Cabin Fever (2016) - full transcript

While visiting their getaway cabin, five friends succumb to a flesh-eating disease.









Hey, dog!

I caught us some dinner!






Now, you're gonna love it.

There's no professors,
there's no papers,

there's just peace and relaxation,
the entire time.

And relentless pounding
for, like, six days.


Gross. And beer!

Don't forget about the beer.

And how can we forget about beer
with you in the car?




Rise and shine!

Aah, such an asshole.


I gave up two weeks
in Belize for this?

Oh, come on.

You're gonna like it.

The cabin's gonna be great.
You're gonna love it.




Hey, there, little man.



- God!
- Oh!


The hell's goin' on out here?


Goddammit! What'd I tell you
about biting city folk?

Hey, it's not his fault.
Take it easy on him.

Take it easy?

Don't you tell me
how to raise my boy, boy.

Dennis isn't like
the other children.

Everybody knows
you don't talk to 'em.

Maybe you should make a sign,
for the rest of us.

Come on, get outta here.

There's a hose around back,
you wanna wash that hand up.

It's the best I can offer.

- Paul, you okay?
- Yeah. I'm fine.

Hey, "Deliverance"!

Think it's smart
leaving your kid out here

knowing he's a danger to people?

What are you trying
to say exactly?

What I'm saying is...

that such an incident

were to result in a lawsuit,
you may be held liable.

We don't know nothin'
about that around here.

Come on, Tommy.

Peace and relaxation, remember?


What just happened?


Aah, shit.


Freakin' hillbilly vampires.



I'd be careful with that.

What is it?

This is... fox piss.

You'd even drop that on ya,

you'll have every animal in the county
wanting to hump your leg.


You should get some of that
for your mom.


I'm gonna go get the beer.

You kids here on vacation
or you just passin' through?


Ah. Well.

I hope you enjoy our little slice
of heaven as much as we do.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

I'll be fine.
Just, just kids.

Uh, I have a first-aid kit in the car.
I'll grab it.


Uh, seeing
as you're such a fine group,

I feel it's my...

...civic duty to warn ya.

Be careful out there.

Especially... go hiking in those woods?

What's in the woods?

Bad stuff.

It's nothing we can't handle.

I'm sure.

Lyme Disease
is pretty bad in these parts.

All I can say is check for ticks.

Why? What happened?

Few hikers
got real sick last week.

Uh, doctors took care of 'em,

I guess.

What do you mean, uh,
what do you mean you guess?

TOMMY: Hey, hey!
Hey, hey! Hey!


You wanna give me
one good reason

why you'd steal a Snicker's bar?


Would you believe me
if I told you it was for the nougat?

The nouga-what now?

Never mind.

Look, I'm sorry. Really.

Seriously, I, sometimes I just
take things, I don't know why.

Get the hell outta here!

Yeah, okay.

Goes for the rest of you, as well.

Get outta here,
before I call the sheriff.

It was an accident.

An accident?







Hey, listen to this.

Welcome and enjoy your stay.

Real remote mountain getaways.

If you're looking for fun,
you've come to the wrong place.

I think w... we'll have fun.

Wow, this place is amazing.

Your mom really hooked this up,
except, uh, I can't find the TV...

You coming?

I'm not getting any bars.


So no phone, and I'm...

guessing no Internet there.

Whoa, wa-wa-whoa-oh-oh.

No internet?

No weed.

No GTA V, no Black Ops II,

no Stimpy, no Minecraft, no...


You mentioned weed twice.

Yeah, I know. On purpose.

What, we're talking a whole week
here, there's no way.

Dude, my clan needs me.

Just think of this as gamer rehab,
you'll get over it.

But I don't wanna go
to gamer rehab.




You brought a gun?

Okay, firstly, it's not a gun.

It's a rifle.

More specifically,
an assault... rifle.

Second, we're in the woods,

so... I thought I'd practice
my survival skills.

Don't you think
that's a little overkill?


Fully upgraded.

Barely legal.

I won't even go into the tech specs
on this beast

'cause you couldn't handle it.

You're gonna accidentally shoot
one of us.

Never happen.
I have years of training.


PAUL: Video games don't count.

Will you just be careful
with that thing?

Okay, will you relax?

I am perfectly responsible.



Jesus, dude.

My bad. My bad.

Just keep that thing
away from me.




Whoa! Oh!



I'm about to go HAM
on some indigenous species.





What happened to no signal?

