Cache Cash (1994) - full transcript

Antoine, 11, is on holiday with his grandfather. One night he catches thieves hiding their booty in a pond. Antoine seizes the 40 million. But Liza, his new friend, is the daughter of one of the criminals. Both children soon face threats.

You kids get some bread.
I'll deal with the melons.

For the little lady,
what will it be?

- Here are the bananas.
- I would also like some radishes.


your friend Guillaume.

- He took a tomato.
- So what?

What are you doing?

Oh, shit!

Do you want me to
put you in jail?

I didn't do it on purpose, sir.

Next time, I'll notify
your parents, you hear?

Okay, okay.

There's still some in your ear.

- I got you alright.
- Ah.

And the policeman who
comes down on you. Heavy!

Very funny. But there's something
missing that would make it even funnier...

- What's that?
- This!

You are a stupid shit.

There's still some in your ear.

It's forbidden.

There are roads designated
for mopeds.


Are you coming?

Yes, Dad.

- I have to go.
- Bye.

- You can't do that!
- What have I done?

You touched my butt!

Like this?

Don't touch my friend.

Leave her alone!

You're okay?

What is the meaning of this?

You stay out of this,
you old hag.

Don't move.

Look here!

What a woman!

Take your friend or I'll
get really pissed off!

Calm down.

My calf, shit.

It's has nothing. It's just fragile.
Come on, Antoine.

It's nothing, it's nothing.

(Fra / Agence France-Presse
Holdup in Sologne - 40 million...)

(This morning at 9:15 am, a substitute...
40 million is held in...)

- Hello.
- Good morning.

What do you want?

- Your father has a farm in Sologne?
- Yes. Why?

Ask him if he has a good alibi.

He is the culprit.
He has been reported to the police,

and wants some oranges.

I'm working,
go play somewhere else.

I'm not here.


Yes, stay on the line.

Your son.

My son?

Dad, I didn't want to bother you,
but there was a robbery.

A really big one.
Millions I tell you.

Yes, I know. 40 million.
And you, are you okay?

Yes. Will you come?

They will definitely send
journalists from Paris.

That would be great.

I work for a weekly newspaper,
so your robbery, next Thursday.

It was nice of you to call.

Give a kiss to grandpa and Clemence.
Have fun. Bye, Antoine.


Funny that my own son
would play the informer

You don't think perhaps
he just wants to see you?

It's been how long?

I don't know.
15 days, 3 weeks. Well...

Maybe more.

I'll get it!


Antoine? It's daddy again.
I'm calling you back...

there is another story
near Romorantin,

that deserves the full attention
of a great journalist like me.

It's about a boy named Antoine
and he's 11 years old.

What do you think?
Worth the trip?

Yes, Dad.

I'll come this weekend
my little friend.

- Hugs.
- Bye for now.

Clemence, can you prepare
Dad's room?

Don't worry.
I'm right here with you.

Get in, Antoine.
Thank you, Clemence.

Thank you, Clemence.

Good. Antoine, I'll be right over here.

This here is Inspector Pradel.

He arrived from Paris.
He works in serious crime.

Hello Antoine.


Sit down and don't be afraid.
We won't eat you.

You threw an egg at a
van at the market, remember?

I didn't do that on purpose.

That's not why
we brought you here, Antoine.

We need your help.

There were two men inside.
You think you might recognize them?

I didn't have a good look.


We'll show you some pictures,
just try to remember, okay?

- You like chocolate ice cream?
- Yes I do.

But I prefer vanilla.

Is there is a good
ice-cream shop here?

Is it him?

I don't know.
I didn't have a good look.

There was egg everywhere.

Just concentrate.

Oh, sorry.

It's okay.

Hold on.

That's him.

- Are you sure?
- Yes, I'm sure. That's him.

Max Desartre, 35,
conviction for assault

causing death.
Favorite weapon: razor.

Thank you.

Did you snitch the camera?

I needed it.

I told you not to touch it!

Get down.

Are you coming?

This is my camera.
It's private. It's not a toy.

Especially for filming
your lovely birds.

- I filmed a naked woman.
- What?

She plunged into the pond.
She was really something!

Cut it out, will you.
And give me that camera!

I swear, I watched a heron,
at the water's edge,

and suddenly I saw something.

I told you not to touch it.
Leave it alone!

- I'll show you I don't lie.
- That's not true.

I'd like to come out.

Can you turn around
for a few seconds?

