Cadaver (2020) - full transcript

In the starving aftermath of a nuclear disaster, a family of three attends a charitable event at hotel, which takes a dark turn when when people start to disappear.

[atmospheric music plays]

[music intensifies]

[running footsteps]

[children giggle]



[atmospheric music continues]

Come on! Come on.

[children squeal, giggle]

- Give it!
- No! It's mine.

[soft laughter]

Is this really okay?

[soft chatter]

Come on, look at this!

[soft laughter]

[children laugh]

Over here!

- Hey.
- [music distorts]

[giggling echoes]

[wind blows]

[distant screaming]

[rumbling, clattering]


[thunder crashes]

[Jacob] Alice?

[Leo] Alice, wait!

[keys jangle]

[door creaking]

- [crashing]
- [choking]

[choking continues]

[choking continues]

[soft atmospheric music plays]





We have to stick together.



- [atmospheric music plays]
- [breathes shakily]

[thunder crashes]

[atmospheric music continues]

[flies buzz]

[rain falls heavily]





[rain falls on roof]


- [distant crashing]
- [distant screaming]

[breathes shakily]

[tense music plays]

[door creaks]


[discordant music plays]

[whispers] Alice?

- Alice?
- [loud knocking]

[screams] Alice!




[door creaks]


I heard them again.

Can you make them go away?

Begone, scary monsters.

Begone. You do not belong here.

It's just your imagination, you know?

It's not real.

Can I turn it off, then?

[Leo] No.

Your imagination is
one of your greatest gifts.

You shouldn't turn that off.

But you can learn how to use it.

When I'm acting in a play,
I always listen to my imagination.

But, isn't that a bit scary?

[Leo] Yeah.

It is scary, but sometimes
you need to confront your fears.

That's really the only way
to overcome them.


Who's this little guy?

[Alice] I think
the girl who lived next door forgot it.

- [loud knocking]
- [shouting]

- Mommy! [gasping]
- It's okay, it's okay.

- Don't be scared. Don't be scared.
- Can you make them leave?

I'm here. You're safe.

[knocking, shouting continue]

[knocking intensifies]

[shouting intensifies]

- [man] Let me in! Don't leave us out here!
- Come here.

[Alice whimpers, breathes shakily]

[Leo hums a tune]

[thunder crashes]

[man outside] Fuck off!

[atmospheric music plays]

- [thunder crashes]
- [atmospheric music plays]

[woman screams]

We have to do something.

We can't continue like this.

We have to hang in there.

[screaming from outside]

We don't have a choice.

All we do is hang in there.

We have nothing left, Leo.

We have each other.

And we have Alice.

We can't give up now.

It's going to be okay.

How can you be so sure?

I have to be.

[music grows louder]

[thunder crashes]


[echoing applause]

[thunder rumbles]


- [man shouting cheerfully]
- [vehicle approaches]

[man] Come, come, come!


Escape the horrors
with Mathias Vinterberg's exclusive show.

A meal is included!

Come, come, come.

Just wait here.

- Leo...
- [Leo] I'll be right back.

- [door opens, closes]
- [man continues calling]

[man] Yes, yes, yes. Come, come, come.

[man laughs]

Come, come, come, everybody!

Escape the horror
with Mathias Vinterberg's exclusive show.

Two shows tonight, and tonight only.

A meal is included. Oh, yes!

There is enough food for everyone!

[flies buzz]

[man laughs]

What do you mean, you're having a show?

Well, I think
we could all use a little break

from this nightmare we live in,
don't you agree? [laughs]

But, how do you have food?

Mathias is a kind man.

He just wants to help.

Sadly, we don't put on many shows
these days, but he tries. He tries.

How many tickets do you need?

- [atmospheric music plays]
- How much are they?

What can you pay?

How can they put on a play? As for food...

It doesn't add up.

No, I know,
but why shouldn't we have some fun?

Jacob, we have to believe
things will work out.

What about Alice?

Well, it's much worse for Alice
if we do nothing.

Imagine if we could bring her to a play.

Look around.

What do we have to lose?

[Leo sighs]

Remember how we used to
spend hours daydreaming?

It was just us. Nothing else mattered.

Sometimes, we even forgot to eat.

[chuckling] I would
give anything for that now.

[Alice hums a tune]

But what if we could
let Alice have some fun?

Just for one night?


[soft atmospheric music plays]

[music grows louder]

[man] Hello! Welcome, welcome.