I can still post stuff.

It'll upload,
it'll just take longer.

You could just put that down
and enjoy this.



PAUL: So, Karen... long have we
known each other for?

That's a weird question.

What do you mean?

I don't know,
I was just thinkin'.

Just thinkin'?



...gosh, I don't know.

4th grade?


That's a long time.

It's a long time.

♪ I find it strange, find it strange ♪

♪ That you're wandering in this place ♪

We gonna go swimming?

♪ I thought it'd change ♪
♪ Thought it'd change ♪

♪ But the more it stays the same ♪


I'll race you to the island!

♪ Some things are made ♪
♪ Yeah, they're made ♪

♪ To never separate ♪


♪ Have I ♪

♪ I need everything ♪

♪ Those clothes ♪
♪ I need everything ♪

♪ Flat kicks ♪
♪ I need everything ♪

♪ Them hoes I need everything ♪

♪ Yo bitch ♪
♪ I need everything ♪

♪ That gold ♪
♪ I need everything ♪

♪ That work ♪
♪ I need everything ♪

♪ That dough ♪
♪ I need everything ♪


You know Toby Brown?


Greasy Toby,
the guy with the OCD?

Yeah. That and ADD.

He tried to kiss me.


He did?


Two days ago.

It's weird, it's like...

...this family friend
I've had for 12 years.

Just... he put his hands on my face
and tongue down my throat,

and it was, was gross,
it was just bad.

What, was it... gross because
you'd known him for so long or...

because he's gross?

Mmm... it was definitely him.



You know, like,

sometimes you've known someone
a really long time,

and you just wanna kiss 'em just
to see if they're a good kisser?


I don't think there's
anything wrong with that.

Where are you going?

KAREN: Swimming.



Thought we were kissing!

We were.




Oh, shit.


Janny, I'm coming up
on your seven.




I think I just got a team killed
to save you guys.

It's all good, move it up!



Ninja3609... you copy?


Shit, they got him.


Shit, of course, now it's on.



God, that smells good.



Oh, no! Oh, no.


Oh, no.

You shot me!

No fucking way!

Oh, my God, I'm sorry, man.

I am so sorry!


Help me!

Okay, okay.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Don't come near me, man, okay?
Stay back.

- Help me!
- Okay, okay, stay back.

- Hey, stay back!

- I said, stay back!


I said, stay back!

I'll get you some help,
just stay there!


Holy shit.


Help me!

Help me!




MARCY: Oh, my God.

The... fuck?




Bert, come here.
Come here.

MARCY: Holy shit.

- What are you doin'?

What, were you trying
to burn the whole place down?

What's wrong with you?

What are you?
Smokey the Clown?

You mean Smokey the Bear?

Seriously, though,
how old are you?

We can't leave you alone
for five minutes

without you burning the place down?

And he brought a gun.

Great, so,
what were you shooting at?


Shootin' some squirrels.

- Okay.
- What is wrong with him?

MARCY: Video game
withdrawals maybe.



What are you gonna roast
on that thing?

Squirrel, if we can get one.

I'm a vegetarian.



So, Paul, tell your story.

No, no, man, it's...

It's too traumatic.
I don't want to talk about it.

I like traumatic stories.

I mean, not about me,
but... in general.

Plus, trauma bonds people,

so you can totally
talk to us about it.

Trauma bonds the people
who experience it,

not the people
that you tell the story...

- Just tell the story!
- Fine. Fine.


We used to go to this...

bowling alley...

Lenny Meads Brighton Bowl,
you remember it?

It's in Brighton, right?

Yeah, that's why it's called
"Brighton Bowl".

Okay, guys.

PAUL: Anyway, every weekend
I would go there

either with my dad or for a birthday
party or whatever.

Well, one weekend I asked my dad
if we were going.

He said, no.
He said the alley was closed.

Apparently, some
disgruntled employee

was holding all the other
employees at gunpoint.

The police said
that he tied each hostage

to a chair and arranged them
in a circle.

That way everyone was forced
to look at one another.

Then after that they've been
gagged and beaten,

this maniac breaks out
a ball-peen hammer,

and one by one...

...smashes in the back
of their heads.


Can you imagine dying like that?

Just watching
all of your friends dying,

knowing you're next?

I can't.

That's not all.

This guy doesn't stop,
he breaks out the fire axe.

The alarm sounds,
but he doesn't care.

He hacks off all their limbs,
dismembers them completely.