So now you believe me?

Thank you.
You can turn around now.

I just couldn't resist,
it's so hot.

Yes, it's hot.

You'll see,
the water's really nice.

Bye for now.

She's leaving.


As a matter of fact, hmm,
it's forbidden to swim

in this pond.
It's private property.

But don't worry.

For you, I'll close my eyes.
Especially if you swim without a suit.

The agency that rented us the house
said we could enjoy of the pond.

- Which house?
- The Chastel.

- It is you who rented the Chastel?
- Yes.

It's my grandfather's house.

She's the new tenant.

I'm Jean and this is
my little cousin, Antoine.

My name is Claire.

See you soon.


Lisa, hurry up.

You father's here.

Give me that.

Did you rewind?

Oh, my God!

You see, I didn't lie.
I never lie.

Hello there.


We are waiting.

Hello there.
Jacques Hivers.

Are you the owner?
The house is very nice.

Jean Messignac.
Glad you like it.

- Good morning, sir.
- Hello there.

- Let's go.
- I'm having fun. Can I stay?

I don't like you to be
in the forest on your own.

I won't get lost.

Please, Dad.

I can bring her back if you like.

I don't want to go.

Good. Well, I leave you
with these gentlemen.

- You're sure this won't bother you?
- Not at all.

Thank you.

Be good, and don't get
back too late okay?

- Let's go.
- See you soon.

- See you later.
- Bye now.

Say, how would you like
to see a game farm?


Yes, I figured as much.

They're always caged up
like this?

No, no, we let 'em free
at the start of the hunt.

You coming?



Okay, my big one?
He is happy, right?

Oh yes.
And what does he want?

What does he want?

I know what he wants.

It's good, huh?
Yes, it's good.

- He drinks Coke?
- Yes he does. I discovered it.

Boars love Coke.

You'll make yourself sick.

- Can I pet him?
- Wait. I have to ask him.

- They all drink it?
- No, there are 30.

You would need a distributor.

It's only my big one who drinks.
Right, Gregoire?

He's my friend.
We get together,

we have a drink, we chat.

- Can I pet him?
- Wait, I'll introduce you.



- How old are you?
- Ten.

She is ten years old.
You live in Paris?

- No, Montreal.
- You're Canadian?

Yes I am.

She's Canadian.

Very well, he's got no issues.
You can pet him.

They are so beautiful.

It's sad.


One day they will be released
just to be shot.

- But that's normal.
- You think it's normal?

Well, that's hunting.

So what do you say,
when he is dead?

Who will you give Coke to?

You want to see the pheasants?

No. I'd like to go back.
You're coming?

But it's Old Marcel.

This is Old Marcel.

He is very obedient.




- He is so stupid.
- I love this dog.

Oh yes, isn't he pretty!
Eh, my sweetie?

That's my grandfather.
He takes care of the farm.

She is Madame de Chauseilles,
the owner of the domain.

The lady with the milk can, that's Clemence.
She's worked on this farm forever.

She's the strongest
woman in the world.

She doesn't look like it.

- Have you seen Schwarzenegger?
- Yes.

She is stronger than him.
I swear.

And she never did
any body-building.

At the window is Louisette
Clemence's niece.

That's it.
You know everyone, now.

You want to go?

- Yes.
- I'll get the car.

Antoine, your father called.
He can't come.

He has a story, he reminded you.

Don't move, I'm coming.

You okay?


We can go for a little walk.

My father is the same.
I only see him on holidays.

He tells me he's
coming, then he doesn't.

When I see him
he's always with this girl.

- He can keep his stupid binoculars.
- What?

Infrared binoculars brought
back from the war in Iraq.

- I don't care about his binoculars.
- What are they good for?

To see at night.

But it's him I want to see.
Not the night.

She says her name is Claire,
but it's not true.


The girl who lives with my father,

I saw her passport.
She's lying.

This is not your mother?

- Me, having a mother like that?
- No. You don't look anything like her.

It's a long time ago
he divorced your mother?

- He's not divorced.
- He lives with your mother?

Is she dead?

Hey, it's Noisette.

He's beautiful!

You know him?

He's friendly. Even if
he doesn't know you yet.

Come on. Perhaps
he will follow us.

See, I told you. Watch.
Come on.

What is it?

Don't be afraid.

- A fox?
- Yeah.

Open the trap.

- He won't die?
- Open the trap, I tell you.

Hold him tight.

