Caída del Cielo (2016) - full transcript

Alejandro is on his patio and a woman's body falls down next to him. It's Julia and she is alive! She can't move and calmly gives instructions to Alejandro, who is shocked but manage to call emergency. Her requests don't stop here, because Julia lives in the apartment just above Alejandro's and has nobody to help her in the city, so, despite he has never seen her before, now he must adapt his routine to help his neighbor. In this very crazy and not common way, this two people, who were very comfortable with their solitude and phobias, are going to begin to feel interest for each other's worlds, opening their lives to the magic that comes along when love arrives.

Alejandro, I heard a footstep.


Thirty-seven minutes, twenty seconds...

Welcome to...




Are you okay?


What happened? Where am I?


You fell onto my yard.

Where am I?

On my yard.

On my yard.

You fell onto my yard.

What happened?

Does anything hurt?

-Yeah, it hurts a lot!
-Are you hurt?

Calm down. No! Stay like that.

Where do you live?


-Above? Above?
-The yard.

Do you live upstairs?
You have fallen down. Yes, of course.

Calm down, calm down.

No, no, don't move!
I'm going to call the police!

Stay calm.

Why the police?

I did nothing.

An ambulance.

I'll call an ambulance.

Ambulance. Yes. Ambulance.

Uh... ambulance, ambulance.


One Hun... No! That is for repairs,
or something like that.


Social Security.

Social Security!

-Social Security.
-Social Security!

They may take years.

Yes, yes, it is a disaster.

-Do you have a cigarette, please?
-What? What did you say?

If, if...

If you have a cigarette, please.

Uh, I don't think you should smoke
until you see a doctor.


I get bored, you know?
It really bores me to wait.

I am very restless.


It doesn't seem like it, but I am.

Once they said I had a problem
because I don't stay still.

At the dentist's office,
for example, I went crazy,

and not because I'm afraid
of the drill like everyone,

but because they make me wait a lot!

I get very messy.

Awkward, isn't it?


When you don't know someone much
and don't know what to talk about.

-Yes, excuse me.

-Did someone call for an ambulance?
-Yes, in the yard, the yard, doctor.

This way, doctor. Doctor, doctor, doctor!

Excuse me.

Here, over here.

And the card?

-I have mine.
-No, no. Hers.

No, I don't have hers.

I don't know if she is affiliated.

I mean, it could be that just by chance

she is an affiliate of mine...
I'll ask her.

What is your Social Security number?

Social Security!

What is it?

Do you remember?

Do you have one?
See? She's not responding.

We have to take her somewhere,
a sanatorium, a public hospital, at least.

It's a problem.

Let's hope she doesn't have anything.

-But take easy, she is breathing.
-I can't take it easy,

because this is not something
that happens to me every day.

Maybe you're used to it. Perhaps
it happens to you every day, but not me.

Not really, I started on Tuesday.

You're not a doctor?

I'm doing the course.

The course to be a nurse?

-You're a nurse?
-Not yet.

I'm going to talk to the driver,
I'll be right back.

It's ok, it's ok, done.

-No! Don't touch her! Don't touch her!
-Why not?

Because you might have a legal issue.

Easy, easy, ok, ok.

Do you play the drums?

-In what band?

No. I don't play in any band,
I'm just a soundman.

Oh, you make sounds?

No. I work with sounds
that... are already made.

The driver!

Ah! Yes!
He told me that we won't take her.

Call the ambulance, ask for an X-ray.

Wait! Do you have the EMS number?

-No, that's for repairs.

Well, look up online.
I don't have time, I have an emergency.

-My mom...

-My mom...

Mom? Your mom.
You want me to call your mom?

-Where? Where?




Good morning.
I'm looking for this girl's mother.

-You're Diego, right? I have your things.
-No, I'm not...

-Come in.
-No, wait. Nevermind.

Wait, if you're not Diego, who are you?

Are you trying to scare me to death?

Forgive me, I'm not saying she's
your daughter, I don't know whose she is!

A girl fell in my yard, I wonder if she's
your daughter. I'm looking for her mom.

The person that had to ring my doorbell
now was Diego.

So, I don't understand.

Why do you open the door to a dumbass?

Listen, a girl just fell on my yard!
She lives in this building,

She lives with her mom, I think.
Do you know who might be?

-You're serious.