When the police arrived...

they just found six bloody torsos

tied to those colored
bowling chairs, remember?

Blood everywhere.

No sign of the killer, though.


And that was your childhood


True story.

Oh, my God, you were lying?

No, it's true.
You can look it up.

- You fuckers.
- It's not a funny story.

It's Jeff's face
that's making me laugh.

Oh, shit!

Where the fuck
did you come from?

- You spyin' on us?
- No, not at all.

Just saw your campfire.

I was out on a midnight hike,
I thought I'd come and say hello.

I haven't seen anybody up here
in a week.

Um, can you do something about...

Dr. Mambo.
His name's Dr. Mambo.

At least, that's what I call him.

He seems to like it.

Psychiatrist or pediatrician?

Little of both, I guess.

What are you doing out here?

Same thing you guys are.

Enjoying nature.

Some of the best free climbing
is right here in this valley.

Yeah, I hate heights.

It's definitely not for everybody.

So you don't mind if I sit here
and chill out with you guys

for a bit, do you?

Actually we're having
a... private conversation,

so if you don't mind...

No worries. I get it.

I guess I'll just take
this big bag of weed

and smoke it all by myself.

- Oh, hey...
- No, no, no!

- Sit down.
- Sit down. What are you...?

- Are you sure?
- Hey, no...

I'm so sorry.
What's your name?


But you can call me Grim.

Grim, like, uh, Grimace or...?


Just Grim.

Like Death...

Like the Grim Reaper.

I figure I'm gonna die
up in these mountains anyways,


I don't know...

Just a nickname.
I didn't pick it.


I just came up here
from Berkeley.

Now, that's a party town.

- Karen was just there.
- Oh, yeah?


Oh, my gosh,
I met these guys in...

They wouldn't let me drink
anything but beer

for, like, five days, just solid.

I've done that.

I got drunk.

Actually, sounds
like a pretty cool idea.

- Only drinking beer.
- I could do it.

I don't know if you could.

If that is a challenge, sir,
then, I accept.

All right, fine, from here on out,
we'll only drink beer.

- Deal.

Looks like rain
is headed our way.

It's gonna be a wet one.

Yeah. Party's over.


Why don't you, uh, come up
for a minute and hang out?

That's cool, but, uh,
I gotta get back to my tent.

I left all my gear out,

and if it gets wet,
that's $4,000 destroyed.

How far is your campsite?

It's about 20 minutes,
give or take,

but, uh, I can come back.

Can you bring the weed?



All right, Dr. Mambo.
Let's hit it.

- Huh?

That was pretty weird.

He was okay.



So how did you do it?


What do you mean, "how"?

It... It was...

Okay, I had different settings, like...

pulse, power, stream,

all different kinds of speeds,
and, uh...

that was on this length of hose
that I could reach

when I lay down in the tub.


Wait, did you cum every time?



Imagine my disappointment
the first time I had sex.


Tell me about it.

- What's that supposed to mean?

Wait, I have a better story
than that.

Nah, bullshit, you do.

Nothing beats stories about Karen
and her parents' shower massage.

Thank you.


Ah, it must be the weed guy.

Okay. All right.


Oye, Grimace, we're comin '.

- It's Grim.
- Yup, whatever.

- Help me. Help me, please.
- Oh, my God.

I'm burnin'.

Help me.

I need a doctor.

Uh, ge... get him a blanket.

Oh, shit!


It's you!

No, no, no, no, no!

No, no, no, no way...

I'm letting
that contagious freak in.

No, no, Bert, he's sick,
and he needs help, okay?

What? No, look at him.

I mean, he's got something.
He's got something bad.

But we need to call him a doctor
or call someone.

Okay, no, no, no,
we don't have any reception.

Oh, shit.
That freak is going to the car.


Oh, wait, what?
What's he doing? What?

- Oh, fuck!
- Oh, my God.


Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey!

- Hey! Get the fuck out!

Hey, get the fuck out
of the car!

Get the fuck out of the car!

Hey! Hey! Hey!


Oh, what the fuck!

He's melting...

Paul, come here and get him.

- JEFF: Paul!
- Hey, hey, hey.



- Hey!
- Hey, freeze!

Look at me!
Look at the guy with the gun!

Hey, get out of the car!

No! Shoot the crazy guy,
not the car!

PAUL: Jeff, do something!

No, no, stay back!
Stay back!

Get the fuck...!




Oh, my God!