Don't bite me!


He needs help. Is there
a veterinarian around here?

No, something better.

This morning, a seagull landed there.
This here is not a harbor.

The other day, a fawn
with a wasp sting...

I thought it was a viper.

Last night, a stork
landed there with a broken wing.

My name is Durandet,
not Brigitte Bardot!

Stop bothering me
with your injured animals.

There are those who come alone.

Yesterday, I heard something
scratching at my door.

It was a doe.
How did she get my address?

You're scaring him.

No, he is not afraid.
Huh, you not afraid?

Don't worry, things will get better.

Problem is, we'll have
to feed him, too.

We're stuck with 17 of them.

We'll never see the end of it, now

- 17?
- Yep, but that's nothing,

just wait for the start of the hunt.

In the chicken coop, there are 6 chickens.
On days when hunting is going on,

there are 6 chickens and 75 pheasants
who come here as a refuge.

- They snap their teeth.
- Pheasants don't have any teeth.

Ah, well it doesn't stop them
from being scared to death.

Come on, my boy.

That's it. You'll be on your
feet in a few days.

Don't touch!

Alright now get the hell out of here!
I've got work to do.

Thanks, Mister Durandet.

I'm down with 17.

Antoine? Have you ever thought
of opening up the cages?

You crazy?

You don't know my grandfather.
He'd thrash me.

- I hope he'll go to Mr. Durandet,
especially if he's hurt. - Who?

Gregoire, your boar.

Get off my back, will you?

You see the dead arm?

Inside, there is a huge pike,
the biggest in the world.

I call it Moby Dick.
You know, the white whale?

- You want to see it?
- Yes.

Moby Dick!

Moby Dick!

Stop. He won't come.

No. A pike isn't a dog

Moby Dick? Moby Dick?

If he comes, I'll give
you anything you want.

Moby Dick?

You have to open the
cages, Antoine.

There you are! I've been looking
for you for over an hour.

Your parents will start to worry.
Come on, get in.

See you later.



- Very nice. Thank you, sir.
- Jean.

See you, Jean.

The kids get along well.

Tomorrow we're planning a picnic.
And we'd be happy to have you.

That's nice.
I'll talk to my husband.

- You like hunting music?
- What?

I am part of a band.
I play the horn.

We practice once a week
in uniform.

It's really nice to see.


If you like, we can go together.

It's on Wednesday.

I'll see, I'm not sure I'm free.

Please excuse me,
they're waiting for me.

He's getting all excited,
that primate.

Well, if you didn't bounce
your breasts around so much.

- In Saint-Tropez, I would be nude all day.
- You're in Sologne.

And I hope it's better
here than in Saint-Tropez.


Did you have fun?
What did you do?

I've seen wild boars
and a small fawn.

- Is he nice, the young boy?
- Yes.

- Are you in love?
- Are you kidding?

Tell me her name.

I just told you.

Tell me again.


You're in love.


You don't have the same voice,
when you say "Lisa".

And you, you don't know
what you're talking about.


- What does he want now?
- Clemence!

What are you doing?

I put a note of 200 francs here,
on the buffet. It's gone.

It must have fallen behind.

You'll hurt yourself.

Well, there's nothing at all.

They're not in my pocket,
they're not in my wallet.


What do you want from him?

Come a bit closer.

You wouldn't have found
a note of 200-francs by any chance?

200 francs?

Leave him alone, Louis.

Stay out of this. Now let's talk,
man to man. Now...

You tell me you took them, you give
them back, and we forget about it, ok?

But I didn't take anything!

When is supper ready?

Empty your pockets.

You are not
going to search your grandson

like a thief, are you now?

What else has he stolen,
that little brat?

- I didn't steal anything, you ass hole!
- My camera, you didn't steal that you moron?

I didn't steal it, I borrowed it!

I told you not to touch my stuff.
My camera, my cassettes and my Walkman!

Hold this for me.

One time, I stole 5 francs
from my father.

He gave me an itch with his belt.

Touch him, and you'll
deal with me!

I swear I didn't steal anything!

No allowance for 3 weeks!

Max, are you sure...

no one comes on this island?

Apart from beavers...

We'll cover it up a bit.
Let's try to find some stuff.



Hello, my big boy.

Okay, Gregoire?
Did you sleep well?

I haven't slept well,
because I am a thief.

Yes, yes, I am a thief.

Look at me. I'm the richest
guy you've ever seen.