-She has short hair, with a lock on...
-I know who could be.

The daughter of the couple
from the first floor, you know?

No, no idea.

Did you call the cops?

-I'll call the police!
-No, dude! Wait.

Uh, call the Suicide Hotline.


One... 145... one, 135.
Suicide Hotline, dude!

-But don't call the cops, please!

All right.

No, actually I live in the apartment
exactly above yours.

It seemed that you fell from higher,
at least to me.

Yes, because I didn't...

I didn't fell down from my house.
I fell off of the terrace.


I have my bedroom above your living room.

Over there, where you have the kitchen,
I have my bathroom.

And my living room is
where your bedroom is.

Weird. What?

No, I said that's weird.

Usually, bathrooms are located
above one another because of the pipes.

Usually, but not always.

You should go to a hospital.
The nurse said--

I already heard, he said something
about an X-ray, right?

Oh, you heard?
I thought you were unconscious.

No, I was back and forth but no.

The thing is
that I didn't want any questions.

Look! Right now what you need is
to go to a hospital.

Listen carefully. Because of the fall,
you might have broken something,

and you have now an internal bleeding...

But there is no need for you to call!
Really. Please!

I'm a little hurt, yeah,
it hurts, but it's nothing more than that.

-Are you sure?

Let's see, hold on.

-No, no.
-Like this, like this.

-Let's try.
-Let's try. One, two, three, yes.

Ow! Let go!

-What happened?!
-Let go!

I didn't do anything! What? I stopped!

I told you, you must go to a hospital!

Relax. Like before.

-I'll bring a glass of water.
-Yes and call the ambulance.

Do you want something to eat?

No, ow.

Here, drink this. Slow.

-Easy, calm down.

Uh, give me one
of your relatives' phone number.

The only number you need,
is the one for calling an ambulance.

I'm going to the hospital
and won't bother you anymore!

It's no bother,

I need you to give me a relative's number,
someone who come to help you.

-They live far away.

In Pergamino.

That's close, three hours away.
You need to call a relative

because they need to know anyway.

I don't want you to call anyone
because I already know how it is.

My mom calls my uncle to borrow his car,

my uncle takes too long,
my mom gets sick,

and I have to deal with everything.

I don't want them to know!

Besides, I can manage myself!
Can you call the ambulance, please!

-Wait, take this. We're off to the clinic.
-No, no, what do you mean we're going?

-No, no.
-Yes, I won't leave you... going alone...

You have your own life. You already did
enough for me, really, I'm fine.

Are you sure?



Hi. I'm...

-Remember the woman that...
-Yes, I remember. Yes.

Well, I wanted to know how you are doing?

-How are you doing?
-I'm very embarrassed with all this.

Your health, how is it?

Uh, no, it's fine. Apparently fine...

Well, I've just arrived from the hospital.
They did everything.

And, they told that I am very lucky,
because the height, I don't know.

So, it seems that I'm very lucky.

-Fortunately, yes.
-Yes. Fortunately.


Come in, come in, I think that...

Just a minute,
I want to tell you something.

Ok. I'll help you. Come in.

It's fine, it's fine. Stay there.

You sure?

-There, there, there!
-I'm fine!

There you go.


What I wanted to tell you, is that...

I feel that I am in debt to you.

And a good way to pay you back
for what you did,

would be to invite you
to dinner at my house.


Next Saturday.

-Did you have any plans...

But next Saturday...


I planned something that I don't...

I don't remember
at this moment what it was but...

but umm...

Well, no...

No, but I can plan it
for another day, it's ok.

I had forgotten anyways, so...

What is your name?



Julia Santangeli.

-Julia Santangeli.

Is it ok if I bring dessert?

Sure, sounds fine.

-See you.


Oh, yeah! The x-rays! Yes! Hold on.

-No, I can't...

-What, what, what?
-I can't go upstairs by myself.

Oh! I'll help you. May I?

One, two, and three! There we go.

-What's wrong?
-I can't.

There we go.

And... Ow, ow.

-Are you ok?

One, two, and three!

-Ow! There! Ow!
-You yelled on my ear.

-One, two, and...
-Here we go!

-One, two, and...

-One, two, and three!
-Wait. Wait.

Almost. Almost there. Just a bit more.


No, it's not a bit.

We have all that part.

One, two, and three!

