...

... we?re not doing well ...

And me, I have no education and ...

... no matter how hard I try I won?t get a job.

Maybe I can get your husband a job.

Tell him to come to my office at eight o?clock.

Where do you live?

Eight o?clock p.m.

Please wait. Mr. Zerner will be here soon.

... but - he?s in your office right this moment.

That?s why I came here.

Don?t act so honorable all of a sudden!


If you don?t leave at once ...

Not very clever!

Dear Paula! I?m desperate. Lend me some money,

I have no other means. I?ll wait outside. Hansi.

Due to unexpected circumstances the boss is sorry ...

When she comes back, give her the letter.

Dear doctor, good to meet you! Please help me ...

The final reel of this movie is lost.

Because of an unlucky accident, Max thinks that Hansi has returned to her old life.

He abandons her. She returns to the Caf? Elektric.

There she is stabbed by Ferdl, who had previously sent her to prison.

Max, who has become a reporter, learns the truth.

He will lead Hansi to a new life.

The only surviving print of this movie was restored by the Austrian Film Archive using the surviving intertitles.