The money from the heist.
What would you do in my place?

Would you hand it over
to the cops?

I would, but... there is Lisa.

The girl I've shown you yesterday.
Her father is involved.

If they put him in jail...
I don't know what to do, Gregoire.

And if I keep this money?

I could pay off a million things.

We will have a good laugh.

I will offer you a ton of truffles.
You'll wallow in them.

Big pig.

I wish Dad was here.

You're up already?
You fell down your tree?

Don't touch anything.

This is for the picnic.

- Clemence?
- Yes?

I gotta talk to you.

Never mind.
You'll repay,

and we'll forget all about it.
- What?

The 200 F. I will give them to
your grandfather, and we'll forget.

You think I stole them too?

A coffee, fast,
and I go back to bed.

You're here, right?

Hide the silverware, guys!


What's up with him?

Thanks, Clemence.
Lunch was really great.

I have never tasted a dish this...

They should calm down.

Anyway it's useless.
They must already be far away.

40 million!

And what would you do with it?

- You want to swim?
- Wait.

I would go find Madame de Chauseilles,
the owner of the domain,

and say to her:
"Can I call you Jacqueline?"

She would tell me:
"What do you want, my dear Louis?"

And I would say:
"I have 40 million, Jacqueline.

"I can buy this place

"but you can't call me
'my dear Louis'

"but 'Mr. Messignac'.

"You understand,
my dear Jacqueline?"

And you, Jean, what would you do?

- We don't care. Come.
- Hush!


I would go on a safari in Africa.
I would shoot freely.

It wouldn't have enough space
for the trophies.

Gazelle head,

buffalo head, Elephant's head.
- Moron's head.

And you, Clemence,
what would you do?

I'll never have 40 million.

Just rob a bank.

No need to break the vaults.
You just carry them.

What's wrong with you?

You pull a face
and you don't want to go swimming.

- You're sick, or what?
- Come on.

And you, Mr. Hivers
what would you do?

I would give to organizations:

Doctors Without Borders
Terre des hommes...

We can't give enough.

What are you doing?

I ask myself:
how to spend all this money?

- Going for a swim?
- Yes.

Me too.

- What does your father do?
- Don't know, business. Why?

I don't know, just asking.

- You know him well?
- Who?

Your father.

Why do you ask?
You're weird today.

I had a strange dream.

I dreamed he had robbed a bank

and that he buried the loot
with his accomplices.

Papa? I'll tell him.
He'll get a good laugh.

No, don't tell him!

- Why not?
- Because.

Yes, yes...

So kids?

Are we having fun?

Yes, Dad.

- You're indeed weird.
- I slept badly. It will pass.

I'll get my trunks in the car.

Go for a swim, I'll join you.

Come on, Old Marcel.

Come on, give.


- Give.
- Antoine!

Will he ever let go?

He wants to play, huh?

Go fetch.

So you have blossoms...


- What are you doing?
- I'm coming!

Can you

pass me my towel, please?

No sweat, I'll get it for you.


Stop it! Let go.

Go away!

What are you waiting for?

The carp arrived after Napoleon III.

Thank you.

- You think that's funny?
- Yes I do.

- You know how to crawl?
- Yes I do. So what?

You could be nicer.

- Stop splashing me!
- But we're playing!

You give me one?

What's the matter with you?

You got a light?

Feels good, no!

Stop it!

You teach me to crawl?

- I can't swim.
- You can't swim?

I saw you.

You bring me back?
I have a headache.

Antoine! Antoine!

- Excuse us.
- Leaving already?

- What are you looking at?
- Nothing.

What got into you?
You really have a headache?

I found this bundle in my bag.

Who would do that?

I have my hunch. Let's go.

It's risky, but it is do-able.

Hold on.

- Hello?
- Am I bothering you?

I have another line.
There is a coup in Tanzania

and they ask me
to leave right away.

- I stole 40 million, Dad.
- What?

You know, the heist at Dhuizon?
It is me who has the money.

I saw the gangsters
bury the money, and I took it.

I'll come next week.

I will be in Sologne Wednesday
and we'll have a good laugh.

But it's true dad!

Yes... Go, and have fun.

I'll be as quick as possible.
Hugs, darling.

Sorry, that was my son.

No, he's fine, he loves making
up stories. He misses me.

Here you go, my little ones.

Have you seen this guy?

Wait. That's it.

Wait. See.


There's a cat.

It's him.