-No, I'm sorry.

Ready. It's done, it's done.
That wasn't such a big deal.


Uh, something wrong?

What's wrong? Are you ok? Are you dizzy?

No, no, no, I don't have my keys.

I don't know. They might have fallen.

Ah! In your yard. They must be there.

How do you know? I don't know.

Don't you have another set?


Here we go. There? Here we go.


We've arrived! We've arrived!

Well, let's call a locksmith.

No! At this time?
You know what would cost?

I can order a taxi, if you want...

To take you to someone's house...

-To a friend's, or...
-No, just...

What I was thinking is that...

I can go to a hotel.

The problem is that...

I don't have money, you know,
because I don't have my wallet.

-Well then sleep here then.

Tomorrow, we'll call a locksmith.

No, that's not going to happen.
No way, no.

You've already done so much for me.
This is the only thing missing.

Well okay, then, excuse me,
it just came to my head, but ok.

Well, then, if you don't mind...


My hand. Don't worry, it's fine!

-It's done!

-It's over!

You won't take advantage
of me being hurt, will you?

Oops, it was just a joke. Sorry!

-No, it's fine.
-I'm sorry.

-It's fine.
-It was a joke...

You know what...

-I have to ask something.

Since I couldn't go to the pharmacy
by the hospital,

and couldn't buy the painkillers
that I have to take.

Just, if you happen to go out,
to buy something or whatever

could you stop by the pharmacy, please,

and buy me painkillers?

What are they called?

In the pocket of my
coat is the prescription.

-In the coat.
-Thank you so much, you know?

Since you are going to the pharmacy,
could you get me some band-aids,

there are some with Spiderman,
those ones.


Yes. Because those are cheaper.

-Well, rest up.
-Thank you.

You too.


Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What didn't you understand? Tell me.

The play is called Silence,
thus it takes place in silence.

Here we have a soundman
who is creating silence for you

and you're playing the harmonica!
Alvaro, come on!

Listen, five minutes ago, you said
that we can improvise without ties.

No, but this is not a tie.
This is a concept.

Do you understand the difference?
Do you get it?

In this play, silence is the concept.
The concept is silence.

Is that clear?

Please. Let's start from that point.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I just didn't sleep well.

What a face! Were you partying?

No, yesterday a girl fell into my yard.

I think that she wanted to kill herself,
I don't know, I had to call an ambulance.

-No, no.
-Yes, yes.

-No, I can't believe it...
-I can't either...

I can't believe
what this asshole is doing!

Wait! Stop!

Could you tell me,
what are you doing, Alvaro?

-About what?
-Since when does General Paz limp, dear?

I need to go with something.
This man is a one-handed, he can limp.

Listen, do you think that what you're
doing is historically accurate? Huh?

Historically accurate? Really?

But what did the General Paz do
with Evita? This makes no sense.

Well, the only thing
I'm asking is that you improvise,

that you open up, go forward, grow!

Please! Open up your wings

without sound!

It's the only thing I ask!

No sound! Is that clear?



What a surprise. I didn't think
that you would be still here.

I called the locksmith. I did.

But well, better not, you know?

He's a thief!

They take advantage, they know that
you call them in an emergency,

or when you're desperate,
just like plumbers and...

Hmm, I have an idea,
let's see what you think.

Let's send a taxi to the hospital
to see if the key is there.

But I was also thinking
what if the keys aren't in the hospital...

Let's do this, I'll pay for the locksmith.

-You pay me back when you can.

No, no, no.

-No obligations, no rush.
-It won't happen! Forget it!

-Get it out of your head!

It's not going to happen!

No. You've already done so much for me,

and now I'll also owe you money,
and that much!

No, it won't happen. Besides, what for?
You pay and then they come and rob you.

They rob you? Who?

The locksmith.
Or the locksmith's accomplices.

It happened to a friend of mine.
She called to change her lock

and what a coincidence! About 3 weeks
later they cleaned out her apartment.

They kept a copy of the key.

They are locksmiths.


Why would they need a copy of the key?

It's so easy for men, isn't it?

You all think that way
but for us, women, it isn't the same.

The world is a hostile place, sometimes.

Did you take the medication?


I forgot it. I took it in the morning.

I should have taken it again.
I'm better, it doesn't hurt so much.

Thank you. I apologize and thanks you.