Ah! Thank you, thank you!

Welcome to a fantastic show.

Thank you, thank you.

Mathias Vinterberg's exclusive show.

Thank you. Ah! Oh, thank you.



Children are not allowed here.

[scoffs] No, but she's with us.

- This is not a show for children.
- [man 2] It's okay, Arnold.

It's fine.

We have to accept that
children see more cruelty

in the real world,
than I could ever create.


What's your name?



Do you like adventures?

Me too.

Do you want to see my wonderland, Alice?




- Thanks.
- [Arnold] Yes, yes, yes. [laughs]

Come on in! Come on in! Welcome!

You're going to see a one-of-a-kind show!

[atmospheric music plays]

[uplifting music plays]


[doors open]


[music fades]

[woman] This almost seems
too good to be true.

Have you guys been here before?

[Jacob] No.

Have you?

Uh, no.

I'm Leonora.

- This is Alice.
- Hi.

And my husband Jacob.

- Hi. [chuckles]
- [man] Hi.

- Lars. This is Kathrine and Susanne.
- Hi.

- [Jacob] Hi.
- [Leo chuckles]

How did you get Susanne in?

- What do you mean?
- They also made an exception for her?

[door opens]

[door closes]

What makes us human...

in times like these?

What separates us from animals?

Is it love?

Longing, hope, pain?


One thing we do know.

Just surviving isn't enough.

Mankind needs to feel something.

And so...

ladies and gentlemen...

welcome to the theater.

Our performance
will not take place on stage.

There's no curtain, no rows of seats...

no intermission.

The stage is the hotel itself.

Once inside, each of you should follow
whatever it is that piques your curiosity.

And so...

ladies and gentlemen...

I have to remind you that
everything you see tonight is staged.

It's all part of the show.


You will now be given masks.

Keep them on.

They are the boundary
between fact and fiction.

If you see a mask,
they are part of the audience.

If you see a face...
they're part of the play.


[Mathias] My dear friends...

Forget the world outside.

Tonight, I'm offering you
the experience of a lifetime.


- [door creaks, closes]
- [Leo] It's starting.

- [actor] Back already?
- [actress] Not your business.

Rakel, come on.
Can't you and Mathias try to get along?

What do you mean?

It would be nice if you prioritized
your daughter's birthday.

And that's coming from the guy who
drinks all day long, and is even drunk...

Shut up! Does he not make you laugh?
Is that the problem?

- [Rakel] No. I'll tell you the problem.
- [actor] He's not funny? Or entertaining?

- But...
- No...

[whispers] Are you okay?

My problem is
that he makes me cry too much.

- Dearest David. Thank you for caring.
- My pleasure.

- Really sweet of you. Such a nice guy.
- My pleasure.

- David, stay.
- [David] What the hell?

I'm just gonna get a drink.
Is that allowed, or what?

[door opens]

[door closes]

[soft piano music plays]

So, who should we follow, Alice?


What about Rakel?

We'll follow Rakel.

- [sighs]
- Let's go.

[distant rumbling]

[door opens, closes]

- [running footsteps]
- [actor 2] Sofie?


- [Sofie] Jens?
- Sofie?

I thought I'd never see you again.

[Jens] Come on.

[Jacob] Come on.

[water running, sizzling]

[Jacob laughs]

[Leo] What?

[Jacob] Do you think
we can bring some of this home?

[distant voices talk and laugh]

[door closes]

[actor 3] This time, I'm done!

- Take your clothes, take your dress!
- No! [stammers]

- Stop! No!
- Scarf... Take it all and go!

- [Jacob] It's not exactly Shakespeare.
- [Leo laughs] Stop it.


- [woman moans]
- [man groans]

- [Jacob] Whoops!
- [sex noises continue]

[Leo] Come on, Alice.



[whimpering continues]

[Alice] What's wrong with him?

[Leo] Let's just go and find Rakel.

[Rakel] If this is going to end well,
you have to do something.

- You're the one leaving this family.
- But you're not listening to me!

She's sleeping.

[exasperated sigh]

- [sighs]
- [Alice] Mommy?

[Leo] It's not real.

Did you blow out the candles?

She wanted me to say good night
to you when you got back.

[Rakel sighs]

If only you could understand me

as well as you understand
the characters in your plays.


- Can't we try again?
- [Mathias] Why did you come back?

This time?



To remind you of what we once had.

Then let me remind you that what we had...

is dead.