- Why would he put the cash in your bag?
- Because he likes me.


Redneck bastard thief!

He nicked the money
and wants me to have a bonus.

He gives me a present
like to a whore.

- It's up to me now.
- What are you going to do?

Buy a safari outfit
and go hunting with him.

- We will send you a buffalo head.
- It's not funny.

Stop drinking.
That'll just make things worse.

"An easy deal"...
I shouldn't have listened to you.

I'm a businessman, not a criminal!

And now, I'm involved in a holdup.

You're doing well,
two failures in two years!

I won't risk getting killed!

When your friend will learn
we have no money, he will come back.

- You don't forget what you learned.
- We had no idea one month ago.

Go cry in your room
I need to think.

Each his own, guys. Go!

Move off the wing.
That is good. Go!

Come on, Didier!

Come on, come back.

Come on, Michel. Hop!

Oh, what style!

She must be good, guys!

Shut up!

- Forgive them. They are young.
- Undress! Undress!

They are young and stupid.
OK, move the ball around!

But we don't have the ball.

You don't want to play with us?

You shut up or it's
around the grounds in small steps.

What a nice surprise.

You are athletic, and more.

I played in the league,
just a few years ago.

Now I coach youngsters.

Around the grounds in small steps!

It takes a bit of authority.

My husband goes to Paris.
I'll be alone all day.


This is an opportunity for
a stroll around the pond.

I need a guide.

But you must have
something else to do.

Not at all!

I'd be happy to guide you.

- In half an hour, okay?
- Perfect.

- Half an hour is perfect.
- It will be fun.

See you soon.

What tells me you're going
to run off with the money?

Don't talk nonsense.

It's very tempting.

Especially since we
have empty pockets.

You see me with this yokel?

With 40 million
he's a golden ass

and you are not indifferent
to this kind of details.

I gave it to the dry cleaners,
and they missed it.

Forget it, Claire.

Let's start again from scratch.

We can always get by.

I love you.

I waited for this money
all my life, Jacques.

If he took it, I'll get it back.
Trust me.

Here, for duck hunting,

it's great.

Once, I got as much as 50 in one day.

That's great.


Don't even need to aim,
they fall down by themselves.

Once, I took down 3
with the same cartridge.

You're not too hot?


I'm not...

I'm just fine.

I thought about what you
said about safaris.

I think I would love this life.

- You like hunting?
- It depends with whom.

And if I told you:

"Tomorrow, we go hunting
in Africa, together."

Say it.

And you'll get an answer.

But for that,
you need lots of money.

And money doesn't grow on trees.

I understand.
I'll do my best.

That is the most beautiful area.

You know how I called it,
when I was a kid?

"Treasure Island."
It's funny, right?


Did you build it?

Yep. This is my home.
I sleep here every night.

- You promised you tell no one.
- No, no. Go!

Talking about treasures,
thank you for the present.

I beg your pardon?

The small gift,
during the picnic.

What "gift"?

You are very strong.

You coming?

So where do we start?

How about here.

I'd like to chat a bit, first.

- About what?
- You have no idea?

I liked you since
the first time I saw you.

I love you, Claire.

That's it?


I love you,

and if you are really nice,
I have a surprise for you.

Now, that's better.

The surprise?


You are very strong.

You see, she's not afraid.

And that?

Don't worry, it was never fired.
It's just for show.

You're boring.

Are you happy?

- It's prettier that way.
- It's just an old gun.

I don't want to argue.

That was 3 years ago, in Biarritz.

It was our last vacation together.

She died two months later.

Have you seen my infrared binoculars?
They're rigged for the night,

but pressing here
you can also see by day.

- Do you know how to focus?
- Yes.


Looks like you can almost touch them.

There's a frog.

She will jump on me.

There is daddy's Zodiac,
near the island.

- Claire is lying on your cousin.
- What?

Oh, fuck.

Well, you can say that.

- Did you like it?
- Oh, tell me!

- My surprise?
- What?

You promised me a surprise.

My bracelet.
I lost my bracelet.

- I lost my bracelet.
- I got it!

We need to find it.
It's from white gold.

It's marked Jeannot, on top.

We'll look later.
The surprise?

- A bracelet is important.
- Surprise!

I was gentle, right?

Yes, the surprise. You're right.

We'll look for it later.
It can't be far away.

If you ever find it back...

I love Sologne, Claire.

I would like to talk to you about it,
but not with words.

With my heart.