I think I might have the answer
but I have to make a call.

May I use your phone?

Well, thanks.

And tell me,
how long have you lived here?

Three years. Well, I mean...

This is my mother's house.
I used to live here,

but I moved out, and three years ago
I came back because she got sick,

and I wanted to take care of her,
now she is in a retirement home.

-And you live alone?

And the dog?

Uh, he died.

Four months ago. A tumor.

That's so sad, isn't it? Diseases...

I had to put him to sleep.

I did it myself.

And what was his name?

Pituco but I called him Tuco.

-Oh, I was going to say Pitu.
-No. Tuco.

I would tell you to watch a movie,
but the cable TV stopped working suddenly,

and you know, you have
to call them and wait

then there is someone else
on the line, there's the shitty music,

and press two, so no,
I don't know when they will come!

It's okay. Don't worry. I don't watch TV.

Well, I didn't really.

Until I got addicted to Hell Is Your Love.

-Hell Is Your Love.

The soap opera, the Colombian one.

No idea.

I tell you, it's awesome or a crappy,
at this point, I don't know.

Well, what a shame that we can't watch it,
because I don't have cable TV.

-Well, I have cable.
-Do you?

No, I did. When I moved in,
the apartment had cable.

But then this thing happened
that I couldn't...

pay and no...

My boyfriend didn't pay for it.

Ah, you have a boyfriend?

The thing is: I came three months ago
from Pergamino with my boyfriend,

because he had work here,
and rented the apartment,


and one day I never saw him again.

Would you rather not talk about it?

Can you give me a second, please?
Just one second,

It's no ready yet, so...
I'll be right back.

What a twat! Son of a bitch!

Stupid idiot!

Asshole! Why don't you show your face?

I'm sorry, excuse me, but look!

All the time they throw the trash at me,

Dirty bastards!


A diaper! A diaper!


Cans of beer!
The little thing on the cans of beers!

Empty bottles... cigarettes, everything!

The idiot cleans up, right?

I already complained to the
administration, they don't give a fuck!

All the shit in the universe
falls on my yard.


-No, no.

-No. Yes.

-Yes, yes.
-No, no.

Yeah, how freaky, the shock you must had.

-Not at all, I...
-Yes, don't say not at all!

I just... I didn't mean...

Ok. But don't... It must be scary,

relaxing on your yard, in the morning,
getting fresh air and suddenly...

Well if you fell, you fell.
It's not your fault.




No, what I noticed was...

You didn't fall from the other side.

I noticed that.

I don't get it.

Nah, I was thinking that, my roof
faces my yard, but also the street.

"It's crazy that this girl
didn't jump into the street."

I'm not complaining either,
but if I were you...

I would never jump
into someone else's yard.

Another person's...

I mean...

Do you understand? It's just that
I wouldn't even dare, no way,

because, let's say, I mean, no...

but the street,

the street is public,
you don't bother anyone.

Do you get me?

-You don't bother anyone?

-You don't bother anyone!

As all the time,
things fall on my yard...


-Things, right.
-But I'm not a thing!

Yes, I'm not talking about you,
but about my yard.

Stick your yard up your ass!

Whoa, we were talking nicely.

-No, you're way out of line, kid!

Way out of line.

Oh, I can't believe it. I'm sorry.

-So, I am way out of line?

-Am I the rude?

You're way out of line, bro. Yes.

It's for me! Come on!


Stop for a moment, please.

Turn down the mics.

Guys, I would like to try something.

Do you want me to try limping again?

No, thanks Alvaro.

No, let's go from the top, again, ok?

But with guttural sounds.

Guttural... what do you mean?

Tell me, what is not clear Virginia?

Open your mouth, and sounds come out.

No, it is not clear. No...

Look guys! Easy!

Of course, that's what we did last week,
and you told us not to.

Now, you want us to do it again?

Well, now I tell you to do it again.
What's the deal?

That you get rid of the silence concept.

It's bullshit to make noise now,
when we've been working so hard.

In today's rehearsal
there was no sound, not a single one!

I'm telling you. I had on headphones
with the volume on high.

It's just perfect!
We've being working for weeks,

and now you come and say make noise!

I don't know!

What was interesting about this project
was the silence.

That's what we were all interested in.

Now you come and say,
let's call it "Guttural Sounds."