[thunder crashes]


[Rakel sobs]

[Alice] Why is she crying, Mommy?

[Leo] You have to see
the rest of the play to find out.

- Is my room available?
- Which room was it?


Yeah, it should be available.

- [Leo] Do you think she likes it?
- [Jacob] Well, she takes after you.

- [both chuckle]
- [Jacob] Let's follow her.

Come on.

[Jacob] Where did Rakel go?

[door crashes open]

- [rumbling]
- [running footsteps approach]

[woman wails]

- [door slams]
- [wailing resumes]

[Leo] What was that?

- [Jacob] I don't know. Were they actors?
- [Leo] I don't know.

- [Jacob] What?
- [Alice] Mommy?

[Leo] Hey.

This is only a play, remember?

It's all pretend. It's not dangerous.

Are you okay?

You want to go home?

So, which room did Rakel mention again?

Wasn't it 405?

That's the one. Want to go take a look?

- Come on.
- You want this?

[distant rumbling]


[Leo] What is it?

[Jacob] Where did everyone go?


[Leo] They're probably looking for actors,

just like us.

Rakel's room is here.
You want to go there?

[Alice] Hello?

[Jacob] Alice?

[Alice] Rakel?

[atmospheric music plays]

[Alice hums a tune]


[Jacob] Wrong floor, Alice.

- [Leo] Alice!
- [Alice] 525...

[Jacob] You can't run off like that,
we talked about this.

[Leo] What is this?


[music intensifies]

[Jacob] Alice?


[Leo] Alice, wait up.

[Alice] I think
Rakel went a different way.

- You have to stop doing that.
- Doing what?

- Running off like that.
- But...

I only followed Rakel,
like you told me to.

- [sighs] Yeah, I know I said that, but...
- Go and find Rakel's room, Alice.

What are you doing?

Just because we're worried,
doesn't mean we have to make her scared.

Let her be ten years old.

Where would she go?

[Alice hums a tune]

- 533...
- Look at us. [chuckles]

- We've forgotten how to relax.
- [Alice] 534...

[Alice] 535...

Everything's going to be okay.

What do you say, Alice? You want to keep...




[Leo] Alice?

[ominous music plays]

[Jacob] Alice?

[Jacob] Alice?

[Leo] Alice!

- [Jacob] Alice!
- She was right here, counting.

- She said "534, 535, 53..."
- Six.

- [music intensifies]
- [clattering]

- Alice, I hear you. Come out now.
- This isn't funny anymore.

Come out. Right now!

[glass breaking]

- [Alice screams]
- Jacob!

- [Jacob coughs]
- [Leo] Alice?

[coughing] Are you in here?

- [rumbling]
- [electrical crackling]

[Jacob] Alice!

[ominous music plays]

[Leo] Alice? Where are you?

Where are you?

[softly] I knew it.

Fuck, I knew it!

- Jacob. No.
- [music intensifies]

I told you it wasn't adding up, Leo.

[Leo] No.

- [Leo] Alice!
- [thunder crashes]

[tense music plays]

[Kathrine] Lars?

[door opens]

[running footsteps]

[door closes]

[Kathrine] Lars?

[door closes]

[doors close]

[music intensifies]

[running footsteps approach]



- Kathrine?
- I can't find them.

I've looked everywhere. Lars and Susanne
were with me. Suddenly, it was like they...

- Disappeared.
- We can't find Alice either.

- What's going on?
- They have to be here somewhere.

No! But I've looked everywhere.

Rakel's room.

Alice was looking for it.
Maybe she just snuck past us.

It's down this way.

[ominous music plays]

Alice, are you in here?

- Lars? Susanne?
- Alice?

[thunder crashes]

I'll check the bedroom.

- [Kathrine screams]
- [crashing]

Where is she?

- Let's go.
- [distant crashing]

This can't be fucking happening.

[clock ticks]

- [screams]
- [ominous music plays]

What happened?

It blinked.

The eye blinked!

It's just a painting.

What's that?

It's Kathrine's.

[creaking, rumbling]

[Leo] Hey! Have you seen a little girl?
We lost our daughter.

Do you know where everybody went?

Are you actors, or part of the audience?


Do you have your masks?

We took them off.

[ominous music plays]

[muffled thump]

- [ominous music plays]
- [Leo] Alice?

[muffled thump]

[actor 4] What?

[actor 4 whimpers]

- [Leo] Hello?
- [actor 4] I just can't.

- Does he work here?
- Come on.