I would like to tell you about this
beautiful country, whose soul is the hunt.

Here it is, my surprise.

Here it is, my Sologne.

It's for you, dear Claire.

Careful where you put your feet.

It's dangerous.

- What is it?
- My cousin playing the horn.

He always does that, afterwards?

I found your 200 Francs
in your shirt!

- They went through the machine!
- My shirt?

It's soaked in detergent.

- Why does he blow the horn?
- I don't know.

But you are going to
apologize to Antoine!

You can't just accuse people!

What? Which shirt?

Normally, the man
is on top of the woman.

It happens that the woman is on
top of the man, if she desires.

- I know.
- How do you know?

I was 10 last month.

- Hello, Gregoire.
- How are you, my big friend?

There's no more Coke.

No. I forgot to get some.

It does not matter.
I can fetch some.

Why are you crying?

Is it because of what we saw?

No, I don't care!

He is a moron, and she's a slut!

- She's what?
- A slut.

- What is that?
- You don't know?

I don't. Is it Canadian?

It's a girl who sleeps
with everyone.

- Here, they say a whore.
- We do, too.

- But stop.
- Why are you crying?

They are all dummies.
She, your cousin, my father...


Just one who isn't dumb
and he will die.

You're thirsty, my poor fatso.

He is thirsty.
Go get him something to drink.

- What are you doing?
- Go, go!

Go, Gregoire!

- Go away!
- Get out!



You go out?

What happened?

Try again.

Get out, Gregoire!

Save yourself!

Are you completely
out of your mind?

I had a great time.

I'm sorry for the end.

I could not know
you don't like the horn.

Can I see you again?


He is out of the picture.
He's a big dumb ass.

Pack your suitcase, we're going.
We take the first plane.

- Out of the question.
- Max is on the loose!

It was on the news.
The cops are after him.

They will catch us soon.
As for me, I'm out.

He will understand.

- And he can help us.
- He's crazy.

He has good reasons to help us!

We have to go get the girl.
Good God!

What are you waiting for?

Pack your suitcase, damn!

I'm not going.

Don't be ridiculous.

I'm not going.
I want to recover the money.

What is it?

Hello there.
Antoine is punished.

- I bring you the little one.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

New program:

- You go back to your mother in Canada.
- What?

You can not stay.

- Go get ready.
- I don't want to go back.

Don't argue, please.
Obey and pack your suitcase.

But we just got here!

- Don't make me angry!
- I didn't say goodbye to Antoine!

Your bag! I want you to be
ready in 5 minutes.

I was expecting you.

He gave me a beating.

- Did it hurt?
- Not at all.

I think I'll have to stay
upright for a few weeks more.

You didn't think I'd make it, hey?

Me too, I got one.

- What?
- My father.

This is the first time
he slapped me.

I don't want to go home.
I don't want to see them.

Let's go, Lisa.

- We will both go.
- Where to?

As far as possible.

That would be nice.

But it takes money, to leave.

I have some.

I have 32 francs,

but they are in my room.

Me, I have 40 million.

We can take a little
and we'll have a good time.

With that,
we will be the strongest.


You saw them?

- Who?
- The men who buried the money.

No. It was too dark.
Come on.

That's what you call
putting on straw?

Sorry to bother you.
I'm looking for Lisa.

You haven't seen her?

They can't be far away.
Hold on.


This is where he takes refuge.


I'll climb up
From above, we see the whole pond.

They may have gone
on a boat ride.



Can we see
the island from the top?

Yes. Why do you ask?

Oh, nothing.

- Did he sleep there the night of the storm?
- He sleeps there every night.

Can I go up with you?

Yes, if you like.

They're not here.

They're not on the pond either.

We have to get across.

Antoine would have accompanied
Lisa back to your place.

There's nothing to fear, he knows
the forest like the back of his hand.

Look here, there is a letter.

- "For Clemence."
- Open it.

- For Clemence.
- I want to know where they are!

Does she always follow us?
Oh yes!

Come on, stop chasing us.
We'll be back.

Clemence, we're leaving,
Lisa and me.

We know it's wrong.
But don't be angry with us.

We will be careful.
We'll call you as soon as possible.

Don't worry.


He ran away, the little brat!

Two round trips to Biarritz, please.

- First class?
- Yes.

2,072 francs.

Here you go.

Excuse me.

I don't know!
They can be anywhere.

The little shit! When I think
I could have had the other moron.