I'm not interested in that.



He is Ignacio, my... ex.

-He had a copy of the key.

You see, I told you
I was going to solve it today.

How's it going? It wasn't difficult,
anyway. Just call a locksmith, that's all.

Yes, I told her, but...

She has a paranoia of locksmiths.

She thinks they are going
to rob her, and so on.

If they want to rob you--

Why would they need a copy of the key?

-If they are locksmiths!

I'm a woman, and sometimes I'm afraid.

Can you understand that?
Or is it too difficult?

Fine, but, what would they steal
if you have nothing?

Want a smoothie?

Well, thanks eh!

Thanks for your help.

It's nothing.

Did she tell you
that she's a fan of Spiderman?

I'm not fan of anything!

I don't even like Spiderman.

Let me tell you, she has:
Spiderman umbrella,

Spiderman towel, Spiderman cup,

and a Spiderman T-Shirt.

It's because these children's products
are made in bulk in China,

and there is a bigger production,

so it's cheaper to buy a towel
with some prints than a plain one.

-That's not the issue!
-Did you watch it at the theatre?


Yeah, no big deal, just like everybody.

Like everybody? Just once?

No, three times. Can you give me the...

Can someone help me?

-Ok. Ok.
-Thank you.

-It's ok. I got it.


Ah, uh, here! Your coat.

-Take it. I'm putting mine on.

Well, Alejandro...

I want to thank you for taking care of me
these two days.

-Yes. You're welcome.
-Well. Bye.

Let me... ok?

-Yes, sure. Bye.

Thanks a lot, really.
You must be a very good person.

I just imagine being on your own yard,
and suddenly, poof,

someone falls from the roof.

Someone must be really dumb,
to fall from the roof.

No, it's really an accident.

It can happen to anyone.

Well, luckily it was not so bad.


How will you get upstairs?

I'll help you, come on.

I hate these buildings without elevators.


Come on!

I'll help you.

Hold on tight.

I can't if you hold my hand like that!

It won't hurt if you don't think it will.

-You think it won't hurt?
-Just try it.

What are you laughing about?
I left and you jumped off the roof!

Don't get this the wrong way,
but you're so dumb!

You think you're the
center of the Universe

and that everyone revolves around you.

I can't believe you're so desperate.

Do you want the truth?

You almost killed yourself!

Why would I kill myself for you, man!

Oh, hi!

Hey! Can you open the front door?

Um... Yeah, yeah, and Julia?

Fine, she's doing better, fortunately.


But I didn't ask her to open,
because she is...

No. Right. Yes, yes, sure, sure.

Besides we... we've argued, we've fought.



-Ah! Chicks, women, you know how they are.

The door?

And your key? You don't have one?

No. She took them.

-That's fine.
-What is fine?

No... I don't want to be nosy,
but that's fine, I mean...

you are no longer together,
so, why would you have a key?

Well, for days like this
she had to call me, because...

-you see, I had the key.

And she called you
because you had the key.

If you didn't have the key,
she wouldn't call you.

Right, but I had the key
because she gave it to me.

-She gave it to you?
-Right, right.

Today she took it, so we argued.

The door?


Bastards! Stupid assholes!

It's me! It's me!

I'm sorry!

I'm so sorry,
but I don't have your number.

I wanted to call you
but you were playing the drums too loud.

Is it all broken?


I apologise.

I wanted to invite you to dinner.

I don't know.

I owe you dinner,
and I can't go out because of my leg.

I understand you. Besides...

I've only caused you a lot trouble.

Glaziers! Ladies and gentleman!

There are no lazier workers!

Could you lean out less, please?

It's nothing!

Go a little back, just a little bit.

Yes. Here.


Tell me about your family.
You talked about your mother, but,

do you have any other relatives?


No. I don't have relatives.

I was born from an egg.

Yes, yes. My mother is a NASA experiment,

but it's a secre-- yes, yes.

But I'm quite normal.

I seem human.

Although I can't...
I can't bend this finger.

You're silly.

I... I don't have a family.

My dad died when I was just a kid, and...

my mother...
well, she is in a retirement home...

I took care of her,
but then... I couldn't anymore.

She is...


She doesn't know or understand anything.

What a terrible thing, right?

Well... sad.

Yes, maybe.

Sometimes I think that...

it's not that bad.