[Leo] Have you seen a little girl?
We're looking for our daughter.

[actor 4] It's taken over.

It's turned me into something
that I didn't know I was capable of.

- What?
- Can you help us?

- We're looking for our daughter.
- [actor 4] I can't do this.

- What? What can't you do?
- [actor 4] It's taken over.

Jacob, we have to...

- Leo, I think we should leave him.
- What are you...

- It's coming for you too!
- No! [gasps]


[actor 4 breathes raggedly]

- Wait, what did...
- [actor 4] Don't trust anyone!

[Leo and Jacob scream]

- [Leo gasps]
- Leo!

[body falls heavily]

[Leo gasps, sobs]

Leo. Leo.

- [gasping] Why did he do that?
- We have to forget everything else.

We have to focus on Alice.

- But why did he do that?
- We just have to think about Alice, okay?

[door creaks]

Are you guys new?

We're going to the ballroom.

Hans, come on, let's go.

[Rakel] Enough with the acting.

We're already late.

[eerie music plays]

[tense music plays]



[music intensifies]

[watches tick]

[Leo] Alice?


Tell me you know where
Kathrine or Susanne is. Please.

- [Jacob] Lars?
- Please, please...

What are you doing here? What is all this?

- I don't know.
- Are they costumes?

[tense music continues]

[music intensifies]



Let me look at that rabbit.

What is it?

- It's sweet.
- [Leo] What?

[Jacob] It's not real.

- This is fake blood.
- [gasps] What?

[Leo gasps]

Then maybe all of this
is also part of the play.

- Then why has Alice gone?
- And Kathrine.

Rakel said
they were going to the ballroom.

We have to find it.

Follow me.

[atmospheric music plays]


[atmospheric music intensifies]

[Mathias] If we are going to survive,
you have to trust me.

[ominous music plays]

[Mathias] It's better if there are
some things you don't know.

It's safer that way.

We need to stick together.


need to stick together, as a family.

[Mathias] As a family.

Don't leave anything behind.

[music intensifies]

- [Mathias] We stick together as a family.
- [labored breathing]

[Mathias] As long as
we trust each other...

it won't consume us.

How do we actually know
if this is part of the play?

[Lars] We follow them.

- [Mathias] You know where you came from.
- [Jacob] Come on, Leo. She's not here.

[Mathias] You know what we have here.

If we don't stick together as a family,
it will consume us.

[music intensifies]

[Alice] Mama?

[breathes shakily]

[heavy footsteps approach]

[creaking, door closes]

Someone just walked into the wall.

[Lars] What?

- [Jacob] What do you mean?
- [Leo] Yeah.

[ominous music plays]

[Jacob] I want to find her too.

I'm not kidding.

Someone walked
straight into that painting.

Come on. Come on.

[water running]

[ominous music plays]

[music intensifies]

[door opens]


[distant rumbling]

[Leo breathes shakily]

[Jacob] Alice?



[Leo] Are they burning something?

[Jacob] No, no, no...

What are they burning?

What are they burning?

[loud roaring]

[Leo] It's clothes.

They're burning clothes.

It's just clothes.

Leo. Fuck. Fuck!


[Jacob] Fuck.

- Jacob, calm down.
- What is this place?

What have they done to her?

I don't know. We have to keep searching.

First we find the others,
and then we find Alice.

The others?

The others are in there.



Wake up! Look around you!

You're living in a fucking fantasy.

Do you really still think
this is just going to work out?

- Yes!
- How can you believe that?

Because I have to believe it!

I have to believe it.

If it hadn't been for you,
we wouldn't be here at all.

- [Leo gasps]
- Don't move.

Convincing performance, huh?

[Hans] You're coming with me.

[tense music plays]

We can take him.

[Leo] Lars?

Come on. Don't make this hard.


This is just survival.

- Run!
- [gasps]

- [dramatic music plays]
- [Jacob] Find Alice!


[suspenseful music plays]

[hollow clattering]

[breathes shakily]

[door rattles]

[thumping on door]

[keys jangle]

[door unlocks]



[suspenseful music plays]

[Rakel] Hans!

Hans, you have to get to the ballroom.
The next show's about to start.

[door opens]

[door closes]


- Alice.
- [soft music plays]

[music grows ominous]

[Mathias] Let's welcome all our newcomers.

[all] Welcome.

[Mathias] There is a chance
that you'll know someone in the audience.

[tense music plays]

Which is unfortunate.