I have to find my daughter.
Do what you want, and good luck with Max.

Wait, I'm leaving with you.

You think
you can get the money back?

Pick me up. I'll be
ready in 5 minutes.

I was wondering
where the money was.


I'll explain.
The children stole it.

It was in my bag.
I don't understand.

You must believe me.
We had nothing to do with this.

Children? Which children?

Which children?




- What are you doing?
- I'm having a heart attack.

We'll miss our flight!
What a shitty life.

Mr. Messignac is requested
at the reception.

Wait for me.

Get in.

We're not leaving.

He'll be here in two hours.

- We should notify the police.
- We better wait.

Don't worry.
What will happen to them?

We are looking for this little girl.

She is with a boy.
They ran away.

Yes. They went to Biarritz.

To Biarritz?

They had filled their backpack
with 500 franc notes.

- You see? You need a phone card.
- Shit.

- Pardon.
- Sir?

Can I buy

- your phone card?
- It's not for sale.

Still not for sale?

- So?
- Nothing.

I popped into town.
Nobody saw them.

- Hello?
- All is well.


You don't need to worry.

I can hardly hear you.
What is that noise?

We will return soon.
We'll just be gone for 2 or 3 days.

Everyone is worried sick.
Where are you?

In Montbazon.


No, Sorigny.

Montbazon or Sorigny?

It changes all the time.
I am in the TGV.

In the TGV? But where are
you going, just like that?

- Swear that you won't tell Jean.
- I promise.

I don't want to see him,
dad either.

Tell me where you're going!

To Biarritz, the Hotel du Palais.
I'll call you.

Hello? Hello?

- Where are they going?
- He told you?

Yes, but I promised not to tell.

There's no time to lose
with these childish plays. Tell us!

His father is expected,
and here we go.

I'll go find him.

He doesn't want to see you.

You who didn't check your pockets
and treated him as a thief.

The other, his father,
who never visits him,

and waits for shit to hit the fan.

And you... you...

you are just too stupid.

It's me he wrote.
It is me who is going!

How are we going to do this,
the hotel?

Two children alone,
it's suspicious.

When I call,
they call me "miss".


This is the assistant of Mr. Messignac.
Do you have two rooms for tonight?

He will come with his children.

Sorry. We only have a suite.

- For 5,000 franc.
- Not important.

Make the reservation.

Thank you. Goodbye, miss.


I am the son of Mr. Messignac.

My father made a reservation.

Yes. It is the suite 116,
overlooking the ocean.

Papa had errands and told us
to settle down and wait for him.


Miss, could you accompany these
young people to suite 116.

Please follow me.

The room. The film program
on the hotel network.

The bathroom.

The lounge.

The mini bar.

And in front of you...

the most beautiful waves
in the world.

There is Coke. We should
have taken Gregoire.

Can you imagine the face
of the receptionist?

Suite 116 with view of the ocean
for 2 children and 1 boar.

And when they see that
your father doesn't arrive?

I don't know.

They'll call your place,
or they will notify the police.

Why did we come here, Antoine?

This is where you were with
your mother. Is that it?

Boys have the right to cry, too.

It's not just girls.
It does you good, you know.

Hello there.
Can I help you?

My children, did they arrive?

- Mr. Messignac?
- Yes that's me.

Room 116.
I'll notify them.

Don't bother.
I'm going to surprise them.

- Lisa?
- Yes?

- Are you hungry?
- Oh yes.

I will take you to the best
restaurant in town.

For Basque specialties,
I recommend the Chiberta.

Very well.
So a table for two.

- How can I help you?
- I am looking for my children.

- What room, sir?
- 116.

- That's a suite.
- They took a suite.

- Are you Mr. Messignac?
- Yes I am.

I am not. I'm his brother.
He has entrusted them to me.

They went out.
My colleague can help you.

Chipiron-ravioli, salad dressing,
trotters, zucchini and thyme.

Salad bouquets from the sea,
crisp flavored with truffles.

Our louvine grilled with rosemary

with its anchovies salted butter
and confit artichoke

served Basque style.

OK. We'll have all.


Yes, to taste.
It sounds good, right?

Ah yes.

Well... your parents agree?
They know you're here?

Papa had to stay on the boat.
A problem with the radar.

He told us to have dinner.

I understand.

Don't worry, sir.
You'll be treated very well.

Ravioli chipiron Biarrot style.

Are Miss and Mr. satisfied?