What do you mean?

To be less present...

that's... I don't know...

Like, if bad things happen, forget them.

You erase them. To let there be silence.

But, why would you
want to forget bad things?

I like to think about bad things
that happened to me,

and not forget them.

-Would you like some juice?
-Oh, yes.

You know...

in a few minutes...

the soap opera will start.

-Your TV signal works?

Ah! Your cable TV is not cut?


Nice... Is it just me,
the dumb one who has no cable TV?

I don't understand a thing.

Of course. How could you?
You missed all the 35 previous episodes.

-How many are there?
-I don't know. No idea.

Is that Mariana? The lawyer's daughter?

No. That's Ana.

Who acts like Mariana.

But they just called her Mariana.

Yes. But, did you get why?

They brainwash her
because they want to confuse her.

Who is the man with the mustache?

That is... "The observer."

I don't know who he is,
but he observes every character.

Someday we'll know. I hope...

What do you want from me?
Do you think I'm a robot?

Oh, it's a Sci-fi story!

How could it be sci-fi?

It's a love story.

It's great.

It's great.

Did you like it?

It's great. Yes. It's great!

It's very, very... very good...

It's great! It's great!


You got addicted!

Well, It's just great!
Let's put another episode!

No, I can't...

It's just one each day.
I don't play the episodes,

they play one per day.

-You're kidding!

-That’s how it is.

-Well but you can... if you want...

come here to watch it.

It doesn't bother you?



For me?


-Do you wear hats?

-It fits perfectly!

Perfect. Yes, yes.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

You know...

I would like to have met you...

under differen circumstances, not...

crashing in the middle of your yard...

I think that your life--

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

It's all right, all right.

I must go to work
because the release is coming up,

and we must work hard, otherwise...
it'll become difficult and complicated,

and we won't make it.

And what are you going to do?

I'll stay around here.

I'll clean up.

Because it's a mess.
If I knew you were coming...

I would have cleaned a little,
so you didn't see this mess.

I don't like at all.

Your home looks great.

Thank God you notice that!
Because I never stop cleaning. I haven't!

Well... thanks.

-I really have to go to work.
-Go ahead!

-Otherwise I would stay.

Anyway, see you soon.

-Sure! See you soon!
-Yes, I live downstairs.

Luckily. I mean yes.

-Well, bye.


Bye, yes. Bye.


Ah! Chicks, women, you know how they are.

That's why we argued.

And she called you
because you had the key.

If you didn't have the key,
she wouldn't call you.

I would like to have met you
under other circumstances,

not crashing in the middle
of your yard...

of your life, I don't know, I think...

It's crazy that this girl
didn't jump into the street. don't know someone very well
and don't know what to talk about.

Let's not speak, then.

Awkward, isn't it?

Until I got addicted to
"Hell Is Your Love."

-"Hell Is Your Love."

-Hell Is Your Love.

A perfect silence, guys.

It's a pleasure to work with you.

Well, people...

we are ready for the release.

So, I want to tell you
that I'm proud of you,

of all of you, each one.

Although sometimes...

it was difficult to manage this team...

Anyway, today...

today I'm happy...

because I persevered,

and most of all
for being patient with you.

I didn't understand what he said.
Ambiguous, right?

More than that, a complete asshole!

-Shh, he's here.

-Bye, guys, see you tomorrow.


Can I talk to you for a minute?

Yes, yes, sure.

By the way, sorry I didn't say it before,
but your work was excellent.

I know that "the silence keeper" role
I gave you, was not so easy,

but you achieved it.

A big effort.
They don't breathe because of the fear.

Yes. I wanted to talk
about something else,

nothing to do with this...

If I feel to talk to you about this,

it's because I know you
talk about it freely,

Otherwise, I wouldn't.

Um... it's about...

the suicide attempt.

Ah yes! "Attempt", right,
my incomplete stage.

Not finished, full of fragments, right?
My dark stage.

If you don't want to talk, I understand--

No, no, not at all.
I love talking about it.

I even have a play about that,

it was part of my performance last year.

Did you attend it? My performance?
Last year?

No, I didn't.

You know I had that feeling, right?

It thought so.

Well, tell me, how can I help you?
Tell me.

Shall we have a cup of coffee?

Where are we going? To the movie theatre?


-Sorry, if you had that in mind, but no.
-No, I just would like...