Help me.




JEFF: Look...

What were we gonna do?

I mean, this guy,
he gets in the car,

he gets this shit
all over the inside of the car,

he comes at us...

I don't want him to touch me.

I don't want him
to touch any of us.

It was self-defense.

And... it's raining,
so... it probably put him out.

This is some serious real shit.

Yeah, or worse.

I mean, it looked like something
was eating his skin... biohazard style.

Like quarantine.

I think we should tell the police
it wasn't our fault.

We should tell them... now.

We have... we have to go
tell them right now. Please.

That's where reality comes in.
We can't.

I'm not about to ride in that car
with that dude's blood all over it.

Come on.

Tomorrow we can clean it up,
fix the tire,

whatever else is wrong with it,
and report the accident.

The keyword here is "accident".

That guy's skin...

Holy shit.



What's the plan?


Divide and conquer.

You better leave me the rifle.

He's right.

What? Wait a second.

I'm not the one
who went ballistic last night.

What's that supposed to mean?

It means...

you raged out of control,
that's what.

Well, that's fucked up.

No, what's fucked up is you
beating the shit out of my car

with your fuckin' bat.

What about Captain Jack-off
over here with the assault rifle,

you forget about him?

All right, look,
we all fucked up the car.

You guys just gonna keep arguing
or maybe do somethin' about it?

- Where you going?
- To get help.

She's right.





I brought you some water.

- Jeff and Bert have...
- I know.

I know you know it.

Look, last night, we...

Paul, somebody came to our door
and asked for help,

and we lit him on fire... okay?

He could be anywhere out there,
and I just wanna go home.

Karen, it wasn't our fault.

We didn't mean to do it.
Everything happened so fast.

It was an accident.

Was it?

I don't know about you,
but every time I close my eyes,

I see him burning,
I can see him screaming,

and his skin crackling,
and the smell of his burning hair.

You saw him when he came
to the door last night.

He was very sick.
He was going to die anyway.

You don't know that.
Oh, my God.



Look, I can't change
what happened last night.

I wish I could, but I can't.

But if we just work together,
we can fix this.


- Okay.
- All right, then.



- Thank you.
- Yeah.


I feel like we're gonna get lost.

We're not gonna get lost.

That place has gotta
have a phone.

Uh, yeah...

It looks kinda creepy.

Don't be a wuss.
Let's go check it out.


Damn it!

Goddamn, rotten!

You see this?

You see this shit?

This is the third sick hog
this month!

You tell Marie I can't eat this!

There's some goddamn animal
runnin' around here

infecting everything!

Now, what am I supposed
to do with a sick hog, huh?


I'm not about to eat this meat!
Would you?

N... no. No, I... I...
I'm a vegetarian.

That has nothin' to do with it

because you know
all this stuff is no good.

It's all sick.
It all has to go back.

I want me a new hog.

Yeah, um, we just need
a mechanic,

and we're just wondering...

A mechanic?

You're not gonna find one here.

You got to go into town for that.

Uh, yeah, right.

But that... that's the, um...

...the problem.

Our car is busted,
so we can't... get into town.

We need someone
to take us to town

to get a mechanic.

I already been in town
already today. Sorry.

Uh, well, if you're going to town again,
can you let us know?

We're just stayin' at a cabin
a few miles down the road.


I'm sorry.

Of course, of course.

Heck, why didn't you just come
right out with it?

Here I am,
prattlin' on about my hog,

and you just wanna find somebody
who's gonna find you a mechanic.


Come on up to the house.
I got a radio inside.

We'll call Ricky.
Uh, he's got a tow truck.

- That would be great.
- Yeah, great.

Thank you. Ricky...



Sorry to bother you,
but we really appreciate this.

Some crazy guy came out
of the woods,

just tryin' to trash our car
or break into it or somethin'.

Sounds terrible.

Uh, you two want
somethin' to drink?

- Oh, yeah.
- Yes, please, thank you.

Uh, you said this person
damaged your car?

Yeah, it was this crazy hermit guy,
like, really dangerous.

We just scared him off with bats
and everything.

Crazy hermit guy?
I... It wasn't Henry, was it?


- Um, Henry...
- Nah!

Uh, my Cousin Henry.
Uh, he knows better than that.

Did you say you hit him
with bats?

- No.
- No.

- No, no, no.
- No, no, no.

What he means is, uh, no.

It wasn't Henry.
It was our friend.

JEFF: Walter.