- Pardon.
- Hey, sir!

- You took my taxi!
- I'm in a hurry.

Hotel du Palais, please.

Not hungry anymore?

- What are you looking at?
- The lobsters.

They have elastic bands
around their clamps.

This is to prevent
them to fight.

And these are lobsters.

Poor animals.

Locked in this prison before
being thrown into boiling water.

You will not ask me
to open the cage?

- The kid wants all the lobsters.
- What the hell for?

Mademoiselle, sir,

your order is ready.

Hurry up, it's hot!


Are you happy?

With that, you can do what you want.

You can open all the cages in
the world. Nobody will slap you.

You show this,
and they bend double.

They are not bigger.
They are even smaller than you.

You're older than 10, you're older
than 12, you've got 40 million.

I told you,
we'd have a good laugh.

- What's got in to you?
- I don't like what you did.

But there's plenty more.

That's not it.
I don't like it when you're like that.


I prefer your tree house
over suite 116 with the ocean view.

I'd rather be with you in the forest
than distribute bank notes.

I prefer they remain big, and we
stay little for a while longer.

Let's go back, Antoine.

They went to throw
the lobsters in the sea


Yes. There's the taxi
that brought them,

and brings back the cooks.

They did everything they could.



Is it you, Antoine?

If this is you, listen to me.

I'm home. I'm expecting you.

I didn't go to Tanzania.

I don't care about their coup.

It's you who counts.


Nobody will yell at you.

And you have all the
right to yell at me.

Maybe I'm talking to someone
who doesn't understand.

But if it is you,
I would like to say one more thing.

I love you, buddy.

- Papa?
- Yes?

We're coming back.
We'll take the first train.

- But where are you?
- In Biarritz.

We had fun

at the Hotel du Palais
and dined at the Chiberta.

But where did you get the money?

I told you:
I stole the 40 million bank heist money.

That's not true?

I have no more units.

Hello, Dad?

Listen to me.
If you really stole that money,

you're in danger.

You have to go to the
police station at once.

Antoine, you hear me?


- He didn't yell?
- No. He was great.


The next train is at...

9:30 PM.

What are we gonna do,
in the meantime?

The guy in gray, since noon

he's been following these children.

He's stalking them, I'm sure.


Wait for me.

You won't get scared?


- Shall we?
- Yeah.

- No?
- Yes.

- Antoine!
- Over here.


Let her go! Let her go!




The holidays are over.

Where is the money?

Take the money.
Just don't hurt her!

Never mind the change.
I want the rest!






- If you go on, I'll kill you!
- Antoine!



That's it, scream, yell!

We're already in hell.
Everybody screams!


You have 5 seconds.


Leave my kids alone!

Over here! Over here!

Good. And now we go home.

Your attention please. Children
traveling to Montreal on their own

with Air France flight 224
are invited to go to gate C80

for immediate boarding.
Thank you and have a nice trip.

Her father is in the hospital.

It's not serious,
but it's for 10 years.

10 years?

Yes. Well, not 10 years of hospital.
A long convalescence.

I'll come and see you in Canada.
I should have kept some of the money.

How long will dad be in jail for?

I don't know.
A long time I would think.

Poor man. But he deserved it.

Come, Lisa. Go.

Take your bag.

I don't like to write,
but I will write you every day.

In Canada, a prisoner
escaped by helicopter.

In France, as well.

At what age can you fly?

Where exactly
are you going with this?

Do you mind, Antoine?
Goodbye, Lisa.

Have a good trip.

Don't you find it sad
to leave daddy in prison?

You not going to ask me to
open some more cages, are you?

Tell me why life
for us is not eternal

Why do flowers always die
at the end of the summer

Tell me why
we talk to the immense sky

and we're always left
in the silence

Tell me why
we will never know the truth

Tell me why

Tell me why people
who love eventually leave

Tell me why love
is not like a fairy tale

Why our happy dreams
of our childhood

disappear when the evening
time advances

Tell me why our dreams
are not reality

Tell me why

Tell me why so many prisons
and so many prisoners

Why so many cages
and barbed wire

Why behind the blue
the sky is black

and the stars
so far away at night

Tell me why everything is more
beautiful when we know how to love

Tell me why

Tell me why our life
Is not for eternity

Why do flowers die
at the end of the summer

Tell me why
we talk to the immense sky

and we're always left
in the silence

Tell me why
we will never know the truth

Tell me why

Tell me why