I know! To the theater?

To see how it is?


We'll go another day.

-Another day, I promise...
-Everything is another day.

-Yes, today...

Today I want us to go to
another place, but...

No. Fine, fine, fine. It's a surprise.

-I'll have to wait.

You'll see when we get there.

May I ask you something?


How do you manage?

Because you have no job.
How... how do you afford everything?

No... I can't afford my things.

If it continues like this,
I'll have to go back home.



Do you want that?

I don't know.

I don't know.

-Wait, wait.
-Yes, yes.

There you go.

Well. Thanks a lot.


-There you go.
-Wow! What a nice restaurant!

If you had told me,
I would have dressed nicer.

No, we aren't going to the restaurant.
No... I'm sorry if you thought that.

Another day. Or later, in a while.

No. We came to this place.

-Julia, Salvo.
-Julia, nice to meet you.

-Hi, how are you?
-Alejandro, sit over there please.

No, no, it's fine.
You, you, I'll help her.

Please, right here Julia.

Here. Could you help
a little, Christian? Thanks.

Are you ok?

-Yes. Perfect.
-Very good.

So. Alejandro.

Well, very good.

First of all, I want to thank you
for having courage

for coming to visit us.


Well, let me introduce you.

She is Analía.

He is Bernardo.

And he is Christian.

All of us have suffered for many years...

from anxiety, loneliness, fears,
and other torments, right?

In fact, a lot of us
have received psychiatric help,

medical, and even religious treatments.

We have taken thousands of tranquilizers,

sleeping pills, and other drugs.

We've tried everything.

But in the end,
we found the solution for our sickness,

and we would love to have
the chance to offer it to you...

To me?

Yes, Julia. To you.

So you have a full life,

a rich life, a happy life.

Let's see...

A lot of professionals say
that suicide attempts are...

like a scream, asking for help.

We might better say
that in first-time suicide attempts...

and this could be true,
we don't want to die.

We just want a little help, nothing else.

When I was going to do it, I said:

"What am I doing?
I can't leave like this."

Well, well, Bernardo.

Easy. Easy.

But once we go through that point
of screaming for help,

we reach the point
in which the only thing we want

is to be free of pain.

We deny everything.

In fact, what we want is a little relief,

jumping into the abyss.

There it is...

to escape...


You said it.

No, Julia.

-Julia, Julia.
-Don't. Stay here.

Don't worry, it's nothing.

Julia! Julia!

-No, it doesn't work!

-It doesn't work!

-Us, you and me, this, here.

It won't work!

-I don't understand.
-Exactly! You don't understand

because there are many unknown things,
a lot of confusion.

-There are things not understood.
-You're right, it's confusing.

You are confused... I'm confused too!

That's why we are here! To receive help.

-To seek help.
-To receive help? There is no "we"!

No, no. Nothing! Nothing!

-Julia, let me help you.

-We'll feel better!
-Feel better? What?

I'm not suicidal!

I might be stupid, but I'm not suicidal!

Sure! How did you fall on my yard?

Hang-gliding without wings?

Don't be silly.

I'm not silly. You are in denial.

You can't act like nothing is wrong.

There you go!
I want to act like nothing is wrong.

-It's impossible!
-I'm doing it!

Nothing is wrong here. Nothing happened!

-It happened.
-Nothing happened!

Look, there are things
that I can't explain!

-That's why we are here!
-I don't know... make it clear...

I can't find the way. No...
I need you not to...

not to be in my life.

I want some time,
I'm not saying it is forever.

We'll see how everything goes,
and how we feel.

By now, no, I can't see you.

Sorry. I need to be alone.

Don't help me. Leave me alone!


Alejandro Ponti?

Cable TV service.

Good, but I don't know what happened
and already explained by phone...

-Excuse me.
-Is it fixed?

Yes, yes, the guys are on the roof.

Let's see.

-It's a disaster.

What happened up there on the roof.

It's like a hurricane hit, or a typhoon.

-Oh wow, that’s beautiful!

That's a nice device!
I haven't seen one in a long time.

A digital beauty!

It's an analogue.

It's a TV, as long as it works,
I don't need anything else.

Do you play the drums?

You know, I have a band.

I play the bass, The Rock Martians.

We are releasing a new album.

-Three songs. But long ones!
-Should I sign something?