But as long as they wear these,
you won't know who's who.

That makes it easier.

The important thing is to spread them out.

They outnumber us.

Your responsibility is
to create a character so intriguing

that someone wants to follow you.


If they realize what's going on too early,
they could overpower us.

And please don't try to be brave.

If you feel you can't handle it...

Then we lead them
to someone more experienced.


Let's take it one more time, from the top.

Before the second show.

Yes, uh...


- More hurt, this time.
- [Rakel] I do act hurt.

What do you want from me?

- You know what I want.
- [Rakel] You want your wife back.

But I can never be her, Mathias.

Excuse me?

I'm doing the best I can.

You feel I take you for granted?


I'm sorry, that was not my intention.

Being taken for granted feels terrible.

I'm sorry.


[Mathias] You and I
have to stick together.

We have to be grateful.

Because if you forget
what I once did for you...

If you forget where you were
when I opened up my arms

and welcomed you here...

If you forget...

what I have done for you...

then it's very tempting
to send you back out into the cold,

where you came from.

[tense music plays]

- I'm sorry.
- [Mathias] Yeah.

[Rakel] Please.

I'm sorry, Mathias.

What do we say?

[clears throat]

I am anyone you want me to be.


[door opens]

Who moved the button?
I fell right into the tunnel.

I lost my earring.

[Mathias] Well, if there's nothing else,
we'll let the next audience in.

And, action!


[Leo gasps]


[Alice] Mama?






- [Alice keeps calling]
- [music intensifies]

[Alice's voice echoes]


[Rakel sobs]

[labored breathing]

I need to get my earring.

The tunnels are off-limits to actors.
Mathias's orders.

[Kathrine] What do you mean?
What are you doing down there?

Mathias's orders.


[Arnold] Welcome, welcome!

Ah, thank you!

Welcome to an amazing show!

Come on in! Come on in!

[Arnold, faintly] Welcome, everyone!


[tense music plays]

[music intensifies]

- [clanking]
- [Leo screams]


[rumbling, creaking]

[hatch opens]

[hatch closes]


[distant screaming]

[electrical crackling]

[wind whistles]


[Leo] Alice?

- [creaking]
- [ominous music plays]


[Kathrine] If they don't
fall in themselves,

then just give them a little push.

There are people in the tunnels
that take care of the rest.

[music intensifies]

[distant screaming]

- [buzzing]
- [man screaming]

[people screaming]

[screaming continues]




[Leo screams, falls heavily]






[stool clatters]

Join us.


Nobody has ever lasted in here
as long as you have.

And I hear that you're a talented actress.

[Leo] Your actors...

Do they know what they're eating?

What would you do
to keep your family alive?

- Let me go.
- Oh! Where would you go?


To starve to death?

To be with my family.

Your family is here now.

Join us.


Keep quiet about this, Lars,

and I'll make sure
your family gets a better room.

[Leo] No.

[sobbing] No.

I'm sorry, Leo.
I didn't mean to take her from you.

- [soft music plays]
- [Leo sobs] Oh, my God.

Where is she?

Where is my daughter?

You're murderers!

- [sobs]
- No.

We are the survivors, Leo.

[gasping] Don't call me Leo.

[Mathias] Yeah, of course.

Only Jacob can do that.

[Leo] What?

[Mathias] He got it.

Go ahead, Lars.


- [soft atmospheric music plays]
- Jacob?

[sobbing] Jacob!

Help me down.

- Let me try talking to her.
- [Leo] Jacob.


They're right.

There's nothing for us outside this hotel.

We'll starve and die, like everybody else.

No, Jacob, you don't know that.

I know this is the only way I can help us.

We can belong here, Leo.

We can have some purpose
in our lives again, don't you see?

We can be a family again.

This can be our family now.

[Leo] No, Jacob. You don't mean that.

We... We'll figure this out together.
We always do.


But how, Leo?

Look what they did to Alice.

Jacob, look what they did.

We have to join the hotel.



[Lars] You don't
have to watch this, Jacob.

- Can I?
- Jacob, what are you doing? What are...

I have to prove that they can trust me.

I'm sorry we came here.
We never should have come.

[sobbing] Jacob, look at me. It's me.

- [atmospheric music plays]
- [Leo] It's me.

Look at me! It's me! It's me! Jacob!

[sobbing] It's me.


- [music intensifies]
- No! [sobs]

[Leo sobs]

[tense music plays]

[Leo] Jacob, behind you!