BERT: It was Walter.
Our friend... Walter.

This crazy friend Walter.
He's... He was drunk.

Oh, that's not good.

Uh, y... you know what?
Let's forget the tow truck.

It's turning into such
a nice day. We'll just walk.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah,
we'll fix it ourselves.

- Yeah.
- Are you sure?

Yeah, absolutely.
Thank you so much.

Thank you, really.

Well, uh, suit yourselves, I... I...

Now, I can't believe
we burned Cousin Henry.

I know.




Did you find anybody?

Nothing. Nobody's home.

Place is locked up pretty tight.


Do you think the police
know about this yet?

I doubt it.

If they did, they'd be
at the cabin already.

Whoa, whoa!
Easy, easy.

Town boy, that's how people
get themselves shot around here.

Deputy Winston, Bunyan County
Sheriff's Department.

What can I do for ya?

Eh, I'm just out here on patrol.

It's my jurisdiction.

I understand you guys had
a little commotion here last night.

I was hopin' you could tell me
somethin' about that.

Sure, sure. Uh, some...

...guy tried to get
into our cabin.

Uh, he was sick, really sick.

I don't know what kind
of disease he had,

but he was a mess, and...


I kinda have to report this.

My friends are out lookin'
for a neighbor right now,

so we could call you.

We don't have a phone up here.

No, most people got radios.
That's what I got.

It looks like you guys were having
some kinda party last night, huh?

Yeah, you know,
w... we were drinking,

and then this guy came along
and tried to...

He tried to break into our cabin,
and, you know,

uh, we had no choice,
but to get rough with him.

- And we didn't know what to do.
- Stop talkin'.



Look, man, I already told you,
makin' a report.

That guy's not gonna come back
and bother you.

I'll bet you scared him off
pretty good, huh?


I wouldn't let him ruin the fun.

Thanks, 'cause...

My friend's inside,

and she's pretty upset
about the whole thing.

She wants to go home.

We all do.

Hmm, lady friend, huh?


I'll bet you like to party.

I bet you like to party
with the ladies.



Hey. Is everything okay?

Oh, hey there, sugar.

Oh, everything is, uh,
it's just fine.

Why don't you take
your pretty little self back inside,

just relax, put your feet up,
and, uh, pop open another 40.

- DEPUTY: It's all good.
- Okay.

Okay, then.



Now, that girl... is hot.

If you're askin' me,
you gotta stay and party.

PAUL: Well, you know, that's why
we came here in the first place.

Yeah, boy...

...ain't this some kind
of wonderful... shit?

I'd say that creep really did
a number on your Jeep here.

Do you think you can get
someone up here to fix it?

'Course. I'm not an idiot.

I'll take care of you.

I could probably have
someone here by, uh,

I don't know,
tomorrow afternoon?

I want you to know
you're in my top priority...

...'cause you're my party man...

...and this is party town.

We are are gonna party, right?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?


You know how to find me?

Dial 910?

That's right.

Yeah, that's right.

So take care of that little peach
in there.

She sure looks sweet.





This is bullshit.



Oh, shit.

So is she gonna report it
or not report it?

I don't think she is.

But she didn't make it sound
like we did anything wrong.

She said she'll have a tow truck
up here by tomorrow.



It was.

How's Karen? Has she
come out of her room yet?

No, I think she's sleeping.

Dude, I don't know
what's up with her,

but she wants to get out of here
as soon as possible.

Well, that kinda screws up
your plan, doesn't it?


What plan?

Uh, the plan you're being
trying to execute since...

- ...what, eighth grade?

There's no plan.

Not anymore.

All right.

Well, she's a head case, anyway.

All chicks are.

What makes you say that?

Look at her.

I mean, you like her
'cause she's nice to you,

and she likes you
'cause she can control you.

Bert, don't move.


Man, it's that freak's dog.

Hey, pooch.


Hey, Mister Tango.

- What the...?

Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa,
don't, don't piss it off.

Should I hit it?

If you hit it,
you better hit it hard.




Where'd you learn
to shoot like that?

I have two brothers.

Also, you're not
the only gamer here.

Whoa, cool!

What the fuck?

Did you see how messed up
that dog was?


So where's Grim?

Thank you.

I'll tell you where he is.

He's out there rotting.

There's some shit in that woods.

And cousin Henry's
spreading it around.

And I'm not waiting
for the deputy to get back.

I say, we leave right now.