Here, sign and initial.

Long songs!
Each one is eleven minutes long.

We played in a bar, 50 people attended!

It was so crazy!

You have a dog!

-Can I show you out?
-Yes, yes.

What a disaster,
what happened up there on the roof.

I would tell you to watch a movie,

but the cable TV stopped working suddenly,
and you see...

Until I got addicted to
"Hell Is Your Love."

Like a hurricane hit, a typhoon.

I had cable TV when I moved in...
the apartment had cable, yes.

But later this thing happened
that I couldn't...

-I have cable TV.
-Have you?

Well... um...

What an idiot!

What happened?

Shut up! Asshole!


Who's going to do this?

Sorry, I must go.

No, but calm down, listen,
I can't do it, come on!

Julia, it's me.

Open the door please.

Julia, I know you are there.
Please, open up.

Look, now I know what happened.

It's ok, it was a misunderstanding.
I know...

I mean, if I were in your place,

I think I would have done the same.

If I must choose between
some who is suicidal and...

the idiot who slips and falls
while trying to steal cable,

I'd choose the suicidal one.

If it makes you feel better...

the other...

If it makes you feel better...

the day that you fell on my yard...

I was about to...

I had decided to...

I don't know what I had in my mind.

I had given myself some stuff
that I used to...

put my dog to sleep.

Then you fell.

And suddenly I began
to worry for things like...

if you had taking your painkillers,

or if you had something to eat,
or if you could manage your things.

Or... I don't know, if you were ok,
or if someone was rude to you.

Or trying to understand why
someone like you...

who has everything that I like...

might try to jump into nothingness.

Well now that I know what happened...

maybe I have to go back to my plan.

It's a joke.

It's better if we both live.

-I told you to call 135.

I called a couple of times.

They never pick up.

Well that is different.

You can leave a message.

She left.

She owed to much rent and...

-they kicked her out.
-She left?

Here he comes.

Hi. How are you?

Yes. Uhm...


I'm here to apologize.

The truth is that,

I know what I did yesterday
is unforgivable.

I understand that you are angry with me,
that you can't forgive me,

but well I came to face it,
to apologize, and to resign.

Yes, well, we all know
that it was a mistake.

A disaster!


But, it worked.

And that's what we want to rescue.

Mm, here.

"The sentence...
was a surprising breakdown

which gave a new meaning
to the whole play.

The veneration to the silence,
to the purity of 'no sound',

was broken with a single word,

a vulgarity, a lack of respect for art,

which made us tremble with emotion."

Yes, but it is not true.

No matter what they say.

It was no one's intention.

It wasn't your intention, it wasn't mine.

But who told you
this wasn't part of the play?

Don't you think that
the play carried you to say that?

Let's see, Alejandro.
Look, you're a great person,

but the truth is that you don't
understand about art.

And since you're not an actor,

we are facing
a delicate situation, aren't we?

Because you might ruin the play.

I ruined the play. That is what happened.

No, I decide what happened!

And, in this case, I say
you gave a new meaning to the play.

Don't fuck with me, Salvo!

Think and practice hard in your sentence.


I don't even know what I said...

What an idiot!

Well, it was a moment of tension,
I wasn't thinking.

I do not remember. I don't know.

That's what you said: "What an idiot!"

That is your sentence.

Come on! Try one.

What an idiot?

All together. Without singing.

"What an idiot!"

What an id... What an idiot.

No... with more energy, "What an idiot!"

More committed. "What an idiot!"

What an...! Nah nah.


What an idiot!


What an idiot!


How are you doing?

-Where were you?

You didn't come to the premiere.

I wasn't formally invited.

Yes, you were invited.

-Are you busy now?

Because... if you had time...

We could go talk. But outside.

I don't know, somewhere, if you want.

Here is fine.

Thank you.


Thank you.

We are not going there.

We are going there.

I actually came back
because I wanted to ask you a favor.

-Oh yes?

Another one?

What a bold girl!

-You have cable TV...

-Now I do.

Well tonight they're showing
the episode...

in which they reveal
who "The observer" is.

May I go to your house
to watch Hell Is Your Love?

You brought me here...

invited me to dinner,
just to come to my house,

because I have cable TV,

to watch the soap opera
Hell Is Your Love?


It is the most charming idea
I've ever heard!