[Jacob yells]


[Leo grunts]

- [Lars growls]
- [Leo yelps]

[both strain, groan]

[tense music plays]

- [exclaims]
- [grunts]



[Jacob coughs]

[soft music plays]

[Leo] I'm sorry.

[gasps, sobs]

Why did it have to be our Alice?

It's okay.

[Leo sobs]

[labored breathing]


[sobs] Jacob?


[sobbing] Jacob.




[atmospheric music plays]

[thunder crashes]

[Mathias] What makes us human?

- In times like these...
- Very good. Fantastic!

[Mathias] ...when hunger and misery
control our lives,

what separates us from animals?

[Mathias] Love?




[atmospheric music plays]

[Mathias] One thing is certain.

Just surviving isn't enough.

Mankind needs to feel something.

And so...

Welcome... to the theater.

Ladies and gentlemen,

welcome to the theater.


[deep thumping]

[Mathias] Tonight, I give to you
your own humanity. [laughs]

Tonight, I give to you your own humanity.

[Mathias] You will be given masks.

You will now be given masks.

They are what separates you from the show.

They are what separates you from the show.

You might wonder
what is real and what isn't.

But I can assure you,
it's all part of the show.




[atmospheric music plays]

[muffled voices]

[groaning, shouting]

[shouting, screaming]

- [banging]
- [moaning]

[moaning intensifies]

- [crashing]
- [people exclaim]

[shouting, screaming]


- [banging]
- [straining]



[both grunt]

[dramatic music plays]


[both grunt]

[music intensifies]


[door creaks]

[Leo] Help! Help!

- [Hans] No! I'm one of the actors...
- [cracks]


[labored breathing]

[soft music plays]

[distant laughter]

- [laughter]
- [piano music plays]

- Where is she?
- [laughs]


Great that you could join us, finally.

- Where is your husband?
- The blood on this dress, it's not real.

- Where is Lars?
- Give me Alice! Or I'll expose you.

- You need to sit down...
- [Leo] We outnumber you.

Where is she?

This is not acting.

They're using the play
to split us into groups,

so it's easier for them to kill us.

And he's not a director,

hotel manager,
or whatever you're being told.

He's a murderer.

And he has taken my family,
just like he's going to take yours.

And you won't just be killed.

After you're dead, all of you will be...

You'll be eaten.



[audience laughs]

[laughter increases]

No, it's true.

It's true!
This isn't acting, this is real!

He's taken my daughter!


[glasses clatter]

I gave you a choice.

If you could have just understood
that there's no shame in surviving,

you would still have a family.

But you don't.

Welcome, Leo...

to my show.



Scary monsters, begone.

[chuckling] What are you doing?

[soft atmospheric music plays]


You don't scare me.

I'm Leonora,

mother of Alice,

and nobody comes near her.

[music intensifies]


No. No! Stop them. Stop them.

Go! Stop her!


[music intensifies]

[door opens]



[Mathias] No!

Nothing's there!

There's nothing out there.

You told us that
we were selling their things.

- I did what I had to do to keep us alive.
- That means eating people?

If it weren't for me, you'd all be dead.
There's nothing out there!

I'd rather be dead.

[Leo] It's over.

You're finished.

Now you know how it feels
to lose your family.

It hurts, right?

Where is she?

I got her in the end.

[Rakel yells]

[both groan]

[Mathias gasps]

[groans, coughs]

What have you done with her?

[gasping] She looked
just like my daughter.

Her... Her eyes.

Her smile was just like my daughter's.

I was so close.

But it wasn't real.


[Mathias] You're alone now, too.

[groans, coughs]

[Mathias] I've kept you alive!

You should be grateful!

[door closes]



[Alice, faintly] Mommy?

[soft music plays]



[Leo] No.

No. Please.

- [sobbing] Please, leave me alone.
- Mommy?



[Alice hums a tune]

- [emotional music plays]
- Alice?



Where have you been?

[Alice] They asked me
if I wanted to be in their play.

[Leo] I thought you were gone.

- I'm here.
- [laughs] I can see that. I can see that.

[emotional music continues]




Let me look at you.

[Alice] Where's Daddy?

It's just us now, Alice.

[music intensifies]

- [wind blows]
- [Leo shivers]

[flies buzz]

[thunder crashes]

[flies buzz]

[distant wailing]

[distant screaming, shouting]

[atmospheric music plays]


[music intensifies]

[soft atmospheric music plays]