Shouldn't we maybe mention
on the way out

that we burned someone alive?

- PAUL: Yes.
- No.



Fuck it.

We'll tell 'em some sick guy came by,
so we set him on fire.

They'll figure it out.

The deputy knows
something happened.

We're the only outsiders here.

They'll trace it back to us.

I feel really nauseous.


How soon can you
get us out of here?

- Hey.
- Hey.

Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you.

It's okay.

Are you hungry?


I'll let you get back to sleep.

Don't go.


I think it's smart we're doing this now
and not waiting.

Yeah, I could fix
the tire pretty quickly,

but I still have no idea
what's wrong with the engine.

Well, hurry up.

I can't listen
to Marcy whine for ano...

- Oh, shit!
- BERT: What?

Just don't move,
don't turn around,

just keep doing
what you're doing.

- Can you hit it from here?



Aw, fuck!

It didn't even flinch.

There's something seriously
wrong with this dog.

- Just quick scope the fucker.
- What?

Just shoot it.


Just keep going.

- Really?
- Yeah, just do it!





Ow, ow, ow!

Stop, stop, stop! Ow!

PAUL: Holy shit!

Marcy! Jeff! Bert!


Oh, my...


Holy shit!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!
She's got it.

No, please don't leave, Paul!

No, no, no, Karen. Stay in bed.
Don't come near me.

Calm down, take it easy.

No, no, no, get out,
get out, get out.

Bert, please, I'm bleeding! Bert!

You stay in bed.
You're not going anywhere.

- Dude, she's bleeding.
- No!

I'm not letting you go!
It hurts!

Karen, you got it, dude.
You're infected.

Oh, shit!

Please! Don't leave me! Paul!

Just leave her alone,

Paul, don't leave!

Paul, Paul, Paul.
She's sick, okay?

- I'm doing this for you.

I'm doing this for all of you.

I'm not dying like that.

What do you mean, "dying"?

Karen, Karen,
you stay in that bed!

KAREN: Don't leave!



KAREN: Please.

We're not gonna leave you.
The car is busted. Just...


Stay in the bed
until we can get help, okay?

KAREN: Please!



Oh, shit.


What the fuck is going on?



We need to find her help.

The sooner, the better.

No, we have to move her first.


The boat shed.

What? Come on!

No, if she's infected
with whatever it is,

we have to quarantine her.

We have to get her away from us,
separate from us.

Just let me go
and check up on her.

Look, they're probably right, okay?

She'll be safe out there.

We can get her a mattress
and a light.

- She'll be fine.
- I get it, but I don't...

- Holy shit!
- Fuck!

Don't bother.








Ah, fuck you, guys!

I'm sorry, Karen.
We just don't wanna get sick.

I'm gonna die out here.

- You're not going to die.

What about that dog?

Hey, don't worry, I got this.
I'm gonna watch you.

Somebody will be outside.
We're not gonna leave you.

MARCY: Are you hungry?
Can I bring you some food?


I just wanted to go home.

Hey, it's only one night.

I'm gonna go to try to find help
in a cabin, you know,

with a phone or something,

You're gonna be just fine.


Please, don't...



I'll take first watch.

I'm gonna go find help.

Where are you gonna go?

We checked this entire area
this morning.

- There's no one around for mile...
- Well, I've got to do something.

What about the dog, Paul?

Screw the dog.
I'll take my chances.

Hey, wait.

We'll hold down the fort.

This is so fucked up.


Let's go.





Come out here,
you fucking mutt!


Where are you?

Where you at?

Where are you?

Where are you?

Oh! Oh! Come on!


Come on, where are you?




You got to eat something,


You let me know if I can get you
anything or do anything, okay?

You better shut the door.

I don't wanna infect everyone.





What the hell are you doing?

- Whoa! Whoa!
- Get off my land!

I'm sorry.
You know what, you see,

my... my friend, she's sick.

She's very, very sick, and I...

You're sick!

Spying on our love making.

No, no, no,
I'm... I'm sorry, I... I...

That's my husband.

Okay, but my...
Please, my friend, she's dying.

We need a phone, like, right now.
We need help.

- Get off my property!
- Bullshit!



Oh... Jesus!

Where you been?

Did you find anybody?



At least you tried.

Come on, everybody's
waiting for you.



Nobody's hungry?

Karen may have used those bowls.

Jesus, Jeff! I washed them.

No, he's right.

I'm not eating anything
until we get to town.

Now, anyone of you could have it.

I... I know we checked,
but I'm not gonna risk it.

- I'm not sleeping next to you.
- Are you fucking kidding me?

I don't know what the fuck
you've been doing.

I don't watch you
24 hours a day.

So, then,
go sleep in the car, please.

Do us all a favor.

The car is a fucking Petri dish.

I'm not gonna ride in it.

My mom will just
give me a new one.

- Oh, my God.
- I cleaned it, it's fine.

- Why don't you sleep in it?
- Maybe I will.

All right.
You guys are right.

We should all just
prepare our own meals

'cause I'm not cooking
for you guys again.

Hey, you're all mine.

- What the fuck is wrong with you?
- Hey!

Sit down! Chill out!

I can't take this shit anymore.
I can't do this by myself.

And I'd prefer if we didn't
fucking argue about everything!

Bert, you just lost the bet.


PAUL: Never mind.

Karen is dying out there.

And we're acting
like a bunch of fucking pricks.

If we don't start working together,
we're all doomed.

- He's right.
- Oh, of course, he's right.

- I'm just saying...
- Not another word!

I can't handle any more
of this shit!

We can eat alone,
we can sleep alone.

But we have to stick together.


BERT: All right.

I'm with ya.


Does anybody got
anything else to say?

What the hell is that?


Jesus Christ, look at it.

He's going for Karen.


Bert, you got the gun.
Shoot that thing.


What if I miss?

I mean, wounded animals
are twice as dangerous.

He's gone.


We gotta make sure that thing
can't get to her.

Where the hell did it go?


Holy shit.

Look at that.


Hey, Karen.



Hey. He's gone.

I'm gonna keep
an eye on you, okay?





- Oh, my God.
- Holy shit.

Oh, my God.



Oh, my God.



Yes, baby, come on, now. Yes.

Yes. Yes!


All right, let's go!

Come on, can you help us?
You gotta sit up!

PAUL: We're getting you
out of here, okay?

- Oh, my God. Can you stand?
- No.

- Come on. We got you.
- Okay.




Jeff. Jeff.

We're leaving, let's go. Now.

Come on. Come on.

Let's put her in the back.

I'm not getting
in a car with her.

Okay, then, put her in the front
with me, then.

You okay?
Well, what is it?

MARCY: Oh, my God.
She's dying.

We need to get her to a hospital.

- She's not gonna die.
- Okay. Come on, come on!

- Let's go, let's go!
- What, are you fucking stupid?

She's infected the whole car.

- BERT: I'll take my chances.
- We're not leaving her.

Hey, Bert, are you okay?
You don't look so hot.

Yeah, I... I don't feel so hot.

The more we argue,
the more she rots, so let's go.

Hey, how sick are you?

That hermit guy touched you,

Well, did he or didn't he?

Oh! Fuck this shit.
I'm getting help.


It's okay. Okay.



Where are you going?

Jeff? Jeff!

Hey, don't come near me.

I told you not to move her
because I don't wanna get sick.

I don't want
any of us to get sick,

but you fucking idiots
insist on moving her,

and now you're covered
in her blood.

So the two of you can fucking rot,
for all I care.

All right, I'm fucking out.
That's it. I'm gone.

You are a fucking asshole!


MARCY: We're all gonna get it.

We're all gonna get sick.

And Jeff's out in the woods
getting wasted.

We're not gonna get it.

Yes, we are.

Bert will find help,
and Karen will be fine...

- Paul...
- I promise.

It's like being on a plane
that you know is gonna crash.

And everyone around you
is just... screaming,

"We're going down.
We're going down."

And all you wanna do is just
grab the person next to you...

...and fuck the shit out of 'em.

Because you know you'll both
be dead soon anyway.

Won't matter.



What the hell happened to you?

My friend, she's sick.

You hold it,
you hold it right there now.

I need a doctor, please.
She's really sick.

You stop, all right?
You don't look too good.

Yeah, I know.

I just... I need a doctor, please.

Don't come any closer.

I'll call you a doctor.

Thank you. Thank you.

TOMMY: Stay right there.





No, no, no, no!

Aah! Aah!

- Dennis!
- Ow!

What the fuck
is wrong with that kid?

- Oh...
- Oh, God. Why?

Why did you come here, huh?

Now look what you've gone
and done?

- I'm sorry.
- My poor boy.

- What'd he done to you?
- BERT: Hey, hey, hey.

- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- I already lost one boy!

- I ain't losing another!
- Oh, fuck.

Gettin' my boy sick
is the same as killin' 'em.

- It's murder!

Boy, you come in here,
you getting sick and all,

that was your problem.

But now Dennis is sick,
that's my problem!


God Almighty.


TOMMY: No, we gotta
stop the problem.

We're gonna stop
the problem right now.

Fenster, get me the gun.

Ho... hold on, hold on, okay,
I'm goin'. I'm goin'. I'm goin'!

- I'm goin'!

BERT: Oh, fuck!


Them kids got disease.

They just gave it to Dennis.

Well, take it easy, Tommy.

TOM MY: When cattle gets sick... gotta kill it before it spreads
to the rest of the herd.

Just like a dying dog.

We gotta put him down.

We gotta put 'em all down.

Fenster, get in there
and call the sheriff.

Tell him we're having
big problems over that cabin.


Baily, get the truck.


I brought you some water.






- Yeah!
- Come on!

Get that boy!

What the fuck, you guys?!


Jesus, Paul, you really did
a number on my back.

I'm gonna find Jeff.
We're walking out of here.

- What about Bert?
- We're not gonna wait for 'em.

- Let's go.
- What about Karen?




Hey, Jeff!






























It's in the water.

It's in the water.

It's in the fucking water.

Don't drink the water!

It's in the water!



You missed.

Shut your pie hole.

Geez. Jesus.

Okay, okay, okay.


This way, boys.

I know exactly
where he's headed.




Jeff! Help me!



Come on!

Come on! Fuckin' do it!
















Kill me.

Kill me, please.

I can't.

Please! Please! Please!


Shoot me. Please.



You gotta be fucking
kidding me!






Try again.

You kill me! Paul!








KAREN: Kill me!



PAUL: Bert!


They, they're coming.
They're coming.

They're gonna kill us.


The guy... the guys...
from the...




Wooh! Did you see that?

- Goddamn bull's-eye.
- Uh-huh.



No, you got the safety on.

Thank you.




No, no, no, no!






Can I get a fucking break here?


Oh, shit.

Oh, shit.



The tow truck?

What happened to the tow truck,

You said you were gonna help us!

All right, just relax.

Would you believe it,
the mechanic had car trouble?

I had to send a tow truck
to get his fucking tow truck.

Man, you're not looking so good.


I don't look so good?

Need some help?

Yeah, a ride would be good.

- Will you give me a ride?
- All right.

Take it fucking easy, all right?

A ride? Sure.

I'll get you a ride.

SHERIFF: Winston, Winston,
you copy?

I copy, Sheriff. Go ahead.

Some kids are up in the cabin,

apparently on some type
of killing spree.

Probably three casualties.

They're armed
and extremely dangerous.

I repeat, do not go
anywhere near them.

They have some kind
of skin disease

that'll eat you alive.

So if you see them, don't hesitate
to shoot them on sight.

Do you copy?

Say that last part again.

I said, if you see the kids,
shoot them on sight.

Copy that.

You give me that ride, Winston.

What are you fucking nuts?
Shoot him.

Shut up and back off.

I need that ride, Winston.

- Stay back.
- Oh, Jesus. You did this?

Stay back.

Fuck you! You did this!

Stay back.


Great party, Winston.

One more step, I will kill you.

You don't have to do that.

You heard the sheriff.

No one else has to die.

No one else has to
fucking die right now!

You wanna fucking kill me?
Then, fucking kill everyone!

No one else has to die!

We're gonna make a deal.

This is what's gonna fucking
happen, you bitch.

You're gonna go look for me
at the cabin...

...and I'm gonna go look
for a doctor.


Oh, goddammit, party man.

All right.

I'm not gonna kill you.

Take that path.

It's a shortcut.

Takes you straight
to the main road.

Thank you, Winston.

Thank you.

Don't touch anything at the cabin.

It's all infected.



There's no road.

Where is it?

The road, Winston.

There's no fucking road.


You fucking lied to me, Winston.

There's no fucking road out here!

Fuck you, Winston!
There's no fucking road!



It hurts!

Fuck you, Winston!
There's no fucking road!


Oh, fuck!


Oh, fuck, no!

Fuckin' Marcy...


Fuckin' Bert!





I fucking told you!

Told you, Bert!
I told you first thing!

How fucking crazy!

I fucking made it.

I fucking, I fucking made it.


I fucking made it.



What the...?
I thought I...